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THE TIMES rilAti; 1919
me Paae
Society News
Personal Notes
Entertaining Features
Club Activities
Woman 9s
Social Jottings
The FlatrflpM County Bee-keepers'
saoctation will hold a meeting on
'Saturday, May 24, at 2 o'clock in the
afternoon. In the - Common Council
room. City Hall, Stamford. The
meeting will be ldrrssed by Lloyd
H. Watson, head of the bee-keeping
department at the State Agricultural
College, at Storrs, Conn. His topic
Will be "Control of Swarming in Con
nection with the Production of Comb
Honey." Mr. "Watson will give a
demonstration In handling bees in
eonnectlon with the lectures. All
Interested are urged to be present.
, Ladies are especially Invited.
Members of the Bridgeport Mallea
ble Iron Co, Athletic association held
their first annual dance at the Colon
ial ball room last night with a large
attendance. Music for the dancing
wit furnished by Murray's orchestra.
The committee In charge of the af
fair Inoluded A. N. Skinner, A. F.
em 1th and F. J. Bltterman.
Members of the Comfort Club will
IioM a very Interesting meeting on
Tlday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at
the First Presbyterian church, when
Captain Charles H. Sprague will
make an artArene. The letters that
Dick Barlow, one of the popular
members of the 102nd Ambulance
Corps, sent to the Comfort clnb dur
ing the war, have been published
Into a little book and will be pre
sented at tae meeting on Frttlay.
Plans Cor the future will also be dis
cussed and It Is expected that the or
ganisation will continue until all of
the boye of the 102nd come home. I:
Is liopmr that every member will at
tend thts meetlag.
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Blackman and
Ir. and Mra Hoy Tuthill of thia city,
returned to their homes after motor
ing through the southern part of New
York state for several days..
(Mtea Beatrice Katz, San ford ave
nue, was tendered a pleasant birth
day surprise party at her home toy a
number of her friend. Miss Katz ob
served her eighth (birthday anniversary.
(t Announcement la made of the mar
riage of Miss Eva Colway, daughter
of (Air. and Mrs. Thomas Colway, mi
Connecticut aveuue, and, Louis Kaufl
man, f CmoA avenue, whloli took
place Monday afternoon at the park
ueet .-onitrearakUeual church. Hev.
itera.d Beard performed the cere
mony. 'in couple left on a honey
moon and upon tueir return will make
their home in this city.
Mrs. A. Stein, 42 Homestead avenue,
tiiratford, waa hmm at a whist
party hed at her home this after
noon wnea urn entertained the mem
ber of the hjiis liuw. J.- VIT1Ii.1 M
Ktv, Peter McLwn, of Milford.
wtll talk at the meeiunc and social
at St. Charles' oh u roil, Mriday even
ing on "The Cftoice of Friends." Tne
lecture will be preeeded by a musical
program, when iU.ls Jessie Murray
and Miss Ethel Burke will sin.
Uanctng will be enjoyed following the
Mrs. Xaid Gibson, 1S1 Bronx ave
nue, wtll be houa at the meeting
ft the Fidelity sewing circle, Frluay
afternoon. '.The meeting had been
planned to have taken place at tha
home of Mrs. J. H. Lockwood and the
members are asked to notice ths
The Trained Attendants' club will
meat tonight at the i. V. C A. to
act upon tho new constitution and
perfect plans for the summer activi
ties. Plans are being made for a
picnic to take place in June.
Are tag Saunders. of the High
school faculty, addressed the mem
bers of tne IJridsjeport Business
Women's clubs i t the Y. W. C. A. on
Monday evening. He spoke upon
the native birds and illustrated many
of the birdj with blackboard
Rev. Alexander Alison, of the First
Presbyterian church, will give a spe
cial service Sunday evening. May 25.
for the members of the 102nd Ambu
lance corps and the Comfort cluu.
Ail members of the club and boys ot
the 102nd are asked to be present.
Members of the Missionary socletf
of the Grace M. E. church, will i
entertained at the home of Miss Clara
Xeeler. 152 sorlh avenue, at their
first meeting the first Tuesday in
June. Home and foreign affairs con
cerning; the society will be discuss
ed. At the meeting of the Grace M. E.
chnrca -women In the parsonage yes
terday afternoon, a new missionary
society was formed. Mrs. K. G.
Cross! ay was chosen president; Mrs.
