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The Stale Chronicle
The I.rsNlature Will Soon
Tluvo times as many
Su ?: i ibcrs as it had three
vi'iirs a to, ami st ill boomin;;.
Su5 rt your Party Orjiau
GIVE I S 10,000.
Ihp Starts rjo
y -JtJ v.. .-: '
ri i;i.is;u:i i:vi:kv run v
CIlIiOKICLi; IMJ.I;. co.
i j
kff I fif Of 11
r-ov. r, t'x.jt!i
Sl.'RSf 'RIPTION : ftt.Ol Per Annum.
vol. xvi n.
NO. 40.
Advertising Kates Low.
'ir.f -I
I Eva ISraV
r-4 sa
Wv .w
Th s
t.l l'
t'OM S.VI's ON TOi'H TI! ; a:
! j i :t i r;u ti w. v koclk.
ri! C pi .
- 1. Ol t:iio:
- it'a! i lit I i
ot In -est Now I
1 1 1 ;
; r u .
to t.
1 K.N. .!.'NK .-.ays
1 enlisted tn-: in
u ineta .: : 'Jo?
i.U t i.-rc ;u
Si;o Guard
- lu-d i
u'ctcd or. P-
mi me
e. ell1 1
: ve. :re- i''o.
k ! ; 1 ujw.-1':!;i.i,
t ti'oul of' ii .
A C. McInt.u has taken edituria!
f the Alexander county Journal.
-a e''Tnp-eti nt help Mr. Sower will
;i.e .lotirna! even better than it is
: L: 1 r-on e
';... .v- 1;
-1 ij.i. A. acd -1 .
-.nuTe.tiu ;
.iii'.y t .in-:, r r.as l
i,ii',v p'.il .(". 'd ly
n : vri.-a Them
ilr. V. . L AUtass, lortueiay ot tne i..
a! Ueeor.ier. i.as puvcha-ed the Hie
int Eriterpri.-e. H:s broth.
Mr. J. J.
F.ii i w h i
..ti: v.; it th
h.is h i,
i :sp,-r.
rial fxpeiieuco.
wiii tiieta i!i;r. h
SofTitEUN tAUMr.r.s who voted the Iie-.nb-.:tai
ticket have this pleasant Xex
Ve;. r.-:!eetiort: That while the present
ax --otfon ties is '"!-) per een. and the
. e:r. i s.uht to n;:-.ke them fn-j -f
dn:. - I-Up-ublican .-ettate bill propo-e-;
to inerea.-e it it's per cent .
''eruwerat ha always b-:--n
. 'he t'H'.toNtCLKoftiee. It.- h. e
e'.li.v'. .-.a i. i as e, a our wai t:i 1 1 iv.m
vtid we ':. id for trim a -ii:ee:e adinirati-'.:..
'Ve are ir'.ad to we '.coie to North Carolira
as hi- -Kces.or Mr. A. ii. Cr .is'iat:. w';.,
ui.t:-r..--l the :!
ezi.tt-r ot Mor.rv.Tn 'acrC-
sen. Mr. c":.r.stiaa ha- h-.
(it-riette--. tut i a.-s---.-:at' !
ti r t
Ti ! ;. will keep
t .
ce utii j" - the -
I K a; 'crat
n to
' he
t;oi$Ai:i.E that various
the election h.w will '-:."-
!.. gts'a'ur". 'ne
vi)t--r ;
ex '- '. T
ti-tttg tt
r e "-'--ta.xat
i. '
t o ; . ; y
ttt.-tr '
tie p
t! " :
1 IS
a'i'-t. t
The c
ax e
s ar.
r c'a- -
: n.
'A i: r r u Tin
ti j:KS IJEAit-
ti; . i t s.
r : a t :t:
. and man-.
t n
i re
- -: v
Far me
a J'.'tt-t t''-
v- 'e-eti
-eeUt-o the e-'a:'i
Co.; ..1--'.'.:: 1 ' :
itshrrn-Tit or a l.ai.r
ts -a. 4 d-d '1 :
be s o.i t . 1 1 - h c 1 and i
certain .-ate rs which ',.
Coin-.::- -: :i v..
r -.rkahle that
never irtn known to f,vor a Commission
uu'il it became popular are K-comii-.g ear-u-s-
advocates of it- est .blt.-htnent. O I;.:.
.re glad to st-e that tney are .ao
n''" conversion. They have "com"
t'lroiigh.'" We believe that .-uch d
bed repentance ought to lie taken
' 1;.
msnv grains ot allowance.
If th-
.'F'l g'-t well he may - back slide." an'
-"it- -,s tl. l fJ'a.N'I. I. c is c.ineerned l is
m favor of taking all such advocav -
C jtnmis.-i.jn on probation.
- . .
Till: I.OVKIiVOIl-S HFI iA r.
it has recently been charged that '-nr
Goveraor has not been prompt in defer d
iag our oys'er beds that - predaf.
have been made on the coast by pi rat.
seeking TO u.e our cy -Tors, and that Gov.
Scales heeded not the c ills for aid. Thi
is a gro-s injustice r-. our Chief Executive
When, on la.-t Suinm- r. the complaint:
were made he immediately ordered rra
Adjutant General to give the Sber-it- no
tico of the provisions made by law 1 jv :h.
u-e . f militia for tbmr defense, and .-al-thttt
is- stood in re;"l -e-ss to aid them r
any ease of necessity. A few c mp.a:. :
came in. one from th- SraPh Iv-stern p.u
tiou. but they never asked any aid. Go-
Scaks gallantly offered to even u,a';o' a j
rat ar'oiery auoat- ano .-coo o ,
dthough it was believed by many j
that a posse couel eu-: y
a- i the .
:1n.l or vc-nt d-pre-
- - - j
No a; I was a-ked. theicb-iv,
have been expect- d. He went to tne omit
of his prerogative and should, theiviore,
h- commended at:d not abu-cd.
vr vt i:Tr idboiis rf i-ort.
The annual report of (k-n. W. I'. Hoberts
is a brief and T.-iling document and presents
the comparative
condition of the lrca-ury
with proceed
ding vears. weenoea'o: io
give a genera: view o
A our finaucial eon-
dith-ai as shown m his report:
to. i,,!..,,.... a.s leoorted in the Treas-
ti;e WCV.O.V. i
. ., ...... ,f , i-.u tti-o list vears'.
urv Jans mi-.u " ' '" - '
i.i', r onlv S7.5. U2-2 -C This is aecoua'cd
for bv the astom.-hing shortage in tl
ie re-
ceipts from drummer's license tax which
afforded in the year of "80 alone the sum
of -"i.sOO when this year it only yielded
sp.10. This was due to its non 'Collection,
but it is also seen that the revenues indi-
recti v coming from the sou ice it repre-
. . x i. e ii.ii .... (.mnnarpil with
iiir.ts rails uu t .:.j,-.--e ...v r-
ent3 raus t ..
the same year. icm0 au - - ;
-omoarison with the last "oft year, vo
at the same time, oo.-cre to, t..
