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e els Defeat the Covernment
'r0i and Fifteen Hundred are
Kiltj. V Fleet Sailing to llombard
'jeW, April 2.j -The Herald baa
laferu, aaviees mis muri-ms,
L . . . t .' ..
list, giving the 1h t ;j;Wfl
.ontains the deiaila of
A defence!fH3 work-
?rnmer.t troop? at
Ite. Tho worim'o
oa tha nitrate
sh both arnan s wore cou-
iSProvihiona were iiinmug
n auu me wora'-neu u lo ....j. "B
u jlu n . ,...,,t ...... tn t h. works
a. A il I ! t.A n M i r 1 1 1 17
Negri qnos to collect the m?itni:re.
traia fu.lo: ;overnrafint troops appe ar
U a. i u. ...... . ,.! ntaaj "IIKIB too
znerr.Te gathered. Then, without the
' 1U .1311 171 1 urn uo ' ' ' '
tla?Q..M. avarnmcr. tLese trooos opened
fir on ' nino hundred defence ess
workmen, women and children. Hhortiy
afterward the forces inarched foiwaril
and killed all the men.
On the 7ta insr, a terrible biU lo wa3
fongli; between -ernment troopd and
the revolntionkJ at lVzo Alican te in
which the former were Defeated and
completely routed. Five thoustnd men
were engaged and the lui-s-.-s were very
heavy, ic beiDg estimat-oil that oOO of
the oyernmeut force and nOO of the re
bels fere killed and wounded. The
UIOnilUHUL IUIl.Cn.lU IDI.IIU vol vauiai
liah all tho r.nwftnsN thpff h-i,l and
J a a aa - , aj a a a 1 I u V.J. a . au aa au V a. v
J K C XiaO ICVl.'atJ'aaLaCTl , . a a,.
! f Ii i'pi for Vrtlpara'so. i'he
is In ntin.au i (i ir iiI.ich. i tvri.tv-
I Mfiinu hiiii ruiiNiiiin.N i:i ill 1 1 .1 inn
ling station and a fcquauron
Has Gone to Force it.
iYobk, April 25 A cable dis-
the Tlerald from Port au-Prince
he Bquadron of evolution,
Bear Admiral Walker in corn-
led yesterday frcm Norfolk and
unced that the Haytian gov-
aa refused to grant the United
lease of the pre posed coaling
ole 1st Michoiis. Admiral
Kid charge of the negotiations.
a Believed that the anival of
Walter's command, in addition
rardi forcas previously here,
ft mat toe unueu oiaiea id
. . a 1 XT '. 1 . i . . . -
i back np the demand with a suf-
w of force to insure the con-
yti. If such was the intention
has proved a failure.
,11. Battle and Miss Nannie
c Take the Vows that Hap-
ite Them.
al Cor. State Chrosiclk 1
st Baptist Church in Durham
morning at 8 J0 o clock was
of a pretty marriage. The
99 the celebration of the nup
Mr. Lee II. Battle
old Durham boy,
tlower'on, one
lar and charm
daughters. The
and appronri
reens, and
nonr the
tneny was
rga ive!y
bc8t man,
Hants : MLs Lola Rogers
Kiichid. Mis Annie
. L. Woody, Miss Ad
Mr. W. i.I Stone, Miss
i Air. Jola Jones.
e: Messrs J. V7. Mil-
est Cul-Ke:. W. M
; Thos Harris, Durham;
i.aieig.: Miss Lessie
id at ,uc orean with
1 grace.
hands tne travelling
rial, bonnet to
rs. Bauiu left on the
ioxbor, their future
iti cashier of the
hat pla-ja and is pop-
'es. numerous con -showered
upon the
eft, and many "best
roa.s life from their
ed them on their
T. R. Ebuh.
Vrails out with pills
Ke Simmons Liver
of the Vir-
ad is built by
brfeited. This
tin from Ridge-
about twenty
.ded years ago.
. interested in
itlrcad, and we
Vo control the
ind build the
of the most
jghly esteemed
d on Tuesday
n that place.
,1th for some-
ght he would
ly. Me was
about sixty-eight years old, tna tnere
was not a man in Cabarrus county whose
death would have been received with
more sincere sorrow.
Ic High Point, on last Sunday morn
ing at 9 o'clock, Mrs. Nannie Leach
Cook, the devoted wife of Mr. R G.
Cook, a young and promising merchant
of that place, died iu her thirtieth year,
fche was happily married just about a
year and a half ago, in Chatham county
and was a daughter of the late J. Q A ,
Leach and sister of Messrs. M. 1. and
Geo. E Leach, of Raleigh The CnnoN
E extends its warmest sympathy to
hic says
ic says
m t
The Game Was Cloe and Intenselr
Exciting, the Score Uein? a tie at the
Clowe of the Ninth Inning. Hard
Hattirj; did the Work
Tae Wake Forest baseball team defeat
ed the University boys in an eleven ic
nicg game Saturday.
About seven hundred people ii-:soai-b!ed
on Athletic Grounds at 3:30 u'cloctc
ana tne air vas rsuuaui nu mc uu
veils of tho coli'ge boys. lo the
"right of the wire i -1 gathered
about fifty Uoiv--r-ity f-tudents all
adorned in their colors, white and b'ue.
To the left of the netting Wake Forest
had masso-l her strength and stood ready
to hick up her team. 8:ill further to
the left stood numerous vehicles all filled
with beautiful Raleigh young ladies
wearing toe University b'ue, and a-? the
bovs to the risrbt woa'd bhout the 'Var
ity veil, rhe young ladies would respond
on the other side.
The Game in I) tail. 1
At 3:15 o'clock tho game began with
Wake Forest at tho bat. Jones W. seiz
ed the stick, bat punched his ball toward
first base where he was pit out. PlDcky
young Mills, the Captain, caught the
t,alt on the end rf his bat and hit
safe, htoi-j second and went to
third on Howell s two bagger. Powell
was weak aud died on firf, while Mills
crossed the plate and Howell advanced
to third. Sledge went out and the
Varsities trotted in.
Captain Perrin Busbee, who ib by the
way a good Raleigh boy, went to first on
balls and was forced to second by Gra
ham's good luck in getting the same
treat. Oldham followed in like manner,
bnt Jones was ont on a foul. Hubert
Hamlin fanned gracefully and fanned
out, but rernn Busbee scored on 11.
Johnston getting his base on balls. John
ston R. swung the stick far a two bagger
and amid wild cheers Graham and
Oldham crofsed the plate. However
Shaw struck foul and Powell oared for it.
Wake Forest came in for her second
time and Holding went to first on balls.
