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Do you
it s toasted
To seal in the
delicious Burley
tobacco flavor.
Mayflower's Mast Supports Schoolroom
That a picture of the Madonna pro
voked the assault made by Burns De
tective. Fred C. Bozeman upon Frank
Cozza, durins the ice raids last June,
is the answer which Bozeman makes
to Cozza's suit complaint filed in the
Superior court. Boeman admits the
aasault but insists Uuut it was in line
of his duty as a policeman of the
local force to clean up the vice of
the city: He adds furtuer that when
he was questioning Cozaa as to his
relations. with a woman, Cozza took a
picture of the Madonna from his
pocket and called up the Madonna to
witness the truth of his statements.
There Bozeman says his patience end
ed and he assaulted Cozza, although
he did not seriously injure him.
A Remarkable Home Treatment
Given by One Who Had It.
In the year of 1893 I was attacked by
Muscular and Sub-Acute Rheumatism.
I suffered as only those who are thus
afflicted know for over three years. I
tried remedy after remedy, but such
relief as I obtained was only tempo
rary. Finally I found a treatment that
cured me completely and such a piti
ful condition has never returned. I
have given it to a number who were
terribly afflicted, even bedridden, some
of them seventy to eighty years old,
and the results were the same as in
my own case.
I want every sufferer from any form
of muscular and sub-acute (swelling
at the joints) rheumatism, to try the
preat value of -my improved "Home
Treatment" for its remarkable heal
ing1 power. Don't send a cent; sim
ply mail your name and address, and
I will send it free to try. After you
have used it, and it has proven itself
to be that long-looked for means of
getting rid of such forms of rheuma
tism, you may send the price of it.
One Dollar, but understand I do not
want your money unless you are per
fectly satisfied to send it. Isn't that
fair? "Why suffer any longer, when
relief is thus offered you free. Don't
delav. Write today.
Mark H; Jackson, 106O Durston Bldg.,
Syracuse, N. Y.
Mr. Jackson is responsible. Above
statement true.
It has been discovered that the masts of the famous "Mayflower," in
which the Pilgrims first arrived in America, are actually the pillars which
are supporting a Sunday school room In the Congregational church in Abing
don, England. The picture shows one of the masts supporting the schoolroom.
Connecticut Dry Agent
Says He Refused Bribes
Hartford "Sure I have been offer
ed money," said Thomas C. McAuliffe
i yesterday when asked whether he had
; been offered money in connection
i with his work as federal prohibition
; enforcement officer for Connecticut,
j "Not only have I been offered money,
j but every agent under my direction
I has been so approached," declared
' McAuliffe, "but in every instance, the
: offers have been refused and the ac
j cused presented for prosecution."
Mr. McAuliffe said yesterday that
' so far as Connecticut was concerned,
1 no direct effort had been made to
bribe the agents to permit the trans
I portation of liquors, the bribes having
I been offered after the arrests had
been made, the purpose being to se
, cure the release of the prisoners so
they would not be presented in court.
lie declared tha't the fact that every
person arrested in the state for viola
tion of the prohibition law had been
presented for prosecution was suffi
cient to indicate that the bribes had
not been accepted.
When told that the federal authori
ties in Boston had demanded that
William J. McCarthy, McAuliffe's su
perior, give all information in his
possession relative to the offering of
money for lax enforcement of the
prohibition law, McAuliffe said this
had already been freely given in
Mr. McAuliffe. when asked con
cerning one specific instance where a
bribe had been offered to him men
tioned a case in Bridgeport, but de
clined to name the man who had of
fered the. bribe, he said the informa
tion had been turned over to the
office of the United States attorney-general.
Tokio Mount Asama, the volcanic
peak which dominates the upland
missionary resort of Karuirawa. is
again in eruption. Recently thun
derous explosions shook the entire
district, followed by the bursting forth
from the crater of the mountain of
an immense quantity of ashes and
lava. The prevailing Tnoonlight dis
appeared in the blackened shroud and
a series of earth shocks tended to in
crease the alarm of the inhabitants
of the entire surrounding district as
far as Takasaki and Maebashi. No
loss of life is reported but many peo
ple are preparing to leave the towns
at the foot of the mountain.
Coughs and Colds
That "Hang On"
A Real Menace To Every
bodyHow To Get Rid
of Them.
If you can
not get rid of
your cough or
cold, if in
spite of what
vou are doing
for it, it still
hangs on, you
are in very
real danger.
The longer
vou have this
irritating cold or long-standing cola
the more your resisting power is
lowered and the greater need lor a
wholesome food tonic.
You will find the strength-giving
resistance power to get rid of that
eold or cough in Father John's Medi
cine. It soothes and heals the breath
ing passages, drives off impurities
and actually re-builds wasted flesh
and strength.