. i V.
bursements have been lessened 40, &:.. j
During this year we must remember tne
ial "disbursements represent also the
exp.u-eof fitting th- Capit ' and
link-dug ii. Supreme Court and Li .rary
l-Vi:Vs:-g rriv'tne it alone a heating : par-at-.:s
co.-tir.c: !J.0'-'.
' -awi-sung the pensioners he me tions
tin :ii under 1 wo el i .Terent c'us.se.s. First
n-pr.se.s -4 who rt . eive l-' per
;!. ';''. is Ir.irly iiberal i-.uati')ti
. ..-e tyrs ". ' to the s -'.nd we eu-
e h '.-.''jrils, "it is a m re ba.iiatt lie." j
cvstii'l say tLat 4,;i49 r;;.'-.l but 'e.-ave J
:! houlvl. after broiv.-'.in4 the vaves j
rorr.t .come
b.e-k to th -ate
and now ieveie a com
enough to keep a tkcei '
a'iw one
m out a. and these, rttK.sF. ,. .i.ant mkn get,
as reported by our Audit' u', S.t2" each.
" The State with her healthy ti i inei.d eon-
tion, r'Vat'j.itij; prosperity Ht:d rapid de-
.'I, t .-'iO.il'! wovide f.ere UIk r.;i!v for
her xt;ainied (."onf. : ue 'Miers who have
siiile;. ! patu, p-e. rty u'.l sih n -e for
uearSv aou.trter of a eeuiurv t'r.e.t the
. : .v .- in I.e. rvi
he aid .if the Slate m
:r oe-
hai:' anv! says that the Stat, can ill afford
to allc-w "ihe wido.v of the one deceased
who gave his life in her defence to become
a pauper upon t h - country in which he
r -hied.' "
Tiie aggregate asses-e! value of real
at: ; ; er- d property, ine'tnling rsillroad,
is ir. round numbers -21t2.ooo.oOii. and he
s -s that a -lev of s....y.e?hinir hke :$
c. nt-- o;' ever
-ired d .iltts worth of !
o' '
-y, to which .-hould :'c added cm tain
items of revenue derived from vari
..tvi will be requh-'d for ah legiti-
mate pt
S'ee.i 1
in t tte t
i. s," provided, however, there
t'o 'very considerable increase
gae expenditures of ti e two
pre . : - Vea.rs.
Th:s is ihe las' annua! report of Mr.
Hob-rts and it reilects credit upon the re
tit it:-; Auditor, e. :: I .-how s the skiih'al way
t:i' I nioeraric aunt ;nistr:tt ion hatahes our
i :
COl-e'udeS W.i tl h'gh i
.' s ;o his clerk ;t:ui as.i-tants as
r"0d tti tid.oui Goen. -r. and,
vt.se. -u-.- the ties of g. i will.
and friendship whkti have
.. t l.er the ' ilicer- of the present
.tl .tt a- men voted To the
: v.ee of xae :ate "
wf h re;
.-. ,
. : auei.t
.- n:
5 N
a.-.- :
" ia;t:
s beer:
'.eC ted
.-:irv '
..tj ;,
of lot
e. litis
-'. Eioci:
1 etie
.( : .
come 1
. .., j.j j
Art, tt:
..'.l'i1 s ;
t pre-- i
i -me ca
ttst b
;r tl.e Mate Senate ot
" Wl'
ts a r
sir- t
1 rtc- .
. tiny
'anef ':
tn h:
At tor.
.. tn
e . . .
The F.
A. L. Pi
-.- : ttiser ver -ays t tia? l..-v.
lip-, pis- ."of ' l.e Prvst-y t ertan
F.iveue'. ille. !';' reccivi d a c.i'.i
to Phrmit.gham, Ala
Ii- ha.- n- y.-T ili-
elded Whether or i.'-T ht
-:. The
md stav
' n :.' i.M. nr. ii . -a- i
v. .; ;i n ;:t a- o
North Cr
Mr. c.
Pari n Ha.- n-een .-ppoinn i
h-c'o-. for .-u. g- ;-. I Ala
mane- counties, m pi-.a- or Air. t. n.
Ta;, k r, re-tgned 1 Cor r.as aacet t-
.ai 'he p.. i-itioa of rrav-flir.g rale.-ma:: with
tr;e well known fain of .V-.-srs. Th-y-ter A--trud.vi.
s. Norfolk. V;t. -- llilba 'a, ob-
Mr. John S. Battle, the bright m of
o.i. e.-icemed frt-nd Jas. Ball!.-. Esq .
H-veti'-e Agent and ex Se-na'or fr-ir: Ntoa.
nix the appoint inel.t to V,"r-t po.n ,n th
- cUil nJ'-iriet in a con:; -aitivc ' xamii.a
: . ,a laud at Hooky Mount oti the 'w h of
in e mber. Tile CHIIONI' I K hears tine tie
examination w-.o- ..-ry t! 0" .ugh. We e. -u
siatniaTe young .Mr.'Ba'-le. He 1 - -:::y
I .- merit to thank for th" place. b. t i
i.e v.,iv '-- belt-v: in ai-p.. rating ys -o
We-r i'oa.t and Annapolis '
tie r. aajne.
Mr. M. 1'. Deilirger, a blind an
i !-- tte solda-r, ouh' To rec
i n a,.! fr 'Si the North a.rolina '
; .,r taw does not include him
; r :'" lo-- on- ey- hi battl-
i heir
ta b.rt
'' -fib'1
a pen-
d the
s io- ' t.- isi- ': sme-
wc. 1: and gave him muet patio
n.t-. - cross -aah orho-, tne :
; -s- '-- : . .a in ot.e eye frequently -a. uses -;t,
ot,.. . ".'j .. blind " His w-ak eye '
.. ttibir- i by . .iekof .v-.h1 h'ttr g him !
a-. 1 ..I'-.a'.cd the eni.r-lossof tsjor.
L. i'r. v, . ;. HatnrieV. our r- pr- .-en a-
,e ha - assed ... sjiec::d act for t: be -.-.;
i-r u g .',d m .n !;;,. :o;d tried, M. P.
' 'elltTtg'". otie it.v Aurora. i
. -
An Opinion About the . o ver no r - .Iat)--:
o n .
trom Klbt.-betli l av Falcon.)
It i- -i.-kenite- to hear Persons urate
about the new (iubernatorial Man-i tri b
ng too grand. ari.-tocra;ie and exp-nsivi
-.Vnv shouldn't The Governor
Carolina have a grand home? He is chad
of a grand ..conic. The State delights to
i . ir.- n..... !-.... .u ,.t '..;
U .lll'l Mill. '' '"" -' tios
truckling Ta
tl-.:,t mise-rd.lf fWti.rovie.-l
i'lrtl liii iu tut; .'laic .ui't nijim (
i is
1 he Tn..n ivlm sl.!d t...
a-h timed
themselves. Finish the mam
j ; ',
.furui-h it and pay th-(iovern...- a sal
etiouoh to li'.a-like a gentleman. Evt-rv
-hcaited Tar-? eel in The State should
i , .
be proud to sec
the chief exeeuti
The First Idol ol Childhood ISroken.
