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(fpocinl to The Times.)
Newtown, March 31 During the
n'Hnsrtime blirahrcl of Friday and
Saturday considerable d imapft Is re
ported having been don". One. very
large and old elm tree on West street
s uprooted. Several maple trees
In the boroush, a lovely pine tree in
the pardon of C. Elackman is
broken off and the top liank'lni,' over
the rnaln rond likely to fall at any
lure. Orchards have been so beaten
as to give the impression of a general
pruning. On several of tho R. F. D.
r "jtea tho carriers have been unable
t-i complete their deliveries as hufte
;ri es diock the roads, blown over by
th'.- fiercely strong winds. Houses
ru ked so as to rnake one believe they
w. r having an ocean voyaqre. Blinds
became loosened, breaklns windows
in several different houses. Snow
d;fta eight and ten feet high are
p'.Ied in som.e plaeea. Storm doors
hive teen removed without carpent
er:' tools, telephone wires were dis
abled in several different sections
ot town. Trade suff:ered, as few ven
tured out unless obliged to do so, and
many of the early birds are killed and
are to be seen on the roads and in
It Is not possible to determine the
extent of damage dono to fruit trees
and buds, but it is hoped less than
appeared likely during the storm. At
all events the king lion made a mast
erly stroke in Ills exit from the other
visa lamb-like March.
Several teachers of schools out of
t.iwn, who usually spend the week
end at their homes in town, were
compelled to remain at their posts
caving to the storm.
John B. Keane of Stevenson was a
ruest of his mother, Mrs. Keane, of
. Caa street Sunday.
On hoaxing of tho death of Mrs.
Iu-erna McLaughlin on Sunday, her
many friends w-ere shocked and great
ly grieved. Mm. M'eL.augh'jn. wife of
Wm. McLaughlin of Now York and
Hanover, Iclied .suddenly at her home.
.3.547 UnderclifT avenue, Tew York
eity, on Saturday evening at teji
o'clock. She was ill less than an hour,
heart failure 1einr tho cause of death.
Mrs. Malaughlin. who owned the
beautiful home known ns the "ITlm"
in Hanover, was one of the promoters
of the Hanover Springs Ixind and
Title company, aitd in tho few years
,ef summer reidnco here made tha
Springe a doHg-htiful reptile ntiaJ dis
trict. A -woman of wonderful n.bimv-
nd genoroua Qualities: a devout
atholl-3, an ardent ufErartrt, a gra
rirus member of child welfare and
ciher organizations for the lmprove-
nt of social conditions. a!ove all
a devoted wife and mother. Her fu-i."-al
will be held from Holy Ppirit.
church. The Frorix. X. T.. on Wed
::.1ay mornlmr. Burial win be in f t.
Kaymorwi's cemetery. Besides her
husbanxl Mrs. MfL&ueh'.ln is survivrd
y nine children. William. Lucerna,
nieanor, Charles. Madeline. Cora,
l.ud, OTaynard and Jane, all of -whom
ave the profound sympathy of the
Mrs. Clark of Water-bury is caring
f r Mr. and Mrs. p. McMahon. who
quite ill at their home on das
s". ret.
Mr., and Mr. Clark Ttlac.kman spent
Fjnday with friends in Tanlury.
Muss Jennie I-ynoh of Colchester
s;nt Sunday with her parents, Mr.
Hut IMr T t'ty fl. r ,
"j iii "i- - " fueei.
M. Hlckey of Banbury, is visiting at
J. Kilbride's of Cemetery avenue.
OF harts RIVER
A battle reminiscent of Thermopy
lae was fought at Hart's River, South
Africa, 17 years ago today, March 31,
l:io;. when a small body of Canadian
troops were entirely surrounded bv
ISoers. hundreds in number. and
fought valiantly and stubbornly until
every man was either killed or
wounded. Two month after that im-i.-.ortal
engagement the terms of peace
J'ere signed in Pretoria, and the
Dominion soldiers, covered with glory,
came sailing home to receive the
plaudits of their admiring country
men. During the South African war
224 brave sons of the Dominion laid
down their lives for the empire, and
hundreds of others were -wounded, all
of which sounds almost insignificant
when compared with the thousands
of Canadians who have died in this
war and the tens of thousands who
have been wounded and maimed.
