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Opening Display of
Men's Eats.
Men's New Spring Hats in
All the Latest Soft Felts.
out any man with just the right hat in live minuies.
There is more of a flange to the new soft felts this Spring
and the most popular colors run to army shades seal and
other browns. light colored felts are being strongly featured.
Then too there are attractive green3 that are springlike and
Meigs &Co. Special, 53 . "C & K." Hats, $4
Knnpp -Felts at $3 ' Knox at $S
Spring Caps, 51, 51.50 and $2
We are exclusive agents for Knox Hats "The
Fifth Avenue" in hoth soft and stiff hats at $6 is one
of the leaders this spring.
New spring lines of men's umbrellas and walk
ing stieks. Also handsome colored silk umbrellas
for women in the latest colorings.
Newport, It- X, March 1 Big league
and college teams and teams from
the "United ' States Military Academy
bave arranged, to play the baseball
. team c the Second Naval District in
Newport and. at the homes of the
teams. The schedule thus far ar
ranged by Lieut. Orson D. Mann,
athletic officer of the Second Naval
District, has jnst been announced.
The naval team opens its season
April IS -with the Rhode Island Col-lege-at
Kingston. Its first home game
will be -with Cornell on April 26. Somes
of the other games will include:
April 19, Dean Academy at Frank
lin, Mass.; 20, Boston College at Bos
ton; 21, West Point at West Point;
25, Pelham Bay Training Station at
Pelham Bay; 26, Cornell University at
May 4, Cornell at Cornell; 14, Har
vard at Boston; 18, Tale at New Ha
. ven; 25, Tale at Newport. -.
June 1, Syracuse at Syracuse.
The first of a series of games be
tween big league teams in Newport
will be with the New Tork Giants on
May 5. Later these teams will play
In New Tork. The Brooklyn Na-
tional League team will play here, the
date to be announced shortly.
Pitcher Schultz of the Providenca
Grays comes here tomorrow to en
roll in the Naval Reserve force. He
will play with the team.
New Tork, Mar. 1 Joe Steeher, the
Nebraska scissors-hold wrestling ex
pert, and Wladek Zbyszko, the Polish
Hercules, who will oppose each
other on the tnat at Madison Square
Gaiden tonight, completed training
for the match yesterday. Both are
reported in excellent physical condi
tion and each is confident of victory.
The match will be governed by catch-as-catch-can
rules and the victor will
be determined by one fall.
Boston, Kar. 1 A call to battery
candidates for the Boston Navy Tard
baseball team to report for indoor
pracUce at Harvard Monday was is
sued yesterday by Manager Jack
Barry, former leader of the Boston
American League club.
Among the players now stationed
here in the Naval Reserve and ex
pected to be available for the team
are Pitchers Shore -and Pennock. for
mer Red Sox players; Gaw of the
Buffalo team in the International
League; Catchers Rico of the Bos
ton Nationals, Keefe of Tufts and
Carroll of Holy Cross.
The man who hasn't money enough
to advertise usually hasn't enough for
anything else.
An Important reason for thinking
the Germans will not launch any big
drive in the West this spring, is that
they have persistently said they were
going to.
In fime
Every woman should know the comfort, and experi
ence the relief of a reliable remedy that can be de
pended upon to right conditions which cause head
ache, dizziness, languor, nausea and constipation. At
such times, nothing is so safe, so sure and speedy as
During the past sixty years, millions of women have found them
most helpful in toning and strengthening the system, and for ref
lating the stomach, liver and bowels. These famous pills are entirely
vegetable and contain no harmful or habit-forming drugs. Use them
with entice confidence for they cause no unpleasant after-effects, and
will not -fail you
Directions of Special Value to Women are with Every Box.
Sold by drag gists throughout the world. In boxes, 10c, 25c
Every lively young fellow
and older men too for that
matter are thinking of new
Spring Hats.
This is the city's Style Shop in
Men's Hats and in the new spring
displays they will find all the
newest shapes and colors smart
to the minute, quality that is
hard indeed to match and in such
striking variety that we can fit
-51 "TO
Y. M. C. A. SHOW
The minstrel and circus at the T,
M- C A. gymnasium last evening de
lighted a large audience. The affair
was the first of its kind attempted to
be staged at the local branch of the
T. M. C. A. and was a pronounced a
success in every respect.
