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Until HeTcoSc'fruit-a-tives"
:'f Or FroSt livor Tafslets
E. It. No. 1, "Loans, Ost.
"'For orer thrco 'jrca'rs, I -was
Confined to bed with Rheumatism. I
treated with doctors and tried nearly
everything without benefit. .
.Taally, I tried 'Fruit - a - vea.
"Before I had used half a box, I saw
improvement; the pain tecs easier and
tho swelling started to go down. , .
I continued taking thi3 fruit
medicine,' improving all the time,
and now I can walk about two miles
aad do light chores about the place".
'60c. a bos, 6 for $2.50, trial size 25c.
At dealers or from FRUIT-AnVES
limited, OGDENSBURG, N, Y.
Hawaiian : Woman Appar
ently Cured by Treatment
v In 7 Years.
U. S. Public Health
?; Men Doing 'Grood Work
Inmates of Leper Colony
Enjoy All the vPleasures
; of Life.;,
Honolulu, Oct. '6 Twenty-five
years a leper.ibUt how . discharged by
the . physician of . the- United States
Public Health -Service in charge of
the. Kalihi 'Leprosy Irevesttgation sta
tion here without "an 'apparent trace
of the disease' in her body, is the re
cord, of Mrs. . Rosalie Blaisdell, of
Honolulu, giveTi - to 'the - Associated
Press in what is believed to be the
first interview of its .kind ever pub
lished. v
Kefined chaulmoogravofl, - prepared
by 33r. A. L. Dean audi his 'confreres
of the University, or itawaii, and ad
ministered by Dr. J. McDonald, di
rector of the investigation station
Dr.,. F. B. Trottef, president of the
Territorial Board of Health and their
! Health officials with having arrested
the., disease in three years, five
months and seven days of treatment.
Today Mr, :Blaisdell - is living at
her home here, going in and out
among' her friends and staking up
the threads of a busy life , which
were' cut when the malady forced
her "without the camp."
Her manner is cheerful, almost vi
vacious: her mental energy unusually
keen; her movements quick jand de
.cisiTe as those of a person in per-
lect neaitn; ana tne sum 01 ner nana
as ithe Associated Press representa
tive took ;tt ; at parting,'.. Ja soft and
smooth as a baby's. ..
Only.:"on8 apparent ,111 effect of the
disease' remains in the occasionaT
twitching of one eye. There the. lepro
sy bacilli destroyed a nerve before
the treatment took effect.
Mrs. Blaisdell is a full-blooded Ha
waiian, last of a long line of "priest
esses of the flame" in the old Hawaiian
temple worship. Before she entered
the Kalihl institution for ' treatment
she - organized the Daughters and
Sons of Hawaiian Warriors, one of
the strongest or tne .Hawaiian soci
eties In the islands. She speaks Eng
lish fluently, also Hawaiian and. .her
information on world affairs is far
above the average.
"My grandmother told me to ob
serve our., old 'tabus' i (rules of con-
duct) or would be stricken with le
. prosy," aaldj. this .daughter ? of arace
that believed in -'Divfhe Trinity 8,000
years ago and taught the power of
mind over matter centuries before
the Christian era. "I did not heed
her warning and in 1895 a red. burn
ing spot on my right cheek announc
, ed that my punishment had come. It
'reappeared off and on but not in ag
gravated, form until 1908.
"From then orl I became -worse.
'Eruptions-,' as we call them, appear
ed every three months. My face and
other parts of my body and limbs
became swollen and inflamed during
these periods. . - .
'ln March. 19ri, I was sent to
the Kalihi hospital. From that time
until i was reieaseu me omer any, x
took different kinds of treatment,
each marking a step of progress In
the manner of refining and adminis
tering the curative essence of chaul
moogra oil.
Uuring the early stages of the
work at Kalihi chaulmoogra oil was
hard to take," Mrs. Blaisdell contin
ued, describing the remedy. "At pre
sent an injection is administered once
a week,, while theremedy is taken
internally three times a week.
"Sometimes, in about 10 per cent,
of the cases, the oil brought on a le
nrosv fever, accomnanien hv prim.
lions, tuni ue iiibli uciea uairrv . . n .
not to take the capsules until these llmeS ilaSSlned. Ads!
iWHat Kind of Dollars
Have You?
