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Rural and workman and "Ladies' Little Rock journal." (Little Rock, Ark.) 1884-1884, June 21, 1884, Image 4

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The young lady who is editress of this De
partment, will assume her duties in a short
We design making the Young People’s De
partment of the Journal a feature ol our en
terprise. The editress will prepare and com
pile her matter, assisted by young friends in
the city and state. Meantime, while the
young people are preparing to act, we have
the privilege of influence through their col
There is a power that young people are
slow to comprehend: the power within them
selves. They are often heard to exclaim, “I
wish I had this or that;” “1 would like to be
situated in some other way;” or “perhaps I
could better if I had more money to spend”—
little realizing that it is often the lack of
money that brings out our most capable ex
ertions. We can never understand our gift
of character and ability until the way is opened
for their trial.
The possession of money is a strong influ
ence against performance. It bids you rest at
ease. My bright little ladies, you are hardly
aware of the infinite tact you possess. You
are hardly aware of the force of thought you
can bring to bear upon plans and methods, if
you will oidy put forth your little powers.
That tact could arrange circumstances, cover
embarrassments, and with a little wise fore
thought present yourself, and others at your
very beet. If you wish to learn, read an hour
every day; copy at least a page from some
correct writer—lrving, for instance. Be sure
and study one language, at least: you can do
so from books, with some help, later, when
you can find a teacher. If you wish to make
a bonnet, try your best, or ask some one who
knows how. But ah, do not sit down and
say “1 have not money, I can do nothing.”
Mother wit and a level are worth infinitely
more than all.
ie> —
Extract from address of Wm. Curran, Esq.,
at Medical College Commencement, Little
“ ‘Educate the people’was the dying leg
acy the father of his country left to his chil
dren. ‘Educate the people’ was the unceas
ing exhortation of Jefferson, who enjoined
upon his relatives and friends, after lie was
gathered to his fathers, not to erect any com
memoration of him in marble or bronze,
stating that he wished the ‘four pillars’ of
his life to carry his name in honor to posteri
ty. The last and proudest of these was the
university of his state.”
Call at C. C. COOK’S Photograph Gallery, 205
Main street. The next issue of our paper will tell
wore about him.
EDMONSON & HORTON, corner of Main and sth
sts., keep line fancy and family groceries—(they be
long to the F. F. F’s.)
We will mention the old established house of
Wm. S. HUTT—groceries of all kinds.
TOWNSLEY BROS, will hear from us soon; also,
The firmsofMßS. B. GANS, QUINN & GRAY.
MISS MAX WELL, and others.
Being hurried in present issue of paper, we are
unable to present our advertizing friends in a proper
shape. _
All Communications or Subscriptions intended
for the Little Rock Ladies’ Journal, will please
be directed to, or banded in their office at Wilson
& Webb’s Bookstore.
Don’t fail to visit the beautiful New Drugstore ol
J. M. COLBURN & CO., cor. Main and 7th streets.
Their Drugs, Perfumeries, etc., are A 1.
Have you been to Quinn & Gray’s this week:
They are able to present any dry goods, laces in
fact, all things worn by the female iorm divine—at
prices to suit the most economical.
The lovely Dollar Store! How often we hear the
1 expression from both citizens and strangers as they
pass the Townsley’s Bros.’ establishment. \\ e can
say from experience, they are clever, wide-awake
business men. Go and trade with them.
The O’Neal & Stevens Co.,— everything new and
elegant—stationery, novelties. Ink, black, blue
and green, with the prettiest red that ever was
The gallant Quapaws still drill and keep up the
martial spirit which has ever inspired an esprit de
corp, amid changes of commanders and many vi
ciscitudes. They have the right pluck and area
line company of young fellows.
The Marquand Library will soon open its doors to
the public. Rates of membership to railroad em
ployees are almost nominal. The Librarian, who is
to have charge, is one of the most scholarly and
learned ladies of the city. Her recommendation of
books alone, and her conversation with applicants
regarding the right topics to read upon, will confer
a benefit upon the Library Association and its
Dr. Winfield, who is eloquent and who has fine
power in presenting subjects to call forth thought,
will lecture on the Sabbath-school lesson this week.
