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A Valuable Present
Forty-five Pamphlets, Making a Book of Seven hundred
and Twenty Pages, containing
1. The Widow Bedott Papers.
2. Winter Evening Recreations.
3. Back to the Old Home.
4. School Dialogues, Recitations and Readings.
5. Standard Letter Writer.
6. The Frozen Deep—by Wilkie Collins.
7. Red Court Farm.
8. The Lady of the Lake—Sir Walter Scott.
9. In Cupid's Net.
10. Amos Barton—by George Eliot.
11. Lady Gwendoline's Dream.
13. The Mystery of the Holly Tree.
13. A Budget of Wit, Humor and Fun.
14. John Bowerbank's Wife.
15. The Grey Woman.
16. Sixteen Complete Stories.
17. Jasper Dane's Secret.
18. Fancy Work for Home Adornment.
19. Grimm's Fairy Tales.
20. Manual of Etiquette.
21. Useiul Knowledge for the Million.
22. Home Cook Book and Family Physician.
23. Customs and Manners in Distant Lands,
24. Eighty-seven Popular Ballads.
25. Called Back—by Hugh Conway.
26. At the World's Mercy.
27. Mildred Trevanion.
28. Dark Days—by Hugh Conway.
29. Shadows on the Snow.
30. Leoline, or intQ the Shade.
31. Gabriel's Marriage—by Wilkie Collins.
32. Reaping the Whirlwind.
33. Dudley Carleon.
34. A Golden Dawn.
35. Valerie's Fate.
36. Sister Rose—by Wilkie Collins.
37. Anne—by the author of East Lynne.
38. The Laurel Bush.
39. Robinson Crusoe.
40. How to make Poultry pay. ......
41. Parlor Magic and Chemical Experiments.
42. Gems of the Poets, embracing many of the most popu]
lar poems of all ages.
43. Building Plans for Practical Low Cost Houses.
Anecdotes of Public Men—Washington, Franklin, Clay,
Webster, Tilden, Lincoln, Scott, Grant, Garfield and
45. Aesop's Fables.
This entire list and ONE COPY OF THE PRESS AND DAKO
TAIAN for one year, to any address, post paid, for $1.75.
upon its twenty-sixth year, and occupies a leading position among the
journals of the west. It furnishes a complete summary of all events
transpiring in Dakota—in facias a territorial paper it stands without
The list of pamphlets are alone worth the subscription price. A
sample set can be seen at the Press and Dakotaian office.
Engines and Boilers,
Creamery Supplies,
Steam Heating and
All subscriptions must be paid in advance.
Address, BOWEN & KINGSBURY, Publishers,
Yankton, Dakota
Water Pipe,
Castings of all kinds.
IVSmall Horse power for sale. Jg.J
Martin & Anderson,
Walnut street, Yankton.
Attorney at Law,
Omnibus & Transfer Line
XJEW and elegant OMNIBUSES equal to the
best in any western oity.
Kinoel's ...
bteffin's ...
...No. 39
...No. 75
...Mo. 88
Yankton and Hartington
Passenger and Express Line
JSAYSS Yankton every day exoept Sunday
7a. m. .Stage ran* through St.Helena,
rit. James and Bow Valley,
tington at l£b p.
orders for
Arrives at Har-
Leaves Hartirfton every day except Band ay
,t 7 a. stops at Bow talley. James and
Bt. and arrivea at Yankton at IJO p.m.
Thia line oonneeto at Hartlngtoa with train*
to and
Oaya & Alders growr^ store. Third
at proprietor's boose on Seoona atreet,
Broadway and hinn streets.
tfc* Black Hills. ATA—
and ezprtaa at
Third street, or
Pine Lumber,
Lath, Shingles,
Posts, Sash, Doors,
Buildintr Paper,
Cement, Lixmv
Stucco, Hair,
Mixed Paint, etc.,
At Lowest Market Prices.
2d and Mulberry Sts.
Also, at LESfERTILLE. D. T.
Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Blinds
Lime, Coal,
East/ Fourth and liocait Streets,
Des Moines, Iowa.
3^*Yard on Broadway near Northwestern
railroad tracks, Yankton, Dakota,
St. Croix
Lumber Company-
............ ............... ..............
Ash Ceiling...
Paper, ...»
a... a.......................
Windows, at
S3f~ Yard on Broadway £3T.
1873 1886
Pioneer Grocer!
Collection, Loan and Real
Estate Agency,
Office—Cedar St., -with Phil. K. Faulk.
