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Thursday, June 9, 1921
Pajre Nine
Connecticut Took
This Sale On
Jack of the remarkable selling of the Connors
r . disposal of stocks to wind up its affairs is a faith
that starts way back to the very first good morning
that "Jim Connors" beamed at his first customers.
That's what explains the whole hearted response
of an entire state to a simply worded announcement.
It is the faith of Connecticut in the Connors business
" that prompted us to merge this business into the new
million and a half dollar corporation of Connors-Hal-loran
Stores, Inc.
But the stocks must go first and that's YOUR
. party!
And how trifling are new sale prices compared
with their actual worth!
Connors Clothing
Incorporated 1859
The "Rattle' ' of Loose Change
There is $10 or perhaps $15, in your hip pocket,
carried around for an emergency. It diminishes
gradually and accomplishes nothing.
There is a time for all things, and. If yon
believe in the virtue of thrift, the time to
save is when yon have that loose change.
Its rattle induces foolish spending
Open Every Monday from 9 a. m. till 8 p. m.
T. L Watson & Co
Stocks & Bonds
Members N. Y. Stock Exchange
Prompt Deliveries Are As
sured When Leaviny
Your Order Here.
Washburn & Carbon St.
branch Office 1370 State St.
Phone Bar. 3701
W. B. Griffin
Is Advertising
Club s Head
Will iam 13. OrifTin "9.s elected pros-
:uont of tiie Advertising: Club ol
Kridg-epor.: at the annual meeting and '
banquet in the Seaside Club last '
rugrht. He was opposed by Thomas
O Ionnoll, the only other Candida:
for the presidency. Elmer Pfriei?
was unanimously elected vice presi
dent. Arthur IT. Guertin defeated Thomas
Rock for the secretaryship by a bare
three votes, the results beinjr ten tc
seven m favor of Mr. Guertin. Sec
retary Guertin, who is manager o
the Bridgeport Outdoor Advertising ;
Co., was also named delegate to the I
annual convention or the Associated
Advertising duos, x ne convention
will be held in Atlanta on Saturday
and Sunday.
Directors of the organization were
elected as follows: Miss jjois IC.
Bennett. A. E. Belisle, of the Bassick
Co., M. J. Guggenheim, Edward C.
L.ynch and L. J. McCracken.
After the banquet in the club din- '
ing room, George rW. Hopkins, sales
and advertising manager of the Co
lumbia Graphophone Company, ad
dressed the members on "Salesman
ship and Advertising."
'"It is well to remember," Mr. Hop
kins declared, "that advenising by it
self cannot accomplish the impossi
ble. To be effective and nrnfirji hlf- I
particularly in times like the present
when a depression in industry and
commerce is general '.throughout the
East, advertising must be combined
with salesmanship. More salesman- I
shi-p must be injected into business
hniifWiir. and not so much should be
expected of advertising as a lone, fac
tor." Mr. Hopkins advised a change in
the past customs of directing sales ef
forts towards the. labor and capital- I
ist classes of purdhasers. Conditions
have changed materially in the pafrt
year, he said, that require special ef
fort towards the collar and cuff"
class, a sort of midway point between
the twvo extremes. He did not bv
any means intimate that laborers or
money men should be slighted, but
advised the change solely fior the
welfare ef business, inasmuch as it
is common knowledge that the middle I
class of society are 'hotter situated to
day to spend money for purchases
than either of the two other classes. I
Particular interest was attached to
his explanation of 'the application of
the four sciences to judging ap-pM-
cant candidates for clerical or execu- I
tive positions. These four sciences j
are psychology, graphology, phrenol- j
cgy and mental anology, and oontri- '
bute 92 points which form the basis I
of judgment of candidates.
Mr. Hopkins, who is a candidate
for the presidency of the Advertising j
Clubs of the World, gave a graphic
account of the making of a salesman,
and supplemented his talk with sev- 1
eral instances where a slight change I
advised by constant observance bad j
made efficient salesmen out of men !
who previously had been stale, and
hardly worth their salt.
Other brief addresses we?re made
by Secretary Serward B. Price, of the j
Chamber of Commerce, and Captain
W. D. Southwick, a representative of !
the United States Chamber of Com- j
Mr. Price spoke on physical im
provements to our city, and devoted j
considerable time to a discussion of
the the a trie a I s it u ati on. He advised
that S. Z. Poli should be petitioned
to supply to his local theatres the
same grade of theatrical entertain
ment he provides for his amusement j
places in "New Haven and Hartford.
Captain Southwick in his brief re
marks complimented the local Cham
ber of Commerce on t'heir'work, and j
stated that in all bis travels through- ,
out the country he has met and heard
of but few chambers that can equal
the one in Bridgeport,
In the days of our ancestors a
woman embalmer was absolutely
unknown, hence a man was sum
moned to care for the dead regard
less of sex. Today the situation is
different and people of refinement
realize the propriety of employing
the services of a woman embalmer
to handle female dead and a man
to handle their male dead. Wom
en even in death should have the
gentle ministrations of a woman.
