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P" . ''A' , .
Where 44 Christinn IS -id ' Lives Th
CJliro:iiele.' Stories Moor fl i
tory Hotels and Sights in !t"tm.
ha mosi: in 1:0.
I' a 111 oils
i oi-
in Old
."Iis I'i!ier laves at Salisbury.
To Tin: Ciikonicm-:: I-k-.s
ReM ' vet live in t!ii; St.Ve
ni:irri-l y -
Rnhi'jh, X r.
hi i-t'
1 " . .
1 ri
Vcs, il They are ;ood.
To Tin: Ciiiio.vrci.t; : I s-e you will
print :i X. C st'ry every month. I) vo 1
want ghost-stories I' IUKHAM.
iJoud, original -tories (,f any ki; i will
he bought. Tin: Chhonici.k publi-l.e-oriirinal
.IooreN II i-tory and Literary Venture-.
To Tin: ClIKONICLi: : It's none of mv
Tius'me.-.s. I know; but IM like to k; o v
whether Major Moore lias m.t-le m ney by
his 'History of North Carolina." Very
f -w literary v entiirc ay in the S-cith.
we are. constantly tol l. M aj : Moore1-?
venture onirht by this time to ri" a fair
test. That is the reason IM like to know
Ra Ui'jh , Sept. 10. V . M . S .
Tin-: Chkonhlk has tru-tworthy in
forination that t lie ''School Hi-tory" pays
s well that the author refused an olb-r of
$lo,000 for it. The hugr hi-tory no ilouhr
has paid, hut has not brought, in larc
profits. The talk about the failure of lit
erary ventures 1 ri the South is partly non
sense. At any rate the fault i- rather
with the Tent urea than with the people.
A ;hot-Stor ol a
Hunter ol IMu'T'hiiIic
'.- t'i- C't rut 1
Every body i:i Ll;ecoHih' in old times
ktiw u hat. a famous fox-hunter S-pilre
Se r.c'o-i w.i-. and I myself had heard the
r,,rv ! ho'.V h- imh to 1-ave it oft'. He
t' k jreat prid - n !r .-Inng a fu. like a
th -:o rlibred liH-icr .- . was ; tw1. on;
!av. wi.n It- vi- -ibo.it to f-r -it a line
f.-K-.w, a n V : .a out f the ba-he- and
s,.,; i i'ii- .! aire in a tit of an r-r y-dk-d,
J n uo a;d y a sJio -t a foxr"' and
i j ; .- I 11- i-toi at the boy. It killed him.
r.ii ! th- pi r- -!iuw-d ni- penitence by
r afr rward. j. f raining from ti -port.
1 1 1 r : e a i !oit on the piu a and h-er
the w ii u la a sportsmen ran them.
Inde.-d. in; ha- b--a si-en to nifi back and
h.;fh nnd tT" thoih all the motion- of
bri'-hin a fox i 1 an u-i-.on-eious mood.
W ie ah- r--.,v. red him- df le- would sit
down and rih for hour-.
I had o,e hone- with Co!..m
ton. tiie r of tie- o'. !iil-.
w at her wa -o beautiful that we ih-eided
' to t.tke ;i run the morning after our ar
rival. Tia nerues had be-u ordered to
! uiuke all Hrriui'.-iiii-iii.- ; hut, before w'
; went to bed, the Colonel snested that
;.t th re ;i motn'-rit an 1 looked oer the
rubb;-h of three pneration f-t men and
w in-n 'a !ic-f- work a now a greatly
(n'.f -j-ed a- the? u; ian'o-s o! thetn and
w..c-;e -r .'i.euiory ws alrno-t a- dim as
t! s lufondjhr. o' szin .ut the window, f
cmraission Ucrrhants.
half a-leep, fur a -1
I-.ll-t have f.idcii
i, -s,. areu ( u.e. ti-n I turned I ;
a in- in vhi:e approacfdnj: rue frcma O I
... . i
-tor a a.. It aitt red a low inoau a:a.l care-
t 1 1 n-u-- -jrrwi.. . fl... K, ...,,l
was unaware 01 niv
for. ju-t wli-n I wa- on th"
point of r-akt:i.r to it it tune d and te--'
ti to retrace it- -tvp. I uas sure tnat
it was the ohu.el. Jt eour.-e it wa- s.
eajiiial joke to in ik' u.e the victim of my
os u ho-t try ; tut h w had he fuiiud
!. HANK I-
Rand & Barbae,
.iiV Tiierie,
r;i--. llvi lentl it
pre-eiice, f. ju-t
! Commission Merchants.
