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Totnils have Just been received ily
the Zionist Organization of Amcri-a
of a pogrom, in Buenos Aires. Argen
tine, on January 9th last, with all the
usual Hast Eurcpean features, -when
during a strike, a rumor Tva-fl eprea.d
that the "walk-out" -naa the te1n
nln of a Bolshevist revolution Incited
iby the Jews. Even articles of -worship
-Were torn open to make certain
thoy contained no dynamite. The 7.1
onlst Federation of Argentine, whith
has mado an official rciort of the po
rom to tho American organisation,
la nmaWe to estimate the number of
killed, 'because tho police were busy
all of one nlg-ht removing: corpses
from tho streets of the Jewish quar
ter, (tnd burying the vietime in a com
mon grave. It ivna only the ener
Betio Intervention of the Zionist Fed
eration of Argentine, -which enjoys
dtplonra.Ua relations with the jrovern
ment ejid with, representatives of for
eign (rovernmenta that prevented tho
pogrom from ha.vin(r even more
nag-to results. But the fire of hatred
still flares, and the Jews oxo seri
eu!T contemplating emigration.
- The report of the Zionist Federa
tion of Argentine briefly narrates the
fagots of the renera.l frtrike. and tho
organization of o. "White Guard" by
Bfcwlretvta to Aavo tho land from Bol
eheviism, ,lthoti?rh It speedily became
evident that the alleged "MaximaliKt
'.Revolution" w-as merely an absuri
rumor maiimlfled by the "yellow"
press. The report then says:
. 'Trom tho very too&inning- the dis
order assumed furtl-&emiii-.ic oharaoter.
. The first attatcJes on Jews occurred on
the treets. The White Guard invaded
' the Jewish district ad every Jew, in
fact, every persons who 'looked like a
Jew, was stopped, forutnily beaten,
and Lnagged' off (to the police station.
The 'White Ouard dad -not discriminate
between young and old; a. 70-yoar-old
Brraor Ibeard, and a IS-year-oid boy
-were treated alike. The game was
wpeedily grlven a name, "The Russian
Hiunt "vvnhen this sport palled; the
White Guard, amply protected 'by the
police, fljiijS frequently with the lat
ter'a co-operation, organized 'patri
otic' demonstrations -which wended
their way through (the Jewish quar
ter, end raided the meeting places of
various Jowish organizations, sacking
them and setting- fire to the furniture
which they piled In the street's. Xot
even the syna-gog-ues were spared, and
In one "Where a number of Jews were
praying, the jolice levelled their mus
kets at the essembly and ordered
them to throw up their hands. They
were eearchet-l but of course nothing
dancceroua was found. The police or
dered phylacteries to (be torn open in
order to make euro that tohey did not
contain dynamite.
"N5t the raiders gave ithelr "atten
tion to Jewish homes. All nlfrht long,
to the accompaniment of incessant
shooting In the distance these rajda
continued on the pretext that Maxi
malists were being hidden from the
police. Houses were wrecked, and
men, women, and children, unmerci
fully beaten. All the men were ar
rested and many women. Hundreds
were taken to the police station in a
dying; condition. Tnere they were de
nied food and drink and some of the
wives and children of the prisoners
who brought food to the men were
beaten and thrown out and warned
that If they returned they would alto
le put In cells. During- the raids
many sick -women and others in del
icate condition, were thrown from
their beds, and toeateji anlil driven,
half-naked, into the streets. Over one
thousand Jews were arretted. The
nunibor Jellied cannot toe ascertained
because the police were busy oil of
one nlgrht removing corpses from tho
streets and burying them In a com
mon grave.
"Due to the official character of the
Zionist Federation and Its prestige in
official and unofficial circles, and the
relations which it has established
with forelg-n diplomats, this organiza
tion was In a position to take ener
getic steps to Wing this reign of ter
ror to an end. The representatives of
the Zionist Federation waited upon
the chief of police of Buenos Aires
and made a successful demand that
these outrag-es on the Jewish popula
tion be ibroug-ht to a speedy end. At
the same time it issued a statement
to the press denouncing the accusa
tion of Bolshevism which had been
hurled against the pogrom victims
and "Which was made the pretext for
these outrages. As a result, the chief
of police Issued an order to au the
police captains to stop the outrages."
