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1'. 4-'
Engines and]Boilers,
Creamery Supplies,
Steam Heating and
Water Pipe,
Valuable Present
forty-five Pamphlets, Making a Book of Seven hundred
and Twenty Pages, containing
The Widow Bedott Papers.
Winter Evening Recreations.
Back to the Old Horns.
School Dialogues, Recitations and Readings.
Standard Letter Writer.
The Frozen Deep—by Wilkie Collins.
Red Court Farm.
The Lady of the Lake—Sir Walter Scott.
In Cupid'e Net.
Amos Barton—by George Eliot.
Lady Gwendoline's Dream.
The Mystery of the Holly Tree.
A Budget of Wit, Humor and Fun.
John Bowerbank's Wife.
The Grey Woman.
Sixteen Complete Stories.
Jasper Dane's Secret.
Fancy Work for Home Adornment.
Grimm's Fairy Tales.
Manual of Etiquette.
Useiul Knowledge for the Million.
Home Cook Book and Family Physician.
Customs and Manners in Distant Lands,
Eighty-seven Popular Ballads.
Called Back—by Hugh Conway.
At the World's Mercy.
Mildred Trevanion.
Dark Days—by Hugh Conway.
Shadows on the Snow.
Leoline, or into the Shade.
Gabriel's Marriage—by Wilkie Collins.
Reaping the Whirlwind.
Dudley Carleon.
A Golden Dawn.
Valerie's Fate.
Sister Rose—by Wilkie Collins.
Anne—by the author of East Lynne.
The Laurel Bush.
Robinson Crusoe.
How to make Poultry pay.
Parlor Magic and Chemical Experiments.
Genu of the Poets, embracing many
lar poems of aU ages.
Building Plans for rra#ti*al
Casting's of ail kinds.
Small Horse power for sale. JR
Martin & Anderson,
Walnut street. Yankton.
Attorney at Law,
OfiUe bCPostoffioe blook
the most.popUj
Cost Housas.
Anecdotes of Public Men—Washington, Franklin, day,
Webster, Tilden, Lincoln, Scott, Grant, Garfield and
45. Aesop's Fables.
jTAIAN for one year, to any address, post paid, for $1.75.
upon its twenty-sixth year, and occupies a leading position among the
journals of the west. It furnishes a complete summary of all events
transpiring in Dakota—in fact as a territorial paper it stand* without
The list of pamphlets are alone worth the subscription price,
sample set can be seen at the Press and Dakotaian office.
All subscriptions must be paid in advance.'
Address, BOWEN & KINGSBURY, Publishers,
Yankton, Dakota
Coal and Wood.
S. N. Foyler,
WholMal. aid B*tail
d«Usr ia
Ofiei. at Korthwesttn Depot.
fYBDEBS Cor stove and t-foot wi
Oaya Jt Aiders store will be
promptly to any part of th. city wit!
f«avea Hartington
Leer* onlers fiat
Oaya Aide's grooeryj
5-^jft. vft ^-%W 'it4 -y
wood left at
be delivered
without oharge
Yanktqn and Harrington
Passenger and Express Line
EAVES X^nkton every day exoept Ban day
AJ at I a. m. Stage nun tbroagk.titt
(it. lamas Mid Bow Valley,
tiagton at lilt p. at.
Pine Lumber,
Lath, Shingles,
Posts, Sash, Doors,
Building Paper,
Cement, Lime*
Mixed Paint, etc.,
At Lowest Market Prices,
2d and Mulberry Sts.
Deaxjcm IN
Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Blinds
Lime, Coal,
East Fourth and Looust Streets,
Dea Moines, Iowa.
*~Yard on Broadway near Northwestern
railroad tracks, Yankton, Dakota.
St. Croix
Lumber Company
]jQllll)6F .......................i
Posts ..,
Ash Ceiling..........
..Windows, &c., at,
|&~Iard on BroadwayES"",
Arrives at Har-
day a
a. strips at Bow Valley,!
St, Haleaa,apd arrtyea at Xanktoa at I-J0 p.m.
This line sonneete at Harttngtoa with tzains
to and tarn tfee Blaek Hills.
ccs aad«ancMa at
.ThixdsSrast, or
1 street, between
LK1B. Proprietor
Pioneer Grocer!
Collection, Loan and Real
Estate Agency,
OBoo—Oedar Bt., with Phil. K. Faulk.
