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The Ohio organ, of the temperance reform. (Cincinnati, [Ohio]) 1853-1854, June 17, 1853, Image 7

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; 175
4. What is believed td be the re
- ductfbfi 1a the osfl 6t Intoxicating li
f cpii 'since the Law wns enacted and
wfdedt'J V ;i
1 ' f fAtri.-' H I have Wood reason to belieive
t" that ; $iot 'one fifth the Quantity used
' breviba&to the enactment oi the Law,
h u 'noW used.'In those days, there were
".'at least 300 establishments where li
quors1 were sold.1 Now there is not
J' ,JJf6.';lIoW is your city agency cor
Jifcted, If yoti have any 1 '
Ana.v We have no city agency. It
was abolished ten months after the
' "'Law' Went into Gyration. It will pro
itaUt soon be restored, and it is hoped
willw Well conducted." ;
o 11 6. In your observation as a City
' Missionary, what appears to be the in-
fliience of the Law tport the poorer
portion of the community 1
r- ; Ans.- " Most salutary. ' Its value to
' the; p06r !s beyond human calcula
ction."' ' i '
n - I am :Affectionally, ';:; , f s -.v
i . your Brother,. T. B. Riplet.
" Mast. Life Boat. '. ' .
A Boston correspondent of the N.
. York Postj lays that Caleb, Gushing
'oas presented, a claim of $10,000
.against the estate of Daniel "Webster,
for money lent , The attempt to pay
-off encumbrances upon the estate of
Daniel Webster, by subscription, in
order that, it may ,bq preserved in his
; family) according to nis last wishes,
-ppears.to be finally given up, as de
mands, against it continually accumu
late, , ( ?. f .,(,!!,' : -ui '
' f DOLLARS per month can be mads by in
, " tf gaging la a business which toy merchant,
' -clerk, farmer, or mechanic can follow without
. ihlndrancs to their buslnree.; Thil it no book
' agency, or anything of that nature. Tha business
' ti ucb that failure is impoaaible. 1 have received
'letter from a great many who hate availed Inert,
elves of thi; all of whom apeak in the bigheat
term a of it! and aome say they are making more
-than sixty dollars per month. It la a permanent
buaineaa five dollars capital Is enough to com
mence on, I will forward the above Instructions
. upon the receipt of two dollars, (post paid) sd
-dressed to E. STEPHENSON S , Box 163, Ctr-
Si-ebvlUe, Ohio. A may 80).. i .v
. ,
; "TT AS removed to Sixth street. Bacons' Building.
XI under Magnolia Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio. Man
" otacturer of Costumes and Regalia of every dee
J cription.lor Maaona, Odd Fellows, Bona of Tem
perance, 'iemple of Honor, Drnida, Red Men,
. Brotherhood of th. Union, ahdfiood Pellows.
Or Being a member of the above Orders, I am
(prepared at all times to furnish everything apner
- taining thereto with punctuality and dispatch, i
I Knight Templars, Royal Arch and Muter Ma
i tons. Red Men, Druids, Temple of Honor, Brother
hood of the Union, and Good Fellows' Clothing
-made, of the beat quality and material.
Emblems, Jewels and Staff Heads, always on
'band. , ,.,
tST AH articles for opening New Lodges and
' Encampments kept on hand.
, . Maaonic Offering and Craftsman, The Odd Fel
lows' Offering and Text Book.
fUM'L. Rain, e. G.L. A. B. Glrnf, M.P. G.
C. Moors, P.M. Wm.G. WillijlMi. G.M.
TftESB Restorative Pills have been osed In prl
reaetice, with anprecedanted suoeeas, for
years, they have never before been offered to the
public These Pills remove obitraotions, open the
natural paisages of the fluija of the body as the
f ores and lacteal veil tit. .
nd perfectly harmless in their erTeots, lnitead of
, weakening and debilitating the patient, (as is no.
ally the ease with ether Pills,) they give ems' to the
.tiwA--atiangthening and Isvlgnrating both atom:
ach andbowela; and Imparting aesr feeling and ener
gy to every part ef the eyitem-, , , ;ii ,., ,
Being wholly vegetable, tbey are mild In their
' oparatlon, witboat griping, or any paU whatovav.
They are slow in their movement, but thorough in
their renovating and restorative oharaeter and need
only be tried to be approved of by an snob as are:
afflicted With the horrible coffering arising from Dli.
pepaia, or anj; of the symptoms, of , a ouordered
. stomach. t i .
