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Tm State Chronicle I
.1 AN.
1 '. to New i crl isonien ts.
.; u m UiwA U-ok.
'? ..I. ( .!". !. N. O.
. ( '. lav K Davis School.
! - f Raleigh S iv'inuts Har.k.
- v Carter Groat Reduction.
'.. L'nwler Administrator's Notice.
- - - - -
A. V. Fraps has moved his store to !
rner of Fayetteville and Dav j ;
i':,er dividont of ten per cent, has
doc hired by R-.-ceivor Dowel of the
National H'-nk. This makes 30 per
as can be learned taere wi.l be I
v.et n eompan'.es of troops at the i
l'iou. A special committee will
U'i their iv.arterir.s;.
S i .'ir.jrs Rink is r ow one of our
:: t itutior.s and is ot. Titled to t he
vOi.ti'.'tenee of U.e people. Sces'ate-
mother column.
V, r. V. 11. Kllis A: Co.. dealers in
. . Ljetio; al merchandise and liquors,
. -v. in: tut on t rtet. haw made an as
) ;t. T. R I'urneil. Kj . i assignee.
i-.-i-ts are stated at $?.i.M'0; the habili-
it lu.uoo.
I tie I utrhatr. Recorder, commenting on
:e tact that a Durham man enabled the
i-u;vr of Wake county toivehis bond
u-' -ts that the Wake Treasurer ought
; i t-t n rt i the favor and deposit- iu the
: .i-i.ii banks.
The Chuomi i.E is triad to welcome to
, .- T tl v...- ,.,1..',1 u-lin inv lis-?
oeeu i
a u.rge ana -uevsuii t'tisinc.v iti i
ot'-inffton. N. C. Mr. Swindell has
-it the ket Store, and success t
.tits hiiu here
There was a ( iiris'mas tree at the Pre?
vterian eta pet l ues-.tay n;gut. .tter i
: n-' pleasure incident to the oca5ou. Lev.
Wat kins announced that Mr. A. B. j
- ! ..tiach had given a chcn;k for U0 t J
y off the debt of the chapc-L This was
aem-rous New Year's gift. j
luriui the Xoias holidtiys Mr. Joseph i
But :-r. r uvma-i of the R i (.L .-hops, was
the -ec'teoiit of a handsome srold-headeil !
i.e oj v "tK , V, l V i
at: in speech was maae by Mr. L-.-vvis J
!-.-. ut to whic 1 Mr. Kuter ;-.-spo:ided ap- ;
propri.uely. It was a w.: 2e..ervi J com-
li'.iin-ot to Mr. ii.it Ser. '
XvrrN ,c Car-
are oi.'ettug extraoriil- ; re ore ? ha- ciaUe and think this a p. eti
th.e'r sore, annom-ce- i lisrh' Ual t:;ije to change him. T'te tar-'.i.-e-.vh'-'.e.
T!:: nic ; ' -a -.-; -.vant Mr. Alexander to succ-eed
! itud enterp.-King firm him iu large measure tuon who h ive
Iu-- a vcrv r.;e ' .:. tiess a:;- ncr.-as-
rs v. l'.nr.e :" tria t !h- t . i:.-ad ;
i c ; :'f.e!u -tu. :
4 ..' ..,,ov. arc
1 :-V .".5p-.tol
v i -- ct- :
Pre.-. dent, Lr.
ir. 1- A. J-ue.-. )vei :;'uir Co' ;- ;
.,; .- -. . . A.ii a- -'ce .., o. v. - .-.
T. F. ii.tvi.tson. i. H Snow. Alex, ilarri- ;
son. Chairman latent rv Culuiu.'Tc:-. 1.
ii. vi'" .'. Hous-J Committee. C M. Pus-
o.', . M. 'f. LTiiA-h. T. F. D.tvid- ::;. ;
Com mi '.tee to nrovule
tiie wiuis o: the poor !i;t been organ- :
Tiie fo'lowiug ger.tleicen were up-
.Tc i as Execut've C- :nmitt--e- "oi.
E Anderson, Josej.h G. Brown, v, n-
i S Iniairose. N. B. Bronhtuti, E (i. , sjn...
:vll -.nd E. B. Thn-nas Solieitinr n ! ' piv.,:
..-ting Committ.-c. Johu T. Pi-.L-n. : 0rte.
-.m-.s W. Blake, s. W. Whiting. Cora- , rtc--se
to Purchase and Arrange for De- serv
-rv of Wood, A. M. McPheeters. Treas- i
-1 :;. . V. Puilen
a- not been settled at what place the j
in,.:.. ;un will be held. Judge 1-owie
,u--ts that thegranitecieyauoniutront ;
t th- 1-' Budding would be a pn.'i er .
Plae- i: ; day is fair, stronaei; are- ;
Li:.n-e. Metropolitan Hall, and Capito. ,
.Siurtre have ai! been mentioned. Tie; .
M'o'.vratn Club is making every necessary I
arrangement f-r an inaugural ball that i
will stand out as the most delightful ever j
r is t.-'c !;r-t time Hi mauv vt-" ;
,..- tv..'. (i.-iverr.or has been a resident of ;
.'',.,i,' .,,! th Itini.-h neonle are eoi:;g 1
- him a grand inauguration, and I
i :....-..i ..... ..11 ,-n-if.-.t-s i
-i.i i.' e ;t a uenguLiut i.itic i... t-o i
.vno are r.resent.
- - .
7 r, , ,
iSpeciHl Cor. statk Chp.onxCLE.1 j
Raleujh, N. C, Jano.ry lssj.
Carolina. S
Comrades ; As the time is near when j
. pr-.-entatives of the remnant of vele- i
iV i;,i v,.rfh vvac will meet TO !
formulate plans for the alleviation of the j
. , , . i '....fo.n.futo eot.-li.--rs of the late '
i dee- it wise to remind you of the .
-n-'o'-Taece of the event and to urge upon
uV'oid comrades the n-ecs.iiy ot prompt1
" d'-ci-ive action, and. inasmuch as the '
;v',.,t .k the convention is for a nobieand
hoty'-aus I know "a word to the wi.-e !
' -o-o'ail sulEci -nt." Let us have :
.'.'.::,.l,.r Let us be true to cursives. ;
'""ry. yr.v,.... uuUrh God bless rhem i i
cue lauic.s u. j....'.. .
t tiC
. . .... .. 1 ,-,'.vs.. on.-thino ti.e -
u;es v
.i... i,. .1,1 r.f is n.itit.fi to nrove a sue-
l who
There will be many who; f -soul gree
. . Vf ;,v c. ill mi-er
at IMS touveumou. ....j
--ave -r met -' - e '"the dars 'tavs wnicti
'red iu;rV souUV Vet. alas ! ho -na-iy
have I4'aV.ver f' th '-'-- --ltty to
r :.',.lef t):e s ia it ot t:o tr C-, V. U le
,- tinknowi. i'eace '', t'1
11". ', til .1 -
-v.;:!s1:su;.i to aU i::;.tohe:on -
vtiotuand as the Convection meets on
.... , :.. .,:!;!! T-ecno-TOZf the im-
. , t T 7... . i ITU TI 1 TI
to nave
oi t'un.-e of sending iu the names of the
.;,- , ,-..s u-ho have b en elected, thus as
:;e iu-ooo, .......... -
.u,;"o Ib, success of th entitle rta king
Pi, a. c r-etid names to Mr. J. 1. lIlCk,
Couonissiouer of Immigration, Ka.em.i,
E. F. Fe.nton', Of 14th . C. Vol.
f heap KailroKd Kales for the tiotruor's
1 11 aut 11 ration.
