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The Ideal Opportunity For The Furnishing ol Your Home!!
The annual meeting of the Black'
Rock Sunday school -was held lost
night at the church chapel with a
banquet from 7:30 until 8:30. Covers
were laid for 135 and all present also
enjoyed a very pleasing entertain
ment. Opening with a reading1 (by Mrs. Al
bert Rogem, the program followed
with very pleasing solos iby Miss Alice
"Wilson and Charles (Moren. Dramatlo
recitations were rendered ty Miss
Mary (Brlttaln and there was singing
by the Shmdaly school chorus. The
chorus consists of Miss Dorothy Jen
nings, Arttelle iPrevot, Sadie Wilson,
Hazel Secor, Edna Nichols, 'Raymond
Buck, Harold Jennings, Edwin Berg
man, . and Arnold Borgman. Miss
Marjory Allen was the accompanist
at the piano.
(Following the entertainment, the
various reports of the officers were
read and election of officers took
place. The following were elected
SU'PerintendentB, Thomas Reylea and,
Mrs. Henry F. Bunce; secretary
Henry F. Bunce; treasurer, Horace
Hall; librarian, Edwin Borgman. A
vote of thanks was extended to the
committee in charge of the entertain
ment consisting of Mrs. E. A. "Wilson,
chairman. Miss Ardelle Prevot, Mies;
S&ide Wilson, Harold Jennings arid!
Raymond Buck.
On those wild escapades eo often
occurring In the troubled life of Mary
Stuart, no matter how hurried the
flight her householod furniture, such
as it was, usually accompanied her.
True, there was not a great deal of
I It, but probably as much as the aver
I age English family of her period
I possessed. The chief possession was
a bed, from which she was seldom
I parted. Doubtless the greater part
I of her other possessions consisted of
I rugs and hangings.
That nomadic creature, the Arab,
I silently folds his tent and as silently
t steals awaya, but, many of the feudal
I households were nearly as capable of
this as the Arab, says the New York
i Herald.
What a relief It would be when
I contemplating moving to have prac
I tically nothing to move but a bed
i or so, a table and for the rest noth
ing but tapestries, ruga and hangings
easily folded! Of this the usual fur
niture of the feudal lords consisted.
Not until after the end of the Mid
, die Ages did the use of the multipll-
city of articles of furniture as are
! known now spring into use. Whether
1 the weight of the amount of furniture
' since considered necessary for every
1 family to acquire has turned Ameri
' cans into a sedentary people or
'"''whether they acquire furniture be
-aune they are of sedentary habits, is
mo matter for serious reflection. Wore
the not for the difficulty of transfer-
ring household possessions it is cer
tain that many fairly stationary as it
is, would shortly acquire the roving
dispositions now only possible when
$ liepo?sessed with an abundance or else
Uhls fjenniless tramp. In these two
one-tVes a'one can the present day in
Khar'""1131 hope to travel in comfort.
jgg, As it is, there is again a decided
( tendency toward less furniture, and
if this continues freedom may once
more be hoped for. Once accustomed
F ' to doing without chairs to sit upon
! more than half the problem would
; be solved. This may seem as if Im
posing a hardship upon humanity, but
; until a very late date humanity seems
to have managed to get on very well
without this symbol of effete clvili
zation, for although it has figured as
a well known piece of furniture for a
very long time, it was by no means
; an ordinary article. Its use was chief
' ly confined to state occasions, or fo
honored individuals, and was regard
ed much in the light of a throne.
Vviotrung Bieamiy becomes more
simple, not less elegant perhaps, but
certainly less complicated. One trunk
' will now carry as many changes of
costumes as once required three, and
if it is possible to simplify house fur
1 niture in the same manner who
: knows what may result in changes
of mode of life.
A few priceless tapestries, a pile
of Chinese ruge, some gorgeous Tur
kish cushions would be gladly acquir
i ed in exchange by the possessor of a
, quantity of dueklegged chairs, if it
; were only customary.
If it were only customary, however,
as It is not, humanity will continue
. to burden itself with the accumula
tion of several centuries of fashions'
in furniture. The reception room of
Ixuls. XIV, the drawing in early Vic
torian (revived) and so on with each
room help to bind the present to the
ATURDA1 marks the opening of our 1'ebruary Clearance Sale of Housefurnishings! Just at the right
time for the returning Soldier Boys to outfit their new homos! Just at the right time for Housewives to se
cure the extra Dresser, or Rug, or other odd piece needed to "brighten uu" with! And what elaborate nrpnn-
ralions we've made for this wonderful occasion! Every department has hundreds of odd, or discontinued, patterns
of Furnishines all of it has been marked at greatly reduced prices in manv cases, without reerard for post. nr- v.i
Come in and inspect the woncterlul values otlered you in this sale .Make your selections Well -store FREE OF CHARGE
,ntil you want delivery made. Remember: "TERMS TO SUIT" at Hadley's.