A N abundanoe of
money to loan ox real
estate and chattle security. OASH ON
HAND. No delay. No sending off applica
EVOolleotiona atte
promptly remitted.
to and money
Beferencea: First Rational bank, the Yank
ton bank, Fhilk K. KanlK. attorney.
A. L. H1NMAN. Yankton.
Money to Loan
la published every evening, excepting tiun-
Tsiuus ar SmisoniPTioN—By (jarrlers, per
ihonth, $1 00: per year, #12 00 by mail, per
month, 8C oents per year, S10 00.
Office-PBESB ASD DAKOTAIAN block corner of
Third and Uipital street*.
Telephone number 5.
BOWEN & KINQ8B0UY, Prop'trs.
In the legislative oonnoil tho phar
mucy bill hai been piiBBed.
Madison's normal sobool
tiou bill amounts to $50,000.
A bill creating a board of oburities
and oorreotions has be^u introdnoed in
the house.
The bill authorizing county commis
sioners to employ assistant oonnsal has
been defeated.
A bill appropriating $54,000 to the
Brookings agricultural oollege has been
passed t^.the legislature.
The dependent pensions bill failed to
pass the house over the presidential
veto, the vote standing 175 to 125.
A legislative bill has been introduced
appropriating $66,000 to tiie Sioux Falls
deaf mute school, $28,000 of whioh is for
The bill for the removal of the United
Stateo court from Yankton to Mitohell
did not oome up in this council yester
day, and is now made the speoial order
for to-morrow.
It is stated by the Deadwood Pioneer
that the Merchants National bank of
Deadwood, reoently suspended, will
shortly resume business and that
branch banks at Central Oity
Sturgis will follow suit.
Judge Palmer, who has just ..returned
to ttioux Falls from Bismarok, is of the
opinion that the ofiSoe of imnigration
commissioner will be abolished by the
Dakota legislature, The judge says
further in regard to legislative matters:
There is no doubt that during the first
two weeks of the session the bill to re
move the supreme court to Sioux Falls
could have been passed. Now it is in
deep water and there is no telling what
will be the outcome. The Mitohell com
bination embraced eleven membeis of
the oonnoil and by introducing the bill
to remove the supreme oourt to Bed
field they secured Col. Foster of Spink
county thus giving them twelve. It is
rather a difiioult conundrum for them
to know juBt where they will get their
thirteenth man. It is anfortnnate that
this oourt removal bill was introdnoed
as it proves to be a disturbing element
and prevents the giving of such con
sideration to bills as ought to be given.
For instanoe, the bill providing for an
oil inspector introduced by Ool. Foster
was not considered on its merit, but both
sides seemed to rash at break-neok
speed to the support of the bill as Ool.
Foster was was wanted by both,
The labor convention in session at
Ginoinnati for the purpos of organizing
anew party has formulated a platform.
The opening proposition recites that the
oountry is in a deplorable condition
through the operation of laws whioh in
crease the riches of the rioh and the
poverty of the poor. The platform de
clares that every human being possesses
a natural inalienable right to snflioient
land for self support, and the conven
tion declares its desire to secure to every
mdastrioas oit zeu a home, as the high
est result of fred institutions. The oon
vention demands a graduated land tax
on all large estates, especially those held
for speculative or tenant purposes, re
clamation of all unearned land grants,
immediate opening of Oklahoma to
homestead seitlement, thu purchase of
all anoooapied Indian lands and settle
ment of various tribes npon lands in
severalty. A farther demand is made
for laws prohibiting corporations from
aoquiring more
tjian they
need sod
In the United States senate the bill
for the creation of an agricultural de
partment has passed, containing an
amendment transferring the weather
bureau from the war department to the
agricultural department. The house
has paesad a substitute for the senate
fisheries retaliatory bill,
Senator Iagalls has been seleoted by
the republican senatorial caucus,- to
suooeed Senator Sherman as president
pro tem of the senate. There were 28
voteB oast,of whioh Iogalls got 18, Hoars
and Edmunds and Frye 1 eaob. The
democrats of the senate, without hold
ing a formal canons, have determined to
support Senator Harris for president of
the senate.
Cattle men who have visited Dead
wood from the Black Hills ranges give
hopeful aocounts of conditions among
the herds. They say that while the
winter has been an exceptionally severe
one to stook, the loss has been
greatly over estimated and is confined
mostly to trail cattle, driven in last fall.
