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By ?p urrirea oADce Ti
Hitting The
Sport Trail
With Geo. E. Firstbrook
1 Up-To-The-Minute Sports
nest ,"Iy stu? of Connie
n.nt Jr V proox marK Bridgeport fight fans can ex
pect a feast of big things between now and Labor Day
ToSSPare .mome"ts between the box office delirium of last
FritVle J'""? cuFrent events of the world, Connie and
Fritzie are already framing up the program for the next gala
Sure it's going to be a hummer,
Red Allen vs. Johnny Dundee in
H B;"ne -"ea Alien wno was embarrassed to a 3
aegree tilt the other night when Announcer Jack McGee
uoou. jum a-iL jiiirouucTion to tne crowd.
"Well, he's the guy they are figuring to draw the ducats.
But the official announcement is cominsr. Triftv rvei- font
or it is all ready. The show will not
Marci 28, as talked of, because that
u.ie uiio 01 uie Ijiks cnanty ball,
" -""'vw iv iuud ur lnursaay mgur. or tne same week
That'll make no difference if Allen and Dundee is the card
It's a red letter head liner.
Now gretting duwn to the bigger things on the menu
JfW tne first open-air show in the
jjugaau ana cornier uaruicia look as
Then, getting down to around
June 6. Louis Bogash again, but this
wvnu weiter cnamp lor nis opponent.
. Some feast, eh, Bo?
Can't always judge a pitcher by his first year in the hushes, is the opin
ion of Gene McCann. Gene is pretty nearly correct when he recall. the
experiences of Stanley Coveleskie who spent eight years in the minors be
fore he became a glittering star for the world champion Cleveland team.
Coveleskie began his diamond career with Shamokin in 190S; the fol
lowing five years he performed with Lancaster and Atlantic City in the
Tri-State League; in 1913 he was with the Athletics, pitching in five games,
then he went to Spokane for two seasons; from Spokane he joined the Cleve
land club in 1916 and has been there since. '
"Covey's" work in the recent world's series was altogether brilliant. He
Started the first game for the Indians in Brooklyn and turned in a 3" to 1
victory, pitching against Marquard. Mamaux and Cadore. He came back
in the fourth game against the same pitchera, with Jeff Ffeffer to boot, and
tne Indians romped away with the victory, 5 to 1. In the seventh game he
Ditched shutout ball, downing the Robins 3 to 0. It was this victory that
"gave him entree to the select set of pitchers who have .won three games in a
single "world's series. Eight pitchers now hold this distinction, though only
half of this number, among whom Coveleskie ranks, have turned in three
victories against no defeats.
Tex Rickard has decided to paddle his own canoe in the staging of the
Georges Carpentier-J'ack Dempsey muss. Perhaps it is just as well after
'all. Billy Brady and Cochran are two big promoters and no doubt know
the game, but the days of Billp Brady and Cochran promoting boxing cham
pionships are long gone by. They seem to have lacked the fine hand of a
Rickard. Big Tex is a natural born promoter. He takes to the game like
a duck to tne water and with him the
ing mill there seems to be little doubt
& mill as he Has in nis former world Heavyweight cnampionsnip undertakings.
Howard Drew, the former champion sprinter, has joined the professional
coaching brigade by signing a contract to coach Trinity college at Hartford,
during the coming season. Drew ought to make a good man for the New
England college. Any athlete who has been through the mill such as Drew
has ought to make an admirable coach for any athletic team.
Over 400 Entries
Now Assured For
Big A th le tie Mee t
Close to 400 othletes have already
ligned up for the A. A. IT. meet to
be held in the Armory here tomor
row night at 7:30. The list of offi
cials compiled by Capt. Max Baum
and P. V. Gahan has been eom
The officials:' Honorary referees,
Mofc-or C. B. Wilson, Col. T. B Herr
ititn: referee, T. J. Tracey; clerk of
tly? course, F. V. Gahan: assistant
cljerks, R. A. Leckio, R. Hammond"
tjack judges, H. Abbott, Capt. Baum.
rH. Schennele and John Douba; field
judges, H. J. Stack, T. Flynn, Ed.
