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The Ohio organ, of the temperance reform. (Cincinnati, [Ohio]) 1853-1854, April 01, 1853, Image 7

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raen ! V, There - never 1 was. ! a '. tiihe
intheVistdry of t!e 'Temperance IU
form i itf IL-mUtoa tcouaty; when . ac
tion, slron and determined action.
wap'sif jrjn'ucb, needed,' and VhfO there
was : so much causa for hope of suc
cess as, at' tliis particular time,' , If
we would triumph, (and who. that
claim's 'to. tie' a friend of the cause 'of
Temperance does sot pray for a epeedy
delivdrence from the evils of intemper
ance, and from the perfumes, of the
poisonous stuff that meets as at every
corper, of -..pur pity, ana upon every
highway of ;our county,) we must
work and work unceasingly. Our en
tmj, although " powerful in numbers
and . important in political .influence,
such as it is, are expecting- to meet
with a determined opposition front the
friends of Prohibition:" Shall they be
disappointed and , shall .they be al
lowed to carry the day without an ef
fort from us f 'Lelevery friend of the
s cause answer in thunder tones, No
Come,' out,' then,3 and1 give 'us1 your
counsel, influence and suDnort. hv
: your presence at an our meetings.
V.,' E. M. GREGORY, Chairman.
C. Class, Sec'y. ; '
f-"r'. .', ' v ; ', ; '
X3T The following Circular, ad
dressed to the cidiens of Columbns,
01 by the Temperance men of that
city,, has been forwarded to us for
publication, which we cheerfully in
sert. ,,,,; ,; Si :."';.,"";
To the Citizem of Columbus, i
ellow1 Citizens: The time has
come when all good men are required
to take a decided stand on the side of
aw nd order,, Our city is now ruled
y the influence of liquor-sellers, gam-
Uicia, uuu iiiiciuci nio iucui in is ill
vain .to conceal .tr What are the lacEsT
Last year, both political parties nom
inated city officers, good and ; true
men, deserving of, and possessing the
confidence of the best men among their
own political friends. The nominations
did not suit the liquor sellers. They
bolted en mass, and formed a ticket,
taking their candidates from those
who had been before their respective
conventions as candidates for nomina
tion, and were there defeated. Their
candidates for Mayor and Marshal,
each trampled upon their own political
party. There never was a greater in
dignity offered to political associates,
than these men then threw in the teeth
of Whigs and Democrats. Now, by
the underhanded wire pulling of the
partizans who, directly or indirectly,
favor tho intemperance and gambling
hells of our city, the same men are
again forced forward for the support
of those they so recently spit upon
for the sake of the rum votes. Mr.
English has the so called Whig nomi
nation for' Mayor, and Mr. Stephens
the, so called Democratic nomination
for Marshal. Those who have pulled
the wires which have elevated these
patriots to the saddle once more, have,
for the sake of .blinding the eyes of
the ; unsuspecting, nominated , party
men to play second fiddle to these po
litical mountebanks. , They, . that is
the wire-pullers, as we verily believe,
do not design to vote for either Bryan,
on . the one side, or Brown on the
other. English and Stephens are the
candidates to be elected, and the others
are to be used as cat's paws. So says
rumor, with very good backing. " !
- Citizens of Columbus, Democrats,
Whigs, Free Boilers, Temperance
men, friends of order, and sustainers
of peace, awake from, your' lethargy!
A leading rum seller, who stood at
the polls the entire day at the last
spring election, and who is now in the
field seeking an office, said, after the
closing pf the polls ba that occasion,
accompanied with. oaths and cursiritr.
" Gentlemen, we are in ihe majority,
tho government belongs to -usj and if
you aon'i like our ruio, just move
out P'. Fellow Citijens, are vou pre
pared to take lip your march! If you
have not Jndependenqe to com put
and manifest your adhesion Vto the
right, then the sooner you walk' the
plank pointed out by this rum-seller,
the better. . No sane man doubts the
fact that in this city we are now under
the rule of the grog shops. Will you
remain so? If not, come out at once
and take a stand on the side of riirht.
Nominate your own men; men known
as worthy and ' respectable citizens;
meu wno, u elected, win eniorce good
and wholesome law;; who are far
above the suspicion of any undue or
improper influence. Now is the day,
and now the hour.' To be beaten in
a good cause Is far more praiseworthy
than to sneakingly submit to vile in
dignities, without an attempt at self
defense.1 J; "'' ' ' ' '
We close by asking two questions.
