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Ranchers have just finished
seeding their small grain, the
hardness of the ground having
kept them back for early plow
Mr. Lokke of Colvos has pur
chased a nice buggy, and Abe is
giving the folks a drive.
Saturday evening, after lsav.
ing the boat Virginia 111 at
Cove, Wi, Simmons with his
little son and daughter got into
the family rig to ride home.
Something went wrong with the
harness. The mare ran away
and jumped off the wharf and all
were soon struggling in the wa
ter, Mr. Simmons grasped his
three-year-old daughter and held
her up; the two.year-cid son
was floating in good shape when
Messrs. Peterson and Sundberg
of the Cove store secured a boat
and without stopping to get the
oars they paddled with a board
and soon rescued all three, The
little boy was nearly gone and
the others much done up, but
ufter being provided with dr)"
clothing and resting up a bit}
they were taken home happy and ‘
thankful that they were stili a
united family. Let us hope that
Mr., Simmons is through with
trouble for awhile. He was just
returning from a visit to his wife
who is ill in a Seattle hospital.
Mrs. Mandy Mathiason and
daughter, Miss Helen, took lunch
Sunday with W. M. Goodchild
of Cove.
Mr. Severson has completed a
nice house for Mr, L. Kvisvik on
his ten-acre tract at Colvos, op
posite Mr. Wunder's place. We
welcome our new neighbor,
Mrs. Stena Edwards and little
son and daughter, also Mrs,
Hope, all of Cove, were callers
at the Goodchild home last Sun
day. Mrs. Edwards reports that
Capt. Edwards has had some fair
catches of halibut.
The ladies of the parent teach
ers association of Columbia dis
trict are busy getting funds for
a shed on the Colvos doclk.
Mr. Huffinan has succeeded in
filling up some of the holes on
the Colvos road and has gravel
ed the approach to the wharf.
He also took planks off the old
wharf and fixed the Cove wharf,
which was badly needed. Who
saysithe West Side is not figur
ing close for the county?
The West Side Literary Socie
ty extends sympathy to friends
and relatives of A. Machon who
was drowned off Maury Island.
He was honored and loved as a
true friend.
“All aboard!’ was the cry as
jhe Island ferry whistled in at
the dock at 9:30 Monday morn
ing. President Case and Secre
tary Martin of the commercial
club, Burton, were there to shake
hands as the passengers arrived
at the wharf from all partsof tho
{sland and the “honk. honk,” of
cars resounded on every hand.
Such shouts and laughter as
was heard as residents of Des
| Have Moved
to the property next to the telephone office.
Give me a call,
General Blacksmlthmg
Send vour Calves
Hogs and Chickens
James Henry
and got the best market price,
with just weight. Coops returned.
We pay samo day by c¢heck or cash.
Moines and the Islanders greeted
one another. Some of the folks
caught smiling as they looked
around the new bhoat and out
across the waters were Banker
Hansen, W. D. Garvin, F. A.
Weiss, G. W. Blekkink, Rev.
Gailey of the M. E. church, 1. O,
Thompson, Judge Van Olinda,
H. Steen. H. G. Ward and son
Alfred, all of Vashon; W. M.
Goodchild, Cove; Mr., Rodda,
Center; Judge B. S. Wise, and
the Messrs, Beals and ladies.
Our new commissioner, L, C.
Smith, and ladies, came over and
made many friends.
Mesdames Bateson and Bais
den, also some fine-looking young
ladies unknown to the writer;
Bros. Evans, Manker and Smith,
all of Lisabeula.
Doc Cheney and famnily and all
the dear girls and boys, also old
boys; Prof. Kennard, Miss John
son—in fact, half of Burton were
there to lend encouragement,
and perhaps go down in history
as boosters for the new ferry.
Away we went! A full load
with twenty autos, and at Des
Moines we were joined by fifteen
more, All fell into line, and
over the roads for a spin, pull
ing up at Kent where a dozen
horns were purchased to call out
Seattleites as we approached,
Down Third avenue, up Sec
ond avenue to the 'Good Eats'
cafe, where all partook of some
eats and then some more; in fact
the manager of “Good Eats”
had to lead Banker Hansen
around in order to get him in
condition for a few remarks.
Chairman Case had eaten so
mich he could scarcely rise to
theoccasion. Lafe Hamilton felt
s 0 good that he became some
orator, his theme being '‘Good
Will to All: 1 have done my
best, and the roads, ferry, and
public improvements will help
}King county as much one way as
‘the other—be united.”’
Other speakers were: Mr. Tur
ner of Des Moines—““We are glad
you came; knew you would.”” Mz,
Noice of Des Moines- “Heaven
on earth, viz., Des Moines,’" Mr.
