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j Aliens rushing to ira.tmraTiS?
j Their enthusiajim for American prin
ciples seems to have increased since
;th armistice Tras signed.
However, none of the woman suf
fragists have advocated handing" the
country back to the Indians on ac
count of the prohibition prospects.
Many of the amIMtlarua young men
hav -worked their incomes up to the
point where they average about 1
a. m.
1,000 K, OF G.
Vaalllnston. Mar.- -S. -This sov- j
rnment'hus recfive.il, it was disclosed
todaj-, nn fi'nainx article by Count)
Uohaim v.'.i Darns' ant, former Ger
man Anib.f--?.-lor to the United States,
1n the form v! an. obituary of Colonel
K. M. House, a member of the Amer
ican delegation to the ieace confer
enro. That a ?t rtaus report of tho
death of Colonel liouso could have
reached Ilerlin i3 not believed her2.
Oolonel House recently was confined
to his rooms In "aris by illness, but
was at no time dant?t rously sick.
The assumption, in respect of
Count von Bernstorff's "recollections'
of Colonel House, with whom he
claims to have had "Intimate rela
tions." la that the article, -which ap
peared In the Berlin "Tagblatt." Tras
prepared wliji the object of any pos
sible Influence it m'.srht have upon
both Colonel House p.nd President
"Wilson at fhe peace conference.
The former Oernan Amlvassador
oBiorta Colonel IIoi:.-?c wa? the most
"sincere and honest pacifist" . he ever
liner, and that the Colonel "was just
ns emphatic at London against th
the lawless blookar as lie was v
Berlin acntnst unrestricted subtno'-'.no
warfare." "I'oth meth. "f carry
ing on war," lie nays, "antajrotiired
the human pnd compassionate heart
of Mr. Hons.." llerustorfT V" he
"cannot lir.aelnr tha Colon"l TTnnspj
In the Inst months of his lif oovld
have thowlit differently than he-!
The complete text of the article as
It appeared In the "Ta?Ma't" fo'.-
lows: I
"Count von Bern?torff. who tor
years was our ambassador at Wash
ington has port up at our request t::?
following recollections of Colon1.
House, with whom he was on term?
of intimate friendship:
"The report of the sudden demise
of Lionel House, who was at I l-'-
as a member of the Aintrii rn p-.-delegation
filled me with sorrow, be
cause durlnrr my activities r. Wa-.-ingrton
I learned to know him inti
mately and with the sincere record
of a friend.
" 'Colonel House, who bad an un
assuming home at New York, occu
pied a verv peculiar r.nd influential
position at the White House, lie was
couna io tne rrpLit'iu lev ,-iv .
friendship; nevertheless, he always
refused to accept any public office, in
epite of the fact that he lived in mod
est circumstances and could have
secured any Cabinet or Ambassadorial
post he desired. In this manner he
remained entirely independent, and
vu, after President Wilson's acces
sion to office, in March, 191", his
nearest adviser on home, as well as
on forelfm affairs. As such. Oclonel
House occupied a position which is
unique in American history.
V " 'During- the war Mr. Wiiion trust
ed him with tho most Important mis
sions to forjin lands, on which he
twice visited J-ic-rlin. During one of
his stays at. london. Colonel House
remarked to an Kr.glish Minister's I
wife, who was none too friendly to!
A frtiir-iro lri.1t H wriR t h f 'pvp!
ears' of tht: President. I know from',
personal exper.tnr.e how thoroughly
and correctly he has kept his friend j
informed on conditions ii huropp.
" 'If wn nn' p iv to hpcnmfl int
rrvately a en u.;.Vnteid with Co!. If-ciuae.
whope proverbial taciturnity could be
com;- ired tn 1 he reticence of old
MoUke. To the majority of his coun
trymen, hut especially to his country
men from the Sou'h, Colonel Houpe
tv a s . with all h !. s personal riiarm and
ou;b rn covtrtrav, reserved.
" ' -V. n t-.fft vt,--, required until T
1 X
f i .ritan
could nearer approach this wise and
interesting man. We did not reach
intimate relations until his first trip
to Berlin. At that time it was already
the sincere wish of Colonel House to
procure for his g-reat friend the high
est fame of peace arbiter. Later, at
the time of the peace move of Mr.
