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ok D Read co
VLZ7 Broad Street Bridgeport
8C51 Ctapel-St.few.Haven, It Nb- B'way, Yonkers, 311 Sixth Ave.,. N. Y.
62 Years of Leadership
This is Silk Week
This is Silk Week
in cPianos
HplrftS is the Sonnenberg record
and it sone we feel proud of It
means that the parents and grand
parents of the residents of this town
bought at Sonnenbergs as their child
ren are doing today
Get Your Piano
Now At Sonnenbergs
m m
Notable Makes We Carry
Sterling Oliver
Huntington Vose
Mendelssohn Stieff
Neivton Merrill
After Mother Kad Been Re
stored to Health by Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Salisbury, Mass. "For seven years
I had a female trouble and such bearing-
Idown nams I coulu
I hardly do my nous.
iworK. the aoctj
aid, 'If you ci
have another baby
it might be the best
thing for you but I
am afraid you can
not. 1 began tak
fing Iydia E. Pink-
lam'H Vegetable
J Compound and my
jbai .y waa born on
1 'Peace Day'. If
women would only take your Vegetable
Compound they would have better
health. I always recommend your Veg
etable Compound to the neighbors. "
Mrs. Tracy Patten, 2 Lincoln Ave.,
Salisbury, Massachusetts.
The experience of maternity should
not be approached without careful phy
sical preparation, as it is impossible for
a weak sickly wife to bring healthy
children into the world.
Therefore if a woman is suffering
from a displacement, backache, inflam
mation, ulceration, bearing-down pains,
headaches, nervousness or 'the blusa"
she should profit by Mrs. Patten's ex
perience, take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound and be restored
to health.
Tho American Knginoering Council
of the Federated American Engineer
ing Societies ypnt to President-elect
Harding: a communication asking: that
an engineer be appointed assistant
secretary of war. Another communi
cation requested Mr. Harding to name
fin engineer for the vacancy on the
Interstate Commerce Commission.
I M . .......
k f"y-s.. V '." 'V 'V
Home-made Remedy
Stops Coughs Quickly
Tlif bent cougrh mMm yon ever
y usm. Aiamuy enpiiry easily ana
auicklr made. Saves about
9 v t
You might be surprised to know that
the best, thin;; you can use for a severe
cough, is a remedy which is easily pre
pared at home in just a few moments.
It's cheap, but for prompt results it
beats anything else you ever tried. Usu
ally stops the ordinary cough or chest
cold in 24 hours. Tastes pleasant, too
children like it and it is pure and good.
Pour 2'j ounces of Pincx in a pint
bottle; then fill it up with plain granu
lated sugar syrup. Or use clarified
molasses, honey, or corn syrup, instead
of sugar syrup, if desired. Thus you
make a full pint a family supply but
costing no more than a small bottle of
ready-made cough syrup.
And as a cough medicine, there is
really nothing better to be had :tt any
price. It goes right to the spot and
Wives quick, lasting relief. It promptly
teals the inflamed membranes that line
he throat and air passages, stops the
innoying throat tickle, loosens the
phlegm, and soon your cough stops en
tirely. Splendid for bronehitis. croup,
hoarseness and bronchial asthma.
Pinex is a highly . concentrated com
pound of Norway pine extract, famous
for its healing effect on the membranes.
To avoid disappointment ask vonr
druggist for "2V; ounces of rinex" with
directions, and don't accept anything
else. Guaranteed to eive absolute satis
faction or money refunded. The Pines
Co., Ft Wayne, Ind.
New Crane Installs Huce Ship Machinery
I wwgMiwiw" m iwiiii mmm
The only place in the world where ships of 30,000 tons displacement
and upward can be litted out afloat under a glass roof. Clearance in the wet
dock at the New York Shipbuilding plant in Camden, NT. J., is approximate
ly 125 feet. Immediately under the glass roof are the runways for the large
traveling crane which map be noticed suspended above the steamship Wenat
chee. shown in the picture. This crane is used for the installation of pro
pellers and other heavy parts on the big passenger ships, while in past
years the same crane was used for the installation of guns, turrets and other
heeavy steel parts used in the construction of battleships.
City Ownership
Shows Profits
Raleigh. X. C. Besides owning and
operating its own water works, elec
tric plant, ice plant, opera house and
a railroad four miles long the little
il.v v urrenion, w arren county,
North Carolina, with a pouplation of
less than 1,000 la also building a hotel
to cost $140,000 to be paid for by a
bond issue.
