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,0^-^m »«fe*
w.* «tse
Jv «r- r«
Forty-five Pamulxlets, Making a Book of Seven hundred
and Twenty Pages, containing
The Widow Bedotfc Papers. j,}
Winter Evening Recreations. ..
Back to the Old Home.
School Dialogues, Recitations and Readings.
Standard Letter Writer.
The Frozen Deep—by Wilkie Collins.
Red Court Farm.
The Lady of the Lake—Sir Walter Scott.
In Cupid's Net.
Amos Barton—by George Eliot.
Lady Gwendoline's Dream.
The Mystery of the Holly Tree. «l»
A Budget of Wit, Humor and Fun.
John Bowerbank's Wife.
The Grey Woman.
Sixteen Complete Stories.
Jasper Dane's Secret
Fancy Work for Home Adornment.
Grimm's Fairy Tales.
Manual of Etiquette.
Usetul Knowledge for the Millioil.
Home Cook Book and Family Physician.
Customs and Manners in Distant Lands,
Eighty-seven Popular Ballads.
Called Back—by Hugh Conway.
At the World's Mercy,
Mildred Trevanion.
Dark Days—by Hugh Conway.
Shadows on the Snow.
Leoline, or into the Shade.
Gabriel's Marriage—by Wilkie Collins.
Reaping the Whirlwind.
Dualey Carleon. 4
A Golden Dawn.
Valerie's Fate.
Sister Rose—by Wilkie Collins.
Anne—by the author of East Lynne.
The Laurel Bush.
Robinson'Crusoe. T* -:C*: fci
How to make Poultry pay.
This entire list and ONE COPY OF^THE PRESS AND DAKO
TAIAN for one year, to any address, poet paid, for $1.75.
upon its twenty-sixth year, and occupies a leading position among the
journals of the west. It furnishes a complete summary of all events
transpiring in Dakota—in fact as territorial paper it stand*), without
a rival.
The list of pamphlets are alone worth the subscription price,
•ample set can be seen at the Press and Dakotaian office.
All subscriptions must be paid in advance.
Address, BOWEN fe KINGSBURY, Publishers,
Yankton, Dakota
,p' my
Engines and Boilers,
Creamery Supplies,
Steam Heating
Water Pipe,
Castings of all kind*,
tir Small Hone power for sale. JB
Martin & Anderson,
Wftlnat (trMt. Yankton.
Attorndy. at liaw»
feai H.
*xm ^PAMOTJ.
TVTKW and elegant
beat it W w«rt*n dtj.
,1k. m.
M^Jaaai and
tiagtoa at tM p. m.
10 *. -W
Parlor Magic and Chemical Experiments.
Gems of the Poets, embracing many of the mostapopua
lar poems of all ages.
Building Plans for Practical Low Cost Houses.
Aneedotes of Public Mea-r-Washington, Franklin, Clay,
Webster, Tilden, Liacoln, Scott, Grant, Garfield and
Aesop's Fables.'
Omnibus & Transfer Line
tA fth#
Yankton and Hartington
Passenger and Express Line
at Har-
St. *aiW»-,B'
liae aonneeta at Barttmton with trains
.. -i*
Lumber Co
Pine Lumber,
Lath, Shingles,.
Posts, Sash, Doors,.
Buildlntc Paper,
Cement, Lime,
Hajr,rf ^,
Mixed Paint, etc.",
At Lowest Market Prices.
2d and Mulberry Sts.
Alto, at LESfERTILLE. 0. T.
Jno H.Queal&Co
Dsalub IN
Sash, Doors, Blinds
Lime, Coal,
J£ast: Fourth and Iioontt Streets,
De» Moines, Iowa.
WP Yanl on Broadway near Northwestern
railroad traoks, Yankton, Dakota.
St. Croix
Lumber Company
'..Lumber ........................
i... .i.. .,..1
.Posts •.•••••.m.i.
Ash Ceiling
fftper, ••••••••, .i.mm. ..........
Windows, &e.( at.......
t®~Yard on Broadway^".
Pioneer Grocer!
-V •-.tf.:-.-
t* 1
a u. hinman's
Collection, Loan and Real
(Estate Ageacy,
Otfoe—Oedar 81, with Fhil. K. Fanlk.
A »bnndanee of money to loan on real
A- «*ate and ehattle Mdarity. CASH ON
BAmST Ho delay.
No tending oC applioa-
MTOolleotlaaa atte
promytly remitted.
to and money
Bef«renoee: lint National bank, the Yank
tonb^aK, Philk K.