The Richmond & Danville Railroad will
s. 'I hound Trip Tickets at reduced rates to
..allies attending the Inauguration of the
Governor at Raleigh, on January 17th
'J he following rates will apply for civil
ians, and the .military rate will apply on.y
to parties of 25 or moie in uniform, all to
go and come on one solid ticket. The rates
will be:
Wilmington, Civilians. K 75, Military, i'i tin
. Imrlotie,
; "i;,
Favc-ttc vine,
i 75,
4 15,
s 05,
i tHJ,
1 no,
2 r,u,
5 75,
u a..,
ii S5,
7 tKJ,
4 S5,
4 bo,
g j'j
i :n)
4 no
1 tKJ
1 .50
:i ;o
5 t'm)
:; no
h to
4 on
g 70
J 70
tioldsb tro,
States ville,
j a!las,
Tickets will be on sale January 15th to
17th inclusive, good returning until Janu
ary -'1st inclusive. These are exceedingly
low rates and should enable quite a large
crowd to attend the inauguration ceremo
nies l rom all along the line of the R. &i D.
System. Correspondingly low rates will
apply from all other stations.
sexvtobui oossik
TH i; Ll'l'K V il.N?
j The Chroiib lo Gives a Summary ot this
Week's t...ssij About the Senatorial
There is some talk about an assertion
that sovoii'y-i uvo members of the lsis
latutv have aire .ly pledged thom.selvt.-s to
S. R. Alexander for Unite ! States Sena
tor. LexiinrHr.i Dispatch.
ITou. A. S. Merrimon is said to be a
candidate for the United States Senate.
The Raleitrh. corresDondent of tho Ric.h-
nior.d Disnateh is nnr anthoritv for thi
statement. 1 1 tie or false, should the choice
of the General Assembly fall upon this
di.stii:uish.e jurist, its honors could not
be more '. hily bestowed.- -Ash. ville
The Raleisr'.i correspondent of the Wil-
mi'i. - t, - ,, V ossen er. r.n hi ished ;i mo-i im.
probable and s-. lisational storvto the Meet
that Josiali Turner is alndit to em erne from
his retirement and seek to .secure the Sen
atorship by tlie " votes cf disaffected! .
Dt'mi ..its and Rt publicans. This is stuff.
If Mr. Turin r should conceive of atL tnpt
ins sueh an imnonsibilit v it would be proof
posi i'e that, he had lo-,i his mind.
Amoiu the first duties of tlie next (j. n
erat Assembly will be the election of a
Uni'vd States Senator to succe; d (Jeneral
Ransom, present incumbent. The last
named will be a prominent candidate for
reelection. Amrag other as; i rant a ate
Ex-tiov. Jarvis, Capt. Aiexmdei' and
Colotiel Waddell. The name oi General
Cox ; also uHUitioned in this connect ion.
Any one of the above natnevl iientloeit-n
will worthily represent u- If the DtiiO
crats had only a small r Jori'y the re
election of General IUusol: n:i.:ht be re-
garded as certain, but the large tn:-.io;itv
on joint ballot renders the chaueesof some i
other uentlemen possible. The strength j
ot General uar.som wid te developed on
nrt ballot and if be is not the uommeeof
he caui, a ;iv eiy time may be expected.
He who is elevated to hioii oflieial station
must not forget the humble citizen who
helped to elevate him. ;The Scottish
We read with much pleasure a recent
article in the Landmark on the Senatorial
fiht. which the newspapers have gotten
up, for v;e are sure there i. no tight what-
ever going on among the people. They
are for Rinour's return to his old and
we'i known place, v. iieiice have is.-ued
main Savors to individual ie&iocrats, who
, c',m,a?!1 tu,'Vuc ,-ul LJ , 1 1
them aial tnuch good, uncoupled with I
harm of any kind, to the Mate at large,
There is ao heroic hurrahing going on
a but: R-msoiu. hut we are satisfied the
srr'.'t mass of people are c-outei.t with the
taken tuttr li'.!o!na ouis.ae
the fence.
Wit'; rhe administration iu the liar.;s of
, r . .vs " ,-.e ' "1 t.-e iiie i-ai- j
son 'ie'ti
;r:c o.
- gotten out in i
aul of local cclehrities
Tli is is scarceiv a
provincial matter and it would he well to
rctlect tluv tLo eyi.s ci rn u'e than Deie-
Wiv- a:e at. on us
. I..-r :r t opic.
lera'-le iuttfi
succc-isioti i.- a wake tie
:i i.ko senatorial i
iV ' iic :.:-it I
Senator li-.usoru wi
- .-ey. ra! cot:l-a-
occt-i i.. d so
pet;;, r
r t ue sett n
oiiviutue ion. i ; senate. iue .. oici- j
(C.niiv!:;::!.- MtC -C o. C ! .1 l !
A. M. van.i-.;: tv.nu . f. .1 anuer. i tie
claims of the hrst are Lssed on the fact
that he nave North Carolina thoi;cst nro-
eressive administration the state i.;..i ;. i i
e vv i ; .
The second of tr.-i-as-h-i
State wit a ct -.-d:: in t'ne
serve-1 I
..;:... r ' Congres , :. A ti'iritig the
p..-li' ic.d w.a;-ftsa, it.n-'.er -1 valuable
to the party, it U. hem un k-r-
,-e inst summer, mat or.- f-.aima
won i ; ---hi oetotexne jA'ut'uri1. x
The tin; .i and i.t cf the thre-;- not;;1... s is j
put forward .va th gro-ttid ;h.,t he i- a !
m,n of gno I s.nse, ,t:;M judgment, ,
kn , n i.e ,: anatrs an t ottnn- u . antes ,
th-.t m mm to icpreseM aie s a.e ,a tne
Set -.ate, and more ver 'hat ue is ti.e :-;vi- ,
r..oresentat ;ve of the tat mmg it.u-rcsts j
of N-ith Carolina. Most reports -agree
that his chances are excellent at this time,
Ttie la-gc- xajority of the farmers in the
General A.-scuaL.Iy is not likely to throw
away tne out.'.uauiisiy ot uu-uuic, o..
thereiu lies Senator Ransom's prospect of t
hir def.a'ed. It is nossible, ho.vever, ,
that out of ah the warring elements, ue
,. oIli-.j.-I ti t r-'iri'v .iff the
uitiji c'txi-.- v..-. -.i.t.--. ...