Wilson In the winter of 1916-'17
he was his rlsjht hand. a.nd conducted
negotiations with me. It remains for
the future to throw a clear light over
the negotiations which took place
then. Today I wish to point only to
the President's 'peace without vic
tory' programme of the winter of
" 'By his personality, Mr. House
was peculiarly fitted to be the cham
pion of this idea. I have never known
a more sincere and honest pacifist
than he. He abhorred war because
it was in contradiction to his ideals
of r noble humanity. He frequently
spoKe witn indignation about men
who enriched themselves through the
war. and added that ho would never
touch the stocks cf war industries.
" 'He repeatedly told me that he
was just as emphatic at London
against the lawless blockade as he
was at Berlin asralnst unrestricted
submarine warfare. Both methods of
carrying on war antagonized the hu-
mane and compassionate heart of Mr.
House. He could not conceive why
women and children should die either
through drowning or through staj-va-
l.on that t.ie objects of imperialistic
polioies, Tvhich he condemned, should
b.? achieved.
j 'In addition to this, he was con-
vineed that neither method would de
1 cido the war. but. only create linilt
j lcs3 bitterness between the wa.rrh.fe
! parties, which would be in the way
: ri the coming work for the peace
I of the fuu e. Many of Colonel
j House's opin.ons expressed at that
i t'mo (and a. a German I am sorry
, for this) were proved to have been
corree:. As we now see the war was.
; in effect, decided through America's
j entrance and the consequence of pre
j po'r.derance of material and men.
, " 'There are many noble men.
j whose minds have been poisoned
j through psychological effect of the
war. I. however, cannot imagine that
nel House in the last months of
his li fe could have thought different
ly th:in before. I lis Judgment was
too matter of fact and unimpassion
ed. "We may say that even' now he
wjld hnve been te chief champion
of the idea of nations. In The dp
oeasrd, the good cause of reconcilia
tion of peoples is losing one of Its
sinrrst champions. I am deeply
grlvfd that T can never again see
this friend, and that he could not live
to see his ideals realized.' "
Groat Britain declared war on Rus
sia, following the example of Franro.
on this date in IS 54, this declaration
leading to the Crimean war.
Pog Woftmgion. the celebrated ac-
Tress- a!f4fl on tn,s rtaTe 5n i'O.
The T'nitod States frigate Essex
wns dff.Nated by British ships on
1S14, just IIS
i to'-lay
Xr,W YORK, March 2 7 J. How
ard Shoemaker, who won the national
amateur pocket billiard championship j
on Tuesday night, defeated "Cowboy"
"W-ston by 125 to K in an exhibition
:7T";he New York A. C. last night.
and Bacon
he lajtefeNs
New York, Mar. 2S. belief -work
of the 1,000 Knights of Columbus ar
workers now overseas with the Amer-
lean Kxp0liiloriary Forces has been,
reorganized to meet the new condi
tions surrounding1 the men upon the
cessation of hostilities ami the occu
pation of Germany.
This -was announced by "William J.
Mulligan, chairman of the Kniphts of
Columbus war . activities committee,
upon his return after a four months'
stay In Prance, Belgium, Germany
and England. The Knights of Co
lumbus had 700 workers overseas
When the armistice was signed. Since
that time 300 additional workers have
arrived In France.
The entire work has been reorgan
ized into a system of zones. Each
zone has a supervisor, and under him
there are squads of secretaries, num
bering from 50 to 100. More than 200
K. of C. men are in Germany with
the army of occupation.
Whilo In Europe Mr. Mulligan
opened up fifty new K. of C, places.
In an interview with General Persh
ing Mr. Mulligan learned that the
General was thoroughly satisfied with
the work of the various organiza
tions. General Pershing st ropsed the
value of athletics for the men.
Mr. Mulligan said:
"In my judgment our forces
overseas will not fully lcavt Eu
rope for another twelve months.
"Wh'Ti 1 left Paris the Impression
was that the peace treaty would
be whipped Into ehape for signa
ture by the middle of May. But
our soldiers will necessarily be
detained until they can be return
ed In comfort.
"All the relief organizations
have made their plans with the
period In view, and the Knights
of Columbus are now working
more intensely than ever before,
and will maintain their work at
this Intensity at least six monrhs."
The question of tree comforts was
of great interest to the men overseas,
said Mr. Mulligan. At a public gath
ering in Paris he told a crowd of
3.500 soldiers that the boys had paid
once, through their relatives, for the
goods distributed, and the K. of C.
would never ask the soldiers to pay
a second time for them.