Jennie Morehouse, vice . president;
Mrs. John PrlnzingT recording secretary-;
Mra A. J. Martin, treasurer;
Mrs. Alfred Young, secretary of mite
boxes; Mrs. W. A. Thelln, secretary
of supplies ; Mrs. N. Bacon, secre
tary of temperance work; Mra A. T.
Russell, secretary of literature; Mra
Pilling, secretary for foreign mis
sions, and Mrs. flwexey, secretary of
. home missions.
At the meeting of the Newman club
held last night at St. Augustine's hall,
the members extended an Invitation
to Thomas 8. Duggan. editor of the
Catholic Transcript, New Haven, to
lecture here at one of the meetings
of the club. It Is earnestly hoped
that Mr. Duggan will accept the in
vltatlaa.4 Kvz DtMWrt,1 leader of the
elub,"SHeteVie(J"fh;H! Of -Newman at
the meeting" last night and read se-
lections of his writings. The club Is
planning to close for the season the
second week In June. Extensive plans
areb elng mude for the fall when the
literature club will resume Its meet
ings. There are over 160 members
in, the club now. ,
. Preliminary plans for the organi
sation of a club, of the social workers
of the Y. W. .O A. were mad last
isight at a meeting In Golden HlU
W"ii'"''"''ft''t n
various organizations In socla work.
The membership will be open only to
paid workers. On the committee of
organization are Dr. Walter H.
Brown, George Warren, Mra Mabel
L. Godman, Miss Jeannette Simonds
and Miss Lena Sheldon.
II. B. Van Gelson of 118 Brook
lawn avenue Is a visitor In New York
city for the day.
Mrs. Charles G. Waldo of Brooke
lawn park Is expected to return from
New York city today.
Jerome Jackson of the Jackson
Stone Co., returned yesterday from an
extensive business trip In Europe
where he spent the greater part of his
time in Italy.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lavlt of 20
Wayne street are receiving congratu
lations upon the arrival of a baby
son born at their home yesterday
Today's Fashion NoHJ
The summer pongee err taffeta
could not be more attractive fashion
ed than after this model with plaited
jacket and straight skirt. The Jacket
fastens In single-breasted effect and
i entirely self-trimmed, even to the
turn-down flare cuffs.
PYlctorlal Review Jacket No. 737.
Sizes, 14 to 20 years. Price, 20 cents.
Skirt No. 715. Sizes, 14 to 20 years.
Price, 20 cents.
The prisoner arrested for being
drunk had given his name as Thomas
Is that your real name?" asked
the judg-o next mornlns; in court.
Well, your honor replied the man. j
I admit that I - only gave it as a j
cover, lou see I hated to bring dls-
honor and disgrace upon a respectable
name. - I
"... " y.
. a a
- j
The most elaborate" affair yet at
tempted by the Black Rock Country
club will take place at the club house
this evening. It Is the club's annual
masquerade ball. Ban-Joe Wallace
and his society orchestra will furnish
the music. The entertainers will
come direct from New York suc
cesses and will consist of some of the
best singers and dancers obtainable.
While the committee has ordered
that only those who are masked may
dance. It has decreed also that the
unmasking shall take place at 10:30
and that after that time dancing may
be indulged In by all, whether mask
ed or In costume, or in citizen's dress.
The supper will be served at 11
o'clock and the entertainers will pre
sent the latest New York novelties
during the supper. Owing to the
stress of the times and the worrying
whether prohibition will take ef
fect July 1; whether Germany will
sign the peace terms or NC-4 will
reach her destination, etc.. Manager
Millard announces that there will be
reserved a few places at the supper
for the late comers. If they will let
him know before the sun sets or at
the time that it is supposed to set.
While this Is strictly a club affair,
the committee announces that- each
member may bring a guest. Many of
the members of the club will come to
see the fun as the committee has of
fered prizes for the best lady's and
gentleman's costume.
Next Tuesday evening will occur
the club's first progressive whist
party and the committee has arrang
ed for special prizes and entertain
ment. This party will be for ladies
and gentlemen and from the Interest I
belnpr taken the club rooms will be
taxed to accommodate the players.