A N abundance of sumey to loan on real
estate and chattle seenrity. OA8H ON
BAND. Ho delay. Mo aetiding oS implica
tVColleotlons atte to and money
promptly remitted.
Beferenees: First Rational bank, the Xank
toa banc, Fhilk K. KauLic, attorney.
A. L. HXNHAN. Yankton.
Money to Loan
-AT A—
Cash on hand E, T. WHITE.
*i*T' f\ffI^W *1
11m iii -'Tii-1*^'""*'**•• i—ni r-rflrt ii nniwwi. p-
|w mu\ fJfllwtJifcw
is published every evening, excepting Son
oarrlers, per
month, 1 00 per year, 00 by mail, per
month, 8£ cents per year, 810 (JO.
blook corner of
Third and Ospital streets.
Telephone number G.
Pubho Printer Benedict will not be
confirmed. The oommittee has agreed
to report adversely ou his oase.
A Mitchell special states that that M.
H. Day's friends in that oity expects no
favors at the bands of Governor Oharob.
Jerauld ooanty, it iB said, will furnish
the nest territorial superintendent of
instructions. He will be of the demo*
oratio persuasion.
.Book Bapids, Iowa, a station on the
Milwaukee road a short distance east of
Oanton, reports a continuous snow
blockade sinoe the 8th inst.
The legislative oounoil, last Satarday
praotioally completed consideration of
the revenue bill. After the revenue bill
comes the Mitchell court bill.
Rapid Oity's sohool of mines wants a
metallurgical laboratory and a bill ap
propriating $33,000 to that purpese has
been introduced in the legislature-
Dakota's legislature is taking a rest.
Adjournment was made Satarday after
noon to Wednesday morning, so as to
avoid laboring on Washington's birth
Satarday the national house of repre
sentatives invalid pensions oommittee
deoided, by unanimous vote, to report
the dependent pension, bill with the
recommendation that it be passed over
the president's veto.
The Merohants National bank of Dead
wood has failed with liabilities of about
{435,000. The failure takes with it
branch banks of Oentral Oity, Sturgis
Oity aud San Dance. W. B. Stebbins is
president of this bank and Beth Bullook
vice president.
The close of last week brought to
northwest Nebraska a blizzard of un
usual force. There was a heavy fall of
snow and the signal offioe at Valentine
reported the wind blowing seventy-six
miles per hour. Railroads were blookad
ed and much suffering among stook is
a result of the storm.
Congress has been memorialized by
the Dakota legislature to appropriate
$35,000 for the construction of a dam
and canal near Oanton to prevent the
destruction of property by the overflows
of the Big Sioux. Memorials are usually
entirely ornamental, serving xnly to at
traot public attention to something
whioh should be done and never will be
done through congressional ohannels.
The legislative house has passed the
house bill appropriating $150,000 for the
relief of northern drouth sufferers, with
an amendment oharging the amoauts
paid for relief as a tax against the
property of parties relieved/Through
this prbcesB the sufferers will be made to
relieve themselves, territorial aid being
only a loan to them, This is oharity in
its mildest and most inoffensive form.
The Parker Era says:
This trying to reach our far-away ter
ritorial capital amid borean blasts and
and snowy blockades—and tieing up for
days on the way waiting for the snow to
melt or the snow blow to raise theblook
aJe—causes a leavel headed contem
porary,' who recently tried to get to Bits
marok, to suggest the removal of the
capital to some point farther south or a
ohange of the time for convening the
legislature from winter to summer.
The Ohioago, Milwaukee & St. Paul
railroad company has equipped two pas
senger trains between Chicago and Mil
waukee with an apparatus for heating
by steam from looomotives. This ia an
experiment whioh if successful will be
extended to other divisions of the road
and may in time come into general use.
Its snooess will do away with the chief
horror of railroad disasters—the after
destruction of passenger ooaohes by fire,
Sioux Falls has its eyes open for the
coming of the Dnluth road. The Argus
Onlees sombody is playing with the
affeotions and hopes of Sioux Falls, the
Duluth road is sure to be built' next
spring. Repeated assurances from men
in authority, have been given from time
to time to the effect that the road would
......DAKOTA, surely be built in the spring. There is
no reason to question the reliability
such statements,-all the evidence being
io the same direction. There is now
hardly a reasonable doubt that the- road
will be sjjvs&uiiy pat tSiroagh
In the lower hunee of the Dakota legis
lature, on Wednesday of this week, the
speoial order will be the bill for the. re
moval of supreme court terms now held
at Yankton and Dead wood to Mitokell
and Bed'fleld. This bill has
been oonfounded by many with
the bill for the removal of the
United States district eourt from Yank
ton to Mitchell, but it is a separate affair.