There are two kinds of dollars.
"ne is never worth more than a hundred cents the
v .other grows in value. .-'....-.'
'-'The dollar placed in the savings department of the
Connecticut National Bank is the one that grows and
builds the structure of your future success. "
$ Open-an, account here today ; change your vagrant
. dollars into growing ones. .. - - -.
;f. ---. - ,- - GOVERNMENT SUPERVISION ; - . - ' i - ;-.
ogc Tvee twA.'?
f& SHC.T
had passed. This was hard to do for
we elt that we were losing time
and some of .us disobeyed. I did so,
once, and continued taking thp cap
sules during an eruption. Before 1
was on the. road - to recovery again
my recklessness had cost me the joint
of dne t,oe."
Hope of recovery, even in the leper
colony, was to be expected but it was
a revelation o learn from ithis wom
an that cheerfulness, laughter and
joy of living were the rule, rather
than the exception among the 100
odd patients at Kalihi.
"We had our afternoon teas,' our
amateur theatricals, and, of course,
is a community whose great majority
was Hawaiians, our musicales. If new
awnings were needed for the build
ings, the board of health furnished
the material and we did the sewing.
Cooperation.' was the keystone of the
station's activities-, for we knew that
the 'territory's funds were heavily
taxed to meet - the ' expense of our
treatment. .
"Our only dread was that we would
Je sent to the 'other, side' the desig
nation, we gaVe the old . leper colony
at Kalaupapa, Jsland' of Malokai.
However, nowadays, patients never,
or very ..infrequently; are sent to
Molokai. ! do not think that any of
those at Kalihi wi,ll. ever go there;
the chaulfnopiga' oil has achieved such
wonderful results.
"Thirty of the Kalihi patients were
released on parole some time before I
came out, . alsoyoi jiarole,.-. and not
one has been returned to the station
6n account of recurrence of the dis
ease. Seventy-eight patients in all
have been released on parole within
the year.'
Leprosy came to Hawaii about
1840, said Mrs.' Blaisdell, its first ap
pearance here being in a Chinese, Ig
norant of the disease tre Hawaiians
of that day failed to Hake precautions
against it until it was too late and to
day the majority of - cases is among
the members of 'that fine old race
that once ruled, supreme in the is
lands. Chaulmoogra oil is extracted from
the nuts of the chaulmoogra tree, a
native of Barman .and other Asiatic
countries. In the station grounds at
Kalihi is a young chaulmoogra -tree,
planted and cared for by the patients
the emblem of their home. .
Before her releasei-"snipsV 1 were
taken from Mrs. Jjjaisdell's kin for
bacteriological investigation she had
36 snips taken during her treatment.
The result of the last official examin
ation and a- special examination tak
en at her own request is contained
in the following statement given Mrs.
lilaisaeu my. one ol the attendine
physicians: , .. . , .
"My efforts on' "Sunday to:, obtain
from jsou at least a. few fragments
of dead bacillt from five former lo
calities chiefly affected, I must tell
you ended in complete failure, al
though I tried my best to find a few
for demonstration purposes."
Constantinople, .Turkey, Oct. 5
Via London, Oct. fi. The Fmench are
preparing to withdraw from the im
portant towns of Adana and Tarsus,
in the southern part of Anatolia to
allow the Turks to resestablish their
rule in that district, it was reliably
reported 'today.
The Current Events Class conducted
by rof. Edigar White Burraill at the
High school will b-e "changed from
Tuesday afternoons .to- Thursdays be
ginning Oct. 7 at four oclock -to' meet
the convenience of 'the large number
ot teacners wno wish to attend the
Get the habit of reading
... yiQT St ' T". '
The Connecticut
National Bank ;
Open Monday Evening from 6 to 8.
V- ' - . - : . I . S ACT Wsnufr. uj&'V
' . I , TtC Cor P t. A I MT V : ' ' ' V - u,u rrrle J
Hartford, Oct. 5. Witness to Con
necticut people's aid in helping 'to re
construct Armenia is given in a letT
ter received by State Director Mc
Donough of the Near East B,elie.f,
sent by Secretary C. V. Vickrey of
the organization from Constantinople.
