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The Keesler Field News
Volume l.Jtumh+r T Nmtmbfr I, 1W1
This *upplemenl I* published b* The Btlo* i f.ulfport flail* Her
ad. every Wllaetdiy afternoon, without rxpmte to Uir Federal
<»ovfrnm< t*t. and without remuneration to the Puhlk Relation* staff
of Keealrr Field The view* and opinion, n peeked In TIIF Ktlfll.ER
1 II ! I> M US do wot in an* way reflect those oi the War department,
or the Command inc Offleer and officer* of Keealer Field
f «l Arthur \S Brock Jr . f ommandinc Officer
lot TC Anthony V, Ratu*!n. Public Relation* Officer
Afanaflnt Editor Pvt f lifford K Jaffe
Amivtant Fdttor Pvt. John R Par.on*
Staff Writer* Pfr. Ilomink M Knywtm—. Pfe f.erald O. Frdahl. Pvt.
Richard Jntrt. Pvt Alan B Citron, Pit Preacott M Tittle. Pvt Robert
T. Hoffer, Pvt. C harlev ( . Skkell
2 Grand “Smoke-eaters ”
Head Our Fire Dept.
Because '.he lure of Army fire
engines proved too much for two
XMtoxi«!i», Kresier fMd HOW MM
r "par exi'elkinc*" fire chief and
an equally capable aasisUnl.
Chief Kvon Swetman and A»
a slant B Harvey Chinn spent
many years in the Biloxi fire de
partment—also several on the po
lice arre—before coming to Hors
ier Field, each with brilliant fire
prevenhon records. Beth have
been assistant fire chiefs in Biloxi
This summer. Messrs Swetman.
and Chinn, however, look c^vjl
service examinations for the posi
tions here, and were aligned to
duty August 1 and J4 respective
t APT H YATT M AtlftM All,
They ha\e *n;k«*d logethri .
under the supervision of Capt
Frank 11 Wyatt. Fire Msruhall,
in training personnel, and mam*
taimoff the rapidly expanding Post I
Fire IVpartment Knlintod fire- \
men. under Chief .Swetman'* tu
telage, have been regularly at
tending a fire school, conducted in
the hatk of the main fir** house
They have reached a point, say*
Chief Swetman. where they them- |
selves ere now able to conduct fire j
prevention classes for the non
commissioned officers
Preparation*, ha added, are now j
under way for the formation of j
a fire-prevention Has* for the Air j
Corpn Technical School instruc
tor* The claret, if added to tlv
regular school roster, will he a j
daily subject NCO cUuse*. all
present, are held weekly.
The post firemen, he continued. •
pui ir.im kkkph p\< i

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"j- —
Back Bay Is
Fish Paradise
Ireeurvsd tram preceding p*«*i
j cooler month* It may be ea^ht
while *Ull-fI*hing , .
! However, the beet fish to cehrh
I now U the Red Fish or "Channel
;Ba«' .. it i* called >" Virginia
and North Carol na. It belong* to
th» Croaker family, la of reddish
hoe, and ha* a black .pot on It* j
tall »« *» mott diatmguiahlng i
; feature Red Flab have been
I caught In their water* weighing
j m and J5 pound*, but regard!*** |
! (>f weight, they are among the,
greateit fightet* of all game fuh |
They may be found along the ]
! edge of the channel. ju»t on the
brink of deep water A heavy line ,
should he used, b# tad with a;
whole large shrimp Incidentally, |
Red Flrh are prepared into a
delectable dish peculiar to Biloai |
and the Gulf Coast known a* j
Courteboullton (pronounced "coo
Drum Fish, also member# of
the Croaker family, may he found
here in sires from small to large—
even as much a* *0 pounds, Strip
ed black and white, they have
powerful teeth with which they
can crush entire oyster* Small
Drums are especially delicious
Sheepihead come here In th# fall
and winter months In great num
ber. This fuh also has powerful
, leclh but a very small mouth
I The best bait are fiddler crab*,
| oysters and shrimp
Nnt I# lie confused with the
common mullet, which is known as
"Biloxi bacon," are th* Black or
flrown Mullet which may b*
-aught along the bottom of the
channel in the Back Bay, 1 /
have a delicious flavor as a pan
fish and may he caught with
either live or cut bait.