Money to Loon
is pablished every evening, excepting Bon'
»F Bubboriptiok—B:
month, $1 U)
—By oarnen, per
Pr year, *12 00 by mail, per
month1, 8f. oents per'year, (10 UOi
Offioe-PBKSS akd
Third and Utpital streets.
Telephone number 5.
blook oornerof
BOWEN & K1NQSBOBX. Prop'tre.
David Hammer has been ooofirmed
bb postmaster of MUohell, Dakota,
At Mitchell the distressing informs*
tion has been received that Sparks is
liable to be bonoced.
Nebraska's legislature has prolonged
its existence twenty days, adding that
amonnt of time to the iorty allowed by
the statutes.
Acting-Qovernor MoOormaok's last
offioial act was the approval of the bill'
giving to fire organizations a per oent
age of the insarande tax.
It ib understood at Fargo that
Treasnrer Benton will retain bis position
as sheriff of Class oonnty, performing its
duties throngb a depaty.
Senators and congressmen interviewed
relative to the effeot of the inter-state
commerce bill are unanimously of the
opinion tbat the free pass most go.
The demand for wheat, corn, rye and
turnip seed for Texas oontinuee and
meets with -few responses since the
president vetoed the bill for the relief
of the seedless Texans.
T. N. Smith, "f the fiaron Times, re
publican, is mentioned as a probable ap
pointee of Governor Ohorob, though
there are various opinions as to the
position he is to receive. j", ^.
But fourteen days of the legislative
session remain, inoladinR Sundays,
Little important legislation has been
all the appropriation
bills are yet to be run through the mill.
Through Senator VanWyok's industry
Nebraska secures $150,000 of the $800,000
appropriated to improve the Missouri
river. The balance of the appropriation
will be expended at Kansas City and St.
Bradstreet's estimates the oost of the
reoent great strike in New York as fol
lows: Wages aaorifiaed direotly, $2,650,
000 indireotly, $359,000 total 83,000,000
lost labor, not to speak of family suffer
ings. Loss to capital, $4,000,000. Total,
A Rapid City correspondent writes of
the sohool of mines jut opened in tbat
city trader territorial auspices:
Tuition is free, and if they keep poli
whisky and local jealoisies
the management the sohool will dc a
greater work for Dakota economically
than all her other educational agenoiet
Later returne render it tolerably
certain that Piinoe Bismarck will have
a small majority in the new reiohstag.
In case he should fail of this all he has
to do is to order anew eleotion and keep
on ordering until he wears tbe people
out. A prince has something to say in
Germany. i-Jfi
.is a,Vitei
Dakota's auditor reoeives a salary of
1,000 per year and is allowed fees not
to exceed.$1,000. There is no limit to
tbe amount allowed for clerk hire and a
great deal of patronage is bestowed
through his office. The sakry of the
treasurer is $2,000 per year, without any
visible puquisites.
Senator Sherman has resigned his
plaoe as president pro tern of tee senate*
to take effeot next Saturday. He did
this to give the -senate an opportunity
to elect a president pro tem of the new
senate, who would be authorized to ad
miniBtor the oatU to senators' el6ct. It
is stated that' either ^enat6rsHoar or
Senator Ingalls will be ohoaen to suo'
oeed President Sherman.
The Ueited States senate yesterday
confirmed tbe following preeidautial ap
pointments: '[•.*
Thomas O. Manning, of- Louisiana,
minister to Mexioo.
Fred Ellison, of Indiana, consul at St.
E. W. Mealey, of Maryland, consul at
Frank Allyn, of Iowa, associate justioe
of tbe supreme oourt of Washington ter
A. Jones, of Oregon, obief justioe of
the supreme court of Washington ter
Representative Hill, as an allegad di
vision is and advocate of statehood for
Dakota, has premitted his laurels to
wither and his sense of justioe to be
buried in partisanship. A report of his
utteranoes in the bouse lait week runs
as follows:
He thought that the reoord would
bear hits out in tbe assertion that no
time daring this congress had the peo
pie of Dakota ever toted for admission
into the anion. The only time that the
people eVer did ask for admission snd
petitioned for it wss daring the torty
seventh congress, and then a distin
guished senstor from Maine had de
nounced them on ths floor. of the sen.
stems repndiatcrs and unworthy of bl
ooming part qX the bod politic, la
js*' -.'».
