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Press and daily Dakotaian. (Yankton, Dakota Territory [S.D.]) 1880-1889, April 17, 1889, Image 1

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Wholesale and Retail Druggists.
Books and Stationery, Cold Pens
Wall Paper and Ceiling Decorations.
Iffpeelal attention given Uiie,jK|
300 West Third Street.
Boots & Shoes.
Juit Reoeived a Complete Stook of the
Latest Patterns in BOOTS and
SHOES, which will be Sold
at Low Prioes, Agent for
Plumbing and Hot Water
Oall on the Heating & Plumbing Go.
Walnut Street, North el Turner Hall
E. DUDLEY, Superintendent.
E. P. WILCOX, President. A. B. Wilcox, Secretary. John Bremner, Treasurer.
Ne^tiatea Loans on
Improved Farms in Southern Dakota and Northern Nebraska, and on
productive Real Estate in Yankton. Buys and sells School
Bonds and other Municipal Securities. Can offer
the most safe and profitable forms of in
vesting money. Interest and prin
cipal collected and remitted
Walnut St., First Nat'l Bank Building.
E. A, Burt, Burt & Packard
11 Bart & Mears.
Woolley's Blook, Third and
Douglas Avenue, Reaidenoe,
607, Oouglaa Avenue,
bstabushed IN tsoa
Frady & Btecht,
Dealer in
Garland Stoves, Buek'is Brilliant, Gasoline Stores
and Tinware. Wagon and Carriage
Wood Stock. Wagon and Carri
age Hardware, &c,
SleLb3s:sm.it2i S-UL^^llee I
S Garden Implements,
Loans, Insurance, Real
Money to Loan oi*
and City
Raom 3, Pennington's Black, Op. Pasteffice.
Ib pnbiiBhod every evening, exooptlng Ban
Tmbms or Bubsobiption—By o&rriorn, pov
month, $1 00 per year, $12 00 by m&il, per
month, 86 oente per year, 110 00.
Dabotaian blook oorner of
Third and 0%pitai streets.
Telephone number 5.
Governor MelUtte's proclamation or
dering eleotiouB in South and Mi.rib Da
kota to eleat delegates to two oonstitu
tional ooaventione, and (or otber pur
poses, was issued ou tbc 15 last, Tbat
portion pertaining to South Dakota
reads as follows:
It is ordoftid that on May 14, 1889 an
election shall be beld at tbe usual voting
place in each eleotion preomat in all tbat
portion of the territory of Dakota situ
btad soatb of tbe seventh standard
parallel prodnoed dao west to tbe
boundary line of tbe said territory, for
tbe parpoBe of eleotlng seventy-five
delegates to a constitutional convention
for the state of South Dakota, and at
tbe eleotion thus provided each elector
may bave printed or written on bis bal
lot tbe words, "For the Sioux Falls oon
etitution," or tbe wordsj ''Against tbe
Sioux Falls constitution," tbe votes on
whioh question sball be duly returned
and canvassed. Tne convention of dIe
so cboseo fiball a^aomblti at tbe
city of Sioux Falls July 4, 1889, and
in ouse the majority of votts cast at tbe
precedmg eleotion shall bave been "For
tbe Sioux Falls constitution," such oon
vention sball resubmit, for ratification
or rtj 'ction, tbe said Sioux Falls consti
tation at an eleotion to be bold on Tues
day, Oct, 1, 1889, and shall ulso re-sab
mit tbe artioles and propositions separ
ately submitted at tbe elenticn whereby
said constitution was ratified, luoludiug
the temporary loovion of the capital
together with such ohanges of said cor.
stitution only as relate to the
name asd boundary of the state
oi Dakota, tbe reapportionment ot the
judioi&l and legislative districts, and
snob amendmtms as may he Deoessery
to oomply with tbe aot of congress here
in before mentioned bat if a minority ot
the votes sball bave been oast against
tbe Sioux Falls constitution, on the 14th
day of May aforesaid, theu the conven
tion Bhall proceed to form a constitution
and state government to be submitted
to tbe electors ot tbe Bald state of South
Dakota for ratification or rejection at an
eleotion to be beld for that purpose on
Tuesday, Oot. 1,1889.
