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-\H -v: V' MY'- \'V\- -:::,\..V .,"/
Alto, miM Una
300 Weit
Books and Stationery, Cold Pens
Wail Paper and Ceiling Decorations.
IV&pealal attention given thla Line,.
Plumbing and Hot Water
Call on the Heating & Plumbing Co.
Walnut Btreet, Nortli el Tarner Hall
E. 0, DUDLEY, Superintendent.
E. P, WILCOX, President. A. B. WILCOX, Secretary. JOHN BBEMNER, Treasurer.
American Mortgage Company,
NejoMates Loans on
Improved Farms in Southern Dakota and Northern Nebraska, and on
productive Real Estate in Yankton. Buys and sells School
Bonds and other Municipal Securities. Can offer
the most safe and profitable forms of in
vesting money. Interest and prin
cipal collected and remitted
300 West Third Street.
Boots & Shoes.
Just Reoeived a Complete Slook of the!
Latest Patterns in BOOTS and
SHOES, which will be Sold
at Low Prioes. Agent lor
Walnut St., First Nat'l Bank Building.
E. A. Burt, Burt & Packard,
Burt & Mears.
Physician & Surgeon
Offioe Woolley's Blook, Third and
Doug Ins Avenue. Resldenoe,
607, Dauglas Avenue.
Wholesale and Retail Druggists.
& Brecht,
Dealer in
Garland Stoves, Buck's Brilliant, Gasoline Stores
and Tinware. Wagon and Carriage
Wood Stock. Wagon and^Carri-
«tge Hardware, &c.
SlaiCls:s3M.Itii. S-u/pplie©!
Garden implements,
I. PILES, Yankton
Loans, Insurance,
Money to Loan on Farm and City
Rewri'S, Peml.tyton'1 Block, Op. Pestofflce.
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ami gafetftaiM
la published every evening, exoeptlnv Sun
month, (1 00 per year, tlS 00 by mail, per
month, 8a oents per year, f10 00.
Offioe—Fames AIFD DAXOTAXAH block corner of
Third and Capital street*.
Telephone number 5.
adge Moody says to the Washington
correspondent of the Minneapolis
Tribune that he is surprised that a man
of Mr. Springer's reparation and ability,
both as a lawyer and an aBtate politioian
should oppose the' admission of South
Dakota on the ground of alleged flaws
and defects in the constitution. Judge
Moody said the constitution, as he in
terpreted it, and as it was interpreted by
President-elect Harrison and almoBt the
entire senate, was republican in form
and that was all that was required by
the federal oonBtitutioo before a terri
tory aouid be olothed with statehood. He
does not belitve that Mr. Springer will
able to create an impression in the house
that the constitution is dtftiotive. It is
Judge Moody's opinion that if the bill is
p.operly considered and no interruptions
had during the debate, a vote can be
had on it by perhaps next Monday or
Tuesday. He does not hops for the pas
sage ot the senate bill by the house but
he real z3B the faot that the omnibus bill
may pass the house and the only relief
he believes will be found is th&i of a
conference of the two houBSB upon the
two bills.
Jadge Edgerton, also in Washington,
said to the Omaha Bee correspondent:
"The vote on the proposition to di
vide Dakota, will be very olcse, and it
may be that it will be defeated. The
senate bill or the omnibus substitute
will, however, go to the senate. This
will put the vtbole matter in the hands
of a conference committee, and it is my
judgment that the result will be the ad
dition of a measure dividing Dakota, ad
mitting the southern half to statehood
and making states of the territories of
Montana, Washington and New Mexico.
The democrats oaa easily see that thiB
would be good politics, and good busi
ne88 sense. If it is not done, I am con
fident that at an eztra session of congress,
two states will be made of Dakota, a
three of the other territories named.
In Charles Mix county a collection is
being taken to investigate the burning
bluff near Fort Bandall. For many years
a similar barning bluff attraoteJ atten
tion at Iouia, Nebraska, on the Missouri
river between Sioux City and Yankton.