Hubert Rovster struck a long ny to Hu
bert Hamlin who muffed and then
Tom Holding was treated to his
base on balls. Young struck out.
Jones flev to H. Johnston, ont, and
Mills, striking the bill, forced Tom
Holding to second where he met his
Willard picked up the stick for the
University, bnt flaw out to Royster who
caught. Busbee didn't know his man
and struck a liner to Mills, out. Gra
ham hit for first, stole second and scored
on Oldham's scratch hit. Jones went
ont and the jig was np.
The third inning gate Wake Forest a
run by Sledge, who, after Howell ana
Powell were ont, made a scrach hit and
scored on Hamlen's muff of Roystor's
fly. Tom Holding found a hole m hu
bat and laid it down.
The 'Varsities came in, but after
some slight hitting, went out to the
field empty handed amid the shouts of
the Wake borest boys. University 4,
Wake Forest 1.
The fourth was productive for Wake
Forest. The Ditcher hit leung who
took his base. Mills drove a fly to H
Johnson who muffed, stole second.
Howell hit safe and Mills went to third
Powell slightly punched the ball which
was fumbled, and, being wildly thrown,
Mills and .iowell split the plate. Gra
ham caught Sledge's high fly and the
score stood: Wake Foreet 4; University
4. Great excitement prevailed.
About ibis time the boys of the res
pective Colleges rTidad the air with
yells, the Uuiversities sbonitug
iiJRafa! Bib! Rah! White and Blue,
Yive-la! Vive-la.
N. O. U.
or est s,
to drown
eui oUT ft.tl
"Rah! Rahl Rah I
We are! we are!
Wake Forest."
University came into this bat, but was
again sent back to the field without a
run, while Wake Forest was treated to
sop out of the same dish. University
then tried bnt not to change the score.
The sixth inning opened with lonng
nd Jones striking ont for Wake Forest.
Alills couldn't stand that so sent the ball
on its mission over the centre fielder, get
ting his first and stealing second. Howell
bit a beautiful long ball to left and Mills
again scored, rowell tried bard, lira-
ham muffed his fly and Howell rushed
in to home bnt was ont. University 4,
Wake Forest 5.
Capt Bnsbee couldn't allow that, so after
his friend Willard died on first, he slug
ged the ball to centre, stole second baser
and advanced to third. O.dham nailed
the ball to the left field fence and W. H.
Jones cared for it, however Busbee
trotted into home. Lt Jones's time came
and he scored Graham by a hard hit.
Wake Forest was thus distanced by one
She' came into the bat determined, but
left an imply handed, while the 'Varsi
ties returned much pleased with
their prospect. After H. Johnson was
out R. Johnson aimed at the sky, strik
ing just inside the right fence and could
have scored had his legs not tangled near
third. Shaw saved himself, stole second
and crossed the rubber on Bnsbae's
grounder. Graham was too weak to get
to first.
It was growing tiresome to Wake For
est and they thought the day of redemp
tion was past, and couldn't better it
even in the eighth inning, neither could
University add one to her score.
Bnt the ninth was at hand and Wake
Forest boys, taking a deep breath, came
in "to do or die." They did. Howell
pounded the ball for two bases, bnt
Sledge scraped the sky and H. John
ston carght his fly. 8. Holding picked
ont a solid stick and with his
second fctnke lifted the ball far e-oag'u
for Howell to score. Royster did like
wise and UoldjtffTied the came. Wake
Forest 7. Uoivereitv 7.
The boys from Chapel Hill tried to
score bnt in vain and the tenth inning
was ordered. This was productive of
goose eggs to both sides.
The eleventh inning won the game for
Wake Forest. Holding began by not hit-
t ing the ball but Royster sen t one to centre
and advanced to second onTomHolding's
beautiful hit. Davis made his first put
ting three men on bases. Jones then
did the work and Roytter and Holding
scored. Jones came borne before the in
ning closed. Wake Forest 10. Univer
sity 7.
The handsbme boys from the Univer
sity tried for their last, but made noth
ing and the game was over.
Wake Forest students covered the
field hugging, shouting ad et j tying a
ie. uine no.Y of we beat-you. It w.
like the college games of ye olden time
when everybody died of jot.
Til best playing for Wake Forest was
done by Powell, Mills, Holding T , and
ster while wuiara on nrst ana uid-
Hehind the bat bore the burden for
irs. The boys that won the
victory, for the L ni-
5c;al score:
0 A
w - .
Wv o
m m
.tone, 1
Mill, ss
Howell. 3 b
PowelL c
ri.edge, 1 b
.S. Hol.!ins,2 b..
. 7
. 7
. i
. 7
It058ter, ct !
T. Holding p ti
Young, rf 3
Daviis, rf 4
InniuRs 1
Univki sn v . . . 3
Wake ci.tsT..l
...57 10 12 J
2 3 4 5 7 8 y
i o i o a i 0 o
0 1 2 0 1 0 0 J
J 7
Athletic Park, Kaleign, April 25.
Two liaHe Hits K Johnston Alills
Howtll 2, Powell. Double Pyd-lshHw'
H. Johustoi, WiIIhiM pjisfe;l Palls old'
nam .s. jut uy nnueu jdi.
C. UK4F A N 1
The Woik of Hie jy,.w Hoard -A
Handsome lro)-rty I'urclia-ed as.
An Additon to tlc site.
Mr. N. B. Brougllton a Director of
the Nortfe arola School for the Deaf
acd Dumb At4organ ton, returned to
the city Friday 1-.m tte first meeting
of the Board. He was greatly pleased
with the work done, w ith he cordiality
of the people of Morgantoi, ar d the
outlook for tho institution. Hi tells
the Chromclk that tho mtetincrs of ii.iv-
Board were held in the Morgirit ju Hos
pital and the Supt. end officers of that,
institution dispersed a most grateful ami
elegant hespita'ity. Col. Tate, the
local director, entertained the Board on
Wednesday evening, and in every way,
together with all the other citizens,
made the stay of the members of the
Board most pleasant.
A Iteautilul ite Purchased.
After examining the site, tha Board of
Directors decided that it was not as
much ground as would be needed for the
future success of the institution. After
examining other sr.es they decided to
purchase the remainder of the inebill
tract including the Spa Mineral springs.
In this purchase for which they pay 6 -500
there are 113 acres of beautiful wood
ed and finely cultivated lands fronting
one half mile cn tho railroad.
There is upon this tract a two-story
brick building, worth at least $3,000. It
also contains a fine orchard and barns,
stables, &o-
The site immediately adj oins on the
west the 100 acres given by the town of
Morganton, and also adjoins the lands
of the State Hospital. This makes a
magnificent property of 213 acres.