Uncle Sam was the central attrac
tion in the minstrel part of the en
tertainment. He had as his aides in
bringing forth applause such men as
General Bing and General Von Hin
denburg who acted in the capacity o!
end men.
In the circus part of the perform
ance a score of acrobats went through
their stunts to the delight of the
audience. Their work was highly
commendable and showed it was the
result of careful training. Clowns
and monkeys were very much in evi
dence and their mirth provoking an
tics brought forth rounds of ap
plause. Ail in all last evening's entertain
ment was the one best yet ever at
tempted to be staged at the local
"T." The success of the affair is
due to the careful work of the direc
tors. Miss Jane Colby presided at the
piano and a special musical program
was rendered by Meymerian's orches
Christiania, March 1 Vessels sail
ing between America and Norway
outside the danger zone and not
touching British ports lately have not
been attacked by Germans probably
more in their own interests than for
any special love of Norway. Germany
for a long while has not been able to
send food to Norway and as far as
known has not promised to do so .even
-if Norway refused to accept Ameri
can conditions for food export to this
German vessels sailing to Norway
must now have provisions, oil, and
kerosene for the whole round trip
and will only in exceptional cases be
allowed to get small quantities of
Norwegian products.
Some great Norwegian factories
producing articles for export to Ger
many are run by German coal, oil
and kerosene as are fishing vessels
obtaining fish for export to Germany.
Norway at present receives from
Germany steel and iron for construc
tion nd is absolutely dependent on
Germany for the import of potassium
compound kainite which is used ex
tensively for fertilizing.
Major-General White of the British
and Canadian Recruiting mission i
New Tork, swore in 100 Jews for ser
vice in Palestine with General Allen
by's forces.
Newspapers in Canada suggest that
instead of Bryan talking on the "dry
question that he speak against Ger
or n
(Special to The Times.)
Stratford, March 1 The first ship
ment of anthracite coal to reach the
coal yards of Edwin C. Hall, local
coal dealer, In five weeks, arrived
esterday. . Distribution of the car
which contained about 60 tons, began
Immediately and more -than half the
contents were disposed of. The. fuel
was sold In half ton lots at $5.50. By
this evening it is expected that all the
coal will have been delivered.
Owing to the recent severe zero
weather and the frozen condition of
the Housatonic river, Mr. Hall was
nable to procure coal. As a result
he was forced to suspend his coal
business and for the past five weeks
has not sold a pound of fuel to any
one. The local dealer has been prom-
ised a barge load of coal and was no
tified that just as soon as the river
is clear of ice floes several shipments
will be sent.
One Candidate Initiated.
At the regular meeting of the Loyal
Order of Moose . held Wednesday
evening in Grange hall. Main street,
one candidate was admitted into the
order. Thirteen applications were re
ceived and will be acted upon at the
meeting next week. No more can
didates will be admitted until Wed
nesday, March 13, when it is expected
that about 20 new members will be
initiated. Grand Dictator Long of
New Haven, was present and deliv
ered a very interesting talk on the
work the Moose order is doing and
has done throughout the country. The
local organization, which was formed
about two months ago, has a member
ship of 60. Dictator Charles H.
Peck presided.
Joins Merchant Marine.
The third local young man to ap
ply for enlistment in the merchant
marine was B. J. Brunnell of Hollister
Heights. He reported at the re
cruiting station, St. John's drug store,
and enlisted as an oiler. He Was
sent to Boston, Mass., for examina
Unclaimed Letters.
Unclaimed letters at the local post
office are addressed to the following:
E J. Byrnes, E. Christensen, Pietro
Orisiano, F. J. Chaplain, Cornelius C.