( SS I -; A M ; v 7 s , r
l ON o,
1 beiran to
ind the
nut that I wa in the garret?
f iJow the :i jij.antion, but it halted sii I- j
deniy ju-t before I overtook it, and turned j
.-o tii t: I eou.d see the profile of the face, j
It wa- not the ("oh.ntd The head wai
entirely bald, the face teardle?-, aa I the
eotinte lance -ej,ulehral. Il stooped arid
carefully removed books and paper and
old -h
:.i00 VII..MIMni vT.,
W k.
Ai:i;v v ltr. -t-k
aii i other -ueh rubbi-h from a
jiile, and sc. -m- d to be b-okin for some-
Hotels nnd Sislits in IJoston. !
To Tin: Ciikoniclk : I sec from your ;
prospectus Uia you propo-e to tell h f l- .
low anythirij he wants to know. I am :
gointf to "the Huti" and I want to know j
at what hotel a plain man from Xorth ar- I
oliria ouht to stopt and wiiat are the ehi--f
sights in Boston. T. '
Wilson, X. C.
The old llevere House, iu Iiowdo'n
Square (which, by the way, is a tiiande)
ia the hotel which for the.-,, generations
has been most frequented by Southern
men. The b't part of the town has irone
away from about it, now, however. Ken.
Butler lives there, and it is near - he "gilded
dome" of the capitol. It L- sai I that if you
sit in the little smoking room oi the Par
ker House three or four hours, you will see
evyry distingui-hed man in New England
pas. Co to the Vendome if you wish to
see the most finely appointed hotel, per
haps, oil the eontiiient . and to pay
pay $".() a day. I lie greatest i-'ht in or
about Jloston is Boston itself, to be sure,
which is the quaiute-t, one of the most
fascinating and one of the lea-t satisfactory
towns a stranger can visit in America. Co
over to Cambridge, by all means. And
by all means go. Every North Carolinian
ou Jit to see Boston ; it is un;que ; and
every Bostonian and everybody else, ought
to see Xorth Carolina. C -t acquainted
with good people in Boston.
we uro to the cabin to -ee that nothing had
been foi gotten. When the Colonel rap-p.-d
on the door, n i;re:,t voice quickly
came forth from a blanket:
- Who's dar :"
" -iake. are the "
' Mars' Dave, dat vou 'f
be gwine yit.'"
' Jake, ate the horse-' and dog- handy,
and is everything ready l'
Everything reddy, shore. I'll ye
iq er hfur er so, 'for day. 'Pen' on me.
fur I aint had er good run dis season, and
ley's gittiu mighty sassy. Ole Mars' don't
mind "em like he u-'d to."
".Jake."' siid the Colonel, nudging me,
3011 haven't seen any spirits lately "'"
"Spciet well, Mars' Dave, you know
ycr-ef dey Au. been hvar in times pa-'. I
ion' b'heve in 'em myself "zactly, hut j
-ome mighty quair things happen. I'.so j
hy aid might" funny racket 'bout de new ,
ho i- more'n wunst. Yer know yersef j
!c b ly le-ver know what kill ole Mose in !
ia; euouv. .ior s i.uian muck mm il
twel -he die d vt ole Missus cum an' tuck
M-.se todi ibe her car'ige in Ilebben. Dat's
what ole Dinah thunk; maybe she wasn't
in 'er ! iht miu'."
"That was a singular d -ath," said the
Colonel ; and -lake, turning to me, con
tinued the .story:
Dem young bucks from town was
hyar, jes' sich er nilit a3 dis, f r take er
run in de mornin.' !")' was a mighty
jolly set, I tell you. It was .-can lou.
Youiur Mar-' Ed'atd, dey come wid him,
'lowed he hah some fun. So dey got ole
Mose ha'f drunk, or he'd nebbergone dar,
iddeu there. Couhl it I- the ,
Did he nide moncT there? or hi f
will'r But the juire was tet bald.