Natives BO far have stood the winter re
markably well, and will pull through
with but a slight increase over the per
centum of the regular wioter losses, un
less another long siegelof bad weather
should occur. Saow is very deep in
plaoeson the ranges, but native cattle
have been able to procure feed enough
to oarry them along, while imported
cattle have not been so fortunate.
rendering it unlawful for aliens to ao
onmnlate land. The platform" favors
governmental oontrol of transportation,
a monetary system in the interest
of the producer, the abolition of
banks other than saving banks,
free coinage of silver, pajment
of the national debt and prohibition of
any more interest bearing bonds,
national, state, territorial, county or
municipal. It asks for abntration of
labor troubles, prohibition of oonviot
labor, reduction of working hours and
equalization of wages. It reoognizeB
the claims of ex-soldiers and demands
that their pay for servioe be made upon
the gold basis, favors an inoome tax, the
election of United States senators by
direct vote of the people, the exolusion
of Chinese labor, prohibition of the em
ployment of armed men by corporations,
suffrage to women and a scientific solu
tion of the temperance question. The
name of the party as agreed upon is the
anion labor" party.
What Was Going on in the Tear 1780
After tli« "flrM War."
Judy's Annual: What was doing in
the world a hundred years ago—in 1786?
Let us see, now. How are newspapers,
magazines, and an old pooketbook. What
is this? The story of the queen's neok
lace. Cardinal de Rhoau had nursed for
ten years an insane love for Marie
Antoinette and the Oountesa do la Motte
to make capital of this folly, induoed the
cardinal to believe that the queen recip
rocated his paBBion, and, after extorting
various sums of money, persuaded him
to buy a diamond necklace, made by
Boehmer for Mme. Dubarry, as a present
for the queen, De Kohan swallowed the
bait, handed the necklaoe to thecountesB
to give to the queen and reoieved a
letter of acknowledgment signed Marie
Antoinette de France. The oonntees in
reality sold the necklaoe in England,
but, the jeweler not being paid, applied
to the queen for his money, and, as the
queen denied all knowledge of the
matter, brought an aotion against her.
The trial lasted nine months and created
immense soandai. The Comte de la
Motte was fully oonvioted of oontempt
of court, and oondemned, when taken, to
be whipped and marked with the letter
A L, and to be sent to the galleys for
life. Mme. Jeanne Valois de la Motte
was ordered to be whipped and marked
with the letter npon her twoBhoulders,
with a halter round the neck, and con
fined for life in the Salpetriere. Vilette
was banished. The Cardinal de Kohan
and M*. de Caglioetro were discharged
from all aoousation, while Mile Oliya
was dismissed the oourt. The sentence
on the anfortunate lidy was
carried out June 21. When the
sentenoe was read to her it threw her
into the most frantic rage and she utter
ed fearful impreoations against the
oourt, the parliament and the oardinal,
but ber oourage deserted her when she
felt the hangman plaoing the rope about
her neck, while at the sight of the in
struments for her further punishment,
the brand, eto., and the red-hot fire, Bhe
cursed and swore in the most unwoman
like manner. She rolled on the ground
and kioked at the exeoutioner with such
violence that some strength was requir
ed to_preform the ignominious operation.
The instant it was accomplished she was
oonducted to the Salpetriere. What
was doing at home. Here is an English
cheat—a dangerous one, two. An
impoiter, under pretense of being
cripple, had long been a charge
upen the parish of Qodstone, in
Surrey, and, on being detected by a snr
geon of that town, threw a handbill at
that gentleman') legs as he was proceed
ing with his son to the poorhouse. He
then pursued, and overtaking them
brought the father to the ground by a
blow from his crutch. This was follow
ed by a repetition of blpws on the hei
with his handbill, nntil it was aotually
buried in the skull. The anfortunate
surgeon's hand was also severed from
the arm in endeavoring to save his head,
and a thumb was afterward found at some
distance. At this terrible c.othent the
little boy, seizing the murderer's crntoh,
struck him suoh a blow that it staggered
him, but fearing his father's fate he ran
to oall assistance, and in the meanwhile
the villain made off though soon after
he was found hid in a oopse.