Seaberfr; timers. Dr. William Donald
son, Clark Lane, Fred Hunt, Win.
Hackett, A. D. Mehegan; inspectors,
Alvin Bearse, F. Frolander, J. Pardee,
Al Seastrom; marshall, John Farell;
custodian of prizes, Al Burdick; an
nouncer, Wm. Mickcl; starter, Wm.
Of the SM listed 275 are the Park
City hoys. There arc seven gram
mar school relny teams listed. Ninety
local runners will compete in the
novice. The Bridgeport Hicrh school
has the largest entry list of -11 men.
Coach Anderson has entered four
more men in the novice events.
The order of events
Forty yard dash, -14 0 yard run.
Trade School relay, 4 0 yard novice,
high. Jump, 440 Grammar school re
lay, 440 yard novice. 12-Tb. shot, 30
yard girls' potato race, SS0 yard club
relay, 1 mile run, 4 1 0 yard Stat
Guard run, S00 yard American Le-ion-Vets
of F. W., 1 mile relay
: Jlew Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport
High schools.
Dempsey And Berg doll
' Linked As Good Pair By
Doughboys On The Rhine
i According to recent sporting ca
blegrams from Coblenz, Champion
-Jack Dempsey and Grover C. Berg
Eoj would run very close in a popular
' voting contests among the American
droops now with the Army of Occu
pation on the Rhine.
. The Amaroc News, official army
I iwwsnaner, . in its recent issue pab-
"Coblenz. Announce mcui uo.i.
Jack Dempsey during nis coming
. y., T-rrci n-nuld liox under
the auspices of the American Le
: ton ppst at Paris for the benefit
-Sf stranded American ex-soldiers
was received with mixed contri
bution which the Amaroc News,
the official army newspaper,
prints prominently, suggests that,
in view of Demrsey's war record.
4 tfce American Legion post should
invite Grover C. Be.rgdoll. cnam
pion draft evader, to appear si
multaneously and lecture on My
Life in Active Service.'
"Q,uinn who himself was a box
Lewis and Fritzie Musante
as usual.
the star bout is being talk-
be held on Monday night
is Easter Monday night.
but the date will probably
Arena how would Louie
program toppers. That's
Decoration Day or before
time with Johnny Britton
big man behind the gun in the com
that he will put over just as successful
Ferguson Booked for
Place On Yankee Nine
Brid report ball fans who re
member Pitcher Aleck Ferguson
when the Jerseyman performed
here a few years ago as a Yankee
recruit will no doubt be pleased
to lenrn that "Fergy" will no
doubt be a regular on the Huston
Ruppert pitching staff this season.
According to reports from
Shreveport. Ferguson Is display
ing fast form which leads Miller
Hug-gins to say he is in line for
a seat in the Polo Grounds dug
IN $8,000 SPRINT
New York The teams of Brocco
and Coburn, Egg and Van Kempen
and Rutt and Lorenz, will be the fa
vorite combinations in the six-day
race, starting Sunday night at Mad
ison Square Garflen. Egg held out to
tho last minute for Van Kempen and
won his point, the Hollander being
his selection from the start.
Frank Kramer will make a su
preme effort to annex the indoor ti
tle when he enters the international
sprint championship tomorrow night
against Walter Rutt, Orlando Piani
and Abe Kauffman for the big end
of the ?S,000 purse.
ing instructor during the war.
says Dempsey should be met
upon his arrival by a contingent
from the interallied armies and
be required to march from Dijon
to Dunkirk, carrying a full march
ing equipment, and to fill in a
hundred yards of trenches every
mile to make up for what he
missed during the "war.
"The letter, which boils over
with pep and which the Amaroc
News says is one of a number re
ceived on the same subject, sug
gests that Dempsey engage ac
commodations in the hold of a
transport similar to those which
TTncle Sam' provided in 1917 and
1918 and line up for ' slum, beans
and growls' instead of crossing in
a luxe cabin with a secretary, sev
eral flunkies and a manager.
"Quinn concludes by declaring
that if the Paris post lets him box
for their benefit they are insult
ing 78,000 Americans buried in
v"" - rm f fc-s i i
Ptcc Pr.ii ftufll PaO "C, 1 1 7-.'