The Next Meeting of the Executive
The Executive Committee meets again
the second Wednesday in July to make
further arrangements for work on the
Secretary and Treasurer of the Hoard.
John A. Dickson, who is now Secre
tary and Treasurer of the State Hospital
at Morganton, wa3 elected Secretary and
Treasurer of the Board.
To Visit Other Schools.
Messrs. N B Broughton, B. F. Aycock
and rror. iu. a. tloit were appointed a
committee to visit institutions for the
deaf and dumb, with a v'ew to having
plans and specifications prepared.
Going to Work in Earnest.
The Executive Committee was instruct
ed to havo 2,000,000 brick made.
Proi. Goodwin's Work.
Prof. E. McK. Goodwin, Advisory
Supt., will continn tp teach school in
the D. D. fjilLlitinvLtion in Rieigh
.'JirV?gl . wKvia realv for
- u.a UUlieS Vk 111 utf CJai.Cl TTIT
witn me oar(j Qf Directors in regard to
the new ecj building &c , but he will
( Tc W Jfc'ji o r v until t.h sr'Snnl r rei-.
The President of the Raleigh Ilu-ines
College Happily Wedded Yester
day. Prof. J. . Matheny and Miss Mamie
Jordan, both of this city, were married
at the residence of the bride's parents
Thursday morning at 10 o'clock Prof.
Matheny is the popular President of the
Raleigh Business College, and the bride
is one of Raleigh's most charming daugh
ters. The ceremony was performed by
the Rev. Dr. Hall, pastor of the Baptist
Tabernacle. Only a few intimate friends
were present. After the warm congrat
ulations and good wishes of friends, the
happy pair took the 11.15 train for Rich-
mond and Northern cities,
The Chronicle's best wishes go out
to this popular yonng conple for a life of
unalloyed happiness. Ibey have many
friends in Raleigh who join us in this
That shortness of breath is dyspepsia.
Take Simmons Liver Regulator.
The Holden Place Sold.
Monday, at noon, according to a
notice published in several papers, the
Holden residence, on Hargett street,
was sold for the benefit of the execution
in favor ot Mr. Josian Turner in tne
old Turner-Holden suit. Mr. Turner
bought the property for $1, no one else
bidding against him. Unless the sale
of Mr. Holden's interest in the estate,
which took place several years ago, is
proven void, Mr. Turner cannot derive
anything from the sale.
Your Liver?
Is the Oriental salutation,
knowing that good health
cannot exist without a
healthy Liver. When the
Liver is torpid the Bow
els are sluggish and con
stipated, the food lies
in the stomach undi-
fested, poisoning the
lood; frequent headache
ensues; a feeling of lassi
tude, despondency and
nervousness indicate Jiow
the whole system is de- .
ranged. Simmons Liver
- Kegulator has been the
means of restoring more
people to health and
tappiness by giving them
a healthy Liver than any
agency Known on earth.
It acta with extraor
dinary power and efficacy.
Xm a general family remedy for dyspepsia.
Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc., I hardly ever
use anything else, and have never been dis
appointed in the effect produced; it seems to
almost a ucnoci core 101 w
and Bowels. -
W. J. McZlbot, ai aeon, a.
osed TJpoal
art the Cenn-
frauds and
ark. on
(-truck out Base on liill H HoliliuLCti
by Johnston 3. Left on Bas jjmver'
sicy 11, Wake Forest 14. Umpire- K.
h.ntelnrd, K.-lIyue.s. H'a-Ij. (J. Mor
ris, C. G. tjtoae.
s mm ir
Jhe April term, lfcOl, cf tbi Court
yet Monday for the trial of civil ciaw
tily, Judge Rjbtfrt W. Winston, pra
Th-j f' Homing cises were disposed o
by tho Wake superior Court:
J Feph Blake et U. 3 Ji.me-5 B'ack'v
M vition by defendant to remove cause to
Franklin county. Deci-non reserved.
Delilah Riines tj. James Rainea. Ver
dict and judgment granticg divorce.
A W. ?haff,r vs. E. B. BU; bv
consent, jjlguei-t ia favor cf defe-id
Richmond Mclntyre, et a's. A-.ta vs.
Life Iasurar.ca Co. et a!s. Ja i0'emeat
non suit as to Aetna Co.
W. J. Weir, vs. Mrs. Sitae E Tio.
Verdict and Judgement for defvadeat.
Appeal by plaintul to S'.:prtiin Court.
B F. Cheatham et al. vs. II jrw-rd
Pool f-t al. Judgement for plaintiffs for
sum of $"') 20
State tx rel. K. W. Pou Jr., Solicitor,
vs. H. C. Howell, Guardian and Sureties.
Order of reference to Jho. W. Thomp
son Clerk.
Foster and Markham, Trustees vtc. vs.
Elirjgton Royster & Co. Verdict for
Sarah Copper, vs. Silas Cooper Judge
granting divorce.
Kenuy & Drewry vs. Knoxviile la
suratce Co. Time to tiltj complaint and
St.ire ex rel Hodge vs. Railroads
Defendants givo notico that they will
ask for power of attorney for Sta'e
County Notice Notice oa both &iles
"ep.ed m ojita cru;t.
D. T Murrav vs. T. J. D. Pate
Judgement, asjainct plaiatiff - appeal to
Supreme Cent.
Sta-ex rei E. W. Pou, Jr. , Solicitor
vs. 11. o. liov 11, Guardian, and sure
ties on bond Order appointing Jno. W.
Thompson receiver.
Alien B. Marshburn Creed Carrico
nd S. VV. Coats
Mrs. A. C. Vickers vs. W. t . Gunter -
Continued by consent. j
L. M. Bledsoe et als vs. Moses Bledsoe
et al.c; continued by consent.
Ella Branch vs. nint Branch; di
vorce; juror withdrawn; mistrial.
Ellison & Harvey vs. A. N. Sexton &
Co; (two cases) continued by consent.
A. a. Marshbourn vs. Creed Carrco &
8 W. Coats; judgment for plaintiff for
Elizabeth J. Ki.lly vs. Solomon Free
man et als; continued for plantiff.
Henry Judd vs. Emeliae Judd; set for
Thursday, April 30, 1891.
Hannah E. Eaniss vs. Wm. J. Brown
et als; continued.
H. P. Waitsett vs. R. G. Pearcs et
als; judgment judgment to bi drawn
I. B. Holland vs. Dalcina Holland;
vei iict and judgment granting divorce.