On being seized he lamented
that the overseer bad' escaped his ven
geanoe. They hanged people in the
streets a hundred years ago. In January
Tohn Hogan, a mulatto, was Oteauted on
a gibbet in Charlotte street for the mur
der of a servant of a Mr, Orrell of this
street. It appears that the last gibbet
erected in England was for Qeorge Cook,
a bookbinder of Leicester, who was axe
outed for the murder of Mr. PaBc, a Lou
don commercial traveler. Cook's body
was pat on a gibbet thirty-three feet high
Saturday, August 11, 1832, in baffron
lane, Aylestone, near Leioester, but
owing to the great disturbances whioh
arose among the crowds of people who
thronged the place Sundays, it was
broken down by order of the secretary
of state, and bnried on the spot where
the gibbet stood.
I have used several bottles of Ely's Balm
with great success. Had the catafrh so bad
that whenever I would blow my noes it would
bleed Would hawk till entirely out of breath.
Binoe using the Balm I am quite a different,
man. Would not be without it.—Charles
Beisel, Co. K. 17th Infantry, Fort Custer.
I bare used several bottles of Ely's Cream
Balm for my Catarrh with most favorable re
sults.—A. F. Young, Arco, Idaho.
Physicians Have Pound Out.
That a contaminating and foreign element in
the blood, -developed by indigestion, is the
cause of rheumatism. This settles upon the
ee&sitive sub-cutaneous oovcrj^ug of the luna
cies and ligamenU of the join**, causing con*
stant and shifting pain, and aggregating as
ealoareous, chalky deposit which produces
•tiffnee* and,distortion of the Joints. No fact
whioh experience has demonstrated in regard
to Hostetter's Btomach Bitters has stronger
evidenou to. support than this, namely* Sat
this medicine of comprehensive uses checks
the formidable and atrocious disease. Nor is it
less positively established that it is preferable
to the poisons often used to arrest it. Since the
medicine contains only salutary ingredients, it
iB also a signal remedy for malarial fevers,
constipation,1.dyspepsia, kidney, and bladder
ailments debility and other disorders. See
that you get the genoine.
Advice to Methere.
Are yon disturbed at night ana Droken
of your rest by a siok ohild suffering and
crying witfe pain of outting teeth? If so,
jend at once and get a bottle
bOOTHIKd 3xbto for
Children Teething. Its value is Incalcu
lable. It will relieve the poor little suf
ferer immediately. Depend npon it,
mothers, there is no mistake about it
It cures dysentery and diarrhoea, regu
latee the stomach and bowels, oures
wind oolio, softens the gums, reduces in
flammation and gives tone aud energy
to the whole system. Mr». Wintloto't
Soothing Syrup for Children Teething is
pleasant to ttio taste, and ie the prescrip
tion of one of the oldest nurses and
best female phyeicans in the United
States, and is for sale by all .druggists
throughout the world. Prioe twenty
five oents a bottle.
Excitement in Texas,
Great excitment has been caused in" tlie
vicinity of Paris, Tex., by the remarkable
recovery of Mr. J. E, Corley, who was
helpless he could not tarn in bed, or raise
his head everybody said he was dying oi
Consumption. A trial bottle of Dr. King's
New Discovery was sent him. Finding
relief, he bought a large bottle and a box
ol Dr. King's New Life Pills: bv. the time
he bad taken two boxes of Pills and two
bottles of the Discovery, he was well and
had gained in flesh thirty-six ponnds. Trial
Bottles of this Qreat Discovery for Con
sumption free at Purdy & Brecht's,
When "Very SToung Children are
deprived of their natural nourishment,
it is difficult to procure a proper substi
tute therefor hen&e the alarming mor
tality among infauts. Mellin's Food,
which is reoommended by the highest
medioal authorities, has been prepared
to meet this very want.
Huckten'u Arnica Halve.
The best Salve in the world for Outs,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rheum, Fever
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblain
Corns, aud all Skin Eruptions, and pos
itively cures Piles, or no pay required. It
is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction, or
money reibnded. Price 25 cents per box.
For Sale by the Excelsior Drug Store ol
Purdy &Brecht.
The Verdict Vnanttnoua.
W. D. Suit, druggltt, Bippus, Ind., tefc
tifies: "I can recommend Electric Bitters
as the very beBt remedy. Every bottle
sold has given reliaf in every case. One
man took six bottles, and was cured of
rheumatism of ten years' "standing."
Abraham Hare, druggist, Bellville, Ohio,
affirms: "The hest selling medicine 1
bave ever handled in my 20 years' experi
ence, Is Ekctric Bitters." Thousands of
others have added their testimony, so that
the verdict is unanimous that Electric
Bitters do cure all diseases of the Liver,
Kidneys or Blood. Only a half a dollar
bottle at Purdy Brecht's.
