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The Ohio organ, of the temperance reform. (Cincinnati, [Ohio]) 1853-1854, August 19, 1853, Image 8

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! tfTU' Acknowledgment!. i
Jsmes Algen; Delaware, 0? ' Tour papers
ar. gulMlr mailed., Tli fault Is not
F J; ll'aumaiM Bereay Cuyahoga eo., $1
n for Organ. All right .' ,
- E.Hunn;Eraceyi5o, 0 40 cents for
$ C XsV Coppock, Westville, Mahoning
eo., $1.20 for Campaign Organ. The brother
hat our thanks for exertfous to Increase our
George S- Fuller, Harrison 0., $2 for
Campaign Organ.
John Cotner, Allentown, 0., 3 for Organ.
B. Robbins, Goshen, O., $3.40 for
Campaign Organ, f t '
; Bonam Fox, BlaBchester, Q., 20 cents for
' Oran.
R,. G. Jsmieaon, Ker. ton, Hardin eo., O.,
25 cents for Campaign Organ.
C. W. B. Allison, Bellefontaine, Logan
co., O., 50 cents for ditto. . , j
8. F. Taylor, Milan, Erie, co., 0-i $1 for
Campaign Organ. v
Dr. O. Q. Chase, Arbuckle, Va., 60 cents
for Organ. The Dr. says, we have almost
r ' persuaded him to think that he can do some
good for the cause. We know he can, and
are fully satisfied that he is doing a good
work. . We hope he may soon convince the
Tvelcaboet " that whisky is not essential to
health, happiness, or polilic$; and that the
Maine Law is anything else but tjranical "
Otho French, Bourenville, O., $3 for
Tracts. : ' "! "
Josiah G. Schaeffer. Claysville, 0., $3
for Organ.
John W. Larkin, Neville, 0., $1.90 for
Campaign Organ. Brother. L informs ns
that the people up with him are getting
wide awake on the liquor question, and
will actacoordingly. '
T. D. Manning, Sidney, Shelby co., 0.,
$1 for Organ.
John R. VVilliams.G. W. P.,$350for Or
gan, from Cleves, Elizabethtown and Dent.
N. McDonald, Cedarville, 0., $1 for Or
gan. II. Carey, Xenia.O., $2 10 for Campaign
Organ. Brother C. inform us that " the
whigs of Green county have nominated Dr.
D. K. Green, of Jamestown, for representa
tive; he is right on the temperance question.
Very many, both Maine and Anti-Maine
Law men, did not go Into Convention; not
,j being willing to bind themselves to abide
' , by the decision." The New Ritual Is pro
gressing finely, and will be ready for deliv
ryto G. S. in a few days.
John W. Larkin, Neville, Clermont co.,
" . Q-H-fc JCampain Organ. The cause Is
'... looking up at .Neville, although they have
' a few hard cases to deal with. She will do
her share toward sending a Maine Law
representative to the Legislature from Cler
mont. Wm. Bremigam, G. S., Circloville, 0.,
$31 for printing. Brother B. says: " I went
to Chillicothe, on Friday last, with Brother
Olds. 'Ihe meeting was quite large, and
Brother 0. gave them one of his best
speeches. ' He spoke two hours and twenty
minutes, and so great was the interest that
not a dozen persons left the ground until he
was through. The temperance men are
very determined in Ross, but what will be
the result no one can now say." The ab
stract will be inserted next week.
Jesse Atwell, Zanesville, 0., $1 for Organ.
In his letter he says" One week ago to
day, the whigs of Old Muskingum nomin-
ated two out-and-out "Maine Law men,"
and will be, likely, elected, for the whigs
are the predominant party. To-day de
mocracy nominated their candidates, and it
is generally believed that they are ' Anti
Maine Law men." This, however, is not
certain; but if they are, we will beat them
bad if we can. 1 do not like to say, " if
we can," for we will do it any how." That
is the way to talk I
E. L. Gardner, Bremen, Fairfield CO., 0.,
$1 for Campaign Organ.
W. L. King, Mt. Vernon, 0., $1 for Or
gan. E. Dimmltt, Owensville, 0., $2 for Organ.
Brother D. says : " Our mam meeting hat
made hundreds of Maine Law men. Ar
rangements are making for holding several
more meetings in Old Clermont Put Cler
mont down as right side up. Depend on
that. Brother M. M. Edwards is still at my
house, and unable to be about. He has
been confined to hit bed since Sunday week
(say ten days), but is now on the mend. It
will be some time before he is able to take
the field, which is to be much regreted.