E. M. Bledsoe et als. vs. M. A. Bled
soe et als.
Order: Lgave to make executor of
W. R. Pool and trustee and assignee of
J. Ruffin Williams parties defendant.
State ex rel P. P. Collins by his next
friend, &c, vs. Chas. D. Upchnrch and
Bondsmen; non suit as to H. W. Jones;
verdict for plaintiff; judgment npon
points of law to be argued.
Paul F. Faison vs. Citizens' Trust Co ;
verdict for plaintiff for the sum of
$26 1 60.
Judgment in thirty nine cases; State
ex rel. W. T. Hodge vs. the various Rail
road Companies; signed by the Court
dismissing the action and against tho
relator and surety for costs; appeal in
each cas3 to the Hupreme Court.
Annie E and J. M. Harris vs. W. C.
Rhodes et al; continued by consent.
Paul F. Faison vs Citizens Trust Co.;
motion by defendant for a new trial.
Nation K. of L. Co operative To
bacco Jo vs. R L Dai nger field et al;
'for plaintiff, judgment to be
Jones & Powell et al vs. Thomas
Pence et al; continued by consent.
fc-lla Branch vs. Quint Branch: ver-
diet and judgment granting divorce. v.
Winters Loeklear vs. Yancey s
tronach; set, for Friday next on motion
of plaintiff's atttorney.
hidmnnd Terrell and wife vs. A. yme
administrator of Piiscilla Craven; mo
tion to dismiss defendants appeal be
cause not docketed in tima. Set for
Wednesday next.
C. W. Ogburn vs. Garland Jones. Set
for Thursday next.
Stite pf N. C. ex rel. P. P. Collins,
&o , vs. Chas D. Upchurcb et als. Judg
ment non suit as to H. W. Jones strick
en out; judgment for plaintiff for pen
alty of t ond to be discharged upon pay
ment of f joo.flO.
C. Dowd receiver &$., vs H. M. Tur
ner et als; judgment for want of auswer
vs. all the defendants except J. S Carr;
argued on demurrer of plaintiff to his
answer and amended answer; decision
The calendar for this week beiug fin
ished, the jury for this week are dis
charged and court takes a recess until
Monday, April 27th, at 9:30 o clock.
His Liabilities are About $13,000--
The Event Received Wilh Great Sor
row by the People ia General.
It grieves the Chronicle to tell its
readers to day of the assignment of Mr.
J. Ruffin Williams, practically the firm
of Williams & Haywood. The papers
were filed yesterday and spread upon the
Register of Deeds books.
The assignment is to Mr. A. W. Hay
wood, as trustee, and the main preferred
creditors are the following:
K. S. Puilen. note and interest. 110.-
000; Dr. E B Haywood, $741 37; Alfred
Williams, f 1,500; C. H. Belvm, cashier,
$1,000. His total liabilities will not
amount to more than $13,000 and his
assets cannot be as yet exactly deter
This failure of a man so universally
and highly esteemed, so much beloved
by his personal friends is indeed deplored
by every citizen of Raleigh. Every one
who knows Mr. Ruffin Williams knows a
man of a pure heai t and clean hands,
and this financial calamity, happening
in his old age, is indeed a shock inwhich
all his friends share. The Chronicle
hopes, however, that soon our good
friend's affiirs may be so settled that ke
canTeturn to the vocation he has so
diligently served.
Argument Made to Have the State Sub
stituted iu Place ol Hodge.
Tbe readers of the ChroMCLe are fa
miliar wi'h the Hs.de cane'' The Code,
Sect. 1959 and 1960 provide thst the
Ii lilroads shall file an annual report to
fie Governor, and failure to do so snb
.1 c s the r.ilnvvd failing7 to a i na'ty of
t-V)0 The railrbid 1 ailed to till the re
port and Dr. W. T. liodjre octerrd suit
for the 1500 iienai" y from osi-h of forty
railroads. Tho Superior Court held that
if the penalty could be recovered. V
must go 10 the school iunj. Tne Su
preme Court sustained the decision.
Tuesday argument was heard before
Judge Winston to have the came c
Hodge sticken cut and have the came
of the State substituted
ELY'S CREAM BALM-Cleanses the
PaataKeg, Allaya 1'avln aud Inflammation,
the lores, Kcatorca Taste land 8mell, and
J l J R i k I l.i
J Gives Relief at once for Cold lo Head. V-Viiv
Applp into ths SostriU. It is Quickly Alsorbfd., I Ar9-.'K?'
50c Proggieta or by mail. ELY BftOfi, 64, Warren lit, li. J.f., SOc
By The United Press.)
Toax. April 21, 1891. Mear.
Hubbard. Prie Company, in
vttoa Circular to ni?Lt, tr;
day has b.tra on j cf coaij ara'.ive
tivity. Liverpxd opened wesk a"
declin and tl'-sed q i: t st about
' The
ing prices. Th;s n:v: W t s Ld d.u a: tm
tLr-.e ioiu.s t" - p ui'.g, b it tuUw
4'HLt':V' t..-etia? i ,- t.-s:e-", bjt re
covered an I c!'it I i ' t. i a two po.in's of
lat evening's 8;u:u.''
. K'Mjc'pfs at ports t d.y est'.tnate l at
3,0O' biles. f.Cai:: t; I,0:0 l.iU-s iaM
wet-k, and 2,0 1 J Ucs tho sie wek
l.-u-t ytar.
The (tpot market i- dull and steady;
rni'ldling uplands ! 7 S; s-ales 171 bahs.
Trarsat-tiocs in fu u-es 40,000 t-sla
Futures fksod hrm and one
points higher, as folio- s:
anjteniber .
Dece ruber
J an nary
to three
H CO - l
h ; t;i
H t,7 t
M 77
s 7
s m;
h st;;
s ; -.! i
h s i-f.
L 0-l7
Xoao. Marke'.
ert tip.
Galvo. ton .. .
lialtiiaor.' .. .
I'hila.i- lphia
."avarmati . .
New Orleans
Siomphia . . .
Augusta . . .
Louisville. . .
t. laOllit)
Charleston ..
Cmciunati . .
! 2V SttaJy
8 9-lt ' :: '. ) . .
S 1-2 V1V
8 7 -S
H 7-S ."M 30.4
a H- S I :i 1
a 3 h 'i
8 l'fc 71 5.-U
8 7-10 117 Us3U
8 a H ', C
8 1-2 .1.' ...
8 5-8 11
9 0 0
8 1 -2 4-5 . .
