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Press and daily Dakotaian. (Yankton, Dakota Territory [S.D.]) 1880-1889, May 30, 1888, Image 1

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JLU€, »fnw WM l!
voVrljiB r._«a 1
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*vsr-3 "i
We oan furnish tha Session Laws
j., ,-,, of Dakota for the years
1870, 1881, 1883,
and 1687.
awfl fakfltito
Is published every evening, exoepting 8iw
or Scdsobhtiob—By onrrlem, per
month, fl 00: per year, (12 00 by mall, per
month, 65 ocnts per year, 110 00.
Offloe—Pbkbb ahd Daeotaiah block corner of
Third and Capital streets.
Telephone nnmber S.
Messrs. Grover of Huron and Crammer
of Ipswich, the Dakota delegates to the
national prohibition convention, started
for Indianapolis Monday. Mrs. F. E.
Johnson, of Highmore, delegate from
the women's christian ttmperanoe anion,
aooompanied them.
Under date of May 17th James G.
Blaine addresses a letter to Whitelaw
Reid, of the New York Tribune, in
whioh he states positively that he oan
not and will not accept the presidents)
nomination if tendered him by the Obi
oago convention. This 1b oonolueive.
The possible or probable nomination of
Mr. Blaine is eliminated from the oan
He is ont of the raoe.
change for the better in the condition
of General Sheridan and the hope existed
that he bad conquered the disease whioh
brought him to the verge of th6 grave.
Throughout the day the general continu
ed to improve. He made a gallant fight
against death, fully comprehending the
situation and meeting it with the cool
determined ooorage whioh is his chief
oharaoteristio. There is good reason to
hope that this valued life may be spared
to a grateful country.
The republican majority in the senate
gained the victory in the contest over
the proposition to make publio the sena
torial consideration of the fisheries treaty
The demooratio minority evidently had a
reason for shrouding the treaty disous
sion under the onstomary secreoy. Pos
sibly it is not proud of' the diplomatio
work of the demooratio secretary of state
and would oonoeal from the publio the
bad bargain he made with England's
representative over fishing privileges
on the northeast ooast.
At Daluth the Daily News (a morning
newspaper) was a bidder for the oity
printiog, but was knocked out by the
phenomenal ruling of the oity attorney,
who decided the News not to be a daily
paper beoause one issue out of every six
was dated Sunday morning. It is more
than probable that the News has at Bome
time during its career trodden upon the
toes of the city attorney. There are
people in existenoe who will use a pub'
lie position in the gratification of per
sonal spite and perhaps the Dulnth
man is one of that sort.
Federal office holders in Iowa have
been solicited by the demooratio oentral
committee of Iowa to contribute to cam
paign funds and the letter written them
by the secretary of the oommittee solioit
mg funds was read in the national hogse
of representatives Monday. It brought
ont a sharp discussion on the merits and
demerits of the oivil service law thei
democrats are violating. This isi an of-j
fence whioh would hardly be noticed
bat for the outcry against the practioe
voioed by the democratic party while the
republican party was in power.
Omaha's anion club, an organization
devoted to publio improvement, is
again considering the necessity for a
railroad reaching northwestwardly from
Omaha into the south Dakota country.
A meeting was held Monday night at
whioh this project was disoassed in con
nection with a free bridge proposition,
free trackage into Omaha,' and a project
for a southwest railroad. It was esti
mated that about a million dollars in
bonds would be needed to carry oat the
several enterprises and a oommittee was
appointed to arrange a plan of opera'
A Paris dispatch of the 28th bulletins
Blaine as sick with inilneoza, the result
ota cold. On Sunday his temperature
reaohed an alar&ing point, and two
physioians were summoned to the hotel.
Dr. Bioda, one of them, pronoonoed Mr.