You can give Father John's Medi
cine to any member of your family
(vith entire safety because it is guar
anteed free from alcohol or dangerous
drugs in any form whatever.
House War Investigating Commit
tee after three hours- debate struck
from the report charges of needless
sacrifice of the lives of American sol
diers on Armistice Hay.
Will Send Handsome Glasses on
Trial to Anyoa
"Everyone who wears glasses or
suffers from eye strain, will be in
terested in the remarkable offer of
the Chicago Spectacle House. Dept.
B-642, 1462 W. Madison St.. Chicago.
111., to send a pair of their large size
"True Vision Olasses" Free on trial,
to any reader of this paper who
writes them. These splendid glasses
will enable anyone to read the small
est print, thread the finest needle,
see far and near, and prevent eye
strain and headaches. They are 10
Karat Gold Filled, very handsome
in appearance and should last a life
time. Don't send any money. Sim
ply your name, address and age and
state the length of time you have
been wearing glasses. Tliey will send
you the glasses at once, by prepaid
parcel post, to use and wear for 10
days free. If you are satisfied in
every way and want to keep them,
you are then to pay the small charge
of $2.95, otherwise return the glasses
and you ate out nothing.
If you accept their offer at once,
they will ! enclose the glasses in a
beautiful, 1 velveteen lined. spring
bVJ1; pocl;et book spectacle case,
which is to" be yours free of all cost.
-Adv. I
Paul Dietz, Owner of Casino
In State Street, Assumes
Active Management
Paul Dietz has assumed the active
management of the Casino in State
street, due to the resignation of
Samuel Howard whose resignation
took place several days ago.
Mr. Dietz purchased the Casino
some time ago and has now decided
to handle the managerial end of the
Casino in the future.
The Casino, which is one of the
largest auditoriums of its kind in
Connecticut, comfortably accommo
dates more than 450 0 persons and
will be the scene of many big ath
letic, boxing- and wrestling tourna
ments as many forthcoming local af
fairs are to be held by prominent
local societies.
The entire floor has been com
pletely renovated and is now the
finest dancing floor in the state.
Mr. Dietz is well known in this
city and recently leased, for a long
term of years, the Bostwick theatre
corner of Bostwick and Wordin ave
nues in the West End.
Communications may be left at the
Abercrombie News siore.
Tonight at the Stratford theatre
the D. W. Griffith feature, "The Love
Flower," will be repeated in connec
tion with the regular program.
Representative Fairchild of Strat
ford, will introduce today at Hart
ford a bill covering the proposed
bond issue for schools at Stratford.
This matter that has been under con
sideration and discussion for some
little time 18 more urgent than ever
at the present writing due to the re
cent High school Are which has made
a bad school condition critical.
Prompt action will give the local
school authorities a chance to have
things school-wise in nearly a nor
mal condition by the time the fall
term opens.
Tonistht the American Legion team
plays basketball with the team from
the Lake Torpedo Boat company at
Tuttle auditorium. At the same time
on the Stratford alleys the young
ladies from the American Tube &
Stamping company will roll the misses
from the General Electric.
The first place .at Paradise Green
to show signs of life in the morning
and the las tplace to darken its in
terior at night is the store operated
by Seymour Wei's. It may be open
all night for all we know, for we
have never yet seen it closed. It
is the resting place for trolley and
Jitney crews, and the utility store
for residents of the Green. It is
one of those places where refresh
ments, newspapers, tobacco and most
everything from gasoline to candles
may be secured. It is a friend in
It is here, too, that one of the fa
mous stove leagues is in session sum
mer and winter, and every current
tonic of interest comes in for con
sideration and oftimes panning.
Washington Bridge, the bonus bill,
politics, school bonds, council man
ager governments. Are departments.
baseball, murders, prize fights, fox
hunting, coal dealers, gas meters,
good roads, rotten roads, motor vehi
cle tax, jitney regulation, street oar
service and otherwise, movie vamps,
bowling, ice skating, strikes, and the
high cost of living come in for their
share of attention with many more
subjects on the calendar. Right
now the allied conference is a head
liner and as' far as the stove league is
concerned it is all settled right now.
It might be just as well for the com
munity and for the country at large
if some of the much argued questions
were settled right here sure enough.
Here the pulse of the every day folk
is truly shown, and at least quick ac
tion would prevail. Drop in some
night. An argument is guaranteed.
No matter what you bring up some
one will agree with you and some one
else will tell you, you are crazy. It's
a gTeat life if you don't weaken.
Adjustments on the matter of fire
insurance have been completed since
the High school fire and it is probable
that an amount slightly in excess of
$20,000 will soon be in the hands of
thes chool or town authorities. It is
expected that now it will be possible
to arrange for, and push work on re
modelling the remains of the old
High school building, which will
eventually become one of the gram
mar schools.