The municipality owned railroad
runs from YVarrenton to Warren
Plains, where it connects with the
Seaboard Air Line Railway, it being
the only line entering Warrenton.
"We have made a profit on all of
our municipally owned enterprises,
except our opera house, and we
haven't lost much on it," declared
Tas-ker H. Polk, prominent lawyer
and member of tlte Warrenton Board
of Aldermen.
Warrenton is one of the oldest
townd in the state. Horace Greeley
was married there in 1S36.
Bronco Busters
Passing Out
Of Business
It is reported Rear Admiral Gary
T. Grayson will continue as physician
to President Wilson.
The bill repealing the daylight sav
ing law, passed last week by the New
York Assembly, was advanced to the
order of final passage in the Senate.
Rely on Cuticura
To Clear Away
Skin Troubles
A decision that the prisoners
were mentally unrtt. has removed the
cases of lnis Kolveke, of Westport,
charged with burglary and Frank
Ware, of this city. charged with a
serious statutcwv offense. from the
criminal superior court docket. TliCl
men were taken to Middletown In
sane hospital, yesterday, tor treat
Denver. Bronco Busters of the
northern Rocky Mountain states are
about to go out of business, according
to reports lrom omcials of wild west
and frontier shows. The reason is
tnere aren t any witrl horses to oust
At least-'not around Wyoming and this
part of the country.
But down in Arizona they have wild
horses to eat. There are 10,000 of
them. They ibelong to the San Carlos
Indians who have a reservation not
far from Globe. But there isn't much
chance of getting the Arizona ponies
for the bronco busters of Wyoming
for the Indians won't give them up.
The day of the wild herds of horses
roaming the plains of Wyoming and
adjacent states has been growing rap
idly shorter with the encroachment
of civilization. More and more
ranches are being fenced in. herds of
cattle are reduced or confined and to
make the matter worse for the ex
istence of the wild steeds, oil drilling
camps have been extended over wide
areas of Wyoming, northwestern Col
orado and Utah.
But down on the San Carlos Indian
reservation there are 10,000 wild
steeds, roaming at will over the fields,
destroying mile after mile of grazing
land which might be put into good use
for cattle, and turning green grass of
. " . i the .prairie into a scrawny covering
Paris. The Rumanian government. for thelr bones which hardly make
with the object of checking the j even a decent meal for an Indian.
strong anabaptist movement in The cattlemen have tried to buv
Tansylvania. has issued a decree for- I ;nem but the Indian's wouldn't listen.
bidding a change ..f religion without I The government, through A. H. Sv-
permission ot the Ministry 01 tae in- I monds Indian agent, offered to pur-
terior, says a dispatcn from buchar- ' chase them at about $6 a head, invest
For Inauguration Day
A Piece of Genuine Harding Blue
will be displayed on a table in the center aisle
Friday, March fourth
Mallison's Indestructible Chiffon named in honour of
the first lady of the land
Positively the first appearance of this blue
Much talk has there been of Harding Blue and
this one has said, and that one has said, but Mallison's
issued their decree, "No sight of X until March
Fourth," and kept their word, swearing their patrons
uto secrecy. Only by promising that this chiffon
should not be shown until Inauguration Day could the
material be obtained by our buyer.
Displayed at the Lace Section, main floor.
Flouncings and Novelties
in gay profusion of coloring
Eyelet Taffeta Flouncing, very lacy looking, navy
. blue in color.
Embroidered Georgette and Venise Lace in a
pretty soft shade of tan. Used extensively for vestees,
srilets, stomachers and collars.
Roman Sashes, varicolored of course, with edges
of blue, red, gold, black and henna, and fringed at the
ends. This promises to be one of the most popular
accessories shown this spring.
Embroidered Pongee, symmetrical dots in green,
Alice blue, rose and brown. Width 34 inches.
Trimming Section, main floor.
Becoming to all VVomen
is the glow of candlelight
At candlelight times, at supper ta
bles, or "twixt the gloamin' and the
mirk" your favourite color has a promin
inent place, as there are candles to be
had in all w-anted shades.
Hand Dipped, three lengths, 8, 10 and 1?
inches. In pastel or the darker tones,
rose, coral, pink, red, mocha, old blue,
yellow, white, mulberry and mahogany.
17, 25 and 30 els. each.
Boudoir Candles, old blue, old gold, orange, yellow.white
pink, rose and olive green. Box of one dozen. 70 cts.
Colonial Candles packed six in a box, light and delicate
shades, together with green and red. 75 cts.
