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The Ohio organ, of the temperance reform. (Cincinnati, [Ohio]) 1853-1854, August 05, 1853, Image 5

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22 9
perance element into the canvass, for
(heir success U more frequently attri
butable to whisky than intrinsic worth.
We do not speak extravagantly when
we assert that one-half ot our office
holders owe their positions to the bot
tle. , Our conviction is that temper
ance U as patriotic an element as
whisky to use In a political struggle.
We have arrived at a point where
every man must choose sides on this
iwue. The liquor-sellers are about
establishing their press, eschewing
patty politics, and supporting none
who are opposed to the largest liberty.
Reader, which side do you take ?";
! , ;: Honorably Settled. ,
- U. S. Senator Gwinn and Hon. Jos.
McCorkle, a ' member of Congress,
both of California, recently attended
a horse race in their State, drank too
much, had. a misunderstanding, and
like true genttemen, determined to set
tle the matter by the code of Slonor.
The . brave Senator challenged t the
brave Representative, the challenge
is accepted, rifles are the weapons,
and thirty paces the distance fixed
upon for the rencontre. The parties
meet at the time and place with their
friends and. weapons for the deadly
fight..' Of Course death must result I
How could it be otherwise with such
weapons and at such a distance !
They could hardly miss each other.
They took aim and fired three times,
each at the other, and what is very
remarkable, neither ' the principals,
their seconds," nor; the bystanders,
were injured After the third fire, an
explanation took place, and they found
they were shooting at each other un
der, a misapprehension. 1 They shook
hands, took a drink all round, and re
tired from , the f bloody field, heroic
gentlemen, ' When they return to
Washington, their fellow members of
the National Legislature will be very
cautious about' insulting these sharp
shooters, lest rifles be brought again
into requisition, i ,
: Horrible Affray.
Three Men Killed Six Wounded
Dangerously, &c.
, 'A party of about sixty workmen,
engaged on the Ohio and Mississippi
Railway, near the mouth of the Great
Miami, got into some difficulty on
Sunday, which resulted in a serious
encounter at a temporary grog-shop
that evening. It seems that the men
were divided into two parties, one
from this city and one from Law
renceburg, and that bad blood had
previously existed between them. On
Monday night the Lawrenceburgparty,
having been discomfited in the first
encounter, returned to take vengeance
upon the others. A terrible affray
ensued, in which shovels, pick-axes,
iron bars, clubs, ozc, were freely used,
and the final result was three men
killed, six badly and probably fatally
wounded, and a large number of the
remainder fearfully cut up and beaten.
The excitement in the vicinity was
very great ; all work on the road was
suspended, but nobody had been ar
rested up to 12 o'clock on Tuesday.
"..Urbanity will ! often lend a grace
to. actions that are ot tnemseives un
gracious. :-r - '
: -'! 1 Another Campaigner.'.'
We learn from the "Ohio States
man," that Dr. P. Johnson and Dr.
Zlnckle propose to publish, a cam
paign paper at .Columbus, entitled
" Common sense against the Maine
Lai$." The price of subscription is
25 cents, and no doubt the paper will
have a large circulation. Like the
temperance men, they eschew party
politics, and go only for those men
who are in favor of .the unrestrained
liquor traffic One .of the Editor's is
a democrat and the other a whig, and
consequently there is no design to
play into the hands of, any party, but
the whisky party. ; .
We most heartily rejoice at this
movement for more reasons than one
1st. If there is' any argument on the
side of vrhisky, the learned Doctors
will furnish it, the one in plain Eng
lish and the other in plain Dutch, as
their paper is to be half and half.
2nd. The truth has nothing to fear
from investigation ; it will cut its way
and prevail.; 3rd. All friends of tem
perance of strong political predilec
tions, will see that liquor is more po
tent than ' party ties, with their ene
mies, and will be led to meet them on
the ground they have, selected. We
shall seek an exchange we anticipate
something rich. ' ' . - .
"The Rum Plague", . ;
We. have on Our table a copy of
this little book. It has been our
pleasure to glance over its pages, and
we take pride in commending it to
the favorable perusal of all who love
truth, virtue and temperance. It makes
no pretensions to the fine-spun, sweet
wordefd phrases of poetry or romance,
nor to deep-toned, metaphysical dis
quisition, but is a plain, elegantly
written tale, tender and , touching,
which, from beginning to end, glows
With the graces, and beams with the
beauties of love, purity and fidelity.
We are requested to say that any one
desirous of obtaining a copy of this
book, will be furnished with one, to
order, elegantly bound in full clothj
free of" postage, at any part of the
United States, (or three copies for one
dollar,) by sending the sum of fifty
cents to John S. Taylor, 143 Nassau
street, N. Y. ''''
The New York Organ.
This widely circulated and deserved
ly popular family paper has just com
pleted the twelfth year of its exis
tence and entered upon its "teens."
The anniversary of its birth was cele
brated by a new dress throughout,
and it comes to us full of valuable and
interesting matter. For several years
we read the Organ with great interest,
but by a sort of misunderstanding it
dropped from our exchange list. We
have it again, and it never was more
welcome than now. ' ".
: ' Fulton. "
The Editor addressed a large and
spirited audience in Fulton, on Wed
nesday evening last. It was a great
meeting, and will have a powerful ef
fect on the Fulton boys. They are
always on the right side of a question.