At the eleotion herein provided for
delegates to tbe constitutional oonven
tions for tbe states of South Dakota and
North Dakota no eleotor shall vote for
more that two persons for delegates to
suob conventions. All persons resident
in tbe territory of Dakota who, by the
laws of said territoiy, are qualified to
vote for representatives to tbe legislative
assembles thereof, are competent to vote
for and ohose suob delegates. The quali
fications for delegates to tbe conventions
to be thus formed are such as persons are
required to possess by the laws of Dako
ta territory in order to be eligible to
membership in tbe legislative assemblies
Tbe Baid elections shall be conducted
and tbe votes oast for delegates in each
preoinot returned la tbe manner pre
scribed by tbe laws for tbe eleotion of
delegate to congress.
Sunset Oox is coming west. Otber
distinguished democrats of the sunrise
states are ooicing west. Not to file on
prairie olaims and ereot rude shacks in
tbe lee of buffalo wallows,or to speculate
in town lots or gamble on tbe oreation
ol railroad oenters. Mr. Oox et al are
ooming w£st on political pilgrimages
and will range over the big four constel
lation of prospective stars in an effort
to win over tbe states that are to be and
list them in the democratic column.
They have strong hopes for Montana.
They bave fair hepes fur North Dakota.
Two of the tour they think tboy may se
duoe from the path of politioal righteous
ness. Sunset Cox will be on tbe eround
while tbe October campaign rages. He
will speak in Huron on the 4th of July,
purely upon patriotism and tbo various
et eeteras ooinected therewith and will
go thence to the north land and abide in
the bosom of bis confederate, Ordway.
If this was a year when democracy ruled
in national administration oircles tbe
hope of a democratic turn in tbo politi
aal 6vente of the north might be well
founded. They are an nnoertein quan
tity np there, lacking in the stalwart
fealty of south.rn republicanism and ex
tremely liable-to 'oaten onto tbe band
wagon" without stopping to look at tbe
politioal nniform of the mnsioians, But
this being a year of republican suprema
cy at national headquarters It will hard
ly be worth tbe time expended for Sun
set Cox to litter tbe pratne with demo
cratic tracts or lift up his voxce agsinBt
tbe benign inllaecae of the boodle deity.
He bad better go west and camp in
Ioasmuoh as the aot which threw open
the territory of Oklahoma to settlement
failed to contain any ptovision for the
organization of a civil government of
any form or obaraoter there, that Btrip of
land to whiob suoh an emigration is
now on its way, will, after tbe 22d in
stant, be entirely within tbe jurisdiction
of the United States marshal for the In
dian territory, ile wilt bavo tbe support
of tlie war department in maintaining
order and for the purpose of coming to
some understanding beforehand there
have been several conferences lately be
twetn tbe seoretaiy of war and the
saoietary of tbe interior. Attorney
General Miller has been culled into this
eonference on two or three occasions
and it is understood that an arrange
ment has been entered into whereby
General Merritt, iu command of the
army in tbat department, will be given
earte bia&obe to proceed to bring as
matu troops to the scene aa moy be
necessary. It is expeoted that ihtre
will be a great deal ot lawlessness for
months to oomo, anc iho troops will ho
kept ooDBtantly busy in supporting the
United States marshal in maintaining
order whete claims cot ilut.
Uodor a New York date it is stated
that the annual report of the Ohieago,
Milwaukee & Sf. Paul road for 1888
shows a nbt revenue of $7,708,651 dis
bursements lor interest, dividend* and
socounts charged off, $9 553,883 deficits,
$1.845,284/balance of surplus on bund,
,229,714. The freight ojrried waB 20'i,
58G tons more thsu a year ago, but on
account of deareaeed rates the ojru
tegB from freight trufilo were $741,000
less than the preceding year. Tbe bal
ance sheet shows that at tbe olose of the
yeur the company had a net llaating
debt of $4,399,52L, Tbe heaviest in
crease in operating expenses was as fol
lows: Engineers, conductors, eta., ex
penses inoreaBod $397,600 fuel moreased,
8730,900 repairs to tracks and bridges
inoreaBed, 8184,800, station servi06 and
repairs to looomotives and oars also re
quired large sums more than the preced
ing year.