I prize; and then, there 's not another man
! in North Carolina, who tcows .-o ve!l
! ho.v to win his way with blamueiwzjcr.ts,
etc. No one can loivtci. the outcome of
the cont Th,; further i roceeduigs w id
wattlie,j with interest. - i Ix-xington
.,,1 ,
A Nash County Democrat Declares for
Snecial Cor. to T4TK CltKOMCLK.
I belong to the farmer. Alliance; there
is no mote zeaious member in the state
than 1 am, but 1 am not an A.exanner
1st. Because Alexander is iu Jhe right
place. Ho has to-uay tne conn :euee o
o 000 people in tins S:ate a- members of
t.hi., order and it seems to me ttiat he had
best rest upon his oars. Gen. Ransom
, -., , ',,,,;,. f.,,.
' ;1-.S llOUC: WCii iU'-l l.T iiij ...aL .ij..v i'ji
, b; uaior: tie 1
as been there eighteen years;
co Hired an influence that no -.a her
111; uat.
I man couhl soon acquire, and iu my opiu-
! ion he stands to-day head and bhoulders
' ahove any inau in the be 11 a e t: tlie
w. it.oi ,A wh-.t ha H,rt..,m
1 iou-.u. "
! Jo., ? I will ask, wltat; ha, any Southern
J maa doner Raubasd
1-0 '- - " - , , J
to CO
kt Ransom vs in. re ha is. If it
' . "' . . .
V -. iv
, , ... :., t... r-. .1... ....
1 timi-ij
u: I i, no doubt that Kana,m
would get tv.o-ih.rds o the votes
d L"l. .,r Ur.MOt ilA 1
Alexall(ler be f.,,cu-d," Say.
t o, respondent.
j rgci! cr. of state Chuosicle.
Ailow cunt who is a not a laruicr but
wiio loves his State to ury'e through your
columns tlie next Legislature to elet.'t Capt.
S. 13. Alexander, Senator. We do si; ax-
cause he is a farmer. Of his intrinsic (it
ness for the o'iice there cau be none among
his acquaintances to doubt. It he did
not possess the requisite qualifications of
heart, head and experience we would not
so pointedly say let him be elected. Rut
he is uncle ubtedly ritted to fill tlie p'ayp
with great credit to the State, therefore
we uige his election on the ground he is a
reuiesentativo North Carolina fanner.
Farmers have grievances and needs pe-
cuhar to tneir vocation ana no one can
feel them or state them like a fanner.
Therefore it is naught but right that far
mers should be heard in the highest de
partment of the highest legislative body
m the government. And the obligation
imposed here is widened and deepened by
the I act that trie preponderance of both
the property and voo. rs of the State are
with the fafiners. There is both an ought
ness and expediency here that true states
u anship should not ignore.
Moi eover the co-hcsivencss of the Demo
cratic party of the State would be greatly
augmented by his election. There is a
resilessne&s in some plao a :,nd a luke
warmness in others among the farmers
which nothing but the election of Alexan
der can be so well calculated to remedy.
The lUarriase liells A-Kiupius.
Tn Smithfield, Dec. 19th, Mr. S. C.
Vebb, of Dann, to Miss Ida Cox, of Smith
field. In Joncshoro. N. C, Dec. U"tii, Mr.
T. A. Watson to Miss Sarah Cacliell, Rev.
T. L Watson officiating:.
In Cabarrus count v, D -ic. 2th, Mr.
Iluirh Johnson to Miss Lul a Cald .v 'I, Rev-
Mr. Anderson officiating.
In the Presbvterian church at Salis
bury, Dec. 2fith, Mr. J. F. McUuhbius to
Miss Minnie K rider, Rev. Dr. Rumple olll
ciatiDg. In Grace Methodist church at Wil
mington, Dec. 28th, Mr. Dal. F. Wooten,
of Kinston, to Miss Laura U. Pujth, Rev.
W. S. Creasy officiating.
In Vance county, Dec. 27th, ;t the
residence of Mr. D.'s. Allen, Mr. J. P.
Hunt, of Granville, to Mi.-s Julia S. Rus
sell, Rev. J. J. Rena officiating.
In Monroe, N. C. Doc. 26th, Mr. J.
M.Morrow, of Waxhaw, N. C . to Miss
Addie Whitfield, Rev. C. W. Robins -m
Near Raleigh, Wednesday, Dec. -2t;th,
Mr. J. D Stephenson to Miss Del: i W tut
aker, daughter of the late Mr. Nat. Whit
aker. A reception, which was attended
by a larije number, v. as given at the resi
dence of Col. J. I). Stephenson, father of
the groom.
- In the Presbyterian church in Golds
boro. Dee. 27th, Mr. Harvey (i-eusch to
Mw Fannie Burvvel!. Rev. (i- o. W. P-iihr,
of lirazil, and Rev. J. C. MeMull. n officiat
ing. The attendants were Mr. Ernest Jiur
wcll with Miss Annie Belle King, and the
ushers were Messrs E J. Roney, Thomas
Hvman, Jos. E. Robin-on, and Di. James ;
E. Spicer.
In Washington, D. C, Dec. 20th. at
the residence of the bride's brother, Mr.
Hd. (Jraham Haywood. Jr., Prof. W. G.
i::i,iJeve. of Oswego, N. V., to Mi-s M;ri-
vina H. li,y wood. Rev. .1 . 15. IVrrv oin-
elating. The bride is well known in North
C::;-olin;i, being the daughter of the late
Ed. Graham Haywood, and grand daugh
ter of the late V. S. Senator Wm. Hay
wood and the late Louis D. Henry.
Near Apex, Dee. 20th, Dr. James R.
Rogers, a p pid ar young physician, to Miss
Lou! a Norris, daughicr of Mr. Jesse X or
ris, Rev. lr. Tavior. President ot Wake
Forest College, olhctatmg. lne atten
dants were Mr. Herbert Xrris with Miss
Lillie liogers, of Apex: Mr. H. W. Ayer,
of Raleigh, with MUs Minnie ( live, of
Anex: Mr. Carey J. Hunter, of Apex, with
r:., -1 :.. f..,,- F l..l;.,t,. Wr !'
Pi- hardsou, of Raleigh, with Miss lizzie
.j, J, "
XorrL, of Apes.
-In the Hrst Uaptlst church, in Ral
eigh, Tuesdtv eveniug, Droeiuher tt, lit.
A. J. Buff tloe to Mi-s Julia Hicks, daugh
ter of Col. W.J. Hicks, Rev. G. V, il-li-ovis
officiating. Ttio attendants were.
Mr. II. W. Aver "with Mis- Claude Whik!.--.
of Salem; Mr. J. Y. Pbifcr with Mi.s So
phie Shultz. of Salem; Mr. Jno. Y. M ie
Rae with Miss Mattie Atwtter, of l'.vt,urus;
Join Hicks with Miss Minta At'cu, -f
vC Kolc-r . Dr. h- l. tiattle, -If . vv ite
Mis.-, Lizzie iiicks. Tie. ui;ct were Messr-.
Roht. Wi; iamsou, George Mowly, E. C.