From Roanoke News.
n,ti.. ,Orl uli'.ii to' i for tti d fO'-a tim
r.fii,.'. id.-Toitv of Santa Clans, looked nn
i . . :. -".i ; -.1 ...:.t. . . -
ii.-iiai"Juia;" - u ini,,- ttii.i, vi-..i cl tetti
, , t p'it,, Li,..i .a,i
' ... c - -t C ""C
, , .s o a.. . - -o - .
v-.ivj- . .. , . . i
, Judge Davis addressed the negroes
on Emancipation day at L-jUisburg. We
wager all we have got that he gave them
words of wisdom.
Tiii'Di i sTioN is: no is 1,
i tlK U ! K V 31 AN ?
v '!v"n Vlici!-' I'.ie Sen Uoi i ; s I
In sueh limes a ; this we cant:': aiTord
t.. traoe uif a trie! .-t:ae.- man for an !
tried one. no tu:-tt- r ho v. brilliaii'. '. 1" -
abet a t it v Ne . s.
North t'.irolina. in .-end r.g A . M. Vfc I
r.eil to the Sein e, wouid make no jn'--take.
an.! Uac naught ' regr. t. F.-y-etteviiie
a. r.o io A exanoer, ana s yotescuunr
A careful poi! of the Legislature piees d f.-r Jarvis-while there are ouf 120.
K-tnsom SO votes on the hi -f ballot. Tt'-at : !.-et;M:er..vie votes on joint bal lot if looks
is quite soflicieut to elect htm,
the State a political caianity.
boro Patriot.
r 1 - j
Cie a-- '
Hansoufs chaitce.s of heing
siiece-sor are not growing so
siaali" as some w- .uhl have us b
we can see straight. His eotnp
in mv titi-i honorable, !;'.;t sotm
is ov. n :
.".titer the people want Hansom. .
s. an it ititist be
his own sue- !
oeaurifutlv I
Halts, 'til's chattees of being
c. ssor ;ire not growing so
small" as some would have us L-iiew, if i 1
we can see straig
IPs eomp'-f.tors are j hue nee will enable him to r. nder more er
btit some how or j f.-L-nt service Thau any new man could.
ma'av ano. hon .ra.oie.
other th" oeople want Hansom, and Han- i
' . . . i l . i
nitt -t !'. .VsnCOt'i COU. . i
Ex-Governor J-vrv-s ha.- bee. home o i
a.g no .v that it seems ..ut of place to I
weteome ii'.m oa-.k. .,
vtiow we nave an
havernor. lie is
I evcriasil.tg lain in il::-
the greatest man in the S'.ite, a:ul we w;;l
sunjVirt htm tor any position except Sen
ator Hansom's. V, e are glad he is home,
and do not want him to go back. 'Ei'i.ta
beth Citv Falcon.
t ne ot tue tir.-t t .lings
I'gi.-'.ature is th elect;..:
Tor. This will o, cupy a
over. Hanom i- ttne.-t-v
t . be by the
i of a b. S. Setitl-
11 minds ttii i: js
as w-.'ii he utiv j
Alexander, Wadded and Jarvis have s
tronsi fobowirg Then .Verrimon ,.r Sea es !
r soiif ther & 1 tat.:, may he hrxugh
too !e,- race at 1 Take off th ' r:.e.
I'.TTS1" ilotn.
-iarvi- made a- t tte '.. -t. (t.iv-.
North 'arola. :.. i . : for y ,
C art-' tati getiT a taatl . : :. Weig:
tire, t.ee about itttit. at.o l-'.e Ne.v-
.-.e Tho.-. J. -L.twis
u -.'e tor six y ,r.
It eted to
he L".
ruaki s ,.
t.or and
-: v .
,o's. and if he
a- he d.d Gov.
-u-.c-'v-i . : m -c
a I a M-nat:
Pus, r. let hit
rem m.w.-'B
- :'" !-;,:
.'lo-it u. Ats :
s. i;. A!-xand- r.
k ' " '
.at th;
- the
a the
You .
I v e v.
: jaa
a-Xt '-'
will !
: W : ; '
v th"
(. ''
i h:
A. M.
it is :at ab .
:-rne.l. He f
-so sat--, no ma' :
... mt.. j t.emen m y be
U. W . i ab ttitee ..p in a
a, re h.- i -stb-d wot: the tt: -which
i Charlotte New.-.
T'tic Le.tislatt:
uv'. ore of its r
Ttoti o a butt.-t
(i- -u. Ha.n-om. -
of !."Xt
.. avetl t,t d eat
hi es -'f. and i-
w '' i k-.ov. n at. .i
.'. .la: vt-. Cot. .'
.-. P. A. -.-I.-'
ail .
1 la..-.-.
. a
.a.-- t-
.e presum-eonr-e.
that ti...
for N.'t'.-tt.ir. 1
.- lire-
' i.- :
a..- it
; - v an
-.fth t
, on. 1
-.-yt If th- ;:.'.- -A ab.
licit- St Uator is to be tit
tie succeeded by some g-
-a:ne measure of hi.-ate
p v to l.u'.lic all airs. 1-
; able
v. " h o
' i ; -
1 ' i i I i
,1 .
ali h(
the 1
hi.-torv. even under 1
r sent titielititily W' .:. t;.t
led S-ate- Set. a." '. It v.oi'ld
poor ; i'-et'tiseti.- nt tot
man vvbo wou.-t vat. a 'a
1- antie.- 1 tl i U el el U.-.i i
t-.-r of common coiiceru
That t be Stale should : ,
stand it: the .--ou:.te. 'i
U to ..
hi- c-
o N O I . .
ke a o
. refore
that a.- to the .-ucces-h-u on!
are ca'eiok- '' .u-ta:Sii;ig 'he !
. . T
SaTe in thti eyes of t h-- r
1 eem-ater-d. M.ttesv
iai: it
The ''::;.rb t. t.'hroi
:p;o-'t;g the' the i
' Is U
' ( r
tab r.
r M '-.
Mai.v o!
Ah X - U'lel
.- w di v .t..'
t- t :-
o. Otto I - Ocse!
The .--.nti;. 1 has 1-o-id wdti se-V'-ia
farmers, rnemb-r-- of t . L-gi-i it are. -vho
I are Farmers' Alliance men, and yet they
j ,ire u,;,., to oppose him beeau.-e t hej
! think Hansom dl do the Star.- mot a 1
i other baud. "r...- of 'h- biv.y-rs
j n..,i f.:i.,'.P nrofes-t'.uai men wt i .iti't'- .b'-
! -dly support A xatid-i-becau
! him The best man for t ! e pirn
my i
The farmers ALianee isn t a poln ica.
t-rganiz -f ion and the farmer.-- in the Leg-i-'attire,
if they vote or Mr. Alexander,
will do so Nor because i.e is a term, t tea
!a-c.-'.i':e thev think I.e w ill mare ti.e b .-t
: M'-i't let us
.vrr.s, if voti
a, e i.e.
; any class . ani.i
Wiustori .-er.tioe'.
Tin reison. man who ims had the
,ar-. reent !
pai-y, ye-
if wh
little said
the Senai
Vc allude to (:h;.rl.: - M. &vv.
