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Saturday, June 18, 1921
And Evening Farmer
(FOUNDED 1790.
Bryant, Griffith & Brunson. New York, Boston and Chicago
Published by The Times Publishing Co., 17 5 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport. Conn.
The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use for republication
of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper
and also the local news published herein.
lished earlier is evidenced by' a story published in New York pa
pers of a veteran of the "Fighting Sixty-ninth" who was gassed
and lost an eye in action at the front and whose name appears
on a Government list as a draft evader.
SbCW two 7b foT mime )
Cn kviCJL B.t- GOSH
- - "
Page Six
: ygm
T WOULD seem that so important a matter as the length or
time after the close of a session, of the legislature during
which a Governor could legally
to question or there be any difference of opinion between law
yers as to the interpretation of
dealing with the matter.
That such is not the case,
discussion which has arisen in
Governor Lake has. or has ncn,
were passed by the late legislature and whether certain acts!
vitally affecting this community
of calendar days after the adjournment of the legislature are
valid or worthless. How important these acts are can be seen!
from the fact that in one of
sand dollars is involved and the
bills should prove invalid it is
the legislature would have to be
It is these ambiguities of
many-sided interpretations which are at once the cause for
both disrespect and despair on the part of the laymen. It is j
unfortunate that it is not possible to so word all legal acts as ;
to make, their meaning absolutely obvious and beyond dispute.
OP. AUSTIN writing in the June issue of "The American"
makes the surprising statement that American manu
factures now comprise more than forty per cent, of the world's
total. His statement is based on preliminary figures from the
1920 census and places the grand total of the gross value of
manufactures in the United States during the calendar year
of 1919 at sixty-two billion five hundred million. The value
of this 1919 output is two add one half times as much as that
of 1914; over three times that of 19'"9; four times that of 1905
and more than five times that of 1899, only twenty years ear
lier. Not only is this record the "Best Ever," but also means that
we are producing a much larger share of world manufactories
than ever before and at least it is as much as that of any other
country of the world. Prior to the war we were only produc
ing thirty per cent, of the factory output of the world. These
figures as far as this country is concerned are based upon the
Csnsus figures, no important manufacturing country, other
than the United Stales, takes a periodical and complete census
of its manufacture but these estimates are carefully made and
are substantially correct. This showing emphasizes how im
possible for the United States is the policy of isolation which
some contend for. It shows clearly that in a business way.
even if in no other, the United States cannot separate i I self from
the other countries of the world.
RUMORS FROM Washington continue to indicate that all is
not pleasant for the party in power in Congress. Just
now it is the tariff proposition which is proving an 'uncomfor
table thing to handle. The fact is that there are many Repub
licans entirely out of sympathy with their party's policy of en
acting a reactionary tariff program. So great has this oppo
sition became that Chairman Fordney has sought the support
of President Harding to put through his measure and it is un
derstood that the President promised to stand by him. Just
at present one of the most disturbing matters under consider
ation is the lumber schedule, as the tariff on5 Canadian lum
ber will tend to keep it out of this country at a time when it is
needed to carry on the large building plans which are so es
sential. This situation furnishes an illustration of what might be
texpected in trying to put into practice an old-time theory in a
new-time world.
SO RAPID have been the developments and exposures of the
Lockwood committee in Buffalo under the direction of its
chief counl Samuel Untermeyer, that after only a few days
session the officers of three big Buffalo combines have promised
dissolution and it is said that Attorney General Daugherty
is to confer with Untermeyer with a view to taking up Federal
prosecution against building material men who have been do
ing an interstate business. It is also reported that bids for
school buildings totaling some ten or more million dollars will
be rejected because the investigation indicates that they are
probably several million dollars higher than they should be.
It would be a good thing if the Lorkwood committee had
jurisdiction and could visit every city in tne country.
IT TS a satisfaction to know that Secretary Hoover is taking
active steps looking toward putting an end to the enormous
loss of fish by pollution of the. waters of the Atlantic seaboard
by poison and sewage.
Mr. Hoover is quoted as declaring (hat millions of dollars
worth of fish are killed every year as a result of pollution.
