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VOL. 1. NO. 7.
One Was a Family Feud, Another a Row
Between Colored Men, and the Gambl
ing Fraterulty Furnished the Rest of
the Excitement-The Sherifl Busy.
LULA, Miss., Sept. 28.-This region is
suffering from an epidemic of murders,
and people are bafl:ming to feel that
something ought to be done about it.
The trouble began on Satunla‘y night,
when three men were killed in the street
g&hung (l)l‘ the most dcap’erat.? fl“leu‘-riptlon.
on 'flfi' bouvnwo nvolv narow
with %hn ‘ard, iiskey was the prim
ary canse, tangled up wlt& an old family
feud which has been efx wted to make
trouble some day. They both went armed
in mg‘ci‘fntlon of trouble, and when they
met Saturday night bofan firing at lmnfi
range, closing up rapldly until Harris fe
dying on the pavement,
Another feud broke out in the Hall
family, colored, when Cooper Hall, a des
perado of the worst type, shot down in
cold blood his brother<in-law., He is in
hiding but will be captared and wr‘v
likely, hung without waiting for legal-
Then the gamblers had their turn,
Moses Osborne, one of the best known
men in town, who had a strong element of
sporting blood in his veins, lost some of it,
and his life, in a dispute with a gambler
over a game of dice. Both were armed,
but the gambler was quickest with his
Yesterday the gamblers observed the
Sabbath after their fashion, and as the re
sult of a dispute over cards another mur
der was committed, this time not of the
duello order. James Patton, one of the
most darilui gamblers, offended a brother
artist in his line, who hid by the street
where Patton must pass going home and
shot him from behind. b 3 7
Two of the murderers are in cusmdi and
the sheriff is hunting for the others’ From
the feuds which four murders will ecreate
or emphasize other desperate encounters
are almost certain to grow., The J)eoplc of
the commuuiry are much alarmed,
It May be Settled Amicably by the FPres
NEw Yonrg, B«l;t. 25, ~The famous heres §
case of Prof. Briggs may yet be set.
tled in a very peaceable manner. The
committee, consisting of Drs, Birch
Lampe and Sample, Prof. Stephenson ard
Col. McCook, bas nearly com]’)letud its
work and will report on October 5.
There ma( be a comg‘rmniw however,
The report 18 now that the l’mni\i'u»rv may
be satisfied if Prof. Briggs will re-aflinn
his declaration of faith made to the «j‘l“w
tors of Union Seminary, which pi®ved
entirely mtlslm-tori' to them. ‘T'o this re
aflirmation Prof. Driggs of course could
not object,
Dr. Hrigg‘: was asked about the ruwer
by a Press NEWs reporter, but said: *“As
the suggestion is entirely hyv»tlu-ticnll
cannot decide it off hand. KEverything
would dereml upon the questions asked.
I connot be expected to commit myself till
I Lave seen the questions.”
o m———— ) e e
A Runaway Ol Car Dashes Into An
FArGo, Dak., Sept, 28 —Last evening an
oil car standing on a side track was hy
some accident set in motion. It stood near
the head of a down grade, and once start
ed on that, dashed ahead at constantly in
creasing speed. A stock train was coming
in, and the runaway |ixl|uu.i¢~d into the en
gine, dealing it a terrific blow,
In an instant the oil was ablaze. The
flm;ws spread immediately to the stock
Engineer J. J. Curtis, Fireman Dodge
and Brakeman Benton were in the cab of
the engine which was wrn’lj;]p(-d in fire
alimost without warning, ey jumped
for their lives, but Dodge was literally
roasted and was picked up dead, while
Curtis died almost before he could be re
~ Benton lost both eyes in his mad ]ms
through the fire and was seriously injure
eo) s
More Murderous Work with the Torch
in New York and Brooklyn.
NEW Yoßrx, Sept. 28 —The incendiaries
are al work aegnin in this ecity and Brook-
Iyn, Twoattempts were made yesterday
to fire the biv nent at 536 West Thirty
ninth strees, o about sixty people,
Furniture ° tucated with oil and sct
blazing. In sookiyn a third attempt was
made to bura the double tenement at 196
Water street by a bundle of ‘mpc-rs lighted
rd thrown into a hall bedroom on the
rst floor. The other attempts were made
on Wednesday and Thursday, both times
in the cellar.
It had been hoped that the incendiary
business had been broken up, in Brooklyn
at least, by the arrest of the pyromaniae,
Hugh Miller, but this doesn't look mueh
like it.