-t-!w , . ,.-n .,,.,..- .1... I t ;. S- ar. i 'i.r.o.i
lilOSeI.O e I' ll'."' -' '
fou well remember witn wnat act-iaim the
. r . i r ..... - r,.
mention of his name an .--mttor was re-
' c-ivea.
1 cere were nursis in appiau.-e ku i . .
, r i r.
md ail the other candidate.
out none
- C'ltl
died this.
. . . ..o....!,., Xf....l.- Ime
i - ""-.
for the next I'nited St.Tes Senator. c-
t - , .11 ..... c ... -... -.1. i,. so-i
i C'ltlim'a tl ll-a g lie i."iu tu. . . .1
i l'i-tri-i anu u.-u.
T - - .1 .
in f.tvor ci
The writer heard the l-sp
docai.'t Itelieve that there were a !o.cu
throats in that vast throng that tailed to
yell an affirmative.
Stedman ! -. rvetl this bnr.-T of cuiti-dciic-and
en'.hu-iasm and tie de-cives it
still. At no time and under no circum
stances has he ever fai'-'l. l,.oi voice or
iiiiisi'. to resooLd to tne calls 01 tuspai.y.
I His Democracy is of the highest order, and
.. v .. I - aot.i..Ti.m of rare abilitv. and
, i- ...-.s- .
man of unsullied character.
We know not whom the Legislature will
sner -od Sena'or Hansom, but
confidently believe tnat .Major ; sicuman
II t tne peer n nor rue supeiiot auj ixu
mentioned for the place. Tarboro South
!r looks perfectly natural to see Minis
ter Jarvis on tin; streets of Grt?uvi'i
acuta, shakitig haiaU with the peopio who
love :md tioiior tnru. The ex (ioveritnr is
enjoying s'.'lei.uid health and look's eae!
!v as we!', a; vicornus and asy-:ainuc as
v !.c:i he he
-ft here for Brazil, nearly
two years ao. And he looks eanaMe ot
('...tag just as good and faithful work for
the Mate and !ariy as he has ever "Ion.:,
-i ae 'jretiirssi a look at him the II, lie.- tot
is still si roe i.-cr in favor of his 1muu; e'eeT
ed t. the 1". S St-nate. The chancer now
s in vrry much against Senator K.tiisorn.
or: thing i. ,-eie, if Itansotn dpes riot get
th - i;o'.::it' ton ..n the first hjr.llot, be is
;r. t',,r. n d ith '64 votes fclaiified SW
1...- i'. ats.va -rti'd not succeed htaistSf.jJ
the new S.ator be Thomad J6.1f is.
i :n . t
' I'-:
i he r
ortal conte.-t is exciting con- i
:t:f .-:'i ';;!! int?rest just now. and at this
.-.Vc. tf j time it is iiispos.-ihh; to p; iict, with c r
. .rs ate ; itiitt'y, who will he the successful man. Jt
. c.v or looks very much, though, as if Senator
1 Kati- Kati.-.om will be defeated. If the tone of
i The Mate i '-s isairood criterion bv which
to judge tli - sentiments of the people it is
very evtde :t that a majority of the people
.to nut .1. sire his re-election. It is urged
- y '-is friends that his exp-rieuee and in
out his opponents claim tnat nis experi-
;.. t v,., , i.. . .. . v i
euee au'i iiiti'i. ue ijfir ;i'.t c.,. .i . a.:iu"
to any great advantatie in the past, ex-
cent in the matter of securing otlics f-.r
hi? mends, a-.d a tew appropriation trom
ublic treasure. 'I his mav be politics.
ir.t statt sma-ashin comi.ri-es something
more, and th--re is an o'd -fashioned idea
Tiiat sta' -tatMtshiji is pref-rable to politics.
Monroe F.nquiter and Expre-s.
The fir.-t thing of importance to be done
by the legislature after its organization,
is t elect some oneo- the position no v.
ooe'ipied by lien. Htins -Ui in the I . S.
.-or.a.te. 1: l- an honor to the State, and
one of which -he may well be proud, that
she has - m-mv m-n . minently quaiitied
the oi.i-e to c-ho.-e from Jarvis.
Mexander. V. aih:.'!!. .-"'drnan and many
.titers who-e r:o:as tiave been tiielltlon-O
t ttits ::! -tton would make able aid
'Phm! r.-' s-ntatives. lei! wit "out Jls
a.agem. ..: io anv oti
we think it would .
a. a. ise f " the la gt.-iat i: re to "l.-i well
"'gfl a ' t ,
'All slice s
man wis. r
part v, i." o
d tnuk- S-'tiair.r Kausom
it tta y ar-
rase ftitthfa
rk for
as i.
i he Should th-y wi.-it t.s.no i h
r. who wa-u'd be b,-t able to look af, r
trtere-ts . f the Ma'e and party, tl ; y
tind r... one belt, r quaiitied it! in'!..
- . -ar ! inteiiig'-T-iC- t: an
Vv'c have tiicl in ill and k i. i .v
tool w h.;t he i ui d- . and ara-
he 1
elect jUi
,-r aou- r.a.
."e s-o 1; eon:
'. Alexaleh-r
y stilted tiiat Capt.
li not enter tne race lor
M. w.
ti, a .. .aol-n I
i Ca-T
.e1-..."!'.. l lirO i It.lUC .HI.' SU'..'
.! i ... .i , . ....u I
! --.a-emel'i
Mitor CnrtoNicLEj We are 1
. st-t-;b-l that Semcor Htitis.-.-m has
a sn;a: chtuice of stlcce-sS wlthCoh A.
W,i.M! and Ex Governor Jarvis
f the four men w- infin-
i''ot.'on 1. a n.lcr. b-O w-
ib'v'see how he can be elected
eat or
- or
i .a
. s.,; u;l b-returned t...t. ; a-ke-1 me somettnt-ago .-,
on: what we can see and h. ar ; "nethiug about t tl J-u-t
- a'-" d out look that Coh.r.el'i v.-r.-1'y. Tin- ;.iv, t -try
. .be cost sh .wtm ot ;ii,i ,inst,r!''1''- mlC and -.ta
: t:
'.VIM, ( no. thin., .s e.-rt..bi
-ii. ceriamiv need some man
...'.; ,- it-r kr.s'im in The C. .
..nsr- to rt r '-'si o; North 'arolina. What
irt-'-at c'a m our "superb Sena'oi" has on
tia- p opl- of N .r'ls Carolina we cannot
iblv s -. What great good he has ac-
cornp'i-n-'d for us we ate at a Io.-s to d. -term-no.
that he -hoi. Id be returned to a
hat h has for so 1 ,ng a time held.
Windsor Ij-dg
and lii.ti ilifTer m of.inion
. 'en.-, . sh-.-dd be treated
t 'he-. :tr- entitled to Th
N ' 'tt t .. r- ! rati 'a ): .ngs on
is o; v n : y t .he pepe
et t'e -e : i ,. s itl the i.fg.