Tn the previous South African war,
-81)9-1900. Canadian contingents playl
ed a considerable and heroic part
which had its effect at home in the
tremendous revival of imperialistic
Darkens Beautifully and Rp--
stores Its Natural Color and
Lustre at Once.
; Common garden sage brewed into a
heavy tea, with sulphur and alcohol
added, will turn pray, streaked and
faded hair beautifully dark and lux-
uriunt. Mixing the Satre Tea and Sul
phur re-jipe nt home, thoiiKh is
troublesome. An easier way is to set
y the ready-to-use preparation improv- j
ed by the addition of other inured-'
tents a large bottle, at little cost, at
druir stores, known as "Wveth's o-n
and Sulphur Compound," thus avoid-
lnt a lot of muss.
4 Whde.erray. faded hair is not fiin f ii 1
We all desire to retain our youthful
apearance and attractiveness. i:y
darkening your hair with Wyeth's'
Bage and Sulphur Compound, no one'
can ted, because it does it so natural- !
ly. so evenly. Vou just dampen a!
sponge or oft "brush with it and draw j
this through your hair, taking one !
mall strand at a time; by morning I
ail array hairs have disaipeared. After
another application or two your hair
becomes beautifully dark, glossy, soft
and luxuriant and you appear years
younirer. Adv.
247 Fairfield Avenue
The Silks for Spring
Figured Foulards, in navy, taupe and Mack
grounds, with small conventional designs, depending
on odd color combinations for their novelty and at
tractiveness. Dress Satins in new Spring shades, plum, wis
taria, Peking blue, silver gray, tan, brown, and orchid.
Georgette and Crepe de Chines, a tempting as
sortment with many unusual shades in the collection.
Plain Taffetas in all the wanted colorings.
Third floor.
The Necklace
It is an important accessory. It may be of a lew
gaily colored beads strung on a black silken cord with
a heavy silk tassel at the end.
Liberty blue and Victory red are in the forefront
of the display.
There is much jet and jet with white pearl or cut
Oriental Necklaces are of odd beads strung on sil
ver or antique gilt links and terminating in a queer"
pendant or amulet.
Jewelry Section, main floor
It is "Kite Time"
The winds of March
and April love to play
with kites and the "kite
fever" is not confined to
any age, and is liable in
spring to attack any
body. Aviator Kite Twine is
made from The highest
grade of cotton,is small,
tightly twisted and
strong enough to hold
any kite, large or small.
And it will "pull good."
10 cts, and 70 yards on a
Art Section, main floor.
Easter Cards
Tempting display at
the front case, mam
Many novelties for
children at small prices.
ik D w Read
srat'sAe '857
Officials and members of the office
force of the Remington Arms-U. M.
C. -Company gathered at the Algon
quin club Saturday night to honor
William K. Xnlan. assistant treasurer
of ihe company and celebrate the
thirtieth anniversary of his connection
with the firm. C. W. Many, the treas
urer of the company was toastmaster
and spoke feelingly of Mr. Nolan's
faithful service rnd the hi'h esteem
in which he was held by everybodj
with whom he had come in contact.
Jlr. Many. George Rugge and
George Meyerhoff who are connected
with the New York office of the firm
came up to nttend the affair and to
see that Mr. Nolan was treated royal
ly. Mr. Nolan's connection with the
firm dates from April 1, 1889, at that
time the U. M. C. company was own
ed by the firm of Hartley & Graham.
He came to Bridgeport in 1914.
Mr. Nolan said, when the toast
master presented him with a bouquel
of pink carnations for his wife, that
it. was the most agreeable surprise at
the evening.
Others present were R. F. Jones. II.
M. Smith, W. H. Nolan, Jr.. K. H
'""ra-penter, W. B. Judd, ' W. P. Dunn.
V. Bean. F. W. Sanlt, F. J. Asmus,
Exhibit of
Spring Coats
Suits, Coat Wraps,
Dresses and Blouses
in all the Apparel
Second floor.
