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THE rriMES: TVTA.Y 22, 1919
1105 MAIN ST.,
1 105 MAIN ST.,
Leading Milliners.
Tne Year's Greatest Bargain Harvest
Begins tomorrow with values never before equalled at an ytime. Price reductions on new stylish wantable Spring Summer
Millinery, Shirt Waists, Petticoats, Cloth Capes, Guaranteed Rain Coats, Sweaters, Ribbons, Veilings, Marabout Feather
Capes, Summer Furs, Ostrich Boas.
Why we are celebrating. After 28 years of successful business to our credit we now inaugurate another of our great Anniver
sary Sales.
We know of no better way to express our gratitude at this anniversary time than to give the people of Bridgeport the great
est bargains ever offered in seasonable and desirable merchandise. We have cut the price on every article in this store. This
exceptional money saving opportunity should be taken advantage of by every woman in Bridgeport.
$2.00Unlrfmmpd Straw nats .$ .75
$.100 Unfrimrmed Straw lint? 1.48
Si.00 and $3.00 Untriramcd Straw Hats 1.98
$2.00 Block Openwork Straw lists 1.00
$2.00 Trimmed Tailored Hats 7j
$1,00 Trimmed Tailored Hats 1.4$
S-.00 Trimmed Tailored Hats 2.48
S-xOO Trimmed Dress Hat? .......... 2.98
$780 Trimmed Dress Hat? 3.98
$0 and $10 Trimmed Dress Hats 4.98
$12.00 Trim mod Dress Hats 5.98
$15.00 Trimmed Dress Hats 7.48
S18.J0 Trimmed Dress Hats 8.98
Sl. CJolh 'Capes 9.75
$20 Cloth CpcH ass
$25 Clotb Capes . 1S.9S
$7.50 STL'-Fibre Sweaters 4.9S
$10 Silk Fibre Sweaters 7.48
$lfi Shetland Wool Sweaters , 7.48
$15 Shetland Wool Sweaters 9.98
$1.75 Hliw-k Perealine Petticoats 1.38
$?.0U lilatk Sateen Patticoats 1.4S
$2.50 Flack Sateen Petticoats $1.98
$2.00 mark Flowered Petticoats 1.48
$2.50 Black Heatherbloom Petticoats.. 1.98
$2.75 Black and Colored Silk Flounce
Petticoats 2.25
$4.25 Blaek and Colored Silk Petticoat? 3.4S
.S3.S7 Blaek Taffeta Silk Petticoats . . . 3.38
$5.00 .Tcrsev Silk Ruffle Petticoats 3.98
$5.;5 Silk Petticoats 4.75
$7.00 Silk Flowered Petticoats 5.48
$10 Guaranteed Rain Coats 7.48
$13 Guaranteed Rain Coats 9.98
$18 Guaranteed Rain Coat? 14.48
$22 Guaranteed Rain Coats 17.43
$25 Guaranteed Rain Coats : 19.98
Veilings by the yard at cost prices.
Exceptional values in Summer Furs, in
Fox, Lynx, Wolf, Slink and many other re
liable furs. We purchased our furs months
ago lefore the war tax was put on. We can
save you at least 33 per cent, on purchase
$7.50 Marabout Feather Capes ...... 5.98
$9.00 Marabout Feather Capes 6.98
$13 Marabout Feather Capes 9.48
$15 Marabout Feather Capes
$18 Marabout Feather Capes 13.48
$24 Marabout Feather Capes 20.98
$8.50 Velvet Shoulder Capes 5.98
$15 Plush Shoulder Capes 10.98
$20 Plush Shoulder Capes .1 1.98
90c YVmile Lingerie Shirt Waists 62c
$1.12 White Lingerie Shirt Waists 75c
$1.50 White Lingerie Shirt Waists 98c
$2.25 White Lingerie Shirt Waists . . . 1.48
$3 and $4 Odd ot White Shirt Waists 1.75
$2.50 White Silk Waists . .
$3 25 White Silk Waists . .
$3.25 White Silk Waists . .
$4 00 White Silk Waists . .
$5.00 White Silk Waists 3.98
$3.5l White Georgette Crepe Waists. .
$6.50 White Georgette Crepe Waists. .
$7.75 White Georgette Crepe Waists. .
$1.75 Black Waists
$2.50 Black Silk Waists 1.98
$4.00 Black Silk Waists 3.38
85.50 Black Silk Waists 4.48
$1.50 ChiiFon Auto Veils
$2.00 Chiffon Auto Veils
Fancy Wings and Feathers at Half Prices.