Among other forms of pollution Mr. Hoover has found that the
increased use of oil driven, crafts and tiinkers which are often
flushed out at sea is becoming one of tfee worst. He estimates
that the loss in edible fish in the last five years has run into
billions of dollars due to pollution of various sorts. Connec
ticut people do not have to look very far to see the effect of
pollution on the fishing and oyster industries, as this poison
has nearly exterminated the oyster business in this state which
at one time amounted to something like two million dollars a
vear. If Mr. Hoover can secure the Federal action which he is
said to aim at, and completes the clearing and keeping clean of
the waters of the Atlantic coast so theit once more fish and
oysters will thrive and multiply in them he will have accom
plished a great work.
IN SPITE of all the evidence of the uncorrectness of the so
called "Slacker List" which has been shown up by the press
of the country, the War Department continues to send then,
out. That the later ones are no more correct than those pub-
sign a bill should not be open!
that clause of the Constitution!
however, is evident from thel
legal circles as to whether!
the right still to sign bills which!
which were signed a number!
them alone three hundred thou
further fact that in case these
likely that a special session of I
the law and the necessity for
mUirbn, one hundred thousand
dollars gone in that single item or
waste, with various others just like
it. The interest on about J25.OOO.OO0
of Liberty bonds sunk in the Charles
ton mud flats! This and it is only
one example while there is so much
talk in Washington about savin? tne
taxpayers' money.
Is it any wonder, in the words of
Senator Smoot, that the American
public is taxed to death?
(From the World).
The grade-crossing disaster at
Perth Amboy which cost the lives of
nine volunteer firemen while in the
performance of their duty excites a
public condemnation of proportionate
to its seriousness. As one of the
worst fatalities of its kind in the met
ropolitan area it calls for a more Lhan
ordinarily rigid investigation. Will
it prove sufficiently shocking to ciuse
the removal of any possible danger
of other disasters there? This is the
question of more importance than
the question who was actually at
A Coroner's jury and local and
State boards of inquiry will fix the
blame and no doubt recommend that
somebody be punished, if punishment
is feasible. But all possible inves
tigaUon will do no more than deter
mine what is already known, that
the failure of some human factor
caused the tragedy. And human fac
tors are always fallible.
If this disaster is taken with real
seriousness the grade crossing which
long invited it and eventually caused
it must go. Safety there is not a
matter of gates up or gates down or
of the psychological moment for wav
ing a red flag signal. The only way
to make life safer wherever trains
cross city streets at grade is to abol
ish the crossing.
Only one main idea is in sight with
driving force and the power to cap
ture he imagination of men. That
idea concerns itself with changing the
jbasis of civilization. It is the idea of
production for use. Production for
use is a seemly phrase, so sound that
sections of the church have accepted
it, so far-reaching that it will bring
down the walls of Jericho. It is
gentle and deadly. It says that the
present order is ethically indefensible
and economically unsound. It makes
the community the instrument and
arbiter of social change It says that
the consumer, the citizen, the "aver
age man," is the person whose Inter
ests are the main concern. The New
Storrs, Conn., June 18 "Eat more
lettuce" is a slogan suggested by
specialists of Connecticut Agricul
tural College. In view of the present
large crop In this State and its un
usual high quality and present cheap
ness. Lettuce, in common with
other green, leafy vegetables, con
tains valuable mineral salts, especial
ly Iron, and is & corrective of cer
tain bodily Ills.
The present growing season, al
though unfavorable to many of the
garden products, has brought a
I remendous crop of lettuce, which
thrives in cool weather. The quality
is said to be exceptionally good.
Much of It la not being marketed be
cause of small demand. ,
implying that the monax
need a good deal of assistance. The
example of the Senussi of the desert
seems worth copying. An occa
sional recollection of their need of
forgiveness would hurt none of our
public men; and if the custom led, as
it must naturally do, to searchings
of the soul, we might see documents
signed by "His Honor the Mayor
May God enlighten him"; "His Ex
cellency the President May God
mend his literary style", or even by
"His Magnificence the Ambassador
May God strike him dumb."
(From the Evening World).
Former Secretary of the Treasury
McAdoo said this week in an address
at Wellesley, Mass.:
"What we should do at once is
to enter into the League of Na
tions and throw the weight of
our moral and political influence
to compose conditions in Europe
and restore economic prosperity
there, then encourage every ef
fort to reduce war expenditures.
'Then we should adopt every
possible means that will facilitate
and not restrict our foreign
"The world is confronted with
the alternative of 'disarmament
or bust'"
Present Secretary of the Treas
ury Mellon is pretty closely in
accord on the "disarmament or
bust" proposition.