But best of all. you ran fish
nnd really catch something in the
Back Bay almost anytime, for if
nothing else will nne. you can
get the Common Croaker which
runt so heavy in "our water" that
It <nuld almost he considered a
nuisance but despite which it has |
all the fine qualities of the gameit j
f-*h fin the other hand, when the
tide roll* in from the Gulf you
may occasionally catch such tropi
ml fi*h a* the I.adv Fish, or Bone
Fl*h, the Silver Eel or Cutlass
Firh and there, brother, you
would have something to write
home about because retired bank
er* have been paving good money
chartering §pe- al boat* to get
1' >*e finny specimen* of the deep
sen All of the fish described In
this story are salt water fish and
. ■ , • r. • ■ i
1) $99. A pfc., first clast spe
cialist, with more than a year'?
ervice receives $73 per month If
he has more than 13 ye* s' e
vice, hi* longevity pay would
Increase his monthly earnings to
2) Infantry, Cavalry, Armored
Force, Field Artillery, Conrd Ar
tillery. Air Corp* Signal Corps
and Corps of Engineer*.
3) Harbor defen*e and anti-air
craft regiment*
4> Three, commanded by a col
t) Robert A Lovitt
Hq., & Hq., Sq.
69th A. B. Group
The squadron will mi#* Lt
Warren Whitehurst, the genial
supply officer who- was recently
transferred to the 39th Air Base
Squadron For* a abort time after
his transfer, 2nd LV Richard W
Dickerson took over, but he too
has been transferred and at pres
ent we me minus a supply officer.
One of the best-liked men in
the squadron, Sgt Dale Derringer
will soon be discharged after four
and one-half years of duty. A
graduate of the Air Corps Radio
School, he recently has been on
duty in Gulfport. He will prob
ably accept a iob near hi* home
town. Taylorville, 111.
Soon Headquarters will be
breakln, in 32 selectees from Fort
'-.her.dan, 111 By Pvt. Uuane D.
Hq., & Hq., Sq.
Air Corps Rpt. Ctr.
On Oct. 20 Hq Ar Hq Sq ACRC
was expanded with the addition
of seven new selectees from New
One of our selectees. CharleR S
Krochmal, was released on Octo
ber 29. because he was over 28
years of age. It is the opinion of j
ihe men that 1st Lt. James O. Vin- !
son, the C. O. of the squadron. '
should be in the recruiting ser- j
vice, because after he finished his J
farewell address. Pvt. Krochmal
almost re-enlisted for three years !
Hq., & Hq., Sq.
A. C. T.S.
Furlo'-ghs seem to be one of the
principal subjects of conversation
There are seven men on fur
lough The men on 15-day leave
include Pvts. Russel Winter. Fer
dinan Eder, Glen Siebenhaar.
Ward Berry. Alfred McPherson
Walter Brandt and Sgt. Virgil J
Corp William Mammon, left
"Hurday (or Randolph Field.
"*-x . to attend the Aviation School
of Medicine.
Pvt. John Cran* was given an
r ic gency furlough recently to
attend a funeral In Sheboygan.
Pvt. Samuel Hicks returned
from ( -lough Wednesday.
The Medical Detachment re
grets losing M-Sgt Joseph L
Groa.. He Is being discharged 1o
so on active? duty as a reserve of
ficer in the Medical Adminlstre
live Corpa at Chanute Field. Ill
.'ongratulation*. sergeant. and j
the best of luck on your new as- |
gnment By Pfc. Allred E. j
Raiury. ■
Propwash From the Field’s Squadrons
301st School
Add expressions of Indignation.
surprise dismay, etc —en the faces
of Pvlj Philip Mr Govern and
nobert Coostan who, havtng signed
for transfer to Georg a m order
to be nearer home i Phii t* from
Philadelphia, Pa , Bob from Bal
timore Md ,) were told that they
were being sent to—Arltona!
