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Phone Bamum 1287 j 3
. -
On The Tip Of
The Tongue
tier of tMr. and Mrs. W. F. Blight of
Lordship. Manor, is entertaining as her
I house suit this week, (Miss Grace
IMitfOanu, Long Island.
land n,lM, Miss Muriel, of North
lavenma, nave returned from motor
'trip. .
1 eye of (Merchant street will foe grieved
I to learn that she was cMiged to nn
dergo an operation for appendicitis
'yesterday at the Bridgeport hospital.
juowa. HSU is spending several days
. vistting in the hills of Vermont with
'friends and reamves.
amaiie and tMlss Mae McCarthy of 102
Herkemier street are enjoying their
. two weeks vacation in Bethlehem,
New Hampshire.
Jones, and Miss Leonora Ryan, all
employed at the State Motor Vehicle
department, left for little Springs,
Maine, to spend a fortnight vacation
ing. - KETsTETH MOOR1E, who is making
his temporary home on Ntfble avenue,
will leave on Friday for a three weeks'
vacation trip to Sioux City, Iowa, his
former home.
turned to her home on Noble avenue
after visiting in Holyoke, Mass., for
the past ten days.
I mI3S ETON A NORrTHToOfP of 2.050
North avenue is spending several
dkys with Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Mc
liil at their summer home. Shelter
Ffcrbor, Rhode Island.
N TM of Liberty street are enjoying a
m tor trip to Niagara Falls.
w II hold its regular meeting this
ei -nlng in its new home, St. George's
bi llding, on Stratford avenue. Im
p. -tant business will foe transacted
ail a large attendance is urged.
MESS JiULIA DAT of Lewis street
inUpending her vacation isi CWt Ha
vt New York.
ido avenue and Miss Josephine
Rteers of Clinton avenue nave ar
rijed home from (Maine, where they
hive been camping for a fortnight.
leave tomorrow for a three, weeks'
tion which she will spend visiting
in relatives in Orrtario, Canada.
FS GRACE WKIJfl of Boston,
Miss.. Is the guest of her aunt. Miss
inie A- Smith of 1124 I ranis tan
enue for a week.
, avenue has returned after spending a
week's vacation in the Berkshire hills.
i .
I MBS. CLARA IRITTEtR. and daugh
ters, of Housatonic avenue, Stratford,
mill return on Saturday, after spend-
two weeks in Aihfoerg, Vermont.
I orado avenue is spending a few weeks
' vacation at her home in this city.
IMiss Marsh is taking a special irara-
1 mer course at Columbia. college, New
Jr of Atlantic City will have as their
, guests over the week-end Mr. and
Mrs. John Fiexl of Broofclawn (Park,
mis otr.
MRS. RBNA J. RAiDiEff, of 202 Wash-
lngton avenue is spending several
.weeks touring the west.
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Hincks of
Park place, is expected home from her
Western trip the middle of next week.
planned for tomorrow evening on the
grounds surrounding the Black Rock
Country Clu3. nniler the auspices of
the Boy Scouts. The program con
s&xts of dance numbers executed by
the following well known dancers of
this r!y. Miss Irene Comer, Miss Irma
Chase, Mrs. Eva Don ni ng-C lark. Miss
Florence XHividson. Miss Dorothy
Lyons, and Miss Isabel 111 Vans. Ar
thur Le Vasseur, tenor, will favor with
several selections. The proceeds from
this will go towards funds for vaca
tion Um for the scouts. Miss Flor-
ence Is in charge of the affair.
CARIS HAVE BEEN received from
John Hincks of Parte place stating
that be Is attending the Olympic
games at Antwerp.
tree win open her home for the
meeting of the Letter Carriers this
vening at 8 o'clock. A large atten
dance is requested.
MRS. H. J. SHHLTON of Snake Hill.
Fairfield, will act as hostess on Wed
nesday . September' 1, for the meeting
of the Bridgeport Charitable society
vhen the members wil (rather for an
ftiwj by Impoverished Blood and
. Poor Circulation. How To
Overcome It.