The first reoord of this burning bluff
was made by Lewis and Clark and
few years ago it was still burning and
may be yet. This phenomenon, we be
lleve, has been investigated by soien'
tists and the conclusion reaohed that the
heat was caused by a combination of
There 11 probably te about forty
thousand dolUrs of the people's hard
earned tax money appropriated by his
legislature to hold two oonstitutional
conventions for what they called north
and south Dakota, wbioh will be money
thrown away. They hid better appro
priate it to build a soldiers' home ot
university of edu'oatiou whioh is of far
more importance than such diotatioo to
oongresi in session.—Aberdeen Republi
According to preaedtnt the money ap
propriated by the territory for a ooiisti
tutional convention will be returned to
the state by act of oongres*.
Springer has finally oonoluded that
North Dakota o*n take either that name
or the name Dakota, as it may eleot, but
that South Dakota oan lay.no olaim to
the came without the, prefix. It may
seleot an entirely new name. These pro
visions are incorporated in .Mr. Spring
er's bill. Should this measure become a
law the'north halt will appropriate the
name Dakota and leave the south to
ohoose between the prefix and a nen.
The legislativs oauous at Bismarck held
for the purpose of organ zing a two
thirds combination against the governor
adjourned without accomplishing its ob
jeot. lAll the oauous did was to agree
to send a legislative delegation to In
dianapolis to request General Harrison
to appoint a republican governor for
Dakota before the adjournment of the
legislature. Uatil this is.done the demo
cratic incumbent has a firm grip on the
veto olab.
A large four story bnok hotel has
stood at Pierre for many years nearly
completed and unoooupied. The hotal
oontains 102 rooms and is fitted up witb
modern improvements. It oost $28,000.
This property, together with some forty
acres of land, the oity of Pierre proposes
to donate to the territory for a soldiers
home. The proposition is a generous
one and the location accessible and the
surroundings beautiful.
The most important items in the nayal
appropriation bill, whioh carries 820,
000,000, tgere those providing for tbe eon
struotion of a dynamite oruiser to oost
$450,000 on the pattern of tbe Vesuvius,
and a 3,500-ton cruising monitor, to oost
$1,600,000 on the plan originated by
Representative Thomas, ot Illinois.
lt is reportel that King William, of
Garmasy, is dying end that a regenoy is
regarded as so inevitable that a cabinet
oounoil has been held to discuss the
question ot oalling it into immediate
being. ,4
Sidney Weeks, William Btvarn, Josinb
Kiuhardson, AuBtin Qruue and J.
Byington, Mormons serving terme in the
United States prison at Sioux Fulls,
have been liberated, President ClevtUud
having pardoned them. They were een
tenoed by an Idaho ooart for bigamy for
three years eaoh and bad served fourteen
Some ot the newspapers are suggest
ing the beautifal Sioux word "Cayenne",
signifying ''hot", as au appropriate
name for South Dakota. If we could
oram that down Springer's throat he
would oonolude that there was a warm
end to Dakota.
la the house yesterday the Dakota ad
mission bill was further diccussed, but
no aotion was taken.
The senate has confirmed the nomina
tion of Walter O. Newberry to be post
master at Chioago.
Senator Manderson was reelected by
the Nebraska legislature by a vote Of
104 to 29. gg
Indian Commissioner Oberly Hnbmlts
Hiu Annual Itvport,
Washington, D. O., Jan.
15—John H.
Oberly, commissioner of Indian affairs,
has submitted to the secretary ot the in
terior, the report of the operations ol
his bureau for the the year ending June
30, 1888. The commissioner, in the
present report discusses the act of July
1888, by whioh the authority and
duties of the Huperintendent of Indian
sahool ware intended, and says that
these additions have raiB6d certain ques
tions ooncernins the relations of that
oilijer to the Indian bureau. The oom
misiioner reaobes the conclusion that the
most natural, economical and effective
administration of Indian sohool affairs
will be seoured by enlarging the prerog
atives of the superintendent, first, by
plaoing under his immediate charge all
matters oonneoted with all branoheB of
Indian education, instead of restnat
ing him in two lines of work iD
connection with but one olsss of Babools
and, second, by providing that he Bhall
perform the official fnDotionB necessary
in the discharge of nuoh enlarged duties
through the bureau of Indian affairs
may plaoe at the disposal of the superin
tendent the entire oiSoiai machinery of
the bureau by the use ot whioh nearly
all the business in relation, to IndiiiD
schools is and must be transacted.