V " ir- i -IIP
:CecuPlQ AM ACTO 9-" '
Newark Back
On Ball Map
Newark Newark today is back on
the baso-ball map as a result of the
purchase of the Akron franchise by
Dave Driscoll and Roy Mack, son of
Connie Mack. The purchase price is
reported at $25,000.
According to the plans of Driscoll
and Mack they intend to revive inter
est in the national game on a big
scale. They are backed by many in
fluential citizens of. that thriving city
and feel that Newark can well afford
to support a club. They have been
working steadily to get the franchise
and will now start in and make ar
rangements to put a first class club
in their city.
Training Camp
Cleveland. Fiitchers Jim Bagby
and Walter EMails are the latest to
report to the Cleveland Baseball Club
in spring training at Dallas, Texas.
Chet Thomas, veteran catcher, and
Jim Lindsey, recruit pitcher, were the
only absent batterymen early yester
day and they were expected hourly.
Tho pitchers were given their first
opportunely to work in the box yes
Ceirday. Guy Miorton.Ray Caldwell and
Jos'? Petty took turns and showed
considerable speed for so early in the
From Shreveport comes the word
that Miller Huggins has under con
sideration the playing of Fewsler in
the outfield.
First Baseman George Kelily of the
Giants has reached San Antonio from
the Pacific Coast with his young
bo-other, Reynolds, who will get a
tryout as an infielder.
Kid El'berfeld, manager of Little
Bock which now claims Bill Skiff, is
at the Giants' camp in Quest of re
cruits. Although he has been ac
tively engaged in the game for nearly
30 years last year was the first time
he played on a pennant winning club,
Llttk Rock annexing the A. A. cham
pionship. Steadman And
Bloom Setto
PhU Bloom, one of the best light
weights of the present day and who
Wednesday night won a decisive vic
tory over Jimmy Kelly, the Bronx fa
vorite, has been secured by Match
maker Jimmy Snider to do battle with
Steady Steadman in the stellar at
traction of 12 rounds at the Casino,
the 14th of this month. This bout
ought to be a hummer by all means,
as both boys are clever and hard hit
rs and it will also prove to the local
fans if Steady Steadman would be
able to give Louis Bogash any kind
of a fistic argument.
For the semi-windup Snider has se
cured the services or one of the best
bantams in the country in the. person
of "Irish" Johnny Curtin. He will
demonstrate his wonderful ability
against our own Young O'Leary.
Snider pulled off another high class
attraction for the local fans between
Billy Prince and Johnny Williams of
Xew York. This is the same Johnny
Williams who stopped Prince in New
York several weeks ago. Both of
these bouts are scheduled to go ten
Young Roach, who made a big hit
at the Casino last Monday night, will
also show on the. Bus Asso's. card.
He will meet Kid Griffo of Stratford
in the curtain raiser of six rounds.
By a score of 14 to 10 the basket
ball quintet of the Caitholic Commun
ity house defeated the D. M. Read'
girls last night. Muss Elizabeth
Crehan. who was a member of the
B. H. S. girls' championship team in
1918 is coach of the Community
House team.
"Brick" Kane has created fn im
pression with the sporting writers
"covering" the activities in the train
ing camp of the Giants. Said one
baseball writer yesterday:
"Leo Kane, -who will strive to hook
on as an infielder. is a clean cut
youth of serious mien and has a good
pair of hands."
Wins Crown of Success
After Many Handicaps
Cleveland Twirler
Landis Asks To
Peruse Charge
Chicago Judge Kenesaw M. Landis
yesterday said he would have nothing
'to say concerning impeachment pro
ceedings threatened against him in
the Bouse of Representatives until he.
had rectived official word of what the
House committee had been told.
"I have asked the. committee to
send me a copy of the charges, evi
dence, arguments and report, if their
rules permit me to have this informa
tion," he said.
Wrecked Sox
Team Is Off
New York. While the public eye
is focused on Washington and the
comeback of the G. O. P. today, Kid
Gleason, scrappy little manager of
the Chicago Whits Sox, will stage an
inauguration all his own.