In tbe oase of the appeal of Charles
Jackson from tbe decision of the
commissioner of the general land office
of April 25th, 1888, refusing complain
ant's application to have bis homestead
entry of eighty eores amended to em
brace another eighty in addition to the
original homeBtead, tbe seoretary of the
luterior deoided in favor of the olaimant
in accordance with an act of oongress of
March 21, 1889, providing tbat a home
steader who has entered less than one
quarter seotion ot land may enter otber
and additional land lying contiguous to
tbo original entry, wbiob shall not, with
tbe land first entered and oooupie3, ex
oeed in the aggregate 160 acres, without
proof of residence open and cultivation
of tbe additional entry.
The Norfolk News suggests to its
readers that tbe only way to get the
Yaukton Sc Norfolk railroad la to vote
the bonds asked for. Tne News says:
'•'here are pleuty of towns within fifty
miles of Norfolk that would gladly vote
$60,000 in bonds to secure such a com'
petlng line of railroad as the Yankton
Norfolk and Southwestern will be. If
Norfolk doesn't waut the road, they will
undoubtedly be given en opportunity to
seoare it.
right. While Norfolk is tbe
choice of the projectors of tbe railroad
the prairies are wide and grades are easy
in almost any direction. But the oom
paoy does not ask much aid from Nor
folk and the little it doea ask will, if
granted, be returned a hundred fold.
Telegraphic advioeB from B'snnrok
state tbat ex-Delegate Gilford v.is dis
appointed in hia failure to seonre the
appointment of attorney general of Da
kota. Other advioeB are tbat Judge
Gilford deolined tbe appointment for tbe
reason that it would take him from the
line of politioal preference. Just what
to believe in this connection the far
away newspaper oannot advise. There
are many degrees of latitude between
Bismarok and the southeast corner of
lied Olond is prancing about tbe
corridors of tbo government headquar
ters at Washington with a bill in his
hand for a herd of scrub ponies alleged
to haye been taken from his Indians in
1.875. Tbo dongbty chieftain of the
plains has for bis olnb bearer the prinoe
of Indian cranks, Dr. Bland, who is
pushing a claim that has no validity un
til after tbe Indians agree to the reduc
tion of tbeir reservation and even, these
would be of doubtful propriety.
Bailway postal olerks removed by tbe
Cleveland administration will be per
mitted to resume their positions without
encountering tbe oivil servioe examina
tion preBoribed for applicants who have
seen.no servioe. President Harrison has
modified tbe order of President Cleve
land to that extent.
A report from Chamberlain avers that
the Sioux Indiaus at Pine Bidge and
Rosebud agenoies are in favor of ratify
ing the reservation reduotion bill. This
information is not to be strictly relied
No Tidings from the Ship.
New York, April 10—There is no news
of the miBBlng steamer Denmark. Tbe
question that now oooupios tbe minds
of marine men is: When will tbe Na
tional Bteamship Denmark arrive and
H~sr- •.
she bring news of tbo Danmerk?
Tne National steamship is now two days
and several hours overdue. There is a
possibility that tbo delay of tb? Den
mark is due to her being in collision
with the Danmark. The National line
steamers Denmark left London Maroh
30. The Thingvalla steamer Denmark
left her port, Christiana, Marob 20. Tbe
vessel* oould not. therefore, be far apart
when tbe latter wts Been waterlogged by
the City of Chester. Several ships
came into port to-day, but so fur none
of tbem bave brought the wished-for
"Wi»«, Woman tt*D
but the greatest of these "women.
Wine IB a mookeif," and song is good
to "liootti tbe savage," but women re»
spond to every active power and senti
ment of the human mind when in good
health. But when sffl cted with dieeaee
you will find tbem, tantalizing, ooqaet
tisb, cross and bard to please. "For all
"female complaints," siok headache. Ir
regularities, nervousness, prolapsus and
otber displacements popularly known as
"female weakness*' and otber diseases,
peculiar to tbe sex, Dr. Pieroa's Favorite
Prescription is the great world-famed
One Cent, Postage.
agfl, aod never intended lo. It wan only
a matter of time, he said, whi two ouut
pontage would give way to one cent.