Holleman. and Waiter Parker. i tie satire
i hureh w;.s crowd, d to witness t
;. i
m-. a c and to extend congratulations ts
the happy v'ung c-uple. in wLa h t'a
C-JIIONIOLK juiilS UiOst sincerely .
--la Am., ;vi:;o; Monday inom:ut?, I c. !
:31-t. at the i-e.-i'ier.c ' of Rr. W. . il,'-:
, , 1. , ,,.. v.,.i., 11..., au.i. , .
Avcry, A.-s --;ate Justice 01 the .-nu, reup
Court of North Cato'.ina, to Miss Sa: .ie
Love Thomas, daughter of Hon. W. II.
Thomas, Rev. Dr. Rmkin. pator of the
i-'it'st Meth.)dist church, oilieiating. 'Ihe
ednor of ti:.- Ci:pn!i i.e w:-s K'a-1 t t.nvt
t:;.' uewiy in ni ieu i -n
ii Kaleig;
Liv and iu person to ex;-i;i oei it -tiotis
to Jus'ice Av-ry, tor it ha.- in- ; a
piesfure to us to have k'lowu ! :.; tu-tde
sc ,'eral year s .and to uuti.t.er her among
O'li -vOsi ii it'iiuN ..i-.- is -t nuiu.iu ; 1 1 :i v! ng o na 1 1 net i as .comiiii--' rauu- tu t .
ry 1 seu-e and Justice Avery is a -..- u K. Hunter's estate, this is to not it all uer
r. .. .. ,.. , ., ...in,P h..,. . i ,"'s I,. , r ! i : sntis in ! -ht e 1 to said estate to m.ike prompt
f t f Mrs. Avtrv is n.e pnuecior - .:' ;
th, lMlck:,,vyn branch of C;e N . C. R.
u .IQ(1 ,,,, was a .,a(ir!i, spirit m the
i)UhyiU,. (;. tltf erccll-ut tttrupike roads in I
,.teru N;,lth Caroim..
Death, the Ue.ip. r, Still is Ite.-tpiug.
In Wake Forest, Wrdnesday, January
it, Mr.-
iienrictta Bi'tie, vvi'.ovv cf
t'ne late Col. Beiiiamit.
liti 1 t.-sev P it 1 1.-, and
n.o! uer u. -vessis. i. o.-.-i ,ii.'i joc.uno
Btittle, aged 7i e&r . ..'iie w as a memoer
of the Missionary Baptist church deVQ-od
aii'i consecrated.
In Raleigh, Wednesday night, January
2nd. Ir. Richard B. Haywood in the ?Ub,
year of his ago. The funeral will be held
at C a list church. Friday raorning at 11
.!.. ek Tiie death of Br. 1 )ick IS a WTO id.
as he was familiarly Called, was not asnr-
. , , , . J . . , . ,
pn.-e, although it. waa a great shock to hi-
family and frier.do. In June 185 he vva-5
st ricked with paralysis Hi:d he never r
c-Vcred. A few days ago lie suffered a
third stroke which produced his death.
Few men have lived iu North Carolina
who had a larger circle of warm friends
than Br. liny wood. He had enjoyed evety
advantage that the h-e.-t h'niversities a
this count rv and Europe enuld afford and
had attained high position in his prefer-
sion. N(. untn con Id cute; tain a ..-'.mpa'iy
hcttt or teii a loke o Well, lie Wiis a
prince of entertainment and his hospdah
ty wasuubormded. (Jet.ia!. aecotnpiisheil.
wise and witty he easily drew friends :.)
J 1 ,'
j - (;
, ft ,1;,vct
h ni unri i.ioffil rhi in T 1 mm with tne
of esteem and admiration.
f his death Dr. liny wood w;is
dor in the N. C. hail-road.
special instructor in Shaw I diversity, a; d
physician to the In.-titutiou of the Ie,i'",
Dumb and Blind. No bet ter c-v.-i i.-nce of
tlt. t esteem in which he was held bv 't is
: l.-vth.-.r -..hv.--i.--iari j , .iil,l he
iv'-n ho
l aiUU UlSlUiiX i.llltJUw o :i. .-L - .1 JS
of the city by turns practiced at t-ie D. D. i
and B. Institution allowed J)r. Havwnod j
to n ceive the salary. !
The C::coxicle is requested to announce
that Mr. Augiistus liryant, of Xa.-h, will
l.e a candidate for Dooikceper of tite Serj-
ate. He was a brave Confederate soldier 1
1 and left on leg en the battle held,
A prominent Democrat in v ilfon conn-
ty writes; ".Mr. J. lv. Peacock desires to
be Doorkeeper of the Senate. lie is a good
man and a staunch Demort. He would
fill the position with dignity and credit lo
The Wilmington Messenger suggests that
if President Harrison is looking for a re i liv
able man for Attorney General he could
not do better than to choose II-.n. Samuel
j F. Phillip-, ex-Solicitor Ucuera!
Judge Merriinou's name is quite freely
used in connection with the SeuaiorsLio.
of course ho i.s not an outspoken candi
date, but is very well understood to be in
the held. Raleigh Cor, i!ituaer.
j Mr. Htll E. King, who has represented
Onslow in the Hons.; for the two past v.-s
sions, is a candidate- for Doorkeeper of the
llouse. Mr. King is a promiuent member
of the Farmers' Alliance, and comes trom
a good Democratic county.
Capt. Swift Galloway, of Goldsboro,
whose name has been imntioue.l in con
nection with the position of Reading Clerk
of the House, is out in a card in which he
says that he will not be a candidate. "I
am for the lioys" is his language.
...The following military companies
have signified t ocir intention of participat
ing in. t he Ir nc. juration: Charlotte', Golds-
bo ro, Oxford, Wilmington, Reidsviile,
Greensboro, Henderson, Durham, Fayette
viMe, t.hz-t-'oth City, Lu-uberton, Maxton,
ami ILdeiirii.
T!te Christian Sun states that (Jra-
ham College, aving secured a tract of
150 a res at i ill Point, near Burlington,
will t ! moved to that place, and the name
changed. The work of the college will
not be interrupted.
. . . .The Coined... rate Veterans' Conven
tion will be held in Rah igh, January 22ud.
The railroads will give the delegates tree
transportation and an effort is being made
to get the eitizt-us of Raleigh to entertain
them. It is the proper and graceful thing"
for Raleigh to do. The radroads have
been generous; let Raleigh citizens show
equal generosity, and they will.
IJuclilcu's A i iiica Salve.
The Best Salve in the world for Cuts,
Bruises. Sores, L'lcerSj Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter. Chapped Hands, Chilblains
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi
tively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect s ttisfaction,
or money refunded. Price 25 cents per
box. For sale by Lee. Johnson Al Co.
Eczema, Itcl.y, Scaly, Skin Torture.