Regular Price S31.T5
February Clearance Sale Price
Living Room Suite
Just as shown, with Settee. Chair and
Itocker. Strongly made and well upholstered
with best grade Imiation Leather.
Regular Price $02.50
Clearance Sale Price
Dining Room Suite
Just as shown in Mission design. Consists
of Buffet, China Closet, Extension Table and six
strong Dining Chairs.
Regular Price $150.50
Clearance Sale Price
. ij - f ' 1 ,
'W!ttitt1 ill j TKKMS TO M IT j
IM I I I I ft I fi V lu-iJ T:i f
11 w 1 i sinx - mi.- .. -i ,
Bed Room Suite
Just as shown, this attractive Bed Room
Suite consists of Vanity DresserChiffonette and
Bed. Choice of three woods.
Regular Price $148.75
Clearance Sale Price
Terms To Suit
Hadley's Easy Terms place this whole house
ful of Furniture in your home with only a small
outlay of Cash A Little Each Week Pavs The
Buy Now We'll Deliver When Wanted !
Ke. I'rioe $33.50
Clearance Sale Price
Kcff. Price $18.75
Oearanee Sale Price
Splendid size for Library
or Parlor. Weil constructed
r.nd nicely finished.
Several other patterns at
the same price. Covered with
best grade Imitation Leather.
BOND $1,000
Mrs. Joseph Hoffer and Gustave
Carrody, both formerly of Philadel
phia, charged with a serious statutory
offense, were bound over to the Feb
ruary iterm of the Superior court in
bonds of $1,000 each, by Judge Frank
C. Wilder, in City court this morning.
Carrody and Mrs. Hoffer were ar
rested on tlie complaint of Joseph
Hoffer, the husband, who located the
couple living together on Brewster
street. His search for his wife lasted
from October If, at which time Mrs.
Hoffer is said to have deserted her
husband and two small children, to
run away with Carrody.
The husband told the police that ha
tried to persuade his wife to return
home, to care for her children, but
that she refused to do so, and follow
ing her refusal he had the arrests
Regular Price iffi.98
Clearance Sale Price
Reg. Price $42.50
; .uanee Sale Price
Large size Buffet with
drawers for Linens, Silver,
Etc., just as illustrated.
ij a t t o t o ill j 8 i
Rck. Price $19.75
wile I'riee
This Dining Table meas
ures 40 inches when closed-
Can be extended to six feet
when desired.
Reed Baby Carriage
Hen;. Price $32.50
Clearance Sale Price
Rcpr. Price $22.50
Clearance Sale Price
-(.::. Price $27.75
Clearance Sale Price
4 Burner Gas Range
lioff. Price $29.50
Clearance Sale Price
W V i t: w
7'w t-iM : i amJ -w-j Tii -u iu r rii .h a w -w
f$9 450 LV m
mrJL ! Terms To Suit j Terms To Suit
You Furnish the Girl- i SA Its Easy to Pay" fft
rnish theind ' HADLEY'S Wf!
The Uirney (Safety cars were run
ning on the Oak street and South Park
avenue lines this morning. Xo pas
enKers were carried, and the men
were operating for the purpose of be
coming familiar with the cars and the
lines. Extra men have been trained
for this fype.of car. and the men ex
press themselves as 'being pleased
With the work.
A party of experts with local bus
fc a men will take an Initial trip in
1 cars and make the opening trip
nc the new .North avenue exten-
Ivn line tomorrow under the direc-
of Manager Joseph Goodwin.
" Hosiery is ever so much more elab-
orate and startling than it lias been i
for many seasons. The Ions skirts 1
are probably responsible for this friv- ,
olousneu, for somehow it seems less
(Shocking to wear striped and other- j
wise gay hosiery when the wearer ;
fi.slfj that thev aren't too Obvious. A'
glimpse of a dainty ankle gayly clad ;
is chic, but a display or more man
that is rather .poor taste. The open
work clock is always good style, and
some of the newer ones are made
elaborate with drop stitching an'i gay
colors. A pretty pair of heavy ifclack
eilk has beige colored clockings dono
elaborately in groups of silk dots. But
the clocked stockings are puritanical
in comparison with the sheerest af
fairs Inset with lace. When worn
with dull kid pumps with out steel
buckles, the effect of these is very
smart. When afTectinp such elaborate
shoes and hosiery care should be
taken to wear a simple frock or an
overdressed look will result.
