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Monday, June 13, 192T
Page Nine
Can there be anybody in
this good town that
doesn't know of the merg
er of The Connors Cloth
ing Co. of Bridgeport and
Hartford and The Con-
nors-rtaiioran c,o.
Britain into a n
ganization known
Connors-Halloran stores,
And has anyone so much
money that he or she can
afford to be indifferent
to such reductions as the
Prior - to - Merger Sales
offering ?
Father Michael 0'F;ann.-ig;;n. vice-president of tne Irish "Republic, ' photographed wnile ra
ster. Father O'Flann.igan has been arrested cy the British Government on several occasions.
SbreTiroatJYoJbJke to Jiff m tfze Gfr?f?e
One of the Kigbt Giraffes Coming with Kiiigling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey
J liPt think of a giraffe the next time
you are afflicted with a sore throat
and thank your lucky stars that you
are not in his elongated class.
The accompanyinp picture is of Jill
one of the herd of eight giraffes
carried by the great Ringling Broth
ers and Barnum fc Bailey Combined
Shows. John Patt ersnr, who is boss
of all I'Jie animal.-; in the mammoth
super-menag-erie, is of the op-inion
that one of the higher air currents
struck Jill when she was a bit over
heated and so gave her a cold. It
took a whole pail of goose-grease to i
cover JWjl neck and yards of canton i
flannel to wrap it up. But Jill got
well and will be but one of hundreds i
of strange sighits to be seen when the
circus exhibits here Saturday. June
After circus patrons have visited
tho zoological display they will pass
into the mammoth "big top." Here
they will witness the gigantic intro
ductory pageant with its great com
panies of knights and fair ladies and
gorgeously costumed groupings which
tell in pantomime many of the stories
made famous in fairyland and nursery
lore. Following rhep ageant will come
more than a thousand arenic sensa
tions introduced by scores of per
formers new i;o America, four steel
arenas tilled witn trained ammais
and an army of clowns that breaks
all precedent in point of fun and num
Colonel Michael Friedsam. who
was one of eight distinguished
citizens, including Secretary of
War Weeks, given honorary de
grees by the X. T. University.
The Japs Like Him !
John Bowers was a gentleman of
credit and renown,
But no one ever knew it till he
came to Mo vie-town
Where he joined the Goldwyn forces,
bringing notice to his name,
So he's overtaking Fortune as lie
climbs the road to fame:
The American motion picture fan
is by no means -ilone in his habit of
collecting photographs of screen
stars. John Bowers, well known
leading man in Ooldwyn pictures. has
just received a request for a portrait
from a Japanese fan. a self-confessed
"American movis actor worshipper."
The letter, which Mr. Bowers is d is -pkiying
proudly to everyone at the
studios, leads:
"May I have the pleasure of com
municating to you? I am one of the
mo.':t earnest American movis actor
worshipper, especially of you. 1
went and see your's at the Dcnkican.
Teikokucan Cinema Theatre in movis
every week. But I am very that I
have none of you're photographs in
my album. I hope you will be kind
enough to send mc you's, if you permit."
The Man With a Hundred
A man of a hundred faces is George
Ka-w-ceit, veteran of stage and screen
who, with the filming of "Peter
Ibhetson," in the Paramount eastern
studios, adds to his long list of char
acterizations that of Major ILLques
nois. A lifetime of playing widely dif
ferent and difficult character roles
has given Fwcett a polish and versa
tility achieved by few ootors, but he
himself says his features are largely
responsible for the sticcess that ac
companied his earlier efforts. Still,
George Fawcefct is not a handsome
The fact that none of his features,
either eyes, nose, mouth or ears are
of marked prominence, although all
are well defined, makes it possible for
him to step into nearly any character,
except that of a young man, which
liis age now forbids.
He has run the gamut of character
parts, portraying men of every race
seen on the stage or screen. In John
Robertson's "Sentimental Tommy" he
was an aged and cr ust y Sc o tch ma n .
A month later he appeared as a baron
of finance, and before another month
had passed he was seen as a Sicilian.
But he never has done the handsome
hero. His stocky build always for
bade such a role, and it was one of
this fine actor's secret regrets that he
never was chosen for youthful lovers
in his early days on the stage.
He never has been seen to better
advantage than as Duciuesnois. the
snft-bearted old fire-eater of Du
Maurier's story.
Pennsylvania and Ohio movie cen
sors cut out Romeo and Juliet because
Juliet is a girl in her teens conduct
ing herself in a most unmaidenly
fashion and the play abounds in kisses
and passionate love scenes. Having
thus eliminated the great dramatist's
art, the censors passed without ques
tion modern society dramas show
ing elopements, assignations, mur
ders and suicide. The censor is a
rare animal. Hackensack (X. J.) Republican.
President Sees Alice on the
White strap and plain pumps and
i'e for the season's schoM assemblies,
.t.tfAiiaii'i I02h Main street, the
f icV.wm'1 iilt rnntVMr I or
omen .nm v .
Soothinq And He&linq
For Skin Disorders
New York. Jjn-3 13 The stock
market opened unsettled this morn
ins with trading active. Tvere was
a heavy pressure against some issues.