The simple application of "SWAYNE's Oint
mkni" witho'n any internal medicine, will
cure hiu c ise ol letter. Suit Rheum, Kiny;
v.orni, i'iles, Itch, Sores, Pimples, Kczenui.
all is.; !v itchy si kin Eruptions, no matier
a .)'.'. e .-.vtinate e.i- long stauling. It isjxttcnt,
-tTer-ttvrt. mi costs but H tritift.
.V AiV i:!iTI.M;l K.N I S.
A NT 1. 1).
A partner in a ixok1 paying husiutss it: a
trrowimc town. Application consalf reU c on- ;
lidential. Address, A., '
no :':') 1 in care Stats: Ciikomclk. ,
. i
X NOI'St'Ktl KNT. j
1 am a candidate for the position of Head
ing Clerk of the Senate. I am rc-si lent of
the First Disi rict which has nevei lia.il t'le
position. I will thank Senators not to com
mit themselves before they reach Kaleigh.
Kestictfuil v,
dec l-St C. II. SI' i:CKIt.
Select Boarding & Day School,
I'or Yoiiiis Ladies and Kittle t.irls,
Tlie Sixtieth Term of the Misses Nash
and .Miss K"liock's School will open 2.'trt of
January, lsu. and close 11th ot -June, c.'u
Circulars ent on applieat ion.
nonxKii sen iHu
i-'o::D. N. t:.
( j:stalilishel 1851.
Spring Term .! tss;i cpeasthe -!h of Jan
uiifv. i 'iic of t! e best equipped choois i
i he .-.iu:ii. Tiit? best a.-eoniino-l.-t ions. -'.x-
wrieiicetl, faithful ami succes-i'tii teachers. ,
Pica-s i.'OiLr;te. Location healthful atul !
acccMt.ie. sta:iiai-d ol ct.Oiarstui) logu. .
Cl.e.-cs stlitiliiie
,,. .a ..11 ,lu..v.. .,i l. i
vaiiccmt'in .
J. f. HOItNKH, - 1'iiticipni-.
capt. t. J. i::k i: v, '
.V.'S i
. and
VUl 1.
i T T) t 4 L
'r''T 'ZX
tlrFVuarv .' i! or in' fnot
will he pleaded in bar't hereto.
This January !st.
, 1 y ".V
ii a ;n 1 i r ose no mt e i. i;t 11 :s u,sii;.iM
dm'r of NV. K. Hunter
Rolesville. N. C
PAi K ii: ltol.ni N...
Att'vst f Admh. ouu-'iv
-- oi TUT. -
Raleigh S vin.RS Bank,
' At the do- of Huius, Uec. 1st, ihhh
i hi sol I'd Ks-
! Loan-and Disi-wmts, . . . .
! Bonds
7.1H 5:
7. too 00
'V'i "?
.' t-irmt ure an.1,
1 ti-ii arm din. tro-n 1 -nks ..
; r.,sb ite,j;!i :. .
LI MJII.i'rirtS;
CapitMl stock,
Surplus fund
Proti; and loss,
cl5.H0 1 ( 0
1 :00 il l
' I. .uo. T. tuii, o.'-iet "t ihe Kau-igh
ivmys ManK. do o un.y sv.ear niacin
above statem-tit is H ue to the best of my
knowledge and t.eln-f.
JNO. 'I". r:"LLi;, Cashier.
Correct At'e-l:
.1 . J. Tut M As,
.II I It s i.KWIS,
V. '. S I HON.V'U,
IS. il. H vUDlNo,
.i. S. Wvn.se,
TrGmentlous Reducion
Ttirotiiflioui Our
ENTHIE stock.
Iu order to reduce stock before taking 010 1
Semi Annual luven'ory, wcs!ij.l! place 01
sal- today,
Extraordinary Bargains
In S;Iks, Dress (emils, ant! Dress Trim
iiings. I5AUGAINS
y, Cloves and Notion
Description. 15 A It GAINS
In Hosiery, Gloves and Notions ot Kvery
Desci iplion.
Iu White Goods, Xatces and Embroide
ries. 15 All GAINS
In Merino uisd All-Wool I'nderw ear.
In Curpels, iins, Klankets, Ac.
Jiflii fact our Kutire Stock will be offer
ed at Greatly
20G and 208 Fayetteville St.,
jan5-ly Raleigh. N. C.
f (y ROYAL I'VSil
Absolutely Pure.
This Powder never varies. A marvel of
purity, strength and wholesouieness. More
economical than the ordinary kinds, and can- j
not he Sold in competition v.irt: the nm!ti
tude of low test, short vveiirht ;t':.r.i or phos-
phate powders. Sold only isc;;s. oval!
Hakiug I'uu il'-r Co., lor. Wall St., . V. j
- FOR -
ala Exchange and Ren!.
! o
We do tr-uei-Kl K- il Ks'a!- i nsitiess and i
those vvi.-diin;.' eitiier to liny, Sell, Kx
clitiuyc, Kent or l.eit-o !5el I'ropeity
will lo well to correspoud wit.i us.
We liave in our ' nits a larsie mmd;er of
Dwell. ng, Dweh; ii;; I.-.n;., Bitxiies Lots
ana Store lJou-.es in tn.s pl.-a e. aiut also a
great ileal of Oram iiie county coo nt ry prop
Oxford is one of the leading bright tobao .
co towns in t he Sti'.te: its growth and t lie iu
tint of population anl wealth for the past
few years is unprecedented. With its jire-s-ent
railroad facilities v. e defy competition.
Att'vs-nt -L;iw and Ileal Kstat" Brokers.
Oltice: 4 Heriidon Iilock II!. (.'om:ite:ei..l i
4-V'iue, O-.f.'rd X. ' -tec 14 .uno j
NORTH CAliUI.IV A, i In tun Superior j
Wake 4'o'iiity. ' Court. I
L . s ,ru. . ........ i
OjJiei ti isn 11:., viiriii ii i:-l. i i'.o tr ifiees- j
tare of Willi m A-'- -'v, ilcce; ...ed, j
ai'.mst j
WiLiam K. Askew and h'.a wife, Emma; j
Ea.mu A. Kmer: :on , :id her hnsiiand, Isaac '
E. EmersoD .;a;aes A. A.-kew e.ud Mary,
rite- Cl.,,v!e- ..kev ;.i;d Mela, his
:i'ci-i.-..u i. iisKuw aim Vioia, his
wife; 'l'ltoraas s. Askew and Sadie, ins i
wile haggle Al. Askew, Inai let 0 . As- ,
kew, the Xiitionai Bank of Raleigh. An- !
nle E. Csrr, adm'tx ot Miui.ie Moore, d
ceased., a. id A. ii. Curr.her toisi.aial, .loini
W. Graham, Paul 0. (Jata-.-ron, Ihe Fidis
of Xeuse Manufactuiing Comp.iiiy.
The State o I North t '.: ol ; na , to I lie Slier
ill ol ' a!-.e roiinf. , f . K ; I .V I ; :
You ; .e hi :: o.innidi: d to siltiiiiiuii
Villiani F. Astiew a.nd 1j is wife, Kiuium, j
r.u.iua :. iv-i.-e'-ou an:' n.-i a : u ' nn:;, Isaac i
E En. h, . on .!
