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Tuesday, June 21, 1921
Pajre Fire
June 21 John
.was unanimous-
unexpired term
braith, Jr., as
bf the American
Indianapolis, ind
Garfield Emery, w
ly elected to fill
of Frederick XV
national commande
Jjegion. will go to New York within a
lew days. Following his election
here, he returned to his home at
Grand Rapids. Mich., to look afttr
business interests there, preparatory
to beginning his work as head of the
It is expected that the. new com
mander will follow the policies of his
vigorous predecessor, w hose achieve
ments in behalf of the disabled war
veterans re widely known.
In a brief statement following his
election, Mr. Emery said, "If I were
asked to state in a few words what
T believe to be the greatest service
the American Legion has rendered
our country. I would say that it has
.r-en the carrying out by the Iegion
of the mandate of its constitution,
which has instilled in the hearts of
"orrnor service men and women a
Ffnse of individual to community and
nms ixruixiios.
i. Tiffin, Ohio, June 21. Sunday mo
nies are coming back here after two
II months of blue Sundays. But only
ducational pictures will be permit-
11 ed, under a ruling of Prosecuting
attorney Lott, who launched a cru-
le against Sunday movies last I- en
try. T he county prosecutor held
movies are reproductions of
imatic, or theatrical performances
illegal. Cartoon comedies and
unimal, or nature, studies are permissible.
Photo by Underwood & Und. ood.
(jot. iirflwardss signature rsistered on twenty bonds every time he wrote his name with the new
wholesale signing device. Proceeds from the $15,000, i00 issue authorized by the State Legislature will be
distributed among New Jersey men who served in the war.
with ewnr tire tmoed at
true worth,
there be for d
A famous tire afamous tread. Acknowl
edged among motorists and dealers alike
as the world's foremost example of Cord
lire building. Always delivering the same
repeated economy, tire after tire, and
season after season.. Xhe stripe around
the side-walls is registered as a trade
mark in the TJ. S. Patent Office.
what need would
BUSINESS concerns
may be divided
roughly into two classes.
One goes on the idea
that the public doesn't
think much. The other
believes that public good
sense makes the right
decision nine times out
of ten.
Concern No. 1 likes
to keep away from facts.
Concern No. 2 is anxious
to place all the facts pos
bible before people.
It is interesting to
watch these conflicting
methods working out in
the tire industry.
Eighteen months ago
the makers of U. S.
Royal Cord Tires put
themselves on record
against the unsound
ness of the "discount"
way of selling tires.
Going right ahead and
making the par quality
tire at a net price.
Opposing the confu
sion of "so much off
list." Because list prices
don't mean anything
until the real worth of
the tire itself is proven.
Because "discounts"
mean still less when list
price has no relation to
Now it is evident the
public hasn't been back
ed people say
United States Tires
are Good Tires
ward in finding out the
Rising above all the
uncertainty of "dis
count" appeal comes the
clear, sharp public opin
ion in favor of U. S.
Royal Cords.
More dealers by 36
than a year ago. In May
1921 alone an increase in
sales of U. S. Royal Cords
of more than 25 over
May 1920.
Car -owners know
more than they let on.
They are letting the
"discount" situation run.
its course.
And turning to U. S.
Royal Cords as the par
quality tire at a net
The most significant
thing that is happen
ing in tires today.
United States
s Ti
Rubber Company
Tire Branch, 781 Main Street
John Patterson, boss of the gi
gantic animal family that has been
formed by consolidating the most un
usual menagerie feature of America's
two most famous circuses, can spin
many a yarn regarding strange
friendships. He recalls a mean
tempered lioness who mothered a pet
kitten. friendships between ele
phants and the talented performing
dogs happen most every season. Re
cently a performinfr goose insisted
upon sharing part of as ostrich's din
ner, much to the wonder of the lat
ter and the amusement of visitors.
Now a sudden and un explainable
friendship has sprung up between
"Congo," a big orang-outang, and
Tub Poses of Congo 3iz
Game Playmate
"Fluff," an orphaned spaniel pup.