She Is Going to Teach Opera Singing and
VYoeal Muasile,
NEW Yoßrg, Sept. 25 —~Mme., Fursch-
Madi, who has been abroad two years, ar
rived on La Bourgogne. She has been en
gaged to teach opera singing at the Con
servatory of Music and wi‘l‘l also appear in
concerts, but does not expect to Illn any
thing in opera. There was a good deal of
criticism of her methods as a teacher be
fore she went away,
Y W=
Central Falls,
The meeting of the town council was
held Saturday at 2 o'clock and a good
deal of business was disposed of, A com
mission was appointed to divide the town
into seven voting districts, The commis
sioners are Samuel Fessenden, James H,
Andrew, €. Fred Crawford, Samuel
Clark, Kdwin Matthews, William D, Al
drich and William Comstock.
Drs. Remington and Malo were ap
’mim«l vaccinating ')h,\'niviunu for Cen
ral Falls, Dr. Merrill for Saylesville and
Lonsdale and Dr. Laraviere for Albion
and Manville,
Jurors were drawn for the October term
of the Supreme Court; those in the first
class were W, W, b‘!mldinu. Charles I,
Bartlett, Robert H. Simmons and Graham
Cowperthwaite; second-class, Thomas |.
Rice, Joseph G, Carr, Jabez W, Wilmarth
and i{eury J. Lynd. The first class report
for duty on the third Monday in October
and the second-class on the ilfth Monday.
The petition of the Pawtucket Strect
Railway (‘umpnr:‘{. to lay rails for an eled
tric road on Lonsdale avenue, Grove and
Arnold streets to Prospect Hill was
The petition of the Interstateglßlailway
Company was continued to Oct, 10,
Two drunks were fined #2 and costs each
in the District Court this morning.
Thacher Declines,
BosTox, Mass, Sept. 8 Henry C.
Thacher has declined to allow the use of
his name as a possible candidate on the
Demoeratic State Ticket for Tremsurer and
Recelver General,
A Big Fire Threatens n Powder Car and
Things Become Lively.
St. Louis, Sept. 28.—~The liveliest expe
rience with flre that the eity has had in
some time was had yesterday., Two ‘xruat
buildings were in flames at tge same hour,
and stunding beside one of them on the
railroad trmi was a carload of powder,
'l‘hml nuit caused a panic, but no explosion
The first flre was in the great building
of the Plant Mlllinf; company on Choteau
avenue., The bui dhui was completely
fluned and the roof fell in, carrying all the
oors with it to the ground, and leaving
only a portion of the walls standing. The
loss was $400,000,
While the fire was raging another broke
out in a Missouri Pacitic warehouse ad
jnlmn‘( the wwu-nturf' factory of the Man
sur Tibbett Farming Implement Co. Both
buildings went, causing a loss of half a
willion dollars.,
While these two great fires were raging,
smaller blazes were discovered at two or
t‘hre« other points, but little damage was
The powder car was at the Mansur Tib
bett building. Several peo'plc were tram
pled on in the panic when its presence be-
B'umvlkuuwu, but no one was seriously in
The Circassin Returns to Port After Col
liding With a schooner,
NEw York, Sept. 28 —The Anchor line
steamship Cireassia returned to port yes
terday with a ten-foot hole in her how,
The Circassia sailed on Saturday for
Glasgow with 120 passengers. Off Spinne
rock, at 10 o'clock Saturday night she
struck the three-masted schooner Day
ltgl!lt. from Boston to Philadelphia.
he schooner's lmwo&rit hit the steam
er's starboard plates like a bum-rin{g ram
and made such a gash that Capt. Hadder
nick decided to put back, even though the
hole was fifteen feet above the water line,
~ The Daylight lost her bowsprit head
gear and head sails but her hulk was not
injured, g
Among the Latest Awards From the
Washington Bareaun,
WAShINGTON, Sept. 5. —~Among the pen
sion awards made with the latest issue,
N(}))t 12, are these for Rhode Island :
riginal, Thomas H. Swectland; reissue,
‘é“{"‘“g"' Brown: original widow, Mary
. Cook.,
Trouble in the Distriet,
WASHINGTON, S-pt* 25, —~Charges of mis
conduct has been prepared for presentation
to Pre ident Harrison to<lay against two
commissioners of the district, John W,
Dougliss, the President of the Commis
sion, and Col. Robert of the army. No
corruntion is charged, or at least there is
little evidence in support of such a charge,
but the umni' and civilian members are
said to quarrel so that they find difficulty
in doing business, .
The Boston Navy Yard,
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, —~A committee of
Boston ‘m {)!e organized to push the inter
ests of the Boston Navy Yard is N‘{lt‘(‘fl('llt
ed here by J. J. McCarthy of Charlestown,
the secretary. who wants a nhir sent there
for repairs, The yard is nearly ready for
work and along list of *eligibles” has
been prepared,
e ——— e e ee s @
Local Stock Quotations.,
B*- Asked.| Bid, Asked.