., A. Astcw and Mary, j
: n'
i w
wile, Ciia. u-s T. Askew and Lieh-., his :
,vife, -:!lcis.,n D. A-kew at.tl Yioit.' Id.,
.cite, t-honi-ts S. Ask..;V an -1 Sadie, hi., wh ,
iag- i - fw il-o-ri,"- .! A-kew ice !
S.'ilii.nai Biink ol llaii'igii 'Ainue K. Carl-' j
td:n'; oi Minn'e Moore, e.ei c a-ci,. and A. G. j
M.'.nrr, ht-r Lushaud. John W . Graham, Paul '
! O. Cameror, the Fai'.s cf N.-use Maimfac
! turimr Company, the !ef.-.ilants above I
; name,: I t!, .V i-A to -..'. vvitlui, ,.-:r conn '
! tv, to a- lit the cue of the CUili ot the :
i Snper.r Court-lor the cotutiv of Wake, at !
! the Co trt Hotn.e. in the citv of Raleigh, on
j the 17th day of January, 1 .. and answer!
! the coriitil.unt a coov oi which will le de-
posited in the oillc-e of the ( 'it rh of the - n
j perior Court of said comity w it bin ten oajs I
! lrom the date o titi- .-ur.inioiis, r.d let I
them take notice th,o f 1:113- fa ' 1 to answer 1
tbe SBi-l c'-.! o;.t within tha' time 1 .
I plaintjil .eh ;-.ppiy to tt.e t'.,ui,Hn- tit.? ro- ;
net demaii.K-d ;u tlie conipiauit
Hereof fail no- and of t his Sio.nnon make
due return.
The purpose of this .p5ciid P.-.-eeed'-.-g i ;
10 OOCMHi ;itl er.ler ot lite l ean to sc:l t .ie
real esia; e 01 v. ireu cue- lare r . 1
fti...l -.1 ...s -..: s. 1 it I
1 iue counties 1 vv a iie ami 'range in tt.c n,-ti nte
I Stat of N-.rtli .Carolina to makef lissets to ; u experienced and highly acc-om-1
pay the ... .us ,.L the said Askew. ! Uishfd corps of teachers iu ad "branches
j t.iven under my hand ana seal ot sa:u ; ;,,.lliVUv taught iu lirst elas. seminaries for
i t-oart tins nrd nay ot Jannary. isss. 1 ,,,., i-.u: n.-l .d.-ls -dv on.. w; fo- i,.
t li S. i. I 14." 1 i I Kf'H .
CiC-il-:. i-:iU. C utUt vv une i.o.
... . . .
Christmas S S38.
. 7-"e, 5.I.00,
t?.j o, m.oo, it;.ti
S I . s;t.
I Our SI. 00 l-.isiiue il is the Largest .ind
Finest cvt r s.iown i.eie tor the tnoticv .
Kid t$iUi-l l)olls t!ic, Site. iI.on,
All other kinds o' Lolls, Xankeen, C iiina,
Wtt v. Is.j-ae and L'nbrt?akHble, at
ioi prices from lc up.
' hildrcii's Hooks, from o to oOc.
'.v'vU These goods are about '4 price.
A'loculti,s, J!ojJy Hrs-ts,
Deshs, Cititirs, tVaons,
Caiiiiips, IJctls, Cribx,
j !Ilrt';US.J, lVS
.lecli, nical ToVN.Tin Tyr-, Vases, Toi
let Article-., I sue Vases, .li'ivhy,
t'ltina Toy. Oriims, I'apeturje.s,
I'isi-.res. Wooilt'i! Toys, iia
i.uti r;iiiery Warp su ll
St le. siiapes and
We bave every Line Complete and are
makin an Klaboi ate Disp ay of them.
We h ve th' Largest and ipos'. f'op'plete ;
J.OIC Oi illkl'4 .in.,
i:i the .-', ;:'..l in vile tor to c-tii.
foollcott ti Son,
1 4 Hi .t yii'lin St.
janS-a UAI.C1GII, N. C.
Oxford Fsnia!e Seminary,
O V PUHI). X. V.
Tin-f-iiriiiff T rni opens .Juau iry lMh,
lM'st), atid clos s the lirst Thursday
in -I mse.
Board Fuel, Lights. Wsusniutr, .nd
T nt t ii ot t nc.i ii: ! i ' . if I.Mfin fttii!
I-'rencb cost .... $.S:Y0o j
If ; tli 1 !! jidvanc; Hii.T. '
The aoov:, vv ith Music, 11' ikI j
If p;;id in advance liTi.txi j
C ".vi-i.l v lor t lit'i'.ticiie to
I'. I. HOliGOOU, !
dec--- ot President, j
y; AL5 AliI.E L.M TO It SALE.
I off. r for sm.ic at the Court House, in the
city of Raleifth. on Friday, the 4th day of
January, iss;', at 12 M . two hundred and
fifty fjaoi acr.'S of land, lyinsc tour and a
haif miles South of Raleigh, on the Fay
etteville road, adjoining the lands of Rich
ard Kootice, HatmibtiL Parker and others,
beinri part of t he lands of the late (ieorjre
W. Wbitaker, deceased. This is a very de
sirable tract of land. Title perfect. Terms
made known on day of sale.
A. D. Jones, Att'y for Executor. del4-4t
k hWmy School for Boys ml
t Tliorouj.Oi iiwtruclion. At)!.-! Ti arlier- in :! I). ) :uui,
II - Tint e is l "'it IHseit l:ne. !:.,- utilli:'" tm 'nnl 1
III AO UK i. ill I it l.tKM'l'il.A ,1VI VV 111 KK.
i 1 aero is it t i ,. inii;!ily (iUippol lat-iia-.-s lt-p:ii t!in n:
Tl'is iei:tt'tne-iii -il.-i :i- tt-xwl aiivunliies !(s :mv ;i-!p s-- i .U
n-'o. !tt:ej.-s el a 1" i lit a ry ..,n-:it lot,, :i t , I til! ,-':is-is in ti,. .v,!.u
L j. I'll ! I o.ii i:i Ti-lf I :t l liv :o'.. ill Mini I 1 1.-' ,,.t - '. -
, .V. ''' l''u
(.m.'.K. il l.ovs 111,. 1 1 ..m.u- .M.-ii . -n
I. , .i.'.-t (OiiM-l ls....i .-.l lu.-lve
.!n7':;?"xV;M1eM uC;!1:
1 eeinsi- ,,l m:i,Iv. Cuietj complete Ilu-if di.c.it 1,111 li.i-e, or it tl,(in,iili 1
or t iiivcrMlv, or ti.e Co', i t ioiii'u! Sehooli nt Annfipotis unit Wi-s! l'oii.1.