And the squadron'* favorite
pastime—imitst.ng the deep boom
.ng voice of Sgt John Bruner—
voice and imitation can be heard
from one end of tha srea to the
other, any time of the day or
And S-Sgt Albert Shelids—
nothing bothers him--at long as
he has that famous eup of coffee
eve y o ®nlng
And Pop Nelson, father of the
outfit, listening to the varied
troubles of some few hundred
•oldiera, and nonchalantly dla
missing the lot with some o'fhand
remark that satisfies nobody, but
gives him the satisfaction of hav
nt told their trouble* to "some
one" In the office.
And vt Paul Robinette, of the
guitar team of Robinette and
Mem ham, vending candy from hi*
bachelor quarter* in oarracka
number 2.
And big John Burke—ex boun
cer In a Washington r-afe, running
around with Pvt. 1-eslle Clark,
snout half his sire, and the veteran
nf about five enlistment*.
And Pvt. Henry A villas, dismiss
ing supply complaint* with the im
nartlality of * traffic court magl*
tra te.
And Pvl Dlris Collin*—voted
ny all a * the "worklnest” man in
the outfit.
302nd School
During th* past few month*, thc|
302nd School Squadron has grown
ike the proverbial bad w«*<i '
Starling out from Scott Field, II! *
with little better than 100 men, the j
iquftdron ha* grown to 703 men
rhi* has greatly increased the,
< \ount of work and dutie* fori
he different department* in the j
;quadron but so far they have,
>een moving along with their rr
ipectlve dutie* as well a* could I
le expected with *uch a larse j
(roup of men
Pvt*. Alfred Snow, Ralph Best.
Homer Moeblus and Clare Mun I
?er have returned from furlough |
n Michigan. Their opinion a* to
:he difference of temperature be
tween Mississippi and Michigan
ni as, ' • irough a hot
and then cool room" It I* also
the opinion of the five boy* that
rode home with Clare Muntjer
that he is the Rip Van Winkle of
the 30nd. The only thing that can |
wake him was to holler ‘'Chov "
Corp. Michael (DeMille) Har
rison and Pvt Richard (Honest
Dick) Shay have been conducting
a self-styled talent hunt among]
the members of the squadron for
talent for the squadron'* forth-1
vnp show By Pvt. Wilfred
303rd School
Sgt Charles Rlre, the 303rd',
irrt sergeant. returned to his du
ie, after spending an enjoyable
’urlough in the north Mrs Rice
■eturned with him and they will
nake their home in Biloxi.
Adding to the 11,t of enjoyable
lathering, of the n»st few day,
mother group of “Club 28" (selee
ees over 28 year,) arranged a
let-together to renew old friend
ship, and to bid farewell to 303.
IVe who »tay behind wish them
[he be»t of luck and know (hejr
will be missed.
According to application, ie
■eived for flight training, the 303rd
I, nnsidered the most alr-mln d
squadron on the field Fach day
brings new hopefuls laden with
recommendations, evidence of ed
ucation and letters from parent,.
All are seeking their place in the
sky and all looking forward to re
ceiving the coveted silver wing,.1
They have our wish for happv
landings Bv Pfc. lauds F Rapin.
304th School
•-"K-ers «f th;» squadron,
p, alts Hubert Wheeler and Bill
. B ey decided to go sky riding
via private plane rented at the
[ S. Orleans airport. Pvt. Wheel
i rr j toted while Pvt, Bailey en
|j, d me hour and thirty minute*
0,' • perat* air sickness. After a
|«aV mdlng Pvt Bailey croona to
jp V- eerier "You Got Me This
| v .i Bv Pvt. Burton Hawn.
305th School
A: >ng the many unusual facta
r < ti is squadron ia our boaat of
11n* as a member a full-fledg
, i lot. He ia Corp. D E Webb
r f W .const n Rapids. Wis , and has
t r, and owned several types of
oianes At the present time Cor
Webb Is continuing hie fly
ing at Pascagoula airport. Many
stories (a few of them tall) are
among the remembrance* of Cor
poral Webb's flight*. Ironically.
Corporal Webb is a flight leader—
[without a plane!