Amer, Nat'l, 4 muu‘l 5: = d
Atlan, Nat'l, 42'¢ 40 ’ at'l N.Am, 48 iBLg
I Canal .. 21 km'l\t."mln...lgg o 8
Com, Nat'l,, 42 " lgfln’ldc ~ 650
Nat'l, Eagle, oy 'phonu'g';'c.. MY 77
Fifth .\;:q. .61 wt IRh. Island... 28 LAI
First Nat'l, 1156 ....'m:m-rW‘mn. i
M:ut:l\:‘.:x% diis Na‘ Nwl...u‘a;?
he Nat'l.. "
High Street. 50 ..%‘.'imfi Nat'i 103 110
ovnvl e oo
{.lnw Rock.. 30 sens]Union........
Manufact rsli7ig v Westim'ster, 60
Merchants,. o 8 oo Weybosset, . 00lg
Mechanles, . dbig
First Nat'1....170 ....isluur Na'l.... 47
Pacific Nat'l,....
Industrial ... 115 vor | BOfAIMLLAT,. 50 51
Mercantlle.... .... ‘
2AP 5 uut.u:uml.
" r0v.... 245 .00 [ PAW, Bt, Ry.... 023§ ..
l\’ \’.{.o n.'lza: ';"..1.g ':tniv' tu\h‘ur..‘.'m o
rov.&Spring Lo ‘nion Horse,. 108 .
l‘uwt‘lel. A 0 sda I .
*Am.ScrewCo 240 244 Gorham Mfg. 1850
A, fiup#ly... oY ‘Nlch. F11e..... b4y b 8
Am. W, t-r T 4 «oos I Nat, Rub, pf.. 97
do. pref, ctfs, 10 oo Paw’t Haitr.... 39 dulg
Arm. & Shas. .... b 1 |Heaton Button .... 105
Equitable.... 48 ....‘l'ruv. Wash... 48 02y
Merchauts.... 49 oebe
*Nar. Elec.... fln 76 *Prov, Te 1..... 87y 91
*Prov, Gas.... 74 704 Woon, E1ec...100
Pawt, Ga 5,.... 74 oo Narra't Cils,. . 731¢
&S SK, LlOO6 160 [Pawt, Gas R.. seo
1L L safe Dep. 1w o 120 ‘ - “
* Lx-dividend.
Struck Him and Skipped.
John Sullivan and an Italian named
Jericho, both employed at tr ¢ Stonington
roundhouse, became involved in a quarrel
vesterday afternoon, during which the
Italian struck Sullivan a powerful blow on
the head, inflicting a severe wound. Im
mediately after the assault the Italian fled,
- . -
East Providence,
Epizootic is prevalent in this vicinity,
Numbers of {mrses are dying every day
and Barnes’ dead horse wagon is a familiar
sight in the streets,
One of the large elm trees on Warren
avenue has been cut down The tree has
been partially decayed for some time, and
recent storms have weakened it to such au
extent that it had become dangerous,
Charles Blake is building a new cottage
house on Kugene street,
Fred Bowen, brakeman on the Stough
ton Branch Old Colony Railroad, is in
town on a week's vacation.
Mrs., Jennie Brii(gs and Miss Minnie
Gofl, Librarian and Assistant Librarian of
the * Watchemoket Public Library,” are
spending a week at the mountains,
Mr. K. H. Johnson, ably assisted by Mrs,
Horton is substituting in that position,
Mrs. Isiah Barney has returned from a
week's visit to her sister Mrs, Barker of
The Sunday evening meeting at the
United Congregational Church was ad
dressedd by the following students of
Brown University: Messrs, F. C. Jack
son, D. C, Snow, K. B. Dolan and C. H,
Powers, Mrs., Webster rendered a solo,
Remarks were also made by the pastor;
the singing was led hy‘u cornet, A
large congregation was prestnt,
North sSmithfield,
The monthly session of the North
Smithfield town council and court of pro
!mu-“vlvmt held Saturday afternoon at Sla
The will of David B. Mowry was ap
\»rn\'(-«l. allowed and ordered recorded and
V. W. Mowry was :\Hminted executor,
The will of Joanna Ludrigan was proved,
allowed and ordered recorded, and Timo
th{l Ludrigan was appointed executor.