The United States' district court bill is
pending in the oounoil and the supreme
oourt bill is a measure concocted by
MitohelUtei with the nope thai it will
operate aB a (•nag Jpuller to olear the
channel for the further progress of the
distriot court bill. They have conspired
to seoure a needed Spiufe county vote in
tne council for their distriot oourt bill
by proponing to give Bediield a term of
the supreme ooart in payment therefor.
This is one of the many schemes propa
gated by the industrious Mitohellites in
their attempts to pass the United States
district ooart bill purely apon its merits.
Id Oanton Saturday night a meeting
of business men was held to oonsider a
proposition of the Burlington & North
ern railroad' company to oonstruotu line
of railroad into Oanton from a point
some twelve miles northeast of Oanton
on the Sioux Falls extension of the
Burlington. Artioles of incorporation
have been filed for a railroad runniog
southeast throighJOanton to Oeptreville
and it is supposed that the movement
has something to do with the extension
of the Barlington into Dakota.
There are in the legislative' oounoil
twelve members from that portion of
Dakota for which the United States
court at Yankton is held. Of th&Be
twelve nine are opposed to any ohange
in the location of the court, two will
vote for a change and one is doubtful.
This is the sentiment of the distriot as it
is represented in the upper house of the
legislature and under any fair submis
sion of the proposition the voice of the
district would be the voice of the legis
it is purely a district measure.
Acting Seoretary Fairohild, of the treas
ury department, has issued a ciroular to
the oonstrnotors of passenger cars end
steamboats and other persons, inviting
The following is a fragment fiom the
proceedings of the national house of
representatives last Satarday afternoon:
Mr. Baker, of Now York, called up
as a privileged matter, the esolution
offered by him yesterday fixing a day
for the consideration of territorial ad
mission bills and, under the operation
of the rales, it was referred to the com
mittee on rules.
In speaking of the verbal amendment,
Mr. Qifford, of Dakota, took occasion to
ontioiBe the Dakota enabling bill re
ported by the oommittee on territories,
denouncing it as a miserable pretext, atv
insult to his people and a miserable pro
position whioh they would spurn with
Mr. Hill, of Ohio, incidentally gave
notioe that he would oall up the Dakota
admission bill on Wednesday next
Mr. Qifford is right. The propositions
of oongress are an insult.to the people
of Dakota from top to bottom. There is
nothing in them that anybody wants
and they are purposely made objection'
able that the demooratio party may
thereby pass by the admission of Dako
ta without definite action.
The discovery of ooal at Ohadron, Ne
braska, is confirmed and if the somewhat
over-enthUBiaetio aoaounts are to be
relied upon the find is well worth in
vestigation. Ohadron is iooated in the
extreme northwest oounty in Nebraska
on a tributary of the White river, which
flows from that point northward through
the bad land region of Dakota. Scien
tists aver that .these bad lands are burn
ed oat ooal beds, and if this be true a
ooal discovery in the Ohadron neighbor
hood might reasonably be expeoted, pro
vided, of course, that the fires which
burned the bad land deposit did not
reach the supposed Ohadron deposit.
The Ohadron disoovery is plaoed at 675
feet below the surfaoe and the ooal vein
measures four feet io thiokness. An
analysis of fragments taken from the
hole shows that the ooal oontains sixty
five per cent of fixed carbon, thirty per
oent of volatile matter and two and one
half per cent of ash. This analysis
gives the Ohadron artiole a plaoe as a
very spperior quality of lignite—better
for most purposes thati muoh of the so
called X(.wa'coaL The analysis makes it
almost identical (making the assertion
from memory) with the ooal taken from
the Jenoks farm at Yankton and they
probably came from the same source,
namely the Blaok Hills upheaval. All
physical conditions are favorable to thiB
It Is ju Assured Fact that the Town
Ohadron, Neb., Feb. 18—The opera
tors at the artesian well at this place
again succeeded in overooming the cav
ing in of tbe well [by driving 2(H) feet
more casing, and after cleaning but
reached the ooal vein at 3 o'clock yes
terday. The engineer in oharge'of th«.
work drilled the next eight feet with
great care and preserved all the material
brought up by the s&nd pump. To-dny
he made a tareful assay of this sand atid
pumpings with most gratifying results.