3 JSk*"*
the present congress, a portion of the
people of Dakota —leas than one-third
of them—without any authority, with
out any act of tbe legislature, hod got
together and BBkod that they be admit
ted into the anion to tbe exolumion of
the balance of tbe people of that terri
In his closing remarks Mr. Hill refers
to the aot of south Dakota's constitu
tional convention, which really repre
sented two-thirds of tbe people of Da
kota and was created by authority of an
aot of the legislature,
It appears that tbe capital of Minne
sota is up for the attention of bidders.
Minneapolis cornea forward with a heroio
proposition, offering to the state a two
million dollar aapitol building and ten
acres of land for a site. As a moral and.
eoonomioal proposition we are folly con
vinced that the capital of a state fibonld
never be put up at unction as a tempta
tion to the development of corrupt
practices whioh are not compensated in
the little the state reoeives. But as St.
Paul was an aotive faotor in tbe iniqaity
wbioh placed the capital of Dakota out
on the edge of Siberian desolation, the
victims of that deal will at least .suffer
themselves to be amused over the dis
may to whioh the St. Panlites are now
subjected by a bold break upon their
own governmental stronghold.
Acting under tbe provisions of the
inter-state commerce law, the western
traffio association has established a
lumber rate from Chicago to Oonncil
Bluffs and Omaha from fourteen to
twenty cents per hundred higher than
the prevailing rate. The association has
advanced rates at terminal points in
Iowa and Nebraska to make them con
form to looal rates at stations in Iowa
east of Counoil Bluffs and Omaha, in
stead of reduoing rates at intermediate
points so as to make them conform pro
portionally to terminal rates. This is
possible because there are in Iowa and
Nebraska no state laws for determining
maximum freight rates. Missouri has
enacted laws authorizing its railroad
QommisBionerB to- establish maximum
freight rates within that state and it
therefore follows that traffic associations
cannot raise freight prices at such termi
nal points as Kansas City and St. LouiB
above this maximum and must reduce
rates at intermediate points to oonform
to the maximum permitted by the state
law of Missouri. It is of advantage to
terminal points to posBesa state, protec
tion as well as mter-state protection.
In these trying times the republican
press naturally tarns to domooratic
soarcee for information relative to the
democratic leaders who are' springing in
to place and prominence and for the in
spiration which iB to guide their thoughts
and control their jadgment daring the
brief period of democratic supremacy.
Some of the leaders on the democratic
side are known through common repute,
or disrepute,whichever it may happen to
be, snd others possess only local renown.
Of the latter olass is the new territorial
treasurer, Mr. Bebton. To introduce
him to the political elements of the ter
ritory we reproduce the following from
the Fargo Damoorat, the representative
of the demooraoy of his home
Negative goodness is no better than moderate
If Briok lived in Fargo and tried to
publish a democratic sheet he would
come to the oonolusion that "moderate
goodness" in an alleged democrat in
worse than moderate wiokedueas. Sucb
goody, goody men- as John D. Benton,
who is too good to fight wrong, too high
toned to work with or for democratic as
cendency in Dakota, too "conservative to
help sustain a democratic press, too non
partisan to see any differeooe between
the democratic and republican parties,
is a specimen of "negative goodness"
sort tbat, while it may ba emi
nently respectable, sets like an ioeberir
in the track of demooratio progress.
Whether it is fpr
reasons of self or oowardioe or what, we
do not know, but the fact remains that
he remains stolidly, indifferent to the
looal party holds himself Aloof and
away from the people. He has main
tained that he would not have any more
Dplitics in his, yet he was* candidate
for judge, and his name is said to have
been placed on Thomas' papers for the
postoffioe, after his word had passed
that he would make no further indorse
ments whatever. The Democrat has seen
*8r®nch of the goody, .goody business,
this "negative goodness," right here in
Fargo that it is tired of it. No man has
aright to find fault with another for go
ing oat of party politics, but when be
slides aroand to the rear to get olbse1 to
the oommissary department, in order to
avoid work in front, we believe it time to
oaU the attention of the party to his
course. His personal life and habits are
exemplary, but as a democrat be simp'y
refuses to do for his party what Ib with
in his pqwer to do for it, while fte
holds himself in readiness to aoeept any
lucrative office that presents its Bclf to
1 1 11
«& *"£1|
,j Beceitement in Trxan,
Great excilment has been caused |in tbe
vicinityjof Paris, Tex., by the remarkable
recovery of Mr. J. E. Corley, ^rho was so
helpleos lie could not torn in bed, or raise
his hftad everybody said he was dyiqg oi
Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. Sing's
New Discovery was sent him. Finding
relief, he bought a large bottle and a ba
's Ne
ol Dr, King's New Life Pillat by the time
he had taken two boxes of Pills aai twi
bottles of the Discovery, he was well am
had gtiined in flesh thirty-six pounds. Trial
Bottles of this Great Discovery for Con
sumption free at Pordy $ Drecht's.