Moss avenue in Union village was ne
cepted as a public highway. It was dedi
cated to the town by G. W, Lothrop, Jr,
There were rn-em. eirht or ten repre
sentatives of vrid.‘v-lmi ding companies
with sealed proposals for the construction
of the proposed new bridge at Forest
dale. Prices ranged from £2,500 to &5,000
for the ninety-four-foot turn bridge and
from .80 to #6500 for the 300-foot vin
duct bridge. The plans were examined
and action postponed until Saturday,
Oct, 3.
Bills to the amount of 50 were allowed
A Secret Meeting in an Vacant Tenement
on Florence Street Yesterday- Pros
pect of the Biggest Kind of a Split ia
the Tenth Ward,
There is an empty tenement on Florence
street near Kossuth, Yesterday it wore an
air of undisturbed tranquility and its gap
ing windows stared back at the sunshine
just as if the destinies of the Tenth ward
were not in a measure linked with its own,
Mysterions figures glided in by ones and
twos and three,unseen except by the sharp
:mu of the NEWs reporters, who see every-
Sy-and-by when a considerable group
had been fath('l'ed in the deepest recesses
of the building, P. J. Curran, the Julian
street barber, took the chair; John Mel
ledy—singularly inappropriate where dis
cord was the theme—recorded, and the
meeting of the anti-West taction of the
Tenth ward demoeracy was in session,
Mr. Melledy is the labor leader who bolted
the regular Democratic nomination for
reg(resentath—e last ui:ring.
r. Monahan of the Itecord was asked
to run for alderman but declined, owh?; to
personal reasons, He, however, made a
speech in advocacy of low taxation and in
opposition to the frauchise grants proposed
by the city government, After Yltmding
for purit'y in politics he announced as the
slogan of the canipaign * Covill and West
Must go.” 7 A R
Messrs, Curran, Degnan and Melledy
were named as a (-mnmlfl‘tw to meet the
Thurman club of Mt. Pleasant and the
Capt. Hackett club of Smith Hill to see
if some plan of union on nominees could
not be arranged, ¢
A motion was introduced naming the
Record the organ of the Tenth \\'urfi De
uwfrac* but wes laid on vhe table, after
which the meeting adjourned to meet at
the same place next Susday, This means
avery nice tidy sort of a JNemocratic row
in the unterrined Tenth, doesu't it?
City Councll Matters and Publiec Zmprove-
The City Council will prob.xblf pass the
npmeriunun bill to-night unless some
complication arises in regard to the items
or paks. If Davis park should be ac
cepted an sppropriatgon of some sort wonld
be needed. Some members would rather
have the money for the extension of Roger
Williamns park, and othets wish to see the
Seekonk land turned into one,
Certificates have been issued by the in
spector of buildm"'u for fire escapes, which
have been put on Baker's block, corner of
Washington and Union streets; Buriows’
block, cormer Dean and High streets; the
triangular block on Hay, Friendship and
Dyer streets, ht-l«-n(:ing to the Cyrus But
ler estate, and the Orange street estate be
longing to the same estate,
’l’fw work of fllllnf Kimle{' avenue is
pm;.m-ming rull»itlly. caath is being taken
rom the river bed and run in buckets over
wire cables to the street for dumping, so
that not only is the street filled, but the
river is cleared.
Work is also progressing on the abut
ments to the Gaspee street hri(!fiu, which
will mn?' the cars overhead. wre will
be wide sidewalks underneath and a forty
foot driveway. The Francis street bridge
will be about 160 feet wide.
Echoes of the Courtroom,
Patrick Wall pleaded guilty to an assanlt
on Niles Nelson, a sewer boss, and was
fined #2O and costs in the Sixth District
O- - 3
- John McCusker, common drunkard, was
sent up to the State Workhouse for six
months, 5
Three vouthful revellers, John Blood,
John MeDonald and John Connelly enjoy
ed life immensely at Roger Williams
Park yeutenln?' and paid £ and costs each
for their fun this morning.
Theresa Mason made life miserable for
her neh;hbors on High street late Satur
day nifi( it and was charged £ and costs for
her indiscretion,
- » e
Hope Valley.