. 1
t 1:
t . I
i -a 'uie il : :,
- lection t :; ra-.-a
ought to be ; rear
has made i's
t. to . .l'i. and all
ly. We say h is
ea-t having anv
if w. Pad
. nam bha and
mc-h w:''i"Ut in th
,a, -: fo; t li- p. -
e w. n'd j-ot hasi'a'c
.-.dvi cafe !i 's c'ee' ion
1 '-: i - o;;e fc 'ut
f the
t.-cu.-.-P a:
u - t - -i '. -com mg it: i . .nil. e-
Ign a: d d -anitied a sii-"i
th-.- I'niTcd States. All Hie
ut w :t r
Sen to-
. sous advane.-i why tiiis, i 'in' r h
other ii'didate -hcu'd ',- -!cet. - bear
-u re p-n t iculariy upon what can b-gotten
.ar of th- otlic- iu the way of material
benefit rather than upon the great ques
tions of po'ti'a.'it! economy and Mate po'.ii y
wi.-ich (loan1, will confront t h- couu'ry
fo; sonar cars to can e. It .--cms to us
that these more imp-rtalit matt-rs are
tire m.e! - - uflk-ietitly prominent in the
e-oiva s 'Mar you tickle-m- and I-will-tiekle
"U plane upon which the canvass
ins to b- in a great me;. sure conducted
ts. to .-ay the least, no, vt-r y lea;ed.
, 'Veldc-n Nb-'.vs
-- -
iSpeeti.l Cor. to Si'ATK
'IIUO-.-!. i.e. I
!ANi'.ri;v, N. '., -h,n. i, lS-di. After
la. king w ith a considerable number of our
Ii tiding u:n, law vers, doctors, m- rehauts,
1 fai'taers, Vvc , I find that the following men
I . : fa- ran- in our county, for United
--ales -. -r. some favor Hon. ("has. M.
I Medina n so lioa. A. M. ibibio,, some
tl- ,1 . 1 .,.11,- .
. 1 'C . H y, .,
'.v .nt Jar-. is, and some favor Mr. Hansom,
. . , . , :,
i I ' U' ' U i Ii " H.lJUif. "I t I ITJ J.',1U tlUl O
i ( "-v riiriii. In ic iirly '-very inriijitice, those
1 '., t' th,. . . 1 tnf.iiml."ir ii i v c
ot..- . ... .... .
i;"f.n FAVoiiEt) liv him.. The Hepres-nta-
t ve elect from tiiis county is a good Dem
ocrat and a good man. and I fee! safe in
as-ur;ng you tnat ne win respect me wisncs
of bis constituents bv voting for a new
-it .-1 -1.
m iu.
For public Printer, give 11s Jos-phus
Daniels. SloKES.
The (ioci! i:i!cct ofii It. II. Commission
I From New Berne Journal
Since a U.ilioad Commission for North
Carolina is an apparent certainty.the pros
pects of Eastern Carolina are much brigh
a 1
! That fat man, who the ladies declare
, is the handsomest man in Washington,
we ! Used to be an invalid, but he took to hard
i-i- V. : -1 , t.., -f Ti- T).,ll'.
is unnwuig, uol or ii-.uu un-numis
Cough Syrup, and now he walks right
the very slenderest dudes, and don t
at all
'. i!T v i. or th i: s v wr.
. Tiioiishitnl .Mi:'eut : a I:. 1 s ie
. North e.i.iliiie'i. ;ive
; vor ol Ii.
A few .lays I'n !
na'ive D-irhani. who i:
in S'a-
v . 1. Mio.ta, a
now an inst l uc-
tr in Johrs Ht.pkms raiversity. was in j carolin.-.. Ia the botders'of our State
Hal-itch, li.-eas iu.'j: the ottes' ion of , i.. t h-j there are undoubtedly many able and
er Triiiif v College .maht to be ruov.-d t ; patriotic sons w ho would til! with honor
Raleigh, "he was .hodedlv of tlm ..ninio., j :in Pion in the gift of the people; and
k , , . . ;t is rn no spirit of disparagement to these
L Utl L. L'J.' IVL'IV IH ('1'.T t t,! ilt
advantage to It-deigh at-.d
i value to the students of t he inst:' at i. in.
At the request of rhe editor of tlte
ClinoNiru: Mr. Smith has put his views in
writing. As a student and now an iu-
structor at .""'.us Hopkins. W::c:t College !
1U "; " - "1 ' , t
o o.. ieMi..- n.e .luvan'a?...- m c.. nn..- .
lion. His travels in Euro;.
a wioe ranjge u
ion. EniToii
u w ..n.- i t" 0;l-c nisoptn- i
j his' ih tigs he did in the S nt.te was to
Spec;. d Cor. SrAiit Citt.oNi. i.K. ! have the disabilities of Governor Vance
Baltimouk, Mil , Jan. 7, 1SS0 --1 have j removed, and soon afterwards he. contrib
noted with int. trest the recent proposal to uted to the removal of the disabilities of
move Trinity College to Hal- lyh and th:s
susg.'sts some thoughts ;ts to i! e ojipor
luaiLies that city t u vii-oronent otl'.-r j outtg
men pursuing advance: studies and tho
advantages that Colleges -.ituated in or
near cities hav- over tho.-e in viihiges cut
off trom the active life of the oui.-i e
It used to be thought that monastic
quiet, and sec-lu.-ion were necessary to st u -(lent
life, and it was in accordance with
that idea that the early State I'niver-e'tles
were located in the country rattier tia.n
in cities, bat it is now evident that thn.-e
institutions cannot mahivi. thetn-'lves
in competition wub in.-tii ut ions like the
Johns Hopkins, in Baltimore, and Harvard.
m close proxim.'y to o.-!.-m Ihe catho . at- o
lies have rtcogtiiztd thi.- 'act and for this tim-vcry:cas-T)
" 'a-hington wa-- .-eUCed tor j dev. a
the seat of tii.-.r i. reat American I aiv-r i inent
sity. But a worn as to .-tmu-nt ;i.la.ntages
in'a city. First of all. the student is
brought in contact with active life. , The
rough edge.- aie wo- ti '. piovin.ia.l ways
and iews are iii-' at-h d. eathohc sy m
pathies are geit.-ra.'-ed a..d f.-tcrel. and ;i
P'"" "
1 tl is promoted. Not
.t u: cop-act with th-- lite
IV Is :,e t f.'H
of th
resent, thus foster ii:g that human
-y :::p:.: ity whi. h shr,
b" h -! :-!L
(,t. but lit- a s ) rtas
f..r forming b'-;-"
pa t throng. ,A. ;t
ta ti s. d o
cotii -eci I
rati -s to
. e- - . It t.a
sc.- siq rem- c
eon i:t rv colh g.
oev a s:.
ceil pet .-on.
tan-. : go ti' .
1 eitf and ';.'-
e a.ii.a-
for y.aU" specoaetl t Ue ya.lit g gi a tl; t-
The man of : '.'fairs is rpt -hi; k thu
thi oaaeit is dtte u Colh.e tta-il'tr.g, bio
the W titer does I . a bes: a t e to - -.. V : tilt l
is gen-raiiy due to x n.ag- 'pvir-'-nii-cn-Villages
at their best, -o sai l II -v A. C.
Dixon in his serna n last unda;, tn .rriieg
an. i :i rrotA- an. 1 l irv on ; t. . 1.
in s,.'.h
a K :-.t tracts
individiiril j-
, ' . ,
piac- Ttie man ano no. i-.e
aneii' i"u, aoe oi a en ..