. . 1 fit i- is :ii: e)it i'iiic.1 pay
ttou. No other school oti'i r M his :h ! ;i ii
- r.xcciiem new i.tiii.iuiirs ll'iiut.ooinely liirnishetl la:siiiei.s Del. a i-liiient '
i.uti-. tii'iy Iia!l iit.ci la-fitation i;o,;ar-. I'.eaiitiinl 1 u i'l nn.i i.. 1 ...,',,,. 1
2 b T 01 lie hitler eon tain it 1' term -s
Supt. Davis School,
Spring Term Will liegin
I'.r.n l ini, ihhh.
Kui Ca;
' "
K" li L 1 OJllr.C5i A. M.
- - !
f "i - i
hranVllfP IntilllfP
Ui Ull V lalU IIIQtl!UlC ;
O.VMKHl, . O,
The Spring ses-
pci;s danuary 1, ').
: ooomt: nc-v. an.t ei..,re;
! rel urinshe.l t n .-nmn.er. . lee rat Meal ;
i'-'--tra:in.-iits iikiuo- arges sn.e . hiekeri:. ;
concert gra d pianos just 4rom the factory, :
au wtt octaves of Pedals- IHroc- :
. music, is a graduate ot the Norwich :
VrjH-.or;, , nu anerw:.r;; ; a pupa or
- 'T'AOOJ- the most renowned pianist
f,f America Special ad vent a res m r.rt r.nd
tMO"lU1,;:; Progressiva., ?ta,-si;!i teachers
or Cawtio.gue app.y to . ,.
. , la- II. ( hJ KIiK,
a-Ilu 'jipal.
1 ; T
Peace Institute,
Kiileisl., K. O.
: The Sj.riti- Term Coi;;mc-:iec s on tite 2 I t
i January. ISS'.t, a ad t loses the First
e;l ue-;l a v iu June l-'o! lowing.
; .
; '1 he attention
11 fenns iooKiun oj- a lirst
I class sci,,
r tin-!' l..ilighl-: is ceiled to
Jirucumi; l!:nt, Art a,..': Modern Lan-
; .v,..o-h,. iittsiirr;,sst d.
j iml. A comprelu t.sive cinse of instrm:-
ta-n. a.- roli-.-.v-: i'rin. u y and 1'repara- j
torv. !-. . Aca-hmuc. tn.; Collegiate. (.4);
( i.'ital. inehiding .Music, Art and Modern )
Lan-goagts. i.". C- imiitrf-ia!, including
Iiook keepi ..g, Shun ii.mti, Type-writ iusr. j
nrd. 11. attlifulness of locntiou. ') ue cli- !
Tt,-.t t' U;.!ti"-1, is Tl.it.l Mini S'l I It! .lis :..'- !
ing'a pleasanTmean Ween Uip severe eoid
of liiotv i;,rther:i and the enervating heat
of a more Southern locaii y. As evKiencc
of the h.ealthfulness t he following statement
is made: I'eace Institute was organized and
started as a school, by the present Princi-
pals m during that time not a single
detith lias o-curre.l among tne pnpls b-ftnl-
iiigm tke institution, a. ui for inp I t-r two
mid a half yearo no aju oi sicitneoS ivuuir
i t: care and attention l.ty.nidiKe ivginar
time lor re.ti'i ing at night.
-nh. Location at Kaieigh, the Caaital of
the Stati.. in -arect railrad and telegraphic
commuiiicu! on vvirh evu-y place in ti.e
count ry. 1 '. Uicipal s o - ce onnected by
t'. h-ph'.ne -.vith telegraph oltice.
;M!i. l!u dtling most conveniently arranged
of :'ii 3-iu the Stn'.e; heated by steam i,inl
lig'tited by gas, i'iio slrtit.u i'uUui-. ot pu
pils ii.'rauged f'or t ao occupants, neatly nud
comfortably t'iiruished, and ciifcli wariiicil
hy a steam rrdia'or, danger from tire in use
of open fi re .places ana stoves b- ing t hits
avonie.i, h vv.-u as neaiin itiio. Cituirori pro-
nioteil. The large and eieg.no. assembly-
room is leght'-d by electricity, and electric
l.'cils 'fe through the v hoi? bmlding.
Oth. The religious a'3vs".t;iJ.H 11 the
Protestant ciiiirflns .ire represented In Hal-
eitfh. WiiUc. Pence lustbute id under t tie
ausp:ea ot Prv-sh;. tei iana, it is ny no means
sectarian. I'upus op tne nt-t fe.uinlay of
each month attend churches of their pa-
retttti' choice,
7th. KxpetiScs less than any Female Sem-
iuary ottering same advantage: .
T K It .US:
For Board, including f "niwhwd iOi.ni, ser-
vam.;s :.;ic:i:mm,e oio-, m..u-.uj, u ou to.-
klUU i'l ail lllO Uislltl Ul.llliues. i.iUni, v 11-
and endiur June Ct h, ISS'.i, I -.(.
For circular coutaininc; I'ua tiar i'-ota
aev. U- RUBWELL rv SON,
deo28-tf iialeigb, C. j
:-r -.--
n I
Sn" i"lTiA T I I H 51
S V 3 fell w - j v ;
Remember your friends by sending them
a Bunch or Basket of
I shall have a srood supply of
JfPltase give in your orders ef-tly.
Re.- pectfuliy,
rct.M Cm Ralsirh, N. C
Having quaiifietl as Kxecu' or -. f Mr X.
l Puilen. ueceased, this is to notify all per
sons havinft claims asraiuti the decedent to
exhibit them to me on or before December
ISth, ISb't, or this notice will be plead in bar
ot their recovery. A 11 persams indebted to
said decedent will please make immediate
payment to me.
Raleigh, N. C, Dec. 13, 1SS?.
decl4-6w Executor.
t-. liecpiiiR. Runkiti:-;,
in t tie co 1, 1,! !-,-, n nil at
I ' pat -tiiu-i.l wn iii't
""'"oi'tal I'eiOMto.t-iiip "i ,:. i I ,. ii.m ;i.,i, ,,t a.
t- t,, w 1 i;e it i."". I httn.l. 1 1, -lir,i;,hi ! iMs
'i s. ' -I ..-hi-h.il:t. Veen I M.-i-U- lie.- to -t' !
"-I ' - U at. i-eo!o, .i,,,;,
sirwui, :i ,i ,r in 1 !:(-.-. h, ,o. In case of sifl.i,
'w'-vui.ti!?P8 titan any other UoarUa,- e'lioi.l in
anil full partieulnrs, HilUrcH
Monday, January Ssth.
W Y.
And if Bachelors, Maidens, Mammas or Pappas, Cott ins. Sisit rs, Sweetheart
Aunts waut 10 buy anythiuK in the iPJ.TG LINE, A ToIIET c SE B(1TI
F'XTilAVT. Hri''al KrtMy Present or auyoth.r present Kr - Sister, ir,'t'-x.
er, Cou.-r.j, ;;w.vltw;rt or Friend durit,c the j-ear don't forget thi't
-I.e tu make ihe puichasu. Come whenever vop f-I Mk- -t -..o - -
r,i: ; Vtijk ir , , ,vf..or,( ... lv ., , , . ' V., , '"v" 'li ,-.'ica
1 ' ;; 1 -J.;.,. 7 ' H"'''' ar'! ' V.elcami
. tn. : o i,,e o. a .. ...naier Duuk) await.? voa the Miiumer.