In a moment this gho-tly j.erson stood i
erect with a rul:ng-v hip in his iiaud. Il.e
walked a few .-teps nearer the open stair
way and mounted an old saddler's j
horse." His feet touched the floor. He '
! .-eemed to ciuich invisible reins in bis ;
j hand-, and continually moved hi- he I a- 1
j if ddgiiig oti-truetion.-. Plainly, thi- is
1'aiut time ter j an MLut r a lunatic, I thought. Bl".1 ,
had trfi been toidof such a person. Vvh: j
j could he have been contined? I ap- j
j proached him with a quick pulse, I con- J
j less. But I was determined to -peak to j
I him. I passed by the side of the sin-
I gular rider and gazed at his features 1
The mouth was firmly shut, and the face j
seemed to be wrinkled in pain. I could !
not see him distinctly, because he was n ;
longer between me and the light. It oc- j
curreil to me that I was dreaming. What j
ooulu tln be w here was I: 1 ran over
quickly in thought the events of the p.ist
day, the place, the people, the prepara
tions for the hunt, and my visit to the gar
ret. It was all verj" plain. I was awake
and sane. The old wooden horse creaked
under every jump of the ghostly rider.
After every leap he groaned louder. This
exercise could not continue much longer, i
Ttic rider would become exhausted or t'te
" horse " would break down. He kept !
his gaze steadily in front and continued j
to dodge unseen obstructions. I deter
mined to keep .-dent a moment longer.
Then I -tepped one pace in urer. Tucn
another. One long step more and I
-iiou'.d be directly in front of him atid be
tween him and the -teep stairway. He
should s ireiy see m then. I took my
eyes from him a m .sjent and looked in
front of me to make sure that mv foot
.Meat, 4ird, Ukran., ( ufTee. Baling.
Ties, Hour, Meal. Corn. Bran.
Miip-StufT, Ha). .,
A 'Tie r to !iii- lr:
W l! ; s;u sii,t'.!.t
!.-r-ouaI ittteir.li?). M.ikr
: 'rice ittii !nrw!ii Tk l , t i s n
.- a " v s
i i t e .
IJltt ral .ttit'0i n-f s Mmlr on t uttnn
Sitfrt tritlt .
Hardware of every
Sash, Doors and Blinds.
Rims. Spokes
and Hubsfand
Iron Nails,
Paints, Oils, &c.
The All Right. Cook Stove.
V !Uue ran. ll oe hill rli- 'tlrr
2v C O ILnT
y 1 ;
We Manufacture at our Wagon
Works, East Hargett Street,
the very best Wagons
and Carts
II,. it sJ,,U,.l 1 lnr ' R t"'
t, rm til l'rnlnri-.
AC 1 NTS V t l;
WW u w,
Lbter Bro' AMMONI ATEI) Phoi.hate.
TT T r
JJU 1 K I 1 1. II. 1. 1; si RI 1 1.
tl run nist.
The HU'licl Analjsi of .ttiy iuauo
the tate. 'o! i esj. -ii '.t rice s-o": 1 ,; t e.l.
1-1 m
i:a inn. 11. n
Pescud, Lee & Co.,
Sep 1 1. Vtins.
rax it .( ;.! ;;;;.
M .:-
Commission Merchant,
2 and I Stone Street. N. V.
l tiiisi iin inf 11 ! ol ("ottn. N;v.al Mi.n-. t.
soi leitcl. 011 wliii-l; lihera! Hint - sii- t!.n-!e.
Tilers l -r t he jaireha-e 11 f .1 1 . '. run; r . . .n
I rat-Its, I11UI1 111 Coitoa jnel l'n.Suee pion.jtly
ex ecu led.
Sept 15-:i!ii.
-lid - w vx m
YI.O A. Uld.t. MVll lJlVJ. I S I 1 1 1 -LKV
M I'l'l.lls. IVMMs, hl.Ass,
llll, AMI vll .
I t - i I M H 1 VII-
J. A. J 'M.S.
A. . l' ' A I i.i .
and ;ih him money to 0 up in tie eubhj' -honh! h- Mrmly iilanteil. While 1 was in
Jones & Powell,
leal, Flour, Mill-Feed,
liil.UN AND FKA;i:.
Coal, Wouil, Lumber, Shingles, Laths
Printing- iiml Vraiiii I'ajier,
ti()S I'a veil e ilb-St.. and Central I)ejot, t
i:a 1 a:i a 11, x. ( .
Wt- li:ir tl..- lal.f-1
I (. -t it--ort li,
Nos. 301 & 109 Faycttcvillo St.,
NAI.KlCli. N. ('.
i.l t.l N IMP! I Mi 1 -.
i ,, .Vr. W rile In il- :-i! j-i
(he l:i -1 'o. k ill 1 la
11. 1 1 .1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 r 1 . 1
. .- . .,1 :
ii;h. .01,1
IIh. he
a 1
, .1
tit N i
K . f
rt Ii
Are Tlu'si; Ileal tii ievanres.