Candles in Adam style, 10 inches long, six in a box. In a
room furnished in the Adam period these candles will find
iheir right place. Old gold, old blue, white, brown, laven
der and orange. 75 cts.
Birthday Candles for cakes and any other decorative use
where candles can play the part. Packed four dozen in a
box, pink, rose, yellow, blue, green, red and white. 50 cts.
stamped to embroider
Fine cambric, a very
acceptable quality,
stamped in most attrac
tive floral designs. There
are round and V-necks
and short sleeves to be
finished in buttonhole
stitch. Sizes 16 and 17,
and the models are made
nice and full,
$1.00 each
Art Department, main floor.
Women's Vests
Fine cotton in light
Low neck in regular
and bodice top.
Regular sizes, 50 cts
Extra sizes, 59 cts
Same styles but in lisle
Regular sizes, 59 cts
Extra sizes, 65 cts
Main floor.
Daintiest of all Feminine Frills
are the "Silk Undies"
And the colors are adorable, and the styles cor
rect in every way, plain tailored or beruffled and be
laced in a fascinating manner.
New garments recently unpacked are now ready
for display.
Envelope Chemise in Crepe de Chine and satin,
white and flesh tint, are tailored or quite lacv in effect,
$3.79 and $4.50 up
Tailored Envelope Chemises of white satin, $5.00
"Step-in" Garments of flesh colored Crepe de
Chine and satin, $8.50 and $7.00 up
Princess Slips made with camisole tops, Crepe de
Chine and satin in exquisite shades of blue, flesh and
orchid, $12.50 and $15.00
Satin Camisoles, flesh color, lace trimmed and
made with straps, , $1.25
Camisoles, satin and Crepe de Chine, white and
flesh tint, a large assortment, tailored or lace trimmed
and with straps or "built-up" shoulders,
$1.50, $2.00 to $6.00
Bodices in navy blue and black satin made with
the "built-up" shoulder. These are acceptable for
wear under dark Georgette waists, $2.50
Petticoats, flesh and white Crepe de Chine and
satin, tailored or very fancy lace trimmed. The
daintiest things imaginable, $7.00, $7.50 and up
Negligees, most becoming styles of Crepe de
Chine, embroidered or with much lace trimming.
Pastel colorings, pink, blue, coral, orchid, rose and
Copenhagen, and for those who wish wistaria and
black, $12.50, $15.00, $16.50 and up
Short Sacques, satin or Crepe de Chine in slip-on
and belted models. Delicate shades of pink, blue,
maize, rose and orchid, $6.00, $7.00 and up
Boudoir Caps of Crepe de Chine and satin, plain
or fancy, $1.00 to $1.50 up
Bloomers of Crepe de Chine in flesh and white.
Specially priced at $4.95
Second ffbor.
Koyal Society Package Embroidery
New Designs
Combinations of fine white voile to be worked in
pink, blue and green, quite unusual and something:
new, $1.75
Nightgowns of nainsook to be done in white,
$2.25 and $2.50
Dressing Sacque of blue voile with pink and blue
stitching, $1.50
Fancy Aprons of sheer lawn with pink, green and
blue nicely blended in small floral designs, 40 cts
Main flor, north aisle.
Che D ro Read c$
Okd Read c$
est by the Hungarian news agency.
The anabaptists deny the efficacy of
infant baptism and insist on baptism
by immersion.
The Tale indoor polo team will
play Troop C of Squadron A, X. Y.
N. G. in New York, March 9. Prince
ton trio will play the troop team
March 16.
dians also have about 2,000 wild
burros which they say they will keep.
"And when an Indian maJces up nis
mind." Mr. Symonds eays, "you've got
to have patience to get him to change
it They are proud of the horses
and burros for some reason and al-
mougn some -
tried to persuade them to accept the
oners maae, su . u.-
to sell."
Sometimes in the isolated mountain
canons horses are tound running
lUUSt, UUl Wlliro ' ' "
termed wild, they usually belong to
, V,, li '1 t; let 1 I, i, r.i ...in
some rancuea w.. - "- - -
loose . vrld duituh ure ntfyueiii u
vr,-i,L ns-m of Arizona and occa-
soinally are found in Utah. But the
old wild horse nerus oi me muuuwui
plateau regions have, gone, probably
Austrian Tots
Need Relief To
Grow Properly
the money into cattle ana save the
meat from the horses, giving it back
to the Indians for winter tooo.