Marabout Collars,
Capes and Stoles, in
gray, taupe and
black, the approved
styles, in many sizes.
Main floor.
Prayer Books
and other Books of
Belonging to the Ro
man Catholic or the
Episcopal Church.
Beautiful Editions,
sizes for the hand or the
pocket, and bound in
black seal, morocco or
white pebbled seal.
Rosary Holders of
black seal or morocco,
for the pocket. All mod
erately priced.
W. II. McGreevy, A. B. Waldhous, A.
R. Koswell, "George Robertson, R.
Batten, A. H. Smith, and O. H. Ox
New Haven, Oorui., March 31
Forecast for Now Haven and
vicinity: Fair tonight and Tues
day; sliglUJy colder tonight.
Harry S. Northrup, and Frank Cur
rier had a business talk last week
which ran as follows: Frank You
know my place at Patchogue, Long
Island, don't you? Harry Yes; it's
a beautiful place, Frank. Anything
wrong? Frank No indeed, but I am
growing watermelons on my back lots
and Harry, they grow so big that I
cut them -lengthwise and rent them
out for canoes in the Slimmer. If
you would like to go into partnership
Harry Wait a minute Frank, I
think I hear the phone ringing! That
was Harry's last apeparance on the
Metro lot for a week.
Turkey's interest in the proceed
ings is now merely a mild curiosity
as to who gets what. Chicago Daily
CsTsbj'sJied id 5 J
Store closes daily at 6 o'clock
This Is Opening Week
A Notable Event for Bridgeport Women.
Concert by the Goulding Harp Orchestra
in the music room every afternoon.
Accessories, Col
lars, Neckwear, Ves
tees, Guimpes, Veil
ings, Gloves, Jewel
ry and Handker
chiefs. Main flooi
Apparel for Stout Women
Again the Read Apparel Shops announce stylish
dresses and suits in large sizes.
Suits of men's wear serge and other fine cloths,
cleverly designed and cut on lines to accentuate slim
ness and height.
Dresses of softly falling crepes and satins, es
pecially designed to plea,se the large sized woman.
Second floor.
Ornaments for the Hair
Again the Spanish. Comb with many sparkling
stones is required-for evening wear.
Back Combs of exceeding beauty are tipped with
points or balls set with brilliants. There is much
Pins and Barrettes of brilliants and cut jet; rhine
stones and peacock stones set in aluminette or silver.
Many of these are of genuine and practical use in
confining the twists and braids of hair. And prices
are not high.
Main f!oo
In the Book Shop
Why not treat the book section as you would a library. Drop in frequently
while passing and get acquainted with the latest publications. Something will be
carried away, if only an idea.
The Bible
New Red Letter Edition
The words of Christ in
the New Testament and the
prophecies concerning
Christ found in the Old
Testament, are printed in
red letters. A Concordance
is in this book. Bound in
black seal with red gold
edges, on beautiful India
Constantinople, March 29 (Cor
respondence of The Associated Press)
- Contrary to reports Turkey is well
supplied with food, and, while prices
are unusually high, they are much
lower than those prevailing in tho
Balkan states and in some other
countries of Europe.
The following list of current prices
which the consumer is called upon
to pay shows the actual condition:
Flour 26 cents pound; potatoes 11
cents; beans 20 cents; meat 50 cents,
and eggs 90 cents a dozen.
- Vegetables of all Kinds are not only
abundant but relatively cheap. Cloth
ing and shoes also may be had, but
generally the prices charged are so
high as to take them far beyond the
purses of the poor. Hotel rates are
lower than in most European cities;
and the service is as good as could
bo expected in a country Just emerg
ing from a long war.
In order that foodstuffs may be
placed within rang of the poor, the
American food administration Is now
Second Floor.
Silk, Wash Dress
Goods, Linens, Cre
tonnes and Art Fab
rics for home deco
ration. Third floor.
selling white flour at ten cents a
pound, which is expected to bring
down other prices as far as the actual
necessities are concerned. The work
of the Americans is attracting wide
attention and much interest.