Sn rinl (Jurrespttiulem-t: of the Cltroai !r.
MUKI'lIV", ClIKKOKKK CO., X. (.?.,
Sept. 8th, iss:.
I'hw politieal outlook here, it is to be
feared, is not as favorable to the Demo
crats as it ourht to be, if the general ex
pression of opinion raav be taken as a
K'lide. This couutA " Ji-f ul.lican : Gni-
nam aud. Clay tJ jungly Demoeratie.
5ui danger 1-
' 1 rlllt-r,i
yh Ueiftocrats feel th
tivrtTii'v ni
br the action of
railroad matters.
iold by "their leaders throughout the State.
This is Intensified by the present situation
resulting from the sale of the U. & D. II.
Tl. to the E. T. & Va. 11. Ii. Lieut.-Gov.
llobinson and others may feel that the
people are satisfied. I do not agree with
them. The chances are now about equal
in this senatorial district. The election of
'84 (National) may mobilize the part 3- suf
ficiently to carry the State ticket, but it is
not certain. If the people of Clay, Gra
ham, and Cherokee could be satisfied that
the W. N. C- would be built at once, every
obstacle would be removed. This is the
only difficulty the Democracy has to over
come. Of the two parties the Republicans
are the more active, and strong ellorts will
lie made to capture this Congressional dis
trict. The situation to them will he most
favorable if the Democrats sue not assured
by the most positive measures that the V.
X. C. will be built without delay.
Let the Democrats do this, and so far as
these three Western counties are con
cerned their majorities will be larger than
and .-lav all nitrht, ter show dar wn'ii't no
ghosts dar. Dey slipped him up, and
didn't let. oje M uV know nothiu' "bout it.
I He would'nt stand no sich fooiin'. Xex
! mornin we all wen 0:1 run "fore day, and i
1 didn't think nothiu' 'bout ole Mo.-e. -ML-s !
Alice know'd he'd been up dar, and w hen j
nobody kow'd what" Mose was .she thunk ,
of de prevus night and sent Hill up ter de
! cubby. Bill eropn up might' skittieh like, .
' and when he got up ditr, dar lav his daddy
stre'eh out dead ! Wan't no blood, no
i nothiu jes dead. I nebber did know
! how ole Mose die jes' so. Wan't nobody
! ter kill him no nothiu', jes so. Dinah
allers said de Lord cum and tuk her ole
man. Ole Mars' gib dem young bucks a
mighty blow-in' up and said dey'd kill'd
ole Mose wid likker. Mehbe dey did. De
ole man luv' er dram. 'Twas scan'loiis in
the act or stepping, he uttered a monstros '
gro.i.i. Then e ime a sharp cry, 'Damn!
it, sir, would you shoot a foxr'" and be- j
lore I could firmly plant my foot he leaped j
from the old " horse," and hi eold j
hands clutched me by the throat. I spoke j
and tried to lr- e myself, bur the bony fin- j
gers citing wun a madman s gras-p. e
rolled to the very edge of the stairway,
and I made another effort to release my
self. Slipping over the binding ol an
old ledger, I felt a swinging sensation in
my head, and found myself clinging-to th
edge of the lloor and heard my unknow n
antagonist fall with a dreadful thdcJ- or
the steps below. He uttered a grouv-titid
rolled to the bottom
I had hardly drawn myself up aril dt
scended before the colonel appeareut lie
J lifted up the mass that lay like a sh;
Will sell Staple (iooils on Commissi n at
Small Charge.
M. 1. .MillCIS. .lull I'. WYAT1'. I'll 1 I.l 1' 1 A Y 1.. HI.
lorris, Wyatt & Taylor,
No. Id Hxrli. riaeeaiel No. !" K. Martin St.,
;koci:iis and
Commission Merchants,
RA1AAOII, X. ('.
Ohildrens' Carriages,
'tin- iue;, !'itriil tl imIIIim,
IVi Tiniit rt IIimthI M Hlrr.,
I'um-j (.oimN Tollel lrtll-
.ri unit Itlnl
-h.iO !