H 5 8 11C i 22:51
it 0-0 ;;J i
I ...'Norn 1
! Qn et
! . . . . 'Juiet
I 475 Quiet
HH JJull
(0 -tea-ly
8."0 Steady
I 3".' I Steady
1 irni
1G';0 Quiet
I 15 jisteady
In Liverpool spot cottn closed sternly;
middling uplands 4 3 Id; sales 6,000
Futures closed easier, as follows:
April and May
Ma vand Jnne
i 41-42
4 41-42
4 42-43
4 47
4 51-52
4 5i .5
Juue and July
July and August
AuKUBt and September
September and October
The Citv Cotton Rlaltet.
Raleigh, N
C, April 15 6 P.
Good Middling
Strict Middling
Btri'.t low middling. .
Vfjw middling
Market weak.
Raleigh Tobacco Malet.
i Reported bt T. N. Joni & Co.)
Ralkioh, N. (, April to.
FILLERS -Common 4 to 6
Good to 8
Fine to 18
SMOKERS Common fitf to 1
Good " to 9
Fine to 15
CUTTERS Common IS! to 15
Good 1.': to 25
Fine 25 to 32K
WRAPPERS Common 1 to 20
Good 2t to 35
Fine 3i to 60
New York Money Ma ket.
New York, April 25. Money cf call loaned
at easy rates to-day. Three per snt. was tho
ruiing rate Exchange closed i) Met; posted
rates 4 864.fiJ; actual rates i lor 60
days and 1.88i' lor demand. fiVovernment
br.uds clt89d atealy; currency lises l.i:J
bid; fours (coupons) 1.21; foui aud-a-halfs
(couDona) 1 02 bid. f
New York Produce Itlf ket.
FLOUtt Closed moderately jctive and
heavi; citv mills extra 5 Vuaia.'ii lor West
indies, supernne 3.7o(1.45; flui 3.23(g4 00;
M'.uT'eaoti extra 4 iO(3i3.
wtlEAT Options opened wcA at 751,.
decline, hut rallied c. later, aid at noon
was steady: No. 2 red winter li4 jash; No. 2
red winter Mav 1.2 ; Jun l.ls". Jnly
1 15J; August I.W4.
ColtN Options opened we& at Jc. decline,
ana ten vc. more m the earlr trading. Hub
sefjiiently tho market became" steady and so
rtiuamed to the close; No. 2 nixed 83 cash;
may vj; juiy 1 a. ,
OA'IU Options closed quiet'vand easier
No 2 mKed 5lJ cash;No. 2 mixd If ay 59.
juueou; juiy ofyi.
i'OHK Closeu dull; new mess 3.7514.50,
LAKD Closed quiet; May 6.Pj: Julv 7.25
SUGA.K- Hefined closed quiet; mt-loaf and
crusnea &4; granulated 4 S-uimouId A 1
COFI Eh,- bpot lots closet nuiet; fair iiio
cargoes U'54.
Baltimore Produce Mal.ct.
Cotton closed
f'L.OUB Closed dull and mchanged;
Howard street and VVesteti super
4.0Ogl.25; do extra 4.505 00; dc do. family
5.1(S55.50; city mills llio brandsextra 6.0)(3
G 25; wintor wheat patent 5 40c'6.00; spriusr
wtcat patent 6.l"H'(g6 25; do. do.itraight 5.25
55; do. do. bakers 4.85g)5.10.
WHEAT Southern closed dull(Fnltz 1.18
1.23; Longberry 1 201.25; Wtern closed
esy; No. 2 winter red spot andApnl 1.161
CO.'tN Southern closed dull a d nominal;
white 83'g84; yellow 8284; Wetern closed
naiet and easy; mixed spot and ioril 81 bid.
OATS Closed steady, ia far demand;
ungraded (Southern and Pennsyl ftiiia 62'4(3(
6t; do. Western whiu. 63 4: dc do. mixed
02C6.'K; graded No. 2 wbite 63654.
Kie. Closed dnll and uncha ged; prime
to choice 95a98; good to fair Sf fcif l.
PKOVISIONB Closed quiet, unchanged;
mess pork old 12 50; new 14 00; balk meats,
loose shoulders 5 ; long clear J; clear rib
Bides a sugar-pickled houlde 6, sugar
cured smoked shoulders 1; hams, large
uoi!JJ!i uiosea steaay, run ana un
changed; fair Bio cargo 20.
SUUAK Closed steady, flrm.uncbanged;
granulated 4 9-16.
WH1SK-KY Closed steady at .24.
Raltlmore Bond Maifcet.
Baltimokk, Md., April 25. Vxginia tbrets
Chicago Prodactt Mtrket.
Cbicaoo. 111., April 35. - Wbiat closed
(a2Wc. lower. Receipts 68 cars
WHEAT Closed May l.OSic July 1.06;
September 1.00.
cob-uiottea may ; Jvsy 046; ep
tember 622.
OATS Closed May 51 W; Jay 47K; Bep-
tember 81.
funK Closed ilay 12.55; Juiy VA My,; Sep
tember 13 32.
LAUD Closed May C.7o; July 7 00; Sep
t?m her 7.30.
hlBH -Closed May 6.22$; July 6 51)4; Sep
tember 6 80.
Naval Store.
New Yofiit', April 52 Tke market is
steady for spirits tn: pentine.e'adr for the low
.grades ard quiet for the fine grades of
ro in. ana quiet ior tar. itie- ewci aj.
New Tfcrk com. rises 807 barre's spirits tur
pentine, 10.771 barrels rofin jrcd l)aa harjhi
tar. Spirits turpentine Boithe n barrels
machine hauels
lioain, strained
go d do. 1 70.
Voung others !
We Offer You a lientxdp
which Insures Safety to
Life of Mother ami Child
Hobs Cvnflttement of its
i?aih, Horror and. HU'c
sutlereal but little (ain.aiid iliJ uot experK;ava xtoM
weakns afterward usual In such caaes. Mr.
shie txaait, Ijunar, Ko., Jan. 15th, laDl.
Sent h oTtirpM. ehrtTPs pppDald. on receipt of
nrfoe.SLSODer laaUx. Book U, Mothers mailetl tree.
Highest of all in Leavening Tower. Iitrst U. S. Gov't Koroit.
, . p.
, UJandrakePills
I a i'oeitive C ure fur
r:r TrIiction,
tit- t..uia' h : i 1i
IIfrt t.4 In-, (.artMim-tk.
afl(i ,
iua I.iirrr.
nr, i' corn -J
li 'tin, 1 !.Mk ur , u' (.
m m
Ati l nil IMfcw-l.T. ,,f lV, Iii-
K-!lvn (-(tat... I t 1-Ilk .