The commissioner reoommends that
some important changes in the method
of making purobages of Indian supplies
A. muoh more satisfactory method, he
thinks would bo for tbe Indian bureau
to submit to bidders a standard sample
of eaoh article instead of being submit
ted to the large variety of samples of
eaoh artiole. Thus the question of prioe
would alone have to do considerable in
awarding oontraotc, and nothing more
would be required of tbe commissioner
than the muKing of the award to the
lowest bidder. To make tbe inspection
of such goods as blankets, oloths, oloth
ing, eto., infallible, accurately adjusted
machinery and other applianoes for test
ing the strength of fabiics oould and
should be supplied.
The commissioner favors the exten
sion of the provisions of the oivil service
law to th& Indian servioe and says that
he wculd advise that this extension bi
made immodiate'y if he were not fearful,
if taken now, it would be robbed of
much of itB^ffeotivoceis by being attri
buted to partisan cotives.
In oanolusion the commissioner sayp
"I have no doubt that under tbe fttvor
able conditions of an Indian servioe in
which the evils of what is known as the
party spoils system ot appointment and
dismissal would be minimized and in
whioh intelligence and zealous action
might confidently anticipate the support
of the government in whiob, too de
votion and effioienoy might labor assured
of the applause of tbe people and honest
administration do its perfeot work
promptly on all occasions without re
buke or fear of prosecution: the Indian
question, in all its perplexing features,
might be transmitted from a demoraliz
ing political question into a not daoger
OUB eooial question.
The Indian must be taught bow to
labor, and, that labor may be made
aeoessary to bis well-being, he must be
akenout.of the reservation, through
tbe ddtir of the general allotment act
and he must be imbued with the exalt
ing egotism of Amerioan civilization, so
that he will say instead of "we,"
and "this is mine" instead of "this is
ours." But if be will not learn if be
shall continue to persist in saying, "I
am content let me alone"—then tbe
iruardian must aot for the ward and do
for him the good servioe whioh he pro
tests shall not be done. The good ser
vioe he denounces as a bad service.
Kxtrn (Session Talk.
Washington speoial: It is safe to
say that three-tourths of the re
publicans in the senate and houBe
of representatives are In favor ot an
extra session of tbe fifty-first oongress
Not more than half ot the one-tourtb
olassed in opposition to an extra sesnion
oppose it on other tban economical
grounds, l'be remaining one-eigbtb
may be said to oppose an extra session
beoause they think it would be bad
politios or would bring upon themselves
and Qenertil Harrison extraordinary
duties on acoount of oflioe seekers.
Interviews with fifty republican repre
sentatives disclose thirty-six who take
open grounds in favor of an extra see
sion, six who regard an extra cession in
advisable, but would aooept it it tbe
majority believe it proper, and eight
who oppose it on politioal or persunal
grounds. Fourteen out of twenty-one
republican bemtois interviewed are
strongly in favor of an extra session,
while sbvtn oppose it or regard an extra
session improbable. Below I quote on
this subjaot some of those senators
whose nameB are familiar:
Senator Manderson: "Thintrs are
drifting now in eaoh a helpless, aimless
way In tbe bou*e that it looks very much
as ii it would be neoessary tor the presi
dent to oali an extra seasion. I am cer
tainly not pleased with the proBpeot of
ooming baok here to work, but the pres
ent session is doing nothing."
Senator Paddock: "It looks as if
things were tendina towsrd an extra
session, end I guess we will have one.
•V v- .. v.
There are several important measures
that should be attended to, but the
house is wasting all the time. The qtiot
tion of tbe tariff is the most nrgent one,
and it looks as if no bill would be passed
this seasion,"
Senator Allison: "1 oan't tell yet. It
alt depends upon what is done during
tbe balance of the session. If none of
the neoesBary legislation is accomplish
ed and things go on BS they are going
now we will have to have an extra ses
eion. The oext few weeks will tell."
brent Jos§ Transferred to a Slew and
Uorceuus Throne.
Now York spccial: Great Joes, the
noble Kwan Qoon, the only deoent Chi
nese god ot the Ohinamen of New York,
is at laet made happy, or he ought to be,
by his generous devotees. His brand
new $25,000 home is oompleted, his gor
geous throne is oarpeted, the last nail
in the most extraordinary of all hoaEO.i
ot religious seots has been driven, and
Joss, carefully covered, was carried over
early yesterday morning to hi's new
home at No. 16 Mott Btreet, where be
will dangle from a new string above one
of the most gorgeous of all the saored
thrones of New York. Ho will remain
here this time without further danger
of being ouBted by gentile and avaricious
landlord for rent, or unneighborly com
plaints because be keeps late hours, and
that his meals ot roasted pigs are tro
numerous. The temple is about eighty
feet deep by thirty wide, and the rear
part of the room is portioned off as a
sort of pareonBge for the acting priest.