Aa we grow old the blood becomes
tarn, circulation sluggish, digestion
weak, the organs act more slowly and
less effectually, and the waste of the
yaleiu becomes more rapid than the
repair, so that the result Is a feeble,
weakened condition.
Eo many people in this city have
found Vlnol to be the Ideal strength
kaer and body builder for the aged,
ws want every reader of this paper
to know about it. One old lady re
emtly wrote, "I am 7 It years of age
nd we owe our good health to Vlnol
aad would not be allv today without
afternoon of sewing, followed by a so
cial hour.
Laurel avenue was hostess for a
bridge party at her home this after
noon. PTTTT.T.TP CLARK of Colorado ave
nue left today for a vacation trip of
two weeks which he will enjoy tour
ing Canada witha party of friends.
field avenue was hostess for a tea
party at Sophie's tea room in Rots
ford, Tuesday afternoon for a few
Intimate friends.
who has been visiting with Mrs. Wal
ter B. Lashar in. Goshen for the past
week, has returned to her home on
North avenue.
MRS. JOHN BRAT of Vine street
was tendered a delightful surprise
bridge party at her cottage at Fair
field Beach on Tuesday afternoon, by
the members of the Avignon club.
Prizes were offered to those holding
the highest scores at each table. Late
in the afternoon, dainty refreshments
were served to the following guests:
M1ss Florence Hastings, (Mrs. William
E. Grant, Mrs. Charles Blitz, Mrs.
J. H. Savard, . Mrs. Emma J Van
Stone, Mrs John Greene, of Danbury,
Mrs. E. Callahan,- Mrs. Charles I.
Crosby, Mrs. John T. .-' King, Mrs.
Francis ' Sanford, Mrs Thomas Grant,
Mrs. Isaac Haviland, Mrs. William
E. Allen and Mrs. William Chew.
The Men's League of the Black
Rock Congregational church on Ells
worth street will give a lawn fete on
the grounds surrounding the church
this evening. This is an annual event
and is always anticipated with much
interest by the residents of this sec
tion. The grounds will be strung
with illuminated Japanese lanterns
and attractively decorated Dor the oc
casion. Payne's orchestra will fur
nish music for dancing and many
new and novel - features are plan
The commiMee in charge includes
tne following: T. A. Reryea, C. M,
f letcner and Arnold Bareman. Tf
tnis evening should prove rainy, the
event win take place tomorrow.
The re-modeling and decoration of
the old Hotchkiss house on Clinton
avenue is nearly completed for the
unogepori Art league. Already a
reception room and assembly hall has
Deen made from the large rooms on
the first floor. On the upper floors
there will be a tearoom, gift shop and
numerous studios where classes will
be held. For tea on hot summer
afternoons, wide verandas are being
made. .
The club members will use the
new home for sll their business,
holding classes, meetings and lec
tures. Other clubs, soceties and in
dividuals may use the home for an
afternoon, or evening by calling Mrs.
Arthur M. Comley, telephone, Bar
num S763.
A group of energetic girls attending
a T. W. C. A. Industrial Camp : in
Arkansas last month organized and
operated a co-operative store with a
working capital of $80.00, the one
dollar shares being bought by any of
the girls Interested in the scheme.
The scheme was directed by the In
dustrial Secretary who thought this a
good way to give the girls business
experience as well as to supply con
veniences to the campers. The store
carried In stock all the articles of
toilet and dress usually left behind by
the feminine camper anything from
a toothbrush to a bathing suit. The
organization had officers, a board of
directors and purchasing agents.
Eighty girls subscribed $1.00 each t
the scheme. Supplies were purchased
In a nearby town. A regulation set
of books was kept and slips Were
made out for each person. During
two weeks $160.00 worth of goods
were disposed of and a net profit of
$40.00 waa realized and distributed
among tha subscribers according to
the stock purchased during that
period. The director got a return of
$2.11 which was immediately Invested
In mueh-needed tennis shoes.