Miss Annie E. Greene is again organist
at the Baptist Church, succeeding Miss
Ella M. Greene, who has gone to Boston,
Kenyon's City Orchestra of Westerly,
will give a concert in Chase’s Hall on
Thursday evening of this week, for the
benefit of the organ fund of the Wyoming
publie school,
The Rev, James E. Hamilton, who for
the past year has been pastor of the Second
Baptist Chureh, prvm'hul uis farewell ser
mon yesterday. Text, Proverbs 27: 1, Sun
day evening Mr, ond Mrs, Hamilton to
their departure for Columbia, 8. C.,
future residence,
Mr. Samuel G, Pontefract of Peace Dale,
was the guest of friends in this village over
Dr. E. P. Clarke is having a Victor steam
hmtinf apparatus put into his residence,
The Hon, Nathan i. Richmond is re
ported seriously ili,
Miss Lula Noble, a student at the Mys
tic Valiey Institute, visited her parents "in
this village Saturday and Sunday,
Large numbers ufinm for piles are being
shipped from here to Boston, beinyg mostly
from the woods of Richmond and Hopkin
Mr. James McKenna of Phenix, clerk in
T B. Segar's store, who has been home
for some weeks ill, is again on duty,
On Dit at Olneyville,
This morning in the Eighth District
Court a youth named Fred Miller was ar
raigned on a charge of vagrancy., His
fulfiwr. who lives near Grmmm'iflc, ap
peared and testified to his having \'IS“)LS
means of support, and he was discharged,
It scems the lad has been away from home
for some time, and at the period of his ar
rest was on his way there, He was, he ad
mits, without money and he stopped at
the house of Oflicer Smith in Graniteville
and asked for something to eat. There
was nothing in his manner or dress to sup
port the accusation. T'he costs of the
court now revert to Special Oflicer Smith,
A solemn high mass and auniversary
service wassung this morning in commem
oration of the Rev. Father Sullivan, the
late pustor of St. Mary's, Broadway. A
large number of priests from various parts
of the diocese were ||»rv-«4-nt. The Rev,
Michael Kennedy acted as celebrant: the
Rev. J. C. Tennien, deacon, and the Rev,
Dennis Lowney, sub<deacon,
Yesterday at St. Mary's Church on
Ilmmlwnr a large number of boys and
irls received holy communion for the
fiut time at the 8 o'clock mass, At the
10:80 service the Rev. Father Brown de
livered an eloguent sermon, the text
taken from th:'x&ny'n gospel being, *“ Many
are called, but few are chosen,”
Yflterdnf afternoon Oflicer l){er ar
rested William Sunderland on High street
for drmnkenness. e was brought to the
Sixth station.
Oflicer Grover picked up William Sal
mon on Hyatt street yesterday in an in
toxieated condition and brought him to
the station on Chafee street,
smunh?- evenind Lientenant O'Neil and
Sergeant Lewis raided the building oceu
pl(-(ir by John Thompson, 245 Grove street,
and confiscated two barrells of ale, twen
ty eight bottles of lager and one barrel of
whiskey. This place has for some time
been doing busiuess ou the “sly.” :
Trials of the Cases on the Criminal
Docket Begun this Morning.
When the Court of Common Pleas
opened this morning there were still half a
dozen persous who had not answered
to the indictments found against them by
the {mwd jnr{.
First came hrr{ A. Griffeth, who was
charged with maintaining a common
nuisance, He pleaded nolo and was sen
tenced to otmy all costs, DPatrick Kehoe
rlcaduln guilty to the charge of main
aining a common naisance, and was
John Costello said nolo contendere when
the indictment chu‘glu& him with utcallugi
a horse and wagon on Weyhosset street anc
selling it was read. e was sent back to
Jjail for six months,
Thomas Glavin {)lendul nolo to to the
charge of maintaining a common nuisance.
Sentence deferrved for two weeks,
Richard and Clara Hill, not efiuflty of
kw-rlug a common nuisance, bailed.
This concluded the pleading to the in
dictments. The jury was then called and
John Clark and Williams, both colored.
were called to the bar. They persisted in
their plea of not {xuilty to the charge
of lm-ukimg, entering and larcelx* nad
John M. Brennan waf there to defend
them, There were found in Ja aes DBrew
ster's Kroccr§ store on Potter's ave
nue at o'clock in the moru
ing of July 16, The evidence dgainst
them was so damaging that after two wit
nesses had been examined Mr. Drennan
decided to have his c'ients (-han‘u their
pleas. They were brought to the bar and
changed their plea to nolo contendare,
The sentence was deferred until Saturday.
Mathew Keiley, for assauit on Mrs,
Mary Tierney, with intent to rape. He
was defended by Lawyer Lovejoy. Keiley
was a boarder with Mrs. Tierney at No
311 South Main street at the tame he at
tempted the assaul”, July 25,
- - -. -
Two Families Plunged Into Grief in This
City Ye erday,
Shortly after 10 o’clock yesterday morn
ing a party consisting of Patrick Sulliev.a,
John & ehan and Frank Cooney started in
a rowboat for a day’s fishing on the bay.