This has been proved over and over
agral n d u r 1 ng the wa r . They q ve r
estlmate their physical strength ami
overtax It. Their ambition is Com
mendable, but does not compensate
for the hours and days of misery
which they suffer from symptoms
caused by female ills brougrh-t on by
overwork. Women who are weak.
nervous, despondent, with headaches,
backache and drajarging-down pains
should remember there is one tried
and true remedy, that is L.ydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, now
recognized everywhere as the 'stan
dard remedy fr such ailments. Adv.
Meet For Three Days In New
Haven Banquet Tomor
row Night,
About 300 acceptances 'have toe en re
ceived for the banquet to be held at
Hotel Taft Thursday- evening-, -by the
New Haven "Woman's club In honor
of the State Federation of Women's
clubs, vhich meets in thi city for a
three-day convention, which com
menced this afternoon at 2 o'clock
and -will conclude at noon on Friday.
Deleajates from all over the state
are to 'be entertained at 'the homes of
members of the New Haven Woman's
club and on Thursday afternoon, at
4:30, members who have automobiles
wilt take the visitors for a ride about
the city, the route, including- Prospect
Hill and Lake Whitney, the parks and
the Tale Bowl.
At the banquet Thurs'ilay evening
the principal speaker will e Trof.
j"imam Lyon Phelps; subject. "The
Part of Literature in Reconstruc-
uon. ur. uscar i aiaurer win give
Cvpyrfgfit, t9tH
by thm
McCtw MemspaptJr Sytt&cwtm
:f r -Mr si
. 1 'is -wiTT.J
iiw Be mrzffi4 1
yisi oat
Go oft- Gash
1-A lsan em'
1 r"-
Store closed all day tomorrow to
mark down and rearraiijte stock.
Seo daily papers for big ad.
Telegram I
Of teffw 1 Blu
Night Message Mt
Might Leaar til
If asm' at sWm Ihree symbols
appear attar tits (hack (number at
wanSt) tilt la s telegram. Other
wits its eharaetar le Indicated bytfia
symbol appMripg after the cfieek.
Received at 87
We have
Big-Selling Out
the invocation and also speaJc on
"Character and Reconstruction." Mr.
Alois Havrilla, baritone, of Kew Tork,
Miss Thelma Jacobs, harpist, and
Coleman's orchestra will furnish mu
sic. .
Wednesday evening supper will be
served at 201 Orange street by. the ex
ecutive board of City (Missions and
Thursday noon luncheon will be
served 'by the ladies of St. Thomas'
church, -both open to club women.
On Wednesday evening a charming
entertainment will be given at eight
o'clock in Center church bouse, where
all the meetings are to be held.
Living representations of famous
paintings, with interpretative music,
will compose the program, open to ail
delegates anidl to New Haven club wo
men who are members of the Feder
ation. The Wednesday afternoon session
was opened by Mrs. James R. Mason
at 2 o'clock and there was commun
ity singing of "The Star Spangled
Banner," led by the New Haven
Woman's club chorus. '
Rev. Harris E. Starr delivered the
invocation and the formal program
will proceed as follows:
Address of Welcome Mrs. G. H.
Bunnell, president of Woman's club.
Response Mrs. James I- Mason.
Songa Mrs. Jennie Lee; Miss Dor
othy Stock, accompanist.
Minutes of last annual meeting
Mrs. Frederick M. Peasley.
Appointment of resolutions com
mittee. x '
Report of press committee Miss
Julia Lansing Hull of Meriden.
Report of civil service reform com
mittee Mrs. E. A. Evans.
Address, "Filling " Government
Jobs" Prof. Henry W. Farnam,
Yale University.
Appeal for Women's Overseas Hos-
Dr. Sophia Penfleld.
n oJtea
com t-owAi.
1 vy H 3bes.
I've saWi-t done
-C- Jl en aDOt-
r v '"- i r mj- ,r i
1186 MAIN ST,
ewc CARwroN. ro, ase'oRoe v a atk.ibs. .cs.fas.o
FairfieU Ave., (Near Main St.),
239N.YY22NL, .
GBHWyonKNY MAY 15 19
; 60 5P
purchased from the above manufacturers, their entire stock which we will offer in
Sale at 5oc on the dollar.
Sale starts Friday 9 A. M. -; !
Report of 23rd convention Ameri
can Academy of Political and Social
Science Mrs. E. B. Hunn.
Report of Health Committee Ir.
Valeria Parker of Hartford.
Address, "An Enlarged Program of
Social Morality" Ir. Anna L.
Songs Miss Jennie Lee; Miss
Stock, accompanist.