"Regular vigorous swimming Is the
best aid to beauty and health that
girls can find," says a Y. W. C. A.
swimming director of New Tork City.
"The exercise is easy, requires lktle
strength and therefore does not de
velop large, ugly musces as some
sports do. It sends the blood racing
through the body and thus removes
blotches on the. skin and other un
sightly effects of a sluggish circula
tion. It soothes the nerveg and does
away with frowns and discontented
looks And sleeplessness a great
enemy of good-looks is unknown to
the good swimmer."
Women and girls are taking an In
creased interest in swimming, accord
ing to reports of T. W. C. A. swim
ming pools In some of the larger
cities, Thls is the time of all sports
but the water sports hold first place.
In one V. W. C. A. pool In New York
City during the month of July, 4,01j
girls were registered for swimming
lessons, 1,084 for dips. Winter figures
show an average of 2,000 monthly.
Ribbons are assuming large propor
tions for fall, ranging from the nar
rowest to the very wide heavy moire
am Ml In,
"We women are all jubilant over
the triumphant of the Woman's Suf
frage Amendment," stated Mrs. H.
Willard Fleck, the Fairfield County
chairman of the Republican Women.
"As soon as the ratification is made
sure, work will begin immediately jo
register tne women oi mis uiuy m
order to make them voters" contin
ued Mrs. Fleck. "Our organization is
in fine condition to enable the women
to engage themselves in 'active work
at once." "
"It seems too good to be true, after
so many years of hard work," says
Mrs. William T. Hincks, chairman of
the Democratic Women. "The feeling
of triumphant should not be appar
ent, but the spirit should be one of
progress toward civilization," contin
ued Mrs. Hincks.
There will -be no public celebrations
in this city by local suffragists be
cause, just as Mrs. Hinck3 has said
above, the feeling should not foe one
of triumph but one of calm, steady
and sure progress toward civilization
with a square deal for the women of
the world. ,
Already the National American
Suffrage association has declared and
emphasized itself ready to meet any
attacks which may be made against
the amendment. One of the prom
inent members of the association said
yesterday: "It is expected and hoped
that the Secretary of State will pro
claim the amendment at once as rat
ified. This would seem to be auto
matically inevitable. Even if the
amendment is to be the subject of
later attacks, the Secretary of State's
immediate task is the proclamation.
Without the proclamation there is no
amendment to attack.
"The ionization of the world is
saved. The mothers of America will
stay the hand of war and repudiate
those who trifle with a great prin
' A vast number of people seem to
think that God and the world are
under great obligations to them, and
that the world owes them a living
without any return, service whatso
ever. ..'." j
Not long ago a young woman said
that she did not consider that she
owed the world anything; she was
thrust into it without being consult
ed, and that she proposed to get what
ever she could out of it. She was going
to do this with the least possible ef
fort on her part and did not feel un
der the slightest obligation to the
past. . . .
Did you ever think, if you are one
of the idle ones, what you really owe
the world for the privilege of living
in it? Did you ever think that all the
civilization of the world have been
working for you through all the ages,
up to the present moment, that you
are reaping the harvest of hard-work
ing, sacrificing and suffering sowers
who have preceded you? The woman
who does not feel that she owes a
tremendous debt to the past is cer
tainly not made of the right kind of
Everything that has gone before
you enters into your life and time.
Many lives have been lived in solitude
and misery in order to develop sci
ences which are today . the beacon
lights of, the world. Just suppose the
woman who made that remark waa
called upon to produce even a lead
pencil, sheet of paper, pair of shoes,
or a suit of clothes. There is toil,
struggle and sacrifice in everything
you purchase or enjoy. Wherever you
go, tens of thousands have been pre
paring the way and getting things
ready for you. and yet you consider
that you do not owe the world any
thing! The idle man or woman is like a
piece of machinery. As soon as it is
idle, rust and decay set in and begin
to destroy its usefulness. Work is the
inexorable law of growth. There is no
getting away from it. The Cr"eator put
an enormous penalty on idleness
weakness, destruction and annihila
tion. "Use or lose" is -natures edict.