When the time that comes to all
arrives why not call
A Woman Embalmer
Margaret L. Gallagher
Tou can secure the services of
the only licensed Graduate Woman
Embalmer and Undertaker in the
Gallagher & Gallagher
571 Airfield Ave. PboiKS 13M
John 1 Gallagher cares for nlJ
male caacs and condow fnntvTil
JLj Jra. i
I w 1 r
i a fens j m m v.
- a
Si U
- I with Mahogany, Poly
Reed Lamps
I I fi III t-feisik.
i i
Beginning g&,
A Three Day
Sale of All
r in
g uioBimiinraRi
A Wonderful Opportunity to Supply Your Lamp
Needs from the Most Extensive Assortment in the
City. . The Original Prices Remain on Every Jiamp
Vrm ivrnP t.b TSfiduction Yourself When You Make
Your Selection and Whether You Buy on Credit or
This Great Assortment of
Lamps Includes:
Floor Lamps Table Lamps Boudoir Lamps
ah jyteKLi in a va
riety of colors Ma
hogany and Ivory
finished steins with
parchment and silk
shades and Poly
chrome with silk
Gas and Electric
chrome and Japanese All Wood All Metal
standards and silk
shades in assorted col
ors a;nd designs. Also
a few with ' parch
ment shades.
for Table and Floor
in Blue. Ivory. Brown
or Green with cre
tonne lined shades
with chenille fringe.
a n d Mahogany
finished and Poly
chrome stems with
silk shades in as
sorted colors.
Bridge Lamps
and f'.olychrome
stems with silk
and parchment
v T J T T 1 nli-hwm iPATinlfriYMn
jtft Japanese ljanteru j-iaiupB x-uiyui-Livxiic; luitucico
Style of Lamp in Stock
Store doses a( (
JOHN E. OSBORX, eeventy-six,
died yesterday at his home, Fairfield
Woods, Fairfield. The deceased is
very well known in the district in
which he lived, having resided there
for the last 60 years, coming" there at
the age of 1-6 years from Stepney,
where he was born. He was a
farmer by occupation, and was also
owner and operator of a steam saw
mill 'for many years. His widow and
one daughter, Elizabeth, and one sis
ter, Miss Amelia Osborn, who resides
at the family 'homestead in Stepney.
The funeral will be at. 2 o'clock to
morrow afternoon at the late home.
The services will be con-ducted by the
Rev. A. J. Hames of the Stratfield
church. The interment will be in
Stepney cemetery, Stepney.
ISABEL A. CUDDY, daughter of
Patrick and Mary Cuddy, died yester
day at the home of her sister, Mrs.
John T. Nelson, 616 Wayne street, at
the age of twenty-five years. Besides
her parents the deceased is survived
by her three brothers, Frank, Ed
ward and Joseph, and two sisters,
Mrs. John T. INelson and Alice Cuddy.
The funeral wfeich will -be held Satur
day will be from the home of her
sister, Mrs. John T. Xelson, 616
Wayne street at 8:30 and a half hour
later a solemn high mass will be cele
brated in St. Patrick's church. The
interment will he in St. Michael's
cemetery. The deceased was very
wTell known around the city, being
employed in the Kresge five and ten
cent store.
WTXjTjIAM KTJOSS, seventy-one, who
died Tuesday night in St. Vincent's
hospital is survive! by five sons, John
J. William, F. JLouis, Eugene and
Christian Ruoss; two daughters, Mrs.
Henry Gunther and Mrs. George An
derson, and 17 grandchildren. A del
egation fro m th e Sehwaebisch e r
Maennerohor of which the deceased
was a member will attend the funeral
daughter, Mrs. George Anderson, 1997
Main street, at 2:30 tomorrow after
noon. The interment will be in Park
seven, who died yesterday, will be
taken to Beaufort, N. C, for burial.
The funeral was from the home of hie
uncle, Dr. Allen C. Bradley, 55 High
Land avenue, today.
six, wife of Jacob Schairer, was bur
ied this ailcrnoon in the family plot
In Park cemetery. A number of
friends attended the funeral from the
home, 61 Hillside avenue, at 2:30
daughter of Joseph Novakovief, age
four years and eleven month, who
died yesterday, will be buried at the
convenience of the family in a few
days. Funeral services will he at the
home of the family, 104 Columbia
street, tomorrow morning at 8:30 and
a half hour later in St. Stephen's
church, where a solemn high mass
will be celebrated for the deceased.
The young girl me; her death through
an accident, when an automobile ran
her down at the corner of Park ave
nue and Gregory street, on May 2 3rd
0 The Iaw miist aiMtrawe
JANE E. JOHNSON., wife of Thos.