"He is bright," they often say about
a person. You feel envious, but there
is no reason to do so. Medical science
today tells one that brightness or
mental activity is nothing more than
bodily activity. Every one has the
brain, but many brains are dulled be
cause the person is "lazy." Physi
cians tell you that laziness is not a
condition, but rather an ailment. Seek
the cause and the laziness disappears
and the mental activity appears.
The best way of discharging the
lazy feeling is to clear the pores of
the body. First take a Turkish bath,
then have a good rub under the hands
of an expert. You will feel the differ
ence immediately. Do this at the At
las Turkish bath and then consult
Alex Maisel in eharge. He is an ex
pert and will tell you how to restore
your bodily and mental vigor. He
does not charge for advice.
The final meeting of the local
A.A.TJ. committee will be held tonight
In the Board of Recreation rooms. All
novice entries should be in the hands
of the committee tonight or they will
be considered out of the meet. Re
ports on all tickets should be made
to J. J. Corr before Saturday.
Government weather forecasters
predict cold and probably fair weather
will prevail in Washington during the
inauguration of President-elect Harding.
Lawrence Sidebottom, soprano so
loist in the choir of St. John's Episco
pal church on Fairfield avenue will
sing at the monthly musical service
on Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Master Sidebottom nas attracted
much attention recently by his ex
cellent rendition of classic selections.
The choir director, Alvin C. Breul,
has arranged the. program that the
public may have an opportunity to
hear him to advantage in Foster's
great anthem, "The Souls of the
Righteous," and-Gounod's memorable,
"Sanctus," from the St. Cecilia Mass,
in both instances accompanied by the
vested choir.
strrr goes over.
The suit of the Sterling Tire Com
pany, Inc., of New Jersey, against A.
J. Gallagher, of this city, was not fin
ished at the close of yesterday's ses
sion of the Superior Court and went
over until next Tuesday, because of
today's adjournment or court on ac
count of the funeral of Justice Wil
liam S. Case. This suit involves the
purchase of goods from the company,
the payment for which is in dis
pute. A new schedule of part-time work
ing hours, to go into effect immedi
ately, was announced by the Standard
Oil Co. of New Jersey, affecting 4,5 00
employes at Bayonne.
Anti-Soviet rising in Russia, was
confirmed in reports received in offi
cial circles at London.
Instantly Opens Every Air
Passage Gears Throat
If your nostrils are clogged and
your head is stuffed because of nasty
catarrh or a cold, apply a little pure,
antiseptic cream into your nostrils. It
penetrates through every air passage,
soothing and healing swollen, in
flamed membranes and you get in
stant relief.
Try this. Get a small bottle of Ely's
Cream Balm at any drug store. Your
clogged nostrils open right up: your
head is clear; no more hawking or
snuffling. Count fifty. All the stuffi
ness, dryness, struggling for breath is
gone. You feel fine. Adv.
George McDonald, promoter of the
Olympia, London, has offered Tex
Rickard $750,000 and motion picture
championship fight between Dempsey
and Carpentler.
Thomas W. Keelin, head of a firm
of hay and grain dealers bearing his
name, has been ousted irom une i;m
cago Board of Trade charged with
short weight on feed- sales.
J fr
7"; I ii I
1 Wei;
r ,
Cuticura Beautifies
; Your Complexion
t The daily ns of thff Soao clauses r-ttd
pirririfls thr scores o the s&n, thus prevent
ing butckhaad and pimples. The Oint
ment used orcaafenvUIy, as needed, soothes
and heals any irritation or roughness.
They are ideal for the toilet as is also
Cuticura Talcum for perfuming.
SiunpU 1Mb TrMftr Mil. Address: "OweTa Lab-ratorlM.Opt.lTf.XaUn4S,lCui."Soldvery-wsgrs
Soap Sc. Qintmant Kind BOe. Talctxra 25c.
Cuiicaya Soap shaves without rauv.
David Lamar, known as the "Wolf
of Wall Street," has begun to serve
his sentence of one year in the Tren
ton penitentiary.
It is reported in London peace will
be signed between France and Turk
ish Nationals propably today or be
fore the -end of the week.
Whaf perfecr skin-
The charm of a radiant, healthy
skin is within the reach of practical
ly erery woman. Resinol Soap and
Ointment do not wrk miracles but
they do make red, rough, blotchy,
oily skiDS clearer, fresher and more
attractive. Use them regularly for
a few days and see how your skin
Resinol Shaving Stick soothes tender
skins. Resinol products at all druggists.
Jewelers and Opticians
6 mv3X.ttmiKMm3gB!L-l
Established 1SS5
At Old Low Prices
Gravy ladles, cream ladles, berry spoons, toon bon
spoons, pie servers, olive spoons, sugar spoons and
many other fancy solid sterling pieces may now be
obtained in new patterns at the old low prices.