Panne velvet, and hatter's plush,
with panne .predominant, are used in
a large percentage of hats.
Large shapes are very . evident, es
pecially those having irregular brims
of flaring tendency.
Fluted and pleated brims are used
on large shapes.
Lacquered wings, quills and coq
feathers are used in large numbers.
New developments in the painted
quill or long feather, painted with a
gold background and spotted to rep
resent the markings of the pheasant
Shown on many hats is the fancy or
striped straw in a mass of tight curls.
This is developed in all colorings and
is thought to have a large future here.
All the shades of brown and the en
tire range of (blue, especially the bril
liant tones, such as the national and
royal, and all of the pheasant shades,
are used. ' '
Felt has been put to smart use and
the high class houses here are taking
It up.
Tinsel is Just as prominent as was
predicted, as well as all sorts of lame
braids, threads and ribbons, even into
the wide tinsel brocades. , -,
' j -
Embroidery in Ibugles and tinsel is
more evident than the floss embroid
ery of the past seasons.
Tendency toward the Louis XV.
styles is being shown in small hats
that cover tha head snugly on one side
and are -correspondingly lacking on the
Athletic events are paramount at
the Black Rock Country clulb this
season. A baseball diamond has foeen
laid out on the clulb ground and the
Ibaseball team is practising daily. A
number of stars have, be"" rsi-.iveTed
and the teams plan to challenge other
club teams to games in the fiear fu
ture. x
Saturday afternoon the clufb's ten
nis team will play the second round
with eBaver Hills of New Haven.
Beaver Hills won the first matcb at
New Haven, but Captain Hall of the
local ehifo, claims that the tables will
be turned this time, as every one of
his team is in fine condition and some
real tennis is expected. Mamy spec
tators are invited to attend and fol
lowing the game, a ' frankfurt roast
wiL be held in the clufo grove. In the
evening Speid'el's orchestra will play
a musical program for dancing.
Last night an enthusiastic meeting
of the committee on the Mid-summer
Mardi G-ras was held and final ar
rangements comipleted for presenting
the most novel entertainment - ever
presented by a local club. The Mardi
Gras will start next Tuesday evening
and continue for the balance of the
week. Nightly band concerts will foe
played by the Coast Artillery Band
and a galaxy of entertainments will
surpass anything attempted by the.
clulb. a
With the exception of several num
bers which follow semi-fitted redin
gote lines, the latest models leading
department stores have added to their
line favor wraps on straight lines.
The manner in which the wrappy
effects are obtained, while adhering
to the straight silhouette, is the
cause of many new "wrinkles." .' One
number for instance, in navy blue
duvetyn is so cut that the sides,
when arms are outstretched, are like
full length batwings, which flap for
ward with the arms movement (for
the sleeves are part of them), and- so
in a seemingly envelope-fashion form
a sharp side line, even though the
wrap is there. Flying squirrel bands
edging this arrangement add to its
softness and correspond with the col
The unique armhole which is not
exactly melon shape but wide and
oval, gives sufficient fullness to an
other model which also has 'shirring
arranged high across the center back.
An overcape which is square -and
boxy at either side back and front,
with the fronts swerving toward the
center and taper, in order . to .. stide
through each other by way of fasten
ing is a third type. ,
Near tha tag end of summer one's
wardrobe is apt to need a bit of re
furnishing, and an over-Mouse is the
most practical and the most suitable
thing for this season. Of course, you
have a number of blouses of this type,
and are perhaps at a loss for a new
Do you have a blouse in your collec
tion whHjh is trimmed with box pleats
ot a contrasting color. i noi, nere is
just the new design you are looking
for. -The pleats are really not pleats
at all, you know. They are merely se
parate straps which stimulate pleats.
The oval neckline depends upon the
straps alone to cover the shoulders.
Notice the very attractive way of
treating the slits and the plain but
very smart sleeves.
This design will look welf in dark
blue crepe de chine with the straps
and the bands around Vne sleeves in
mustard yellow. The buttons' are cov
ered with self-material, and the straps
are embroidered in light blue silk.