Immediately overlaying the coal vein
was a blue day slate, containing
fossils of the Permian type
interesting- specimens of Which have
been preserved, A careful computation
of the sanity taken oat shows the ex
istence of vein of about fifty inches in
thickness. Many ooal esperta have ex
amined and pronouned the ooal similar
to the heflt|Wyoming ooals. Gontraotoi
J.H. Bowman, when interviewed, ex
pressed surprise that ooal should be dis
oovered within aud so tar fron: the bor
der of a large petmian area, and can only
ucoouut for it upon the theory that it is
a pocket, similar to that found in
Liucolu county, Missouri. As to the
quality, however, he is of the opinion
tnat it is a ookmg coal, as the deoided
oubioal cleavage seems to iudioate. If
so, its value as the best of bitnmious
coal would be beyond a doubt. A hasty
proximate analysis Bhows it to contain
about 65 per oout of fixed oarbon, 30 per
oeut of volatile combustible and 2% per
oent each of ash and moiBtare. Talk is
already rife concerning the leasibility of
sinking a shaft to mine the coal. This
will be comparatively easy,
to the best methods of
building railroad oars and steam vessels
and heating the same so as to prevent
loss of life and property by fire. The
correspondents are requested to send
sketches or drawings of their designs
when practicable. This action of the de
partment is in aocord with the resolution
of the house adopted January 21 re
questing the secretary of the treasury
to obtain all possible information on the
be too highly oommended.
Real estate has taken an upward boom,
the valuations having risen from 25 to
50 per cent. The depth at whioh the
coal was found is 675 feet. The present
intention is to sink another shaft. The
looation favored seems to be on the
White river, near the old town of Chad
Eercttement in Texan.
Great excilment has been caused in the
vicinity of Paris, Tex., by the remarkable
recovery of Mr. J. E.. Oorley, who was so
helpless he could not turn in bed, or raise
his head everybody Baid he was dying ot
Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery was sent him. Finding
relief, he bought a large bottle and a box
of Dr. King's New Life Pills: bv the time
hp had taken two boxes of Pills and two
bottles of the Discovery, he was well and
had gained in flesh thirty-six pounds. Trial
Bottles of this Great Discovery for Con
sumption free at Purdy &' Brecht's.
Physicians Have Found Out. 3
That a contaminating and foreign element in
the blood, doveloped by indigestion, is the
cause of rheumatism. This settles apon the
sensitive nab-oataneomi oovaring of the ninc-
Icb and ligaments of the joints, causing con
stant and Bhiftins pain, and aggregating
BwsMeWa Arnica salve.
The best Salve in the world for Outs,
Bruises, Bore#, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblain
Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and pos
itively cures Files, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money refunded. Price 26 cents per box.
For Sale by the Excelsior Drug Store of
Purdy &Brecbt,
Advice to Mothers.
Are you disturbed at night and broken
of your rest bya siok child suffering and
orying with pain of putting teeth? If so,
jend at onoe and get a bottle of
Mbb. WinbI/Ow's SooTHiua Stbup for
Children Teething. Its value is lnoalou
lable. It will relieve the poor little suf
ferer immediately. Depend upon it,
mothers, there is no mistake about it
It Cures dysentery and diarrhoea, regu
lates the stomach and bowels, oures
wind oolio, softens the gums, reduces in
flammation and gives tone and energy
to the whole system. Mrs. Wing lorn"
Soothing Syrup fur OhMdren Teething is
pleasant to the taste, and in the prescrip
tion of one of the oldest nurses and
beat female physioans in the United
States, and is for sale by jtll druggists
throughout the world. Prioe twenty
five cents a bottle.
«Ww^» -,'i'-"'--
-the for­
mation is without any hard rook and en
tirely free from water and quicksand.
The value of the find and its importance
to northwestern Nebraska is considered
to be beyond oompute! The operators
have kept a complete record of this im
portant venture in artesian well boring
and have samples of all the strata
drilled through, every five feet of the
entire distance being examined and a
quantity of the earth preserved.
Arrangements ht?e already been
made with Professor Hioks, of Lincoln,
to olaesify the stratas in their order in
glass tubes to represent the well in
miniature. One
of the tubes will be
plaoed in the university at Linooln and
others in like institutioqs elsewhere.
