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Washint&on Calvin Coolidsre is the
first Massachusetts man to hold the
office of vice president since Henry
Wilson served in the second Grant
administration nearly half a century
ago. His advent into office adds to
the prominence of his state in na
tional eovernment affairs for it is re
garded as almost certain tha Senator
Henry Cabot Lodge, will be again
chosen as Republican leader in the
Senate, and Hep. Frederick H. Gillett
as sepaker of 'the House.
Should Mr. Gillett succeed himself,
a Massachusetts man will preside
over each branch of congress, a most
unusual coincidence. More unusual
still is the fact that both Mr. Coolidge
and Mr. Gillett coBBe from the same
Congressional district, Northampton,
the home of the vice president being
in the same district as Springfield, the
home of the speaker. Both men are
graduates of Amherst college.
i Vice President Collidge is entering
upon his first service in the field of
national politics, but for 20 years he
; has been activa in the political ser-
vice of his state, rising from member
i ship in the council of his city to gov
ernor of the commonwealth.
It was "his intensive study of af
: Airs of state that first attracted to
him the attention of prominent Re
! publican leaders, notably the late Sen
' ator W. Murray Crane of Massachu-
setts. For a number of years they
; watched the development of his ca
; reer with a view to directing him into
J the natnonal political arena. Their
i opportunity came wta the spectac-
utar Boston police strike, during his
! first term as Governor, attracted na
, tlon-wide attention.
The crisis which was precipitated
by the strike, according to these
j friends, merely revealed the powers
i and courage of the man, and they
i frankly and openly seized the oppor
. tunty to press for him claims for the
; Republican Presidential nomination
; at Chicago last Jurje. They pointed
' out that as councilor in his home city
I and later as city solicitor and mayor,
ma a member of both branches of the
! legislature including a term as pres-
' frtart.t ""' V. Caontr. "1 fill Ih.Tll 5, llPll-
lenant-governor ana nnauy as gov
ernor ne na.fi ccn oiecLeu with fvti-
th vote of confidence after the po
nce siriKe w 1 1 1 j l lit w as i tni ereutcu
: governor by a plurality of 126,000.
Probably the most attractive part
: of Mr. Coolidge is his home life. Ever
I since his marriage 15 years ago, to
: Miss Grace Goodhue, of Burlington,
Vt., a University of Vermont grad
; uate whom he met as a .school teach-
er in Northampton, he has lived a
'. quiet, modest life, most of the time in
the shadow of -Smith College in a
! house which he has rented for $32.50
; a month. ,
"Save, no matter what your salary
I may be," has always been his motto
and, as he has enjoyed beyond the in
come earned in public office only
' meagre returns from his law prac
tice because of pressure of public du
: ties, he has been obliged and content
to live simply. There are two boys
in their early "teens, but all do their
bit, even to mowing the lawn.
During Mr. Coolidge's official resi
dence at Boston he and Mrs. Coo
lidge lived in apartments at a hotel.
while the boys have been away at
school. In dress, too, Mr. Coolidge
has been not extravagant, although
always immaculately attired and not
given to use of the threadbare, what
ever the popular impression to the
contrary may be.
His coming to Washington means
the presence of a man who, his
friends say, personifies the best of
American standards, not given much
to social life, perhaps, but a thor
ough student, a 'hard worker and a
clear-beaded, solid American,
New First Lady
Of Land Knows
Meaning of Work
Washington Florence Kling Hard
ing, the new First Lady of the Land,
possesses an unusual degree of pluck
and outspokeness. She has ideas of
her own on many subjects and she
does not hesitate to speak her opin
ions straight out from the shoulder.
Those who work for her count her a
kindly and delightful mistress, but
they know that any delinquency will
call dcuxn a reprimand they will not
soon forget. On occasions she has
been seen shaking a forefinger at her
husband but of course nobody
knows what that all is about.
All her life Mrs. Harding has been
a determined and tireless worker, not
only in the details of her household,
but in the broader field of business
and community welfare. She comes
of fighting blood, her father. Amos
Kling, having been a rugged power of
;he pioneer days of Marion. She was
born there, and .although in her girl
hood her parents attained to moder
ate means they were not the sort who
lean to extravagance.
When she married Mr. Harding in
1891, his newspaper, the Star, was
not yet out of the woods financially
and she went to work in its business
department. She applied herself to
advertising and circulation problems
with an eye for efficiency all along the
line. She watched the original pur
chases of print paper and materials
and she stood at thep resses and gave
instructions to the newsboys daily be
fore they started on their rounds with
the finished product.
It is said of her in Marion that
when she became, the wife of the
struggling young editor she told her
friends she expected to make him
president some day, and it is known
that at some of the most discourag
ing stages of the pre-convention cam
paign last year it was she who insist
ed most vigorously that the fight be
During life strenuous days when
thousands were marching to the front
porch of the Harding residence on
Mt. Vernon avenue, she was the most
active figure about her husband's
headquarters. She was beside him
every time he spoke at home or away;
she shook hands with as many men
and women as did he; and she was in
and out of his offices from morning
until nigh':, rounding up details ana
giving him advice on all serioup ques
tions before him.
man n mnr nnirn!
Dublin Another victim, of the
Sinn Fein's relentless warfare against
"spies" was found near Curragh
Clough today. He was a farmer who
had been taken from his home by a
band of armed, masked men and shot
to death, upon his breast was pinned
the following note:
"A convicted spy. Informers be
An unidentified man, aged about
70, was shot to death in the streets
at Cork after curfew hours.
Sean O'Brien, a resident of Charle
ville, wa killed by a bomb while run
ning towards his shop.
Washington. a child's "six-year
molars" are not the "last of the firs!
teeth, but the first of the last" and
once gone, cannot be replaced, a pub
lic health bulletin declares. Poor
health goes hand in hand with poor
chewing, it adds, urging parents to
look after children's chewers in time.
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Some Problems
Which Confront
New President
Washington. Here are some of the
more Important of the problems, in
ternational and domestic, facing the
HaHrding Administration:
Peace with Germany.
Final disposition of the Treaties of
Versailles and St. Germaine.
Decision .as to the Entry of the
TJijitea States into an Association of
International disarmament.
The Japanese-California question.
The Russian Question, including
trade with Soviet Russia.
Recognition of Mexico.
Negotiation of new treaties, diplo
matic and commercial, with Germany
and Austria and with the new nations.
Poland, Hungary and Czecho-Slova-kia.
Japanese occupation of Siberia.
Treaty with Colombia.
Disposition of the former German
cables now held by the Allies.
Recognition of the new Greek gov
ernment and settlement of the status
of the Greek loan.
Loans to allied countries, includ
ing funding of the British and other
debts to the United States.
The Anglo-French world oil agree
ment of San Remo.
Cuban relations.
Military occupation of Haiti and
"Dominican Republic.
Irish question.
Philippines independence.
Self-government for Porto-Rico.
Settlement of claims against Ger
many grown out of the war.
Settlement of claims against Mexi
co resulting from revolutions there.
Re-establishment of full diplomatic
relations with Turkey.
Disposition of the Anglo-French-American
treaty for defense of
Tax and tariff revision.
Soldier bonus.
Panama Canal tolls.
Immigration control.
General Labor policy.
Army and navy policies.
Permanent merchant marine policy.
Reorganization of government de
partments. Budget system.
Civil Service reform.
Strengthening of prohibition laws.
Anti-trust law revision.
Disposition of enemy property seiz
ed during- the war.
General reconstruction legislation
housing, farmer credits, railroad law
revision and coal and packer control.
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