The squadron orchestra 1$ go
ing nto full awing with several
of the personnel donating their
•irtie and efforts to form an excel
lent ,irhestra Pvt. Ebert Mc
Kern continues to steal the show
,'i his accordion. A few original
ntorpretatlons of the well-known
r.g . as well as popular and old
time songs are part of the pro
gram With so much interest
,t,own In music, the formation of
a glee club seems the next step.
Another victory for the 305th's
softball team was recorded last
week by defeating the 414th 17
to 7. In the seventh inning with
i e score 7 to B in favor of the
414th. Manager Dwight Gilroy
came home with the tying run and
Corp Robert Young brought In
another run to start 303th on a
rally. Pitcher Norman R Williams
is to be given much of the credit
for allowing only one hit In five
inning? By Pfc. Seldfn B. Wil
JUbrn scnooi
Members of this Squadron wish
to extend their thanks to Mrs.
Butxo o' Gulfport for her contri
bution of magazines and coat
2nd Lt R. W. Dickerson was
assigned to this organization. He
ha< hern designated as Squadron
Utilities O'ficer and Squadron
Inspector. Wc sincerely hope that
the Lieutenant ran feel he ha*
been assig cd to one of the best
organ rations on the field.
The 08.h has started a cla'S for
typing. Instructors .re Corp
("Candy KM") .! B Kurilla and
Pvt lcl A. Trkacs and E. F.
Molnar. The following men have
volunteered for in., ruction:
Sgt. G. H. Killen. Corp. R A
Anderson. Corp. C. R. Vince. Pvt.
Id O Foley, Pvt. Icl C. E. Dever
ger, Pvt. L E. Ferguson, Pvt. T.
Lakowske. Pvt. J. D Dedrick.—
By ( orp. Roland F. Hubert.
307th School
Again th s week, amidst hearty
cheers and best wishes, a selectee
was released from active duty.
Pvt Rudy Ruzek was unable to
answer the call for “speech", but
res-ponded with a grin as he was
given his honorable discharge
In the 307th we have talent ga
lore. We find with us. as a stu
dent, a young soldier who has sung
over coast-to-coast networks. Pvt.
Bob Blair was recently given a
big hand for singing at a planta
tion party. Bob has sung in sev
ers! musical productions and over
a national network for “It's the
Wheeling Steel” program.
Our baseball team deserves top
honors. They have won two and
lost none in the current tourna
ment and came through after a
tight pitchers' battle to shellack
the 308th team Credit is due our
pitcher. Pvt. Waiter P. Pupka.
and his catcher, Pvt. William
Competition is getting keen with
the opening of the horseshoe and
ping pong tournaments. Four
horseshoe_courts have been built
Keesler Field Students—Visit Our Store
‘5 50 .o ‘8.85
Other Mens Shoes
from $2.50 to $4 55
S. Vignes & Son.
I and are in steady use. Our re
j real;on and day rooms are also
oetng rapidly whipped into ahape.
I Heartiest congratulation* to 2nd
1 Lt. 8 C. Higgle on hia marnage
j to the former Mia* Euia Margaret
I Franz of Morgantown, W, Va —
By Pvt Philip Bleaer.
309th School
| Athletic activities have been
I rather alack in the 308th for the
past week. With the cold and
I rainy weather we haven't decided
j whether to break out the water
I wing* and ice akatea or to atick
to horseshoes and football.
Lt B. E Hodge, the squadron
| athletic and recreation officer, has
■ made a request for men interested
| in boxing.
| Congratulation* are in order for
; Sft. Johnny Alford. Sergeant Al
[ ford recently received hii dis
charge and re-upped all in the same
breath. This makes the fourth
hitch for Sergeant Alford, one
hitch having being served in for
eign service and two in tha states
Corp. Harold Nieder swears that
Yehoudi is the man who hit* you
in the arm with a sledge hammer
after you take your tetanus shot
Could be' By Pvt. Ralph H. Win
310th School
2nd Lt. R W. Brotherton, sup
ply officer, with his wile, recent
ly moved into a new home in Bi
Privates Salvatore Sciortino,
Jack Vasko, Art Tale and Mel
Tinkham are now helping out in
supply. Pvt. Commodore Meeks
returned from Camp Shelby hos
pital and is glad to be back with
the boys.