Ogilvy, Maury—"‘Be united.”
Commissioner Carrigan - “'Will
help Vashon -Maury Islands.”
Mr. Case—“ How we got it.”” W.
M. Goodchild - “"Who gave us
the ferry.”” T. Hansen, Vashon
- “Better transportation.’’
Secretary Martin sat and smil
ed and took notes.
Then a call for “home and good
bye, fall into line,” and home we
went, having spent a happy day,
the meaning of which is better
times for Vashon-Maury Islands.
Continved from page one.
Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and
Mis, Page. Mr. Ingalls stated that he
likes the Island very much.
Mr, and Mrs, F. Manker gave a card
party to about twenty of their friends
on Saturdy evening. The prizes were
awarded to Mrs. G, Hiersch and Mes.
Johnson. After the games a dainty
luncheon was served by Mrs, Manker.
Everyone reported a delightful time,
Is Dockton prepared for the ferry?
One big thing is lacking: that is a
road along the beach from Mileta to
Miss Kate Linpet was a visitor at
the Turnbull home over Sunday.
Fred Harrison left Sunday for his
work in Scattle,
Mr. shafer's sister, Mrs, Miller, of
Winslow, Wash., was a week end guest
at the shafer home,
Messrs, stuckey and Kirn were in
Tacoma on business Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Cossulich were
Dockton visitors over Sunday.
The steamer “Sentinel” was docked
on Stuckey’s ways this week and will
undergo extensive repaires,
Lueas Plantich is now occupying the
house recently vacated by J. F. Riehm.
Mes. Robert Secofield aceompanied
Rev. Gebert to the different churches
on his charge last Sunday, and gave an
interesting talk on “Missions and Life
in South Ameriea.’”” Mrs, Scofield is
connected with the College of Pugot
Sound and is the danghter of a mis
sionary in South America, where she
resided a number of years,
Southern Heights
Mirs. Lara has been spendig a week
at her country place.
Mr. and Mrs. Diemer dined on Sun
day with My, and Mrs. Otto Hiersch of
Mvr. Haviland of Tacoma,present own
er of the Stockberger place, came over
Saturday to look after his property and
dined with Mr. and Mrs, Diemer.
Mr. Jenks went to North Yakima
last Friday. Mrs. Jenks with herthree
little ones have baen there for some
time, visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs.
Harry Mummey came home last I'ri
day evening from Clear Lake, where
he has been engineer in one of the lum
ber camps. He went to Gig Harbor
Saturdoy to See his sister, Mrs, Her
bert. Wroten.
Continued from page one.
can hold the Scales and the Justice
will do the rest.
Last winter the snow man laid heavy
on my hot houses and flattened the
biggest to a fare-you-well, making mwe
lose two-thirds of my Income for the
year, not to speak of the expense of
rebuilding. But this year he whl be
cheated, as | am pulling down the one
that was left to rebuild same. It is
predicted that we are to have snow two
squaws deep: however, as someone ro
marked, perhaps they will be laid on
their sides, in which case it will not be
too bad, besides which the snow may
be melted,
- Mpr, and Mrs. Leeinan report from
Sedro Woolley that everything is go
ing along fine, except that there was
an epidemic of measles, and that the
youngest boy had had a tussle with the
vuemy bat was fully recovered.
There will be a Thanksgiving pro
gram at the South Cove school. All
who ean possibly do so are invited to
attend. The more the better. Tt will
eat at the
Between First and Second Avenues
Meals 20c up
Evervthing First Class
Tables for Ladies
Repairing of All Kinds
[ can save you money on your NEW HARNESS.
Call and see me.
P. O. Building Vashon, Wash,
encourage boih the teacher and the
pupils, ¢
Master Hiero, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Mukai, is ill abed with an attack of
pneumonis and is under the care of Dr.
The West Side Literary Socie
ty is at Colvos hall on December
Bth, instead of December Ist.
All come, as prizes will be given
for different stunts, guessing of
words, ete,
A Chrysanthemum Show
It was the writer’s privilege to
visit the Beall greenhouses one
day this week and see the chry
santhemum display, which is the
chief attraction there at the pre
sent time,
The sight of thousands of these,
the lovliest of autumn flowers, is
‘one not soon to be forgotten, Bx
quisite shades of yellow, pink
and lavender and masses of ivory
white, greeted our eyes as we
walked thru the long aisles of
the many houses.
~ Varieties, not only in color
and shading, but in size, shape
and other characteristics, were a
revelation to the novice. It
would be difficult to choose a fav
orite from such a host of beauties,
Among the large varieties the
Golden Chadwick, Pink Chad
wick, Dean and Jones are casily
leaders. fi'he Chadwicks bear
large, finely shaped blossoms of
splendid color; while the Dean is
a beautiful lavender and the
Jones is white.