His illness is pronounced by his physician
to be inflammatory rheumatism." We are
gratified to learn that Brother E. is recov
ertaghis services at this time are gTeatly
S. J. Murray, Fayetteville, Brown co., 0
$3 for Campaign Organ. The brother speaks
in flattering terms of the Organ, and the
Sood work it is doing; for which we tender
im our thanks. He says the people of
Buren are on the right tide, and present an
unbroken front. Glad to hear it. -
J. W. Tediva, West Woodville,0. Pa
pen sent. Our terms are 20 cent for the
Campaign Organ, whether one or one hun
dred copies are ordered.
it on, O., $1 for Organ, "
"th Charleston, O., $3
, '"e Hill, 0., $3 for
filiated in Ash-
, i . U, $1 for
t n -e following
t .' f: "li good fortune
oi t " 1 ( wledglne the
rt r of i 'i i- , h you nave
avi 1 rin', I wiiri :iy, at a pre
Oiiu'ii. rv it. .t n t fc 1 1 am amply
r , ..id for Un .t 1.. ' ;. r nay have cost
nit) to spread the "Uiyiui," In witnessing
the cheering results that re accomplished
by it everywhere. Be i- t- i, sir, if the
people of Ohio, have not fully appreciated
and seconded your devotion and self-sacrifice
in the great and good cause, the time is
coming, ana now is, when they will do so.
I hope you may not be without your reJ
waro. You labor in the cause of truth, and
your efforts shall be robed with her strength;
they shall be mighty to the pulling down of
the strong holds. , ;-s. i
. ' Troth emitted to rth ihall rte sg In, !
Tae stenMi ye of God nd hen," ,
Victory will come, and will not tarry.
Coaquar we must, tor our ouj U just)
' This being our motto, is God in our trust" ,.
Accept for yourself, our " Organ, and our
cause, my most ardent desires for success."
W. Blair, JNew nope, crown co.f ji.u
I for Organ. ' .: " - '
John H. Mercer, Mt. Pleasant, Jefferson
co., 0., $1 for Organ. Trusty Brother M.
j informs us that the whig candidate for the
! Legislature is in favor of the Maine Law;
! ana the democratic candidate refuses to
pledge himself. Make him "stand tip to
the rack, fodder or no fodder," or drop him.
A. S. Proctor, Quaker Bottom, 0., $1 for
A. Gastin, $1 for Organ. "
J. S. Cutler, Upper Sandusky, Wyandott
L co., 0., $1 for Campaign Organ.
; W. i. Feck, InriUe, O., i for Tracts.
' G. 0. Townsend, Zanesville, 0., $1 for
; Organ. . ' .
i A. Palmer, Albany, 0., 25 cents for
; Campaign Organ.
i H. J. Fox, Port Washington, 0. $2 for
Campaign Organ. -
J. L. Thomas, Winchester, 0., $3 for
Campaign Organ. The Brother says: "The
i ball bas just got in motion here; the people
are waking out of their sleep, and they be
gin to see and feel that something more
I must be done than to persuade people to
quit drinking and Selling the accused liquid
1 fire. . So you may look out; and after the
smoke of the battle hat passed away, you
will find Old Preble right side tip on the
temperance question. We will send a
Maine Law representative to the next Legis
lature, and no mistake."
S. E. Howard, Ruraldale, 0., $1,00.
John Greiner, Columbus, 0., $1,00. ;
W. W. Kirker, Ironton, O., $5,0i.
J. W.Davis, Hamilton, O., $3,00. ,
J, Banister, Miamitown, 0., $3,00.
J. G. Schaeffer, New Gottingen, 0.,
$1,00. . ...
J, W.Davis, Hamilton, O.,$6,C0. '
A. O. Howell, Cleves, 0., $1,00.
John Russell, Westville, 0., $1,00. ,
Wm, Jay, Fidelity, 0., $2,00. s
We are indebted to Bro. A. A. Stewajt,
the successful State Agent, for the follow-
i"E iiDerai ciuds; .
James Love, Toledo, O., 100 Organs, ?
J. F. Price, Fremont, 0., 100 do.
J. J. Kerr, Tiffin, C, 100 do. ?
Wm. Taylor, Finley, 0., 50 do. .
R. G. Jamieson, Kenton, 0., 25 do.
. C. W. B. Allison, Bellefontaine, 50 Or
gans. ' ' ' ,
8, I. Taylor, Milan, 0., 100 do. I
Robert Johnson, Claysvill, Guernsy co.,
0., $3 for Campaign Organ and Tracts.
John Jobling, Zanesville, 0., $3 for Organ.