The Knights of Columbus will
be well represented in the squad
ron supply room. Last Sunday
Sgt. Edwin C. Zocller. Pvts. Ber
nard Marich and Louis Brodesser
were initiated at the local council
in Biloxi.
L»asi wees rugni r» compieiea
their basic training and some men
now are waiting for assignment to
ACTS clashes. Balance of the men
are waiting patiently to be as
signed to special duty.
Pvts. Elmer A. Hughes, Charles
M. Jennings. James C. Hayes Jr.
and Pert J. Ceding are now work
ing in the orderly room. Pvt. Ros
coe B. Knight, assistant recreation
director, is doing a swell job on
baseball, ping pong and other
games.—By Pvt. W. S. Ilusiman.
394th School
The squadron is wondering how
Corp. John K. McCall will make
out on his furlough which he has
been eagerly awaiting for the last
three days. He is to meet his fu
ture wife, from St. Louis, at Dal
las, Tex. He promised to return
either w'ith the wife, or, failing
in that, to bring back a new car.
It is the general opinion that
the squadron should keep an eye
on 1st Sgt. Bernard J. Kolmans
oerger who received four month's
pay last pay day.—-By Pfe. John
K. Klyop.
395th School
Sgt. Algirdas Bartash was hon
orably discharged October 30. He
intends to stop in Washington. D.
C. en route to his home in Wor
cester. Miss Sergeant Bartash’s
absence will be noticeable in this
organization, as he was well liked
We wirh him much success in
civilian life.
Pfc. Lloyd T Thompson has
returned from Wittenburg, Wis.,
where he spent his furlough. He
reports the northern climate quite
uncomfortable now.
Pvts. Chester L. Parnham. Law
rence O. Heims and William H.
Evans have departed on furlough
for the cold north.—By Pvt. Ro
land F. ZelnerL
JWth School
Several of the 396th athletes
engage in the ancient game of
broad Jumping. The squadron's
star athlete. Pfr. Harold Robin
son, jumped 18 feet, and said:
"Shucks, that wasn't anything. I
used to jump 20 feet in mv stock
ing feet.”—By Pvt. John C. Hald
397th School
Pvt George M. Ashby, the 397th
School Squadron pugilist, has been
working out regularly for a fight
with the famous Keesler Field bat
tler, Pvt. Alfred McPhearson. of
Headquarters and Headquarters
"Brrr," has been the exclama
tion of the boy* for the past few
I mornings when called for reveille
and calisthentics. The northern
breezes have changed the temper
ature of Keesler Field consider
If there are any chess players on
the field interested in trying their
skill against two of the finest, we
suggest that they visit S-Sgt
Charles W. Gatlin and Pvt. Ralph
A. Badura. But come equipped
to do a good job of arguing.—
By Pvt. v. alter C. DetVItt
398th School
Over the past week-end our
squadron supply room personnel
had been really waxing indignant
as 200 fresh, naive recruits came
into the 398th full of much talk
and enthusiasm.
The going got so rough in the
supply room over the week-end.
trying to keep track of the new
lads that Sgt. L. V. Ttckus. erst
| while supply sergeant, cited over >
j next door to the orderly room}
| and it now taking up the duties of j
j flight sergeant
Upon inquiry, we learn that the
\ 398th did not play its usual I
Thursday evening softball game !
j We don't know, but we surmise
that our prowes as softball his
oecome so well-known that our
j over-awed opponent failed to
'how —By Fat. Richard C. Abe*.
400th School
The 400th i. once again brim- !
j ming over with recruit,. About \
500 men from Maine to California j
| filled the barrack, lait week.
I Under the able direction of
j newly-appointed Fir»t Sergeanti
Russell A. Holt, the fight.ng 400ih !
is fast becoming famous It lay,!
claim to being Keesier Field's j
best-looking squadron because of
the carefully-policed grounds and !
[Its columns on the march
In spite of the constant flow ofj
: new men, efficiency is kept at the I
j peak because of the new top kick's
disciplinary system, supported by I
the able cooperation of the sup- ]
i ply room crew, which wastes no j
! time getting new "jeeps" outfit- I
j M
The 400th has the makings of |
| an outstanding Army outfit. Scat
j tcred among the recruits are for
, mer Army men from all parts of
the nation and its outposts. Some
willingly dropped their ratings
; and stripes to seek careers in the
Air Corps By Pvt. Bill Carter.