Was the spectacle ever before pre
sented, of men beine pressed upon
political parties by party nominations,
who had but the year before repudia
ted the acts of their own political
friends, and basely come out in oddo-
sition to the regular nominations -rr
Whigs and Democrats of Columbus,
is there a deeper 'degradation, poiitl-'
cally speaking, than that to which you
are now called upon to subscribe!
" . . i I i''-t .!-! ... For the Organ. '
Mt. Libkrtt; JIarch, 24 th,' 1853. ;
Mr. Editor : Intemperance appears
to , have'.reached.'its climax. The
storm that haa raged so fearfully, car
rying destruction and devastation into
every, part, of pur country, appears to
be abating. in the village from which
write, containing some thirty or forty
families, two months ago we had three
doggeries; no we have none. One
Of, the landlords having joined "the'
Sons, one more is being superseded
by a Son, and the other one has quit
the traffic. ," 7 '': : ,:::'!';"; v !
A week or two since, the citizens
of this place petitioned our landlords
to quit their traffic in liquors, warning
them at the same time, that unless a
cessation followed the reception of the
notice, the law which is against them
would be enforced. . Upon this point
the people are decided. If there is1
any protection in the., law,' they are
bound to have it. On presenting the
petition to one of the landlords, he ex
claimed,' "A great county this, where
a man can't eat and drink what he d-r-d
pleases. 1 Talk about liberty, do you!
d d great liberty this, sunt I had a
d d sight rather live under a king.
I would, surely, I would." That's hot
half so monarchical as this." What
ideas some men have of liberty." They
think they have the right to do wrong
as well as right. They forget that we
are social beings, and depend upon
each other for protection; and that the
minority have no right to follow a busi
ness that in the opinion , of a majority
is injurious to community. ' .,
Protection is the object of gove.ip-'
ment. Supposing each individual act
ed independent of the rest, being gov
erned by laws of his own make, and
responsible to no authority but ; hisf
own, what would be the result? An
archy and bloodshed would be the
order of the day. But,' says one, have
not I the right to sell what I please,
if another sees proper to ; buy it? ' I
answer no. Look at the statutes reg
ulating the sale of arsenic, damaged
meat, wheat, flour, glandered horses,
bogus money, &o. .You are not al
lowed to sell some of these at all; and
others only on certain conditions. I
ask, then, if we have the right to re
strict the sale of certain articles of
food, have we not the same privilege
with certain articles of drink? - Most
' certainly;? We hrrer nm right io isell
' to another 'an article' calculated irr its
nature w injure, the ipurcbas(er., ., B,ut
I am wandering from the points 1
said intemperance 'had 'reached"5 its
climax. ' I have' only Wcite yVu'to
fact to preve my assertion true. : The
ciiange wrought In public' opinion
alone, is , sufficient to prpVe it. '..But a
few years i ago and at every log-roll--ing,
house-raising, harvesting, and in
almost every1 family," U was consid
ered an indispensable., article'.' I , The
reverse of this is almost universally
true, now, At almost eyery Temper
ance meeting, resolutions, declaring
that they will vote for no man for Rep
resentative or Senator1, nless pledged
to try to procure a law; similar in its
provisions to the Maine law, is proof of
this. Look at the Temperance ' alfi-
ances being formed; see, tha number
of petitions being sent to our so called
legislators, and yott Will see that it has
not only reached its climax, but ,that
it has passed and left it far in the rear.
The people have become alarmed at
the evils resulting from intemperance,
: Rumsucking office-seekers must be
left at home, and sober, honest, Mi.tsi
Law, men sent ja their, plae. " And
here I recollect that it is rumored
here,' that one of th nominees of the
Whig ticket for Sfate'flicers,. " bcihg
in Cincuinaii, ia a wholesale' liquor
dealer. Is this true or not? , Ifs6,
I will.warn him that I, and not I alone,
but hundreds of the Whig party,, will
be into his affections, (as Cuffee said
When be choked .h? possum td eath)
about election iims, j, .uwi r ' t .