The water works company has made
provision for the payment of the ex
pense of the valuable record, for whioh
aaloareouH, chalky deposit whioh produces
stiffness and distortion of the Joints. Mo faot
whioh experience has demonstrated in regard
to Hoe tetter's 8tomaoh Bitters has stronger
evidenoe to support than this, namely, tnat
this medioine of oomprebensive uses cheoks
the formidable and atrocious disease. Dor is it
Icbs positively established that it 1b preferable
tu the poisons often used to arrest it. Since the
.modicine contains only salutary ingredients, it
is also a signal remedy for malarial fevers,
constipation, dyspepsia, kidney and bladder
ailments dobility and other disorders. Bee
that you get the getluine.
When "Very Young Children are
deprived ol their natural nourishment,
it is difficult to procure a proper substi
tute therefor hence the alarming mor
tality among infants. Mellin's Food,
which is recommended by the highest
medioal authorities, has been prepared
to meet this very want.
Every Lady in Yankton and
Vicinity Ought to us©
P£t I* 4.V-
Clarks Mile End Spool Cotton
We believ'd it to be
the World. Wholesale
and Retail Agtnt,
3fd and Capitol Sts. .Yankton, D.T
W. Ii. DOW,
UnifW ftack, Sioux FidU
Wholesale I Retail
HANDLE Fresh Trout, White Fish and Oat
fish, Will send wagon around on Wednes
days and Fridays and will deliver Fish at any
time when ordered. Oysters in season. Fruits
of all descriptions.
The public patronage iB respectfully solicit*
ed. Satisfaction guaranteed. Yours, respoot
fully, M. P. DOWUNa.
Gas. GAS. Gas.
Equitable Gas Machine,
Oheap, Oloan, Safe, Dry, Durable—no fire
no water, automatic, 6conozaieal—fiapo
oiaily adapted to private awelitajpi,
(. Hto/t*, halla, hotelBt and
baBineM blocks. .v-
18 the only dry blower In the market or
oan be put in the market without inf rin,
ging on patents. It is aduptod to any climate
using neither water or heat. There nott tag
to freeze and uo danger ol aooidunt by lire, it
is automatic in it* action. It avoiils all the
defeets and filth of the various water aud
steam machines, there being no ashes or other
residue. It gives you a perfect light without'
fire or water. It is indorsed by the insurance
men and remember that a machine oapable of
lighting a largo building reaaues less oaro and
attention than an ordinary lamp. It simply
needs winding up like a clock onoe or twice a--,.
week and gives abetter and cheaper light than
the cheapest ooal gas. For further informa
tion apply to 1. H. OAUPBltililj,
Hechanioal Engineer, corner Clapitol and3ndj»*£S$
streets,*Yackton. I. T. Postottioe Bo* 78* Vi'.'S'i
Certificate of Copartnership.
This is to certify that the names of the mem
bers of tbe tirm of Edmunds Sc Hons, are and
have been Newton, Edmunds, Charles P. Ed
munds aud William U. Edmunds all
Bee. 2. Material of buildings therein
penalty: 1
hat within the limits hereinbefore
described, no person, firm or corporation shall
erect or establish, or cause to be erected or
established bf removal or otherwise, any
building whatever, or addition to say building
whatever, unless the outer wallB thereof shall
be made of briok and mortar, or of iron, or of
stone and mortar and all persons are hereby
prohibited from hereafter oreoting or estab
lishing any building, or any addition to any
building, the outer walls of which are com
posed of wood, or other combustible material
and-any person violating any provision of this
ohapter shall be deemed guilty of committing
a DuUauee, and on ounviclion thereof shall be
fined in any sum not less than twenty-five dol
lars nor more than fifty dollars and any build
ing or addition to any building hereafter erec
ted, or established within said limits, contrary
to the provisions of this chapter, shall be re
moved at the cost of the persvn so srseting the
same as aforesaid.
S«o. 2. This ordinance (ball taks effoot and
be enforoed from and after its passage and ap
Adopted January Srd. 1887,
ki. M. O'UBIEN, Oity Olerk.
Approved January 10th, 1887.
VTOTIOK is hereby given that the partnership
-l-~ heretofore exuting between Newton Ea
muiids, Everett K. Hudson, Oharles P. Ed
munds and William H. Edmunds, under the
firm name of Edmunds. Hudson & Oompany,
has been dissolved this day, by mutual consent.