1 1 1 : 1 -J
1 '.
j. iiuiiiin. vn isiw tne oaiu neau 111 me uuii ui: 11 iau rec
JViebbe (ley did
knows is he was dead and was a mighty Cognized his fattier. The old Suuire nlianed
eAgents for Stoue-.v.i'i ''olton Plow , I'atup
seo iuallo l '0111 pan " an 1 '..tiaretto Aei 1 l'ho
phate. We make 11 snec-ialtv 01 the sale ol" Colton,
and solieit vnur fiuil.iiia-iits; will advaiu-e j
ijijion same when desired.
. -OilHIS. lAll A 1 A 1 UU
All Interesting Colony.
C. 1 11. in the Concord Times.
Some j'ears ago the mortality of children
in Charleston, S. C, was so great that
some of the German citizens concluded to
leave the city. A society was organized,
and every member paid annually into the
common fund so many dollars. They ad
vertised ami purchased a tract of land in
Pickens District. Surveyor.- parcelled out
the farms from to 200 acres, and the
town of Walhalla was laid out as it exh-ts
at present. A plot was then sent to
Charleston, and the property was distrib
uted without trouble or dissatisfaction.
When the citizens of Walhalla, thirty
3-ears ago, settled that section, land was
worth about $2 an acre ; now it is sold at
$'25, and its value is still increasing. Then
it was thought nothing could be raised but
corn, vegetab'es and the cereals; it has
been established since that cotton may be j the peculiar
cultivated to advantage.
Examples of this kind may lead readers
to reilect and to work for siuular results.
I repeat that the judicious prea ling of
such news is the best mean to promote
unprewus death. An' dar's been quair
Minn's bout de ole cubby since that time."
I don't suppose," the Colonel re
marked, as we walked back to the house,
" that if ten thousand cases of old men's
dying after a night of hard drinking were
explained to that negro, he would ever
quite believe that oh' Mose died from a nat
ural cause." lint the old negro's death. I
remember, was a somewhat startling oc
currence. Of course it begat a thousand
new ghost stories in the imagination of
the negroes, and peopled the garret with
another generation of apparitions."
The Colonel himself took a candle and
went with me to my room. We walked
lightly pa-t t he door of theb"d-room down
stairs w here the old Squire slept. I heard
a groan as I passed the door and rebuked
in self for having stepped so heavily into
the uncarpeted hall. Up stairs the Colo
nel pointed up the second flight of steps
and told me it led to the garret where old
Mose died. We entered the quaint bed
room over the parlor. "If you hear any
ghosts to-night, rouse the castle. I'll call
you in time for thu race. Good night ! "
and he left me.
The shudder that I felt when I pulled
oil' my coat was cau-ed by the cool air, of
course ; hut it made me conscious of the
"quairness" of the place. The story of
the death of old Mose kept coming into
my head. But now th quaint room was
a new object of antiquarian and curious
interest I took down a piece of hair-work
from the mantel-piece, which was so high
that I could hardly reach it, and read the
name of somebody's dear dead aunt. And
this is a ghastly memento of that worth'
and ancient lady V The rest of her locks
are under the broom-grass, no doubt. It's
a frightful thing dead people's hair. I
looked about the big room for more cheer
ful objects, and saw a few old pictures ou
the walls, which suggested revolutionary
times: and mv attention was struck bv
appearance of the ceiling.
and m a moment lay ueau. lie i-'ore a
wig in the da time, and Iliad not recog
nized him.
There was no longer any mystery about
old Mose's death. The ghost that slew
him had slain himself.
IIilliard Thomson.
Edgecombe Co., X. C
lowest" ip iz 1 o r-
Correspoiidenee Sol it it eil.
u p l"-hn
I.e. lllM.Wsl l'.K. i:. I'.. 1N.! 1.11
.Mniiufiirturt-is ami i-al.-rs tn
Tin, Sliest Iron anl Capper Ware,
iiakdu aim:.
I'urlu t itti.l I'ublv iith ri.
4 i 1
! 1
I ni;
111. -1,.
I'l t-
N . .
: i.-i .
t t.
II ki
if I
-. I j..
,1- k
1 I I
1 'U H
U I ''
K. l.l-'.Ai
M. T. LEACH & CO.,
Provision Dealers
11 j Plumbing, Steam & Gas Fitting,
I I -UOOl I AMI ( I 1 I I. It I l (
I Headquarters for (iiins& Sporting floods. :
.. r. RRRIfSTRi: A ( .
The Covernor Spoke Well.
jVozi Goe. J'trris' Sprech (it SostOii.
The State from which I come, in all her
pace and progress and everything that
goes to make a people happy, stands bet
ter than ever before. Her agricuhu.al
and nianufaeturiiigexnorts are on a steady
increase. Many factories have lately been
erected, and we now consume twice ;is
much cotton as we did live years ;r.