Blaine to be suffering from influenza
and malaria. Mr, Blaine will go to Lon
don Friday, if well eaougb, and there
meet Andrew Carnegie, with whom he is
to take passage for an ocean voyage
whioh will plaoe him out of reach of
cablegrams while the Ohioago convention
is in session. This is the programme.
It may be ohanged by Mr. Blaine.'s ill
rr?r A
It iB time to direot publio attention to
the rapid disappearance of the posts
plaoed in various portions of the oity by
the surveyors who laid off the original
city plat and the several additions.
These are land marks indispensable
to the surveyor when he undertakes to
locate the boundaries
a lotrur a block
within the oity. When the Broadway
water main Was planted a row of these
valuable posts was dag oat and flung in
the dirt heap and when the North
western railroad graded up
Eighth street another row was unopn
oernediy sacrificed. Butveyors teU as
that pjsts are constantly' disappearing
un30r yarittus processes ot excavation
and that tbeir loss fo becoming a matter
of serlons oonoern. After a whllo there
their boundary lines. This matter baa
been explained to as by Yankton sur
veyors who understand the case ahd the
importance of preoerving the marks of
the original surveyors.
The twenty first annivetsary of the
day made saored to the memory of the
Beldier dead of the republio w»s ob
served to-day in all the loyal states and
in many of the states whioh participated
in the rebellion of 1861-65. It is a cus
tom whioh grows with the yearn and one
which promises to outlive the genera
tion of soldiers who fought for the main
tenance ol the repnblio of the United
States. Under the fostering oare of the
Qrand Army ol the Repnblio the occa
sion and its touching oeremonies hwva
attained national signlfloanoe and Mem'
orial day is a reoognizad anniversary all
over the loyal north. Its observanoeis
an annual announcement that the pub
lio accords tothe ex-soldier a distmotive
position and oherishes his memory be
cause of his deeds while lite animated
his being. It is a touohing tribute to
the dead—a aBeful lesson ta the living'
an assuranoe to the new generation that
loyal service is not forgotten. ...
The Long Island Farmer is a newspa
per published at Jamaoia, Long Island,
in QaeenB sounty, a few miles from
Hioksville. Hioksville is the abiding
plaoe of the importation who is at present
serving under a commission from (he
president as governor of Dakota. HiokB
ville is the plaoe Governor Ohdrch will
return to by and by. The Long Island
Farmer of the 17th inst. publishes an
artioleot considerable length, relative
to its Hioksville neighbor, whioh appears
under these headlines:
Charged with all sorti of political offerues
bp the democratic organization—will the
president whitewash him
Alter thus introducing the subject to
the neighbors of the governor of Dakota
the Farmer proceeds:
Lewis.Kossuth Oburob, who formerly
resided at Hioksville and represented
the first district in the assembly, was
appointed by President Cleveland gov
ernor of Dakota. The governor has
gotten himself into a sea of trouble. The
leading and respeotable demoorats of the
territory has made numerous obarges
against him on whioh his removal is
asked. Mr. Olevsland may not deem the
charges to bs serious, but Governor
Ohuroh stands in danger of being esoori
ed out of the territory astride a rail.
Following this intred notion is a re
oital of the charges preferred by. the ter
ritorial demooratio convention and this
is the Farmer's oonoluding remark:
These charges do not come from an
nonymona ^ouroes.nor from irresponsible
persons. They are sent by the cream of
the demooratio organization in Dakota,
and the demand for Ohnroh's removal iB
It does not appear in these lines that
Governor Ohuroh is highly venerated in
the land where he is best known.
Call far a Convention of the Ministers
Of Dakota.
Huron, Dakota, May 24th, 1888—To
the Ministers of tbe Ohftrohes of Dakota:
A general convention of tbe people of
Dakota has beeii called to meet at
Huron, July 10th and 11th next to take
into consideration, tbe oondition of
kota abd recocamend suitable and affec
tive action thereon.
It is desired by those calling this con
vention to oonsalt with all the ministers
of Dakota, along with other bodies, and
to lay before them such ptopositions as
that convention may adopt for their
consideration and approval.