It is a regular miniature bouse inside
another houBe—toylike. The front of
the shrine is of elaborately oarved pilt
work, graven in the shape of goldeu
dragons and birds of paradise, with
their tails spread out, among twining
vines and flowers. The altar is oovered
with riobly embroidered red and blue
satin drapery, with big golden dragons,
falling graoefully toward tbe floor.
Upon this saorifioial altar are tbe brotzo
and silver nrns and otber incense re
oeptaoles for burnt offerings. There
are'also tbe future telling apertures,
through whioh the priest will tell the
wishes of bis silent god also his answers
to those who come for advioe.
There are two pieceB of bard wood out
into equal halves so that they resemble
two half moons. These are toBsed upon
the fl3or by the applicant for business
or any other advioe. If both of them
fall flat upon the floor it meankthat Joss
is not ready to be consulted yet but
when both stand upon their apex it
means, 'Teg, I am ready to listen to
yon.'' Inside of the little house is tbe
gorgeous throne of Josa. It is a narrow
platform of about eight or ten feet in
length, about four feet high, full of
fancy woodwork of dragons, birds,
men, beasts, and imaginary landscape
soenea, the whole gilded, dyed, and
enameled. A yellow satin ourtain is
drawn over the upper portion or canopy
of the throne to hide the holy JOBB from
profaue eyes.
For Sweet Home's Sake.
Mothers, wives, sisters! why that
patient, bopeleBB suffering, those
pinched, melancholy faoes that sadden
borne and cause anxiety to loved ones,
while so potent and harmless a remedy
as Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription can
be obtained of your druggist? It is a
panacea for all "female complaints," of
marvelous tffioacy and health-giving
qualities, The debilitated, and sufferers
from those vxoruciating penodioal pains,
"dragging-down'-' feelings, back ahe
and kindred female disorders, should
use this oertain remedy at once, and be
restored to tbe blessings of health, for
home's sake. Of druggists.
The Warring (isiflold Doctors.
Another version of the ULseemingly
wrangle between the Garfield dootors'is
furnished, Bays a dispatch from Wash
ington to the Globe-Democrat. It comeB
from Dr. Baxter, medical examiner of
tne army, uad is in thu form of an affi
davit by Dr. Beokwitb. The revival of
all this unpleasantness is due to the
pushing of olaims for tbe $10,000 still
left of the appropriation made lor the at
tendance npon the wounded president.
This will certify that on tbe morn
ing of July 1881, while I was in the hall,
in hearing of all conversation of ordinary
tone, J. H. Baxter, M. D.. entered the
room of the presidential mansion ad
joining the one in which the wounded
president was lying. The room was
known during tbe president's illness as
tbe physicians' room. About 10 o'olock
Dr. Baxter entered the physioians' room,
in whiob were Drs. Bliss andBeyburn
and young Bliss. Dr. Buster politely
asked Dr. Bliss to take bim (Baxter) in
to see tbe president. Dr. Blinsreplisd
'•I see no reason to take you in to see
tbe president," when Dr. Baxter replied
"I have been the president's family
physician for years, and for this reason
I dt sire to see him."
'Dr. B:iss, in answer, said: "1
understand your game you are trying
(or the word Bneaking) up here to get
my patient from me." Dr. Baxter re'
"Wby, dootor 1 did not come hereto
take your patient away from you.
wish nothing but what is right and pro
fessional. If the president prefers you
to take charge of the case, 1 have no
thing to say."
"In answtr to this Dr. Bliss said:
know your game, too cannot suooeed
bere. I know your habit of Bnsaking
around and prescribing for those who
will lobby for yon.'
•'Dr. Baxter replied: 'Dr. Bliss, if yon
mean this you undoubtedly lie.'
"Dr. Bliss aBked: 'What did you say
"Dr, Baxter repeated the same re
marks [it is nndonbtedly a lie.] Dr.