That said Newton Edmunds, Oharles P. Ed
munds and William H. Edmunds takes all
the property1 and assumes and pays all the
debts and obligations of said firm and all tine
debts, claims and obligations due, payable or
belonging to said firm are to be secured and
oollectea by and paid to them.
Special Tax Sale.
TVJ'OTIOE ia hereby given thilt in pursuance ot
•i™ a special assessment and tax levy made by
the mayor and council of the oity of Yanktou
D. T., on the 20th day of December. 18£S for the
purpose of paying the cost of certain improve
ments, consisting ot sidewalks in front of and
along. the side of certain blocks and lots,
ordered and made by resolutions of the mayor
and council of the said oity of Yankton. D.T.
and due notice ot suoh special assessment and
tax levy having been published and said tax
havingnow become delinquent and interest
and penalty Morued thereon, I shall ou BAT
UBDAY, Tim 26th DAY OF FEBBUABY, 1887.
proceed to sell at public sale all the real estate
upon whicb said tax now ia or shall remain
unpaid, to -pay such tax and oosts thereon,
said sale will take plaoe at the front d«or of
the oourt house in the city of Yankton, D. T.,
between the hours of and 10 o'clock a.m.
The following is a description ot the real estate
to be sold and the amount due upon eaoh lot,
part of lot or parcel of real estate respectively.
Baid amouqt includes tke tax leviad. tils
penalty, interest, oost of advertising and sa!
Supposed owner Elisa Walker, lot 7 blook Jo,
Juower Yankton. Amount $87.70.
Supposed owner ttrs.
piiAjn^MHolfisattons and gwnsralJnnptrin .WWd tkis *8tb day^rf Janaary, 1887.
work momblB yrim
reside at Yankton, Yankton oounty, Dakota
Territory, and that said firm in uarryiug a .'
general banking business under the name of
the YanktonHank, at Yankton, JJakot *.
Dated at Yankton, D. '1'., 10th of
January, 1887.
CH4W-K3P. Edmukdb,
Territory of Dakota, Oounty of Yankton,
lie it remembered, that on this lUth day of
January, A. I). 1887, before mo N. J. Oramor, a
notary public in and for Baid county and terri
tory sprsonally appeared Newton Edmunds,
Oharlea P. Edmunds und William H. J^ilmudns,"
well known to me to be the persons who aro
described in and who executed tho foregoing
certificate and severally duly acknowledged'
that they executed tho same freely.
t-23 N.
OBitlEa, Notary Public.
An Ordinance.
An ordluanoo to amend section two (2) of
chapter 81 of the Uevised Ordinances, entitled
"Ifire Limits."
Xhe Major and Oounoil of the Oity of Yank
ton, do enaotand ordain as follows:
Hectionl, That Motion two (2) of chapter 81
ot tne revised ordinances of the city of Yank
ton, entitled "fire iiimits," be and tho same is
hereby omended to read as follows:
O. J. a. HABBIS, Mayor.
Notice of Dissolution.
Newton Edmunds,
Kvkbett E. Hodbos,
it William H. Eokdiiob,
ft-vis&,t 4 ohablbj P.
Yankton, Dakota, December 81st, 1888.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
Yankton, January 21st, 1887—The partnership
heretofore existing between Ohristoph Bteip
bach and Ohristoph Weiland, in the oiiy of
Yankton, is this day disiiolved by mutual con
sent. All aocoums due said firm will be paid
by O. Bu.-inbi.ch,
assumes all liabilities.
Dissolution of Partnership.
The firm of iree & Aune doing business on
Douglas Avenue, between Third and Eourth
streets, was dissolved on the 81st dsy of Decem
ber 1888. The business will be settled up by
Oleliee who is authorised to receive all sums
dne the firm, and who will pay all liabilities
contracted by the firm, H. 3. Aune retiring,
O. 1JSE.
Johnson, undivided
one-focjtb, west two-thirds let#, .blook tt,
Lower Yankton. Amount817.S2,
Supposed owner Christ Kirabtnan, lot 8, blook
82, Lower Yankton. Amount 423.70.
in witness -wher^-if I tu-r« hereunto set my
ttib d%70»{ 7an«arjr 1867.
WllAliM lUidTXiQitsr Xi
mi ore
/.. ji'

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