Prosperity and content abound. What
ever the people of my State can do for the
good of the nation they will gladly and
proudly do. The spirit of the fathers has
fallen upon us. In days gone by there
were the most intimate relations between
Massachusetts and Carolina, and we de
ire a return of the old friendliness. We
understand you have too much money and
too ireat a population, and we woul 1 re
lieve you aiding ourselves, yet doing wed
far vou.
A N I -
I'l I 1 ;i 1 1- 1 1 ! St 1 .-.-I.
A ! 1 i ! I . K V .
J. W. Uonmavk & Co.,
.: AND MMl'I ' I '
ji . - n . , . .
3 T A T 'i O N E R S ,
! S 1 H ! . ! i '.
Gommission Merchants,
A IJeiiret from Texas.
('orrcxp nle nee ' the Sfntesville Ijandmnrk.
If my scattering thoughts and my own
experience of Texas will be the means of
satisfying any one in the Old Xorth State
who is doing well, to "let well enough
alone,'' I shall feel fully repaid.
The Opening of the Ciiiversit v.
Chapel 1 1 ill.. Sept. 12. Theses-ion of
the University opened August .'11, and there
are now more than 170 students on the
roll. Sixty countl's in Xorth Carolina are
represented and the States of South Caro
lina, Virginia, Xew York, Fhnila and
Texas, and the Indian Territory. There
are new arrivals almost daily.
On the 15th, work was bee un -,n the Swain
Memorial Hall. Mr. Sloan, of Philadel
phia, is the architect, and ('apt liiehards,
of Hillsboro, is one of the contractors. The
hall will be a magnificent hexagonal build
ing, and will cost between 8S.00U and
Hie whitewash had peeled oil in hundreds
of little spots; indeed the walls had been
in need of repair for at lemt twenty years.
What a solemn old bedstead ! Its posts
were higher than a man can reach, and a
scrupulously neat dust-curtain was sus
pended over them. The high little win
dows and the gaunt white curtains, which
made the moonlight that fell on the walls
and the floor look like a gho.-t of itsel?,
the little panes and the sashes daubed
years ago with blue and white paint, all
seemed the handiwork o uitelu? ra'her
' than of men. I pulled the curtain aside and
1 s;ood for a mom -nt at one of the window-,
j 1 c -uld see tie' grandeur of the phice with
i out being aware of its dilapidation. Ti.e
What? Protectionist Democrat y '.
From the (irernshoro fat riot.
The Mobile Register says that if Mr.
Kandall i- to be slaughtered" because of
his views on the taritl", then farewell all
hop? of success of the Democratic party.
Meat, Meal, Lard,
Molasses, Corn, Bran,
Ship Stuff, &c,
Cotton Baging,
Ties, Twine,
Cotton Gins,
and Presses,
Bailing Presses,
Massey's "Excelsior"
" Griswold " Gins.
M. T. LEACH & CO.,
hai,i:h;ii. ..
Now ri:.N 1 in:
Grandest Array of Attraction in
1 t 1: 1 it a 1 1.11: V l it 1:1:1,
1; a 1. i n; 11, x . r..
Anl ore MU'lv t' h-ivc tin 11
i nil all tin sr wants in
tin ! in.-.
dbt mi m mm
i;fr 1'I.ICfil nil exl.li.ltion in 11
t:w stvi.i:s i oh fall ami
AitsoMTt: ri:Hn:Tio in
Ulli PI "J". I I'l's M
IM.I ll.llll s HOOKS,
Mist i:i,i,am:oi s hooks.
it. 1 -.;
0 1 '
Wholesale and Retail,
Jew f.LL a;nd Winter ooi)
huve been simply i rn m n - . :inl lhs!i'k
-ery . i r I lal.rie ninl
C'ateful 11 1 1 1 1 1 ill i Ii e.itumt fnil O
ii,iilirc 1 il 1li.it
Wi- it-inl i I.
Quality, Style and Price.
;i I n - 1 ' 1
;. m
! I
1 ! r iOi'l 1 fie 1 1 fr.
I ;' .1 1 n..
. 1 1 . . i i it -1 1 4 i ,
l . '.I.l l 1 1 . N .
r i i i i ' .
I' A I: I IX
V 011 C'aii liet 011 Henderson's- Fntei yk i.e.
