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Mrs, Adn Gowan is visiting her sister,
Mps. 8. Pearson,
Miss Hattie Pomeroy was n recent
visitor at the home of Mrs. ', Harris,
Miss Blackstone and friend of Seattle
were Sunday guests at Hotel Ellisport.
Mes. C, H. Pyle went 1o Seattle Fri
day to spend a few days visiting friends,
Mr. and Mrs. Wi, Jones sre over
from Seattle looking after interests
Miss Ruppert, who has been spend
ing some weeks here, left for the south
st week.
Murs. Hazelhurst and son were Friday
guests at Hotel Shamrock: Mrs, Chris
tieavas a Sunday guest,
AMin Maurice Dunsford spent Sunday
with his mother, Mrs, MeClanahan,
His cousin, Fraueis Moore, accompan
fed him,
Mrps, W, €, CLfY spent a few days in
Seattle visiting the “children,” Mrs,
Will Huston and family and Arthur
CHY and wife,
Some work is being done on the Car
penter cottage, which is an improve
ment. The work consists of new steps
on the outside and slight alterations
Mrs, Strom, who has been seriously
ill, is getting along nicely and was able
to see her friends Sunday. Her moth
er, Mrs. Hood, has returncd to her
home in Seattle,
Miss Beuatrice Rogers arrived Sun
day to aceeptthe position as bookkeep
er ot the Electrie light plant. Miss
Rogers has been for some time em
ployed with this company av Tacoma,
She will make her home at Hotel El
A delightful day was spent at the
CHfY home Wednesday when the Ellis
port ladies gathered for a socinble time.
The day was spent with sewing, musie
and not forgetting the fine luncheon
served at 12:30, Next Thursday they
will meet at the home of Misses Big
ham and Straight, after which they
will mect twice a month.
This is the day of the Jooked forward
to celebration when the ferry, **Vash
on Island,” shows us how fine it is to
live on the Island, and when we hung
er for city exeitmoent just board our ¢ar
at home and soon be carried to the
mainland, thence to the eity in quick
time, The writer is not taking part
in the activities today, so will know
more about the “parade,™ ete., by next
week., However, we do know that the
Ellisport, Improvement Club is repre
senting our town today, being driven
over by Arthur Furbush in his machine.
Happenings around Cove are of a
necessity not numerous, that is, inci
dents worth recording, and while ready
at all times to toot tiwe Cove horn, |
de not. want to nauseate the Island folks
in that particular, and so with the kind
forbearance of the editor and the, pub-
Jic will from time to time comment on
matters pertaining to county, state,
naticn and the world in general, on
things as I see them. Not that lam
egotistical enough to suppose that |
know it all, or that my opinions will
coincide with the veaders of Cove Com
ments, but merely to discuss matters of
interest as they appear on the local,
ceonomie or political horizon, 1 thauk
With great regret we hear of the
sad ending of Mr. Albert Machon (hy
drowing}),brother of Mr. Walter Mach
on, with whom we are well acquainted.
Mr. Machon was a native of the island
of Jersey, which also is our native land.
We desire toconvey our sincere sympa
thy to Mr. Walter Machon and Mr.
and Mrs. Mathiason on their sad be
Cove also had a near tragedy Satur
day about sp. m. AMr. Simmons with
his two children, a boy and girl four
and five years old. were driving down
the Cove hill when the horse holted
and plunged into the bay straight off
oftheend of thedock. TLuckily Messrs.
Petersen and Sundberg, who were in
We give Thee thanks, O Lord!
Not for armed legions, marching in their might,
Not for the glory of the well-earned fight
Where brave men slay their brothers also brave;
But for the millions of Thy sons who work---
And do Thy tasks with joy---and never shirk,
And deem the idle man a burden slave---
For these, O Lord, our thanks!
We give Thee thanks, O Lord!
Not for the turrets of our men-of-war---
The monstrous guns, and deadly steel they pour
To crush our foes and make them bow the knee;
But for the homely sailors of Thy deep,
The tireless fisher folk who banish sleep
And lure a living from the miser sea---
For these, O Lord, our thanks!