William Young, Washington, 0., $1 for
Organ. -
R. Haselden, Urbana, 0., $1 for Organ.
A. R. Wright, Springfield, 0., $2 for Or
gan. James W. Ross, Perrysburgh, 0., $5 for
Campaign Organ.
S. Riener, Anderson's Store, P.O., 0., $2
for Campaign Organ.
Wm. Legue, Somerville, 0., $16 for Or
gan. George S. Fuller, Harrison, 0., $2.20 for
Campaign Organ.
S. Ewing, Zanesville, 0., $1 for Campaign
John Russell, Westville, 0., $1 for Cam
paign Organ.
A. A. Stewart, Norwalk, 0., order thirty
more Campaign Organs.
Another Argument.
In Cuyahoga county there We 748
persons committed to jail between the
first of May and the first of August
1853, of these 628 were from the city
of Cleveland, and 120 from the rest
of the county. Of the whole numbe t
617 were committed for drunkenness
and consequent bad conduct.
R. Andet
H. C If"1!
6cts. for
Mrs. J. .
C?n" i I ;
What does it.Hean? j! !
, .': In the Daily Enquirer of the 17th
ipstant'we find' the following editorial
article.' It is an important article and
has' created , quite an excitement in
political circles. We .do 'not; know
how to take : it, as the 1 Enquirer has
been "Very bitter in,: its, opposition to
.the Maine taw, denouncing its friendf
in the severest terms,; asi fanatics, po
litical aspirants, kd, ' We commend
the Editor, however; notwithstanding
his past misdeeds,' for ,1ns . manliness
in denouncing Whisky-trading politi
cians. He has told, nothing but tho
truth, as . very intelligent man in
Hamilton county cari testify. If any.
; doubt,, we have only to'point to tlie
.eleotion of the Honorable Jake Flinn',
to the office' of Judge of the Crimi
nal Court;, But ,why shQuld the En-,
quirer speak "out so' plainly,' just at
this particular time?- Has the aspect
6f th$ party forced him to this tack?
The Editor has probably just found
out what he should have known long
'since, that more than half the Demo
cratic party are in favor of the Maine
Law, and will tote for it at all hazards.
' If the Enquirer, is in good faith en
deavoring to eradicate the evil com
plained of, he' can do no better than
advocate the Maine' Law, for it' saps
the very foundation of the great evil'
Adopt this law, and decent, respecta
ble men will stand some chance of be
ing elected. ' We have hopes yet that
atl will be right in this county ? ' , ; ( '
' '. - i ' From the Cincinnati Enquirer.
A Prolific Source of Corruption and-
, ; Factionism.: .' S,T"'
. ' Before the Pemocraoy of this, city and
county eaa hope to regain that standing be--fore
the people of the State and nation which
they once enjoyed, and which has been worn ,
away, like solid rock tinder the constant
dropping of the mountain rivulet, by a com
bination of bad influences, which they tole
rated, at first through charity, till, united,
they have grown almost as formidable as the
party, they must drive out from their midst
and brand with lasting disgrace a good many
abuses and demoralizing practices which of
late years have been regarded by some men
as part and parcel of the Democratic ele
ment of success. ! t r . . -: '
Contention and rivalries among members
of the party for the rich offices are not the
only sources of corruption and faction in
our party.: They are prolific of enough mis
chief, and call loud enough for the applica
tion of RETRENCHMENT: but they, in
their nature, are accompanied by practices
which even the ordinary contentions for
place and emolument do not tolerate as
proper or right. We will speak in plainer
Shrase, and the reader will thoroughly nn
erstand and apply : , ,
1 Regularly upon the return of an election
season, candidates for the offices to be filled
start out on electioneering missions. They
have their tames announced they have
their "claims" heralded they endeavor to
create all the interest and seal possible In
their individual favor. This may all be
well enough in a country where the hum
blest and even the most incompetent and
unworthy, as the popular idea has been of
ten taught, "has the right to aspire to any
office," but it would te still better to have
the tables reversed once if not for the good
it might do, for the novelty of the thing
and let the people hunt for and electioneer
for candidates. But, as some of our. aspi
rants for place have heretofore conducted
one of these electioneering canvasses, and,
as it is too evident, some again are doing it,
there are uses and abuses which the voting
masses the honest and virtuous adherents
to the party for the love of its principles
should denounce, rebuke, repudiate and dis
grace, wherever and whenever they see them
resorted to or even hear of them being prac
ticed. One of the abuses, degrading to the can
didate and corrupting to the voter, is the
system of electioneering on the strength of
BRANDY and WHISKY.and through their
instrumentality becoming, in the eyes of a
class, "clever fellows." This has grown to
be an evil of magnitude, and Is resorted to,
we are grieved to say, and hundreds are as
much grieved to see daily, by men who, on
other than political occasions, would scorn
to make personal favor at each a cost of
reputation. ,We have seen candidates, for
a time, refuse to "ccme in? to such aourse,
but finally would yield, pleading that their
rivals did so, and unless they followed the
"usage there was no chance for votes-the
"clever fellows" always treated ! Now and
then this; system of 'drugging' one's self
into popularity would so disgust a candi
date who felt the claims of morality and
good citizenship a little stronger," that he
would abandon the field in. disgust, and
thereupon he would have good cause to af
firm, as has a thousand times over been said,
that "no man with proper self-respect can
get office any more In Hamilton county."