Some as low as $1.50.
At the Sign of the Chimes
This Store Closes at 6 P. M. Daily. s
1061 Main Si ana hi to 149 fair field Ave.
Bridgeport's Busy Cash Store
Our Big Display of Enchanting Silks Will Give
You Joyful Visions for Spring Showing
There was never a more interesting Event plan
ned for Women than "Silk Week." It is just to a
woman's liking to select beautiful Silken Fabric for
their Spring and Summer Needs, when
she knows that the Silks are unequal in
Quality and of charming colorings. Such
is the case in this offering of Silks in con
nection with the "National Silk
Week." We have made a big ef
fort to procure the latest
1 m -
weaves ana patterns in
all the desirable Silk for
Spring and Summer. Don't Fail to Visit Our Showing.
The Silk Dept.
is near the Fair
field Avenue entrance.
Have You Seen the "Mrs. Harding Blue"?
It has been a point of discussion with Wornen in every walk of life What will it be?
Her iavorue nas neen mue ana we are suowuig mis pun11"" weetvo
'i0 inch Mrs. Harding Blue, Pussy Willow Taffeta
36 inch Mrs. Harding Blue. Silk DeLuxe a fine knitted Silk
S3. SO a d.
2.25 yd.
New Spring Cotton Challies
36 inch wide
fa 17c a yd.
A new shipment of
Beautiful Spring
Challies have arrived.
They are shown in
Persian. Dresdenes
and Floral Designs.
There is a wide range
to choose from. It is
the ideal fabric for
making new spring
comfortables, also for
drapery use.
17c a yd.
Men's Long Wear
ing Madras Shirts
They are made of such good quality
woven madras that nothing but long
wear can be said of them. Yet with
that important feature that every
man looks to. they are offered in a
pleasing variety of novel stripes,
some are wide, others are fine and
both. They have the soft cuffs, and
are substantially made. This is not
the only value here, there are many
others from which you will like to
select from. $1.25
Up in the laboratory, bending
over the microscope, sits the
Bacteriologist, who examines
ana passes on uie xwu o."
water of a great city's people. I
Although scarcely known and
splrirtTn seen, lie holds the I
health of the community in the
palm of his hand and the scope
of his eyesight for the find
ings of his microscope would
mean nothing unless, human
Eyes were there to read.
Tour own personal welfare
and success lays subject to
your own watchful vision and
eyesight efficiency.
Have an eyesight examina
tion periodically and no dis
ordsr can gain great headway.
Our knowledge is at your dis
posal. R. M. LEONARD
991 MAIN ST.
Prompt Deliveries Are As
sured Allien Leaving
Your Order Here.
Washburn & Carbon St.
Branch Office 1370 State St.
Phone Bar- 3701
. L. Watson & Co
Stocks & Bonds
Mceoben If. . Stock Eiime
J. H. S1ADE. Pres. & Sec.
H. M. EBIKSON, Vice Pres. & Treas.
Phone Bar. 7933-2
Expert Renovators of Ladies' and Gents' Hats
Manufacturers and Retailers of Men's Soft, Stiff and Velour Hats.
Ladies' Silk Sailors Made to Order and Reblocked.
B IS al
Lieberum & Heaphy
146 Austin St. 339 South Av.
Embalmeri and Undertakers
Telephone Barnum 15-2
1849 Stratford Ave.
Telephone Noble 1750.
Res. 75 James St. Barnum 4850
with our depositors in making
each transaction efficient and sat
isfactory. New Checking Accounts
are invited.
James Staples M&4
Private Bankeks
129 state street
Established 18V4
Undertaker and Embalmer.
Main St., Stratford, Conn.
Office Tel., Stratford 82
Post Office Bldg.
Calls answered any hour of day or
T 20 h
Margaret John
Graduate and Licensed
Undertakers and Emba'mers
Margaret L. Gallagher, only li
censed graduate woman embalm
er and undertaker in the city.
Mortmir,' parlors, offices and res.
S71 'airfieia Ave Phone Bar. 1390
Formerly Examiner U.S. Fatent Office
Send for Booklets on Patents.
Advertise in The Times
315 John Street
'Phone 3498
Residence 235 Vine 3t.
'Plpne 1269
Automobile Service If Preferred.
Tel. Bar. 6848 -2.
and Embalmers
335 Wash. Ave. Tel Bar. 640S.
Calls Answered Day or Night.
Undertakers and Embalmers
866 Lafayette St.. Bridgeport, Ct.
George B Hawley, 113 Washing
ton Ten ace; Edward H. Wilmot,
865 Clinton Ave. Phone Bar. 281.
Residence Barnum 3892-3. Funeral
Parlors, 588 State St. Telephone
Uarmim 3892-2. Calls received at
anv hour of the day or night.

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