As we understand it, the matters to
be brought before that convention oon
oern vitally and immediately the highest
interests of the poople ot Dakota.
Your oounsel and jadgment thereon is
In critical times like this when all
that tbe people of Dakota have is at
stake it is natural and right that they
should have whatever oounsel and as'
sittanoe we oan irightfally give.
Therefore, as reqaested, w« respect
fully and earnestly invite all the minis'
ters of ohurohes in Dakota to meet in
convention at Huron .on Thursday, Jaly
12th, there .to oonsider such matters
oertainlag to the publio welfare as may
30 submitted to them by the people's
We are informed that arrangements
will be made for redaoed fares and suit
able accommodations.
Bev. D. S. MoOaslin, pastor Presby
tsrian ohuroh, Huron, Dakota Bev.
oseph Ward, D. D., president of Yank
ton college, Yankton, Dakota Bev. D.
F. Bradley, pastor,: Congregational
ohuroh, Yankton, Dakota Rev. A. Bi
Smart,, .pastor, Wessiogton Springs
ohorcb- Dakota Bev. J. B. Pomeroy,
Preabyiencin minister, Hares, Dakota.
Bflv. F. A. Burdick, pastor, Methodist
ohurch, Yankton, Dakota Bev. A. W.
Adkiuson, pastor, Methodist oharch.
Mitchell, Dakota Bev. Thomas Hambly,
astor, Methodist ohuroh, Britton, Da
ota Bev.. A. D. Traveller, pastor,
Watertown, Dakota Rev. £. Hart-
sough, presiding eliiler. M. E. oharck,
Bioux Falls, Dakota Ber. W. It. Gor
dao, pastor, Oongregational ohuroh,
Milbans, Dakota/ KaV. rfarnes R-ywe,
pastor, Bedfield, Dakotay Bev. O. B.
Clark, pastor, Mitchell, Dakota Ea?.
H. M. Springsr, pastor Olark, Dakota/
Bev. P, E. Murray, pastor, M. 32. ohuroh,
Woonsocket, Dakota/ Bev. 0 E. Hager,
pastor M. E. ohorcb, Madison, Dakota
Bev. E. E. Oloagb.i paeior,' Watertown,
Dakota Bev. D. Gostelow. paetbr, An
dover, Dakota Bev. W^J. Hyde, pastor,
GrotOn, Dakota B.M, Ely, pastor
Presbyterian ohuroh, h* Moare, Dakota
Bev. O. £. English, pastor, Huren, Da
kota Bev, B. S. Mills, pastor, Huron,
Dakota Bev. Gbas. Potter, pastor,
Huron, Dakota Bev. D. B. Niobols,
put$? OongiegattoMl chnrob, Jamea
will ba left no starting plaoe for meas
urenirats wd property owners wiU belghlloh'sPoTOus Plaster. Priqa oenti.
liable to trouble and legislation over 1
Sold by B. M. Ward, druggisl, mqmm.
An Kxplanatleu of tho Oltfeot of the
Vwla-UoBenil Campbell's Version.
The following is published in the
Oaseleton Blizzud of a reoent date:
Tankton, May 21,1888. Editor Bliz
zard: Answering your kind letter of
May lltb, I have to say
That the ooming election is a most
critical time for the two Dakotas.
The next three months determine their
destiny for the next four years.
I mean this
This fall's election determines whether
the people of North and South Dakota
will take any prootioal steps toward
freeing themselves from the vassalage,
the taxation and the disabilities of their
present abjeot oondition, or whether they
will follow the example of Issaohar, who
oroaohed lifefc an ass between two burdens
and lie down under their oppressive
load for the next four, perhaps twenty
years, as the Ghuroh demoorats threaten.
A servile legislature, two years ago,
bound the territory band and foot, and
delivered it over to Uhurob, the flesh
and the devil, to be bled and tortured at
their pleasure.
