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The Ohio organ, of the temperance reform. (Cincinnati, [Ohio]) 1853-1854, August 19, 1853, Image 7

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3T How truthful, touching -and
encouraginjf la - the following sketch
from tW'Neir York Organi It does
tu good to know; that ptbars feel IiW
ourself in view -of pasCdlseoWajre
roentsi,'present labor and future pros
pects. We have -toiled through evil
and through' good report, in sunshine
nd in storm, to promote this great
cause and many baa been the time
. when we would in despair have quit
the field but for our faith in the sover
: eign superintendence of an Almighty
' God.- ( We have had an ubi ling con
fidence that adversity cannot shake,
that God will give ultimate and com
plete success; .- .
. The Majesty of the Movement.
The people of this generation have
' seen no moral movement comparable
in iho grandeur and majesty of its
progress to the Temperance Reform,
Beginning in weak n ass, it has risen
from a little cloud, no bigger than a
man's hand, till . it expands from
ocoan to ocean and sheds its mercy
drops on whole nations, . At first, the
attempt to arrest the inundation seem
ed like an effort to stay the rising tide
of th-j Atlantic an 1 roll back its floods
with a broom. Year succeeding year
of toil and anxious counsels among
the friondi of humanly, and some
times whan they sat down to review
the labor of tlio past, it seemed as
though the evil they combated grew
rather than declined, and where they
had cut off a single head of the Hy
dra, a hundred instantly sprung from
the wound. TKo patrons of the still
and the grog-shop laughed at the
laborers in the temperance field, and
prophesied that'all their efforts would
come to nought, and in their hours of
despondency many of the most earn
est of the temperance army were all
' most forced to admit that they had
undertaken an impracticable enter
prise. Many a tima has the stalwart arm
and the generous heart of the temper
ance soldier been almost paralysed, in
view of the darkened aspects of the
field, and he has, been tempted to ask
of what utility is all this expenditure
of time and labor and means, since
after all is said and given and done,
the fire-flood is ever spreading, deep
ening and plunging- with & more deso
lating-and terrific fierceness' arid pow
er. 4We know, it, , that , strong men
have wept over .the apparent hope
lessness of the conflict, and noble WO-
sick with hope deferred, nave wrung
their hands and moaned over their
worse tharnorphahed babes and their
blasted homes.r t,;:.c ;:
But the efforts m this cause of Ood
trad man were never in vain shadows
flitted across the , field at times, but
the sun of a serene and benignant
ummpotence was still shining bebipd
the clouds, and causing every prayer
every effort, every mite of influence
contributed to the cause, to work to
gether to the generation of a public
sentiment, a ; national conviction in
favor of the extirpation of the liquor
curse, which nothing can withstand.
There breathes this day no mightier
sentiment in the American bosom than
that which dooms the traffic in strong
ui uia3i Auiu nuiuu wcsy VI a will, WC
meet it, we leel it. j Jbast and West.
North and South, its still small voice',
. like the mysterious, awful whisperings
of angels,, oppresses the, -Very atmo
sphere,; and the upholders of the traffic
feel amid their ribald revelry as Bel-
shazzar did, when he saw the ,wrting
on the wan, tnatjtne day pt,apom has
come, and thai, the accursed fiend
whose meat and drink have been the
tears and groans 'of orphans' ,'ahd
widows; is expelled henceforth and
forever by the majesty of a people'!
prohibition. 'J
Ttahk'God", to whom js uqjhe.
hoacrof 'all wiseduriselsV the day of
dtfUyeranee its' here.v; Ten thouBnc(.
tim s ten thousand minute influences,
labors 'ahel tears,' have at last wrought
out a 'national conyicuorj and senti
ment' that the 'traffic famst'periph.
Now let the widoVsmj W 3oyt and
infant, ToiceS burst's btd; hosannahK ';
let the floods clap their hands and the
fields be joyful together let State
salute State with the joyful, news
"Wa hate stopped the plague 1" and
let all the people in this and all lands
hold high jubilee over this glorious
redemption... ; , ';.! ,,
The World's Convention to sit In
this'city'oh the 6th of September, will
finish the war J the next will celebrate
the victory., i ' : ; '
A Villalnons (htrage. ;
. On Friday evening last, about half-
Sastfive o'clock, Robert Alcorn; while
riving his horse and dray down Wal
nut hill, was beset by severat drunken
rowdies, who jumped on the dray,
took the reins out of Alcorn's hands
and started the horse at full spaed down;
the hill. Just as the horse passed the
toll-gatei Alcorn was violently thrown
from the drayv striking his head
against some large stones, which pro-,
duced several very serious though not
mortal wounds on the scalp. The fall
likewise broke both bones in the right
leg, about one-third below the knee,
the wheel of the dray passing over
the same leg some distance below the
above wouud, completely crushing it.
Dr. GotwaM, who is attending on the
wounded man, thinks his leg may be
saved, although the injury is both ex
tensive and serious, i Such unpro
voked rasoality as prompted to the ac
tion from which so much suffering to
the patient and painful anxiety in the
minds of the family resulted, certainly
demands the severest punishment.