Sl.OO'Silk Straw Pom Pons 4Sc
All Straw Braids at Half Prices
$2.00 Hats for Children .98
S3.00 Hats for Children 1.48
$4.00 Hats for Children 1.98
$0.00 Hats for Children . 2.98
$8.00 Hats for Children .......... . v .- 3.98
$1.50 and $1.75 Straw Banded Sailor
Hats 1.00
$3.00 Straw Banded Sailor Hats 1.98
$i.00 Saraw Banded Sailor Hats 2.75
$6.00 Straw Banded Sailor Hats 2.98
$3.00 Large Straw Trimmed Outing
Hats 1.48
$G.0O Soft Indestructible Straw Hats.. 2.48
89c Auto Caps 62
$4.00 Automobile Silk Mixed Hats 1.98
$1.75 Children's and Misses' Colored Silk
Tarns 75
.50 Flower Sprays 25
.S7 Flower Sprays .48
$1.50 and $2 Flower Sprays and Wreaths .98
Tho problem that is always
r.rpcrntost in the minds of
rru.iufaeturera is the reduc
tion of production costs. No
industry can be highly suc
cessful unless production
costs are k apt down to the
lowest level.
Successful manufacturers
have satisfactorily solved
this problem by installing
Dullard Vertical
Turret Lathes
These Jalb.es are designed
and built to reduce roaruifao
tunnc cost to tha lowest
possible figures and their
universal use Is proof that
they are producing and pro
tecting, proliitvfor their-own-ers.
Oxford $6.50
(Records of Ox? war will
scarccjy provide experiences of a
moro dramatic chartrftir than
thone tw-ro related by Mis Slary
MocTjcod, vrbo served aa a Kcd
Ctohs nurse la Franco. Before
the outbreak of hostilities Miss
MacLeod was anting: as boose
keeper In EAlnbtmrh to her three
brothers, who laid down their
lives for their country.
(lieutenant John MacLeod
was lost In a destroyer action,
lieutenant Tom MacLeod was
killed In a Hfrht with nbroe Ger
man airmen, and the youngest
brother, Arome, went down with
a torpedoed Cunarder off the
coast of Ireland.
(Copyrtgbt, 119. By The Interna
tional News Bureau, Inc.)
today only twenty -Ave
VWn OqmW Buy Of Tjl
Bed Bugs
In the bed
drive rour roomer away. They
Immvm and say nothing rather than
kan row Casting Keep the
sonmsra. it dees not coat mucb. to
cat rid of Che ted bugs, only IS
" A nom free from the peats is a
Viuumo AnarvB and cotot.
No sooner had the warming ny of
romance broken through the sable
clouds that had for long: hung over
my bead than a rim and terrible
tragedy obliterated the brightness
once more.
My finance, whom I had met prac
tically in the front-line trenches, and
to whom I had become engaged but
three days previously, was executed
before my eyes shot after a mock
trial because he had protected my
honor against a bullying Hun ober-lieutenant.
No wonder my
though I ash tod
years of age.
I had volunteered as a Red Cross
nurse for work under active service
conditions after losing ' my three
brothers as a direct consequence of
the war.
After six months In France I found
myself at a clearing station not far
from the front line trenches.
Here I met a young officer who
had keen wounded, and a very warm
feeling sprang up between us. Hj
was the only eon of a widow, hl
father having been killed leading his
men at the Dardanelles.
Our friendship ripened into love,
and ona night I -promised to be his
wife as soon as circumstances per
mitted. ILapy Dreams Dispelled.
Aims for my dreams ' of happiness?
Two nights later a strong attack was
launched by the Germans, and, over-
j whelmed by weight of numbers our
I lads were forced to retire. Our
clearing station was full to overflow
ing, and transport could not reach u
' owing to shell fire.
Pieces of shrapnel pierced the
walls and roof of our station. Two
doctors were killed and a shell, ex
ploding right on the roof, killed four
dressers, and wounded me in the left
shonlder and side. I felt no pain,
only a numbness, but my sweetheart,
who had ben working Hke a galley
slave, rushed to help in the binding
up of my wounds.
Very soon the Germans were on us,
and an ober-lieutenant, revolver in
hand, dashed Into the clearing sta
tion. He shot both orderlies dead,
and lXck, my sweetheart, made to
rush at him. The German saw this,
and turned his pistol on Dick. I gave
a shriek and Dick stopped.
When the Hun saw ma ha gave
soma orders to tts) soldiers who had
followed him and crossed over to
where I lay. He sat on a bed beside
me and asked If I could speak Ger
man. I replied In the negative,
whereupon, speaking in English, he
abused me in a moat foul and ob
scene way. Two soldiers stood by
Dick, or else I am sure the German
would have had short shrift. But
when the German said he would take
a kit's this maddened Dick, and
Bprii.lng over to the Hun. he dealt
him a fearful blow In the face before
had soldera oould prevent
him. The next instant the men at
tacked my finance. One stuck his
bayonet in Dick's thigh, while the
officer brought the butt of his pistol
on Dick's head, and he sank uncon
scious to the floor.