How would you like the blouse
made of tan tricolette wth the straps
With this the embroidery should be
done in browns and the new rust col
Pongee, voile, satin, sports silk and
charmeuse are materials- which will
look well with this design.
Extraordinary Curative
Power of Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound.
Philadelphia, Pa. "I want to let you
know what good Lydia E. Pinkhain's
v e g e t a o 1 e com
pound has done me.
I had organic trou
bles and am going
through the Change
of Life. I was taken
with a pain in my
side and a bad head
ache. I . could not
lie down, could not
eat or sleep. I suf
fered, something
terrible and the doc
tor's medicine did
tne no good at all my pains got worse
instead of better. I "began taking the
Vegetable Compound and felt a change
from the first. Now 1 feel fine, and ad
vise any one going through the Change
of Life "to try it, for.it cured me after I
had. given up all hopes of getting better.
You can publish this and I "will tell
any one who writes to me the good
it has done me." Mrs. Mabgabet
Dawz, 1525 N. Alder St., Phila., Pa.
It hardly seems possible that there is
a woman in this country who will con
tinue to suffer without giving Lydia E.
Pkikham's Vegetable "Compound "a trial
after all the evidence that is continually
being published, proving beyond contra
diction that this grand old medicine has
relieved more suffering among women
than any other medicine in the world.
Justice Wheeler Gels
Honors accumulate . thickly, upon
the Hon. George W. Wheeler, Bridge
port's distinguished citizen" At Yale
University's last i commencement he
received the title L.L.D. considered
the highest honorary degree confer
red ti American universities. The
eighth of the present month he as
cended to the office of Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court of Connecticut
He has just been notified- by Mr.P.De-
Cicco, Italian Consular Agent, NewftJ
Haven, of the conferring upon him
by the King of . Italy, of the degree
of "Cavaliere" of the Order of the
Crown of Italy."
This distinction is held as one of
the most zealously safeguarded by
the Italian government. It is rare
ly bestowed upon anybody not an
Italian subject or. resident outside of
Italy. Justice Wheeler is believed
to be the first Connecticut fcitizen
ever to have received the honor. , It
is awarded only . to those who have
conspicuously benefited the Italian
people in education, philanthropy or
in kindred ways of peace. -- f
Consular Agent DeCicco's notifica
tion to Chief Justice Wheeler and the
latter's acknowledgement follow
herewith: .
Royal Italian Consular Agency
New "Haven, Conn., . .
. August 10th, 19?0.
Hon. Judge George W. Wheleer;
The Willows,
Prouts Neck, Me.
My Dear Judge: -
I have the pleasure and the honor
of informing you that His Majesty,
the King of Italy, in appreciation of
the important work done by you dur
ing the war, and of your fatherly
assistance always given to our na
tionals in Bridgeport, and interpret
ing the sentiment of all the Italians
living in said city, has confrrred upon
you, the degree of "Cavaliere" of the
order of the - Crown of Italy. I am
enclosing herewith the communica
tion to you of our Foreign Office- and
also a blank, which kindly fill in, sign
and return to me. I, have ; to send
this-blank back to the Office of For
eign Affairs in Rome, in order that
your diploma as " Cavaliere of the
Crown of Italy, might be issued.- I
have," however, the insignia of the
order in my possession and I rwill be
pleased to deliver it to you personally
upon your, return to Bridgeport.
. Will, Vou please accept, my dear
Judge, my heartiest ' congratulations
for the distinction conferred to you
- . . . . :' ., .;, fi
The Anniversary Sale
: of Shoes ; ' -M
Pumps and Oxfords in black, vici Jdd and gun metal
Pumps and Oxfords in tan calf and tan vici kid
Although many pirs were carried away yesterday there remains a
good number of splendid bargains. We hardly , dare say much about
sizes, but there are very few, small ones,
are certain of a-bargain. '
Regular prices $7.50 a'nd upwards
Those Crepe" de Chine "Undies"
Envelopes and Camisoles of filmy, lovely pink silk crepe, : Just.,
imagine how comfortable for such weather as we are having now. ' -
An Envelope is such a trifle to wear and it is so pretty. Palest
shell pink with a .wreath of flowers embroidered on the front and pink
ribbon shculder straps.
