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Furlough* for U»e Medical Tie
Urhmmt have troughs weddin
909th law? week T**- haaabal
ifMT) defeated the 603rd, 9*4 Tb<
r.vr wrm hit bout JaM week, ink
the softball team wii also victor! ■
Sat Ralph Hperrj, rrjx*rU r
Air Force Band
N+w addition* for tt»r Gulfpor
Band ivltjrle FVta Fddkl f)av'ej
and Fred Roger* Pvt, Davey wmt
formerly troroboniat with *'Ra»i'
S\dx>U and hta orchestra, arv
Pvt H'*grr« played lead fix wltfr
prominent orrheatra* throughout
the rail He aim* w?i v’xxi 'hrei
rear* in the 196th Field Artillery
Band at Fort Kno*. Ky Tiw
Gulfport Band now ha* a strength
of 15 member ami there art still
opet! ngi. m all •*ectl«ma,
Sft Howard Rasmus—w» clerk
and ftgt. Ignare Dominick, supply
aerp—fF, have been walking
Mrrnwd recently t Iking to thei,,
eeive* a* a result of the many re
cent transfer* Sergeant Ra«.
muaaen gay a the office j* begin
ping to resemble Grand Centra
The concert band h*» shown
marked improvement lines the
arrival of Warrant officer Charles
A Wolf gS Sgt Robert Barber
and Corp Frank Roar returned
fmm furlough Monday Corp.
Clarence l^edn returned t« duty,
fully recovered from an infaot#d
Sgl Uruce Mohmw Rriiotier
69th Air Base
The ‘ FighUng «Blh 1 |a.va claim
in • national distinction In having
U\c young"., brewmaater in Ihr
country lie la Corp Eugene Ol
chnar. Milwaukee In rase there
are any other Kcealer brewmn
ter, of Icgltl^ial* proleaalonal
•landing, Corporal Clchoat would
like to meet them The Army Air
Farce, haant any , laaalfkatinn
for brew mantel a. an th* Corporal
)• working in Supply,
Anokhci out,landing tradeamar
in Ihe Whh la S Sgt. Frank Syl
v ester, who, when hr waa 16, wai
the youngrat blavkamlth In th.
* «mii rtiiiH? r*m i f*
hired mr Miirh bocauwo nf ferhnfra
union rule* governing the trade
He may* tie wai sent her# from
Chanutr Field in November, 1941.
for aaiignment to duty in the Post
smithy, wIm-h he 1 > n’t been able
to find a* yet, but he does ■ very
clean job in laundry supply.
Pfc. Donald L. Pennington mar
ried last week Congratulation!!
Corp. Robert Burkholder i« re
ported on the verge S. Sgt. Gor
don R. Walter moved hack to
squadron barracks Pvt. Gene
Gaillanrt. of th# 75th M.iterlel ha*
won a goif tournament.
Rrewmaulrr* are rare, black -
smith* rarer, but woodcarv#m aie
rarest of all. The 69th baa Pfc
Dmil Stwora. 7ftth Matw lei. who
haa juat carved a wooden plaque
of Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur
(The only thing that squadron
. lack* i* a plumhf - win doesn't
forget h-,s tools Ed. note!
t «n> Josrpli .1, Shroha, reporter.
303rd Tech. Sc. Sq.
Pvt Phil Futt. Previous Serv iCl
m»n who tn civilian life can head
hue any figt*: card. Is a new
squadron member Pfc Earl An
derson was promotional manage!
for WA and ACME News Pic
turea in New York City baton
enter.US the Army Air Force* Hi
has been working aa a clerk it
the orderly room Big ttiings an
expected from him.
A very successful dance wai
held last Friday mghl at the Hi
loxi liS<> Out1. Tgt Russell Sc*
xions and his Post Air Force Ban.
player1 He: Alfred Danas acte.
as MC Matte* ng the dance wa
ind I.t Charle* Eaton, of the A i
R Office. He did a specialty
Bars sin* trosn
Books v Vi*~,h
*ouy»iiii • from All Ov*t the W nrl#
TM W RawitI — HUokl
1 "V
I amd
l The Swing Boy>
1 \tcdnesFl;»r % and Frida* •
1 Till
i Village Barn
1 I'M Road
1 No Cover ( huir
'1 n R WDfRHON
I Prop.
Coffee Cup Cafe
448 Krynolr Si.. Riloii
IWi COFFEE in Biloki
e C-- g g '
> ■ ■■ I
305th Tech Sc. Sq.
TV well written.