Then, turning to the soldiers, he
told them to bind Dick, and after this
was done they lifted him, and put
ting him on a stretcher, they carried
Oe pair of us out Into the darkness.
After what seemed an eternity we
came to what in the gloom looked
like a mansion, and were carried
down some steps and flung upon the
floor of an evll-smelllng cellar,
where, helpless and unable to move,
we wore left for some hours;
Then the sound of tramping down
the stairs reached our ears, and soon
eix brutal looking Prussian soldiers
entered. Four lifted the stretcher bed
on which I lay and two laid hold of
Dick, who tottered In their grasp,
and forced, him roughly towards the
stairs. When we arrived at the top we
found ourselves In a spacious room
still beautifully decorated, although
most of the furnishings bore the un
mistakable marln of war.
At one end of a table sat the bruta!
ober-lieutenant. He could scarcely
keep his seat, so drunk was he, and
he leered evilly at me as I was de
posited on the floor near him. Pour
other officers In variious stages of
drunkenness made up ths court. I
was compelled to live there helpless
while the officers, after a travesty of
a trial, ordered my lover to be shot
at dawn for "attempting to murder
an officer of His Imperial Majesty
the German Emperor."
My Lover Shot Before My Eyes.
For a time I lost consciousness, and
when I recovered the grey rays of
dawn were beginning to filter
through the windows, and I prayed
for insensibility once more, so that
I might not hear the sounds which
would announce to me the doom of
my sweetheart.
But It was not to be, for just as
the streaks of light made vision pos
sible four soldiers entered, and, lift
ing me, bore me to the window. I
saw Dick standing alone before a
broken wall, and ra front of him ths
German soldiers and an officer. The
officer gave a glance p at the win
dow where I was and then as he
dropped the point of his drawn
sword and crave a sharp command a
volley rang out, and Dick collapsed
to his knees.. The officer ran forward
and. placing a pistol to Dick's head,
I must have swooned, then, for the
next I remembered was being: carried
at a rapid rate through the darkness,
the falling rain blowing In torrent
as we went. After - what seemed: t
long time, my bearers enterei
trench, and conveyed me into a
sumptously- furnished dug-out. I was
lifted on to a camp bed, and left
alone. Soma time elapsed,, then my
evil genius entered in the shape of
the ober-lieutenant, accompanied by
several other officers, who crowded
round me.
The Ueutant seemed to bs explain
ing ray presence and what led up to
my being there, when an orderly en
tered and repeated something very
hurriedly, and was just going- out
when another rushed In and shouted
something which seemed to create a
panic amongst the officers, who rush
ed pell mell from the dug-out. -ISrltlsb
Sergeant to the Rescue.
Ths sounds of heavy gun-firing or
shell explosions crept nearer, and I
surmised the British were attacking.
Nes". came afvoice. and a rushing of
feet down the entrance to the dug
out, then the ober-lieutenant, blood
stained . and wild-eyed, rushed in,
closely by a British sergeant.
"Put .yer" hands up, damn yel
the German flung his pistol at the
sergeant, who promptly plunsed hia
bayonet through the German's chest.
The Hun fell on his back. The ser
geant was making for the exit when
I yelled out.
He turned like a flash, levelling his
red bayonet. Then "God bless my
soul, a nurse!" cried he. "How the
devil came ye here, nurse?"
I told him I had been brought by
the orders of the German he had Just
He immediately went off to see his
officer. That gentleman soon arrived,
and after seeing that I was made as
comfortable as possible, had tne con
veyed to the nearest motor ambu
lance, and in due time I arrived in
Grecian Girls Take Photo Books to
When Adele Ragi and Ayero Proion
arrive in Athens next month after
four years of study at Simmons Col
legt. Boston, they will have In their
luggage books of pictures showing
what the Toung Women's Christian
Association Is doing for women all
over the world.
Mies Ragi and Miss Proion, as hon
or students In a competitive examin
ation, were sent to this country by
the Greek Government to stpdy at
Simmons College as preparation for
teaching In the Women's College In
They spent the last two months of
their stay in this country at the Na
tional Training School of the T. W.
C. A., Ntw York City, studying the
Association so that they might ex
plain what It Is working toward to
student groups In Greece.