W^en Tery Children are
deprived of their satoral tKnrishaent,
it is diffioolt te pro«are a pragter ttabstf
tate ^herefor^ hecoe the farming mor
tality among infants.' Melluto Food,
which is reoommended by the highest
medical anttwritiee, has been prepared
to meet this very wimt.
.*-,•3 feK^
Ueneral Solemnity Prevalta—Siotlilnjc
iPomjE and Office Seekers Retiring.
Bismarck, Dak., Feb. 21—This has
been blae Monday at the capital.
Many members of the legislature are
out of the,city, aud even many of the
office seekers have gone home, some dis
oonraged and others to get a ohange oi
linen. It is understood that on Wednes
day Gov. Ouuroti will make additional
appointments. When tbe legislature
adjourned Saturday it waB with the
understanding that no business would
be transacted to day except to oaU the
roll and read the journal. However, an"
more tban a quorum of members were
present, and it was decided to give the
council and bouse bills whioh. had been
read once their seobnd reading. No
otber business was transacted. To
morrow the third bouse will oelebrate
Washington's birthday, and it.is.under ..
Htood that bquatter Gov. Dennis Hanne
fin will have some recommendations
to make, and may vfeto dome of the
measures passed by the regular legisla
ture. Current rumor here is th«t, alter
all, it will not be neoeeaary for Gov.
Churoh to proyide for Abe 'Boynton, as
after the adjournment of Congress that
gentleman is to be appointed register of
the land office herein place of John A.
Rea. Treasurer Benton, who went
home to Fargo Sunday, returned this
evening. There is a report that he will
decline to aooept the position to whioh
he was appointed and confirmed,but this,
report may have no other foundation
than the known f^ct that Mr. Benton
will not aooept any position involving
tbe resignation of the office of sheriff of
Oass oonnty.
The programme for the reoeption to
Gov. Qburcb Thursday evening i» com
pleted. First will be presented to
bis excellenoy the members of the legis
lation, ectoh body being led by its pre
siding officer. Following these will be the
Bismarck militia company and the gov
ernor's guard, after whioh citizens and
be introduced: During the
evening musio for danoing will be fur
nished in the corridors of both the. first
and second floors. The serving of re
not'be undertaken,
owing to the difficulty of properly ac
commodating those who attend. Secre
tary MoOormaok will aot as master, of
oeremonies, assisted by Treasurer Bay
mond, Auditor Caldwell, Attorney Gen
eral Engle, Supt. Jones, Commissioner
Danlap and the following citizens of
Bismarck, who have been named to sot
as a reoeption committee:
George P. Flannery, Asa Fisher, O. B.
Little. M. H, Jewell, 0.8. Weaver, E.
H. Wilson, Alexander McKensie, J. M.
Qninn, Col. William Thompson, O.
Barnes, Joseph Hare, E. H. Bly, W„ B.
Watson, I. E, Hunt, F. J. Call, Dan
Eisenberg, Dr. W. A. Bentley, John
Oarland, M. H. Dav, Gerald Pieroe,
Fred Wbittaker, Jndge WH. FranoiB.
J. W. Parker, M. P. HIattery, Gebrge P.
Webster, John Hpllemback, Thomas
Flavin, O. O. Holt,
It is no intention to make the reoep
tion a formal, full dress affair, but merely
to express in a cordial way to Gov.
Church tbe congratulations of the public
upon his acoeasion to tbe governship.
I have used several bottles of Ely's Balm
with great s'uotess. Bad the catarrh so. bad
that whenever I would blow my noes it would
bleed. Wqnldhawle till entirely ont of breath.
Sinoe usuig the Balm I jun auite a different
man. Would aot be -without it.—Charles
Bcisel, Co. £. 17th Infantry, Fort Custer,
1 have lined several bottles of Ely's Cream
Balm for my Catarrh with most favorable re
suite.—A. S. Young, Aroo, Idaho.
Physicians Have Found Out.