In it he encloses a statement as to
America's great work in assisting the
stricken Armenians to their feet,
which was made by Minister of For
eign Affairs O. Ohanjanian, 1 who has
also been prime minister of the new
"How you would have rejoiced, to
see the fruits of your labors in Con
necticut, as I have seen them in Ar
menian during the past few days,"
wrote Secretary Vickrey to State
Director McDonough. "In every city
delegations headed by leading offi
cials, including the premier, president
the republic, governors, mayors
and- representative citizens gathered
to express their gratitude for what
America had done. The almost in
variable refrain was: 'A little more
4 CUT glass ' MJff
f - - ir mil -if - -i-l . J
'' Buy. now; it will not be any cheaper next spring. ;
Twentyper cent, reduction sale on furniture with
some exceptions.
. Ten to 15 per cent, on rugs. .
The one best opportunity to furnish or refurnish, to
completely habilitate, or to add to here and there.
The reductions are unusual and worth while. For
example, if you buy $500 worth of furniture you get it for
$400. Large' or .small amounts in the same proportion.
Look in our display windows and see the silk floss roll edge
mattress in art ticking. . Special price $25.85; reduced
from $35. It is a genuine. bargain. - , , . ,
Why not choose now? Let us shotv you... -
than a year ago our people, exiled
from their homes, were dying by the
thousands; of starvation.' We are here
and alive today because American re
lief came in 'time to save us. Please
assure-America of our undying grati
tude.' "Most of all, you would have "been
thrilled and impressed by the thou
sands of children war orphans
as they ..marched by in review
bright, healthv boys and girls-
snatched from the clutches of star
vation now healthy and well-fed and
happy in the care of our .Near iiast
orphanages and workers.
"I know of no more strategic in
vestment anywhere than - m tne lives
of these orphan children, m training
them for future leadership, xney
of course, constitute but a portion of
our work for the coming year, as
it has not been, possible for the hun
dreds, of thousands of exiled Armen
ians to get back -to their homes since
the signing of the peace treaty, and
although they are doing their best
with the resources, at - hand in a
strange land, many of them will re
quire aid during the coming year, or
until the allies make effective the re
cently executed . treaty with Turkey.
Tou may well be proud of the life
saving, if indeed not nation-saving,
work in which you have had so large
a part."
After . expressing Armenia appre
ciation of America's aid during the
past few years through the work of
the Near East Relief, Foreign Min
7 tX
ster Ohanjanian said: "We ask no
charity. Ouf people are eager to
work, and history shows that they
excel in producing large returns from
a small capital, tout first they must
have enough food to carry ithem
through the next twelve months,
when they will have brought under
cultivation enough reclamed land to
make themselves agriculturally self
supporting. And secondly, .they should
have enough clothing, fuel, tools,
agricultural implements, seed and
transportation facilities to give them
a start in reclaiming their waste land
and natural reserves, in order that
they may in time fully and gratefully
repay any; aid granted to, them now,
through loans or otherwise."
Store Hours, 9 A. M. to
Hosiery just received- -on sale tomorrow indicating
the-downward trend of prices.
Our hosiery" stocks were low and we bought plenty of new hosiery
to replenish our . assortments and all are at the latest low prices the market
offers, and " as we -buy, we sell." , 7 .
With those of recent purchases are some of our regular stock at new
and lower prices.
-This is an excellent opportunity to supply your hosiery needs at
prices lower than you have been paying in the past.
These are from a well known maker and are a $4.50 value.1
lanese Silk irr black only. .
Silk Hose at $1,95
These are so called manufacturers irregulars and have slight defects very sel
dom noticeable. The assortment includes many of all silk while others have lisle
tops and, soles. Som& have embroidered insteps and others are clocked. Colors are
black,' white, cordovan and brown. .
This assortment includes values up to $4.50.