Aqua/Iron mbne<y-sheet, scooped
th» Keetter Field New* In thr
r| matter of Pvt. Ian * Burton Per
' j ry. Pvt, Kdmurvd Spencer *ui
!dent AM passed ail hi* Aviation
(Cadet exams with fly mg colors,
j The 306?h's baseball team drfewt
, U<1 tb* «d3rd 6*3 C.wtjmrtiii*
I tiona to Pvt tamest Andereon on
: hi* recent marriage,
J Pvt Thotnaa Kid” Farris, of
Ciark*dsle. Miss., termer writer
, i weight champ of the Booth. I026
I j 33. i* giving boxing lesson* to the
! men of !h# squadron.
Pvt. 6rr«Wi reporter.
308th Tech. Sc. Sq.
I Barrack) 5 look Dm volleyball
I ihampkindbp from barrack 12
Th* snath defeated the 301* In
aoftball, 5-3, to latnain tl*d for
find plac# with th* »07th, *1
thouirh !h* SOHlb haan'l. played p
many gam#) *« th* larder. Both
ar* undefeated
309th Tech Sc. Sq.
A star golfer, Pvt Ben Goodes, j
Burlington, N C., has recently '
come into the squodnin *nd
*rt ClonH * WHI. fteporter
310th Tech. Sc. Sq.
The 31bth is publishing a news
heot every day under the leader
ship of Capt. Julius T. Ames. The
Daily Bulletin, release! on the]
bulletin board*, is the brainchild
of 2nd lit. William S, Tumtin, Jr.,!
since transferred A complete i
staff of newshounds contribute*
Besides Pvt. *‘Cy" Moore, the
old big leaguer, the pitching
strength of the baseball team ha?
been incrased with the addition of
Pvt. Jerry Wenzel, farmer Louis
iana State Univeriity and Evan
geline League star The 310th
would like to lay claim to having
the most sports' celebrities on the j
field They Include:
Pvt Marion If. Harbin was Joe
Williard, Mnh. tma of tha Mat.
heavyweight wrestle., wtio wears
a Chaplin mustache and works out
dally at the gym. Then there if
Joe VLha! 'he Chicago Bears,
now just Pvt Joe l.hal, at pres
ent .1 very able first buM-mnn on
th«- 310th softball team Other
gr Wider* in the 310th are Pvt.
Harry Zolnar. end and back, for
merly of Defiance Collage, Ohio;
Pvt Km t Novak, lineman from
.by snyder
to the golf team Goode*. who
played on the University of North
Carolina golf team, has a record
M at Ihe Piedmont Country Chib
in Burlington. Me also holds .the
course record of (Ml at the Slur
mont Forest Club in Greensboro,
N. C.
Pvt. Seymmir Iicvy is tire new
hadmlnUrn singles champion in
tire squadron. He defeated Pvt
Albert Hicks by scores ol IS.fl,
15-13, to wilt the title, Uig league
baseball result- will Lie posted op
tlie new scoreboard outside the
squadron A A <t room everyday.
Tlie undefeated golf team of the
South ran its string of wins to five
In a row try defeating the Medics,
l(>i to 71. In tlie first inter
squadron bowling match, the
300th defeated the Sloth at the
Bowling_Center Jn Biloxi last
I"" ■ - -
Ohio Slate, and Pvt. Alvin Reilly,!
former Tulane quarterback.
395th Tech. Sq. Sc.
S. Sfft. Robert Morrison ended!
the dearth of softball competition 1
by organizing an intra-fhural |
league, with each barracks repre
sented. Twelve games a week!
will be played, one rt 9 a m. and !
one at 3 p.m daily.
Our Keesler Field ping pong
champ. Pvt. Eddie Rubleh, has
been transferred. The squadron
now pins its hopes on Pvt. Hen
Culbertson, our new squadron
S. Sgts. Roland W. and Levi H.
Foltz, the boys who everything
alike, went through with that
[double wadding, Saturday, June
Food. Comfort and Entertainment
fw Call Hlluxl 1480
Hwl Howard. Biloxi
tor M \<. \/I\t n and
Out>»f'Town Nr^jipapm
Tobacco, ('iiarrttr*. Soft Brink*
13. n Bay St Both ioy»
Pvt. Walter J WUkea.
397th Tech. Sc. Sq.
The 307th had Its gradu* •n
party at the UBO Club in B; *t
June 21. Corp. Robert Sloan and
hie 10 piece band furnished tnu >
for dancing. Honor guest# wet' the
Commanding Officer of the tffth.