All discharged solleUers and sailors
should be advised to keep .up the pay
ment of the premiums duo on their
War (Risk Insurance, applied for while
in the military service.
After the declaration of peace those
who have kept up such payments will
bo permitted to -convert their present
insurar.ico to other" forms without an
other tohysieal examination. Any dis-charg-ed'
eroldier who has permitted his
i n E7iirane t o lapse should corre spon'i
wirh or call at the ofPce of Captain
T. J. Johnston, Department Insurance
CKT Aze r . I! ? ad q uarte ns -X art h eastern
Oeranment, Room 717, 99 Chauncy
Street, Eositom, Mass., a.s -soon as pos
sible, as it is not yet too late to be
r nstat rd . I n f ormatio n maiy also be
! cibtained there with reference tc the
f new kinds of insurance to be issued
years aojand the premium rates theretfor. In
writing, in addition to asking- the in
fer mat io n d e-siro d , the pp rso n s?houid
indicate the date of his discharpre and
whether he has It any premiums
.since such discharge.
.The ofheer above mentioned will
alif-o be .pleased to assist tho allottees
of soldiers in cases where allotments
iana g-overnment allowances are not
being: received.
The Economy
in buying a whole ham is positive.
Dealers must get good prices for center
slices to guard against possible loss on
ham shanks and ends.
Buy a whole PURITAN Ham -boil the shank
bake end fry or broil middle cuts and get your
money's worth of delicious meat in varied dishec.
C. N. SHUTE, 3k(!T., 608-510 Wafer St. Bridgeport. Conn.
I-!ione Bar. 5435-5436-6427.
Puritan Hams and Batcn are smoked dally in ear fsridgeport
Branch House, f-sstnliiB fresh, brightly smoked
meats at all times
Private Frederick: J. Thomas, of
the 138th Aero Pursuit Squadron,
who left Bridgeport for France, Jan.
22, on the Tuscaaia, which, was tor
pedoed at sea, has been welcomed
home by his relatives, Mr. and Mrs.
E. F. Manning, 2754 Main street. Ho
received his honorable discharge
from the service, February 19 at
Garden City, L. I.
When the Tuscan la was reported
torpedoed, ths name of Frederick J.
Thomas appeared among those re
ported lost. He had volunteered to
get the life boats down to the torpedo
destroyers that had come to the res
cue and although he had b"on in a
very dangerous position, ho remained
cool-headed and escaped injury and
death. On his arrival In England, he
remained in training for several
months spending his furloughs at
Coventry where he had relatives.
While in England, he had the exciting
experience of being In several air
raids and at one time his camp was
nearly blown to pieces by bombs from
tho enemy pianos.
lie was fortunate enough, though,
to escape from the frightful experi
ence of getting Injured, and reports
tho army Ufa an excellent inspiration
to the boys. Pic vas stationed at
several places in France where he re
sumed his training and when his
squadron was making preparations to
go to the front, the armistice was
He enlisted In November. 1917. and
received his first training at Kelly
Field, Texas. Previous to his enlist
ment, he was employed at the U. M. C.
Private Thomas declares all the
praise In the world is due the
Salvation army, for they were thp
salvagers of humanity in the bloodiest
battles of the war.
Says Excess of Hydrochloric
Acid is Cause of Indi
gestion A well known authority states that
stomach trouble and indigestion ar
nearly always due to acidity acu
stomach and not. as most folks be
lieve, from a lack of digestive juices.
He states that an excess of hydro
chloric acid in the stomach retards di
gestion and starts food fermentation,
then our meals sour like frarbage ir
a can, forming- acrid fluids and gaso
which inHate the stomach like a to
balloon. We then et that heavy
empty feeling in the chest, we eructat.
sour food., belch gas, or have heart
burn, flatulence, waterbrash, or nau
sea. He tells us to lay aside all dlg-estive
aids and instead, gret from any phar
macy four ounces of Jad Salts and
take a tablespoonful in a glass of wa
ter before breakfast while it is ef
fervescing", and furthermore, to con
tinue this for one week. While relief
follows the first dose, it is important
to neutralize the acidity, remove the
gas-making- mass, start the liver, stim
ulate the kidneys and thus promote a
free flow of pure digestive juices.
Jad Salt is Inexpensive and is made
from the acid of grapes and lemon
juice.combined with Hthia and sodium
phosphate. This harmless salts is used
by thousands of people for stomach
trouble with excellent results. Adv.
for your
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v I ti i

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