We give Thee thanks, O Lord!
Not for the mighty men who pile up gold,
Not for the phantom millions, bought and sold,
And all the arrogance of pomp and greed;
But for the pioneers who plough the field,
Make deserts blossom, and the mountain yield
Its hidden treasures for man's daily need---
For these, O Lord, our thanks!
We give Thee thanks, O Lord!
Not for the palaces that wealth has grown,
Where ease is worshipped---duty dimly known,
And Pleasure leads her dance the flowery way;
But for the quiet homes where love js queen
And life is more than baubles, touched and seen,
And old folks bless us, and dear children play---
For these, O Lord, our thanks!
the store, heard them and launched a
boat and in the nick of time reseued
them all. A few minutes more would
have sealed the [ate of the party. Mis
fortune seems to never come singly, as
Mr, Simmon’s wife is seriously ill in a
hospital at this time. However, thanks
to the prompt action of the rescuers,
the rescued have not suffered any ill
effects from their immersion in the
cold waters of the Sound. A number
of light rigs have no brake, and it's
taking a ¢hance to be without one, es
pecially when going down a steep hill
with only a dock at the end of it
That culvert just placed above the
the slide on Cove hill is & stiteh in
time, also some new planks on the Cove
dock are where they were hadly want
ed. {lt was begining to look like a
gridiron.) - But if this meets your eye,
Mr. Commissioner, don't forget that
the dock was condemned a year ago,
and while a few planks as a temporary
remedy are neceptable, a reconstructed,
also larger, dock is a necessity, owing
to the increased teaflic at this point.
A little attention toour roadsalso at
this time would be acceptable, as they
are developing an attack of rutitis, and
a little gravel judiciously applied to
the bad spots would effect a cure.
Hurrah! at last we are connected
with the main land by a real. up-to
dste Ferry! Rejoice, all ye Vashon-
Maury Islanders! Youcan get to Seat
tle for ten cents! All you have to do
is to walk to Portage. pay vour dime,
and, presto! you are wafted over to
Des Moines, from whenee you can walk
inte Seattie or Tacoma, just as suits
your faney. You can also retorn the
same way if you are not too tired.
Congratulations, Vashon Heights, on
your acquirement of Messrs, Mathiason
and Scales as judge and constable Biily
Continued on page four.
Ferry Service
s Established
Regular Schedule On the
Portage-DesMoines Route
Monday was truly a gala day for res
idents of Vashon and Maury Islands
when the new county ferry, “Vashon
island,” was boarded at the Island
terminal by a throng of passengers
with twenty automobiles on a trip to
Seattle via Des Moines. All the ap
pointments of the boat were thoroly
inspectd by the happy throng and pro
nounced satisfactory. At Des Maoines
the citizens extended a glad hand and
swelled the procession to double the
number from the Islands, With the
blowing of horns, waving of hats,
and a din that must have put the “Se
attle spirit” to shame, the crowad drew
up to the “Goud Eats’ cafe where the
celebration was prolonged until the in
ner man was satisfied. Then *‘a feast
of reason and flow of soul” occupied
the time until the hour arrived for the
return trip. The guests of honor were
the county commissioners, each of
whom, tegether with a number of
prominent residents of the Islands,
gave talks that were brimful of optim
ism as to the future dovelopment of
the Islands and the part a good ferry
to the mainland would have in that
development., Altogether it was a
suceessful event and one long to be re
membered as an epoch in the history
of the Islands.
At a meeting of the Commercial Club
held at Burton last Friday evening,
tentative plans were made to properly
celebrate the inauguration of the new
county ferry service on Monday. A
committec was also appointed to confer
with the Horticultural society with the
view of securing a display of Island
fruit to exhibit in the space allotted at
the commerceial elub rooms, Tacoma,
On invitation of the Tacoma Com
mereial Club residents of the Islands
will be guests at a iuncheon given in
that city tomorrow (Friday), the plan
being to continue the ferry celebration
which was started Monday via Seattle.