Me) W. P. Baker, and Mri. Bauer,
a• well ai the junior officers of the
The squadron extendi its »eet
wishes to the two boys who were
champions in th# ring and oir of
it while here, Pvts. Orville Me*
('■ uf Robert Strieker.
1st l/t. C*. L lf#ntm*>nri
A A K Officer,
411th Tech. Sc. Sq.
Thirteen rnen of the 41It* re
ported back for duty from ur
iougha recently Sgt. Adron An
derson brought hi# wife back from
Tallahassee, Fla., and now routes
m Biloxi. S. Sgt. Robert Curran
and Sgt. William Anderson have
returned from temporary detached
ioiy at New Cumberland, Pa The
i i 1 th'a strength has been liK-rea#
&d by 29 men who have beer, as
signed to Special Duty wfth Post
Corp, C. it. Nelson, reporter.
412th Tech. Sc. Sq.
Pvt. Alfred L. Rutherford was
lonorably discharged last
Fhe 412th wishes him every sue- ;
<"«. Pvt. Glendon L. Bogl« has
•etumed to duty as clerk In tlve
Supply room after a short stay in |
he hospital. S Sgt. Marcus D. j
deadows is on furlough. In his }
ibnence the Supply r<*om is in
barge of Sgt. Zelotu* H. Heiser- 1
nun. S. Sgt# Thomaa B. Harris
ind Wallace Wrixton, and Corps.
ll«r.n R. Pate and Michael Sober
ire now on detached service. Corp. 1
>avid C. Ellen and Pfc. Alv a M.
tfrClancy have recently returned
rom the same duty,
igt. George \V. It iHoran, reporter.
114th Tech. Sc. Sq.
land Tuesday evening wc wit- *
lOsNed another squadron taler.t!
how under the direction of Corp.
Coward L. Cranford, and Pvt. j
David L. Steinig* r. Featured at- |
ructions were the singing and
lancing of the MlcNell sillers. |
Pvt. Malcolm McNeil playec the 1
guitar. Corp. Cranford sang ftv
cral popular numbers.
On July 3. the 414th wilthoM :
[’SO Chib. Present, plans .ire to |
rtake it a "no-chargo'* affair A ;
veil arranged floor show wil be
f 15t-h Tech. Sc. Sq.
T Sgt. Arthur H. NiemaJ has
>wn promoted to Master Sergeant
md S. Sgt. Dewey C. Pitt mall Jr.,
las been promoted to 1st Servant. :
rhe 415th has what it corujders
he future champion light hvvy
veight of the Post in Vvt. (Nick
Vrber, w-ho won by a TKO hi the !
irst round of his fight last we*'k. j
Pvt. Raymond Van Horn, in his
irst fight in the squared jjcle.
:howed plenty of natural ability
md coolnegg under fire.
416th Tech. Sc. Sq.
T. Sgt. William J. Kelly add S.
Oscar A. Greene and Robert
\\ Taylor returned recently from
urloughs Pvt. Victor A. Datri
s the 4l6th’s new member oft the
\ A R staff
Pvts. Thomas E. Bk totney,
Donald L. Kenine.v ami id#*1 P.
Vltgois entered the hospral re
‘ently. Released from the hospi
al were S. Sgt. Fred D. Mavhall.
'«>rp. Orville J. Snider, P(c Fred-!
•rick Howell and Pvt. R^bgrt J I
585th Tech. Sc. Sq.
Pvt Jack LeGoms of the Ie5th j
’» now in New York superfising
toe entire mRke-up for an Jtrmv
snd MEN—You rre wrlrogg to
Hotel A velez l/ounjre
Sam and Michael Sicuro Prop*
The Peoples Hank
of Hiloxi
Established 1SM, 4 ft veal* ©f
conservative, successful bank
Invites Officers
and .Men of
Keesler Field
to make use of
its banking.
Vlall thr Proplr* Bank xn4 *rr
how II ran hr of nrrk*
S»fr*j DrpMit Bflif.
Rrsoimn and HabiiKlca. $*.
165.091.*4. u shown hr atatr
mrnt Drrrmbrr 51.
Show that i« being produced by |
Irving Berlin. Quite an. honor tor ‘
Keesier Field.
The following of ft cert have been
er-.gned to the 585 In Capis. j
Samuel F. Armor) and Harry J. j
Belden; 1st Lt James W. Walker;
and 2nd Lt. Fred Hugh Water- I
hou • S. Sgt. Ford D. Rucker is j
on furlough. Also on furlough are \
Sgt. Francis X. Smith, and Pvt.