:; i a thousand and cue good vviiiies for all UIV patre-ru. and frier is I
very cord:;tl'y, " ' "''
Cor. Marki, riiirtin and
Furniture and Bedding. I
ft ?- .
f VSa-
7' 11
: 1 ... - --- - . I ,
1 -
...... . ...
f 1
.. H.l
j f
; :;.p
t .'
i : i '- u ; 1 .... -
"A ItLuH Hi ITS.
' Embossed Plush Parlor .Suiw r7.?
Siik Flush Parlor Suns...
III! in
Silk Flush Sof a
Silk Plush Divan
Poplar Chamhcr iinit.2, iron .uu to $;S0.n
cherry 'hauA'evSuiU .55. a.
yi ..number Suits from &7.:i to .io.oo
Walnut Besteads from s.00 to
Itair Mattresses, Finest Quality 5.'i-
Pine Hair Mattresses from. . . '. N s.r.t
Cotton Mattresses from -". k. h..y
Straw or Shuck, CcHoit Top. i 'in to 4.5;
iii.M.Nii ;;o')i,
Wulirat- Extension Tal -ll.e
Walnut Kxtc-usioxi Tables .. 14 Mi
Poplar Sidu-iioards lO.(H)
Wttluut bide-ivoard". 'JO n:
Drop Leaf Tables
Centre Tables fci.Cj and
.Vuleju.- o.-.K. l. 1 ire la'ue.:
' C'neity Centrt; 'i'aLU--: .
; ' V-li XiilS,
I Spin .W.t Chairs. . .
' Couiinoii Wool Choirs
' Cane S.-at Chairs
' Oak Dining Chairs
i ItocLt-rs...' f t on, .?) an. I
j .iSt'SJl,l,.M;oi S
Cane, for reseating cuair:;. l,Ci Ut,. fT.in
; Sitr.:, 4 Slat Redo. I tJ.'u;
N ovea-vvivc M.'.-trv-;es 4. e
j WercL'.Kvi fli.00 arid
CLUoi I lookers t: nd Hi.gh Chair.-.
1.00 and I..-';
Haby Basket Canhtges, with Para-
j suIs 7.tVl, ;.I;d IO.iH
1 rr.,l s.-..,n ill) ni'il 1 s, r,.
Sate... Tin r Wire 'i.U
.. ; LoUi;fe.o f ... U ir.(tl) to 1H.TA-
Hai.nuock Chairs .0 and 5.(n
Bedsteads from -i.0i to 1 ' vt ?
Vasu-.U'i:ds tvoiv t.3 to 10.00 i
I Orders from the Country will recciv; '
i lro,"lJt attention. Letters ol 1 iii tiir j
! th eriwlly and prom;Uy aiis.vcred. i
j. l, iiui.-;u. vv,l,
-r ri it rTratv , v r t 1
i'l Kast Martii Street,
ii LKJGll, X. C.
By virtue of authority j.-iv-n in a deed in
trust from in. A. itnoues, i-.corued in the
Register's (di'.r-e of Wake county, in Book
j ane ;;..! in the Reeristers otHce of
Johnston county in Book II pae 'iA, Arc ,
1 will sell on Tuesday, the -th day of Janu
ary, ls.su, at ;mbiic ai..t iori at t li t: Ctomt
ilini- eiioo.' C'!' V.'ake county, in the city of
n.ieiL n, a tiv-: or iau Kt .vjhi-k s t. re
! township, W..:,,. count v, x. C adjoiidng
i the lands of .toan V, . htiodts, Judsou Le,
Lawrence Ai t .rson. Walter Scarborouii
I and others, and containiuu at.out UOacreb.
; A'ko a lot a. town ol Selma. Johnston
i county. N. C, ami known as Let No. SI in
I the plan of said town of Schn.i.
Said tract and lot of let nd arc more dell
' nitely described in said need in trut which
! is hereby referred to. Time of salerT! o'clock
XI. Terms cash.
Kuieiccn, X. C, Dec. 7. ls-s.
J. N. IIOLy!G,
Byron A. Pugin,
DLU11A31. X. C.
ty Mention this paper. junl5 tf
Your Efcn,
Insurance. Ac, p,-a.'t icitil :,. (-.
t he same t ime till cailmt liavc
i i-xiiia Cl'A!!'.!..
I'lon-i ;! 1 .',,111:111. No I- , 1 : .
-1 lliml
- . ,.t, ai.ttU. In-e Uer iu IMwil.
,i ct.-u o imi
io'll i'T at.-- ('. ' I"'."
!i v i.- O" ,'Mr n. :i . I a ' I '..
'.,!!. t ie Harrai-it-. K.ne .-ocieiv
Ihe country (.t aoot.K.M: uai.i 11,.-,
jan 4-1 1
Mao U
Wilmington Street
Page & Arendeii,
j Cotton Dealers and MUMiti
j r.miims.sion M ercL a nl h,
Iu Store and to Arriv -
! Uaslx l M hite 01 .
I ,) slicls Clioice I ". . d (,,(,,
."jO,oio , .,!, Choice '; i.tjolhy May,
VJ3,0)() I'ouii.l liill I'ei .( and ( im,
I0d"0 i'onuii'. Ui.i'Viiiu ,
By I'm.- B tg, Bale, Ton 01 Ctr Load on Low
est Possible -Margins.
i,OI) I'o iniK Ha, t ofler,
l(M Sai ks l vv Drop Fla'ir,
!! S ts ."rlHsnoliit Flour,
5.000 iNonids Granulated und V llovt
20,0'M I'.miikIsC. K. Sides,
loatoo I'oands Hazyntd I.rl,
5,I.M tiallons 'ulia,lfi to Uit-o and New
Orleans iias s,
By the Round, Suck. Box or Barrel at Low
est 1'osstiilf. Bines.
Tolmcco, Snuli; Soap. Starr is
-- ANo - -
'-'ar.e Loot 1 ieuerally in Li-.ie 01 Sii.aii
Lots;-; Hock Bottom Kim To;'.
ivuji: & aki;m)i;li,.
Prices Low Down,
i 1:
en, Boys and Children's
i-T-'i" ''
-2jas jt
.-4.,- rii.i:: --Tr,W-.
We have just received a .UIS LOT
;iothinjf for .Men, Roys and Children, !.-.
tlniti MamdVa -lures prices, for Spot ('ash.
and bought 1 his l ite i 11 the seaso:, makes
thein real iiat fntins. Bn; line ot
Al.vaf on hand at Low iwu tr'. s.
Zi"$'li must be reduce 1.
octr.3-;j;no A'.:.'ion.e ; and lleceiver-
NcVHiaiov OnCit tor Sale I
A (pRncii:l new .- leioer .... idc.-an be bou,ii.
cnca;i a.iio on 1 1 .o,. n'at.o nititi, ov aco.vc-i-in.
c. i. i.rwis.
novaO-U KeidiYilie, N. .

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