. r.h..I:,!Tf. .., !.,r.-nBti.. PURELY VEGETABLE,
Mima Mihin. an t n. l c-Tn,, 1 v a c i i a a I tr
Uk-11 oith tarn, t.t 11. nil ..,. " v. . LT HtLIAULt,
.f iM.inty f..i Mi.) .!i .nc.-.BSOLUTELY SAFE.'" ' "
I'lut'.iiu. I'ru .'.tlti.irl. I- 1, .t: c
11-' 1'r. S -hen. U . S. w U f. r . ni. Itmmih r.i , la
on Lung., l.i, ran i Moiua- Ii - r l.. . ; ik.. W l . ..r w-nt I ..n ..
f,v' A.I'll, m, m.iil. 1 , . ,,11 l,. li t mll.,ll
Of. J H Schenck 4 Son. FhlU. li J 11 :vhru,k A ,v.i.,l'i,i...kl.l.u, I . Dr J H S
North Caijoiin a, t Before .1. V. Thoino
Wake County. sou by a; peal
In the matter of An- 1
drew Symk, Adin.r Assignment of
of Thos. Walkkk ' Vear 'a Allowance
and GuizzyWalkek J
Caroline Have, coloretl. and .... Haves.
her husband, and others lif any;, legatees
and distributees, and parties Interest ed In
th estate of Ihoiuas Walker deceased,
will take notice that ou the 2.sth iy cf
Jane, A. D. 1MM. the motion ot A. Svme.
Administrator of Tho. Walker, to cet
aside the assignment of the widow's yexr's
allowance in the above entitled i r.K5el-
ings. ami that nothing be puhl her ou t!ie
detlciei-ty tonnd in her favor, will he heard.
Clerk Superior Court.
Pkele & Matsakd,
Attorney s for Administrator.
aprlS- aw-Cw.
FOR 1891.
We have a larga assortment of llnautiful
Calendars on Card-lxard, hinutra, ,io., from
which to make selections.
BUSINESS MEN desiring to une Calen
dar Advertising will find it to their interest
to call at once and get prices.
We shall not be able to All orders attar tb
15th ol December.
Edwards & Broughton,
Printers Binders
It A I. KM. II. N C.
fa AO 51 ta7
hmn ."ii-. Hotel.
Four Miles South of
Will be pen by let of May 1K I.
It is neelees to mention here th wrwderfnl
cures this spring have fffee'ed. II y n are iD
bad health come and he enred. .Notity ti o
jroprietor a lew days ahead, and on arrivAl
at Littleton ro to Li'tleton Hotel, wh. ro a liv
ery cau readily be had to take you out.
$1.60 per dav,
$10 per week. $30 per montb.
B. B. r roller, Prop'r of
Panacea and Littleton Hotel.,
apr2-dw4w. Littleton, N
o o o
o o o
Of UbIt. I Vlrciula,
- BttjrH. N. ()
Gooding's Ointment.
Will enre chapped hands and lips; any in
flajnatiou of the skin. Believe itcliin alter
skaviDK and will core barbets itch II rub
bad on at noon. Dtgnt ana morn.na it win vp
oraness Ida proven excellent lor "ore nip-
Mrs. This is d article ot men'. Uiv it a
trial. On ojala at th drns t.ir in tatib
Xli lo effect Sanday, Iec 7th, 1890.
No. 41.
A Mail.
. .... 4. 00 p m
....4 17
No. 6
Freight A
8 85 a to
9 20
11 23
12 10
i m
3 20
5 35
8 10 pm
Le'vr ftoleigh......
Merry Oaka. .
Ioncnre, .
t HuteroB.
ttLii llues
4 54
5 05
5 28
5 4 p ra
6 21
7 20
7 40 p m
7 59
8 ia p m
No. .
No. 4.
Freight &
3c MiiL
. . 7 uc a.m.
.. 718
Leav Oi'uson,
Arrivf Hamlet.
1 Hnuthern
Mei-ryOal. . .
C-i- .
r. "Oa, n ,
12 1"
1 i .0
2 i
. -w
9 2".
9 52
10 16
ir 26
; - i.i
.i-a3 a m
r. t ; 2age a.1lv.oai.
L-C4c- Cf'Jlij.ajieJJ;j and 3:15 p m.
Arnve Cjhuo. uij Hot.ui. and 4:20 p. za.
Leave Caaaron 95 a. zn. and 6 on p. m.
Arrive carth;e 10:00 a. ta. and f:35 p. ra
Leave Pitteboro 9.10 a. m. and 4 in p tn.
Arrive Moncure 9:M a. m. and 4 45 p tn.
Leave Moncure 19:25 a.m. and 5:10 p tn.
Arri. Pittsboro 11:10 a. m.. and 5:55 p m:
J. C. wrNDER, GenT Manager.
L. T. MYERS, Gen'l Snpt.
Wat. SMITH, Bpi
' Pulmonic
Soar Sterna, h. Sjrmrf
vtiM. Iiif.auiixt
Nrn un Wt
r MJ Ctiil
W ii! O:
( rt , . .m jii. all
ilriiv lv. ..,,r-f i ,11.
1 I I. I I ' I t !' 1 .
Ml '
1 I .
if they rotiM wear? of their ..iii;. w..mM
tliil iu our .i.K'k an ltu. t iuiiu.u. n. :
ol i.t w nieloi'i.-. 4,itiN. kin.l ( ..ui
i.l.l n.u.10 art kUU call, d I.. I . an 1
the ;cw art( ui'ire miun i i,u
than the i.l.l.
antalM...TII K JOI.I.V I' It H r lls.
Sareut. 4'K'.( I t (W d.. New, l.riKt.t. an ,
ami ah !i in. in trill th. ir trlt-i:! Mill liar
it. II t.KOi: OK 'Trt ill. i.rJ .1
lrrwl, ridge. I t 4i1i (il Julv; au.l M
ri.OVKIt orKK, loiw., Mil ,U I
Kot, tor the ll .wer tutu-.
Sunday NrliooU like I' It ISr! I N KO I.
(4 e , or 12i doz Kneru, ISOM.
HOItSllir (.Tx- .ri;i) d. l Kinei. n
and tsherwin; SKH Nl'l It I I I A I.
M.M; i85o.,l3.tUJd.v.) TenuvA Itottman.
Choirw constantly seud t'..r our I'ctnvo Min-.o
M.UOO numtwrH of Antlieum, Ha. red Kele.
turns, i to , 5 ti N.. each, heud lr liU.
trKanit furiiinhtd with Vi.luuUrv and
othtr iunic plavera un Violin. (iuKai-.