... , . ! . .. o . -.
IOSI in i ue irr; ;o v.oiiu
i - a: r. .a t"ls
11 'a --"i-- ."o.- - v
li:;H u t!l i!"i!t;
i t'0!1- ., . ; :.
' '? ! he ;ii "h " : ' n.L - S U,n !
ior nigie.-r eoucti ; .. o.-r; . n i eaig piaci o
in or near cities b ; nae m-nt tott o or iv...
! ?xampa-. and ill this too: .ettontr oactir-
(i me . . ; l i : o o i i i l , -
ii i'ts reaot r
Hopkins l' i
opened tor
and s.ta e tl.af time tt
s tu.'l tt .Ittci .. ha s beet: :
' ?'0fl ill I.'lilt
! Ph,.'n
lienal. It'1'. - a i -' -e.- "ly a
!"-'t ninv.-.s-i.
t ni'ed sr.ite-.
Canada or Japan that d..-s not number in ,
its faculty a lb .pi. h.s s- tch-nr aid a glance :
at its (atulogii" -hows tii:-.t tu t- is nar-l-y I
a civilized country on the glob- hit.t is not
repr. s-uted in i's sTud..-: a'-; dance. I
There are several reasons for thi-, tin-
principal being that it has an eta!" .vm-rnt j
sufheient to enable it to see-re con. pop nt j
in-t ructors and to provide :a ee-sary an- j
para us and general e.prpu rit. Pa , even I
that would not attract .-rttoenti a- it does j
if the institution were its.- vcr.day lo
cated. Within a few blocks of the Uni
versity are the Peabody hi!. rary, said To
be the best for student purp :u this
country, the Enoch Pratt Free Circulating
Li!. rary to which Mr. Pratt h is already
given more than a million and a quarter
dollars, the Maryland Historical Society
Library, the Law- Library, the Church Li
brary, and tlie Mercantile Library. 1 Leu
the Hopkins is just one hour from the
public libraries of Washington and many
of the students do muc i and valuable
work there, s une of them having se
cured excellent government positions
through coming in contact with cflictals
while engaged in making researches. The
lieueral public would be surprised to know
how many of the department reports on
special subjects arc prepared by Hopkins
In addition to what has already been
said in regard to student advantages let
me note the opportunities one has to form
connections in a city which will be of
erreat benefit in after life. In a city a
bright young man has the opportunity of
associating with business, literary, pro
fessional and scientific men whose friend
ship and inlluer.ee may prove of inestima
ble value to him.
Wake Forest College admirably illus
trates the benefit which our educational
institution desires from close proximity to
a citv . The students of that college enjoy
the advantages of both town and ciiy en
vironment. Hail road facilities maKe it
an easv matter lor Them to spend the day
in Haleigh when they care to do so. They
do most of their shop.;. b-.g there and are
thus brought in contact with the leileigh
business men. They also form many val
uable friendships in other circles which
they have opportunities ot improving
when visiting the city during fairs and
sessions of the General Assembly as well
a.s at other times. Were 1 w riting a chap
ter from my own experience I would em
phasize the importance or tne connections
I formed in Haleigh while a student at
Wake Forest and their inlluence upon ray
subsequent life. And what was my great
fortune in that particular has been parai
lelled bvthe experience of others.
The editor of the CuraiNK i.E has a-ked
me to give my opinion of the proposal to
bring Trinity to Haleigh and in reply I
say: I most earnestly- desire the promo
tion of the higher education in North Car
olina and, as one of the means to that
end, I wish for the prosperity of Trinity
College. I believe that the influence '
Trinity will be increased and the hk
education advanced by its removal t
eigh. Chas. Lee '
....Col. W. T. Black well'
ed President of the Dur"r
way Company and th'
two and a half cents '
chased at one tim
TIIK SJ'N AT(!ts:m'.
.V 1'rieud ol iSenator Kausom Advocates
His Re.i:iectiii.
Special Cor. of State Chuomcle.
Otie of the most important duties before
the bt'ni.si.e ;;:e during the present session
will be the election of a United Suites
Senafo" In executing this responsible
trust, every faithful representative will
have an e e sirifle to the irmwl nf Vnrth
; distinguished gentlemen that the friends
uf Senator Hansom advocate his re-elec-
iion. They believe that it will be best for
North Carolina and her people that be
should be re elected. They believe that
his never failing devotion to his native
Sta'e under all circumstances, justifies
their confidence and that his high charae
U;r UIHl repuranon as a statesman, ana ins
grt-a' usetuiness ana invaluable services
j as a St uator cannot now lie wisely ignored.
(iefera' llau.-om was elected to the
I'n it ed Mates Senate in lS7i. Amoui'the
all oiii pet. pie. About thi;i;aie through
'OS I tJortS 1 it OSl'CU t lO'.s :"-r:.-t :,,t T. I-riot i..
North Carolinians for suspected participa
tion in the Ku KJux movements were
stopped and pardons were granted to the
lamentc-l Shntweli and others
i Senator Hansom's efforts in unison with
Northern ami Southern Ikunoerats in re
' sistiug the uujii-t legislation of the Kepub
; ltcat! paity agaiu.-t the SfUitiieif people,
ca.n.;." (,e ovci j ate1. No reader of the
j hi.-tory d the.se day;, will cv.-r forget that
I after .his gieat speech, in the Louisiana
1 case, t he Kcpabltca i part- relaxed in their
efforts agait-sr i he South. That speech
' has b. i: pronounced and still stands as
one -if i le best ever deliver- 1 in the Sen-
tia- r uiied Statt s. Duriug all this
it t ever since, S.. uator Hansom has
d himself to the ma't rial improvc
..f X.'iih Carolina an-1 the South.
There is not a bay, sound, harbor, river
or even a creek iu North Carolina sus
ceptible of improvement that has not re-e-ivtd
huge appropi iatioi s through his
in;!;:, nee. Iu !a t since hi- accession to
The Senate more money has b-.cn spent by
rlie I'niud S-eTes G'Aeinm nt iu North
iJar. -iiiia th s'.i alt. -g. iltcr before the
.atop:-on of th-.- F.-d-ra! Constitution. At
the stotie thti- aav one faaiiiitii- with facts
knows Iih.v tulle l b- lias contributed to
the p I--.. : of Pais f.j;- publi-- b aildi'igs at
ihticigh. tin eti.-ixiro, Wilmington, Char
io.ie, A.sle. v'tile an 1 Statesvide.
An examination of the hi-tory of the
mail service in North Carolina will show
that Senator Hansom has been indefatig
able and ir.o-t successful in his efforts wit h
Ihe daf. t'l'ti
men.b-ers ot tie del. gallon
iu ex t -
ing, m.i 'ipiyiug ,.ni ..iciea.-utg
the mail tacilitics of the State. He
,te. He has
aavet a! t ime- pre'ui!e(l upon The Depart
ment to send on; special ollic-r- to inspect,
a-.iit e :ti-;iit v, t;!i iea.dirig citizens intidl'er-
. .o.ti-.- u.e .-i i.ii' in onter io into
e deficit e.'-es in the mail service and
the .-am- j i-ov't.Pad for ie. t'.ecordtiuce
tlie wants of the people.