"Washing-ton, March 2S Casually
lista furnished by the Commanding
General of the American army and
made public today contain 191 names
divided as follows: Killed in action,
S; died from wounds, 7; died of dis
ease, 6 6 ; wounded severely, 9 ; died
from accident and other causes, 1 6 ;
missing" in action, 1; wounded, degree
undetermined, 12; wounded slightly,
John J. Casey, 226 Iafayette street.
iB reported slightly wounded in to
day's lists. Connecticut has four
names as follows:
IMed from Accident and Other
John t. John, Xew London.
liod of 1 "soa.se.
Thomas Marshall, Seymour.
Wounded SUffhtly.
John J. Casey,226 Tafayettc street,
Jacob J. Sick, Xew Britain.
Xew York, Mar. 2S. "I shall aban
don private business April 1 and de
vote myself to public affairs. I was
touched by th "Washington State sugr
gresiion of the Vice-Presidency, but
expect to bejrin my active political
career more modestly than that."
This announcement was made by
I-Ieu tenant-Colonel Theodore Roose
velt, who has just resigned from the
army. It was the result of confer
ences with Chairman "Will IT. "Hay?.
John T. King- and Karle S. Kinpsley,
of the Republican National Commit
tee; "William l.,oeb, Jr., and other Re
publicans of influence. Mr. Roose
velt said:
"I shall participate actively In Re
publican party affairs henceforth, and
shall try to promoto the policies ad
vocated by my father. "What little
money I have, 1 have made myself. I
am financially independent. But there
Is work for every young- American to
do, and I am going- to do my share."
The first Japanese embassy to the
United States arrived in Kan I-Van-ciaoo
flifty-nine years a.sro yesterday
March 27, 1860, on the steamship
Powhatan. It consisted of two princes
of high rank, two associates, and a
large corps of attendants and serv
ants. The visitors were treated with
the utmost respect and consideration
in all parts of the country which they
visited, and the treaty they brought
with them was formally ratified,
marking the beginning of a friend
ship between the two nations which
has existed for over half a century.
Porls, Wednesday, March 26. An
ofneial statement l."Dsued by the com
mlFsion. on the International regime
of ports, waterways and railways to
nisht, says:
"The commission on the Interna
tional regime of ports, waterways
and railways met this afternoon at
the ministry of public works. The
commission heart-!' representatives of
the Dutch government in regard to
plans for the navig-ation of the Rhine.
The Dutch point of view was pre
sented by W. J. M. Van Kysinga, pro
fessor at the "University of Leyden.
"The Dutch legation having- retired.
M. Olaiveli'le, the French minister of
puibiic works, reported to the commis
sion the protocol conveying- to the
representatives of the interested na
tions a new transportation agreement
designed to assure relations between
Kn-giand, France and Italy, and to se
cure a route to the Orient toy railroad
without passing- through territories of
the Central Empires. To this end, a
train de luxe, to -be called the "Sim-plon-Orient
express," wil toe run be
tween Paris and tho Orient via Lau
sanne, Fimplon, Milan, Veiiice, Triest,
Iai!.'ach, Agram, and Vinkovce. At
Vinkovce the iroali. will divide, one
branch connecting with Bucharest,
Constance and Odessa, ar.d the other
with Belgrade, Constantinople and
Athens. The train will connect at
Paris with the London-Calais-Paris
train, and at Milan with a fast train
for Home.
"Part of the program will toe pnt
into operation commencing- April 15,
and the other ipart beginning- -May 1.
"The commission continued the in
vestigation of the clause to toe in
serted in the treaty of peace in re
gard to ports under international control."
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' With Woman ff'un'rage soon coming.
Congress will no longer dare docl?e
the all Important question of the na
tional flower.
The German and the American
Theories of making war have been in
striking contrast.