Special Attention.
Ev&ry Lady in Yankton and
Vicinity Ought to use
larks MilejEnd Spool Cotton
We believe it to be the best Thread
in the World. Wholesale!
and Retail Agent
3m and Capitol Sts. Yankton, D.T
First i'u! Iicatioo Feb. 18th,
Notice ol*
Suie in
JDitch. Proceed
iven that commencing on
VTOTIOE is hereby given
the 17th day of March, 1887, at
11 cxooica,
m, and continuing from day to day nntil all
soldi at the office of the county olork in and for
Y4ukton oonnty at the oity of Yankton, in
Yankton county, Dakota Territory, we tho un
designed will sell the Jobs of digging and con
structing the taint ditch petitioned for by D.
O, JLawrenoe, John Williams and others and
known the "Clay Greek ditch" established
by the boards of county commissioners of
Yankton and Olay counties by their order
bearing date the 11th day of January 1687, to
the lowest responsible bidder or bidders each
and every snare and allotment thereof«
opmmenoinff at the one including
the outlet and thenoe in succession up stream
to the one inolnding the source. Saia work to
be completed within the time required, and no
bid will be eQteitained which exoeeds more
than twenty per cent over and above the esti
mated coet of the penstruotion in any case,
and.the successful bidder will be required to
I five satisfactory bond for the faithful per
ormance and fulfillment of his contract and
to pay all damages that may accrue by reason
of nis failure to oomplete the job within the
time required in his contraot. The said order
and estimates and profile are on file and may
be seen at our respective offices.
Dated at Yssitsn, Yankton County, Dakota
Territory, this 18th day of February, 1887.
CHBISTIAR HAOE, County Clerk ef Yankton
County, Dakota Territory.
Officio tkrantv Clerk oi Ob
of Deeds and ex.
Olay D. T.
Douglas A venae', near Third street,
Yankton, Dakota,
(Valibaum & Becker,
,¥"1' fs
This house Is the headquarters for! travelers
nd Immigrants. Qo«d stab).'Kg la oonneotloa
with the hotel.
Wv™ w.
Wholesale I Retail
HANDLE Fresh Trout, White Fish and Cat
fish. Will send wagon around on Wednes
days and Fridays and will deliver Fish at any
time when ordered. Oysters in season. Fruits
of all descriptions.
The public patronage is respectfully solicit
ed. Batisfaot ion guaranteed. Yours, respect
fully, M. P. DOWLING.
Gas "GAS. Gas.
Equitable Gas Machine,
Cheap, Clean, Safe, Cry, Durable—no fire:
no water, antomatio, economical—Espe
cially adapted to privato dwellings,
stores, halla, hotelii. and
business blooks.
11' IS the only dry blower In the market or
that oan be pnt in tho market without infrin,
ffing on patent*. It is adapted to any olimate,
using neither water or heat. '1 here it notl
to freeze and no danger of accident by fire. It
is antomatio in its aotioe. It avoids all tho
defoots and filth of the various water and
•team maohines, there being no ashes or other
residue. It givos you a perfeot light without
fire or water. It is indorsed by the insuranoo
men and remember that a maonine capable of
lighting a large building requires lens care and
attention than an ordinary lamp. It simply
noods winding up hko a olook onoeor twioe a
week and givos abetter and cheaper hght than
the oheapest oou] gas. For further informa
tion apply to J. H. OAUPBEliL,
Meohanioal Engineer, corner Uapitol und 2nd
streets, Yankton, D. 1'. Postothoe Box 784
Certificate of Copartnership.
This is to certify that the names of tho mem
bersof the farm of Edmunds & Sons, are and
nave been Newton, Edmunds, Oharles P. Ed
munds ac-i William 11. EdmundB all of whom
reside at. Yankton, Yankton county, Dakota
Territory, and that said firm is carrying on a
general banking business under tho name of
the Ifankton Bank, at Yankton. Dakota.
Dated at Yankton 11. 1'., this 10th day of
January, 1887. NEWTON .MDMUNDS,
Territory of Dakota, County of Yankton, ss:
Be it remembered, that on this lUth day of
January, A. D. 1887, beforo meN J. Oramor, a
notary public in aud for said county and terri
tory personally appeared Newton Edmunds,
Charles P. Kdmunds and William H. Edmndns,
well known to me to bo the persons who are
desoribed in and who ezcouted the foregoing
certificate and severally duly acknowledged
that they executed tho same freely.
t-33 N. J. CKiflliill, Notary public.