Bliss arose when yonng Bliss said:
''Father let me attend to this affair,
and rapidly approached Dr. Baxter. At
this time a collision seemed eminent
when Dr. Baxter took bis bat and said
'This is no plice forsnch a soene,' and
quietly lift the room. During this dis
turbance Dr. Baxter did not appear
angry nor was his manner in any way
offensive. His request was mode in tbe
ordinary manner of making a request
His presence apparently gave offense to
Dr. Blfss, who was muoh excited. In this
statement I have endeavored to give
neatly tbe words that passed between
tbe gentleman, but may not beexaot,
while tbe facts are correct.
(Signed) L. B. BBOKWITH, M.
SSOO Heward.
For many years tbe mannfaotnrere of
Dr. Sage's Catarrh Bemedy have offered
in good taitb, a etending reward o( $500
ft a o&se of cbroLio nasal oatarrh whiob
they cannot onre. Fo matter how bad
the diseases has beoomj, or of how many
years standiDg, it yields, in dne time, to
their skill. This famous remedy is sold
by druggists at 50 reDts.
What is really momentous and all im
portant with us is the present, by whioh
tbe fature is shaped and oolored.—Whit
This is what you ought to have, in
foot, you must have it, to fully enjoy
life. Thousand are eearohiog for it daily,
and mourning because they find it not.
Thousands upon thousands of dollars ore
spent annually by our people in the hope
that they may attain this boon. And
yet it may be bad by all. We guarantee
that Electrlo Bitters, If used acoording to
directions and the use persisted in, will
bring you Good Digestion and oust the
demon Dyspepsia and install instead
Kupepsy. H'e recoommend Electric Bit
ters for Dyspepsia and all diseases of
Liver Stomach and Kitineys. Sold at
50c. and $1.00 per bottlo by Purdy &
Breoht, Druggists.
A pair of skates and an apple, how
ever unlike they may seem, have one
thing in common both have occasioned
the fall ot man,
Ballard's Snow Liniment.
This liniment' is a positive cure for
Rheumatism. Neuralgia, Lsme Back, Sore
Chest, O'dSoreB, Wounds, Sprains and
all Bruieee, It is tbe mrst. penetrating
Inilment in the world. It will restoie
contracted muscles to their natural elasti
city rubbed on the tbroat it will cure
worst CBEO of croup. It is an absolute
specific for corns, bruises, chapped hands,
etc. Ladies will flndit paiticularly effective
inLnmeBjck. Purdy & Brecht, Agents.
Some one suggests that left over cam
paign uniforms be given to the poor.
ThiB is tbe hardest blow tbe poor have
ever yet reaeived.
A Scrap of f'aper Saves Her Life.
It WAB just an ordinary scrap of wrap
ping paper, but it saved her life. She
was In tbe laet stages of consumption, told
by physicians that she was inourabls and
could live only a short time she weighed
less than seventy pounds On a piece of
wrapping paper she read of Dr. King's
New Discovery, and got a sample bottle
It helped her, Bhe bought a large bottle, it
helped her more, bought another and grew
better fast, continued its use and Is now
strong, rosy, plump, weighing 140 pounds.
For fuller particulars send stamp to W. II.
Cole, Druggist, Fort Smith. Trial l»oltlee
of thig wonderful Diacovery Free at Purdy
& Brecht's Drug Store.
The oldest and largest tree in tbe
world is a obestnut, near tbe foot ot
of Mount Etna, The circumference ot
tbe main trunk IB 212 feet.
Ballard's Horehound Syrup,
Missis. Barber Bros. Lawrence, Kans.
writes We itlways recommend Ballard's
Horehound Syrup to our customers because
it gives better satisfaction tban any other
Cough Syrup we have ever sold. Ballard's
Horehound Syrup, for Consumption,
Ooiigiis and Colds, will preserve the health
nnd add long years to lire, Ballard's Hore
bound Syrup not only cures Consumption
but Cougbs, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Hoarseness and all nffections of the Throat
Chest and Lungs yield at once to its
wonderful curative powers. If you doubt
it got a Free Trial Bottle at Purdy &
Brecht drug store..
It I put some touches of a rosy sunset
into tbe life of any man or woman, tban
I feel that I haye walked with God.
George McDonald.
William's Australian Herb Pills.
If you are Yellow, Bilious constipated
with Headache, bad breath, drowsy, no ap
petite, look out your Liyerls outof order.
