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nrE'mcES: march 28, 1919
"Prosperity Depends on Pro
duction, Says Andrew
Eonar Law.
I-tondon, March 27. (via. Montreal)
The prosperity of the country de
ponds upon its increased production
and the efforts of tho government
will be directed to framing- a policy
on that basis, said Andrew Bonar
Jjaw, the government leader in th
House of Commons, in a statement
in the Commons today on tho fiscal
policy of tho government in reply to
r.iO'don by a member. Imperial
"preference, tho government leader
Said, rould bo put into effect at the
earliest moment and tho chancellor
of the exchequer wag considering how
to give effect to it in the budget.
There would bo no heal tuition ?.
announcing tho perioral fiscal policy
t tne government whenever it was
SCNsaible to decide how it would be
carried out, he declared. The elec
a declarations of Premier Lloyd
Ceorya would 13 fulfilled in letter
and spirit, but the government must
consider the best permanent system
for tho country. An anti-dumping
1 'ill had been drafted, but had not
yet been examined by tho govern
ment Mr. Bonar Ij.w promised that
tho government would arrive at a de
cision as soon as possible and that
o n announcement would be mud. ;
promptly thereafter.
Th-i government leader contender!
in th' e our so of an argument he a d -vanced
n favor of tariffs that the
most vital vested interests in the
country was hih wages. Ho miht
be asked Cy labor, he said, how It
would be possible to maintain high
wages if cotton goods from ,Tap;in
were put into the markets; at a lower
price than British manufacturers
must pay tor cotton. It was ridicu
lous to suppose, ho said, that the old
conditions would continue for in
stance, he pointed out, a preference
on sugar wow Id enormously affect the
empire's production of that com
modity. "It is not too much to say that we
would not have gained the victory
but for the help of the dominions,"
said Mr. Bonar Law. "Therefore, any
measure increasing the productive
power and man power of tho do
minions is a Rood thins for Britain as
well as the empire."
The government leader referred to
the discussion in the Canadian parlia
ment upon Canada's share in the war
indemnity and to the declaration of
tho acting prime minister of Canada
that the Canadians could rely upon
Britain treating Them generously. The
sneaker remarked that such a spirit
was worth more dan any fiscal policy
to a nation.
About six years ago an old man
with whte mutton chop whiskers, a
thick neck and a red face, a picture
of ruddy respectability, appeared ibe
fore the "money trust 'inquiry com
mittee In WashinKton . and quietly
told that startled body that his bank,
the First National of Xew York, had
made $36,000,000 on a capital of
$rOO,000 sinco its organization
!Sfi3. The man who yave this testi
mony was Gnorge Fisher Baker and
the story of his rise multi-million-airedum
is one of the romances of
modern finance.
George F. Baker was horn in Troy,
X. Y., seventy-nine years ago oday.
Ho has persistently refused all details
in regard to his early struules, but
his rise was not slow, and in his
early thirties he held the position of
cashier of the First Xational Bank of
Xew York. In 18 72 Henry Fahne
stock, who had charge of the foreign
exchange department, bought a quan
tity of London drafts from Jay Cook?
Ac Co A few days later Jay Cooke
failed, and Mr. Baker, who had ap
proved the purchase of the drafts,
realized that his official head was in
grave danger of being lopped off. But
he wasn't perturbed. Instead of
handing in his resignation, he went
to John Thompson, then president of
the bank, ;i n d calmly proposed the
purchr' se of the hank. The president
was a t first inclined to believe that
hi? cashier had gone crazy 'but Baker
was so persaa.-lvo that at len-ti
Thompson gave him an option for
six months. The youn.c
rounded ttp all his friends in the f
cial oVsTWt. until he had found
fielent backing to swing the deal.
With a capital of only a few hun
dred dollars of his own he thus be
came the head of a metroplltan bank,
la the years that followed the First
National was known an abode of
mysteries, where strange and unusual
financial transactions were carried
on, but always with profit to the
bank and to Mr. Baker. Tremendous
profits were piled up and all the
stockholders were richly rewarded,
while the man who had bought a
bank on "a shoestring" became one
of the wealthiest men of America.
Travers City, Mich., March 28.--The
examination of Mrs. Ptanislawa
Lypchin.ski, theld on a charge of mur
der in connection with the disappear
ance from the Isadore convent 11
years ago of Sister Mary Johns, a Fe
licia n nun, was opened today at
Greilickville. Mrs. Lypchins.ki, who
is 50 years of age, was a priest's house
keeper at Isadore when the nun dis
appeared, iince her arrest.early this
month, officials declare they have ob
tained information in Milwaukee and
Chicago that will identify the body
exhumed from a grave under the Isa
dore church as that of Sister Mary.
The usual snake stories are coming
out now, but future spring seasons
look dry for this class of newspaper
Theso swell young men who parade
around with golf hags and sticks
banker then ; should look out that tiie police don't
i arrest them f or peddling umbrellas
i "without a license.
v Sri - :
Colds, Coughs and Grippe
Aft - .'
4tian- K'i
Today In the 305th anniversary of
tho granting of the first general
charter by tho States General of the.