An Ordinance.
An ordinance to amend Bection two (2) of
chapter 31 of the Hevistd Ordinances, entitled
"Fire .Limits."
The Mayor and Counoil of the City of Yank
ton, do enactand ordain as follows:
tieotion). That aeotion two (VI) of chapter 81
of the revised ordinaroes of the oity of Yank
ton, entitled "Fire Jjimits," be and the same is
hereby amended to road as follows:
Bee. 2. Material of buildings therein
penalty: ihatwiihin the limits Hereinbefore
described, no person, firm or corporation shall
erect or establish, or cause to be erected or
established by removal or otherwise, any
building whatever, or addition to any building
whatever, unleBs the outer walls thereof shall
be made of brick and mortar, or of iron, or of
Btone and mortar and all persons are hereby
prohibited from hereafter ereoting or eetab
ishinpany building, or any addition to any
building, the outer wallB of which are com
posed of wood, or other combustible material
and any person violating any provision of this
chapter snail be deemed guilty of oommitting
a nuisance, and on conviction thereof snail bo
fined in any sum not less than twenty.fiv*. dol
lars nor more than hlty collars and any build
ing or addition to any building hereafter erec
ted or established within said limits, contrary
to the provisions of this chapter, shall be re-*"
moved at the cost of the person so erecting the
same as aforesaid.
Beo. 2. This ordinance shall take effect andtaftC#
be enforced from and after its passage and ap
proval. tesiM
Adopted January 8rd. 1887,
E. M. O'llUlEN, Oity Clerk.
Approved January lUth, 1887.
Ij. DOW,
Edmtoa Sleek, Stan Fad*
gMjAHS, speoifiaatlomi and g*neral anperln
tcmri»h«w w»»rr At mOBftblA grifita
flAKOTA BEPOBT8—Volumes ind 2.-
of lot or parcel of real estate respectively!
id aqiount includes the tax levied, the
penalty, interest, ooat of advertising and sale:
Supposed owner Elixa Walker, lot 7: block 60.
Ixiwer Yankton. Amount $rf.70.
Supposed owner Mrs. J. Johnson, undivided
one-fourth, west two-thirds lot9, blocks.
Iiower Yankton. Amount 017.62,
Supposed owner Christ Kirshman, lot 8, block
S2, Lower Yankton. Amount (27.70.
"wtaMi whereof I have herennto set my
hand this SSth day of January 1887.
O. J. HABB1S, Mayor.
Notice of .Dissolution.
VTOTICE is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between Newton Ed
munds, Everett K. Hudson, Charles P. Ed
munds and William H. Edmunds, under the
firm name of Edmunds, Hudson de Company,
has been dissolved this day, by mutual consent.
That said Newton Edmuuds, Oharles P. Ed
munds and William 11. Edmunds takes all
the property aud assumes and pays all the
debts and obligations of said firm and all the
debts, claims and obligations due payable er
belonging to said firm are to be secured and
collected by and paid to them.
Yankton, Dakota, December 4lBt, 18M1.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
Yankton. January 21st, 1887—The partnership
heretofore existing between Obristoph tttein
baoh and Christoph Weiland, in the oity of
Yankton, is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. All accounts due said firm will be paid
by O. Bteinb&ch, who assumes all liabilities.
bpecial Tax Male.
"VTOTICE is hereby given that in pursuanoe of
a special assessment and tax levy made by
the mayor and oounoil of the oity of Yankton
1). T., on the 2Uth day of December, 18bS for the
purpose of paying the cost of eertain improve
ments, consisting of sidewalkain front of and
along the side of certain blocks and lota
ordered and made by resolutions if the mayor
and council of the said oity of Yankton, D. T. •.
and due notioe ot sueh special assessment and
tax levy having been published and aaid tax
having now become delinquent and interest
and penalty aoorued thereon, 1 Bhail on HAT
DBUAY, THE iHltb DAX OF FEUltUAB*, 1887.
proceed to sell at public sale all the real estate
upon whiuh said tax aow is or ahatl remain
unpaid, to say such lax and ousts thereon,
said gale will take plas. at the front deorof
the eeurt house in the city of Yankton, O
between the hours of and la o'elook a m'
The following is a description ot the teal estate
to be sold and the amount due npon eaoh lot
WlliliHM BLATT,City Treasurer.
•noxunBT AT Uw
Betf Estate and Loan Broker.
»nd Fire tnicssce.
So. •. fostottos Moca,

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