I wt stovacstU th bums) tvsrr-iTnaav
It is principally supplied with aarves bv a larva ;
(iiirpoceeding directly from the brain, called the Par
'"'if :'
Vagatd. ' Thnt),tn their eoarae, sead braaehea U
tke paarynx and larynx; the stiephagae; thevaasels
Of the aeck and heart; the langi; the liver;' the
tpleei; aee tbe diaphragm. ,,, ., -i
It is anaeeeaiary to go tart her thaa a primary de
mnaant af the stomach, U aooauat sot oaalti
tade of dttiressiag symptoms with which say an
afflicted, sack as:
Indigestion, Head-Aeha, . ; ', ! :
Bilhensness, . Extreme Mervone Afita-
Acidity, tie,, .
Palpitatna of the Heart, D.ffieoUy of Respiratioa,
A Bense of oppreiaioa at Btspor,
' the pit of the Stomach, A temporary heat of mesa
An Iaospaeity lor the rr, Imubility,
slightest Esertioa, A Senas of Emptiness, t
Dearession of Bolriti. . Droweinesa. i, . . h '
Mistiasas and ladistiact- Pnlie leas freqaant, and
neaa or Vision, ' ' more feeble thaa oanal,
uoia nanatlnd rtU ; Debility,
Unpleanat taste in the Estrone Laagor and Bx-
jnomn,pariionianywnen naasuia,
rising the motaiag. i Deapeodeaey, : , :
Numbness of the Limbs ResUaaeaeaa,,
and other pans, ' Bmaolatloa and Extrem
Vertlre Naotea, , Debility, ;
Cull Heavy Pain and seass Coativentas. ' '
J of weight In the Head, ' :' " ..
Persons narohaaiax theie Pills will be earefal 'to
obaerve that the same ofO. HALSTED, (ta gilt
ttttm, oa Mack paper,) Is affixed as a wrapper to
eaeb box; and that noxa aaa oikcihs anless labeled
in this msoner. For sale by Druggists everywhere.
April, 13. i 14' t. Foarth street, Ciaoinaati.
TT7 Persons remittiar as 81,00 in eash. Of Peatara
8tamps, will receive (by mail) two aoxaa of Pills,
TTJ All who Order from see this) advorassnont,
ilTptseso aotifv as ol that faet.
Coantrv mercbaats can narehaee these Pills, ftom
Cikcikiuti DanootSTS at Proariators raicaa. ,
" The 01117 natural -wholesome
arinix lor man," can do
. obtained from .
WE are now prepared to offer onr friends and
customers a superior article of Water Coolers
of entire new styles, at greatly rednced prices.
This article is the result of the application ot solen.
tide principles to the purpose intended, vix: to keep
water at caol a potiiil; at long as pottibl; and
Kilt lit least foman eaanniy oj
The proprietor has long devoted h is attention to this
particular branch of domeatio economy, and pass
ing from one improvement to another, has at length
arrived as near perfection as it is possible to reach.
A proof of this is foond In the very general ose of
these coolers in all parts 01 the country. A simple
statement of faots In regard to these Coolers, will
satisfy every one of their superiority, First, they
sre tbe only artiela of (At 4 in J tear patentid.
They are finished with two distinct non-condaoting
chambers, by means of which, with two pounds of
Ice to the gallon, water is loot (at a temperature of
40 degrees above zero, or only 8 degrees from the
treezlng point) all aay. tuns at a cost or some
live cents per day, a family of orlinary size can
be constantly supplied with water as cold as ice
itself, larger numbers in the same proportion. This
has been found by actual experiment to be a saving
of at leait seventy-five per cent, over the Earthen
Jars, formerly nsed for this purpose.
Agsin, these Coolers xxvia swixt; in this way
saving much unnecessary waste and trouble,
Btiag manufactured In the most workmanlike
Style, and baadsomely finished in every respect,
they make a very beautiful ornament for the Din
ing Room, Hotel or Steamboat.
An Important improvement has lately been added
to the Cooler, viz: A small Pan (capable of holding
from six to eight pounds of Butter) inserted direct
ly under the cover. This quantity of butter can be
kept perfectly hard aH day, without additional ice,
(a very important addition to tha economy and com
fort of farailier.)