United Netherlands for tra 'ling to
Xew Xetherland, thus marking the
beginning of Xew York city, which
today numbers some live million peo
ple. In 1014 the future city of Xew
York consisted of four rude huts oc
cupying a site at what is now 41
Broa.dway. These were the only
habitations of white men on Manhat
tan Island. The first hips trading j Tf
to man uu.llu.ci i-k; l u e iviujhc ani
the Tiger, Amsterdam ve
brought over by Hendrick Christi
sen and Adriaen Block. The Tizer . fj
was accidentally burned at Manhattan tf.jvj
in 1613. Illock then constructed the
first vessel built on the island, the g 'q
Onruft, of eighteen tons, which was , t J
launched near the battery in th : Vji
Spring of 161-1. In this tiny ship he ;
passed Hell fiate and coasted alons; J fJ
as far as Xahant Bay. In 1614;
Cliristiai sen went i:p tho Hudson ' fe-Jj
Castle Island. below Albany, and .
built Fort Xussau. a trading house.
3'") by 21 feet, in a slot kado b'i feet
square, with a. moat IS fe t in width.
In October, 1 H 1 A . the I uteh Sta tes
General irave the name of Xw
Netherland to the country around
Mnnhait tnn inland, and granted its
trade by special charter to Amster
dam merchants. Phristianseu was
killed by Indians in 1615. In If. 22
thirty families of French Protestant
refugees arrived, twenty-two families
settling on Long Island, at the TVal
labout. Brooklyn, and the remainder
near Fort Oranp Three years lat
Fetor Minuit arrived
that famous deal by which Manhat
tan Island. '
T.v a si cftded
Dutch for $24 worth of trinkets. j 6,4
Commonly" tho first symptom of a
cold is a chillv feeling;, accompanied
by sneezing or a tickling in the throat. The
most frequent causes are getting wet or cold
fe-' or poinp; from hot roonis suddenly into
cold ones, catching cold from contact with
other persons in crowded street cars or assemblies.
Frequently there rn inner cause, namely, the
stacmatirn of the blood, caused by constipation or
bilious s. Mo one ever tfeLes cold unJc-ss con
stipated or exhausted, and having v.That we call
mal-nutiition, which is attended with impoverished
blood and exhaustion of nerve force. There is a
continual absorption of poisons into the system
unless the entire intestinal tract is kept clear and clean as possible. For this there i
nothing better than Castor Oil, or a vegetable extract of May-apple, aloes, jalap,
rolled into sugar-coated pills, and sold ia every drug store as tr. Bierce's Pleasant
Pellets. It is the common practice of every doctor in the land to give a good purgjv
tive in any case where he cannot be mire of what will develop. The first thing to da
as every one should know is to "clean house!" For the cough there is nothing better
than the old Ciolden Medical Discovery, a botanical extract which Dr. Pierce put
on the market fifty years ago. This contains no alcohol but docs contain wild cherry
bark, cohosh, Oregon grape root, and other botanical extracts which are not only good
for the system, but check the cough, and this i.s the very best alterative and tome that
I know of to take for th1 grippe, as it offers a scientific method of trearixig the blood
by improving the rutr:ive functions of the patient. The "Medical Discovery"
accomplishes this by first restoring the enfeebled digestive organs, so that food
the natural tissue builder -Kill be digested and taken up and assimilated by the
svstetn. There is nothing better for diseases of the stomach, iungs and blood than
this old remedy which every druggiot keeps iu liquid or tablet form.
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It wan twentV-nine years ago to
morrow nlpht that Mme. Lillian JJor
d'ea made her first appearance in her
native America, singing with Tamast
no In "II Trovatore." At that tini
Fhe waa already a favorite in Europe.
Xordira was born in Farminston, ?.Ie.,
and it was as LJUie Norton that sh"
was knrwn in her eir'.hood days.
Her grandfather was "Camp Meeting"
John Allen, a preacher noted for hjs
bitter attacks on the stase. Lillia.i
hpsan her professional career with
Gilmore's band, and thus earned the
money to continue her studies in
Italy. Karly in her operatic career
Pho married Frederick Gower, a
pcientist and electrician, who met his
death a few months later when a
balloon In which he was making
electrical experiments was carried
out to sea and collapsed.
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s ,
? The first sr-hool of veterinary meli
cino and surs"ry was established in
France by Claude Bourgelet, who was
liorn in Lyons 207 years atro today.
1 Bourfrelet devoted a large part of his
1 life to the study of the diseases that
4 afflict animals, especially horses, and
. he raised the treatment of afflicted
j brutes to the dittnlty of a science. Ho
i died near Paris in 1779. The London
, Veterinary College, the first in En?
J land, was founded at Camden in
1791. Although Bourgelet's school
was the first scientific institution of
its kind In the world, tho practice of
veterinary medicine began in the
' 'earliest time's. In ancient times the
study" of disease in domestic animals
was applied, on comparative prin
ciples, to the treatment of disease in
' tho human' subject, in the principle
ha.t'-"what is jgrood for a horse is
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