Harry F. White. The squadron is ]
entering a team in the newly or- I
(Utilized Baseball League.
Pvt* Max Klee and Nathan Burak.
587th Tech. Sc. Sq.
Pvt Leo A. Simon *tta, of the i
587th, Flight 304, won one of the'
prizes in the Invitation Go Tour-1
r.amant conducted by the
wster Gulf Hotel Country chib!
rectr. Sy, Before even-tag the
service. Private S.mcmetta, who
Mails from Philadelphia. Pa., was
assistant pro at the V.anae.k.
Country Club, Cleveland, O.
590th Tech. Sc. Sq.
The 390th a AAR pr ogram is
beginning to show new life with
a new volleyball court and two
horseshoe pits. The baseball team
defeated a good 302nd nine last
week. 2-0. Pvt. Edward J. Leiiey
was the difference, smacking out a
homer and a double. Squadron
volleyball and horseshoe tourna
ment* are under way.
Hgt. Iiwof Knight, reporter.
Biloxi is “home-town” of A. C. T. S. during your training
period at Keesler Field. These merchants and firms of Biloxi
welcome you. and have made special effort to provide the
things you need. Patronise them! No need to go elsewhere—
Biloxi has it! Check your needs from this list, then see the
firm that has what YOU need. They are “fighting on the
home-front" and hacking YOU KKKf!
F'or a flood Meal at a Reasonable Price ,
We Specialise in Northern Cooking
( ornrr W. Howard A lacmeuae - Biloxi. Mis*
Nunn Bush
cyhiA/e 'u thionetL \ j
OxJou/l. •
1. O. COLEMAN. Prop.
Shoe. Rebuilt
Biloxi. Mix.
t Top* With Rentier Field . .
t Biioxi ;;
i i
* *
: :
* *
* *
i *
* j
J;J Westergard
of Biloxi, Inc.
♦+♦ ??»
“Where The Crowd Goes"
Renal Beer On Tap.
W Specialty V
P The Officers
Hy and Soldiers of iH
Keeaier Field. "H
I) S. Vignes Jr. I
That's a heck
of a
Visit the
West Howard A\*enue
and Enjoy Our COOL BEER
Real Estate — Rentals
Birth Certificate Service
Notary Public
12* East Howard Avenue
Phone 77. Bilovi
JT Field
Ton Are Invited to Visit
Biloxi laodge No. 606
Clufc Facilities at Vo or
Medina* Wednesday ( F.M.
Clyde L. Campbell. E. R.
Attention Soldier*!
By Telegraph Member T. D. f.
The Flower Basket
439 Reynoir, Opposite
Saenger Theatre, Biloxi
Phono 600 I
(or a
Day or Nl|tt-*ilrk. bfi lerrlce
Be*t of Food—Served *t
Moderate Prire*.
Never Cloned hr inspection.
A-l Ratine.
Phone 11M Biloxi
1| HOW”
S3 Tea Can
Enjoy Life by Yieitinc
D’Angelo No. 3
Dominick and Emile Prop*
592nd Tech. Sc. Sq.
The A & R men under the su
pervision of 2nd Lt F. M Blticil
squadron dance at the Biloxi USO
mandinf Officer. Maj. Sibert O.
Rama, will entertain at the dance.
gy Brinneman. newlyweds.
593rd Tech. Sc. Sq.
^ Welcome home to Pfca. John F
who have been confined to the
hoepital for almost two mor.th*.
lat S*t John D. Wooldridge re
cently returned from furlough,
hunting and fishing in the hills
of Arkansas Corp. Georg* T.
Sangwin, sick-fcook clerk, on fur
lough, reports he's seesng ail the
old haunts in Milwaukee.
100 Boats
On Back Bay
One hummed skiffs are available
to enlisted personnel of Keesler
Field for fishing and rowing, it
was announced this week by Maj.
Abram L Shoemaker, Special
Service Officer, and 1st. 1-: , .
M. Klum, Athletics Officer. The
boats must be checked in and out
at' the boat office in Naval Re
serve Park.
Life guard* are on duty dally
from 8 a m. to 5 p.m. The approv
ed area for boating extends from
Wilkes Pier to Veterans Hospital.
No swimming is allowed in Back
Boatifig faciiliies have been ex
tended to include ibe front bay in
the Gulf, and a pier is under con
struction at an angle from the
cement seawall next to the USO
Club. Fifteen skiffs are available
to row to Deer Island for swim
ming Life guards are provided to
patrol the area during the time
boats are in use.