Their decision to take this addi
tional training In order to interpret
to their country-women the largest
movement of women for women was
made just at the time that the Greek
Government sent a special and urgent
appeal to Miss Harriet Taylor, direc
tor of Y. W. C. A. work overseas, for
an Introduction of the Y. W. C. A.
work overseas, for an introduction
of the Y. W. C. A. into that country.
Miss JEagl and Miss Proion were
fellow students In both the elemen
tary and high schoof In Athens, but
did not become acquainted until the
time they were chosen, through the
examination, for this Government
Wallace MacDonald to playing the
ch'cf supporting role In Bessie Love's
new picture "Hurrying Fate and
Hedda Nova has been engaged to
play the leading role in a big spec
tacular production to be filmed at
Universal City.
Jack Gilbert has been cast in one
of the all-star parts of "A Little
Brother of the Rich."
Use "Tiz" for puffed-up, burn
ing, aching, calloused feet
and corns.
Um 'TIZ'
Why go limping around with ach
ing, puffed-up feet feet so tired,
chafed, sore and swoolen you can
hardly get your shoes on or off?
Why don't you get a 25 cent box of
"Tiz" from the drug store now and
gladden your tortured feet?
"Tiz" makes your feet glow with
comfort; takes down swellings and
draws the soreness and misery right
out of feet that chafe, smart and
burn. "Tiz" instantly stops pain in
corns, callouses and bunions. "Tiz"
is glorious for tired, aching, sore feet.
No more shoe tightness no more foot
troubles. Adv.
You can Bring Back Color and
Lustre with Sage Tea
and Sulphur. . j
When you darken your hair with j
Sage Tea and Sulphur, no one can tell,
because it's done so naturally, so I
evenly. Preparing this mixture, though.
at home, is mussy and troubleaomea At
little cost you can buy at any drug
store the ready-to-use preparation, im
proved by the addition of other In
gredients called "Wyeth'a Sage and
Sulphur Compound." You Just dampen
a sponge or soft brush with it and
draw this through your hair, taking
one small strand at a time. By
morning all gray hair disappears, and,
after anoffce application or two. yeur
hair become! beautifully darkened,
glossy and luzarl-
Gray. faded bate, though no dis
grace, is a sign ef old age, and as we
all desire a youthful and attractive
appaaranes, cat busy at oea with
Wyeth'a flaca and Burpbnr Compound
Perhaps you have gained
the impression that this
store caters mainly to
older men with
because so many business
men of mature judgment
are numbered among our
greater patronage:
If so, a delightful - surpriae
awaits you among the' new Sum
mer Styles for Younger Men.
Towe &
. 1227-1223 ZXain Street
This Sheffield Plate Casserole Dish, $9.00
We are featuring a number of these exquisite
ially priced and suggest them as quite appropriate
for an offering to the June Bride.
G. W. Fairchild & Sons Inc.
997 Main St. Arcade Corner
Established 1865
Incorporated 185'
by deposits in this bank brings you closer to opportunity
and wealth; it makes more remote the possibility of poverty
and that dependence on others bounty.
Therefore be faithful to your bank account, and add to It
every pay day. . .
l Jon t jiiae your money at norm. i every
body did that business would be us dead
as if everybody stopped work.
Main and Bank Streets
Open from 6 to 8 o'clock Every
Monday Evening. '
va. Order of Notice
Bridgeport, May 21, A. D. 1919
Upon the complaint of the said
Bertha Farces Kish praying, for rea
sons therein set forth, for divorce,
custody minor child, alimony and
change of name, returnable to the
Superior Court, In and for Fairfield
County, on the first Tuesday of June,
It appearing to and being found by
ths subscribing authority that the said
defendant ia absent from this state
and gone to parts unknown.
Therefore Ordered, that notice of
) the pendency of said complaint bs
given by publishing this order in The
Bridgeport Times, a newspaper print
ed In Bridgeport, Conn., three times
successively, commencing on or before
the 2.2nd day of May, A. D. 1919.
Asst. Clerk of the Superior Court for
Fairfield County. R22sap
ElLislM waste ydlia,
Oeatet a JUawrrw
36th St. Broadway 37th St.
Most Comfortable Poputar Prloe
Hotel In New. York City
Situated in the very heart of town. near
ala.the leading shops and theatres
and convenient to everywhere
One minute' from Penn. tltatlaB and
five minutes from Grand -Csmtrm
Convenient to all piers
Rooms with Bath,
Per Day and Up ' -
Restaurant Prices 10 Par'Caafc''
Lees Than Any Other rtrat -
Class Restaurant f
C H. Run! . Her-
The Oermans feel a
paacs tsrms trmt' teev
commlt national so'- .
shouted the sergeant. For
'' ;"' ''V "''?."--

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