"Congo's" trainer took the puppy un
der his wing, and in less than a week
"Congo" had learned to feed the dog
from a milk bottle. Friendship ripen
ed and soon the orans-outang insisted
that "Fluff" share his apartment at
all hours of the day and night. When
ever the dog wishes to visit "Congo,"
he barks in a peculiar way, the
orang-outang's trainer opens the
cage door and lets "Fluff" inside.
By chance you may see the dog
and monkey playing together in the
cage when Ringling Brothers and
Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows
exhibits here. You will have to
come early, however, for when the
trumpets sound, announcing the
opening of the gorgeous introductory
pageant, "Fluff" insists on visiting
another of his pals the bass drum
mer, in the big concert Dana. Tne
combined circus will sive perform
ances here Saturday, July 2.
Milwaukee, June 21. Almost every
phase of social work known will be
taken up and discussed during the
week of June 22 to 29 at the Forty
eighth annual meeting of the Nation
al Conference of Social Work and
its affiliated bodies here.
Uo fewer than 20 societies, depart
ments or associations will hold, meet
ings either prior to or during the
week of this convention and thous
ands are expected to attend the vari
ous sessions.
The American Association for Com
munity organization, composed of
Community Chest bodies, Councils of
Social agencies and Financial Feder
ations will hold sessions tomorrow
and Wednesday while the National
Probation Association will convene
this afternoon and continue its ses
sion until Wednesday afternoon.
Leaders in the fields of probation,
parole and court reform will be pre
sent from all parts of the country.
Many of the more active and prog
ressive judges from juvenile and
other courts using probation, will be
The sessions on today and tomor
IM will be devoted principally to
the problems of adult delinquency,
including probation, domestic relation
or family courts, clinics and preven
tative work. The sessions on Tues
day evening and Wednesday are tc
constitute a joint conference with the
Federal Children's Bureau, and are
to be devoted entirely to the prob
lems of the juvenile court.
The following affiliated organiza
tions will meet here during the next
ten days:
"The Lutheran Inner-Mission soci
ety. Social Service department of the
Protestant Episcopal church, Public
Health Nurses' association, the Na
tional Urban League for Social Ser
vice among Negroes, the Jewish Con
ference of Social Welfare, the Can
adian Conference of Public Welfare,
Foreign Community Workers, Na- I
tional Board of Y. W. C. A.? the Na- I
tional Association for Community Or
ganization, the American Association t
of Hospital Social Workers, Nation- '
al Federation of Day Nurseries, In
terstate Conference on Illegitimacy,
National Probation association, Am
erican Association for Organizing Fa
mily Social Work, National Chil
dren's Home Society, National Child
Labor Committee, and the National
Traveler's Aid Sor iety, Child Welfare
A-ague of America, American Red
Cross. American Association of Social
Service Exchanges, National Social
Workers' Exchange.
Swiss Dresses, Special
Cool, Captivating and Charming
White backgrounds dotted
with the new shades of blue,
or rose, or black or orchid.
Pretty little summer frocks
with crisp organdie collars.
Misses' Checked
Gingham Dresses, $8.50
Medium sized checks in
brown and white; r?d and
white or lavender and white.
The popular new long waisted
effects so becoming to misses
and small women.
Gingham Trimmed Middies for Girls.
White middies in co-ed style with collar, cuffs and cuff-bottom
of various colored ginghams. Novel and quaint for summer.
Priced at $2.50
Pleated white middy skirts, $1.50 & $2.
New Supplies of "Home Made"
Underwear Add New Life to the June White Sale.
Fresh, new undergarments have just arrived. Wonderfully
pretty and fine. Very speciaJ values in chemises, gow ns, camisoles,
etc., with some extra, values for this week in
White nainsook camisoles, $1.25
Exquisitely trimmed chemises, $2.
Washable Venetian satin chemises, $2-50
Camikicks with closed drawers having drop seat, $2.50
The NEW-WAY Laundry Service
Helps to Solve a Real Problem
Doing the family washing at home in summer is an un
necessary burden to housekeepers whether they do the
washing themselves or not.