Senator Ha'. -em has been extremely
to many North Carolinians at dif
fer. ' t 'ititcs it, having pro-'tc-tions ngainst
them nnd i the int-mal reveru- laws
eompi'.-tta-e.! ..r di-iciss-d Jr would be
bard to e-ti:-a-:i i i.e service that lie h .s
d .n ttt
.v:y To a large number of
our wronged h tow c tizetts
v.',, recall s-emdor Unsom's valuable
sei- in betng ui. inly instrumental in
se(.a;:i:.g i he leg'slat for 'he geologn; d
survey of the S-a'e by the I'nited States
to .---) ni-n f 'in.' '. liie of i his service
:n::ot be o-r e.-. incd-d. Ile has llciped
to tl-t'tat ali legislation adverse to the
1 o ' S i i !
North ( eioiu a. D is onlv three
..r four ears.ago the oyster survey was
established. Lieutenant W mslow can t. s- j
1 1 f v to his invaluable aid in this matter j
lie litis given great attention lo the im
provement of the light houses and other
red-, i :!.t agation o;i our Eastern waters,
and succeeded only last w.nter in passing
throu-h the .Senate nnaniumu.-iv a bill ap
propriating s-.VK'.iMni for a light house on .
Cap.- Hri'teias.
Senator Hansom's great inlluence iu
the I'nited States Senate and the depart
ments of the government Is universally
admitted. It was Senator Hansom who
conceive'1, the idea and has carried into
extent' n the improvement of the Potomac
Ihtt.-ti" Washington C;fy. This great work
when completed will stand as a monu
ment to its originator, and add to the
health and beauty of our National Capi
tol. Sine- the inauguration of President
Cleveland, he has been untiring in his
efforts to serve his peonl-. and there is
hardly an ofiieial in the service of the gov
ernment from Governor Jarvis down to
the humblest employe who is not in some
measuie indebted to r-enator Hansom for
his position.
Iu every campaign iu North Carolina,
since 186, Gen. Kausom litis worked most
faithfullv and with gr at effect. If Judge
Bennett were called on to-day, he would
sav his efforts in lS8- saved the State. In
everv movement since that time, where
the interests and honor ot tns Mate were
involved, he has borne a conspicuous and
useful part. W hue the love ot liberty and
the love of North Carolina live in the bo
som of her sons, it c m never be forgotten
that in the darkest hour of her history, it
was M. W. Hansom who went to Elizabeth
City and prevailed upon Judge Brooks to
grant the writ of habeas corpus and de
liver from their imprisonment the noble
melt who had been arrested under the sus
pension of that great writ by the Republi
can party.
When Northern bond ladders insidious
ly procured the passage through the House
of an amendment to the law coucerniug
writs of mandamus which would have ren
dered the Federal courts all powerful r
oppressing our people, it was his wa
fulness alone that discovered the K
purpose of the act, and his intluenc
the very last moment, caused it"
to a committee, and prevented
Now that we are about
days that will try the
the honor and the co'"
when we need not
faithfully represe
one whose iiifl'
cure for hirp
Senate, it
we can '
'vii pr is s vn in mi: ivm'krn
Aitr r ii is kfiji us r.
The State Vapers !i Not Tall: I i n tl I v
ol His Desire to lie Ad pulsed a Friend
ol the State.
Ilo'den's card i
The foi!
lag is
addte.-sed to the Gcueia: sscmbly:
To the Gknk'ial As.-kmui.v ok Mouth (.'as-
III. IN'A, SlKIN ill I'.rt !
vi:...Ti.r..Mi.N : - o.i the Ciedday of March,
lsr ! . the .-'. ae'e of N.-rth Carolina, .-it i ing
as ti 1 oiirt of Impe.e-biji.-nt, pronounc-d
judgement against ma iu :ix out of eight
articits of impeachment filed -against me
by the Hou-e of i'.cpresentuTives. I was
held by this judgement as gioity of --high
crime and misdemeanors " I deny this
in the most solemn manner. I do not ask
you to repeal or rescind this sentence or
judgement, for it is being executed, and
:t might not be repealed oi rescinded save
by the same court that pa-.-ed if, but 1
asked you mo.-t earnestly to resolve or de
clare tiiat iu your opinion. I was actuated
by good m--tives iu what I did, an.' That 1
had for n
.jec't the best and high
interests of t he Stale.
1 am not now a party man. B-ah par
ties have disowned me. 1 appeal to you
solely on the ground ofju.-iice. 1 have
n- vt-r been an enemy to the State. ):i
the contrary, I have loved her we'!, a:,-!
am her loyal son, though proscribed .and
The press of the State w ill please copy
t he above card as an act of kindness to a
former member of ihe craft, and send me
a copy of the p iper.
W. W. Ihu.imN.
We quote ihe opinions of son:-of the
editors in North Carolina in regard to his
request, prefacing these opinions w ith this
opinion of our own: We do not believe
the Legislature will or ought to grant the
request of th- ex-Governor.
The almost unanimous -entiment of the
State press it that it is litile else than a
piece of impudence in lioldcn to make
such a request of a people whom he has so
outraged. IGastonia Gazette.
If cx-Gov. Holden will seek pardon like
all men rnu-t do to obtain it, he may re
ceive some consideration at the General
A.--' inbiy. bin- the iiiirep-n' ant ox Gover-
uor's die. k wiii be rccenad with disgust
and d ri.-ioti, "actuated by good motives."
No hi' t-.-t man wiii listen to that. 'Sau-
ford Express.
Ami this same lioldcn, 1 disowned" and
repiait; led by U.lh parties, after cigliti en
year-of cieoitiibi-' obtivion, now has th-
unpardonable egoti-m to ask an intelligent
find patriotic l.egisiau.re o iniiil.iiii' !r-
high crime.-and da m a it.-own character
i bv uro.-Iaimini? that the -ravest outraL'es
i ever tntlic-cd tipon a p- pi-' were prompt
; ed b ":r -t m itives." and for th- -'bi .-t
and highest interests of Mn- Si. del" lie
v, to
fairiv ti i- tl.
fiv falltid guiltv.
and .-honid forever b-ar the ooiurti of his
misdeeds. -ILeak.-vilie (Jazet ie.
Gov. Hnl.'l.-n very n.nch desires that the
next Legislature ba!i terminate his disa
bilities. A 'id as age ami disease have now
put Their ban. Is heavily upon him, the
State might take its hands off and let his
sun go do'.-.u with ti c'-ar sky. There nr.
many things which h- might explain; but
explanations tuisrht do harm. He i ; c-r-
j taini v
- not
angerous now
and wiii
s'an.i before the Judge of all the earth. !
Let us di.acitai-ge him b-fore a law ful pros-
ee-d ion shall become a needless p-rsecu-
tloi;. He uas oi . it puni-lied tor twelve
years. Now let us forgive htm, as we our
selves hop- to be forgiven.
Hlesscd arc the nn rcifu't for they shall
obtain mercy-. J. H. Mil's iu Chari; y and
e'h.l Iren.