The Germans expressly defended
thrir right to resort to all sorts of
cruel barbarities. The more women
and children we kill, the more towns
are burned, the more property is de
stroyed, the more women are outrag
ed and deported for slaves, tho
greater the terror of the rpoparlatlons
d gainst which we are fighting. The
mere we terrorize them by these
beastly methods, the quicker they will
yield. And the quicker they yield,
the awner the war is over, and the
suffering stops.
Therefore, they argued, the more
ruel and barbarous we are, the less
suffering we inflict. Thus cruelty
becomes in the long run the most
humane method of carrying on war,
because it ends the war the most
The American theory of making
war is a chivalrous one. It is to
conform strictly to international law,
to show all possible consideration for
non-combatants, to have lercy on
women and children, to succor the
defenceless wherever possible. To
the Germans such a theory of war
making isi mere weakness and soft
ness of heart. You can never make
successful war in any such namby
pamby fashion aa thaV they said.
The German theory broke down in
practice. The more barbarous they
were, the more they excited the im
placable anger of their adversaries
the more they drew in neutrals to
fight against them. Every time they
sent a Zeppelin over London an dV Par's
to murder women and children, it
brought thousands of men to the re
cruiting stations. This theory was
thus proved to be the monstrous pro
duct of an overheated arrogant, and
wolf centered Imagination. The?
defeated themselves "by their savag..
American Chivalry has proved the
most efficient form of war making.
It Appeals to the wisdom, the tm
majnity, thn justice and the common
eitse of the race, and wins adher-
where barbarity creates new
Theres a long porno in- our lang
widge 'book called The iShepperd. and
H is IBio s, and. ye sti'id ay Miss Kitty
told the class to, reed it for homewerk
and she would ask us questions about
it. Wich Jest I was going to get
reddy to start to reed it last nite af
ter suppir the fellows started to wis
sel for me outside, me thinking, O
well, 111 reed it tomorro mornin-g wile
Im eating brekfiat.
And I went out and had some fun,
and this morning I got tip so late I
diluent hardly have time to eat forek
fLst, much less reed a -Ion a: pome at
the same time, thinking, O well. 111
reed it wile 3 m wawking to skool.
Ony I d id-en t wawk, being so late I
had to run all the way and I dident
wun-t to reed a long pome wile I was
running" on account of the danger of
bumping into things, thinking, O well,
m ay be sh e w on t ask me e n y t h i n s
about it enyway, maybe.
Ony wen the langwiuge lessin came
who was the f e nst one iMd ss K i tt y
called on ibut me, saying, Benny
iPotts, sixipose you give me a breef
outline of tlie pome you red. for home
work. Meenin for me to tell wat it was
a'bout, and I stood up, saying. The
pome is in titled The Sheiperd and
His iC'g, and its a lon-g- pome and the
lines all rime or elts it wouldent be
a pome and thats how you can tell it
is, and the title of it is The Shepperd
and His Dog- and its about a shepperd'
and 'his dog- and the dog1 belongs; to
the shepperd because ita his dog, thus
Ixplaining- wy its called The Shepperd
and His Dog".
Benny Potts, T dont bleeve you ever
red that pome, sedt Miss Kitty, and I
sed, I looked at it, and Sloes Kitty
sed, "Well sippose you re mane after
skool and continue to look at it till
you- have copied it 5 times.
"Wich I did.
PINE HURST, X. C, March 27
Mrs. Ronald H. Barlow, of Phil
adelphia, won the North and South
golf championship yesterday by de
feating Miss Sara Fownes of Pitts
burgh, by one up at the eighteenth
hole of the final contest."
TORONTO, March 27 Inferno, one
of the best race horses ever foaled in
tanaaa, was put 10 aeaxn yesteraay at
the Ontario Veterinary College, where
sections of the skeleton will be preserved.
Ideal fothe
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Cairo, Egypt, Wednesday, March 20
General E. H. Allenby, the conqueror
of Palestine, who recently was ap
pointed high commissioner for Egypt
and the Sudan, has arrived here. He
left Paris for Egypt on March 20.
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