"Utductions bave never," Gen. Htzm
continued, "resmted in a decrease of the
revenue except for a very short time
i»%"7TrU°,0«Kv«Aa„'r''r £0,n
course, keeping pace with tbat increase.
Britain does. Whou. iu 1883 postage
was rednoed to 2 cents frrrn 3 oents, and
the unit inoreaaed to one ounce from
one half ounoe, this oountry was literally
given the penny postage of eat Britain.
Substantial advantage in favor of our
people oan now be found in the much
greater extent of the territory over
whiob letters may be conveyed at tbe
same charges as in Great Britain. Tbe
reduction of pcBtage has always re'
suited in threu things, namely: An
inorease in the number of letters mailed,
the Lab6titntlon oi sealer) letters for
postal cards, ana tbe substitution ot
sealed milter for onBeid.id circulars.
These results bave not followed imme
diately, but bave never failed to be
arrived at in a greater
decrease tbe rate
nonrte, nqmro ootiop by
of postage wonld
Wbcu tbe demand was
crease from three to two cents, en wns
properly presented to the national legis
lature, it met with the prompt recogni
tion of that body as to its feasibility.
It the people nnre another reduction
upon their representatives, there is no
doubt tbat it will be secured without
any delay, as tbe pgstoffice department
looks open the ohange favorably.
flan fro nti rl I
Another Itebellion Itrewins.
Winnipeg, Man., April 15,—Tbe pub
lication in this morning's oity paper of al
dispatch from Duck Lake announcing
that Gabriel Dumont, tho late Lome
Kiel's lieutenant in the northwest re
again in the Saskatchewan
district holding meetings, oaused quite
a oommotion here. It was known that]
Dumont bad gone nortb, but while in
this distriot he showed no disposition to
resume bis agitating tactics. There
may yet be Berious trouble on tbe
Saskatchewan this season if tbe people
du not receive the railways promised
them by tbe dominion government.
Your oorrespondfBt to-day reoeivea in
formation from a Prinoe Albert merobant,
who is in tbe oity purchasing supplies,
tbat people up there were ready to take
ap their niles again if needed, because
tbay claim that tbe dominion govern
ment bas broken faith with them on
tbe railway question. Strong deputa
tions were sent to Ottawa last year and
promises made in writing by Sir John
McDonald, Hon. Mr. Pope, late minister
of railwoys, and Dewdney, minister of
interior, that tbe railway would reach
them this year, while now latest advioeB
from Ottawa stated tbat no grant would
be given to any northwest road during
tbe present session of parliament. Re
ferring to the meeting being beld by
Dnmont, a oity paper to-day says:
It was jast Buoh a meeting aa that ot
Duok Lake tbe other day whiob proved
the precuraor of the Saskatchewan re
bellion of 1885. Kiel in dead, but tbe
bolder, abler Dumont lives. If there be!
any grievances to addroBa, let tbn gov
ernment see to it that tbey be redressed
now. Tbe Ottawa authorities should
know by this time how fatal it is to pro
crastinate. The monument opposite
tbe Winnipeg oity ball is an eloquent,
if speechless, protest against the wicked
neglect whiob alone could make another
Ijo\o in a Cottage.
"Ohally," eaid Amarantba Jane, "I
notice that yonr spirits recently seem to
be bubbling over with happiness. I am
glad to see it, but do tell me dear, what
has caused it "I will," said Charley,
as he enoiroled her waist and imprinted
a kiss on her inviting lips. "You know
for a while I was melanoholly, bine as
indigo—hed no appetite, was billions
and dyspeptic, but tbe nse of two
bottles of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medioal
Discovery bas brought me out and I am
'bright as a button.' I feel like a new
man now. Jane, name the day soon
there is more of this medicine at the
drug store."
Hplklss Other Peeple'e (inss.