Johnson, who died last Tuesday, was
buried this afternoon in the family
plot in Walnut Grove cemetery, Mer
iden. Services were held at the late
home, 342 Carroll avenue, at one
years, of Bronson avenue, Southport,
died yesterday at his home. The fu
neral will be held tomorrow morning
at 8 o'clock from the late borne, and
a hour ter in St. Thomas church.
Fairfield, where a solemn high mass
The Law must approve
Trust Investments
i ANKS are limited by law m tie
kind of investment they are per
mitted to make with trust funds in
their charge.
By appointing us to manage your
estate, you provide for your heirs this
legal protection which insures only
the safest forms of investment for the
money you leave.
The Bridgeport Trust Ca
i07-ie9 srjtnre srtt&s'f
which will be from the homo of his j will be celebrated. The interment
will be at the convenience of the fa.m-
i ilv in St. Thomas" cemetery, Fair
Very Itchy. Caused Loss of
Sleep. "Cuticura Heals.
"My niece's face was in sn awful
condition, just covered with sore
eruptions, and inflamed.
The eruptions were hard
and crusty, and came
mostly on her forehead,
mouth, and chin. They
were very itchy and
caused loss of sleep.
"After uxrng different
without help, someone
to id me of Cuticura Seep and Ointment-
I bought them and my niece
was healed, 0 with three cakes of
Soap and three bcoces of Ointment."
(Signed) Mrs. Louise Ryan, 18
Jamaica Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Use Cuticura fox all toilet purposes.
MKlqtI.lbUu(l.a.." SoM.m.
News Briefs
Board of assessors of Tarrytown,
X. T.. granted the application of Ed.
I win Gould and "his sister, Helen -Gould
i Sheppard, for a Deduction in their
I personal assessment from" $1,000,000
I to 5400,000.
Senate without a roll call passed
the Army Appropriation bill carrying
$336,U00.000 and providing for a min
imum army of 150,000 men for the
coming year.
Dublin, June 3 While Black and
Tan policemen were raiding the home
of J. P. Crowley at Eehagallane, near
Dunmanway, today Crowley's son.
Daniel, was shot to death. Castle
Cooke, the residence of Col. Cooke
Collis in County Cork was destroyed
by fire.
Wagner festivals at Bayreuth Ger
many, will be resumed in 1923. An
endowment fund of 3.000.000 marks
was left by friends of the Wagner
family to carry on the festivals.
.Hugh C. Wallace, retiring Amer
ican Ambassador to France, post
poned his sailing until July 6 so that
he may attend the July celebrations
in Parts.
House agreed to a Senate amend
ment to the defciency appropriations
bill for maintenance during? the com
ing fiscal year of passport bureaus in
New York, Chicago, San Francisco
and New Orleans.
Advertise in The Times
Says Every RaMrcad
Man Should Read This;
TV4crsone Ouirxnent Co., Ias. UufTxLlo, j
N. V. lw .'Sirs: I wan afnirfad wih
what drtors vtid were Va.r;Tjo;o
Ulcers, al up matil aiort five vrrokc j
ago I have bean bre&ttas thcia for about
With ail t trtnrc;is tlJ L were piv,-
scrifand to mo b" seserml dncXors I re- !
chived lirtitj heiietrt, aii they kejt
spreading acid Rav me ttdl dfatnaa
and ca.unerl ne to qiHt my work.
I wma tmiucod by a hrothfr brakeman ,
to try Vvxn5 Oftvtiivnc taai aTtw I I
had uswG two boxes I lav wriFjdffrrU re- j
suits. You can tell Tjffcrvm a'itvi
troubled wKh ugly, painful and horrid '
ulcers that ymr; Otntracni Is a cur tor
uurm when everything eloo Taila. as I :
Lave tried ahorrrt everytArlrie- Thankpn j
vera MMRv thmi over I am. your hapy
ri fart Omm J. Heyr. Battle Creek. ;
MTtflr a 2 CjBDwcod Avenoc, Jarrjury 12,
"I know and dozens of people wrWf
roc" says Potersroi of Buffalo, "that
Peterson's Orntzncmt aJho rures C7ma,
oM portt, and all dnicsasi sell a big
box for 2 cents." ka3 orders filled by
Peterson Ointment Co-, Inc.. Buffalo,
Ji. Adv.
Single bouse of 8 rooms and
hath, near center of city, in
good residential section. ITmum
is in good state of repair and
a limited snm in improve
ments. Would make an ideal
home. Lot contains over 1.200
square feet, part of which
would te used for commercial
purposes. Ttii.s property mnst
be sold at once to cioe estate
and can be bonght riglit.
Lawler and
Meigs Bldg. B. 4948
Secretary of Lorbor Davis, speak
ine at Si-ranton, Pa., beforo Korestem.
of America, declared 1t was his ambi
tion, to "toum&niae" his (k naruaeaL

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