If the people make no organized effort,
but elect a legislature hap-hazard, as
they have done hitherto, they will get as
bad a one this year.
Democrats of the Springer type, now
deolare openly that they intend to keep
ns out twenty years.
Now shall we lie down tamely and kiss
the dirty band that smites us, or shall we
help ourselves like Amerioan oltizens
Mr answer is—
That we oaa help ourselves, if we will,
in the following way. It is as easy and
practicable as falling off a log.
1st. Let all two state men in north
and south Dakota, unite and come to
the Watertown convention, and agree
first on a platform of actios, and then
nominate a candidate who will have the
determination and the ability to lesd in
the matter.
9d. Eleot a legislature pledged to do
these things, the first day
Call two state conventions, one for
north Dakota, and one for south Dakota.
Pass laws over the governor's veto,
taking from bim all the tyrannical and
absolute powers so foolishly plaoed in
his hands.
Pass laws giving the sanction and an
thority of the territorial government
the two state government, and prohibit
ing all territorial officers from interfer
ing with them.
Then call your two state governments
togethei'—eleot year four United States
senators and eight congressmen, and
send them on to Washington, like men,
not boys, with this message:—
The people of the Dakotas refuse any
longer to tax themselves to be governed
like provinoes unconstitutionally. They
demand their rights—admission, Mean
while, as long as they eleot their own
legislature, they will do their own home
governing in their own way.
Ton see, the key note to the whole
position is the legislature. The legisla
ture is the government. It can pass
what laws it pleases. It oan oontrol the
governor. It oan.,oontrol the courts..
Give us the law on our side (and we
make oar own laws) and we are impreg
So. onr war cry, this fall, for Dakota,
should be—
Give as a legislature that will protect
the people and maintain their rights.
By that sign we will conquer.
Tours truly, for two states and self
government. Hugh J. CampbetiI,.
Wanted to Bhoot.
Elk Point special 88ih: Yesterday
afternoon a fearful screaming was heard
in the boose of one John Davis. Aciti
sen was passing and thinkiug something
unusual was taking plaoe opened the
door and to his surprise found Mrs. Da
vis struggling to keep Davis from shoot
ing her. Mrs. DaviB cried ont to secure
the revolver, for God's sake, as Davis
was about to shoot her. The oitizen
grasped the revolver by tie muzzle, and
after a terrific struggle saooeeded in
gaining possession or the weapon. In
the straggle the trigger was pulled by
Davis, the hammer catohing the thumb
of tbe sitizen, which prevented it from
being discharged, bheriff Bcvee was
oalled and was about to arrest Davis
when Mrs. Davis objeoted. stating that
Davis was about to kill himself instead
of her. Poverty seems to be the cause
of thair trouble.
relive-. Pushing
...TreupaSoatto 0«lrleha.
Ohadrem Neb., May 2&—The Indian
soare at Oelrlchs, Dak., has been made
so maoh of that to-day a troop of cavalry
under Captain Hughes left Fort Bobin
son. en route
that plaee, Calls had
been made upem the governor of Dakota
for troops bat to-day they were counter
manded. There is a large emigration
poanng into the oountry expected to-be
opened for settlement and they are de
nted admission to the reservation and if
they get into the reservation are notified
to at onoe depart
Fort Bobinson, Neb., May 28—Two
troops of the ninth" cavalry were ordered
out to-day by the department oommand
er to go to Oelrioks, Dak., to invsstigatD
the reported Indian outbreak. Evary
thing is quiet. The excitement was
caused by a banting party under Little,
Chief of the Oheyennes.
Bapid City, Dak., May 38—The Indian
scare at Oelriobs has subsided, and set
tlers who stampeded have returned to
their homes ashamed of the fright they
exhibited. No danger ever existed, and
tpe alarming reports sent out from there
were wholly unwarranted by the faots.