Converse, Mrs. Rosanne Du.Charme,
Dr. John W. Ferrett, Seaton Harris.,
Mrs. Mary Johnson, Jose Jackson,
Howard Lendell, William McKenzie
(2), Mrs. Fred Matilla, . H. ' J. Milleo,
Mrs. Harry Osborn, C. H. Peck, Jo
seph Plaonicky, Harold Raylord, Miss
Rose Starr, Annie Sommaine, Santos
Maurice, Mauritz Thordell, S. Van
Barber and Mrs. Wunchalle.
Much Improved.
Word reached town here today
that Lieutenant Donald Sammis, who
was seriously ill with, pneumonia at
Camp Lee, St. Petersburg, Fla.,
where he is stationed, is much im
proved and is" considered to be out
of danger. His parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Sammis, are still at Camp
Lee awaiting complete recovery.
Birthday Party.
Miss Anna Buerdell of Sutton ave
nue, held a birthday party a her
home last evening in honor, of her
fourteenth birthday. Games wer
played. A luncheon was served.
Those present were: Catherine Fili
mer, Margaret Menzzee, Ruth
Eaton, Ruth Baldwin, Ruth Higgins,
Esther Carey, Anita Greengaum,
Helen Newbury, Charlotte ' Fargo,
Dorothy Buck, Doris Turney, Dorothy
Hoffman, Jennie Cavanaugh, Jane
Heisler, Elma Buerdell and Anna
To Have Party.
The Billy Sunshine Useful Juniors
of Stratford, who, under the leader
ship of Mrs. Richard Howell, wers
able to arrange the community Christ
mas tree celebration, have issued the
most attractive invitations for a party
to be held Saturday afternoon from 2
until 4 o'clock, at the home of Miss
Helen Garlick, South Main street.
Miss Garlick will be the hostess and
a varied program will be given the
club members. Miss Louise Baldwin
is the junior's secretary.
Annualo Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Evening
Star Sewing circle will take place,
Friday evening at the home of Mrs.
Julian Clinton, Main street.
Dance This Evening.
The Jolly Four Social club will
give a dance this evening at Red
Men's hall, Church street. i
and heating; jobbing a -pecialty, 3051
Main and Hillside avenue. 'Phone
Stratford 1142 or 114-3. B19tf
WOOD I have a fine lot of
block wood for sale. Your
order will be promptly de
livered. ' D. J. Carten,
Broadbridsre Koad. Tel.
Stratford 364.
Spring is Here!
Maybe the weather man mis not
told us so, but just look at the store
windows and the new goods they are
showing in all departments. The
new styles in both men's and women's
frear are so attractive that an early
season is promised for you can't
seem to resist' the temptation to own
one of the new suits, coats, hats or
The Caesar Misch Stores now have
spring goods in every department
which they offer with their usual
Cheerful Credit to all who wish. This
means that you pay nothing at all at
the time of purchase and make pay
ments of but $1 a week thereafter
until the garment is paid for.
Both men's and women's suits and
coats are designed this season with
the purpose in mind of saving woolea.
Therefore they have tijhter fitting
models minus belts and furbelows,
but at the same time very smart and
Women's dresses have many at
tractive features including vets of
pique or silk, and almost every "shape
hat will be found with trimmings of
flowers and ribbons. "
The men, boys and children are
just as well taken care of at (he
Caesar Misch Stores as the women for
all departments are' now filled witl
the spring styles suits, coats, hats,
i furnishings and shoes. Adv. v
Jewish Battalion Which Left
New York Sends Back
On the eve of our departure for
Judea, we the members of the First
Contingent of the - Jewish Battalion,
send hearty greetings to our com
panions already fighting under the
British Flag in our old homeland.
To them as well as to our comrades
in training in England we wish to
convey by our enlistment in the Jew
ish Battalion that thousands of young
Jews in this country are about to
join them. The definite assurance
of the British government that we
would be allowed fight in the coun
try which it has promised to aid in
returning to the Jewish people and
to bear the Jewish flag as our regi
mental colors has called forth the
unbounded enthusiasm of the con
scious Jewry of America,
It is another just and wise step
taken by the British government look
ing towards the return of Jewry to
Judea, a step which has electrified the
Jewish youth of America. Unfor
tunately the political situation of the
United States renders it impossible for
tens of thousands already in the
camps and others about to be called
upon to serve this country from
joining us. But to those who are
available for this service we appeal
to give themselves to the ideal of
fighting both for the liberation of the
world and of their people.