411th School
| We have eight men on furlough.
Can it be that they don’t want
Christmas furloughs?
! Many of the squadrons which
j were our neighbors have moved
to barracks and the current odds
are ten to one that we will be the
last one left of that "old gang of
Since Pvt. Robert Swafford's
sorrowful experience with a squir
rel's teeth, none of the boys have
attempted to pick them up by the
The boys put on a grand
' putsch" when it came to turning
in outmoded clothing issued to
them at various reception centers.
Unfortunately they turned the
clothing over to the supply ser
geant the day before the cold
weather made its entrance.
Sgt. John Careccia’s boat is rap
idly taking shape. It should be fin
ished before long and then perhaps
he will present a stuffed shark to
the squadron fund, which at this
time is so low that we have not
been able to purchase red in' to
make the entries.—By pie. Walter
W. Drnkrwaltcr.
413th School
Corp A. T Nleeoial has applied
for Officer's Training School,
Quartermaster branch, and Pfc.
Lewis F Wells has applied for Of
ficer’s Training School. Infantry
branch. Pfc. Weil* is now an ic
9 true tor in the Technical Schorl.
Structures branch, and during hia
three and one-half yeara of aer
vice, hat been in the Infantry and
seen service in Panama, Canal
Pfc. John A. Theiaen, left No
vember 3 for a 15-day furlough lo
be apent at hia home in Milwau
kee. Wis —By Pfe. John D. Wool
414th School
"Keep the home fires burning,"
is the motto for five of the boys
this week Corp. John R Bligh,
Pc. Lynwood Williamson. Pfc.
Alden Stordeur. Pfc. Gerald J.
Mlstech and Pvt James W. Wil
son Jr. have all secured furloughs
snd are visiting their homes.
Biloxi inhabitants are becoming
inquisitive and are asking when
a certain 26-font sloop will go
"sliding down the ways”. The
sloop is in dry dock on the sea
wall near the Biloxi Yacht Club.
Its construction is viewed with a
bit of skepticism and a certain
few people are wondering if it • -ill
float. For full particulars, ask Sgt
Louis• N. Fiesler.—By Pfc. Jim
415th School
More ratings came through th s
week. Lucky fellows were Pfc.
Lewis Czech, 5th class specialist;
Pvt. Edwin Sliwa, pfc.; Pvts Jo
seph Petti and William Setinek,
4th class specialists, and Pvt. Ar
wed Machut, 5th class specialist.
Here are some facts that might
be interesting: The old man of the
415th is none other than 31-year
old Bill Setinek, and our squadron
baby is 19-year-old Victor Bur
After Inquiry, it was found that
the squadron's favorite radio pro
gram is "Dear Mom.” We can
really appreciate Homer Stubb's
experience as a draftee in the
Army. For a musical program, ask
any of our swingaroos and they'll
tell you it's Glen Miller's pro
gram. Don't you agree?—By Psrt
James A. Hurren.
U.S. Engineer Degrees
Two hundred and thirty-four
student officers, on extended ac
tive duty, have received certifi
cates of completion for attendance
at the seventh instructor course
held at Engineer School, Fort Bel
voir, Va., from August 4 to Sep
We have full line of
in Strap and Lace Styles—
Such famous brands as
Nunn-Bush, Freeman, Roblee
Priced 3 50 and up |
Guarantee Shoe Store
Howard Avenue, corner Magnolia Street Biloxi
• Thick soles are right in the thick of things. Smart
st\le for every day and they keep out bad weather.
walk over Rambler. New “kicker toe.” Antique
finish brown Norge.
Regulation 16-oz. O. D. Elastique .$11.95
Regulation Officers' Blouses .$30.00
Regulation Officers’ Trousers .$9.95
Regulation Rainproof Zipper Jackets . $9.50
Regulation Van Heusen Burton's Irish Poplin $2.95
Regulation Van Heusen Broadcloth.$2.00
Regulation Cheney All-Silk and Poplin Ties $1.00

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