Mexican Pete us weak, falling - 3-4
to l-S. Punta Alrra Ptifrar drop
ped 1 3-S to 27 1-8 on the passing
of the dividends. U. t. Stevl dvchn
cd 3-S to 76 1-2. Bethlehem Steel
B was off 1-4 to 52. Pie roe Arrow
was up 1-4 at 18 5-S. S. Rubber
was up 5-8 to 56 5-S. Royal Dutch
fell 1 1-4 to 55 and Sinclair Oil de
fined 1-2 to 21. m
Advertise in The Times
A great intemalional musical fes
tival in whicb orchestras and opera
companies from Knprltind. France
Italy and Germany will pnrti-eipate
will be held in Zurich. Switzerland,
some time next Ausrust. American
musicians also have been asked to
Hoc tors Recommend
Bon-Opto for the Eyes
Physicians and eye specialists pr
!"eribe Bon-Opto as a safe borne remedy
in the treatment of eye troubles and to
strengthen eyesight- Sold ?ader money
refund guarantee by all druggista-
That the President of the United
States can. for the moment, forget
the League of Nations, rail rate re
ductions, peace resolutions and cab
inet meetings. and become just a
"movie fan." was pretty well proved
during President Harding's recent
v2Eit to New York city. On the way
from Washington to New York, the
Alice Joyce production. "The Sea raj
King," was projected for the presi
dential party, which included, be
sides the President. Mrs. Harding, the
Secretary of the Navy, tho Secretary
of the Interior and other notables.
The President's yacht, the "May
flower." is perfectly equipped for pro
jecting motion pictures, but only one
projection machine is used. Conse
quently, the continuous projection exr
perier.ccd in high-class motion pic
ture theatres is impossible. The tran
sition from reel to reel must be brok
en for the usual "one minute to
change reel," so familiar just a few
years ago.
dio, in which occurs a wedding scene
in a small town church.
Milliarde wanted every de-tail of
the church and the ceremony perfect
So he went to a little German Luth
eran church in the Bronx and asked
the Rev. Mr. Junge to come down to
the Fox studio and look over the
church set. Air. Junge did so. Not
only that, but he directed the play
ers in the wedding scene, and loan
ed benches from his church to Mil
liarde. When the scene was shot, the Rev.
Mr. Junge wore the biggest smile on
the set.
"I-TjPIT helps screen
Who says tho pulpit and the screen
do not affiliate?
Note what the Kt". William T.
Junge did for Harry M, a.rde. who
directed "Over the Hill" and Vao is
now directing another spei iaj o
duction at the Fox New Turk r-
For Heels on White Shoes
There is no better finish for use
on tho stained and scratched heels
of Ladies' White Shoes than KY
is tough, ela6tic, durable and wat
erproof. Simply apply with a brush direct
ly to the heel, first being: fire to
remove all grease and dirt The
result is a glossy, bright. pure
white finish of preat durability.
PRICE 25c Per Can
Bridgeport's Ixudirur Wall Paper
and Paint House
70-77 Elm St. Phone Bar. 404-405
This Complete Modern
Kitchen $00.75
Cabinet fcrf J
to Suit
An Extraordinary Value You Should Take
Prompt Advantage of If You Need a Kitchen
This cabinet is
made of oak in
sjoiaen nnisn. it
is good looking
and provides
the the utmost
kitchen conven
ience. Has
sliding steel
porcelain en
amel working
top, roll front,
1 1 fJI rMfflHBwJlilB
Toaster and Grill
bc auached Nj
nSj!, Store
Photo by I'ndt rwood & Underwood.
Golfing mothers may taky their offspring with them around the links
by leaving out a few brassies and extra putters. This picture was take
In Frisco. Xote the littlo dog being carried by the central figure-
loan in ff
National Crop Improvement Service.
AFTER you have cleaned up all
you can by scrubbing, raking and
whitewashing, it is a good idea to give
the kitchen, cellar, pantries, cupboards,
etc., a thorough dose of disinfection
vi;h a strong solution of formaldehyde.
For each thousand cubic feet of space
or for an ordinary cellar, use about
ten ounces of formalrleh de, pouring it
over five ounces of potash permanga
nate. You can treat pick rooms m the
same manner. Seal the room and leave
closed for several hours. Refrigerators,
ice boxes, cupboard.", sinks and all
places around the kitchen and wher
sver there is water should be given
ipecial attention either by scrubbing
urith a Ftrong solution of, say, one part
f formaldehyde to five parts of water,
r by Fpraying with an ordinary spray
nin or atomizer. The same spray you
ise for your garden will answer every
Formildtuyde solution, when used aft
a proper dilution, is not at all danger
cus to persons, woodwork, carpet or
utensils. Ry all means use sue and air
a much as possible.
The practice of shutting up rooms
to keep them clean is not healthful.
The musty smell of carpets and cur
tains in a cloned room is due to or
ganic decay. Many person, think that
the odor in the average cellar is un
avoidable. On the contrary, every cel
lar ought to emeu rwect and clean.
The foul odor generally comes from de
caying wood and vegetabie matter. No
house can be healthful over such a cel
lar. Some old houses arc known aa
disease breeders. Many peiple think
that such houses are unlucky whea
they are frimpiy unwholesome.
There is less sickness about the borne
and less sickness about the farm where
formaldehyde is used as a disinfectant,
germicide, fungicide or deodorant.

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