When off Ashmount street, the men, who
were evidently unfamiliar with a
boat, endeavored to vhamie their
gseats, While doing so he boat
was tipped over, precipitating them into the
water, Cooney and Adeenan were rescued
by the steamer Whatcheer, but Sullivan
was too weak to gp the rope thrown to
his assistance ami sank bene. th the water,
His body wiz recovered about 4 o'clock and
Medical Examiner Palier motitled. The
drowned man was about 35 years of age
and was in the employ of ll(;pkinn ~
b’umroy. He leaves a wife and four chil
At 230 o'clock the 6-yearold son of
Francis Curry, while playing on the plank
walk on the edge of Mashapaug pond, fell
into the water and was drowned. The
medical examiner viewed the body and
fi“m permission for its removal to the
ome of the parents, 6 Van Zandt street,
All the Classes Well Filled-Improve
ments in the Roomg
The fall term of the Rhode Island School
of Design was opencd to<day a large class
being in attendance. Du. g the vaca
tion many important changes have been
made in the rooms, and a new museum
and office added. The growth of the
school is as much as to serinusle‘ crowd the
scholars, and plans are being discussed for
a new building for which the sum of £25,-
000 has been ofi‘em). The Directors have
decided to appeal to the citizens of the
State to supplement with their aid this
generous gift, and to build a fitting and
permanent home for the School, and a
generous rc-slpuns« is promised.
Mr. Daniel Santry, late of Boston, and
one of the most capable instructods in still
life will have charge of the class in that
branch of the work., The course in wood
carving, which proved so popular last
year, will be continued,
The school was incorporated in April,
1877, and has been a success sinee its inno
- @
The following transfers of real estate
have been filed f‘fvr record atthe city clerk’s
oflice during the past week:
Harris Woolen Company to James F.
Ev-ns, lot of land on Kindergarten sireet ;
consideration $5OO, St e/ s
- Harris Woolen Company to William H.
Magee and wife, house and lot on Black
stone street : consideration £lOO, ;
~ Harris Woolen 7("«)1{15&1'1)7 to Gilbert
Aubin, lot on Eust School street ; consider
ation =2OO,
Harris Woolen Company to city of
Woonsocket, Cold Spring Grove park: con
sideration 8,000,
Michael McCabe to Michael MceKenna, a
gtrip of land on North M sin street,
A\{i(‘hm-l McCabe to St. Charles Borro
meo Church Cocporation, Lot son Section
1 of Edward Harris plat on North Main
Harris Woolen Company to Owen Hoye
and wife, house and lot on Arnold street;
consideration #2OOO,
R. I. Hospital Trust (‘om&mnytn William
Dame lot of "md on Allen street; con
sideration &£ 25, and William Dame to
the Woonsocket Electriec Machine and
Power ("mn{mr. vy the same lot transferred,
Orlando W. Cook to Lucien D. Cook lot
and buildings on Logee Hill reoad; con
sideration 100, i PR
T. B. Staples and Joseph Bouvier to
Joseph Bouloy lot of land on Ballou street,
Almon G, Miller to Jean B. and Henry
V. Archambeault house and lot Diamond
Hill road. SN TR
Joseph Bouvier and Alphonse Ganlin to
Arthur J. Laffiemme lot on Harrison ave
nue, Consideration 500,
Fairmount Farm Company to John J,
and Mary Mectrail, lot on Fairmount
street. Consideration £2OO,
John Johuo=on to Willinm Fanning, lot
t:ll North Main street; consideration
The following intentions to build have
been filed with the eity clerk:
Lewis I, Cook, mhiitluu to house on
Cook’'s lane.
Pelesphon Huot, barn on Crawford
~ Dolphus Sylvester, two-story honse,
corner Cumberland and Brook streets,
The hearts of tho Universalists were
gladdened yesterday by ths bright weather
for Commemoration Sunday gnd at 11
o'clock a large audience were gathered
around the grave of the Rev, .hfim Boy
den at Oak Hill to commemorate the
twenty-second anniversary of his death,
The graves in all parts of the ceme
tary were beautifully decorated. The
exercises consisted of a responsive
exercise by Sn‘n-riu(omlmt L. W. Ballou
and Sunday.school prayer by the }’msmr,
short address by Superintendent Ballon
followed by the reading of the necrology of
the parish for the past year, an address by
the i':mur the Rev. C. J° White and sing
ing by the chuceh choir,
At the conclusion of the exercises the
members of the church, parish and Suan
day-school marched around the grave and
laid therein autumnal flowers,
~ Mayor Pond has called a special meeting
of the City Council to-night at 7:50 p. m.