The property on the West end
of Deer Island is owned by Mr.
and Mrs. Baldwin Wood who
have granted soldiers permission
M use this are.i for swimming and
G! Haircuts
Really Must
Shock Him
"You meet nice girls. You
make nice money. Why not be
come a beautician?” suggested a
The prospect sounded nice, so
Pvt. Nicholas Spyros. 32, w-ho had
Just returned to the Uni-.ed States
after spending more than 21 years
of his life in Greece, enrolled in
the Syracuse School of Beauty
Culture, Syracuse, N. Y.
That was 10 years ago. Since
then he has spent more than three
years as beautician with the well
known firm of Elisabeth Arden,
lias prepared young (and old)
hopefuls for screen tests with
Paramount and Fox studios, been
independent hair stylist, and car
ed for the coiffures of such lumi
naries as singer Grace Moore,
backstroke swimmer Gloria Cal
len, Mrs. Spencer Tracy, and ac
tresses Sylvia Sydney, Simone
Simone. Joan and Constance Ben
nett and Miriam Angeles.
He gave many actors advice on
how to cut their hair for screen
and stage appearances.
“Most barbers cut too much off
the sides, and around the ears.
That doesn't look right to an au
dience," he explained.
Born in Laurel, Mass., Private
Spyros has traveled throughout
the nation as agent and advisor
with beauty firms.
Private Spyros has been in
structor, demonstrator and Drivate
consultant, done coiffures for
magazine advertising, stage and
fashion shows and for exhibitions
at such events as the St. Luke’s
Hospital Benefit, Chicago, the
Cinderella Ball at the Waldorf
Astoria, New York.
Veteran Actor
(continued from page one)
"The Passion Flower” and "The
Squall;” in ‘The White Sister."
with Viola Allen; “Come Out of
the Kitghen,” with Frances Starr;
"The Trial of Mary Dugan,” with
Ivan Miller; “Zander the Great”
and “Grounds for Divorce" with
Alice Brady, and with other well
known productions.
In addition to his part in World
War 1, Private Suss has had three
other soldier roles He played
parts in “What Price Glory,”
“Journey's End," and “Rose of
In slack seasons he has had to
act as salesman, waiter, medical
book salesman, and even doctor,
to make ends meet while await
ing his next "break."
He displays photographs, snap
ped on the set, of himself and
Conrad Nagel, Jean Arthur, Mary
Astor, Carole Lombard. Gene Aut
rey and other outstanding stars.
He has taken active part in more
than 60 movies.
“I keep my sense of humor,”
Private Suss answers when ques
tioned on present day Army life.
"Helen still addresses me as Bar
ney. I have my memories, and I'm
glad to do any part I can.”
“I seem to be permanent PP.
Maybe some day I’ll even make
Post X-Ray Gets
Inside Dope
Bonds, Food
(cocunufXJ from o*te one,
additional pay “lor women and
wine, and not too much for wma."
Ha is engaged to a girl in Biloxi.
"I am baying a Sat war
bond at present, and when that
is paid for, will continue bay
ing more at the same rate," he
Pvt. John Cross, ol tha 414th,
student in the Air Mechanics
school, said he would use some of
it to “see the sight* on the other
side of Biloxi.”
Pfc. Linwood C. Bauman, per
manent guard, of the 411th, said
he would spend some of it on war
“The rest of it I'll spend on
having a good time that we can't
afford now. The fellows will be
able to get together and have a
few beer picnics once in awhile."
Pvt, Gerald Gnagv. Jr., of the
416th. student in the Air Me
chanics school, says he will use
some of it to buy war bonds. “The
rest of it I’ll send to my wife."
M. Sgi. Elmer Anieel, of Hq.
and Hq. Sq. AAFRTC. enlisted
administrative inspector, had it
all flsured out before the bill was
pas, i.
"The Increase doesn't mean
so much for us. And all of it
will help us pay our income
taxes. I'm glad It goes that
way. In fact, all of ns would
like to get a little more so we
could give It back to I’ncle
The number of war bonds sales
for the month of June almost
doubled that of May, according to
figures released by Capt. Lloyd
L. Lindsey, War Bond Officer. In
May, 3,000 enlisted men author
red such deductions while for the
June payroll, more than 5,200
rave subscribed to the install
ment-purchase plan. In addition,
more than 520 officers and 300
civilian employees have author
ized such deductions.
"At YOUR Service”
we say to you—and
every bus driver and .
employee gives his
best to give you good
City Lines
Toot Lrbirt Hosn a!
l*S Law St. Biloxi

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