We who are already enlisted feel
that we have been granted a unique
privilege. The passionate hope, nur
tured through the centuries, the hope
of engaging in the war of liberation
of Judea, has been fulfilled, and we
pray that we shall not be found
wanting in the hour of trial. W
trust that of us, too, it may be said,
as was said by Col. Patterson of the
Zionist Camel Corps, also a wholly
Jewish unit, that "the Zionists show
ed themselves fearless to a degree
when under heavy fire."
The Jews of England have already
taken up the shield of David as their
banner. The call has now come to
the un-draftable Jews of this coun
try. This is no hour for half-hearted
hesitation. National loyalty is the
battle-cry of the world, and of the
Jews. Since the beginning of the
war the Jews have unstintingly giv
en their lives for all lands. Now
they have the historic opportunity of
fighting for Judea. We cannot af
ford to let England's offer be turned
into a mockery because of a lack of
response. The Jews of this country
now have the opportunity of effacing
the slur of indifference that has rest
ed on them. Through the far-seeing
generosity of the British government,
Palestine has become a tangible pros
pect. The old charges of Utopian
ism that have been proffered against
the Zionist aim have been destroyed.
Judea lies waiting for the glad foot
fall of her returning sons. We call
on our brothers- to battle "for our
People and for the Land of our Fath
ers." Colonel Theodore Roosevelt will
leave Roosevelt Hospital the first of
next week.
Also the people who are so dis
couraged about American unprepar
edness for war are often the same
ones who are sitting around and do
ing nothing.
Last pairs of many dif
ferent lines of high
s grade, boots for
Two forty-five
Three forty-five
Four forty-five
Tou can help our sol
dier boys in their fight
against the enemy.
Buy Thrift Stamps at
any time and every
time that you can.
1026 Main SI.
So much of the cold storage va
riety on the market just now
that we know you'll appreciate
our fresh killed fowl, even
though the price is a bit higher.
Telephone 6820
Lieut. Lawrence B. Sperry and wife (formerly Miss Winifred Allen), who
were the first to experience a honeymoon above the clouds. The newly mar
ried couple lefr Governor's island and airplaned their way to Massapequa,
L. I., the Sperry home, in 24 minutes. They claim thi3 is the only way to
really enjoy a wedding trip.
Report of progress made Wednes
day night at a meeting of the Jewish
Welfare league, formed for the pur
pose of co-ordinating the activities of
the Jewish societies of the city es
pecially for war work. It was an
nounced that 35 organizations are
already affiliated with the new body.
Talk to Merc Abotf
The New Treatment With Fresh Air and Anti
septic Vapors, that Brakes Internal "Dosing,"
Flannel Jackets, etc., Unnecessary.
Local Drnggists Are Offering It
on 30 Days' Trial No Cost If!
You Are Not Delighted with the
All mothers are "home doctors'
When it comes to treating the croup
and cold troubles that children are
heir to. They know that growing
children need outdoor exercise and
that, with outdoor exercise, some
colds are bound to come. They know,
too, that these colds should not be
neglected, and yet, constant "dosing"
disturbs the delicate stomachs of. chil
dren. The answer to this problem is the
external "vapor" treatment, Vick's
VapoRub, for all the many forms of
cold troubles, from head colds, asthma
When You Buy
; -g
Buy good furniture.
will be handed down.
The furniture we ourselves buy to offer is of
"generation to generation" quality.
It costs less.
Special prices on White Enamel Bed Room
EAST END E. SFASH. AVE. BRIDGE :: - :: TEU 4673-4671
4 I
President Jacob B. Klein presided and
outlined some of the work it is ex
pected to take up. He said he hoped
every Jewish resident of Bridgeport
would become a member of the or
ganization.' Plans for the enrollment
of a few more societies which did not
send delegates to the first meeting
were made.
Cotton mill machinists at Lowell,
demand 20 per cent, wage increase.
Croup and Cold Troubles
or natarrh, down to sore throat, bron
chitis or deep chest colds.