Mandolins, liiiSij-.n and all eihr-r maliii
ments, supplied with appropi mte nine..'.
Heud fur hats and lnl.n iuau..n.
VOICES (tl-'iO) is a new an. I -U.t i i..r
Any book mailed for retail pi i-.
OUVEK DIT80N CO., I...stwn.
j. f. it rsos . CO.,
122.S ClieHtnnt St Philadelphia.
O. 11. 1)1 THO N A Co.,
h;7 Itroadway, New York t.ity.
Of tho session ol 'DO ami
'01 will begin September
11th. For Catalogue, ml
Jan12-tf KALEiail. N. O.
ff. H. & R. S. TUCKER & CO.,
To The Housekeepers of
North Carolina.
We have spent months in the prepara
tion and selection of the trrnndent stock of
Hoasekeepinu: and Iloune furnlnhtnn
Goods to b found in the South, and our
stocks contain t he best selections of goods,
both of nse and beanty, needed by every
We ar prepared to furnish resldencen,
hotels, summer hotels, parlors, halln, li
braries, sitting rooms, chambers ana or
flcea with appropriate carpets, mattings,
rnirs, curtains, draperies, furniture, Mcr-
ish and EgypUan fret work, lecorative
lattice, inter-laced wood work, sawed and
cast bratts and iron work, Pett-ee, Kottett
and Horetto frets in continuous patterns,
circular, eliptical segmental and irregular
shaped designs, with or without lewels,
in the most approve1 manner, hpeoial
rooms will be furnished complete, in the
styles of the present time or any period
defcired, and true to the time.
We will gladly furnish estimates for
entire buildings, suites or simile room,
or special work, and we beg to say that
we are fully prepared to compete w ltk any
house in the trade.
Correspondence Solicited. ,
W. II. k K. S. TI CKER at
Halelgb. N. U.
Littleton Female College
A Select Boarding School
for Young Ladies with a
Strong Faculty and a thor
ough Collegiate; Course at
very Moderate Cost.
The Spring Term begin
.January tfOth, 1811. For
Catalogue, add res?
Littleton. N. C.
MOKTGAOK SAL?: Cnder rower
.it a certain niortirHite, made by M.
stone audwife, and recorded in IJ'X.k No.
107, page 507, in the Register's ot!ioe of
Wake c jnnty, I ill t fTer for Hale at the
Court House door, in Wake county, a t-er-ta:n
lot in the town of Wake Foreet, more
particularly dei-trir-d in haid deed at 12
in., on .Ma) -J-,th, 1K1. Terms f nale c:ash.
A. I). .IONKS,
aprtS-w4t Attorrey for .Mortvagee.
Kxecutor'n Notice.
Hit's? qualified aa txecntor of the estate
of A. B. Freeman, dece-red notice ia hereby
K r n to all par'ioa indebted to the eatate to
mtle immediate ptymeat; and all partie.
hol.iing claims rgainst the deceased mnt
f raeut them to rce on or I fore March ltii.
1, or thi notice will te r-lead in bar of their
recovery. W. ll. IHaWAKD,
Ap x. N. C, Marrh I" li31. fmariti W,w;
Notice to Creditors.
Havicg qt;alii.ed aa a'Jaiiiii'rtor cf ttie
eetiit of ijillard J. Poo?. lUi of W.ke ccunf.,
I hsreby notify the ere 5ior of the eataf, to
preaent their cltimn to me at Auburn, in said
county, by the 20th day of March, l0i.
ArBra5,5. C, March 10, IH'Jl.
maris W6w
co r roN - imjkss.
t. .
ny mi it i. n .
T'..- 1 V 1 i K i il li is 1 Kl
l.i;i? ol a ..., i. r- ri al .. . ;l
I f r , at ic i, , r, i (
Tl.. r . .',.'.!... I ,, !. ..
l-.tir a. tl 1r.it I , t; o . . , ?..!;,
ip f.-.ik,i. at. I hi,! . v . .j . f t ,
If," .
.. I .r Si
i. a-l nU.
i k" )- ;. !
: k e.i t t
',! 1 "
I :
1 I
1. ,
1 a I
: t
t J .:.", A
.... r in ,.
I . r.,
I hi.
. I r.
I r
I I .
, t .
i a
!,!! I
nr. ;,
lull!., t
l!t. u... t :
u.t -i it. are j. i
! a. h, "t. Vat
. l.r. N '
N ; A H I'.
N. Itu t in, .1
at... a
! a. ,
. 1.
k , i
!-..ai .!
It :.
- 1 , 1;.
J .
I'., J.
I i J.N
utin s
, l a
1 It'll ! M
1 lit 1
.v mwvu.ii:
invnw, I .
.1 -let
j . . t 1..
- n - - ... ; I; j
, ,?'- . "
- i ' ,
A 'I f. f i
St'liediili in Kft.it M.i..!i h,
S.n I ii :.: . ! 1 1 m l i
No No I!
I. Kl llTtlOIl.l illllH J Ill
Hutkevtlie . .':i . m 4 .". I m
" K lllr .1 4 i . in .'. 1 1 i in
Ar ll.itnille , in h .e a in
" ( ,teenM..r.i . ... 1."ipiii t In n in
I.V t ,.llilr....l t'. p 111 H I 1, Ii,
Ar H.ileiwh 4 . .' p iti ; f. in
I.v Halelli . . 4 p m '1 ii it in
I Oil hum .' 4 i l' in i o ' i in
A r r i-iiHMirn o. p in :i ii in
l.v. I n ft.. ii S!em i. . ' p in .'ti a in
" I rifimU.ru " p in i n m
Ar r-ni l-O.tiry Si .4 p ,u i r m
AT tate ll'.e ! J a In 1 J ' i p in
" A h 'l e 1 ! 1 e ', .'. 1 1 1 '. p 1 1 1
" Hot S( 1 1 1 i. p iii 7 o p in
I.v. !iillr.l.n t y ... 1 ' i p in : ; . i p in
Ar. ( linrl.-tie l.'in u.h.ii -i p m
" Sp trti.nt.iii t-, i in i i p in
" t i l i en t ll le I t n . p In
" Atl.llltrt I' Hill In II n p tn
I.v. t hai I. ilte . ... ir. pm I p to
A r. ( '(iltlliiliKi 4 4'l it in ' p !n
" Atlgllhta ...... 1 i In ' .' p in
Mil. I mini Nil.
