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Bridgeport, Conn.,
Monday, Jan. SO, 1919.
Forecast: Fair tomtfrfat and Tuesday.
Hay Be General Walkout
If Dry Law Goes Into
New Haven, Jan. SO Recognition
f an undercurrent of imrest bearing
upon problems now facing labor
throuabont the country and a favora
ble consideration of the adoption of
resolutions drawn up by the Hartford
-Central Labor Union toward the or
ganization of an American Labor
Party along the llnea of the British
Lafbor Party, marked the conference
called by the executive council of tho
Connecticut Federation of Labor and
held In this city yesterday. The meet
ing waa attended by more than ISO
delegates and representative labor
men from all parts of the state.
Sentiment wholly against the adop
tion of prohibitlonary measures were
voted, aa It waa claimed that Indus-,
trial stagnation would be the inevlta
ble result. Authoritative sources fur
nished figures showing that with pro
hibition about 1,800,000 would be
thrown out of employment In the
country. It waa predicted that the
action yoiced at the recent mass meet
ins; in Chicago on the general strike
called tor July 4, unless a new trial
was granted Mooney, would receive
due eooouraeement In the East. In
vent that the present law prohibit
ing the sale of intoxicants becomes
! effective July 1, It is rumored among
labor men, that a general walk-out
will take place throughout the United
The resolutions adopted at a meet
ing of the political executive com
mittee of the Hartford Central Labor
union last week In Hertford were in
troduced at the meeting. The gen
- eral iientlmcnt waa in favor of them
and It was voted that they be pre
7 seated before all tho labor organiza
tions In the state with a view toward
their acceptance.
The platform of the new labor
party has eleven planks. It embod
ies the following provisions-:
The restoration of free speech, free
press and free assemblage.
The establishment of public works
to ipeevsnt unemployment, In demand
ing that federal governmental agen
das undertake thn scientitio replace
ment of soldiers and workers back to
tiheir jobs.
The public ownership of public
The encouragement of agriculture
and the reduction of tho cost of liv
ing. The democratic control of industry
and commerce.
The democratic control of educa
tion.. The universal enforcement of the
American standard of living.
Bqnal rights for men and women.
The representation of labor In pro
portion to its voting strength In all
departments of government.
War referendum. "No war shall
be declared by the government prior
to a referendum -vote of all the voters
of the country.'
Opposition io any form of universal
military training )n time of peace.
Taxation to finance Increased gov
ernmental activities.
Tie platform further states that
the party Indorses the program of
yeace alms and guarantees for world
democracy contained In the fourteen
points enunciated by President Wil
son. In accordance with these prin
ciples the application of the principle
qt self-determination to Ireland is
4emaxd4. A further cTemandl
(ha our euremment refrain from
Interfering In the Internal affairs
Qt Russia, or any other country, and
the immediate withdrawal of the
armed forces of the United States
from KasHa is contained.
There is embodied In the "equal
rlgriU for men and women" plank,
opposition to any form of prohibition,
ourtallfcaff the personal liberty of the
New Haven, Jim. 20 Fore
cant for Xew Haven and vicin
ity: Fair tonight and Tuesday.
To Core a Cold in Ono Pa?
(Tablets), tt stops tho Cough and
JJeadaohe and works off the Cold. K.
W. GpOVBTS signature on eaci
box. 10c.
W4iat shall bo done with the peo-.
pie who collected money for fake
charities Well, H would perhaps be
. a good idea to feed them for a year
or two, on the funds left in a bank
rupt and empty treasury.
Ensign A. D. Honeywell of Geneva,
N. Y., and student aviators John
W!gmore of Los Angeles and James
j. Gray of Pittsburgh, were killed
Utien their seajplane foil into Pensa-
GQETEZ In Watprtmry, Conn., Fri
day. Jon. 17, I19, Frederick Wil
liam Goetz,aged SO years, 7 months,
17 days.