Tiie resource of thi section," gays 1 1 ie
Gold Leaf. have not been half developed
yet, iiml arc not fulh' known even to our
own people. Ainonj it. other attraction-,
there are several mineral springs near
For the Convenience of Cotton Seller-.
Thf Cotton Kx- hmifre of Ilaleij:!: ha
ab 'li.-hed the rule prohibiting purchar.es f
eot'oii at the depots. In future -hippera or
farmers can make .-ak s on platforms ;it
either depot, thus avoiding expen-e of
! o.ik3 airain attracted m v attention. Then
niv 11 itlii; iai iKiti ivu a 1 1 u inv' ' v iiui. t . m
what wonder? The very stars seemed 1 . . . , t . , - ,,- . .
. . ... . , . Said t tt be 111 the I leltl.
in oe iiii-ii niv;tie iiujii'i n . 1 lie ii.mui 1
of the family, of the whole civilization, in
j fact, of which the house and the family
were relies, came into my mind ; and the
people with whom I had been talking
seemed persons that I had s-en loii ao ,
and fonrotten. 1 was not yet si-epv ; in
i wholksalk;
I Grocers anil Cosnmissisn Msrciants,
i No. 17 Martin ami Is M-rk-t tr !,
j iiai.i:h;!I. a. t .
j COTTOX l'nll-!i,'lllllHII' . .1 ji": t I . i i i 1: hl-l
i Mark't-I iri-s ;im1 i-.m-t r -1 1 1 ill u'U.ir;i ii'o-i-l.
j tiliOt KflN A M IR "sl .-. - . K -1 I' -s
' I'.oiteil Meal.i'orii I'ioiif. I. ml. s'lj;!-!. 'iilli-i's,
1 Sal!, M.iI;i-m-, !. ai h. r. 1". iliinn .s. 1 !,. .la,
. l.ei.ioll liiM'llll, s.i.lu l'r:i!'k'-l'. i'.i'.. Ai-. l'l- rs
I solicit. -.1 aril i-r mi pi ly lilt.--; .! tie- l.i-t
ma 1 k t-t pri e-.
M.i:XTS KOK Atla- IlMu'lli . II- -- - Iin
; pruvi-it av Mil!-, au Wink ! t t in,
scil Ft-flT aii'l l'ol;.l-!ier. -:nu Ii ' t'on
Press. I i r e.vn i ttoii .In. -!: lit ;-r ail on
; ili-us.-r. 1 1 (i re-p' i ti t-! 1 i e x n i i-i f t .
sptlVlm-. I."1'I'A.V M 1 ATT.
. 1 - k y 1 :
.1! I hat
T It 'i:Wii.K.
.1 Hit It IHIR.
linirer-. ami ( oniini.iou Men hatiU,
Z- 'A II MIN'.ioV vj It I.I. J ,
It I I K.ll, . i .
oxi: I X 1 1' RM lAtii i Riri;
111 i- ry 'i' i a r! i.
-.Mil l.e f.
v. :i. a-
'Ii. I -. i. l: !
- i 1 II, 1- I J
- 1 -1 ; .
z: aii'l l ay :r
) I V ly
K lilt
.i .'- .-tl-N
. .
. ! . - I '
. - 1. T,
' ' 1 1 . Ml I'.ll.W.MIII'
', ; - f ! r. 1 ', ; .
A - I . . 1 1 1 -. .'. . , A
n 1 low . t pi 1. -.
M. !l ' Li ' I I I 1 I .
1 1 11 . . 1 1 ' -1 i.t ' Mm 1,.
felt 1 l I I .-1 ,t I.. ,?(. Mil li;
'il- f - J i .!lf ft'l-f,
I'akj !.. .v 1 i:ou"iii.i:f
1-' . v. 1, a
Hi. I II.l.K
1 i:.a!..
A v ;, ni 1: ;
Dry Goods, te Goods, Notioos, Boots
The Klizabeth City Falcon declarer
somewhat authoritatively" that Governor
Jarvis will in no event h' a candidal f r
Coriirres's from the rirst district.
Tiik Chroxici.e lias aseert iinedhy personal
investigation the experience and trust worthi- j
ness of sill advertisers, whose wants arc made 1
known iu this column, and hns made a reeord
ol thesame. Inquiries coneeminsr them made j
at this ollice or hy mail (if return postage is en- ;
closed.) will be promptly answered. Wantsot ,
anv nature bv trustworthy person only will he j
inserted for "Vii cts., an insertion, (limited to Jo ,
words and address.) As many asoOextra words j
allowed at 8 cts., each. Tiik Ciikonici.e s per
sonal attention insures notice of these adver
WA3VTEO. By a yonnsr lady of ' years- ex
perience iu North t'arolina, a iKisitioii as
teacher of Instrumental Music. Aliss C, cure
of Tiik Chronicle.
