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Bridgeport Otntn.,
Thursday, Jan. 23, 1910.
Weather: Rain tonight and Fri
day; colder Friday afternoon.
oing to win
e same o
We're g
this 42nd Mill End
Sale in th
Wind up
-with hundreds of
The Mill End Bale has been a success becaus e it has stuck closely to its original plan. For 21
years it has been a twiee-a-year event here. It is today carried out by the same people on the same
old dependable plan as at first, that plan simply broadened as the store has grown. The same Lock
hart comes with his smile and knowledge to its opening. The same officers direct the policy of the
AAmnTr f T7 1 , . ."J .. i. T : i nr r "! nr i
wixiy tuij , mi iiuvviaiiii a jjigsiucui, iium lis uegmmng, ana
All the small lots and all the lagging lots get a new Wind-up price. That price
Every line of this detailed news carries a story of greater savings. Not one should be
Wonderful Windup
of Wash Goods
and Domestics
2-cent bleached muslin, yard wide, 19c
Bleached yard muslin, regular 30c 22c
Unbleached yardwide muslin, regular 25 cents 19c
Yard-wide unbleached 33-cent ruuslin 25c
40 inch muslin, unbleached, regular 35c 28c
Sheetings, 72 inch, unbleached, regular 60(5 45c
Pillowcases, 42 by 36, bleached, regular 32c 25c
42 by 36 pillowcases, regular 38c- 28c
Excellent bleached 45 by
Bleached sheets, 72 bv 90 inches, regular $1.35 98c
Firm fine sheets, 72 by 90, regular $1.55 $1.25
Large excellent sheets, 81 by 90, regular $2 $1.65
Domet flanneLyard wide, bleached.regular 39e 26c
Bedspreads, hemmed crochet, good patterns, regular
Mercerised tablecloths, 63
Scalloped mercerised tablecldths, 72 inches square,
. regular $3.75 $3
Turkish bleached towels, regular 17o , 12
Bleached Turkish towels, regular 22c 15c
m i l 1,1 "U-J m,-.ll, i. 1 l rr
Jijiua-xieavy uieacueu jl.ux.illb.u. tuweis, regular uc
Huck hemmed towels, all-white or -with blue border,
: regular 40c - , 29c
Good huck hemmed' towels, regular 35c 20c
White lingerie crepe, 32 inch, regular 40c 30c
White yardwide skirtings, regular 45c 30c
Voiles for waisits, pure white, fancy stripes and
checks, regular 50c 30c
Dotted white Swiss, yard wide, regular 39c 25c
Tudor cretonne in handsome patterns, 27 inch, regular
35c 25c
Foulards of siTk-and-cotton, vard wide, regular 75c
Apron and dress ginghams, 27 inch, regular 25c
Dress ginghams, 32 inch, regular 50c 35c
Inspiring; Windup
Women &
Suits, splendid styles and
i$30 to $37.50
Serge dresses of pretty
really advance Spring ones, regular $1 (.50 and $20
White waists, fancy cotton fabrics, preitty styles, reg'
i ular $2 and $2.50 $1.55 '
Crepe de chine waists in.beautif ul models and delight
j fnlcolors, regular $3 $1.95
; Young folks' suite, attractive styles and colors and
j fabrics, regular $24 and more $18.75
Clojth .coats for young folks, novel and pretty styles,
Lpleasrng models, regular $30 and more $20
Plaid woolen skirts for young women, cheery and
i smart, Mill End price $9.50 $8.50
Flannelette "night gown3, regular and special sizes,
white and stripes, Mill End priee $2.65 $2.35
! Petticoats, blaek and colored cotton, Mill End priee
j.B5e . 75c
Nightgowns of flannelette in tasteful colored stripes,
:M21 End priee $2.15 $1.95
Slipover nightgowns of soft muslin embroidery trim
imed, Mill End price 05c . " 89c
Corset covers of good muslin with embroidery trim
jmingMiirEnd price 25e 22c
Envelope chemises, nice, muslin, several attractive
istyle3r Mill End price 65c 55c
Redfern corsets, several st yles, regular $3.50 to $5
$2.15 & $2.75
Arncnfa i-vP croiwtil rmfA mnr? pla YlKvnf -mn fori ale
Children s white coats
Ooydurpy coats for childrer, rose and Copenhagen,
sizes 1 to 4, Mill End priee $5.50 $4.50
Cbfldran s sweaters, soft
1.25 and $2.25
IJaQies' muslin dresses,
(price uoc - .