Yours, in L;, P. and F. A Son.
r ',!.'"u " Tor tha Oii
Chiixioothe, 0., March 26. 1 853.
ij JBrq. CAay : -Having been long
since convincea mat it tnere is 1 ever
any thing done in . the cause , of ' tern
perance in the State of , Dbift, it must
be done by the combined, energetic,
and persevering effort of its friends,
I have, as one of that number, ad
dressed myself to the vork. Fair
speeches, and lazy .wishes,'; I know,'
will do i little tp. aid vance j this cause
without action,' anion,' actio I As a
mi nister of the Gospel, 1 have a charge
to administer .toj' and yet X intend to
use what time I can spare from my
ordinary duties, n forwarding' the
causes, of. temperance, the cause of
humanity, the cause of God. -For
this purpose, I desire to visit
an,d hold a meeting in, every township
in the counties of Ross and Pickaway,
and establish in each of them a Tern-
fierajqce Alliance , I ,khow this is a
aborious undertaking, for which I ex
pect to receive little thanks, and less
pa But, sir, if I can accomplish any
thing that will tend to dry up . the
widow's tears, ahd soothe the sorrows
of the orphan,' or in any way alleviate
the condition of my fellow'. men, I
know I shall " reap in due season if
ifaintv;;-;t;';;tr:V:'r'.';-JM .
' Thursday evening last, we held a
meeting in Deer Creek Tp., Pickaway
Co., and the citizens took hold ; in
right good earnest ; Men of all par
ties, pledged themselves to vote for,
and only for, such mep as will be in
favor of some stringent law. Forty
three persons joined the Alliance, and
a committee of one for each school
district was appointed to procure addi
tional; names to the pledge; . I think
by the electidni' we' wil ( have quite a
formidable .army heje.' T This is the
second Alliance we have formed in this
County.' T have other appointments
out, and will jreport, progress from time
to time. ; We intend to send an out-and-out
temperance man from Pick
away this fall to the . Legislature on
that will not falsify kit worrf whether
he be; a ' reesQiter, yfl or Demo
crat.M. More anon..", r,."- S SS
As ever, TOurain L. P. F. (
! is 8. t Who will A 99
wise -' :" i.ml"!,r 'l Jmn: .
1 Cerma) Freica,Enj5lisa sd America 'i hi t
, . " V .! ml I ' -:t'1. i(i.'M 'I f'il'I'J
. ., !..;fffl?T fi.Mv
t AM, rppulmw Genuine Fr , ,,,,,
: ' .-i.,".;f fjTs" ,rX.
HAVtrtO hml nmplt4 (It loiproreRMnU J ,j
or Sum, w woo Id raipetfullj Inrit tlxUuiea
nd genUemB to eU ' euV .well,' taa' '
opteg, io apt kMlUta M taji timV fm is
tionM4 uillljr, d tflttfttj tfUf goitt Ifeouoil fa,
it ia th M'iit - Qnr uiortmcBt of French, 0- . .
maa( Eojllthind Amrici tntamtrf, PortBantt,,. '
Ciliary, Bnihe, Toil A ftlel,, tod rac)rCd ' 1
nrlly, iUcud with feue .hy OM f th ansv U
broogbt mio ihii eitjr. I ' 1
dlrtet from Ptrli and otlMr part of Europa, axxtol -1
Mm aalcbratad, Foreign , Perfomery, h a fwta-.
Cologne, tabinV, Mailley'i, LowfV, a'BoT'6iha'r '-1 '
fated Maaaiaetrmt' artieln." Ater, ooataa1jrr ' 1
oeiln diraot, fraat the A iraponirif amallaw!
York, Pbiladalphia, atan when bava a Haiii c. j
person, to Jook pi feff the craarq of alopk
Hence, our arringemeriti are uob, that we have the . ;
aaVantaga of receifinf erorf thief Baer at 'H eeeita' .
oat, andtbaR be eonaUatlf adding ow Tarietiat 't
wook. .!)'.i.)dft;,(i
! WIaleamllWeanani Afemcyi r.r
for M;ere- Ex. Koek Koae, Wright' Iadiaa Vatata-, c ,1
ble j illi, , VVaUl Ntitrrai Aaliaot. Ifjos', ,fi
airoa and Jamaica Ginger, Wbita't Aoibf rGlail b4.