Saturday afternoon brakeman George
Hill in uttvmlninq to board a moving
wain in the Providence and Worcester
rard, partially fell, (‘M('Mnf his right
imnd under a sharp piece of board, inflict
ing a deep and painfal flesh wound at the
base of the right thumb and narrowly
escaping complete severance of the thumb,
Liis wounds were diessed by Dr. Peckliam.
Part of the Church is Thoroughly Loyal to
German Interests and Part is Not--
France and Our Pork--The Kalser and
the Berlin Church,
BerLIN, Sept, 28 —~Much anxiety is felt
in Berlin over the attitude of the clerical
party, which seeras to be divided inggnti
ment between two factions on the pfn-ut,
({'ueullou of the hour, The attitude of the
atican toward the Tri'{»le Alliance is the
cause of the difficulty, T'he section of the
}»my under Von Schorlemer Alst and
Ceunt Ballestrem, is thoroughly loyal.
Count Ballestrem soid recently :
“If ever an over-hold enemy cross the
Ger: aan borler, we Catholies will stand in
the froot of battle to defend the greatness
a d unity ef the fatheriand, as well as he
Oa the other hand, the ultra pa:ty are
snspected ol cympathizing too much with
French (Tl.thof’icimn under the intluence of
the Vatican. I, however, war should he
declared, the patriotic sentiment of the
nation would sweep all before it,
Our Pork in France,
PARIs, Se'pt. 27 Minister Whitelaw
Reid 18 confident that when Chambers
meet next month the pork prohibition will
be withdrawn, The bill Las already passed
the Deputies, and now goes to the comn
m. ,ee of the Senate,
’l(ho situation is a enrious comx‘\ent T pon
the jealousy of Ge.nmwny aid France.
When it became evident that “rance was
likely to withds .w i.e prohibition, Ger
many h: stened to gain faver with \merica
by forestalling Fratce in the matter,
The withdrawal of the duties on food
g-.-ue-r..ll_v is almost compelle m both
‘rance and Germany by the short crops
the high price of food and the danger of
Brief Berlin Notes,
BenLix, Sept. 28~ Tmperor William’s
visit to Kiel has been postponed till Octo
ber. Ha will be *he guest of Count and
Countes Waldersee, R G o
I'erlin politicians are angry with Russia
on account of her declination to reconsider
her somewhat al.upt refusal to reopen
commercial relations with Germany,
Kaiser Wilhelm isa man of maay activi
ties, Now he mm as the champion of
Chuistianity in Berlin, He has found out
that there are lot enongh churches to ac
commodate the {mople and will head a
movement to build more,
The socialists and anarchists are very
much disgusted at the action of Wagen
kneeht in confessing to a charge of “‘at
tempting to overthrow the existiufi order
of society.” The coafession is attributed
to a cowardly desire to escape punishment,
The police thoughe they had discussed
a plot to rescne the anarchists, and the
hearing was conducted in secret with
cr:iw«ls of detectives present to preserve
Mayor Goodwin is said to have signified
his intention of vetoing the ordinance u})-
propriating £38.500 to pun-l‘xfw. gravel in
the Fifth ward., He says betler gravel can
be had cheaper.
Samuel B. Fuller has leased the Walter
S, Gardner estate on High street and in
tends to build a large brick block, for he
thinks the erection of the new postoflice
and the terminus of the Interstate railway
will bring the business centre here ina
few years,
A meeting of the Democratic City Com
;uitu:e will be held next Wednesday even
saturd® afternoon gne man was fined
&2 and costs in the District Court for
Milliam Case was sent to the State
workhouse Sunday mmninr for six
months as a common drunkard,
Jeren®iah McLaughlin leul«d fmmy to
stealing stale beer at the freight depot and
was fined #2 and costs, o
~ Peter Sweeney, for the same offence, was
fined the same sum this morning.
~ Officer Murphy was taken ill on his beat
last night and taken to his home in the
ambnlance. : el ¢ S s T 3
'w.f\wé'{i;(:ii.{l' meeting of the Schaol Commit
tee will be held to-night. 4 LTS
George F. Morris has entered the Massa
chusetts Institute of Technology at Boston,
Arthur C. Lull, grocer, has made an
assignment to Thomas W, Robinson.
Gas is leaking on High street, below City
Hall, and several holes have been dug to
find the leak.
S . e
The people of Westerly and vicinity re
joice in the prospect of an industrial boom
for this section of \\'ashin{nun county,
wien the mammoth thread mill of the
William Clark Company and the Westerly
and Jewett City railrcad shall have ma
terialized. Work upon the former is being
vigorously pushed and ground for the lat
tor will doubtless be broken as soon as a
charver for the same in Connecticut shall
have been granted,
Charles E. Knowles, son of Dr, E. H.