36 pillowcases, regular 40c
inches square, regular $1.39
Girls' wear
colors and fabrics, regular
dark colors for women, styles
. . $1.35
with, warm interlining, Mill
and warm, Mill End price
SI & $li95
dainty patterns, Mill End
ivir uooper us vice-presiuem,.
Baby flouncings with ruf
fled edges, regular $1.25
Voile organdy and batiste
flouncings, 27 inch, regular
$1.50 and $2 85c
Val laces in 12 yd pieces,
regular 50c . 15c
Neckwear collars ves
tees and sets, satin organdy
net and crepe, regular $1
and $1.50 50c
Collar sets stocks and
vestees, several sorts, regu
lar 50c to $1 25c
Twilled tpe, white, 3 yd
piece, regular 5c 3c
Lingerie tape, 4 or 5 yd.
piece, regular 8c 4c
Skirt markers, regular
50c 19c
Fancy buttons for dresses
and coats, regular 25c
card 5c
Pearl buttons, good sizes,
regular 10c 5c
Collar bands, regular 5c
2 for 5c
Toilet Needs.
Splendid hair brushes
with rubber cushion, regu
lar $1.15 and $1.25 75c
Tooth brushes, fine bris
ties, regular 19c 12c
Face-cloth cases with rub
ber lining, regular 10c 5c
Toilet soaps of assorted
perfumes, regular 10c 5c
Howco Tea
English Breakfast flavor,
regular 60c not over 3 lbs,
to a customer at 3 lbs $1
Garden Chop tea, regular
70c lb, not over 2 lbs to a
customer at 2 lbs $1
None delivered.
Tea spoons and butter
knives and sugar spons,
good plate on white metal, a
bit marred bv display dur
ing the Mill End Sale, Mill
End -price 14c 9c
Berrv spoons, good silver
plate, Mill End price 89c-
Leather Goods.
TT 11 f 1 i
nana Dags oi learner m
blue and green, good shape
and size, Mill End price
$1.75 $1
Top-strap purses, black
andcolors, Mill End price
$i.yy si.19
Belts in assorted colors, a
bit soiled, Mill End price
lot x 5C
Women's Furnishings
Fleeced union suits of -warm cotton.
regular $1 69c
Vesta of Winter weight, rood cotton,
regular 50c 29c
Balck cotton medium weight stock.
ings. regular 19c and 25c 11c & lc
raw biik. stockings with, lisle top
ana soie, iJiaxik, regular 75c 52c
fcilk stockings, not perfect, lisle top
ana soie Mill End pries 79c 72c
Children black cotton medium.
weight stockings, regular 50o 85c
Boys' warm gray shirts and draw
era, regular Too 4Sc
Handkerchiefs for men and women,
plain pattern, regular tie 15c
Linen handkerchiefs for women,
regular lt'.ic 6c
wmiareji s geir gloves, gray, regu
lar EjQe 3S0
Women's cnamoisette washeble
glows, white, regular $1 79i:
Black lairbekin gloves for women.
light xnlfttt idill End price $1.29-
luany oi
At Jewelry.
Gold-plated lockets with
space tor picture, heavy
plate, on black silk ribbon,
Mill End price 79c 59c
Bead necklaces, colors,
very ettectvie, Mill End
price 39c 19c
Sporting Goods.
Lion bicycles, the famous
Howland wheel, regular
$39.50 $32.50
Men's sweaters of pure
wool, coat style, splendid
weight, regular $7.50
Tee skates for boys and
girls, regular 90c and $1
HPJg:,-? 65C
Bo. s Clotnmp;.
Overcoius for boys of 3 to
8, tancy mixtures, nice
styles, Mill End prices $4.25
and $5.3o $3.75
Double-breasted overcoats
for boys of 10 to 18, belt
Across back, great fabrics,
Mill ;nd price $10.50 and
$12.75 $6.50 & $7.50
Kaincoats of fancv cloth,
sizes 10 to 18. Mill End
price $7.7o $5
V oven madras blouses
and shirts, good patterns,
1U111 una price $1 and
$1.1d 85c & 95c
Long trousers, fancv ttiit.