Where's better expert, inside
or experienced opinion?
(From Anstruther McKay in the July
The Egyptians, like all Orientals,
care nothing for parliamentary in
stitutions. They neither understand
nor respect them. Their idea of gov
ernment is personal, and they look
for a strong head of the state an
individual raised in rank and station
far above his subjects, but easily
accessible to the poorest of them,
and ready to listen to grievances and
petitions. Therefore today every
ambitious Egyptian is hoping that
the time may come when he himself
may be a famous ruler in the land.
He cares nothing for the doubtful
honor of belonging to any legislative
body. It is possible that his ambi
tion is not untinged with the hope
of thereby benefitting himself and
family as well as his country. But
the inclusion of parliamentary insti
tutions in the Milner proposals for
the future government of the country
is a tribute to English liberalism ra
ther than to Egyptian nationalism.
Few of us, say the specialists, eat
enough lettuce, spinach and similar
vegetables. Their increased use is
especially Important for growing
children, as they are high in the fac
tors known as "vitamines." Use of
such fooas. It is said, tend to prevent
anemia, scurvey and Intestinal trou
bles. Lack of such food elements is
now considered to be the chief cause
of the Asiatic disease known as beri
beri. Letti.ce too, along with similar
fresh vegetables. Is believed .to be a
preventive of much of the dental j
trouoie that follows a deit low In
calcium or lime.
A resolution authorizing- the Presi
dent to open negotiations with Can
ada and the maritime provinces for
abrogation of provincial and domin
ion regulations restricting exporta
tion of pulp-wood passed the Senate
and was sent to the House.
Plants for making finished paper
from pulp of cottonseed llnters will
be established at McKlnney and Fort
WortA. A (0 ton plant will be con
structed at Dallas. Trinity Paper
Mills Col, at Commerce, Tex, dis
covered the process.
Copyright, 1921, by Harper & Bros. Published by special arrangement with
The McClure Newspaper Syndicate.
"Two years have passed since
then." continued Miss Stoner, "and
my life has been until lately lonelier
than ever. A month ago, however,
a dear friend, whom I have known for
many years, has done me the honor
to ask my hand in marriage-. His
name is Armitage Percy Armitage
the second son of Mr. Armitage, of
Crane Water, near Reading. My
stepfather has offered no opposition
to the match, and we are to be mar
rjed in the course of the spring.
'Two days ago some repairs were
started in the west wing of the. build
ing, and my bedroom wall has been
pierced, so that I have had to move
into the chamber in which my sister
died, ajid to sleeip in the very bed in
which she slept. Imagine, then, my
thrill of terror when last night, as I
lay awake, thinking over her terrible
fate. I suddenly heard in the silence
of the night the low whistle which
had been the herald of her own
death. I sprang up and lit the
lamp, but nothing was to be seen in
the room. I was too shaken to go
to bed again, however, so I dressed,
and as soon as it was daylight I slip
ped down. got a dog-cart at the
Crown Inn,' which is opposite, and
drove to Leatherhead, from whence
I have come oi this morning with the
one object of seeing you and asking
your service."
"You have done wisely," said my
friend. "But have you told me
"Miss Roylott, you have not. You
are screening your stepfather."
"Why, what do you mean?"
For answer Holmes pushed back
the frill of black lace which fringed
the hand that lay upon our visitor's
knee. Five little livid spots, the
marks of four fingers and a thumb,
were printed upon the white wrist.
"You have been cruelly used," said
The lady colored deeply and cov
ered over her injured wrist. "He.
is a hard man." she said, "and per
haps he hardly knows his own
There was a long silence, during
which Holmes leaned his chin upon
his hands and stared into the CraCk-Ti...-
"This is a verv deep business." he
said at last. "There are a thousand
details which I should desire, to know
before I decide upon our course ot
action Yet we have not a moment
to lose. If we were to come to
Stoke Moran today, would it be pos
sible for us to see over these rooms
without the knowledge of your step-
it happens, he spoke of com
ing into town today upon some most
mportant business. It is PbaMe
that he will be away all da and
that there would be nothing to dis
turb vou. We have a housekeeper
now, but she is old and foolish and
I could easily get her out of the
"""Excellent. You are not averse to
this trip. Watson?"
"By no means."
"Then we shall both come. What
are you going to do yourself.
"I have one or two things which
I would wish to do now that I am
in town. But I shall return by the
12 o'clock train, so as to be there in
time for vour coming."