Friends are Invited to attend the
fnnral from the funeral parlors of
iJoberum & Heapby, bo. 332 6tat
street, on Tuesday, January 21, at
J:J0 p. m.
Interment at Ikevlew cemetery.
Automobile cortege. ap
KTAiPLBION In Wa'terbury, Jan. 1 g,
HI 9, Mary A. Dailey, beloved wif
of Frank J. Btapleton.
Friendg are invited to attend the
funeral from her late resid uice, No.
747 North Main street, on Tuesday.
Jan. 21, at S:0 a. m., and from St.
Thomas' church at 9 o'clock
Burial In new St. Joseph's ceme
tery. ap
BATCH In this city. Jan. 18, 1919,
Margaret; wife of the rate Krostis
Hatch, aged ti years.
Friends are invited to attend the
funeral from her late residence. 170
Lee avenue, on Tuesday, Jan. 21, at
t:10 a. m., and from Ft. Peter's
church it I l m., with a solemn
high. mass. e -
Interment St Michael's cemetery.
Automobile cortege. AlSb
ociety Day for
nding is Tues
We know that some society folks don't like crowds. We know tliat some society folks scorn the Mill End sale but that is because they have never been to one.
We know-that society women will thoroughly appreciate an opportunity to choose tine things; Yes, finest things, at substantial sum below what they've been awus
tomed to pay.
We know that the Mill End Sale offers that opportunity. But we want soeiety women to know it too.
So Tuesday is to be specially for therm Soeiety Day.
In the morning hours especially, we shall be able to give that careful attention and service so desirable. And delightful economies upon finest of things.
There will be personal furnishings for women and for men of critical taste and judgment. There will be home furnishings for exacting service. There will be
many things to interest every woman in society.
Naturally, only a part of them are here told of. This is a special and personal invitation to choose from them alL
As my wife, Catherine McCabe, has
heft my bed and board I will not be
responsible for any debt contracted
bv her In my name.
I J W1IX. NOT be responsible for any
debts contracted in my name from
ihis date. Jacob H. Mattvetn, ill)
iond St. A20op
Here are men's
fine fur coats.
Finest and best of fur eoats for either
motoring or walking wear.
Great big warm handsome coats, some
fur-lined and. some made of the fur itselt.
Splendid cloth coats with fur lining, or
with fur collar and quilted lining.
Fur coats with collars in contrast;
beaver and nutria and seal.
Coats with fur lining, or with fur col
lar and quilted lining.
Fur coats with collars in contrast;
beaver and nutria and seal.
Coats with fur lining; muskrat or nu
tria. Staunch coon eoats that stand the hard
wear of motoring.
Coats for men who are particular, reg
ular $100 $125 $150 and $200
$75 $93.75 $112.50 & $150
Main floor, rear.
Dress overcoats
for all men.
Conservative eoats of quiet elegance,
snappy eoats for young men who enjoy
latest correct fashion.
Some with collars of excellent velvet.
Attractive distinguished shades of
brown green gray and effective tasteful
Built by those masters: Hart Sehaff
ner & Marx or the House of Kuppen
heimer. Regular $42.50 and $45 $35
Newest finest of soft hats for men,
ale"t graceful shapes, those excellent sea
sonable colors of steel brown olive and
green; regular $5 $4
Main floor, reac,
Men s eorreet
fine furniskings.
Silk shirts that bring: patterns of
beauty in combination with fineness of
cutting and finish.
Light and pleasing in style, tasteful in
their contract or combination of colors,
fine quality.
Regular $5 $4.15
Mocha gloves for satisfactory service
to discriminating men.
Soft fine gratetui skins cut expertly
so they fit with smooth grace.
- Gray and excellent khaki hues, regu
lar $3.50 $2.55
Beautiful black silk socks, nne weight,
glorious luster, regular $2 $1.59
Kxritted scarfs in new width which ties
into graceful and pleasing four-in-hand
knot, black ot mucn aepin.reguiar $1.10
Right of Main street door.