Just apply VapoRub well over the
throat and chest, covering with, a
warm flannel cloth. Leave the cover
ing loose around the neck so the
vapors, released by the body heat,
may be freely inhaled. The next
morning the head is clear, phlegm
loosened and soreness gone. One
rubbing with VapoRub usually re
lieves croup in 15 minutes and an
application, at bedtime prevents a
night attack.
Colds are easiest to stop at the be
ginning. "Nip them in the bad" by
keeping plenty of fresh air in the bed
room and applying VapoRub freely
at the first sign of trouble. Your
druggist will sell you a 25c Jar with
the- privilege of a month's trial.
Select it with care. It
1 cftsbt St
She had worked, loved and was
happy in doing for her children, and
when she started to break down they
were frantic, were willing to do al
most anything to make her last years
happy and free from worry and ill
ness. Nothing they did seemed to
help; doctors, medicines or rest gave
no results.
Finally, when all were about
desperate with worry a neighbor in
duced them to try Phosphated Iron.
It had worked such wonders with her
old folks. Ready to grasp at any help
they got a supply and the way their
mother improved from the start was
almost too good to believe. It sure
was a happy and reunited family and
you can bet they are all - boosting
Phosphated Iron to the limit. .
Doctors the world over will" tell
you what Phospates and Iron will
build up and store strength and
energy, against old age and nervous
break downs. One of our leading
physicians says, "The results I have
obtained with Phosphated Iron have
been great in cases of old people,,
where it was necessary to build up
strength, revive bodily functions,
give them life, renewed youth and
health." ' v
There must be something to it.
Doctors and druggists all tell the
same story of success.
Special Notice To insure physi
cians and their patients getting the
genuine Phosphated Iron it is put
up in capsules only. Do not allow
dealers to give you pills or tahlets.
insist on capsules. . Hindle's Drug
Stores and leading druggists every
where. Adv.
are all overcome by Recupertabs. they '
are made after the formula of Dr. I
Albert Robin, the famous French.
physician, and are going used very '
largely in Paris and other European i
When taken for a short while- they I
will give positive relief in all cases of
nervous exhaustion, mental depres- ; -sion,
lack of vitality, general debility,
anemia, etc. v
The Glycerphoprates of which Re-
cupertabs aar composed, contain the ;
element necessary to overcome these"
tonditions. Thev are now being pre
scribed and recommended by many
physicians in this and foreign coun
tries as the best, quickest and surest
nerve and blood tonic that they know
of. .
Recupertabs are for sale at all drug
stores at 50c and $1.00 per package or
will be 6ent direct upon receipt of
Curtis Chemical Co., No. 41 West
23rd St., New York. Distributed in ;
Bridgeport and vicinity by J. D. Harti
gan. No. 81 Farfield Avenue. Adv.-'
Rl tf
Stratford Av., Opp.St3Iicbacls Cem.
Phone 1396-1 Phone 1398-4
Plant Operated by Pneumatio CrtUnj
and P-.lishing Tools
I'hune onuef Hon
Undertakers and Embahnera
No. 168 State S&, Bridgeport, Ct. I
George B. Hawiey, US WawU-1
lngton Terrace; Edward H. WU-I
root ,865 Clinton Ave.
3ia J o ii n street
'Phone 3493
Residence 235 Vine St.
'Phone 1259
Automobile Service If Preferred
lei. liarnum B848-2
and Embalmers,
1295 MAIN ST. Tel. Barnnm 5409
Calls Answered Day or Nteht
1 Lieberum & Heaphy
I 146 Anstfn St. 339 South Ave. g
Cj Er.ibalrors and Undertakers rl
3 Telephone Barnnm 13-2 H
773 State Street
Phnnfl Itnmnm 1560 .
Brannh Office. 409 Hancock Ave.
Times Want Ads. Bring Best '
Rj Margaret John E
1 Undertakers 'and Embalmeis I
H Marzaret Ij. Gallaerher. only U-i
fi censed, sradnate woman embalm-i
n er and undertaker in the city. 4
M Mortuary parlors, office and
El residence E
P 571 Fairfield Av. Phone Bar. 1890 j

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