WANTED. To eommnuicate with any per
son in North Carolina, who owns a female
prey hound, full-blooded.' Address II. P., Cary,
N. C.
fact I felt (h:it it was too unusual and too
Who Is lie ?
pleasant an experience to he soon forgot- A g''ntlem ui of JNa-h, says the llson
ten in sleep. How, I wondered, w--uid I Mirror. - has a silver chisp which was om
the garret look by moonlight V I crept j worn on the sword of General Morjjui of
into the hall and gazed up the stairway, j Kevolutionary fam
Enough light came in through a small j ..
window to make the place more tempting'.
I would go up and have a pleasant ghosl
story myself to tell in the morning. I as
cended far enough to look over the room.
It extended the whole length of the house.
There were pieces of old furniture of many
kinds - chairs, parts of bedsteads, a sofa,
parts of a spinning-wheel, a saddle, Lojk.
papers, and lumber of every sort. At the
other end of the garret there was another
small window, through which enough
light came for me to pick my way to it. I
3Iornions in Wilkes County. 1
A correspondent in Wilkes county in- .
forms the J?tatesille Laiidm irk that Mot- 1
mon mis?ionari -s are working in that I
GKOCl'.k A N I J
Coxn. mission Merchant,
A heavy tK-k of t;o.d- in my lite- r.-e-r.t!y
bought in Noith.-rn Market- at loue-t. pn--.
whi.-h I otr.-r to m :ri-nd- and tl.- .n'-r.il
pliniie 0:1 as re;eonable ttrtn a- ca:i t.-el
frolil all holl-e in lie- city. I'll -1 !e-- int ruU-d
to lue slinil liae my perunal attei.'.ion.
I ii;al;i- 1
an. I -r. - -Including
t . -, Wa :.'IM .
1 11
til 1
a ;.'!
Bovaen's Celetr&ted 77crk,
II.. hi t 1111 11 ti, J, uri- ,1 JI A I'l'
ll'tMi: ii,i i 11 1:1:1:1 1 L
I'AMILY i ti, (trifi r a
A. F. Pages So,
! -. 1 ' 1 ' ' i - 1 .-. a --lu.
;y 'r r. in- 1 1 .1 -1--.
;iiciu-l m th- . a .
a lid p'i r-f 1 :
n-1 .1 r tl ! :. ! :
list .ili'- - r , ,1 . .
m.ri:H hossinc
ni.fj a i,.f-. H,.,,,.
-1 r ,
1 -1 1 1
H"'l f l.l-l,,., ,
I art- 1 1
dy 1 :iW
I i
Jt. I, t.l I.LKV
A Jones County Notion.
Prom the X'.'icbtTn Jour in il.
The ' laying of the corner-stone'' of the
jail in Jones county was not attended hy
as much eclat as was expected.
North Carolina Home Insurance Co.,
sept 15-3eo
fa v k 1 ti: villi: mrkkt,
N'. t 'i.jr t Y if'-ro Huu--.;
I 1 l.M.I .U IN
-I hra:.'!". -tt
S.M'tKINo' M 1 111. WIN.', 'i l: 1
n:L'ii. i a.M'H M i-,i:.ii.Ns,A(.
The pureliaslriiC a'li.- -h.ii. base -ry t-i.t
gUHlnal r -ri'-' -. il Tli- -Aili fall uii
ni'- when in if'-'l of thin in my ilne.
i nl v a N u-k le tor
-I 1 s. mTT IST '
The best Five ttat Clur in the city. 1 all and
I get one.
-t . -f ai .,r,!.-r. d iron, lh-
w V - Tr. tu:?ur "' "tour u,u;
-., ,1., A- F- pAOE & -V.
The Wonder of the Medial 1
-MUlll ,
Ha ear.-.l f.-r -i -
i...,.- s.,t., h-tMnle,,. , '
f.liil v -. ... . n'l'I
nrJ l. i. i
i-xiH t,:,rr "'.''"i n.
I i UI I)
''vi:vrs, .,-,.'
i'l caU 4 Ifli a
each bolile. 1 ' rrs'
Add re,,.
Hie. liil,.,',i J-UI1

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