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Thursday, June 16, 1921
Senior Prom
At High School
Tomorrow Night
The annual senior prom, th-e last
dance to be griven this y ar by the
class of 1921, tnn take place in the
-Wiph school gymnas:um tomorrow
eveninje. Th decoration3 are under
the a'ifipices of a special committee,
of -which Miss Alice I'itzg-ibbons is
chairman. The class colors, orange
and black, -will be used and varied
colored balloons "ill lioat from the
balcony and walls. Al Rosenberg's
jazz orchestra will play fur dancing.
Alsonior teachers have been in
vited .to act as cha.pr.roms for the
affair. Those who will be present
are Mis Curtis, Miss Rrenn-crman,
Miss Kiely. Miss Oolli,iK. Miss I-"re-thy.
Miss Hurley. Miss Becker. Miss
Eurgoyne, Miss Crosby, Miss rcvere.tt.
Miss Ward, Misa Games, Miss Darts,
Miss "WoolwortH Mr. Xowton, Mr.
Matthias, Mr. Carr. Miss Kicker, Mis.--Walker,
Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and Mr.
and Mrs. Anderson.
Last evening the senior banquet,
the closing feature of class day, was
h-eld in the. school lunchroom. The
class prophecy was read by Ray
mond Bellew, the class history by
Miss Madelyn Farley and the class
,Iems by Miss Mary Conklin and
Ronald Hopkins. Toasts were given
by Mis3 Louise lDth. who is valedic
torian, Frank Clark. L,ouis Cohen,
Mis, Alice Kitzgibbons, Miss Anna
Seigal and the class officers, Oscar
. Lav-ery. Miss Katherine Murphy, Mie
Mary Kelly and Robert Rock.
In the afternoon a huge portrait
.of ex-Principal Henry D. Sinionds was
presented to the school by the seni
ors. Joseph Schwartz si.lutatori.-i n of
the class, and chairman of the gift
committee, made the pros' ntation
address in which hr, recounted several
recent incidents which proved the
character of Mr. Simonds. principal
James C. Moore received the gift and
said that no more appropriate pres
ent could he given to the school than
the, picture of this "grand old r:ran
of the High school," and said that it
would be placed in the school library
where all students could see it and
everyone could know the gratitude
and love -which the pupils-of B. li.
S. possess for this man who has done
so much for the school.
mat M ? - - - - i
: ... .. . . . .. ... ' . .. . :., ...S-J-.-..-.. .--. -
Two thefts were reported to the
Detective Bureau yesterday. The
club rooms of the Sons of Italy at
474 East Washington avenue were
entered sometime during the past few
days, and tobacco valued at $10 and
J 13 in cash were stolen. A sneak
thief made off with a bundle contain
ing 2 yards of muslin, from a counter
in a Main street store yesterday af
terday afternoon. The cloth was own
ed by Mrs. M. J. curnon, of Charles
Pittsburgh, June 16. The second
redue-tion in the price of crude oil
within a week was announced today
by the principal purchasing agencies
when another cut Of 2 5 eerl s a barrel
on all grades was posted. Steadily
increasing stocks was given as the
Winsted The William L. Gilbert
Clock company has announced an
Indefinite shutdown of part of their
plant, the closing affecting about 2 5
per cent, of the working force.
Fresh Sea Food!
Large Bloater Mackerel 20c lb
(Fresh caught)
Photo by Underwood & Underwood.
Frithlof G. Ericson, former chief engineer and designer for tha
British Government in its aeroplane factories in Toronto during the
war, is now in New York with his baby daughter, Lorraine, two aud
one-half years old. who, by the way, is the youngest flyer in the world
Baby Lorraine was the first child ever to fly over Manhattan Island.
Bridgeport Briefs
Jablic hearings on jitney routes
will be held in the City Hall next
Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at
10 o'clock by Che Public Utilities
By special arrangement with thr
Veterans of Foreign Wars. Mrs. S. Z.
Poli, who leaves for Europe next
week, wi ! 1 d eeorate the graves of
Rridgepotr members buried in France.
Thomas R. 1AU is expected to have
the second part of his report on mu
nicipal investigations in the hands of
the Chamber of Commerce tomorrow.
Surendra Karr, Hindu lecturer and
Journalist, spoke to the members of
the Philosophical society bttlt night
on "Social Problems in Asia."
Because of his youth, Joseph J.
Ptshtey, a Bridgeport boy who grad
uated from the Russian Orthodox
Theological Seminary in Tonally, N".