Gov. Holden makes rather a singular re
ii le.-t in asking the Legislature to excu-e
him of the guilt for which he i-- undergo
itig s-ntence of the high court of impeach -luci.f.
We would rai her s-e ib General
As-etiibly pass an act relieving aim of his
disabili1 i -s than toi-'ik-ihe resolves which
he asks, b.eau.-e it would operate as a cen
Stir- to tne la gisiat are w iiicn impoucneo
i .m ... ..t l.i, . in. ..,.'..- . v.e-i- ,.1.1
t.i.. COSpos- . "... ...el. it . j
man and has ni-t groat sorrow iu t li
ars following his popped overthrow
and for one we ar- willing to say that the
mantle of charity might well be drawn
deep and bread enough to pass an act of
amnesty for him. We believe n,.- was not
responsible for all the evils that followed
his ili-advised violation.,!' l he con.-t it ut ion
and laws oi the State. To pardon him
would do no harm, whii- it would be a
great comfort in bis h mining years.
Personally and socially, Governor Hol
den has many excellent traits of charac
ter. The time was when he wa- in the
front ranks of North Carolina journalism
and amongst the evil imputed to him,
there are many bright places in his past
life, that calls for that "charity that bid
et h a multitude of sins." Tuckascige
Changes ol Schedule on the It. V I).
Haleigh gets another passenger tra;
and from Eastern Carolina. On a'
Sunday next the Kichmond & De
the Wilmington tt Wcldon H
put on a new passenger
Haleigh and Wilson, N. c
the Short Cut. This f
eigh daily at 10 o'ck
Wilson at 12.10 p
nection with th
for Wcldon p
will leave v
of the Vr
ing a'
Senator Vance and Hi- SIlows nt tlie
Tin Of--Personal, V e.
Special C r. Sr.vn; Ciii.oM. i.it.
WAsniNiiTo.v. D. V., Jan s, 1 ,ssi.
Coiig'e-s ass mbhd eti l!.e 2n at 1! M.
The Senate imuu d:..tele res imed eon-id -
era i a .
fill boh Nearly every day
since 1 1
.-peei ti
t date Senator otii-r has made a
ir- leally the lea. i.-r of the Sen
ate dari, g thi- discussion. He js ;;i,'y as
.-istcd by Senator Harii-i-'id Vest of the
minority of the Senate Finance Comtnit-!-e,
but ihe burden of tie lighi falls on
ihe broad shoulders of tia- junior Senator
trom North Carolina. How well he t. a a,
ihe brtllil is ntn-e.d by 1 !.. pages of I he
Cougtes.-iotKi! Itieotd.' Al i-on,' Aldrieh.
Hoar, Si.ermaii, all th" big guns of the ov
posite party fir- av.ay .--,1 him cv ry ii 'y ,
.-md he is always ready i'.-i tlietii. Agon
he tins a broadside a' I.e. an, and ii.m r
bills to get the advai i.;.'. lb- lias ihe
tariff in all its bearing. . his ibigei.-' end.-.
He lias studied the sa' for years. Ii
;s tho i-stn in the pre- crisis .' f our po
htie.al subject, and . stare!.; ai ihe
head ( f ihe stilt csmen w eo tire now d' a'
itlg widi the (jUeste.n ti ti e thi-r of the
Senate. But f-r the- f n . ure on y our col
umns I would quote v. ial Senator Vaine
said hot week when the duty on trace
chains, cotton and ot; r things of direct
importance to his cor:.- itm-nts was being
debated. He is a "th -rai iti the th-sli" lo
the H-pubheau Simatcrs, ami-he .-.'ems to
like playing that role 'a 1 n.ov, judging
from the peitinacity with which he keeps
his piac in trie Senat I trie 1 in vain to
get five minuii s of hi - iuc : or his paper,
iu the shape of an int.r..-w, l.tit he .--ut
me word, with his l-go is, thti! he had to
"watch that tariff crowd et as-;, .--sly." f
course, 1 excused him. His duty is plain
and he is doing it manfully.
The House of Heprf-vi datives has gon-:
to footing ;iway time a: o.a. It had I wo
tilibuslei's last week. Tlie determination
of a tew big heads to b e.-k till Icgi-'atloli
in order to kill measures io whi-h i h. y are
personally opposed, ou-ht lo bed.-ah with
by legislative lynch hrc The numb-r of
italivi iuals in the I'nite-t Stat.- w ho think
it is their Uuty to prevent h oi -hit ion allo
i get her for fear some i..e.isr.ie, vhii b, in
! their oj
j too larg
uon, is ha.i, w id
I ie' a "i s a i a a
l ice. .:; n at .v, is
lw .'. .- da i. g.'r. .us
and none mor e .- .
in ( '. .n-
! Hon. James G. HI.
t winter, and I think
is h-r- for the
r he next. f. .ur
j years,
i ...
i r.ini n.-etino "ri...i o . i
If unieinal Anlhori.
The interests appertaining
ie public
1 health arc of such inci easing importaiii -
! that its demands can no long rgounhecd
i ed by the general public, 'i a time ha
j come when men of all po -ssioiis who
j have given the. subject of put lie and priv
ate sant'ation any ca n -iOer. t ion, .-hould
assemble to in! e-rt. ban go viev -. and b' gin
in earnest the study of ihe living ques
tions which concern health, homes and
healthy towns.
1. Many towns in tl - Stat ' have readi
ed a condition of . ogres whiih have
brought them faa. e to Fm a ,h tlte plob
blems of sewerage and v. iti : supply, in
volving vast sums of m.-n: ate tie fu
ture h-alth of unborn lions,, ids.
-J. ..! Stale has tiunicri is 1 .-at t.-ns,
the merC of w hi. h ate ,;i i .-t it .; I Ii- at
tention of physicians to d tti .ltd - iti i.ieny
States, North and Wi and 1 1 e.-e must,
be studied by us with I ,hiii" lopo-earnl
concerted i ll'ort t hat ve no , pi .- ut the
public with ;. ut Itorif a. ivi ,n, i . t a- to
the actual -. -minion of ' u- .uo.' i.ptcd
rt. The (pn tions i' . o'.vi-i by th- ap-
i.-arane, n-i,v and tin ol p. .-ilieutlal O'S
..,ll-.ii.' t.',, ...e. 'ie j
eases l.i S.'tdes so inl'm-pely boitn I to us
by railroad ionium a'aai ihai tlnir
cause is oureiu-c in phila a 1 1. : opic as
well as a business . . -, that w. iuu.-t.
-: udy t hern am! dtsc.i tlatn ti o;,hr to
di ;at m t hese epidem of ih ir g iv,.t -t
d.Ulg-rs, and to quel! t he I . i : . I . a -, dial do
moia harm, if possible, li.e.o 'he p in
4 The interests of I be publi- hea't h of
the State while of no .: .-by. at this stage
of its development, in! noted lo Ihe itii."'
oal profession, must lie dependent fc
vitality upon the inter a th- --m;''
lie takes in it, fori' i.-ibe-ai'
people. A Convention, lb'..-'
representatives of the poop!
m.aut of the di feets ot f
our houses and tow ns a
private citizens who
with interest and
lights they hti'
btws, is a pot
the wav-

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