"And vbu may expect us early in
the afternoon. I have myself some
small business matters to attend to.
Will you -hot wait and breakfast?
"No I must go. My heart Is
lightened already since I have con
fided mv trouble to you. . I shall
look forward to seeing you again
this afternoon." She dropped her
thick black veil over her face and
glided from the room.
a1 what do you miniv ui n. m
Watson?" asked Sherlock
leaning back in nis cnair
tyat the flooring
sound, and that the door, window,
and chimney are impassable, then her
sister must have been undoubtedly
alone when she met her mysterious
end." .
""What becomes, then, of these
nocturnal whistles, and what of the
very peculiar words of the dying
woman ?"
"I cannot think."
"When you combine the Ideas of
whistles at night, the presence of a
band bf gypsies who are on intimate
terms with this old doctor, the fact
that we have every reason to be
lieve that the doctor has an lnterem
In preventing his stepdaughter's
marriage, the dying allusion to a
band. and. finally, the fact that Miss
Helen Stoner heard a metallic clang
which might have been caused by
one of those metal bars which se
cured the shutters falling back into
their Dlace. I think that there 1
it seei.. j - , he, u in tnls matt.
d sinister business - near;y one o'
'Dark enougn 1' R ",-inck Holmes returned
'-Yet it tne iaa .s vor. j- .j ,--. .r! in his
good ground to think that the mys
tery may
be cleared along those
"But what, then
do ?"
did the gypsies
"I cannot imagine."
"I see many objections
to any
such theory.
"And so do I. K is precicely for
that reason that we are going to
Stoke Moran this day. I want to see
whether the objections are fatal, or 'if
they may -'be explained away. But
what in the name of the devil!"
The ejaculation had been drawn
from my companion hy the fact that
our door had been suddenly dashed
open, and that a huge man had
framed himself in the aperture. His
costume was a. peculiar mixture of
the professional and of the agri-cultural,
having a black top-hat, a long
frock-coat, and a pair of high gaiters,
with a hunting-crop swinging in his
hand. So tall was he that his hat ac
tually brushed the cross bar of the
doorway, and his breadth seemed to
span it across from side to side. A
large face, seared with a thousand
wrinkles, burned yellow with the sun.
and marked with every evil passion.
was turned from one to the other of
us. while his deep-set. bile-shot eyes,
and his high, thin, fleshless nose, gave
him somewhat the resemblance to a
fierce old bird of prey.
"Which of you is Holmes?" asked
this apparition.
"My name, sir: but you have the
advantage of me," said my compan
ion, quietly.
"I am Dr. Grimesby Roylott, of
Stoke Moran."
"Indeed.- doctor," said Holmes,
blandly. "Pray take a seat."
"I will do nothing of the kind. My
stepdaughter has been here. I have
traced her. What has she been saying
to you?"
"It is a little cold for the time of
the vear," said Holmes.
"What has she been saying to
you?" screamed the old man, furi
ously. "But I have heard that the crocuses
promise well," continued my com
panion, imperturbably.
"Ha! You put me off, do you?
said our new visitor, taking a step
forward and shaking his hunting
crop. "I know you. you scoundrel!
I have heard of you before- You are
Holmes, the meddler."
Mv friend smiled.
"Holmes, the busybody!"
His smile broadened.
"Holmes, the Scotland-yard jack-in-oftice!"
Holmes chuckled heartily. You,
conversation is most entertaining."
said he. "When you go out close
the door, for there is a decided
"I will go when I have said my
say Don't "you dare to meddle with
vcm affairs. I know that Miss Stoner
has been here. I traced her! I am
a dangerous man to fall foul of!
See here." He stepped swiftly for
ward, seized the poker and bent it
into a curve with his huge brown
.tc... toon VAUrPlf Ollt Ot
oce j - j
my grip," he snarled, and hurling I
the twisted poker into the- fireplace.
he strode out OI tne room.
"He seems a very amiable person."
said Holmes, laughing. "I am not
quite so bulky, but it ne. naa re
mained I might have shown him that
m- c-rin was not much more feeble
than his own." As he spoke he
picked up the steel poker, and with
a sudden effort straightened it out
"Fancy his having the insolence to
confound me with the official de
tective force! This incident gives
zest to our investigation, however, and
I only trust that our little friend
will not suffer from her imprudence
in allowing this brute to trace her.