Drop Stitch Hose at $1.33
Silk drop stitch hose "and plain silk
hose in black and cordovan. ... Formerly
$1.45 and $1.87. . - ,
Children's Hose
Extra, good quality that will stand
heavy school wear.-
White and black, regular 50c .. ... 39c
Regular up to 69c .... 59c
Cordovan, black, white and Russian
calf, regular up to 89c .... 79c
Many a day since-we
fashion machine and have the same likeable features
are made with seam in
Announcement' of special interest
to women
For the remainder of this week and all -next
week, we have secured the services of Miss Cole
from the Woodworth Laboratories, Rochester, N.
Y., for a special demonstration of Woodworth Pro
ducts, Featuring Fiancee and Garden Fragrance
Perfume's 4 : : Toilet Waters
Powders - Talcum Powders'
Rouge , Cold Cream - .
Toilet Goods Section, Main Floor. -
Paris, Oct. 6. Millions of -francs
were won and lost across the bac
carat tables and. the roulette wheels
in a frenzy of gambling for stakes
hitherto unknown in France during
the season which is drawing to a
close at Deauville.
Foreigners have been conspicuous
in keeping the croupiers busy passing
stakes over the green carpets. Mr.
Vagliano, a Greek ship owner, accord
ing to "L. Avenir", won s,6uu,uuu
francs at baccarat in a sitting4 of
three hours and a half at Deauville
recently. On the other hand, an
American whom the newspapers re
fer to as the "Tobacco King" is said
to have dropped 1,500,000 francs be
tween midnight and dayDreak one
niisrh't durins: the nast week.
"Oh, pshaw, it only means a little
over ?100,000," he is reportett to nave
told a consoling player.
Used By Over 4,00(.000 People for
Bed Blood. Strengthand Endurance
6 P. M.. Daily. Banram
eW fit Go.
,r jj"yyp bSbSbBbvS'
Italian Silk Hose$2.95
Australian pure wool sport
brown and green breather . .
tExtra fine
Silk Hose at 95c
had --silk hose for this, price.
the back. - Lisle tops and soles.
But the most extraordinary player .
of them all is a young Cuban, a sug
ar grower of Havana, wro is said tOi
have won about 5,000,000 francs at-:
ter losing - 3,500,000 in August.
"Whether winning or losing his face
never gives him . away to his oppo
nets and his manner of dealing re
minds one of a cat gently' stretchiinsr
out its paw," a French theatrical,
manager just returning from Deau
ville toldV journalists.
Paris, Oct. 6
interests of tho-:
that all business
United Staites combine for the purpose
of pcintly exhibiting at gerat Euro-.,
pean fairs will be made immediately -.
to the Department of Commerce by.
Dr. W. C. Huntinigton, commercial .
attache at the American embassy
here.. ,. ?
Something You Want? "Uso
Times Want Ads
Tha"f"rreatrettrtlt of ro&tA ant ..
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IRON WILL, that xuaVo- famous
merchant out ai a humbla ciark, a
millionaire out f a pennies JjMni
Tant, a Uncota out of a w
chopper often corns from rod bload
rich ia fron. -
"Do yon lask rore of &elsSoB,
energy, And atamaouT Are your
ambitions greater Snaa,- your
strength ? ' You need aof be As- i.
couraged, says Dr. James Sullivan, .
formerly of Bellevua Hospital (Out
door Deot.), New York, and West-'
Chester County Hospital. "By feed
ing the' blood pure organic iron
Nuxated Iron many a weak, run
down, discouraged man. baa changed
to a red-blooded American, full of
force and energy that win success." ,
Nuxated Iron is used and endorsed
by former United States Senators . '
and Members of Congress, and by
such world-known men as Fader
tfwski, ex-Premier of Poland. It
often increases strength and en- .
-durance in two weeks' time.
5075 Phone Noble 895
First quality Mi-
Wool Sport Hose
Comfortable and warm and very smart
when worn with oxfords.
: Those of cotton and wool mixture in
brown, blue and green heather shades.
.... .... J5... .... .... $2.95
hose in
quality wool, drop stitch
.'. . . . $3.95
These are-iade on a full
of full fashioned hose, and
$2.00 value
New Bandea
' - -----
There is one style in white
of a heavy mesh and a style in
pink of fine mesh in sizes 34
to 44. Our regular 59c gretde,
specially priced at
Corset Section Main Floor.

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