Washington speoial: It developed to
day that a msjonty of tbe large namber
of callers upon President Harrison dur
ing tbe past three or four days ore not
seeking appointments, but are spiking
other people's guas. The president bas
been greatly annoyed by having so many
people call upon him to protest, through
a spirit of personal animosity, against
the appointment of men who bave good
obarooter, and who aro largely indorsed
by reputable men. Tbere were a lot of
tbem et tbe white hoi'o to-day, nod
tbey consumed a good deal of valuable
time Tbe prendent gives ell theee
callers a patient bearing, and it maet be
acknowledged that be occasionally
profits by tbeir interference, bat in tbe
great majority of instaooes no gcod
reuaon is given wby a man shonld not bo
appointed, and l:he protests entered only
complicate matters and tend to create
bad feeling.
$25,00 Reward.
The above rewsrd will be paid fir anv
case of Rheumatism not benefitted by
Ballard's Snow Liniment. Tbere is no
pain it will not relieve, no swelling it will
not subdue, no wound it will not heal. It is
tbe most penetrating liniment .known for
all pain for manor beastn stsnds without
a paralle'. Ladies who Lave beck scbe
should never be without it. Price 50 cents
Pi rd/ & Brecht, Agents we:
Washington special: It was learned
to-day that tbe ruination of letter post
age to one cea1:, which bus been talked I
of considerably throughout tbo cruntry,
will be the subj jot of careful consideru
tion by tho postoffiae departmmt. It 1
would not be at all surprising if it were
reoommended in Postmaster Generol
Wanamnher's ilrst report. Third Assist
ant 1'oBtmaater General H«z u, who has
supervision of nil matters relating to mi
postage, said to tue xnbune ooirespon- 1 ue spring, Hie merry spring has come!
at ut tui8 ultemoou that he had nevt^f I
opposed any proposed reduction
Vitii-.'.-. .. •&&
ComPetltors may SQeer
Jesse Middlewart, Decatur, Ohio, says:
"Had it not been for Dr. King's New
Discovery for Consumption I would have
died of Lang Tronblea. Was given np
by doctors. Am now in best of health."
Try it. Sample bottles free at Pardy &
Brecbt's Drug Store.
Cloth powdered with silk applique in
wreathe and bonqueta is anew and very
handsome trimming stuff.
A Life Made Miserable.
Uy dyspepsia is scarcely worth tho livmg. A
aapriolous appetite, heartburn, puzzling nerv
ous symptoms, increased notion of tbe heart
after eating, sinking in the abdomen between
moats, ana flatulence after, aro among the
nuooonsive iitdicia of this harrasaing oomplaint.
Two things oota are neeilfnl for ttn removal.
A resort to Hoatetter's titoinaoh liitter§, and
penifitenoe in its use. These remedial measures
being adopted, a euro is certain. Taken im
mediately before or after meals, this great
i.tomactiio promotes Beeretlon of the gastric,
lutoo, the natural solvent of the food. The
nervous and bilious symptoms consequent
upon chronio indigestion disappear, as the
oomplaint gradually yields to the oorreetlve
and invigorating influence of the Bitters. Ap
petite returns, sleep becomes more refreshing,
aDd as a sequence, the body is efficiently
nourished, muscular power increases, and the
mind grows sanguine. Use tbo Bitters for
chills and fever, and rheumatism.
Many of tbe new woollens oome in
three sorts, striped, oheoked and plait,
all of which will be used in the same
Electric Hitters.
The remedy is beooming BO well known
and so popular as to need no special men
tion. All who have used Electric Bitters
sioe tbe same song of praise.—A purer
medicine dose not exist and it is guaran
teed to do all that is claimed. Electric
Bitters will cure all diseases of the Liver
and Kidneys, will remove Piuples, Boils,
Salt Bbeum aud o'her affections caused
by impure blood.—Will drive Malaria
from the s.ystom and prevent as well as
oure all Malarial fevers.—For cure of
Headaohe, Constipation and Indigestion
try Electric Bittars—Entire satisiaotion
guaranteed, or money refunded.—Price
50 cts. and $1.00 per bottle at Purdy &
Brecht's Drug 8tore.
New evening toilets for debntantes are
ot soft Sioilienne silk, in rose pink,
magnolia, opal bias, and water green,
oombined with silk lisse exquisitely
Ballard's Horebound Syrup.