And now. Watson. we shall order
breakfast. and afterwards I shall
n-ait rtown to Doctors Commons.
where I hope to get some, data, which
clock when
from his
sheet of blue paper, scrawled over
with notes and figures.
"I have seen the will of the de
ceased wife." said he. -To deter
mine its exact meaning I have been
obliged to work out the present
prices of the investments with which
it is concerned. The total income,
which at the time of the wife's death
was little short of 1100. is now.
through the fall in agricultural
prices, not more than .d0. fc.acn
daughter can claim an income of
250, in case of marriage- It is evi- j
dent, therefore that if both girls had
married, this beauty would have had
a mere pittance, while even one of
them would cripple him to a very
serious extent. My morning's work
has not been wasted, since it has
proved that he has the very strong
est motivea for standing in the way
anythincr of the sort. And now
Watson, this is too serious for
dawdling, especially as the old man
ro , J
cxr?s lSsfs
Mexico City, June IS Immigra
tion of Germans to Mexico is on the
increase. A despatch from Vera Cruz
today said that S3 per cent, of the
first cabin passengers arriving there
on the Dutch steamer Friezia on Fri
day were Germans. All will settle
in this country. Most of the- German
Immigrants coming here are from the
well to do, educated class.
Congress has approved President.
Obregon's temporary measure pro
hibiting the immigration of foreign
laborers. Tliis bill is designed to
protest Mexican workers. Its enact
ment was due to the recent arrival
of about 1.000 American laborers,
not belonging to trade unions, who
received work in the oil fields in
preference to Mexicans. Announce
ment was made that the law will be
repealed when the industrial depres
sion is over.
Several more arrests have been
made of army officers who were a 1
leged to have been implicated with
Pablo Gonzales in revolutionary
agitations against the government.
They will shortly be court niartialod.
The prisoners include r.en. Sidonio
Mendez, who, with a handful of fol
lowers began an uprising in San Juia
Preparations have been completed
for the special town meeting to be
held in Stratford Tuesdy evening.
June 21, ait which time efforts- will lie
made to vote a special tax of two
thirds of one mill to cover immediate
needs of the fire department.
What seems necessary at this time
is an adequate pumping engine, and
the board of fire commissioners have
a triple combination Mack-International
in mind. This machine will
nvur'.'in a pressure of 150 pounds,
whi' is nearly twice the higest pres
sure than can be obtained under the
best conditions, at present. The truck
will come complete for $11,300 and
an additional sum of nearly $1,0-00
will be needed to cover new hose, for
ample pressure would no doubt blow
present hose equipments to bits. The
commissioners are especially in favor
of the Mack truck betxiu.se it will
carry all the men that can find room
on it. The claim of the Mack people
is that it is impossible to overload the
machine. If roads and bridges will
cari-y the load, so will the apparatus.
Sentiment, as well as surface Vn
timent can be judged, seems a g it
deal more in favor of this special t.x
than for the charity which was voted
down about two weeks ago. Many
people who are in no immediate need
and oblivious to the needs of others,
do see the fire peril from personal ob
servation, and he peril being much
closer home, may vote for this meas-.
However, as one prominent Strat
ford official said at the meeting of
the Fire and Finance boards Tuesday
evejning, "Some people in Stratford
would vote down a tax to give away $
gold pieces for dollar bills." Realiz
ing this, every effort is being made to
reach voters and it is urged that
property owners who believe Strat
ford should be put on an even footing
with progressive cities and towns of
the state, must not pass the buck to
the neighbors, but get out to the
meeting, and get out early.
With the turbines out of condition
and an after compartment filled with
water, following a collision with a
"dud" torpedo during manoruvers.
the destroyer Dent put into Los
Angeles harbor.
Cotton strike in Manchester dis
trict of Kngland. which has kept 600,
000 workers idle for two weeks, was
It was announced in Chicago that
Donal O'Callaghan. Ijrd Mayor of
Cork, had arrived safely in Ireland.
i,, aware that we are interesting our
selves in his affairs: so if you are
ready, we shall call a cab and drive
to Waterloo. I should be- very much
obliged if you wou!d slip your re
volver into your pocket. An Kley's
No. 2 is an excellent argument with
gentlemen who can twist steel pok
ers Into knots. That and a tooth
brush are. I think, all that we need."
Tomorrow The Adventure of Uio
Speckled Band, continued.

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