Y.. last w.eek, will not immediately
enKer the priest-hood. He will secure
further practical experience at the
First National Rank during the summer.
Despite rho terrific gale. Sergeant
John Riviere completed his parachute
drop from a speeding aeroplane over
Pleasure Beach yesterday. He jumped
while over ithe Lake Torpedo Boat
company, and landed in Lrordship
near Johnson's creek.
John T. Cash in, formerly of the
Seaside Club, was tendered a compli
mentary banquet at the Elks' Home
last nig-ht.
Another counterfeit note in imita
tion of a r Federal Reserve note has
been found in circulation and is de
scribed fully by the Treasury Depart
ment in its circular letter No. 469 as
"On the Federal Reserve Bank of
Cleveland. Ohio; check letter 'B';
series 1914; John Burke. Treasurer
of the United States; D. F. Houston.
Secretary of the Treasury; portrait of
Lincoln. The number of the speci
men at hand is Dl 9767990A, and
hears hack plate Xo. 793. The face
plate number is indecipherable.
'This is a straight photographic
production on two pieces of paper,
pasted together, with coarse silk fiber
between to imitate the threads of the
-,'enuine. The coloring of the seal
Liul numbers is very good, but that of
the back of the note is poor. The face
of the note is very deceptive."
Buffalo The wedding of Miss Nina
Morgana, Metropolitan grand opera
singer, to Bruto Zirato, private secre
tary to Enrico Caruso world famous
tenor, was solemnized at Holy Cross
church here yesterday.
New C
I to
lothes of Interest
Steak Cod 22c lb
Boiling Pieces of Cod
20c lb
Sliced White Halibut
28c lb
Boiling Pieces of Halibut
25c lb
Steak Tilefish .... 20c lb
Red Alaska Salmon,
steaked 35c lb
Boiling Pieces of Salmon
32c lb
Cod Cheeks and Tongues
20c lb
Sea Bass 25c lb
Large Salt Water Eels
23c lb
Porgies 15c lb
Opened Long Clams
45c qt
6 Fat Salt Mackerel 25c
2 here Haddock 8c lb
Market Cod 10c lb
Butterfish 25c lb
Crockers 12c lb
Weakfish 20c lb
Sea Trout, large . . 28c lb
Spanish Mackerel 25c lb
BorJ.ta Mackerel. .20c lb
Uncooked Shrimp 25c lb
Black Back Flounders
12c lb
Herring 10c lb
Steamers 12c qt
Whole Salt Cod ... 15c lb
Salt Cod Bits 18c lb
ait Herring 10c lb
Dedham, Mass Nicola Sacco was
identified by another witness in Ded
ham court yesterday as a member or
the bandit gang that robbed and mur
dered Paymaster Frederick Parmen
ter and his guard.
Washington The kidnaping of
children would be made a federal of
fense, punishable by death, under the
terms of a resolution introduced in
the House by Rep. Siegel of New-York.
Mrs. Jennie Wilcox oT Hawthorne
street wiM open her home on Fridav
afternoon for the members of her
Ten-Ten Club. Se-wing will he in or
der and tea served by the hostess.
Miss Jeannette Lewis, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis of Fair
ield avenue, who is a student at Til
ton Seminary, Tilton. Now Hamp
shire, will be the guest at a house
party at Madison Beach over the
week-end. given by a school mate
icfore returning to this city for the
summer vacation.
Edinburgh The delegates attend
ing the International Convention of
Rotary clubs were invited to Hamp
ton court by J. W. Pratt, M. P.. to
be the guests of the British govern
ment. The Marquis of Aberdeen address
ed the convention yesterday.
Chester, S. C. The Lancaster cot
ton mills at Lancaster, largest print
cloth mill in the south, will close
indefinitely today. Demands of un
ion workers forced the action- The
mill employs 1,800 workers and op
erates 140,000 spindles.
Lawrence. Mass Officials of the
Lawrence Lodge of Fagles have ad
mitted the discovery of a probable
shortage of $9,000 from the treasury
of the organization. Charles T.
Laird, deputy grand worthy president
of tile organization has arrived here
from Boston to make an audit of the
books. The whereabouts of George
Kennedy, financial secretary, is unknown.
Jersey Suits in the new sports models with
Tuxedo roll collars are both serviceable and very
excellent values in this special June selling at
Boncel Knit Suits, $19.75. Made to sell for
much more but as they have arrived late we have
made them this special price. Government tested
pure worsted that's 100 perfect. Exclusive styles.