If desired, the Cooler can also be furaished at a
small expense with a I,
which serves the additional pnrpoie of removing all
impurities Irom the water, rendering it perfectly clea
and wholesome. . , . arjj
The Cooler and Filter may be seen in operation
at any time, at - BURNET'S,
. No. 14 Bast Foarth street, Cincinnati.
For isle by the following persona: . , .
Loutivllle, by John Gill, 45 Main street.
Columbus, by J. K. Htyl, High street, opposite
Franklin Bank. ,'i ,
- Cleveland, by Huntington St Brooks. ' ' " :
Indlanspolli, by Jacob Lindaleyj'j - ; t;
Frankfort, by Grey k George. 1
Naihville. bv A. H. Hicks. :
. New Orleana, by J. A.. Morton' Co., Tchonpl-
tonlas street.
Wholesale and Retail Ageat in New1 York City,.
. .. , J, H. BURMKTi
!' No. 1 'Wall Street.
'.; (".. .. ,. ). ii)ti 'js.'..: id I;.:
V;, !' "'
- ''T"F' I T '
. ' ,., I. ,
i i '"...
ja . 'jf',' ' , '
jM ' 'i. ') r.
- JVtmtt Fill mp Utmif tin Jrw Mttk.'
v bi.sJonmsrrtT reivi ...
' Csrmin, French, Eagllihtudimericaa' .
.!t . 1 .'" "i;.''-' J''".:!" .'I:- '' 1 !
' I AM
fancy articles;
i ::tiii. -.I'l '1 1 -TT. it- ' '
.- XLBO .1
m Alt Popular Genuine Famllf Z
Jf. X. Ctnur Fturtt and rit St., Citinnati, O.
HATINO a bost aompletad the improvemeats la
ear Store, we would respectfully Invite tbe ladles
sad gentlemen to call and see our new stock, jst
opening;, and we do not hesitate to say, that our
Store preaeats inducements la its appearance, ftva
. tlea and quality, and quantity of Its goods, sacum! to
aoa in tha West. Oaf susortsaent of J .,
Frenebf Gbrman, Engl ish aad American
' ' ' "' ! '" ' .-..I.V.'I' i
; ', ,.;.' :;,.jAM0 , ; , ' !.;:
Generally, stlecUdTw'U great tare ly
one of the firm comprises one of fa
i A aMISVa 4AM siiu.'a
1tVO WnOVV ; JrW rtCsT
ever' brought intd' this
We ara now Importing,
Direct from Paris aad other parts ef Europe, most of
wi.b.usij, iwu runnn
Cologne, Labiu'Sj Mailley's, Lowe's, and other re
voted Manufacturer's articles. Alio, cnntuntlv ,
rureigo reriamery, sucn as f arina.
eelvlna- direot. from the best imnnrtinr
York, Philadelphia, etc.', where we have competent
nersoas tor look out for tha mim r ik.ir .,.v
Hence, our arrangtmenu are such, that wa have tl a
advantage or receiving every thing new as it comes
uui, u snau oa constantly adding new varieties to
our stock. ,
Wholesale Weatern Arency f
For ifyera' Ex. Book Rose, Wright's Indian Vegeta
ble; Pills, Watt's Nervous Antidote, Lyon's Ksth
airon and Jamaica Ginger, White's Amber Glass and
Jamaica Ginger, Bishop's Almond Lotion, Nuttall's
Syriacum', Kendall & Taylor' Thermometers and
Barometers, fee. i; i, ; .. )
Btsto Agents for M'Lean's Liniment, Loeock's
Wafers, Jew David's Plaster, Dr. Rowland's, Dr.
Swayne's, Grafleaberg, MTandle'i, Radway't, and
other Medicines, Bright's Corn Plaster, Toothache
Drops, Johnion't Tooth Bosp, DaCoiU's Tooth
Wash, Thunton'a Tooth Powder, Burgess dt Co.'s
Kat exterminator, etc.
, i ,For Sale all . ,
T R U S S E S ,':
Surgical Instrument etc.
To the Wholesale Trade, '
We now have onr wholesale rooms fitted up, and
samples arranged in convenient style, and onr faoili.
ties enables us to sell to the trade on more advanta
geous terms than any other house can, and as low, or
even lower, than eastern houses, thus saving the ex
pense of transportation to eountry merchants. ,
Our goods, in all instances, are what they are re
presented to be and when sold by sample' shall al
ways be in comformity with the samples shows.