Drugs, and in fact all medicines,
are very scarce and expensive. Most
large centers in Turkey and Asia
Minor need medical assistance.
The care of a million or more des
titute Armenian, Syrian and Greek
refugees in the Caucasus and through
out Asia Minor presents a most ser-
' ious prr.bjem. It is estimated that
there are in these countries no less
thah half a million fatherless chil
dren whose condition demands imme
diate relief. The American Com
mittee for Relief in the Near Bast is
taking up the task, but is finding that
its resources are being severely taxed.
Small pox is prevalent in Constan
Head or chest
fire best treated
"externally" with
Millinery, the
smart styles
which are in present
demand to wear un
til warmer weather.
Second floor.
Footwear, new and
smart models in
Pumps, Dress Boots
and Sports Shoes for
Spring and Summer.
Main floor.
Choice Fabrics in Wash Goods
White Voiles of fine texture, embroidered, 40 inches
.Wld' $1.00 to $2.00
White Voiles with stripes, crossbars or figures, for
either dresses or waists, 36 and 40 inches,
50 cts to $1.03
Plain White Voiles, several qualities, 39 cts to $1.50
White Organdie, a beautiful sheer fabric which will
retain its original finish after washing,
40 inches, $1.00, $1.25
45 inches, $1.50
Chiffon Batiste, mercerized finish, 36 inches, 50 cts
45 inches, 75 cts
Exquisite Handkerchiefs
Lace borders of the filmiest quality, delicate
Madeira Embroidered Handkerchiefs of eff
patterns, corner work, borders and edges.
Colored. Novelties, a regular flower garden of
them which are intended to combine with summer
frocks of gingham or voile.
"Jazz" Handkerchiefs of colored crepe, and these
svill be adapted for many uses by the artistic woman.
A "Pershing" Table
A good portrait of the
General, nicely framed,
is surrounded by the lat
est war books.
Living Bayonets by
Coningsby Dawson.
Xorthcliffe, Britain's
Man of Power.
The Doughboys by
Patrick MacGill.
"Dere Bill."
And others which are
bound to give entertain
ment. iife. 3
tlnople, two easea having: developed
in the American colony, while the
Swedish minister is only new recov
ering from a severe attack. Most
hospitals are hard pressed for medi
cine and supplies, while the shortage
of physicians is pronouncel
Finances, too, are disturbing the
Turks. The Turkish pound haa de
preciated; its present value being 20
per cent, below normal, while gold is
at a high premium. The exchange
rates of money of most other coun
tries also has declined the American
dollar, the English pound and the
Greek drachmai being the only issues
which have stood firmly at par.
Workmen in the employ of the
Bridgeport Hydraulic Co. changed
the location of a water gate on tho
main at Water street and T'airfield
avenue, yesterday. The work was
completed about 5 o'clock yesterday
afternoon,- but until that time the
trolley cars were forced to use a sin
gle switch and some slight delays re
sulted, j
Those who criticized Wilson for g
ins. across should wait to see whetner
he put it across. Cleveland Press.
Bon Ton Corsets
; Two spring models
Back laced model for
tall figures. This comes
in white coutil, fitted
with non-pinching
clasps. Six hose sup
porters attached.
A pink broehe corset,
very light boned, has
elastic top. The elastic
is cut in such a way to
allow freedom in dia
phram and under arms,
$5.00 each
Second floor.
Linen Table Cloths
All linen, size 2 yards
square, three attractive
patterns for Fashion
These will do for
round tables.
$6.75, special
Third floor.
d id Read co
CsrehisAed '65 1 "
Cuticura Toilet Trio
To Clear Your Skin
And keep it clear by making it your
every -day toilet preparation. The pore
cleansing, purifying, sterilizing properties
fit Cuticura Soap will prove a revelation
to those who use it for the first time.
Touch pimple, blackheads, redneaa and
Hchiftg if any, with Cuticura Ointment be
fore bathmg. Dry and dust lightly with
Cuticura Talcmn, a fascinating iragranc
for powdering and perfuming tha akm.
Th Soap, Ointment and Talcum 2Sc each
H S. ill'

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