Gleason will lead the remnants cf
his once great hall club and an army
of youthful recruits to Texas tonight
to start the task of rebuilding for
the 1921 race. This undertaking is
one of mammoth proportions but
Gleason is not dismayed.
Manager Gleason has scratched the
playing value and possibilities of the
indicted members of his iteam off his
roster for all time. He will miss
them, no doubt, for what they were
worth as purely mechanical players,
but he is a fighter and his dynamite
spirit and his methods of handling
men should work wonders with the
Sox. With Collins, Ral Schalk and
his remnant of veterans he has a
little group of loyalists about him but
he would have stuck no matter what
had happened.
Manager Levinskv of the Red Sox
Jr. basketball ouintet arises to re
mark he aeoepfs the defi from the
Eko Jrs., and that a game can be
arranged for any date. Last night the
Red Sox held a practice session in the
municipal gym.
Oambridge Three Harvard fresh
man crews made their appearance on
the Charles yesterday for the first
time since fall practice closed. They
rowed a mile. Robert Herrick, ad
visory head coach of the varsity,, vis
ited the boathouse yesterday. The
varsity is expected to row putdoora by
Leslie Winner
In Close Race
Xewark, X. J. Sid Leslie, the
1,000-yard senior Metropolitan A. A.U.
champion running unattached, won
the "Casey" 1,000-yard special invi
tation race at the Knights of Colum
bus games in the First Regiment Ar
mor' last night. He beat out Joe
Higgins, the New York A. C. star, by
a step. Charles Beagon of the St.
Anselma's A. C, the junior 1,000-yard
national champion was third
Mike De.vanney. Millrose A.C. star
and local favorite, quit on the final
lap. Eddie Ballestier, also started,
but was not in at the finish. Leslie's
time was 2:23 1-5.
Greenwich golfers are distinguish
ing themselves on the links at Pine
hurst. H. W. Croft ranks fourth in
the race for the gross trophy at 36
holes while in the net score contest
J. A. Flynn stands sixth and Croft
Negotiations are under way for a
football contest between McGill Univ
ersity and Syracuse.
March 15 and 16 are the dates for
the first games to determine the
amateur hockey championship in Bos
Ion. The Royal Canadian Golf Associa
tion will hold the open championships
in the Toronto links, June 23 and 24.
Radical football changes at Yale
are announced. Tad Jones is to be
assisted by Dr. Bull and Charley Taft.
At Palm Beach Richard Norris
Williams 2d of Boston won the Flor
ida singles lawn tennis championship
on the clay courts defeating Ichiya
Kumagae, the playing through cham
pion, at. 36,, 6 4, 6 4, 6 1, in
:he final round of the annual State
Seventy prospective Princeton grid
candidates reported yesterday to
Head Coach Bill Roper.
Local Trade
Five Beaten
New Britain Trade school's basket
ball quintet yesterday eliminated
Bridgeport's chances in the State
Trade School League in a 27 to 22
Sicora's performance for the vic
tors was the brilliant feature of the
game. .
The final game will be played be
tween New Britain and South Man
chester. New Britain.
G F Pis.
Swanson, rf 1 6 8
Fitzpatrick, If 0 0 0
Sicofa, c 8 1 17
Bra'tton, rg 0 0 0
Mikowsky, Ig 1 0 2
Adams, lg 0 0 0
Totals 10 7 27
G F Pts.
Mrazik, rf 1 0 2
Peterson, If ' 4 0 8
Ireland, c 4 2 10
Burr, lg 1 0 2
Schelbner, rg ............ 0 0 0
Totals 10 2 22
Fouls called on: Mrazik 1, Peterson
3, Ireland 3, Burr 3, Scheibner 1,
Swanson 1, Fitzpatrick 2, Sicora 1,
Bratton 2. Referee, Anderson. Scorer,
Ericson. Time, two 2 0 minute halves.
Ray Campana is the manager of
the newly organized newspapermen's
basketball quintet, which it says is
anxious to book games with any rep
resentative local combination, the
Bankers' Five, Paddocks, Blue Rib
bons, Y. M. H. A., Devon A. C. and
other teams.