'' '' '" '" . :.i I
Cart la taken to have our cases properly sacked.
and to guard against injury in transportation.. -
We solicit orders from patties not flailing our oily;
and will endeavor, in all instances,to satisfy in every
particular, all wboconflde their orders to' as. ' ' ! 1 i
Our thanks are dne to the nubile for the verv lit,.
eral patronage wa have heretofore received, and ws
shall tia to keep up and inc. sate
ourmvorable repu-
tton of one price, fair dealingnd courteous bearing
toward; al our patrons, i .-.).:;.,' ,? 5,l(ll i
' 5
ii. '!'
Ti,IC0jr0MY,,C0N7ElTllEirCE AKD
Jrj UiXOnr COHBINED-l-Witbens of WIK
FILTERS you esa always hare ready (or use, wa
ter as oold as fetf itself, and as clear as the purest
spriBl water. Manufactured only by
'April, IS. Corner of Walnut tad Pearl sweets.
" Tke Oep that ebeers,
' u -. : w.r. .n
LL. HARTCR, li Fifth street, out door West
of Walnut, haa In atore one of the beat aad
largest assortments ef Teas te be toaad ia the West
ern country, which he will sell wholeiale aad retail
si low ss the lew eit, end warrant to give satisfaetioa,
er money refunded Remember the place, 4S Firth,
One door Wat of Walaot, Appollo Building.
.. matckSloni '
Ordees must bi addressed io
Manafaotnters of
Embossed Cards and Adrertlsina;
22 Wait Fourth Street, Cincianati, Ohio.
THE above is the full size of Percussion Seal
Press, which weighs but two pounds.
. This anique invention is to protect Host forgfjrjr
all important papw. such aa Bills of Exchange
Bonds, Checks, Drafts Letters! Labels, Notes, Re
ceipts, Envelope, &c.
This protection is obtained by a blow ef the hand
one a the press, whioa rives instantly to the paper at
chaste, beautiful impress of a business card or ad
dreistareiVre, thai baffling tbe efforts of the moat
adroit counterfeiter. ,. -
Price of Press, with seal of fifty letters or laaa.
$5,00. ' -
Press with Notarial Seal, $0,00. Devices oa
other than Notarial Seals, extra, say from 60 cents,
to and upwards. . .. -. ,
Measures have been taken to aecure a patent oa
the above Press.
Arrangements are now made to suntilv the wbola
country. East, West, North and Sooth. ,
This Percussion Press is now in constant use la
Cinciunali aud vicinity, by many of the principal
Bankers, Merchants, Mechanics, Notaries Public
itecorders, Lodges, die, to whom all who desim
information as to its utility, durability and valua
are respectfully referred. ' '
Orders lot Envelopes, Dies, plain or elaborate.
Shipley's Self-sealing Envelopes, Colored and
Embossed Cards, ana new and improved Lever
Seal Press, attended to as nsnal, by
. an. ii, eiiii-Liii ac Hltu,
C7" Enjravlnz on Wood executed in the bemt
style. , .. , mar.-S9
GREAT INDUCEMENTS are now teicg offered
to industrious aad enurraisiov vonnv mm to
enrage as agents, to sell by SUBSCRIPTION
EXCLUSIVELY, new, important aad highly inter
eating pictorial family hooka, which in respect to
tatto of matter presented and mechanical execution
are not excelled, having received the applaase of
the greatest literary characters of the country. Cer
tain districts of country will be allotted to Igents
WHOLESALE at unusual low prices.
r-v particulars auaress rnbllsners, fosT Paid.
J. at H. MILLKR Si fV.
May 8. 1 Columbus, Ohio.
R E F.R8)
ITiira street, fforth of Pennsylvania Avenue,
. wAsmauiw citt, '
" it Wees to suit the times'. '
Feb. fetb. 1853. f ; ! s ' '
JVb. 58 West Sixth Street, .
North, side, bctnoen Watnut and Vine sts..
' : taJI'he abovo establishment keens constaatlv on
hand a selected assortment of the above articles,
and Will make the same to order it the shortest
actios. ,4 i.lii.i,... n- f! ',: march 18
' J tbi;,,,":- ",u.
571.4 and tares tm vry package of Tea, aad
"11 makenochaiweler drayageor'thipping.
t&iM - i.100REfcCUESTERl )n
Tea Warromi, Seventh and Wabit.Plt,
February 6, "'' " u - ' J ' ' 1 -"

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