A Binglo bottle of Ballard's Jlorobound
Syrup kept about your house for immedi
ate use will prevent serious sickness, a
large doctor bill, snd perhaps death, bv the
use of 3 or 4 do&es.
For curing Consumption Its success bas
been simply wonderlul, and for ordinsry
Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Croup,
Whooping Cough, Sore Ohest and Hemor
rhages us ellects are surprising and
wooderful. Every bottle guaranteed.
Purdy ic Brecht, agents.
Borders and brooades are tbe features
of the newest woollens. In mostoJ them
tbe flower pattern iB thrown up from a
heavily twilled sutfaoe.
An Absolute Cure.
MEN l' is only put up in large two ounoe
tin )ie3 snd is an absolute cure for old
sores, burns, wounds, chipped bands and
all skin eruptions. Will positively oure
all kinds of piles. Ask for the ORIGINAL
Ralph M. Ward at 25 cents per box—by
mail 30 cents.
Anil Willi lfc COIIieS the ftTaildeSt bOOIll
tlOur stock puts others in the shade
mmie °fonrfiad": And here's the place .for you to trade.
Our New Song!
wo Avelt the business drum
Like busy bees we make things hum.
general serenade!
and join the grand parade,
marching to our store to trade:
best goods that are made.
and frown
I When trade is bright we can't look down
The fact remains, we've got the stock
Our price is down to bottom rock.
We're closing out, bear this in mind,
You can't afford to be behind,
The early bird, the saying is,
Will catch the worm, remember this
The spring, the merry spring has come
The birds and bees are on tbe hum
The Leading Clothiers.
Is Consumption JncurableV
Bead the following: Mr. O. H.Morris,
Newark, Ark,, says: "Was down with
Abscess of LungB, and friends and physi
cians pronounced me an Inourable Con
sumptive. Began taking Dr. King's New
Discovery for Oonsumgtion, am now on
my third bottle, and able to oversee the
work on my farm. It is the finest medi
cine over made,"
'4^W J|!
~c it$S'
ASvics to Matters,
Are yon disturbed at night and broken
of yoor rest by a siok child suffering and
crying with pain of ratting teeth It so,
send at onoe a&d get a bottle ot
Children Teething. Its value is lasaloa
table. It will rel?v» tzs poc little suf
ferer immediately. Depend upon it,
mothers, there is no mistake about it
It cures dysentery and diarrhoea, regu
lates tbe stomach and bowels, raree
wind oolie, softens the gams, redueee in
flammstios and gives lose tsj ess**"
to the whole system. Mrt. Wintlom^i
Soothing Syrup for OMIdren Teething is
pleasant to the taste, and is the prescrip
tion ot one of the oldaat noraea aad
best female physioaris in the United
States, and is for sale by all druggists
throughout the world. Prioe twenty
five cents a bottle.
The pretty new Toreador vesta are
made wholly of embroidery to wear
beneath the Empire jackets of velvet,
accompanying stylish home toilets.
William's Australian Harb Pills.
If you sre Yellow, Bilious oonstipated
with Headache, bad breatb, drowsy, no ap
petite, look out your LiyeHs out of order.
One box of these Pills will drive all the
troubles away and make a new being of
you. Price 25 cts. Purdy A Breeht,
Three rows of ribbon or lace insertion
of &. contrasting oolor, set above a two
inch hem, is a favorite finish for draperies
of either silk or wool.
Arnisa mmtvo.
The best Salve in the world for Oats,
Bruises, Sores, Ulcers, Salt Rhaom, Paver
Sores, Tetter, Chapped Hands. nhllKui.
Corns, aad all Skin Eruptions, pm
Uively cures Piles, or no pay required. II
is guaranteed to give perfeet ot
money refold vL Prioe 35 oeata per box.
For Bale by the fcnelsior Drag Stota ot
A HtmiM
Spring Stock of Goods
Are Receiving Large Addi
tions to Their
Embracing1 all tho novel and
eleganc designs produced
by the skill oi' man.
They have a large and Hand
some assortment ot
And are daily receiving new
Styles of
Bncr lot
Carpet Laying
Gleaning Done Promptly at
Keasonabie Alices.
219 Third St.. Below Capitol.

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