In Campana's lineup are Bill
Boyle and Jack Hurley, forwards;
George Hawman, center; John
Hafele, Jack Hurley and Campana,
St. - Louis. Bobby Byrne, former
third taeman for Pittsburgh and St.
Louis in the National League, has
signed as manager of the Miami,
Okla, team in the New Southwestern
League and will also act as captain.
Admits Bridgeport Boxer Is Good Fighter, But
Thinks He's Better Has Visions of
Chance With Louis Bogash
To watch Benny Weafer in action yesterday at the Acorn
A. C. the most consistent of Steady Steadman's admirers would
say that the Bridgeport boy will have to go the full limit of
his capacity to beat the Norwalk loy in their bout Monday
night at the Columbia A. C. smoker.
To our eyes Weafer is all there as a fast boxer. Of course,
we did not see any of his kayo specialties in his workout with
Leo Johnson, the dusky hued boy who is to meet Young Luby.
(Weafer, by the way, picks Johnson to lick Luby.)
Weafer is all action. He uncorked a sounding wallop
against Johnson several times. Johnson, who is a clever lad,
was unable to reach him in long range practice.
The Norwalk boxer is no bragger by any means, but like
all other boxers he's going into the bout next Monday night
with the intention of winning. He balked a bit on talking,
but he said this much:
"Steadman is a good and tough boy, but I think he is too
slow I expect to outpoint him and" something better, if he
bumps into mp kayo. He's got a good left and shift, but when
le shifts with me he's going to get licked."
In addition to his training work here Weafer is cutting
laily conditioning licks wth Jack Dempsey, handler of Bat
Cunz when the latter Was in his halcyon days. Weafer did
tot hesitate to pay a tribute to Kunz's ability as a boxer by;
aying he would be a champer if he stuck to the game.
After the Steadman bout Weafer is going on tne trail ot
Dave Palitz of Hartford and Louis Bogash for bouts. Weafer,
aithnna-h admitting that Bogash is a wonderful fighter, is con
fident he can beat the Bridgeport battler. .
On Snturdav nisrht. March 12, Weafer is carded to bos Kayo Johnny
Smith of Philadelphia at the Commonwealth Club,
In the stellar bout Gunboat
The Stamford Elks are planning to stage a show in their new hosing;
arena about March 25 when Weafer and Young Pierce of New York "Will ap
pear in the star bout. Weafer and Fierce have met twice in combat, each)
having a win to his credit.
Weafer also expects to show his prowess before the home folk in Nor
walk soon. Harry Smith, boxing impressario of the down-the-line burg;
is making arrangements to stage a show in the near future.
At this show Harry Piatt, former New Canaan boxer, is also expected
to make his re-entrv into the ring. Piatt, a year ago last Labor Day, gave
Young Pierce a severe beating in the open-air show at Stamford.
Young Walter Eddy, no stranger to local fight fans, is actively en
gaged in metropolitan fighting circles. He is now under the management
of Eddie MeMahon of the Star A. C. Eddy's latest appearance in the ring
was at Yonkers a few weeks ago when he was bested by Sharnus O'Brien.
Heinie 'Zim' Puts
Benton, KauffAnd
Toney In Scandal
New York. More scandalous sen
sation for baseball fans has been
spilled on the carpet.
Heinie Zimmerman, once famous
third baseman of the Giants, after
holding silence since his dismissal
from McGraw's team two years ago,
yesterday was credited with making
a statement in which he involves
Pitchers Toney and Benton and Out
fielder Benny Kauff in bribery
Zimmerman claims he has been
made the "goat." In the statement
Zimmerman claims his only wrong
was acting as messenger for a Chicago
man in 1919 who it is alleged offered
the trio $100 each "if the Giants were
Commenting on the game in ques
tion Zimmerman says Toney started
to pitch the game but was yankeQ
out of the box in a few innings and
that Kauff's fielding was very ragged.
He claims that the Giants were able
to win the game through his hitting,
Cutbill's Injury May
Bar Him From Race
Boston Harold Cutbill, the
theological student who is one of
the country's speediest runners,
may be unable to compete in the
Baxter mile run at New York
Saturday night.