That a oontaminating and foreign element in
the blood, developed by indigestion, la the
oaose of rheumatism. This settles upon the
sensitive sub-cutaneous covering of tho nius
oles. and ligaments of the joints, causing con
stant and shifting pain, and aggregating as a
ealcareous, ohalky deposit whioh produces
stiffness and distortion of the Joint*. No fact
which experience has demonstrated in regard'
to Hontetter's Btomaoh Bitters has stronger
evidence t« support than this, namely, that
this medicine of comprehensive uses checks
the formidable and atroeiou* disease. Nor is it
lean poaitiv^ly eaiabli hm ibatit is preferable
to the poisons ofte» used to arrest.it. Bince the
medicine contains only salutary ingredients, it
is also a signal remedy for malarial fevers,
constipation, dyspepsia, kidney and bladder
ailments debility and other disorders. Bee
that you get the genuine-
JButMen'a Arnica valve.
beat Saflre in the World for Outs,
Braiaee, Sores, tTlcers, Salt Rhenm, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Handii, Chilblain
Oorm, and aU Skill Eruptions, and pos
itively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect f^tiafaotion, or
money refopded. Price 26 cents per box.
For Bale by the Excelsior Drug Store oi
Purdy &Brecht.
I rt tm'-z&m.
ijAivice to Maihen.
Are yon aistnrbed atnight B&d broken
of your rest by a aiok child suffering and
orying with jain*of oatting teeth? If so,
iend at onoe aiad get a' bottle of
BIbb. WinsiiOw's BpoxgiHa Sxbup for
Children Teething. Jte valtte is lnoalcu
lable. It will relieve the poor little
terer immediately. Depend upon it,
mothers, there is no mistake about it
It onres dysentery and diarrhoea, regu
lates tbe sftmaoh and bowels, onres
wind oolio,-softens the gams, redaoM in
flammation and gives tone spd energy
to the whole system.
Mrs. Wbuioto't
Soothing Syrytp for OMldrm Teething
pleasant tp tho taste, «nd is the presorip
tion of. one of the ..oldest nnrsee and
beet female pbyeioana in the United
Btatee,andie for sale -by all druggists
throoghoat the world. Piioe twenty
five oents a bottle.
Germania« House
Douglas Avenae, near Third itntt,
•".* .1 Xaaktoe, Dakota.
a 4
Wallbaum A Becker,
Wholesale I Retail
HANDLE Fresh Trout, White IHab and Oat*
fifth. Will Rend wagon aroand on Wednes
days and Fridays and wll deliver Fish at any
time when ordered. Oysters in season. Frails
of all descriptions.
The public patronage is respectfully solicit
ed. BAtifrfaoUon guaranteed. Yours, respeot
fully, M. P. DOWLllfo.
Gas. GAS. Gas.
Equitable Gas Machine,
Clean, Sate, Dry, Durable—no fire?
uo water, automatic, eoonomioal—Espe
cially adapted to private dwellings,
bmmob, halls, hotels, and
buuneu blooks.
1T 18 the only dry blower In the market or
that can be put in the market without infrin.
King on patent*. It is adopted to any climate
asiug neither water or heat. Xhore is notlvag
to freeze and no danger of aooident by fire At
ia automatic in it. actios. it avoiua all the
defeota and filtn of tuo various water and
steam machines, there being no aahes or other
residue, it gives you a perfect light without..
fire or water. It is indorsed by t&e insoranoe
men and remomoer tbat a machine capable of
lighting a large building retoirea leea oare and
attention than an ordinary lamp, it simply
needs winding up like a clock onoe or twioe a
week and give* abetter and cheaper light than
the cheapest ooal gaa. Jfor.(urcher
tion apply to 3. H.
lleohanioal Engineer, oorner Oapitol and ibid
atraate, Hankton, I). X. Postothce Uox 7M
Certificate of Copartnership.
This is to. oertify that the names ot the mem
bers of the fcrm of Edmunds & Hons, are and
nave been Newton, Kamands, Charles i'. Jb-il~
mnnds aud William H. JUdmnnds all of whom
reside at Xankton, Yankton oonnty, Dakota"
Territory, and that said hrm is carrying an a
general banking business under the saseof
the lankton Bank, at Yankton, Dakota.
Dated at Yankton! U. X.» this lUth day of
January, 1887. Nkwiom Kduunss,
territory of Dakota, County of Yankton, ss:
Bo it remembered, that on this 10th day of
January, A. JL. U87, before mo N. J. Cramer, a
notary pnblio in aud for said eouniy and terri
.tory personally appeared Newton Edmonds,
CharleB P.'Edmunds and William H. Edmudns,
well known to me to be tho persona who are
described in and who executed the foregoing
oertlhoate and sever ally duly acknowledged
that they executed the same freely.
t-M tt J. OltiMlDu, Wotiry Public.