The resolutions will be published next
week, y v
;-; : :- Political." ;';',IT
At the recent primary election in
this city and county the Democratic
party decided that . the . Popular
Vote System shall be resorted to for
the nomination of candidates for the
various offices to be filled at the com
ing fall election. The . Democratic
Executive Committee have ' issued
their proclamation and the election of
candidates will not come off until the
2d Monday in September, thus put
ting it off about six weeks later than
ever known before! What does this
mean? Are they afraid to have the
merits and demerits of their ' candi
dates properly discussed before elec
tion day? Are they afraid of the Mi
amies, Sawbucks, Scrhuebendikes, or
Maine Law Men? Who can answer?
Up tb this time neither the Whig or
Free Soil Parties have made a move
toward nominating' a ticket. Taken
altogether political matters look rather
squally. But we will see what we will
'see! ' '' '
A Good Idea.
The following resolution was adopt
ed by Randolph ' Division, '. No. 631,
S. of T., and we recommend it to the
especial attention of other Divisions:
"Besotted, That all members of
this Division who are not over three
months in arrears for dues, who will
subscribe for the Ohio Organ the
coming year, the Division will pay
one-half of the subscription price."
There are many reasons why this
resolution should be adopted by oth
er Divisions. It will increase the
temperance feeling, which will benefit
the Division. It will have the effect to
keep the dues paid up, which to
many is a source of great annoyance.
If one-half the dues which Divisions
are entitled to, were paid up, they
would be prosperous and thriving.
A full treasury has a wonderful effect
upon the attendance of members. '
We have received more communi
cations during the past week, than we
can get in two or three Organs. , , They
all breathe the pure spirit of temper
ance, and send in the glad tidings that
"all is weir' that the principles of the
"annihilating law" are besoming the
exciting topic of common conversa
tion, and are daily becoming more
popular with the masses, which is a
source of very great annoyance of
the "jerrymadiddling" pot-house pol
iticians, and old wind-broken political
hatks. The crib at which they hare
fleeced the public is fast receding from
their view, and In consequence their
lamentations are awfully painful.'
. We wish those who send us in in
telligence would study brevity, write
plainly, and read it over after being
finished to correct all mistakes, 4c.
This, would be of immense advantage
to US. ' -": '"' . ' ,,,, ' J'' ." " '
The. First Response.
Huron county is the first to respond
to the call of the Executive Commit
tee for funds. 0. T Stewart, Esq.,
Norwalk, says under date of 22d inst.:
"Huron county will promptly pay its
300 dollar assessment, and most of it
is now ready for the Agent." Hur
rah for- Huron county Maine Law
Advocate, il l .- : .,'.: i ' ',
Assessment of Hamilton County.
I At the late meeting of the Execu
tive Committee the following assess
ment was made on the city and coun
ty, for the purpose of a thorough and
efficient canvass of the county. It la
all-important that the friends of the
cause make a prompt answer to this
call. 'The amount is small, in com
parison to the work to be done, and
could be raised in one day, by a little
exertion.' We hope our friends will
take right hold of this matter and
"put it through" m quick time. The
Committee meet on Monday next,
and expect to receive reports from
each ward and township. Bro. Sam
uel Free, on the part of Fulton, has
already responded to the call, and paid
in $23,50. ; Fulton is ready and will
ing ito do her part nobly. -"
All moneys handed in before or after
the meeting, will be "received by the
Secretary, C. Clark,' and duly ac-
knowledged in the Organ.
Andersoni ' 9 50 00 '
Sycamore, . ' 60 00
Fulton, A 60 00
Millcreek, 100 00 ,
Spencer, 25 00
Columbia, ' 25 00 .
. Cincinnati, 600 00 '
Colerain, : 25 00
Springfield, 25 OOir
Delhi, ; .. . " 25 00 f
Stores, ' 25 00
Greene, 60 00
Miami, 25 00
Whitewater, . 25 00 '
Symmes, 25 00 :
' Clifton, . 25 00 ;
Crosby, 25 00 .
S3T Cincinnati Division, No. 2, on.
hearing of the death of Bro. Ctm
minos, 6. W. P., appointed a commit
tee to prepare suitable "resolutions,
expressive of their deep sorrow for
his untimely death. The resolutions
were reported at the last meeting, and
adopted, and a copy ordered to be
sent to the family of the deceased.
A Temperance Office.
All the journeymen in the office of
the Daily and Weekly Sun are strong
Maine Law men, and all belong to the
'Sons." This is a high compliment
to the craft, and will add to the repu
tation of the Sun establishment. We
wish we could record the same pleas
leg fact of the other offices in our
' -'
Temperance Hotel.
-The United States' Hotel, Gaillipo
lis, 0., is kept upon strict temperance
principles. Should any of our read
ers visit that locality, they will be
kindly cared for by the Landlord,
Charles W. Hor.
Jt3T! We regret to learn that Bro.
Edwards has been indisposed during
the past week. If any appointments
or letters have been neglected, this
will be a sufficient apology.
i 1 ;
SW Bro. Williams will pay a visit
to his family on next Monday. He.
will be absent about ten days. ; . :
, Cheviot. . . 1 .;.
Bro. Williams informs us that he
had a most excellent meeting on Wed
nesday evening last. The right spirit
prevailed, Another meeticg will be
held on Friday for the organization of
an efficient temperance society. ;

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