About twenty-five automobiles it is re
ported will be pressed into serviee for
the run, leving Portge on the 10:00 A,
M. boat And returning At 5:00 P M,
Miss Nina Young of Portland is vis
iting at the home of Mrs. Henry
Mrs. Dansforth of PPortland is spend
ing a few days with her daughter, Mrs.
Messrs. Bateson and Baisden and
Mrs. Bender spent Sunday with their
respective families,
Mr. Larson has returned froin Can
ada. He says he purchased 640 acres
of land and will leave for his new home
in the spring. =
Mr. Ingalls of Lincoln. Neb.. visited
Continued on page foar.
Be cheerful, Be hopeful.
When the Improvement elub or Hor
ticultural society take up unfinished
business we desirve to call their atten
tion to the county road at the north
Dolphin precinet will have only sixty
voters af the Port Commissioner elec
tion. There were 100 registered, but
forty failed to vote at the general elee
tion and were marked off the list.
Charley and Austin Taylor began
this week to plant the trees for the or
chard on Mr. West's place. They ex
pect to use eighteen hundred trees and
will average about one hundred and
eight to the acre. Sour cherries and
winter pears are the varieties used,
On the 30th of this menth taxes be
come delinquent with a heavy penalty
for nonpayment. It is fortunate that
‘maost of the taxpayers on the island arve
able to meet this burden before the
time limit. But there isn't any penalty
for delays in repaiving unsafe docks.
!le narrow eseape from death of Mrs,
Wart last Thursday is an evidence of
‘what can happen at the Heights dock.
‘ The greatest asset Vashon Island has
is the Cannery. From Jack of business
should they be compelled to move it
would take ten years' time to veplace
it with the same capacity. The next
greatest assetisthe Vashon Bank. The
convenience of such an institution is
hard to estimate— it isan uplifter. The
next greatest asset is the Vashon Ree
ord. We need the three in preference
to anything else. The next greatest is
something we haven't. It is a com
munity “for sale or exchange’ yard
a place where we ean assemble our
stock for the convenience of buyers.
Be thankful,
Miss Campbell visited in Seattle this
Clifford Corbin cut his hand badly
A party of five attended church at
Vashon sunday.
Elmer Harmeling is building an ad
dition to his barn.
Conrad Tjomsland went to the city
on business Wednesday.
Naoron Tjomsland is detained from
school on 2ecount of la grippe.
Mr, and Mrs. Pinkham are visiting
with relatives in Seattle this week.
Mrs. Conrad Tjomsland spent Tues
day at Vashon visiting velatives and
Mrs. Brebner and her grandehildren
spent the week end at their summer
home at the Heights,
Mrs. F. W, Willard, of Seattle, has
been visiting with her parents, My,
and Mrs, Coryell, since Friday.
Paul Kokey, manager of Northold
farm, expects to exhibit his Cornish
and Rhode Island reds at the poultry
show in the city week of December 11,
Miss Reah Cowan spent Thursday
with Miss Ruth Coryell and her school
and assisted in the Tnanksgiving pro
gram, it being the first meeting of the
parents and teacher.
C. A. Pinkham, of seattle, eame to
the island via the ferry this week. He
was greatly enthused over the ferry
and has deeided to make his summer
{ home a permanent one,
- Mr. N, West, of Wenatchee, is
visiting with his mele, F. W,
Mrs. Chadwick Ayres, Seattle,
is visiting with Mrs. A. D. Cowan
this weck.
My, and Mrs. Dardzt, from the
west side, are visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Andy Mathiason this week,
Mr. and Mrs. West had as their
guests last Sunday Mr. Wheeler
of Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
B. Taylor, Mi. and Mrs. Austin
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Bonnell.
You may tide over a crisis in the
life of your boy or girl simply by get
ting him or her a few nice books for
Night classes in Chiness are being
offered this semestor at the U of W,

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