tures, Mill End price $3.25
""' iinen stationery, hox of
" oneeis paper and 24 envelope rPE,
ular 83o 27c
DuuKT-r nut stationery, good linen
niieets in package. Mill r:nd
price zac j9c
price 10c 8
nunKer Miu envelopes. Mill p.a
and Home Needs
66 piece dlnnersets. 3 patterns. rtr-
ular $16.50
Berry sets, bowl and saucers
ular $3.25 $2
Cake sets, dish and 6 elates. n.
air $3.26 . ,n
Sugar-and-cream sets, regular $1.25
Cupa and saucers, several decorsv-
tiona, regular $3.25 S9in
Dlnnerware of many odd pieces.
regular 21o to $8.40 7o to $4.50
Smokers' articles of many sorts reg
ular $1.7 to $12 $1.25 to $8
Brass and copper fittings for table.
regular $3.75 to $28.50 $2.75 to $33
n.elctno irons, regular $6.10
Electric toasters, regular $6.85
Glass sherbet sets, regular $5
Bhertbet glasses, regular $5 doz
Mayonnaise seta, polished glass. reg
ular $1 65o
Handsome glass va9es,regular $2.10
3s heaters, regular $5.50 to $10
$4 to $7.75
Cylinder jgas heaters, regular $3.25
Oil heaters, regular $5.25 and $6.50
$4,25 & $4.95
ferleetlon oil heaters, regular $6 .
Gas-jet heaters, regular '6 5c 0o
Sadiron seta, regular $1.75 $1.25
Iron fry pans, regular. $1.25 85o
Self-wringing mops, regular $1
Wet-wash baskets, regular 76o to
85c 55o
Ironing tables, regular $3 $3,25
Aluminum tea kettles, regular $2.95
Rolltop bread boxes, regular $1.60
Flour cans, regular $1.35 . 85o
Kotary ash sifters, regular $3.90
$3.25 Trays of papier mache, regular OOo
to 11.75 5c
Sifter shovels, regular $1.50 BOo
Tolletpaper. regular lOo
6 for 80o
Casseroles, regular $1.85 85c
Copper tea kettles, regular $3.25
Piano lamp, bases only, regular $13
Piano lamp shades, regular" $5
Boudoir lamps, regular $4 $2.95
the same buyers search for the Mill End special lots. Many of ithe same salespeople are enjoying1
this sale as much their first and the store's first.
"We are all of us in the Mill End spirit, saturated with it, eager to spread the Mill End econo
mies all over the city. We've done that at this 42nd sale as never before. And now we shall wind it
up as never before. The same old plan of a Wind-up but better carried out than ever. You see wo
want to celebrate the close of our 21st Mill End year in fine stvle.
is for the two closing
1 rusty Silks.
Yard-wide silk poplin,
regular $1.50 95c
Satins in staple colors and
pretty figured foulards;
striped and plaid silks; reg
ular $1.75 and $2 $1.25
Satin in light and dark
colors, yard wide, regular
$2 $1.50
Georgette crepe, 40 inch,
many colors, regular $2
Black satin and taffeta,
yard wide, regular $1.75
Black satin radiant, 40
inch, regular $2.50 $1.85
Mens Furmsnings.
Heavy gray shirts and
drawers, regular $1.50
Warm fleeced shirts.
heavy texture, regular
$l.Ho 69c
Blue . chambray shirts
with collar attached, regular
$1.20 79c
"Work shirts of khaki col
or, splendid weight, regular
$1.50 92c
Fiber silk socks with lisle
heel and sole, black, regular
l oc 48c
Cashmere socks of medi
urn weight, black, regular
ouc 32c
Floor Coverings.
Wool Smyrna reversible
rugs, 36 by 40, two-toned
browns and mixed reds
regular $3.50 $2.50
Felt-base printed lino
Joum, small matting de
signs, regular 50c square I
yard per sq yd 29c
L ongeloum art ruers. 7H
by 9 feet, regular $8.50
Printed linoleum in eood
patterns, 2 and 2y2 yds wide,
regular $1.25 square yard
per square yard " 79c
Congoleum in carpet de
signs and matting: patterns.
yard wide, regular 69c
Dress Goods.