Camisoles of white wash satin, also prettily embroidered iji floral
designs, very pale and lovely. All in the best of taste. 'S'..'';-".L-'-7;,-'X.
From I
by our King and believe me with the
expression of my highest considera
tion, - .
Respectfully yours,
" P. .DeCicco,
Italian Consular Agent.
, Prout's Neck, Me.,
August 13, 1920.
Mr. P. DeCicco, . ..
Italian Consular Agent,
New Haven, Conn.
Dear Sir: '
I beg to acknowledge the receipt
of your courteous ' letter informing
me that His Majesty, the King of
Italy, has conferred upon me the
degree of "Cavaliere" ofr; the order
of the' Crown of Italy. .:
I very deeply appreciate Hiis great
honor and I beg that you convey to
the Office of Foreign Affairs in Rome,
and through it to the King, my dis
tinguished consideration and gratitude-
Whatever I- have done for my fel
low Americans of Italian extraction in
Bridgeport and Connecticut has been
in reality little, and amply repaid by
their generous, friendship. I cannot
but feel this distinction to be quite
beyond my deserts. As I have come
to-know better the- Italian people, I
have learned to respect their charac
ter and especially to love their quali
ties of heart.
They are filling a useful and a very
necessary place in American life.
''And they so carry themselves that
they are making Americans every
where better acquainted with Italy
and that inevitably means bringing
Italy and America closer together in
bonds of international concords
Every American understands and
will ever acknowledge the never to be
requited, debt we Italy for her
service In the war. Italy sacrificed
much but she won unperishable glory
for herself and she had large share
In keeping living upon earth the
ideals of humanity.
May these two great countries go
forward together forever , allies in
peace and in national honor, promot
ing justice and protecting liberty!
I enclose as requested the blank
and will notify you upon my return
on September 10th and will there
after, at your pleasure, receive, with
pride, from your hand the insignia of
this order.
With considerations of highest esteem,'-
I beg to remain, ..
Very truly yours, -
The store closes daily at 5 o'clock
Saturdays at 6 o'clock.
If you
Sale Price
s .
Read Hhm
Elaborate plans have been com
pleted for the fourth annual, field day
to le held by Blessed Sacrament par
isi. on next Saturday, August 21, at
Newf ield park. " The affair ; is being
run under the auspices of the Ladies .
of the Blessed Sacrament church. The
Holy Name Society and the , Men's
League.- ' - . -. , . .
In the, afternoon there .will be . a
baseball game bet-ween' the Blessed
Sacrament team and the Knights of
Columibus outfit. After the game a
regular 'carnival will, start;. At 5
o'clock an old-fashioned supper -will
be served and dancing will be enjoyed
during the evening with music fur
nished by an orchestra.
The committee in charge included:
Thomas "Callahan, chairman, ". assisted
tiy James Seamore, Wheel; Fred Neu-,
phert, refreshments; Edward Lavery,
athletics: Mrs. L. TJnistatter, ladies
table: Mrs. John - Fkynn, novelties:
James Maney, Police Court, and Pro
fessor J. Gratton, musical program.
Hats are" made entirely of velvet
Hfotoons and many rMbon ibow"trims. '
Bathe with plenty of Cuticura Soap
and hot water to cleanse and puri
fy. Dry lightly and apply Cuticura
Ointment to soothe and heal. Cuti-.
cura Talcum soothes and cools the
skin and overcomes heavy perspi
ration. Delicate,delightf ul.distingue.
8.rspl, Each Tt hy MaH- Addro "OalUluaLab
arat5ta.D!t.l4a,IClMeii4S.MM." Soldenr
wherg. Sowpgic Omtmant26iMlG0e. Talcum 26c.
8iyCiiiu Soa ibnt witfaoat ma.
can get your size you
?. ti

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