Knowles of Nort!. Stonington, formerly of
Westerly, is serionsly ill with hemorrhage
of the lungs, caused by an injury, at his
home in Norwich. d
That ths Westerly girl has nerve is shown
by the fact that Miss Edn Barber recently
rode on a locomotive from HBennington to
Rutland, some sixty miles, to the tune of
about a mile a minute ; and that a certain
Main street Miss, unaided and alone,
despatches every mouse that “avades her
room without making any ado about it.
Dr. L. F. Wood is hunting bear in the
wilds lu-*nml Quebee, He is expected
home on Wednesday.
Mrs, William S, Eaton, yonngest dangh
ter of Peleg Clarke, Esq., died last Fri«fuy
evening. Her funeral will take place on
Wednesday at 2 o'clock.
Arthur Perry will remove with ‘Q
ily to Boston about the first of October,
Prof. Rice, the new prlm'ilml of the
Wester! - High “hool, occupied the Cal
vary Daptist palpit yesterday.
el ELLLLe.
Hats and Bonnets,
October G6th, 7th and Bth
160 Westminster Streot.
Men’s Wear.
Jerome Kennedy
& CO.
Are showing Special Bargains
50 Men's Wool Suitsat $6.00
50 “ “ ‘" ‘“ 7.w
50 o € ““ ‘“ S_w
200 * “ "% ;e
2w “" ‘" ‘“ ‘“ 15.00
100 ¥ “ “ & 1800
150 R. P. & Co. make “ 22.00
75 ‘"
oo D, & C. “ 4« 20,00
soD, & C, . .98
200 Men's Wool Pants at 1.50
“ “ L 1 2.w
200 *
zw " “ “" “2. 50
200 “" i“ ‘" ‘“" 3.w
S(X) ‘“ “ i“ ‘“ s.w
600 at $6, $7, $B, so.
Reefers at $5, $8.50, $lO.
Overcoats, $5 to $45.
Full Dress Suits, $2B to
End lots of past season's
garments go
At Half Price.
120 Westminster street,
School Boys !
Selling the NEWS
After School Hours,
Prizes of $lOO in Gold are offered to
the eight boys selling the largest number
of NEWS the first month, Wouldn't you
like one of them ?
Threw an Fgg at Them.
The mngrurutiuu of Hebrews, who wor
uhl‘;:ut 43 Smith street, were inu-rrusted in
their service lasg e\'un‘ng by a lou h
of broken lilum. As they looked np:‘t:‘.?oy
were astonished to see an oug descending
throngh the ai® nm»flllmf on the floor,
Rushing ont to ascertain the cause of the
disturbance, they saw three boys runni
away. One was eventually canght a::fi
taken to the Central station where he re
vealed the l&me of the egg-thrower. The
Hebrews will prosecute,
Potter & Hant
Special Agents for '}
J. & 1. COUSTRS'
New York
Ladies, M;:;es ‘
and Children.
Have stood the test (‘)fvt,hc‘;E‘;%t
ern Hemisphere for over thiity
years. From Father tgfiom Jo
been handed down the gray
commerce in La,dies’ fi.{?(‘
of America. It is needl 5
us to state that a line ol w .
chandise having steadily gaint)‘fl
in popularity for more than g
quarter of a centuyy in face of
the most active gomp;;p’;@
must be possessed of positive
merit. Undoubted wear, G(L
mirable fit, excpoding comfmfi
surpassing appearance are the
component parts of the J & T.
Cousins Shoes for Ladies, Sold
only by e A
Potter & Hant,
197 Westminster, Streef,
‘Twixt Eddy ane:"Union
" P
—— .‘ "E iE* .l c
prices, 3 to 3 cts. per Reoll; what others as
for same goods, b to 15 cts, per M r pricos, B e
HANDSOME GILT PAPERS, our prites, 8%
13 cts. per Roll; what others ask for sam
goods, 15 to 25 cts. per Roll, e welone
10 to 23 cts. per Roll; what others ask &
same goods, 25 to 50 cts, per Roll, PIICS, e
prices, Ic. per Yard; what others ask fo
samo goods, 3to 5 cts. per Yard, por. Yok
BORDERS, our prices, 3 otav ht"M
what others ask for same goods, 8 o 16 cts. per Yy
> ————
305 High Street, Prorideng, R}t |
3 Trons Block, Olnemlflg’,kfi,'k
369 Main Strect, Pawtucket,
No. 273 High Strec!
WE ARE .\:;:l:’n IN OUN! \ r ".'
For $3.00, Lined and Bone.'
Aund made in thom::l.lly wwwlw‘

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