Serges plaids and fancy
weaves, regular $1.10 to
$1.25 79c
Silk-and-wool poplin in
good colors, regular $1.75
Pure wool serges, pana
mas crepes and silk-and-wool
poplins and crepes,
regular $2 $1.50
Fine wool poplins and
serges " and fancy crepe
weaves, regular $2.25
Striped and plain poplins
and serges, 54 inch, regular
$3 $2.25
Plaids and stripes of
pretty combinations, fine
wool, regular $2 , $1.50
Woolen skirtings in
stripes and plaids, regular
$3.00 $2.50
Upholstery Goods
Colored art scrims, blue green red
and tan, regular 69o Z0e
t-Tirtains, motuugnan and Scotch
lace, regular 1T25 to $1.50 : 85o
Fine scrim and marquisette white
uiuam ami regular 35c to 390
yard 19c
Scrim curtains with lacs edge and
Inserting, regular $2.50 $1.70
wuaaow smmes, odds, one to four
alike, worth 75c to $1.2S soc
days of the sale, Friday
of Men's
Men's suits of tasteful gray stripes, nearly all sis
regular $18 and $20 $10
Overcoats of good warm woolen fabrics, several
styles, all sizes in the lot, regular $18 and $20 $10
Oxford and brown overcoats, good-fitting models, sel
or velvet collar, regular $25 $16.50
Kuppenfaeimer and Hart Schaffner & Marx overcoat-Si
and suits, overcoats mostly blue brown or black with vel
vet collar, suits in a wide range of color effects and styles,
regular $30 and $35 $21.50
Ulsters and snappy Baglans with plain or belted'
backs, dandy style, warm and serviceable, regular $40 andi
$42.50 $29.50
Fur-collar coats with quilted or corduroy lining, i
warmest ever, collar of astrakan or nutria, regular $35
Long tough coats with sheepskin lining and furry col-
lar, greatest hardwear coats for motoring, regular$22.50
Raincoats, including police coats of black rubber and
reversible coats, regular $7.50 to $10 $5
lar $2.50 $1.25..
Knitted helmets and aviation caps and toques, fit)
snugly and warmly and pull right down over one's ears,
and face, regular $1.0 and $2 $1
Shoe Windup to
break all records
Men's cordovan and Alaska calfskin, regular $10
$7.85 ,
Gunmetal and mahogany calf, English ox blucher,
style, regular $9 $6.85
Mahogany and black and gunmetal calf, some with
tough Neolin soles, regular $8 $6.45
Alaska calfskin bulchers, regular $8 $5.85
Gunmetal calf and black calfskin, bluchers and Ens:-
iisn styles, regular $7 $5.45
Army shoes and bluchers, black kid bluchers, regular1
$6 $4.45
Boys' tan bluchers and gunmetal calfskin shoes, reg-
ular $4.50 $3.45
Men's Scout shoes in tan or black, regular $4 $2.95
Boys' Scout shoes, tan or black, regular $4- $2.65
Boys' bluchers or English shoes of gunmetal calf, reg
ular $4 $2.95
For girls:
Patent leather button shoes, regular $3.50 $2.45
Tan calfskin laced shoes, regular $3.50 $2.45
Gunmetal calfskin laced shoes, regular $3.50 $2.45
Gunmetal calf, button or lace, regular $3 $2.15
regular $2.50 $1.85
"Smoked horse" shoes, laced, regular if 5 $2.05
For women:
Finest kid laced shoes with French heels, fieldmouse,
regular $12 $9.35 ,
G ray suede or kid and brown kid and fieldmouse kid,
kid or cloth top, regular $11 $8.45
Fine gray or brown kid and tan viscol, regular $10
Soft gray kid with top of gray cloth, regular $0
Brown or grav kid, cloth top, and brown calfskin; reg-,
ular $8 " ' $5.85
Gunmetal calf with taupe buck top, regular $8.50
$5.85 j
Tan ealfskin with cloth top and handsome brown or
gray kid, regular $7 $5.45 1
Patent leather with smart tan cloth top, regular $7 j
$4.85 )
Brown kid with military heel, regular $7- $5.45 "
Patent leather with black cloth toj and plain black kid
or gunmeital calfskin, regular-$6 and 6.50 $3.85 -
7Touse shoes with mbber heels, regular $4 $3.15 ?
J uilets for home wear, regular $2.75 $2.15 J
Trimmed Hats.
Many tasteful and attrac
tive trimmed hats of good
color and style, shapes from
large to small, Mill End
price $2.85 $2
and Saturday.
Yarns. ,
Heavy Khaki yarn, regu
lar 90e skein 59c v i
frmantown and Shet-
laud and other yarns, odd
colors, regular 25e to 45e-',-

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