Let the Millcroek police ferret them
out. Cin. Commercial
Indeed such outrages are almost in
tolerable. But a few issues ago, the
"Commercial" recorded a similar in
stance, where several drunken villians
drove two innocent country boys from
their wagon, and beat one of them
nearly to death. v Some would say the
Lynch taw is too good for the devil
ish rascals ; but we would say, take
from them; that. which makes them
demons, and you will still find them
men. ' ,.,',. , ...... ;; '
1 'JEST The first number of the new
anti-Maine law paper has appeared,
and such a paper ! ' We think we must
transfer some of its gems to the vJour
nal," but we have not time to-day.
If there is any danger of its failing for
want of support, the Maine Law Com
mittee should furnish the funds to
keep it going, as it will do more than
anything we have yet seen to drive
the people into the temperance ranks.
If the German part is as rich as the
English in literature and style, it will
secure its Editor a reputation that will
last him for some time. Ohio State
Journal. . .
' , Wonder if that establishment dos'nt
go by steam, mostly ? , . .i i
HAS removed to Sixth street, Bacons' Building. ,
under Magnolia Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio. Man
ufacturer of Costumes and Regalia of ever vdoe
cription.for Masons, Odd Fellows, Sons of Tenv,
perance, 'lempte of Honor. Druids. Red Map,,
Brotherhood of the Union, and Good fellow;.
tar Being a member of the above Orders, I am
prepared at all times to furnish everytliing spperv
lainlng thereto with punctuality and despatch.
Kntght Templars, Koyal Arch and Master Ma
sons, Bed Men, Druids, Temple of Honor, Brother,
hood of the Union, and Good Fellows' Clothlnf .
made, of ths best qmlltr and material, . ( v
Emblems, Jewels and Staff Heads, elwa an
hand, j .: ' - '"
: tar Att articles, tor opening New Lodges sad
Encampments kept M hand. . :
. Masonic Offering ana Craftsman, The Pad l'eJ-
lows' Offering and Tex t Book. -,,,,
SiM'uBs,P.G.L. A. R.Gtit,M.P,0. 1
C Moon, f. M. I W.G.WiLMllS.a.MV' 1
i; in i
IMi '
So !
X,.,:,',UJA -U.J.I
; j '' ;'
,' I I Vir. -
1 -lu! .
C j
FILTERS yon can always have ready (of ass, wa-ter-aaoold
a ice itself, and as sleet as the parest
print water. Manufactured only bv
-, , :.' . GEO.' Di WISSGHELt,
April, IS. Corner of Walant and Fearl ateeets.
"The Cop that oheen, , i ;,
. i Bnnotinebriate"
LI. HARTKR, 41 Fifth street, one door West
of Walnot.hu in ttois one' of the belt and
largest asnrtmenU of , Teas te be ioend is the West
ern eoostry, which he will sell wholeiale and retail
as low ss the towent, and warrant to give tatisfaeMoe,
or money refunded ' Remember she place, 42 Filth,
one door West of VValnot, Appallo Building,
(march 25 Cm , , ? ,. .
Orders must be addressed to
Mannfaetnteri of 1
Emliosaett Card and Advertising
; Knvelopea. .
' 22 West Fourth Btreet, Cincinnati, Ohio.
rpHE above is the full six of Fercussioa Seal
X Prsti, which weight bat two pound, i
This unique invention ii to protect from forgery
sll Important papi-rt. such m Bills of Eichanie,
Bonds, Cbsoks, Drafts Letten, Labels, Hotel, He
eeinti, Envelopes, &e.
This protection is obtained by a blow of the hand
open the press, which gives Instantly te the paper a
Chaste, beautiful imprese of a buines card or ad
dress in rtl Uvoj that b filing the efforts of the most
adroit counterfeiter.: i :
Price of Press, with seal of fifty letters or less,
$3,00. ..-'
Press with Notarinl Seal, $5,00. Devices on
other than Notarial Hetili, extra, say from SO cents,
to $1 ,00 and upwards. .
Measures have been taken to secure a patent on
the above Press. --"
Arrangements are now made to supply the whole
country, aei, West, North and South..
This Percussion Press is sow In constant sse In
Cincinnati and vicinity, by many of the prlnctpal
Bankers, Merchants, Mechanics, Notaries Public,
keoorders, lodges, dtc to whom all who desire
information as to lis utility, durability and value
are respectfully referred. . t
Orders tor Envelopes. Dies', plals oreleborate,
Shipley's Self-sealing Envelopes, Colored and
Embossed Cards, and new and Improved lever
Seal Press, attended to at oroal, by
t3T EngraVlng on Wood executed In the best
style). .. ,i t .. ' V . '- mar.-28
r RKAT INDUCEMENTS era sow beisg ofiered
IT to lndmtrionrsnd enterprising yoan mto to
sngage as agents, to sell by -
KUV, new, important and highly inter-
siting pi
taits of
ictorial nunily books, which in respect to
matter breicnted and mechanical execution
srs not-excelled, having received the spplaue of
the greatest literary characters of the country. ' Cer
tain districts of country will be allotted to sgents
for their exclntlve benefit, and books Xarnuhed
WHOLESALE at unusual low prices. .-
For particulars address Publisher, Post Paid.