Draperies of
finest distinction.
Furniture tapestries, Oriental in both
design and artistic combination of colors,
50 inches wide, regular $2.50 to $3.50
Cretonnes of special excellence and
texture, Egyptian and Japanese and
antique designs, rare color combinings,
regular $1 to $1.25 79c
Silverbloom draperies, unique m
weave and effect, effective reds and
greens and tans in stork and butterfly
patterns, regular $1.25 79c
Third floor.
Finest fabrics for
gowns and suits.
What a varied and impressive gather
ing of excelling fabrics, both wool and
cotton !
Range of glowing or quiet colors.
Weights from lightest silks to splen
did broadcloths of substance as well as
There is place, and welcome, in every
wardrobe for gowns and costumes made
from such as these
MoonGlo meteors and satins and
crepe de meteors, evening and afternoon
shades, regular $3.25 and $3.50 $2.50
Satin Redium, marked by rare luster
and brilliance, good colors, 40 inehes
wide, regular $2.50 $2
Black satin Duehess of special heavy
weave and firmness, a yard wide, regular
$3.75 $3.25
Crepe de Meteor of an intense deep
black, 40 inelies wide, regular $3 $2.50
Navy and black trieotine and gabar
dine and serge, 54 inehes wide, regular
$4.50 $3.50
Chiffon broadcloth, lustrous and last
ing finish, supple and yet of firm weight
and texture, fine colors and black, regu
lar $4 $3.25
Jersey of selected wool, light and soft
and fine, 54 inches wide, appealing col
ors, regular $4 $3
Serge and poplin, ideal woolen for
tailored suits, very firm of weave, nice
colors, regular $3 $2.50
Third floor.
Warm and fine
bed coverings.
Puffs of silk are rare beauties, both in
material and shade of silk.
Filling is lambs wool, fleecy and soft
and warm; Oh so warm with almost no
They measure 72 by 78 inches, regu
lar $10 $8.50
Downy blankets that have soft fine
beauty and great capacity for comfort
and protection.
Pure white, wool woof with warp of
staunch cotton, border of pink or blue,
measure 70 by 80 inches.
Regular $14.50 $12.95
PURE LINEN TOWELS, huek weave,
finely hemstitched, regular 75c 60o
cial size and weight, firm and even of
weave, regular $1 85c
Main floor, rear.
of tbe finest.
There is value and beauty and grace
and service in Howland shoes always.
And now ,in the Mill End sale, there is
exceptional value.
Fieldmouse kid laced shoes, regular
$12 $10.35
Gray kid and suede, and brown kid,
and black patent leather with top of
mouse kid, regular $11 $9.35
Brown kid with brown cloth top, reg
ular $10 $8.45
Gray kid and fine tan calfskin, regu
lar $10 $7.65
Men's cordovan laced English-type
shoes, regular $10 $8.65
Black calfskin and cherry or cordo
calfskin shoes for men, all excellent
medium-toe lasts, regular $9 $7.65
Main floor, reac
Many rugs of
rare beauty.
Whattall leads all makers of rugs.
None other so rich or so handsome or of
so splendid quality. None other of such
true taste and true beauty.
And Anglo-Persian aTe finest of all
WMttall rugs.
Here is collection of antique styles, of
Chinese and Persian designs, of conven
tional patterns; all in rare color effects.
Nine by 12 feet in size, regular price
$119- $90
Oriental rugs personally chosen in
Far East by men whose one mission is to
seek and find the best in all the hundreds
that are woven by those patient, Jut so
skilled, workers !
Cabistans and Shirvans and Mossouls
and Kazaks, convenient small sizes, rare
eolors; regular $39 and $50 $29 & $39
Third floor.
Jewels; true
and beautiful.