Jamaica Ginger, Biihop'e Almond Lotion, NettUllV'
Sjrlaonm, Kendall dc Tajflor THerraometer, anet
Barometer, ft. tut IJ.U
Btatai Agent for Jl'tean't Ldninist, LMeakV
Wafara, Jew Drid Plaatar, PrEowlaoda, fle,,)
Swane'a, Grafieaberg, M'Candle'a, Radwaat, and
other Medicine), Bright'! Corn Plmeter, Tootbaoba '
llropt, JohnionH Tooth Sop, DaCoeta'a' Toottl 1 '
Waah, Thanton's Tooth Powder, Burgeia ft' CH
atBktajaajBjMa4'dte.rva -,,TV.' .? .u.'A
Alo, for tale, lt popplar Medicimt, Snnportar.. i
Bandage, Troiwe, Sargioal Utrumante, ate. .
. ,T ,, Wholetajle Trade, ( .. , , '
: W Dow have our wbo!etle noma ft tied np, and ..
ample, arranged la aonveniral atyla, and odr faainV
tieieaablttaaiWMll tetbi tradaoa mew adnata, f
geoaa Urea tbaa an Maw koaaa eaa, and an low,oj ,
eren lower, than etttern koiiMa, thoa taring tha ejt
pent af Uaniportation to eounirj roercbantt, , , .
Oar good,, ia all inttaneea, tr wbat they are ra
prewuui takMBd when aeld by aarapla akalt a- A , l.
way ba ia oamrbrmitf with tha tamplee thowa. '' '
Caneiettkea t hem aareaeee properly paeiied, A
and n g oard agaiatt injarj ia fraaaportatUiav ,,,f i y
' We eolicit order from partiet notifitingoarelt;
and will aadeavor, Ip all hituaces, to tatitfy ia erj
parti enlar, all wbboooflje their order, to at. " 11
: Our thank, are dee to the pabU for the ran ;ltb 0
era! patroatge waJiar heretofore raoeired. atadtwa
ball aim to keep apand inoieasa oar fitrorabl rapt
tioa of one price, fair dealing and eovrtMqe bearing
toward all oar patroni. . ; KOHL ft THORNS.
April 1.
LOOK AT xrns. ", '.if.s
THB nndeftignd wiahea to aell hi oeteb
llthraent, for WOOLCAKD1NO ANB 8PISrf
KING, la Klpley, Browa Ooobit. Ohio, wit
all iha machinaiy belongins to it, contittina" of ana
Picker, on Breaker, one Codderner, aye Piaieka, J
one Spinning Jtok, with one hundred and . twenty :
aplndiea, one Steam Enane. and on Boiler. '
The Machinery will be eold with a tenant froaa J'
tha real ettale.. , , ; D. M. 8AYRE8, or . b
' U B.BAVEEd. Agent "
. i ... -ALSO -(.-. t -,,. c,.i. .
Ona Brick House and Let, with good Stabl and '
Smoka llootff. Eaqaire trf :J1'-" .-.
Harehll, 0853. . . , L. B. SAYERS, Bipley, m
N01ICK It hereby gl am that the aaderaigmdV "
have oeen appointed Eieoutora, oa thattat ,t
of M. C. Wlllitmi, ltte oi College Hill. Baatiltoa '.
county, Ohio, deceaaed; . i - ) .; '.
March, Sd J853, "" ' "' ' O.N. OLU8 ' ' 1
NOTICE I hereby given that the anderaig'ned
hat bees appointed Adminiatrator. with tha
will annexed, on the eitate af Joha B. Whitwell,
late of College Hill, Utmiltoa aoanty, Ohio, dea'aV '
March, 8d. 1858. B. P. UAfllf. , J
foe thb vEAa 1853. , ,s . n , q
WANTED, in every eoaaty of tha Uniud Statee, ,
aetlte and anterpriaing men, to enaiKO ia tha a
ule of aomeof th beat Uouki pnbliahetl iatbf
niintre. To men of aood addratt, DoatetilncaeataB
etpiui of from twenty-flas to eaa haadiwd dolltra, :i
tauh inancemenia win ae qseraa w euu
to make from three to fire dolltrt a day. '
TTPThe Bookt publiaked by a ara all hi tM I
character, extremely popular, and commaad larg
nm wm w.j .......
For farther jiartitlar.addreaa, (poatageptidj J
mut-tw 1B1 WjUUia Btr haayora.
,..fr-.-..iii3 15-Ufi; hh
Third street, Hortk of ftnnmlnan
itAilUlUUlUl . A at. a I
7b. SJtk, 185J.

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