But the Indians would have none
of it. The hprses are worthless, even
for hides. They cannot De aomesti
cated and the meat isn't much of a
delicacy, but the Indians insist" on
their age old prerogative to have
their herds out on the open prairie
even as their fathers did. The In-
Vienna Three Internationally
known Austrian physicians have join
ed in a statement to the effect that
ustrian children will remain perma
nently stunted in growth unless ade
luate relief is given immediately.
The physicians are Dr. Elselsberg,
Vienna brain specialist and one of
the leading surgeons of the city; and
. . a-rA Pimnftt. the latter
LT3. iioreu -
inventor of the tuberculin test and
for two years professor at Johns Hop
kins University.
The statement which has been made
by request says :
"We the undersigned, wish to bring
the attention of the world that re
cent statistics gathered in Vienna
show Austrian children subnormal
both in weight and height. Recent
examination of apprentices in Vienna
revealed that boys of 17 years of age
have an average height of five feet,
two inches, instead of the normal
height of five feet, six inches, and that
their weight averages 101 pounds, in
stead of a normal weight of 1146
"Altogether we may state that at
the end of juvenile growth the aver
age boys of Vienna are about four
inches below normal height and
about 16 pounds below normal
weight. Girls are correspondingly
"We also believe, from a medical
standpoint, these children will never
have their normal weight and height
but will go through life in this stunt
ed condition. We believe that chil
dren of succeeding age and classes,
unless given sufficient food will also
remain underdeveloped and so go
through life.
"An awful proof of under nourish
ment la great distortion, caused by
rickets, or limbs of nearly all the
children who come to orthepedic
"A most depressing fact in the fre
quent occurrence that young boys
and girls, asking for relief of severe
pains in their feet or legs, are ascer
tained to be dragging themselves on
on broken bones which had cracked
noiselessly and given way on account
of the unhealthful condition of their
emaciated systems. Such deplorable
developments were unheard of prev
ious to the war and can now only be
combatted by giving the children
adequate and sufficient food."
China Demands
Japs Apologize
Peking. The Chinese government
has demanded an apology and repara
tion from Japan lor tbe sinking1 last
June of a Chinese craft by fire from
a Japanese gunboat in the Amur
river, shortly after the Nikolaevsk
According to Chinese naval depart
ment reports, the Chinese boat, man
ned by one naval officer, four marines
and ii workmen, was sent nut by the
Chinese gunboat lying in the Amur
to cut wood for fuel. On its re
turn at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, a
Japanese gunboat was sighted. The
Chinese craft dropped anchor and ran
up the Chinese flag.
The Japanese gunboat Opened flre
Uand seven shots hit the hull. The
boat.s'as partially submerged in shal
low water and 34 workmen were kill
ed by gunfire or drowned in efforts
to get to shore.
I Guarantee My Ointment, Says Pete
son Kvery Box of It.
Sun rises 6:24 ft. m.
Sun sets 5:45 p. m.
Jjengtlt ot Day .... 11 h. 20 m.
Day's Increase ...... 2 U. 14 m.
High water 7:20 p. m.
Moon rise ........ 2:24 a. m.
Xxnr water . . . . . 12:52 a. m.
"If you are responsible for the health
of your family," says Peterson, of Buf
falo, "I want you to get a large 35-cent
box of Peterson's Ointment today.
"Remember, I stand back of every
box. Every druggist guarantees to re
fund the purchase price if Peterson's
Ointment doesn't do all I claim.
"I guarantee it for eczema, old sores,
running sores, salt rheum, ulcers, sore
nipples, broken breasts, itching skin,
skin diseases, blind, bleeding and itch
ing piles as well as for chafing, burns,
scalds, cuts, bruises and sunburn."
"I had 30 running sores on my leg for
11 years, was in three different hospit
als. Amputation was advised. Skin
grafting was tried. I was cured by us
ing Peterson's Ointment." Mrs. F. E.
Root, 2S7 Michigan avenue, Buffalo, N.
Y Mail orders filled by Peterson Oint
ment Co., Inc., Buffalo, N T. Adv.
"Man may work from sun to sun,
but woman's work is never done." Ja
order to keep the home neat and at
tractive, the children well dressed and
tidy, women continually overdo and
suffer in silence, drifting along from
had to Vorae, knowing full well that
they need help to overcome the paina
and aches which daily make life a
burden. Ijydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound is a medicine with
specific value which overcomes many
of the worst forms of female com
plaints, as the letters constantly be
ing published in this paper will prove.

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