One box of these Pills will drive all the
troubles away and make a new being of
yon. Price 25 cts, Purdy A Brecht,
There are so rpany idle carpet workers
in tbe city of New York tbat, wheu a
faotory employing 900 men and women
announced a reduction of 12% per 06nt
in wages a few dayB ago, there was not
a single remonstranoe.
A Dig in the Ribs.
If on tbe right side and lower part of tbe dia
pnragm, tboagb playfully meant and delivered
i* oalculated to evoke profanity from a chappy
who.e liver is oat of order. Wben that region
is sore and oongeated, pokea seem fiendish.
Look at a mail's coautcnanoe ere yon prod him
under tbe ribs. If his skin and eyeballs have
a sallow tinge, yon may infer also that bis
tongue is furred, bis breath apt'to be soar, that
be has pains not only beneath MB ribs, bat
also nnder the right sboulderblade. Also, that
bis bowelaftre irregular and his digestion im
p&irtd. Instead of making a Jooose dem n
titration oa bis ribs, reoommend bim to take,
and steadily^ persist in taking, Hostetter'i
Stomach liitters'tbe finest anti-bilious and
alterative mediolbe extant. Incomparable is
it, also, for dyspepsia, rheumatism, nervons
nes, kidney trouble, and fever and agun.
Some trade unions have adopted
resolutions imposing heavy fines npon
members found working below theregn
lar scale, and subjecting them to various
restrictions and disabilities.
Hue*ten's Arntca naive.
The best Salye in the world for Onts,
Bruises, Sores, Uloera, Salt Bhtum, Fever
Bares, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblain
Oorns, and aU Skin Eruptions, and pos
itively cut-as Piles, or no pay required.
is guaranteed to givs perfeot B&tistacti
money reftub.' d. Prioe 96 cent
?or Bale by the Kxceliior Drrg Store ci
Purdy Ot BruM
Hon, or
Tbe British plumber will hereafter
have to be registered before entering
npon tbe pursuit of his trade, ile will
be required to pass an examination and
will be given a diploma.
Mvica to Mother*,'
Are yon disturbed at night ami broken
of your rest by a siok child suffering and
irying with pain of cutting teeth If so,
send at onoe and got a bottle of
MM. WIKBtow's
Children Teething. Its value is lnealo
table. It will relieve Uie poor little suf
ferer immediately. Depend npon itt
mothers, there is no mistake about
It cures dysentery and diarrhoea, regu
latee the stomoob and bowels, euret
wind oo lie, softens tbe gams, red
noes Is
fliimmation and gives tone and-energy
to tbe whole Bystem. Mrt. Whulow't
Soothing Syrup for OMldren Teething __
pleasant to the taste, and la tbe presorip
Hon ot one ot the oldest nurses and
best female pbysieans in tbt United
States, and is for sole by aU dnuarists
throughout tbe worirt. Prfee bnsijf.
^4 if
Yankton Bank,
Edmunds & Sons,
Bankers, Yankton/
We do a general Banking. Collection and
Rash business, the same as National BanKs.
Buy and sell gnhute on tha principal eittea
of Uu United States and •orone.
iDtlon paid toooUcstions, and re
Tarlibly on day of payment.
loan meney. pay taxes and sell rea
•etpte lor, MB-resiHDte, oa favorable terms
JAMSB 0. Ho VAX President.
W. B. MoVAI Oaahiar.
First National Bank
McKinney & Scongal.
Yankton, Dakota^
Four per oent. Interest allowed on deposits.
Oolleotions promptly attended to.
Domeatioland Foreign Bxohangej bought and
Money to loan on Farm Property. Long time
Ten per oent* Interest, and No OommLaaion.
Municipal Securities, School Bonds,
Ootanty Warrants benight on reasonable terms*
Dealer In Btapla
Grooerfes and Proviaions, Dried
Fruits, Wooden and Willow
Ware, Tobacoo. Ciaart,
Etn, Eto., Eto.,
Oppoaits Ooz, Odiorn* & Go's
A fi'
4* IV
Oorrespandentsi Ohemloal National Bank
Hew York. Commercial Rational Bank, OM.
oago, Illinois.
T"BoU Brohan— on all tha prlnolpal cities
°f linopc. OnlluuHuai raoelve Dtumft
II Jti-ifc"., ....
Tire, u-tn^ Llfe, Aoof-
dent, To

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