A gem of the gathering is ring of gold
with platinum top in which are set many
brilliant small diamonds. Its effect Is
splendid. Regular price is $185 $160
Another brilliant beauty is Bingle
diamond set in onyx and surrounded by
small diamonds, the entire setting being
square in effect. Unique, worthy, regu
lar $90 $80
Diamond horseshoe is conventional in
style but of impressing excellence. Reg
ular price $95 $85
Wrist watehea of new design and of
solid gold are novel too, White or green
gold, unique shapes, fitted with 15-jewel
guaranteed movements. Regular $45 ,
Splendid purses of pin seal, equipped
with top strap, attractive shape, unusual
in every feature; regular $18 $13.75
Left aisle, front.
Cboice of tbe
finest umbrellas.
Silk umbrellas of attractive green or
blue shade, with handles that have a rare
combination ef novelty and taste and
Finest grade of silk, a cheery and ser
viceable companion whenever weather
makes them desirable; regular $8 $9 and
$9.50 $6.75 & $7.75
Notable handkerchiefs for women,
either sheer or more-serviceable weight
but of fine linen, plain and pleasing, regu
lar 35c each $1.75 1-2 doz
Men's handkerchiefs of manly size and
of excellent-weight linen, regular 50c each
$2.56 1-2 doz
Fine cape gloves for women who ap
preciate their extra service and fine beau
ey as well as their pleasing fit. Rich tan
shade, regular $2.50 $1.95
Vain floor, rear1 1
Handsome lamps
table furnisbings.
Tall and handsome piano lamp bases
of mahogany or Japanese lacquer,
equipped with electric cord and plug and
bulbs, regular $12 to $23.50
$8 to $16.50
Shades for piano lamps, rich silk in
many colors that glow softly and beaute
ously, several effective combinations, at
tractively trimmed, regular $5 to $20
$3.25 to $13.50
Electric portable lamps, mahogany
bases, two lights, silk shades of attractive
hues with pretty fringe, regular $6.50 to
$22.75 $4.25 to $15.25
Polished copper table fittings with in
sets of hand-painted Nippon china,
mayonnaise sets, cheepe and cracker
dishes, fruit baskets, sugar and cream
sets regular $3.25 to $28.50
$2.75 to $22
Hot-water kettles with alcohol heater,
coppe brass or neckeled, regular $3.75 to
$7.50 $2.75 to $5.50
Electric toasters, work quickly and
make toothsome toast, regular $6.85
' $5.75
Vacuum bottles, quart, carafe style,
regular $5 to $10 $3.95 to $8.50
Vacuum boudoir sets, pint carafe with
tray and tumbler, blue pink or mahogany,
regular $8 and $12 $6.75 & $10 "
Electric percolators, graceful design,
copper with splendid nickel coating, reg
ular $12 to $19.50 $10.50 to $16
Dinnersets of French and Japanese
china and English porcelain, from the
store's regular open stock and to which
additions or replacements may be made,
many patterns and graceful shapes, 88 0f
or 100 pieces, regular $35.15 to $159.50
$29.50 to $125
Cut glass of sparkling clearness and
cut in many graceful patterns, punch
bowls and wine sets and water sets and
ii J '3 C4 AJ.U. vanv-a cwju uaoncb ailvx KAJlLlfl HUD ,
regular $7 to $42 $5.25 to $25
Fourth floo.
Beautiful dresses
are new $28.50
i Here are. dresses that deserve that
much-abused word of description: beau
tiful. Their fabric is beautiful: erepe de
chine and satin and serge of fineness.
Their colors are beautifu1.
Their styles po new and eharming,
marked by grace, fit them for pleasing
service to most-eritical of women.
Regular prices are $32.50 to $47.50
Second floors
Women s warm
satisfying coats.
Satisfying to one's sense of beauty.
Satisfying protection against Win
ter's chill and keen breeze.
Tailored from those soft delightful
fabrics of the season such as pom-pon,
kitten's ear, wool velour, fine and lumi
nous plush.
Given greater beauty by collars of
handsome fur; collars that arc delightful
Correct colors such as brown and navy
and wine and black, regular $75 and 85--
$48.50 & $55
Second floor.

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