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Friday, June 17, 1921
Pae Fifteen
Drivers Must
Be Registered
Plaintiffs in Superior and Common
Pleas court actions where automo
biles are involved must come into
court with clean hands, according to
a Supreme court decision mada pub
lic yesterday afternoon by Chief Jus
tice Wheeler, and agreed to by Jus
tices Burpee, Gager an(i Curtis. The
decision cant in connection with a
memorandum declaring no error in
the City court award of ?2JU to the
Dewhirst Dairy Co. against the Con
necticut Co.
This decision was made by Judge
Wilder following an accident on
March 5, 191S, when a trolley struck
a truck belonging to the dairy peo
ple, bating towed by another of their
trucks. Tie truck being towed was
being steered by an unlicensed driver,
but the Supreme court rules that
since the engine was out of order the
vehicle could not be classified as a
motor truck, and the decision did not
apply in that case.
However, it is evident that in fu
ture actions the first thigg the plain
tiff must do is to prove that the in
jured automobile was duly licensed,
an desperated by a registered driver.
The portion of the decision which is
extremely interesting to the legal fra
ternity, follows, in part:
"Whatever may be the. rulings in
other jurisdictions, they have no
force with us, because they were not
made respecting any statute similar
to ours. Like the statutes of many
other states, our general Act con
cerning Motor Vehicle (Public Acts
of 1919. Chap. 233) requires that
every motor-vehicle shall be register
ed in a manner proscribed and shall
be operated only by a licensed per
son; and it prescribes penalties for
violation of these provisions. But
it goes further in section 44, and de
clares that 'no recovery shall be had
in the courts of this state by the own
er of motor-vehicle' which has not
been registered or which is operated
by an unlicensed person. It follows
that in any action to recover for 'in
jury to person or property received
by reason of the operation if a motor-vehicle
"upon any public high
way." the plaintiff must take, up the
burden of proving that such motor-
vehicle was registered and was oper-
Fboto by Underwood A TTnderwood.
Ida Kerr, who put 'ern all to shame in the recent Ner England
Toring Women's Christian Association athletic meet in ths Harvard
Stadium, winning the shot put event with ease.
S?rn Francisco, June 17. The Na
tional Association of Credit Men will
be asked in its annual convention here
ti miorro w to adopt a. resolution plac
ing it on record as opposed to both,
the excess profits tax and the tax on
e :ie r a 1 sa I es.
The report to that effect is to be
presented by Roy G. Elliott, of Chica
K), chairman of th? Committee on
Federal Taxation. In it the commit
tee demands the repeal of the exces;
profits tax and declares its opposition
to the adoption of any form of gen
eral sales or turn-over taxes.
In lieu of these taxes, the com
mittee proposed that the Association
of Credit Men adopt a resolution re
affirming its belief that Income taxa
t:on "should be the corner stone of
our federal system of taxation."
The committee recommended that
the income tax be levied only on the
income of individuals and not on cor
porations as such.
If, however, individuals permit
their earnings from corporations to
accumulate in the hands of the bus
iness organizations and thus attempt
to evade the individual income tax,
t he committee recommended that a
tax should be imposed on the undis
tributed earnings of the corporations.
The resolution puts the committee
on record as heartily in accord with
the reeom mendations of Secretary of
the Treasury Mellon, that the issue
of tax-free securities should be re--stricted.
In s u p p ort of th e r esol u ti on , th e
Committee on Federal Taxation arg
ued that the excess profits tax is
discriminatory and harmful to Amer
ican business and that a sales or turn
over tax would be an inequitable tax
on business If it could not be shift
ed. If the business interests were
successful in shifting the sales tax en
tirely on to the consumers, the com
ix i it tee said, this would violate the
inciple of taxation in accordance
XYi ability to pay.
ated by a licensed person. Those
facts are indispensable requisites to
his recovery, and it would be inex
cusable waste of time to present
evidence to prove other facts until
those requisites have been established."
A manual -training, domestic art
and room project exhibit is being held
today at the Barnum school. Parentts
have heen invited to inspect the exhibit.
At its semi-annual meeting hjst
night in Odd Ke-llows hall on Broid
street. Strattleld Encampment, I. O.
O. F., elected the following officers:
C. P.. Ernest Cunningham; S. W-, ISli
Beach; H. P., George Hale; J. W.,
Floyd Manson; recording scribe, A-R.
Roswell; financial scribe, George H.
Zumstag; treasurer, W. F. Wells;
trustee for three years, Lewis H. Emmons.
John Smith, engineer of the Pleas
ure Beach ferry boat, was painfully
burned about the asms last night
while tending to his fires. Hr. B. J.
Burns removed him to his home, 421
Seavicw avenue.
of the soldiers in it were given new
clothes and new shoes, being well fed
for several weeks, so that when they
arrived in Poland they looked well
fed. well dressed and, in short, were
walking advertisements for the So
viet government."
Generally, Captain Cooper said, the
conditions in the prisons were very
bad from the standpoint of diet, but
that he received no personal ill-treatment.
Soofhinq and HeaJinq
Promotes Skin Health
soiiiiKKS now farmers.
Mexico City, June 17. The business
of making a living by fighting seems
to have undergone a decline in Mex
ico. This is indicated by the fact
that 1.200 soldiers, some of them re
tired and some in active service, have
asked the government for tracts of
land for small farming.
Riga, June 17. Most of the young
er generation of Russians are Bol
shevik, says Captain Merion C. Coop
er, of Jacksonville, Fla., the American
vlyer who was captured by Russians
while serving in the Polish army and
recently escaped from a Moscow prl
- on. He attributes this to the Bol
shevik educational system, under
vhich Communism is taught in the
"The schools are all red," he said,
"and the educational program pres
cribes that the first thing to be
developed in the mind of the child
is the 'revolutionary conscience. In
prison. I saw, several times, children
visit their parents, the latter being
anti-Bolshevik. The children were
'reds and accepted their parents' im
prisonment philosophically, wonder
ing how they could go against the
tenets they had been taught to ab
sorb in the class-room."
Vying with this system of educat
ing the children, said Captain Coop
er, is the wonderful propaganda sys
tem by which the Bolsheviki attempt
to convert the adults.
"Their Communist lecturers work
even in the prisons, trying to con
vert the prisoners," he continued.
"They even tried it on me. There
were lectures or classes held very
frequently. If a man said he was
converted and could convince the
prison committee of that fact, he
generally was released.
"Further in the line of skilled
propaganda was the excellent treat
ment of the Polish war prisoners just
before they were returned to Poland,
under the repatriation agreement of
the Polish-Russian peace treaty. Be
fore each bunch was repatriated all
TTTTuTy rJ yinmf
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