An Ordinance.
An ordinanoe to amend section two (2) of
ohapterlluf the be vised Ordinanoes, entitled
The Mayor and Council of the City of Yank
ton, do enact and ordain aa follows:
Meotion). Tbat aeotion two of chapter 31
of the revised ordinances of the -city of Yank
ton, entitled "Vuo Juimits," be anu the same is
hereby omended to read aa follows:
Hec. Material of buildings therein
penalty: ihat within the limits nereinbefore
deaaribed, no person, Arm or corporation shall
erect or establish, or cause to be erected Or
established by removal or otherwise, any:
building whatever, or addition to any building
whatever, unless the outer walls thereof shall
be made of brick and mortar, or of iron, ox of
stone and mortar and all persons aria hereby
prohibited from hereafter ereoting or estab
lishing any building, or any addition to any
building, the outer walls ot which are com-'
posed otwood, or other eombnsiible material
and any person violating any provision of this
chapter Shall be deemed guilty of committing
a nuisance, and on oonviouon thereof shell be
fined iu any sum not Ivss tban twenty.fiy» dol
lars nor more (ban filty uollars and any build
ing or addition to auy'bqilding hereafter erec
«d or establiished within said' limits, contrary
»the provisions of thia chAPtnr, atukii be re
moved at the oost of the peraan so erecting the
same as aforesaid.
Bee. 2. This ordinanoe shall take effect and
be enforced from and after its passage and ap
Adopted January trd. 1887.
Jfc. J4. O BKIEN, City Clerk.
Approved January lUth, 1887.
U, tiower
d"" 1 ?, A
r-Xhls honaa l* Ike bsadauarten feci travelers
ad taimigrants. Ooad atabi^M ia ocmneotloa
with the beteli
-j -fit-1
Notice of Dissolution.
VOTICB ia hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between ftewtonilku
mauds, Everett K.
munds and William H.
Hudson, Charles P. Ed
H. Edmunds, under the
firm name of Edmands, Hudson & Company,
haa been dissolved thia day, by matual oonsent.
That said Newton Edmunds, Charles P. Ed
munds and William H. Edmunds takes all
the property and assumes and pays alt the
debts and obligationa of said firm and all tbe
debts, claims and Obligationa due payable er
belonging to said firm are to be secured
collected by and paid to them.
H. E
Xankton, Dakota, December a
1st, Unit.
DiMBolutlon of Copartnership,
Yankton, January fflat, 1887—The partnership
heretofore exlsftig between Christoph Btein
aoh and Ohriatoph Weiland, in tbe oily of
Yankton, is this day dissolved by matual con
sent. All accounts due said firm toll be paid
by C. Stein bach, wtjo assumes all liabilities.
CiUHbTOfH WliUai/.
Special Tax iSale.
•\TOTIOE is hereby given that in pursuance of
a special ass-usmem and tax levy made by
the mayor aud ooancil of the city of Yankton
D. T., on the 20th day of Deoember, 18b6 for the
purpose of paging the oost of oeriain improve
ments, consisting of sidewalks in front of and
along the aide of certain blocks and lota,
ordered and made by resolutions of tue mayor
and oounoil of the said city of Yankton. l. T.
and due notice ul such special assessment and
tax levy having been published and Baid tux
having now become delinquent and interest
and penalty acurued tuereon, 1 shaii on BAT
DUUAY, THEatith DAY UP PEbBUAftY, 1881,
proceed to sell at pubUjo sale all tbe real estate
upon which Raid t&x aow is or shall remain
unpaid, to Day auch lax and oosts theraoo
said sale wLu take plaoe at the front dear of
the oaart house in Uie city of Yankton, D. T.
batwaeiLthe hooraof»,and 1U o'eloqk a.m.
The fallowing ia a dSforiptum ot the real eatate
to beaoM ana«he amount due upon each lot
part ot lot MNfcel of nal. eatate re^pectivtly.
tiaid jamonnt includes' the' tax levied, the
penally, intareat,eoat of advertiaing ana«a)e
Byposed owaar. ElUa Waiksr, lot blook to,
iowet Yanktttti. Amount 1^7.70.
Suppdned owner Mra. J.ioftnson. undivided
oueifourth. Trest two-thirds lot 8, blook tt,
liowr Yankton. Amount *17.12,
WlldolAM iUiA'rf,City Treason*.
W» L, DOW.
Etotooa Btwk, tlaux FtfU

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