The Klondike and Burnola,
small yellow varieties, are fine
individually or in masses; but
perhaps the most artistic of the
smaller flowers is the Japan
eso Jitijutsu, - white, beautifully
shaped, tho not regulai, —a clus
ter reminding one of a Japanese
Other varieties shown were
Turner, Livingstone, Nagola,
Nonin, Patty, Lulu, Chieftain
and Mensel—all popular with the
flower lover.
Besides the Chrysanthemums
there are 10,000 Poinsetti plants
putting on their holiday attire
for December markets; begonias
and cyclamens in large numbers,
and a house of maiden hair fern.
Then there passed in review the
carnations and roses, those all
the-year-round fovorites—hean.
tiful as they always are, but not
at the height of their popularity
just now.
To a lover of flowers, a visit
to the Beall greenhouses is well
worth the while. The plantis
one of the largestand best equip
ped in the northwest and is con
stantly increasing in size and
Tacoma-Quartermaster Route
Leave Quartermaster........ 610 am
% o cviivenn 1040 am
% 8 3SN Y
Leave 8urt0n............... 640 a'm
L 3 RPN eU 00 1172 7
o s TN Vs iy L) Sy
Leave Tacoma ~ ............ 900 am
¥ 5 Jiies sda kv LAY
5 £ Vs AR ST AN AT
Leave Quartermaster Saturday even
ings at 7.00 p. m. Returning leave
~ Tacoma at IL.OO p. m.
iSunda,v Schedule -
- Leave Quartermaster . Llda.m.
- and 3.00 p. m.
Steamer Daring or Daily
Leave Tacoma Saturday and Monday
OIIPREY G Lok it v« hesan s 0000 10
U SPO LT a 7 )95
POPERNY 24 b svl E
HIUIRDOPt » e (ot i e avies s 1.0/
DIWORENL S s iaß 28 d'm
Glon Acres’, ...\ i.ho..v. 838 am
COWIOVIBL was vavraarnsnnasis 8460 m
Arrive 5eatt1e...............100a m
Leave 5eatt1e................ 200 pm
for all Island points,
Sunday Schedule
Leave Maury.............. 06358 m
Portuge, . .viciiiiinieie . 0800 M
E11i5p0rt.......i........... 656 am
T o R R LTI3I) 5 0
Arrive 5eatt1e............... 830 am
Leave Seattle. ..............., 915 am
for all Isiand points
Leave Maury ........... 5... 230 pm
Vashan s S A 1 ske 310 Pan
Vashon Heights ........... 340 pm
Arvive 5eatt1e............... 420 pm
Leave 5eatt1e................ 430 pm
for all Island points
Steamor Dart
Leaves P0rtage.............. 630 am
ELlSport. ..o iiviviiess 835 am
VBRhOR ¢} 5 )S ek RO R
Di1w0rth................... Tloam
CGlon Acres .........0..v0e. 120 am
CORIBPR G s i A soted 0e
Vashon Height 5............ 7452 m
Arrvive 5eatt1e..............., 8308 m
Leave Seattie. ... .......... 930 am
Leave Portage. . .......... 230 pm
Leave 5eatt10................ 515 pm
Leaves Seattle, Pler 4 (foot of Spring
Street Daily except Sunday,
at 2:30 p. m,
Leaves Tacoma, Daily BExcept Sunday,
at 6:10 A, M.—Saturday, 6:45 P. M.
For Seattle and Way Ports-—Municipal
For For
Seattle Tacoma
a.m, p.m.
Lv, Clam Cove ... .. 6:40 6:05
* Spring Beach ..... 6:50 b:55
* Luseata Beach ... 6:56 5:45
* Maplewood ... 7:10 5:30
* Cross's Lending. 7:15 §:22
* Lisabenla ....... 7:30 H:ls
S ORI ST S Rel 6:10
2 N stk oty s s -S I 4:566
* Fragaria ....... 8:08 4:45
oGO YRR eol r e IR Y 4:35
* Cedarhurst ... 8:20 4:30
* Vnshon Park ... 8:25 4:26
i B R AL R B 4:20
Sunday—J.eaves Seattle ar 9:00 a. m.
and €:00 p.m.
Ferry Schedule
The schedule as given is approxi
mately coirect. Any changes made
will be promytly noted.
Leave-- T:am Leave - S:am
Leave--10:am Leave —ll:am
Leave— 2:pm Leave - 3:pm
Leave - 4:pm Leave-- s:pm
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