Shown in brown, navy, tan, black and some
lighter shades.
The New Favorites are the
Sleeveless, Slip-Over Dresses.
From ginghams to jerseys they are being shown in all the new
colors. Straight models with narrow belts.
Jap. Crepes in pink or blue. 6.50.
Pretty linens, $8.90.
Ratines, very stunning, $10.90.
Jerseys, $10.90.
Fancy Pink Alaska Salmon, can 13c, 2
cans 25c.
Lean Pot Roasts of Beef Chuck Rib Roasts of Beef
12c lb 14c to 16c lb
Boston Rolls of Beef ' Native Shoulder Clods
20c lb I 25c lb
Good Rib Roasts of Beef 24c, 26c and 28c lb
Lean Fresh Shoulders I Lean Fresh Pork Loins
15c lb! 24c lb
Lean Fresh Hams 26c lb
Week-End Specials on the Main Floor
Georgette and Crepe de Chine Blouses, pink, white and colors,
$3.95 .
j 2 button Milanese Silk Gloves, white or pongee, $1..0
Black Silk Hose, full fasnonied with lisle garter hem and sole,
extra value, S1.9."
White, cordovan. Russia Calf Silk Hose, lfsle tops, special $3.50
Cotton Charmeuso Wash petticoats in white with scalloped bot
tom: pink with hemstitched hem. special $S.
All White Apron-Dresses, bit front that ties in back with sash
ends rick-rack braid trimmed. S2.25. Also cretonnes.
Corset Specials. 8Se. Pink only, elastic top corsets, medium
bust. Sizes 19 to 26.
Small Lean Skinned Back Medford Brand Bacon
Hams 30c -lb 22c lb
Fat Salt Pork 15c lb Clover Leaf Bacon 15c lb
Brisket Corned Beef i Sticking Pieces Corned
6c lb! Beef 12c lb
Biggest Cut in Vegetables We Have Had.
3,000 Native Bunch Beets 3 for 20c
5,000 Large Boston Head Lettuce 4c head
1,000 Pecks Beet Greens 20c peck
New Potatoes 50c peck
Ne-w Native Peas 3 lbs for 25c
New Native Scallions 2 bunches 5c
Long Island Asparagus large bunches 40c
Fancy Indian River Grape Fruit 10c each
Valencies 40c dozen
Fancy Pines, large 35c each
Medium Pines 18c each, $2.00 dozen
Bridgeport Public Market & Branch
Mrs. Albert A. Hodgklns of 141
Bronx avenue will act as hostess for
the meeting of her Ten-Ten Club on
yrlday afternoon.
"My husband has promised me 1
handsome string of pearls if I'll get
back to dress."
"How would pearl3 look If you
resse-H sanely?"
S June Brides Must R.ea.dl
rf$ -dJ$L. 8 STATF- -B-R- STS. EAST JlAIX ST.
Sl m l . . F.-5i tern ; . i a. k,v ko in
Home 11 m m zzm W 1 S p w , .
! rGM&Hi m 0 frequent consultation to d Hj
Drastic price slashing oi our complete furniture stock gives you the opportunity of furnish
ing your new home at a cost hundreds of dollars less than you figured. Bring him in. Select
the furniture and watch his amazement when we tell him the ridiculously low cost.
A werk end given irp to
Just the right camping
equipment to be comfort
able yet not cumber
some, fl
Fishing tackle a-plenty.
Hardware Stores
I noorporausi.
Fairfield Ave. & Middle St.
AU that is Ilardwarc and
2 inch Post Brass Bed Continuous Post White
Ribbon Finish
4 piece Genuine Walnut
dress and we will I gedrS uite, Dresser,
, , I Bow End Bed, Dressing
dehver a goodTaMe Chiffonette
crashed price
cotton mattress complete
To all June Brides.
Send us your ad
broom free.
Friday only, 18 by
36 Grass Rug
Iron Bed, all sizes
White Metal Crib
3 pc. Cane Living Room
Suite Beautiful Velour
Cover Spring Seat and
Cushion at a staggering
9 x 12
How can we serve you?
OUR officers and directors meet in
frequent consultation to discuss
the affairs and policy of this institu
tion. Their first consideration is
How can we serve you best? In what
way can we improve our facilities for
your convenience and benefit?
The Bridgeport Trust Cq
67-09 sTjite sr'js'f
Successors to Wentworth Furniture Co.
The star shows about where the dams broke which added tm t&
haToc caused by the flood-

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