We are pained in noticing the death of the win
some little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Royston.
Marie Watkins Royston was entombed this week
amid the tears and sorrowful regrets of loving
The new and gifted young minister who is aiding
Dr. Welch, at the first Presbyterian church, corner
of Scott and Fifth, has elicited much pleased com
mendation from those who have heard him. Though
young he has a polished flow of language, handsome
delivery, and that modest dignity which adorns the
office of a counselor of nien.
The Gazette greets our enterprise with kind ami
cheering words. We are grateful for the courteous
mention made of us in their Wednesday issue,
hoping to deserve the cordial welcome they give.
Having always cherished a friendship for the pub
lisher anti one of the editors in boyhood. We trust
the same sincere feeling may continue through our
Having more matter than we are able to
print this week, the receipts of Mrs. Gordon
Peay, and others, for the cooking school col
umn, will be printed next week.
At Belfast, Wednesday, the Lord Lieuten
ant of Ireland performed the ceremony of un
veiling the Queen’s portrait. On reaching the
Town Hall the Lord Lieutenant was greeted
with mingled cheers and groans.
Pettefer Brothers,
And Brick Manufacturers,
117 Cumberland St., between Markham aiup e l
Tobacco, Whiskies, Wines, Plantation Suppljlt,
Seeds, 213 Main St., Little Rock, Aril ir
Silk underwear is made still more nice and ltel
with quantities of lace and more or less emb H
and feather-stitched seams.
Feathers and flowers fastened in the eoilliM
moth and butterflies of gold thread and ttll
are favorite ornaments for evening wear. j g j f
Accordion-plaited skirts and shoulder-cap hot
dered with a deep aceordion-plaiting, are mt.)
gether, especially by children ami young giw
Bonnets or hats entirely covered with IdH
beaded net and trimmed with ostrich tipslH
cedenee of all other beaded-net chapeaux. ■
• , ri '
As a rule, only two materials are used mM
tume, but the rule is frequently broken in
velvet, plain silk and brocade all in one dreS
Long Newmarkets are made of cheviot, Inn I
camels’ hair cloth. They have tight bodices
skirts and shoulder capes, with high shoulder,
Although the crowns to the bonnets an S'
put i
Jiats have changed most decidedly in dB
brims follow many of the familiar modefsviH r
ly, these rolling up here and crushed in tlidHti
properly awry and picturesque manner iisirH 11
of this description. Some of the new broadi ■ 1
shapes fairly bend with the weight of ostrid I ' n
and great wreaths and chaplets of Frenchl ■ ''
foliage and grasses, the dandelion again In I
its golden head as the darling of fashion aiiß
taste. Field flowers, mounted on hugest' 1
stuck up on the fronts of bonnets in amo:M ,
ening attitude, one Parisian shape, forme■
and bronze fancy braid, showing- the
pletely hidden by an immense bunch of s( I
anium blossoms and large dandelions into t
with a number of these overblown and t®| ll | ( ,.
downy, fluffy balls, exactly reproducing
gone to seed. ted
The stylish Mary Anderson hats are(
favorite shape, the crown high, the brims |
well over the face, with the elaborate l ir ,| ((r
massed above. At the back there is n ®ee.fticj
speak of. Sometimes one long plume en p,JLht
crown, curls over the brim on the led n | |(1|
droops upon the hair below. A small 1 w l ( , n
these brilliant Howers upon a black hat " ( P) , . g
Spanish lace trimmingsis certainly ven j. L.
to a decided brunette. h ;r,
The great event of the season, however jd
he shown in all its regal glory, the. U1 Ea| lf , n
“coaching hat,” upon which is now being ■
a great deal of time, a mint of money a ll *
profound consideration.—[Cincinnati Eni
isoiup? uiinoqq‘xnuos nu JO I I oes
-opmi uojooav ||i? pin? putnqj -mws ■
-a\ou a.iß ‘oppmoiqsuj os ojo.w qaiq a S,IOJ H ( | e
ophllis A'plUl<M|Xo OJB SOS9OJP SIUU-U
A London dispatch states that W,
signed an agreement with Colonel -■•■rr
to sing in America next season- w
receive $4,000 for each concert, alll W e
penses. ■ dl

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