- This system of 'WHISKT ELECTION
EERING" has been the paternity of another
vice, in our opinion equally degrading and
reprehenttible. It ia the hiring of men, by
candidates, with money paid into haad, and
more promised in the event of success, to go
around among coffee-houses, shops,, facto
ries, &c.( and through the county at public
gatherings, to influence voters fir favor of
the certain aspirant, and to poison their
minds by factious stories or downright slan
ders, against riva's. There are men en
gaged in both of these degrading ' means of
getting office af this very time, and more
will engage in them as the season progresses,
unless the party, wherever they sea them
practiced, rebuke it by some salutary lesson
to the party engaged In it.
'This is why "good men," as hundreds ex
press themselves, will not venture Into the
field, or allow their friends to "introduce
them to the arena. Will it be contended by
any one, that for any of the civil positions
of the State or county, we have not in our
party at this day as many talented, virtuous,
and competent men as we ever had T - Have
we not meu who would honor any station,
not only as ollicers of the people, but as ad
herents of the Democratic faith ? No. one
will gainsay the fact.: But the people are
deprived of their services as men of ability,
and station is deprived of their examples of
morality and dignity, and party is deprived
of their strength as the honest upholders of
its faith, by the very fact, and shameful it
is, that to get place they have to absolutely
degrade themselves, not only in their own
estimation butia that of the mass of society,
by resorting to practices to prevent rival
candidates of inferior merit from defeating
them, which are totally incompatible with
all their principles of morality and good
citizenship. A few examples we have, of
success without becoming parties to this
system of making cleverness by treating and
indirect bribes, but they are only in the'po
sition of exceptions to a general rule. ' i
, Nowi we know that we are speaking out
in the press what will be seized upon else
, where and used to reproach the Demooracy
of Hamilton county with corruption, but
that shall not intimidate us from saying
what all candid men of our party will ad
mit is true j and we are thus plain because
we entertain the hope that the PART Y will
drive these abuses ai.d all their school of
mercenary and grovelling politicians out of
its ranks, and stamp disgrace upon any as
pirant for public favor, who seeks to reach
it through mischief-making electioneering,
treating at coffee-houses, or the appliances
of money. " If they will do this, then the
day of tricksters, small brains, small' men
and whisky popularity and merits will have
its inglorious end, and men of character,
worth, talents and country-pride will again
venture upon the stage.; . '' ;
Public Discussion. ; v ,
' We learn that the merits of the Maipi
Law, pTO and con, will de discussed by Dr
Jewitt in favor, and Mr. Bebee in opposi
tion."" , , ' " . . .;, ri)
' " The first discussion to be held in Co
lumbus, on Tuesday, August the 23d, 1853,
commencing at ten o'clock A. M., and con
tinued, in Law-aster, Tuesday, 25th; in
Circleville, Friday, 26th j in Chillicothe,
Tuesday, 30th. Each debate commencing
at the same hour." , i . :
That our readers may know who and
what this Mr. Beebee is, we extract the fol
lowing from an article from our distin
guished Brother Olds declining a challenge
for a public dismission: . .
Who this Mr. Bebee is I know not,
except tbaf I see from his paper he Is tho
'editor and 'publisher of this 'Banner of
Liberty devoted to the exposure of all
the various schemes of priestcraft for secur
ing political ascendency and robbing the
people.' I know nothing of his character,
except as it may be inferred from the char
acter of his sheet. If the number I have
een Is a fair specimen of the pages gener
ally, I am free to say it is not fit to be
placed in any respectable family. It seems
to be engaged in a crusade against the
Christian Sabbath, the Christian Ministry,
Sunday Schools, the Free School System, .
Missionary Societies, Chaplains for Con- '
gress and the Navy, and indeed against
almost everything that a Christian commu?
nity has been adcustomed to hold dear and

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