Colonel Thornby's request for two hun
dred stand of arms from Bismarok will
be disregarded. Not a little sport has
been made of the people who allowed
tbeir timidity to get the better of their
judgment. Parties who have oome into
this place from along the Cheyenneifiyer
bring no news of the Indians whalew*
All is quiet as far as oan be learned, and
no more danger, ol an outbreak exists
now than at any time for years.
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universal satisfaction. Then have
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medicines in this city. Beverbl cases of
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ttomethlng for all the Preachers.
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Araerloa. Soad a ftelf-addreeeed envelop* to tbe
BXV. louau T. Imkak, Mta D, Htm Ytrk
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and Liver Complaint? Bhiloh's Vltlaizer
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Mi Ward, druggist.
first Publication May 24.
resolution for the oonstrnetion of a sidewalk
Across a-private alley between lots Sand 10,
In blook is, on tbe tbe north side ot. Voortb
•treet, Witherspoon'B Yankton..
Be it resolved by the mayor end coonoll of tbe
oity ot Yankton
Section That it ia. and Ib hereby deolari
necessary, that tbe following sidewalk should
beoenatrnoted hi the said oity of Xankten, to
wit: Aoross a private alley between loto 9 and
10, In blopk 88. on the north side of Fourth
street, Witherspo6n*s Yankton.
Beo. Z. That said H&walk shall he six feist
wide, tbe outer and inner Sign thereof to be
~'J walks already laid
alley on. said Fourth
lie adiaoedt loUatx^ve
miu wro wuu Hdevuk shall bo con
structed of wood and In all respeots is aooord
anee with the reqnirevente ot the ordinances
iiutt npon a line \*itb£h*
oil flitbef (ddo
»tret, feet
of Hid
in from'
desori'bed: and the said sldewi
alongside, or in trout .of any ot tbe aforesaid
lots, situated on a oqrner, marie by theiniersee*
tlonoftwo treeis,' -UttU be cxtouaed to tbe
curb line of tbe brossina street,a so aa to meet
and oonneot with uy sidewalks now laid down,
or tkirt may be laid down hereafter, upon snob
cxofuiag streets.
That the ooet and expense ef making
Beo.S. Tbattl
the aforesaid improvements shall be
")y speoial tax, to be levied upon tbe ate
jOts, or parts or lots,' bonndiqe ot abnttlngon
the same, in proportion io tbe feet ttient of
said lota or parts of lota so abounding or abut
TfSu f. That uhl sidewalk may belaid On ia
approximate srade to conform to the surface
ot the ground, aa designated in the. said plans
and specifications to Te prepared by tbe oity
Beo. 0. That this resolution shall bejpab*
lished for four oonseontlve weeks in the official
newspaper of the oity."
ted Hay 21stJlS88.
Approved this Z2od day'c
Teacher of Vooal and Instrumantal
Musio, and alt^ of Organ.
I .V
Papila not having pianoV'oan hava use
ol aaine for practising. Tensstor lessons
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(.V 1 I j' «/"j±
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tt r%
Lath, Shingles,
Sash, Doors, Blinds
Lime, Coal,
on Broadway near North
railroad ticoVf, Yankion,
Red Cedar Posts.
*~n ''Jt -••••.
We have jmst received a
car lead of them, finet long.
Daisies Cheap. Also 1 car
White Oak Posts and 1 car
of White Cedar Posts
A Large Stock of Finishing.'" All
Gradea and Lengtha. Six feet Side-:
walk Plank. Call and sae It/^v
BiBsrinM and Bollem,^^
Creamery Supplies,
8team Heating: and
Water Pipe,
•1lf -f Castings of all Iduifiji
•V^boull Horn power lor sale.,
sai.j Z-':
Martin & Anderson,
Walnut street, Yankton.
Attorney at Law,
Offiee In Jtaatofltae bledk
A O A •y-!
Campbell & Barnes,
PiaetlaellB all tka Ouorts at th
Bum aad

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