I) Ml
n in
".I .UI p III
1 J JO ,1 III
4 it in
o on p m
r, in a m
i. :j a nt
P :i l p in
1 I I ;i in
r. vi. ,i in
r. '.'I it in
' i a I :t 1 1 1
t t in
"II :nu iii
' iii n it in
'l J1 a in
1 '.' p in
" : Hip m
V. L!
i'i !' H I'l
J (i p In
I. .VI p III
; in it tn
t 'olll'l.l.lJt
I .v. A I Irttitit
A r. harlot te
1 1
in p in
o. p l.l
:j; i tn
I'l p III
it p III
'.' . p til
I ', p l.l
I.v. lint Sprinn
Atdievtlle. ...
' StaieHville
Ar. Siiiinluiry
I.v. Sallbbm-y
Ar. (.reeln.lH.in
Ar. Winn! on .sule
I.v. lir'eiisln,r.i .
Ar. I Mirliaiii
" Hit'il'h.
l,v. Kl.;lk-li
Ar ( f'.luihoro. . .
I.v. i re.-iiNl.ni n .
Ar. 1 uivllle
" Keynville
" Murke i le . .
" Klehtimiid
i ii in
in ii in
i ,i in
11 m
I . .1 i
.' it i i
..' I i i
i 1
. .. (, .
.' 1 1 ,
. v i
4 ia'.
I'l II i
i' i 1
I .,
1 1 p in
4 Li p in
n in
it in
hiu oud and
Weal I'oint,
Ital. Ifcli
Via KeyvlUe, Oxford and llurlmi
15 and 14.
ht I'.iitf
Kll lllnnll.l
(,'hanf! City
i xl..rl
Kl (in.l l ,
Ar I..
I.v I 4 ,t u,
Ar 4 : i i. .
Ar a 4 i
A r a on p i
Ar 1 Jl p i ,
A r 1 1 4 ; it in
I ,v Ml in ii in
7 50 a m
V) 15 a iu
10 :c a m
Vi 45 p in
1 4". p in
i 'Ji p in
2 r p iii
4'. p m
4 lip iu I.v
5 p m A r
1 lendeiMoli
lo l.l it in
;tn it in
i '4 p in J.v )x(..rd
ffc't p m Ar Ualelgh
tllally except Sundiiy.
A r
in ...
i 1'
n in
a in
Uaxliluwoii and Soul hiventern N ehlllml.
I.tmitwl orperafeI l,e ween W Hxhi,,! ,,,
and Atlanta dully, .MveH ..hl,l,,Kt..:i
U 10 p. m. liH.iviIle 7 .V. p. ,
v.P' ' hH"':,"lrK harlot!.,
U J a m.. arrlvei. Atlanta 7 OO it. m ,.
tnrtill.g. leavt; AtlmiU II iH tn t'lm
I jIUj 7 u:. p. in.. i-'nllNljurv H i i t iii airi.,,
born '.I 4.. p. m ; arrlvt-s li itn . )5 .,
Lynchburg I i- it. m., V.mlilnKi,ii i , i
a. in.
Additional train leave Oxford dully e
cp. Sunday 11 10 a. in. arrl ve i lefiderxon
X'i In p tn : returning leat e I ! en.l. rM .n 'j
p, m. dally except Sunday, hi r.tr ( itl.u.l
X, p. rn.
No. f, leaving f ioldabni j r. m an. I
Italeigh 4 Hi p iii da ly inn k- ni, n . ' !-"t
at Durham vtliii .No o, lea'. n,k' ' '" p
m. daily except M-jiid.i) for ( id, llei
dernnn, and all pointrt on . 11., '.
and it. Ac M, Kads.
I'tvsK tiger K' he run through l. lv.ii n
Wnt lolnt and Kileih. v -)-. i ; !-, ti
N'i. I ", mi l 14. and and 1 i
N'm. .! Hiid in i ,1,1.1. t, i.t ltl hnmiail from
and to Went I'oint and 1'h! t uuof d.ni ,
except Suiidty
. -
On Trains M sod 10, Pulltiuin I; jfT. t
Sleeper between Atlanta and Nev . '..r.
lietwe-ri DaiiVille, Aiii.''iHtii and .Mm on,
(ireenhtKiro (via Ahhevlllei to K tmx .11.-,
Ten n.
On II aud 1, I'ullinsii liu.'Tet -i per !
tween Wastiington and New Orlen.-i m
Montgomery, and between l'.l hinoud n'.'l
lanvil!e; K-lelgh and (tre iiMtir., an'! !e
tween ashl' tftou and A tikUftt ind I'm;
man Itollet r.e-peni txtween .Ne'.v Vnn,
Vaih.ii(,ton and Hot Sprint." . A'I."
11 11. I.KID'iKJi, U . A TI'I.K.
Superintei.'leiit, I;v l'o Ag:it,
Kai ru ii. N. C itAi.cioti, X, ::.
W. II liliKKN, JAM I. l A I.OIt
i.en 1 Mr , 'eu. I'a-.s. Av:tt,
WA-H!NiKN, I). C. V."ii:n. on, 1.
Mil. HAAS.
Trait. ' M.r;.tvce.(
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lo 1' 'J.
in -Say
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l.l'J K"RT,
.No. .'-. N-. .
Pan. Iai!y I'f.a. A Mail,
I'a.iy i t. Hon
Leav I'.at'-i'di T, On -:i 11 W, a W
Mill III "-it . 5 1', 11 l
Wake ' i li r r-
Frankhn'oa... . i d 12 . .
Kiur'-U i 1 U O
H ii'l-r- . i: 1 Ol
Warren Plan." 7 11 1 2
ycon 7 'it 1 41
Arrive Weldon H Vs p ni VI 41 p m
TttJUJfH ovi:e Ot"TU.
.No. 41. .Nd 4 .
J'a'.a. and Mil!.
Iiaily ex. Hun. IiaiJy
Lea.c Weldon M V V to r a za
Macon 1 13 " W
Warren I'laum 1 'iti p m 7 l'j
Henderson 'i 'ii 7 6
Kjfj-Wl 2 s 11
Fi ankUut'.n ...2.V5 s '.'"
Wake a 17
Miii Urook .' i '-'
Amr i Laleigh 315 V SJ a iu
I'irei! Ix-n in burt; at 7 U.a.tn.,t3i! 2 ' rn.
Arrive at Krai-ItU'.' it I'i a iu an 1 i.J't
p ui .
UT"if'"'v' - V m
n m
ai J i; 03
Ar, - i.o.noi ri; at 1.0j i
iu and 6. i i
..fT C. WIM;LI1, Oou'l ilE4((,l,
I ;. Mi tK. fie-:'! hatL
Mii HiXH,bni.fcrit.'t..tJDl,

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