Cutbill was reported yesterday
barely able to stand on his left
foot, due to an ankle injury, and
unless it strengthens may be
forced to cancel his entry for the
Baxter mile and for the national
amateur title meeting.
Boston Billy Southworth, the. out
fielder acquired by the Braves from
the Pirates who was reported to be a
holdout, is within the contract fold.
President G. W. Grant said today
that Southworth had telegraphed him
that his signed contract was in the
New York Johnny Kilbane's
fighting days are nearly over.
The good-natured little boss of the
featherweight division is no longer a
chicken, and no one realize it better
than himself.
But even though he 6esn't expect
to continue his ring career over a
long period, he means to make some
body go the limit to win the title un
less he decides to retire because of a
lack of worthy opponents.
Digging up featherweights to topple
Kilbane from his throne has been a
favorite pastime of managers and
promoters for a number of years. But
they never got anywhere with it.
Today the situation, insofar as
Sanger to Kilbane's skypiece is con
cerned, has changed but little. There
Is enough of a change, however, to
make it noticeable.
Four or five featherweights who are
active in fistic circles today are
worthy of tabulation as likely looking
aspirants to the Kilbane halo.
New York, in the semi
Smith and Al Roberts are, carded to
Zimmerman emphasizes the fact
that he is being made the "goat" for
McGraw and is a victim of persecu
tion for the purpose of keeping tho
team intact.
Barred from Grounds.
"Last Summer I was forced to play
ssmi-professional baseball for a live
lihood. The team with which I was
playing was scheduled one Sunday
afternoon to play at the old Federal
League Park in Harrison, N. J. When
I got over there I was informed that
I could not participate in the game,
inasmuch as organized baseball owns
the grounds since the settlement with
the Feds.
"This was a fine deal. It was not
allowed to play on the grounds of the
outlaiw league that offered me flat
tering ter-ms to jump the National
League during the big baseball war.
I was one of the few ball players who
stuck with Organized Baseball in that
crisis that was made an offer of in
creased salarp.
Twenty entries, including Connie
Lewis' All-Stars, will compete for
$2,000 to 'be hung up for prizes in the
Stp.te Duckpin Toumey to he staged
in Hartford March 18.
A meeting of the tourney promot
ers was held yesterday in New Haven,
and it was reported that Sterbac, Ds
wey, Kauslcr and Kelly will be among
the Bridgeport bowlers.
Teller , present titleho'lder by virtue
of his victory last season, will repre
sent Seymour. Andy McCarthy will
bowl under the colors of the Casino
alleys of Hartforfl: Harper, Stokes
and Stone will bowl from Waterbury;
Porto and White will be New Haven's
entries: Howard, Meriden; Donlon,
Rockville, and Anderson New Britain.
Andy MdCaritby was eected pres
ident of the league again this year,
winning on the first ballot 14 to 2,
over George Rogers, the New Britain
bowler. Rogers was elected treasurer
and Charles Mahoney of Bridgeport,
secretary. Entries must be in btflrre
next Tuesday at noon.
The fattest raise any ball plajr re
ceived this spring was the $2,500
tacked on to Pen Young's salary by
Frank Navin of the Detroits.
Two boys who have attracted quite
a lot or" attention lately stand out
from the others. They are Andy
Chaney and Billy DeFoe.
Chaney seems to have the edge as
far as general sentiment goes and
Kilbane himself believes the Balti
more boy is the toughest of the crowd
trailing at his heels."
In addition to Chaney, who is a
stablomate of Joe Lynch, the bantam
weight champion. . DeFoe rands sec
ond, Charley Beecher and Sammy
Sieger third or fourth take your pick
and the ' others close behind these
Kilbane. realizing that inaction is
anything but profitable, is anxious to
resume fighting and willing to box,
but so far he has been too high in
liis demands, and this alone has kept
bum from the ring. Of course, that is
Kilbane's business, yet ,the public
would be better satisfied with him if
he would show willingness to take a
chance witli the promoters and gam
ble on what he can draw to the gate.

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