There are a thousand and one ways more useful and
helpful, which a woman can find always at hand. The
NEW-WAY opens the door to a ready and satisfactory
solution of the difficulty.
It's the most economical form of laundry work for the
faimilv washing. The clothes are washed individually
kept from contact with all other washings all the while
they are in our hands.
Wearing apparel is hand-ironed, the rest of the
clothes done on the family ironer. The result, complete
satisfaction to the housekeeper and at very little cost.
NEW-WAY is worthy of trial send your clothes to us
this week. It is the' most recent addition to our well
rounded laundry service and appeals to more and more
women every day.
Rugs, Curtains, Blankets, and tLomforlahles cleaned
efficiently and satisfactorily.
Phone Barnum 4320
Vancouver. B. C June 21 Ma
jor Charles Sydney Goldham .author,
capitalist and former member of the
British Parliament, hag purchased the
whole town of Nicola, a beauty spot
in the mountains of British Columbia.
He Is now living in the courthouse,
awaiting a gang of workmen to com
mence putting the place in condition
to care for Tourists.
In all 20.000 acres rieve been se
cured by the major. who plans to
i make a summer resort, stocking the
'aKes in xne neignoornooa wjtn game
Major Goldham has written a num
ber of books dealing principally with
the South African war.
Advertise in The Times
Syracuse, X. T., June 21. Accord
ing to officials of the Franklin Auto
mobile Company, sales for the first
six days of June exceeded the corre
sponding period in May by 100 per
cent., this impetus in sales following
the cut in tha price of the Franklin
car, announced June 1. Thifi latest
production, together with the previous
cut in September last, means that the
price of the Franklin has been low
ered from J450 to $750, according to
Since February 10 the Frank'in
factory has ibeen on a 100 per cent,
normal basis and has been turning
out cars at the rate of forty a day.
Productions for June will total 960
cars. inaicauve wi mt; mumim .n
which sales are crowding on the heels I
of producoin, it is interesting to note
that on Juno 1 the Franklin Company
had on hand orders for Juno d-elivery
amounting to 82 per cent, of tho
month's output.
Typhoid increases each summer
and is particularly frequent among
people who have been away on vaca
tion and have drunk water from the
brooks, springs and other sources of
more or less questionable purity.
All persons who are going for their
vacation to a place are urged to
take the typhoid prophylactic vac
cine. It protects against typhoid in
practically all cases.
A case of typhoid fever means sev
eral weeks of sickness. Typhoid
vaccine is simple to give, easy to
take and the price hi within the
reach of all.
Bedbugs lay an average of seven eggs
per day. Under fa.vora.ble conditions
they hatch in five days of which two
thirds are females. They mature to
adult size and are capable of laying in
four weeks. How many bedbugs would
would you have in a year if you left one
female or ogg unmolested for one year?
To rid the pesky bedbug, you can readily
see how necessary it is to use a prepara
tion that will kill the eggs as well as
the live ones. P. D. Q. has been demon
strated by the leading Hospitals, Hotels
and Railroad Companies that the safest
and most economical way to stop future
generations of bedbugs, roaches, fleas
and ants Is to use the new discovery
Pesky Devils Quietus" "P. D. Q."
A 3&c package ol P. D. Q. makes a
quart, enough to kill a million bedbugs,
roac hec. fl eas and coories and at tne
same time destroy their eggs.
Impossible for them to exist when
P. D. Q. is properly used. Pree. patent
spout In every package to get the pesky
devils in the hard-to-get -at -places and
save the juice.
Special Hospital and Hotel size
makes five gallons of P. r. Q. your
druggist has it or can get it for you, or
sent prepaid upon receipt of price by the
Owl Chemical Co., Terre Haute. Ind.
Success of P. D. Q- has caused imitators;
genuine P. D. Q. is never peddled.
SoM by J. I. Hartigan's Drag Stores.
H indie's Irug Stores and other leading
dx-ugfi ifita. A d v.

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