J. H, MILLER Co., '
May 6. ' , Colombo., Ohio.-'
' It E R It 8!.-u.f.-..i
ITiirdstreet, Nortk of Pennsylvania Avem.
; : WASHINGTOS CITY, -1 -! --'
TTr' Prices to suit the times. t2j'," '
5th, 1833, . J
Feb. 25th
ROOTS lXi S51.i,
JSo. 58 West Hueii Street,
North Bide, between Walput and Vine st.
w CliNUlriM A 1 1. -
t9Ths above estahlithiasat Itself 'itiej a
hand selected assortment of the above article
and wil) make the saare. to older u ai thert
aotioe, ' i. - .match 1$
.,. .. ).;;.., if, , iu
" wi'GlVE NEW fORK weight
aad tses every package isf Tea, and
make so charge for drayage or snipping, 'i
I ,. !,V., HOOKS ft CHBdThiar-ul
Tea Warenams, seventh and WabmU, ,-, r .
0).feraary8,l8. i
csmtmt lavtitair Altrrie) -
, Cermw, rrmclt, EnjUih lai Atoerieu
11,1 'J
' iXM
. . All CeainlH ramllf
if. X. Ctrur Feurtk tmi Vint Bt, Ciminati, 0.
HATING about eomnleteit the improvements la
oor 8tere, we wonlrf respectfully invite the ladies)
and gentlemento call and iee ear sear stock, Jast
opesicg, and are do not hesitate to say, that etar
Store presents inducements la its appeaxaaoe, loca
tion and quality, and quantity of its goods, second Is)
none lathe West., Our atsortment Bf J Mi.
French, German English aair Amtricaa
'""V ERF 1J". i:ii',?k ,
Pwrtmomalesie Cutlerf s Brtuliew. ,
'.. AND .- J'.'Z',
Generally, selected with great tare by
one of the firm, comprises one f
. the most extensive varieties
' ever orought into this
We are now Importing:, s
Direct from Paris aad other parts of Europe, most of
the oelebrated Foreign Ferfumory, such as Farina,
Cologne, Lubia'si Meilley'i.Lowe'i, and other re
poted Manufacturer's artielei. Alio, eoattsntly re
eeivlDg direct, from the best Impoitinr houses of New
York, Philadelphia, ete., where we have' competent
pereosi to' Took but for th onam of their stock,
Hesce.our arrangements are each, that we have the
advantage of receiving every thing new as it cornea
ont, and shall be constantly adding new varieties te
ear stock.
Wnolesale Western Af eacy :
For Myers' Ei. Kock Rom, Wright's Indian Vefeta.
hie; Pills, Watt'i Nervous Antidote, I.Ten's Kath
airon and Jamaica Ginger, White's AmberOlssl and
Jamaica Glngsr, Biihop's Almoad Lotiao, NotuU's
Syriacam, Kendall 4 Tayler! Thersurm stars end
Bsremcters, fee.. '' ' ' h
' jBtate Agent for M'Lean's Lialmeat, Looeck'e
Wafers, Jew David's Piasisr, Dr. Rowland's, Dr.
SwayaeVOreSeaherg, MHaatlle's, Kad way's, and
ether Medicines: Rright's Cera Plaster, , Toothaeh
Drops', Johnios's Tooth Soap, DaCsita' Tooth
Wash, Thurston's Tooth Powder, Burgess 4 Ce.
Bst Exterssiaaior. ste. ,
rr Sale all
, T 11 1 S S E S , '
Surgical Instruments, etc.
. To the Wholesale Trade.'
, We new have eur who'esale moms fitted up, aad
samples arrant-til in convenient stylt, snd oar facili
ties enables m to sell tn the trade on more advanta
geous terms than sny othn hiiuee can, aad as low, at
even io er, than eastern beues, thus, saving the ex
pensoof uaaportation us country mercbants.' ( " ''
Oergoods, la ill iuttan'-ei, are what they are re
pretentrd to be sad when sold by sample shall alii
wnya fte in uom(b: mitj with the saraplae hown. , -,
I '''''- ' ' : i "ti
; Crs U tetsa to have oor eaiee properly packed,
and to gnard against Injury in transportation.' 1 X
, . . i-,- .mi in ,v ,n '
:j M'i solicit inters from parties ai( visiting osreity;,
and Will eailesvot, ia eft iniianw,to aatisfy ia avaty
paitfearkr; all whoaonflje then entente aaVrv? l e t u
' Oy'tiihaaks ere das est he paMle fur the iert ll '
era) patrueiage; w have heftrfore recdv j. 'aad we) ,"
shall aia to kespspaairae ease anrftrorahls Mp"
tieaef eaS,pHoe, fair dealing sad searteeas aearlag; ,
wwesa sh our psifone ... if
i--! t cvv i KOHL sfc 'rOWLER, vj-.L

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