Some of the newest stockings are
two toned in almost an imperceptible
way, giving the. effect of stripes. This
effect is carried out in Mack by drop
stiches. A stunning pair that would
look rartipularty smart with Iblacfc
satin oxfords has half inch stripes,
each alternate stripe being made of
the drop stitching. For the girl who
loves the unusual a pair of stockings
which is decorated with the most life-
like looking lady bug embroicered in
brilliant colors will have instant ap
peal . Xeedless to say the effect would
be rather more than startling when
the wearer crossed her knee.
Embroidered stockings are a'o very
good, although the designs are some
what more elaborate than formerly
and often times are varied with an
open work design. A lovely pair has
a koral design done in solid embroid
ery and a very attractive butterfly
done in the open work.
Stockings to match silver slippera
are ordinarily difficult to obtais. but
one local shop has a splendid selec
tion of the shad of blue gray which
harmonizes wonderfully with silver.
One very pretty pair is of extremely
sheer slrk and a delicate embroidered
vine design makes them mast ornate.
Pale flesh, blue an-uf mauve are intro
duced in the embroidery"" of some of
these, making them particularly suit
able for wear with the paler colored .
evening gowns. I
Silk and wool stockings . are smart j
for wear with the low heeled oxford, j
These are shown in various suit ;
shades. A lovely dark brown pair
that match perfectly the cordovan
shoe has tiny flecks of white, giving!
mem. a silken appearance., au wool
socks are also worn over a light
weight stocking for skating and other
sports. The tops of these are turned
down and usually show bright colors.
A pretty dark blue pair shows stripes
ui. 1 use ana1 gra.
After war there comes a reaction
in women's dress. Women going out
of uniforms, going out of overall,
and going out of clothes suitable only
to war times, want gay and pretty
things as never before. Tre shops
have learned the psychology of war
on clothes. They are ready with a
sea of beautiful thing! at beautiful
prices. "Women are apt to plunge in
and lose their heads, or their bank
accounts, which is worse. Then prices
come down only to mpek and ridi
cule the sacrifice of vanity.
WTar has taught us economy. Econ
omy in clothes lies not in shabby gar
ments but in garments suitable to the
occasion. Beware of the Solomon-in-all-his-glory
clothes. They last but a
day. Beware of shifting styles which,
like rolling stones, don't stay long
enough to even gather moths. He
member economy lies in good sub
stantial styles. Good styles are last
ing even though they may not be the
very latest note from Paris.
The business woman on a limited
income will do well- to profit by the
idea of the uniform such as furnish
ed workers of the Y. W. C. A., and j
other organizations of war and re- j
construction work, fcjft busines j
woman en a limited icome must i
make her business clothes do the j
work of the three or four changes :
has no time to go home and change
if she is invited out to tea. Neatness
of attire and professional aid of busi
ness must make her excuses for the
lack of fuss and frills, just as it does
in the case of the business man.
The business woman would do wail
to provide herself with a set of cam-
ouflage clothes. There 1b a camou- i
flage dress which has the foundation j
of black satin, built on the popular ;
slip over stylo of the day. It may 1
have extra slip over tunics of serge)
or velvet or satin. j
The business woman would alEO I
do well to follow the Y. W. C. A. in j
the adoption of a coat for all oc- '
casions. It is not limited to women 1
in uniform. It is of soft finish, mole
skin cloth in gray or tan, wind proof,
waterproof and warm, suitable for
storm or dress occasions. It is truly a
camouflage garment for the business
woman who must appear to the best j
advantage rain or shine no matter
how unawares the weather takes her. 1
A couple of pairs of gaiters is an- j
other good camouflage for the busi
ness woman. "With the high cost of
shoes few business women are even
fortunate enough to afford two pair
at one time. It is truly wonderful
what can be done with re-hee!ed, re
soled shoes, some blacking and a
pair of gaiters while the cow is still
Jumping her hide 7 the moon.
Professor Harry Dana will speak
at the mass meeting of the unem
ployed tomorrow on "World Revolu
tion and Class devolution." Mr.
Dana is a well known speaker and
his views will be received with con
siderable lnterert.
Miss Clara Wohl, niece of the au
thor, Ilenrik Ibs-n. will come to the
meeting from Washington to speait
for the Woman's Suffrage party.
Announcement is made of the open
ing of a United .S!a:es Navy recruiting
siation in Hridgtport in about two
weeks. The former offices of th.j
Lincoln building. C2 Cannon street,
will be used for this purpose.
Er( Less VVirtt ahunj
Oyabj. s Rencrvtf
- !

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