Supper will be served at 5:30 p. m.
at City Mission hall, 201 Orange
A feature of the various meetings
will be encouragemen't of community
singing and at each session the audi
ence will be asked to join in singing
well known patriotic songs.
Thursday morning at 9:30 there
will be reports and the music will in
clude piano solo by Miss Mary Kay
Woodson of the Yale School of Music,
and solos by Master Sheldon Payne, '
boy soprano of Trinity church.
The afternoon session from 2 to
4:30 will include an address by Mrs.
John D. Sherman, assistant to Secre
tary of Interior Lane, and Mrs. Rena
Barnes Fowler will sing two groups
of songs.
Friday at 9 a. m. unfinished busi
ness will be taken up. . There is no
election of officers this year.
The Woman's club chorus will sing
an Indian song, with flute obligato by
William Hegel, who will also give a
solo number and the 'convention will
close at noon, the concluding numbers
to be Kipling's Recessional, sung by
the club chorus.
The Woman's club chairmen of
committees are: "
General chairman, Mrs. James P.
Wood; hospitality, Mra Edwin R.
Marsh; banquet, Mrs. Will
Thomas; information, Mrs. H. Lin
1 wood Tower; transportation, Mrs.
Henry L. Pardee; luncheon, Mrs.
1 The Best
Km T
Absolutely Pure
' Made from Cream of Tartar derived from grapes ,
Royal Contains No Alum
7 Leaves No Bitter Taste
Bridgeport, Conn. Always Open.
The main diffrents between the
peeple that have money and the pee-
ple' that havent is that the peple
that havent eny wunt some wile the
peeple that have some wunt more.
This .proves that enybody can be dis
satisfied There Is 3 cheef ways of getting
money ferst, "having it letf to you,
2nd, werking for it, and 3rd, finding
it, the therd .being the most cheerfill.
If a man drops a sent and can't find
it rite away he keeps on going, think
ing, O well, its ony a sent, wats a
sent? nuthing. But if he finds a
sent that sumbody elts lost he looks
at the date dn it and puts it In ms
pockit and thinks he's grate and tells
neenle about it all day. This proves
that sumthing for nuthing dont haff
to be . werth enything to be appn-
Peeple wouli -rather give money
away than lose it, ony they seldim do.
George W. Berger: registration, Mrs.
A. F. Sandquist; entertainment, Mrs.
William R. Hoppen; music, Mrs.
Philip Sellers; press, Mrs. Charles W.
Pickett. OSS?
est for
If you are using some other baking powder .be.
cause it costs less than Royal, get a can of
Royal Baking Powder from your grocer, make
cake or biscuits with it, and compare . them with
those made from the cheaper 'powder.
The food will be lighter, of finer flavor and more
wholesome when made with ' "
Store closed all day tomorrow to
mark flown and renrraiuie stocfe.
See dally papers for H; ad.
riighi Mestaas
sona ef thee ra fynssaH
mrfe thia la a Magrwh. (JUiar
arlssi Its character la iiidiastatf bypx
symbol appearing after 0e cluiX.
(Having money in your pockit gives
you one of the most important feel
ings there is, and the more you have
the more you appriciate yourself. If
you wawk past a candy store with 2 1
sents in your pockit it gives you, more j
injoyment than if you wawked all the j
way thru the store with nuthing in j
your pockit tout string and air eind, ,
buttons and things.
A millionaire is no better than eny- i
body elts, but he feels better. ,-T
A sent and a 5 doller gold peece- are
about the same size. This proves you ,
muesent be discouraged if peeple Biont'
appriciate you at the ferst giants.
First Artist: Old Roxely wouldn't
buy my pictures wouldn't even look;
at them. "
Second Ditto: Well, he was more
considerate of your felinga than of .
mine; he refused to buy my pictures '
even after he did loqk at them.
Husband (seeing wife off) : '"But,
my dear, won't you take some fiction
to read whilst you're away?" i '
Wife: "Oh, no! I shall depend on
your letters from home for that!
usefullest animal
"A chicken 'cos you can eat him
before he's born and after he's dead.
. Teacher: Now children, ' what vara
the national flowers of England ? "
Class: Roses.
Teacher: And France.
Class: Lillies. -
Silence for a minute in the class. '
Then a small boy at the back of the ,
schoolroom said: ' -
"Bullrushes, ma'am." ;?

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