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- - , -
July 25, 1921
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, I , -
-s PaZe SeVen
Store That Saves Voti Money at-ark BStore Closes Daily at 5 Sat. at 6.
it PY
I Down Puts This Electric Maid
: f alls,1,- , ' -
:. , -.- :tV?1-,.- ' '
ilw. viall
-ass.- -5. Alio - .
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- -,,,,;;;,4-4-1;.?-, :
.'5'- ;12t :- ,--,,
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i es.- -
1 i ,- -Attti,. '''
'ç - -.. 4t,:.I.J-;: -1 '
-4..- , ;,---
This efficient ELEC
TRIC MAID Electric
' Washer operates 011
the revolving cylinder
principle and will
wash the finest fab
rics as well as - the
coarsest materials ra
pidly, thoroughly and
inexpensively a n d
with Out daraaging
them in arty way.
Tlie Swinging
Wringer is electrical
Ily driven and is
equipped. with latest
improved safety re
I lease.
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l - Portable Talking Machin. 6 -
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standard 10 and
12 inch records.
,LLUS ILLACILLIIC IS perlecu III every- rebpeet; iiillt LS gutu:zuaLect.
to give satisfactory service. Has splendid tone vollune
,11,, and plays all
- N:4,........standard 10 and
- 12 mch records.
, - -' misF hed in
- ---7------ .....,a-7--,. -.--.--------J,"r..00
- U .Y's. ,, '''',-- . ----- - - Mahogany
. - ,,,,-, .L ....1, ...1..,,,r,
lita, . , 4 - 1,-,, ' '- - 'I ''. 4,4 4,,., - ,- '.,t,-,1,,, ,
, - ,,. ' - 7 - , , , I , 7',1.-ss. , : " ' ..'i,, , 1 '
. ' '.. I'''''k.',N,,,.. feld '7,- t t:7;4'." i'''''';1;ft,--0.1's V2';- '-
, ,11-,.,.... -, --J ..';- ., . , Furaed
19,g,,---ti,-,,,,t --. ' ' '' - ' ' -
,, ,--,.-, -.,,,- - , -,, ,-,-., ,1-, -,, ,
I., , ,,I ,,,, N-L. , f.'. . ,: , . '-', -,
---' 4" 'N'''' Oak
,,,,, r 'Az. x,' -4 : '4,-, --..7''t4s4 1 , , 4-
-.4111111111111Notswast;or , 9. :If. - ,,--. ' A 6 6' '
, ' ., .11.4 - - ' - ...4 ''',;;O. '- ,-
1011 ..,-- --'50c. ' '', . t., i-.-- "t,.. -
'1 ii1A-411'11-:-.44,1gr ' - '' '' '''''$''''''
------ -447,-''' C onvenient
-- - - Terms
. ,
,, , ...4,-,,-)4 ....'
tmbr,..1..-'4 1,14$. ,,, IP mo,1,,e..,
k I
All Lawn and e Store That SavesYott . , u
. ,, , ..
-.,, - ,,- it, ..401. r, .41,..
; Porch Furniture . , , , : it, D , ,. .,
:: ... -4. ,,,,,e
. A. 0 ' 4 '',..., -
r.- ..-,
. Substanhally i;,,, - , Itv!. ':- :, - , -
,,,-,-,-, .--,- , - -r-- ,,:, , .',4--
, 1 . Reduced 10 7-1073 linaND, --IL -
; I 4 - MGEPORT --4:maigik
All Lawn and
Porch Furniture
Has anyone got a baby carriage or
& go-cart for which she has no fur
r ther use? If so just call the Catho
:Ile Charitat4 lAireau at Barnum 4892
,and tell the seeretary..to send for it
Probably the donor will not realize
'the value of those few words but to
some poor family where there is a.
new baby, they will mean more than
mere words cam express. If there is
no baby carriage probably you have
an idle crib in your home. One that
is just filling- up space in the attic
and which looks just a bit worn or
rusty. Never mind the shabbiness
just so- long as it Is capable of mak
ing' a bed for some poor little baby,
tell the people at the Charitable bu
reau about it and they will find a
way to put it to good advantage. If
you have TIO telephone just step into
the office In the Meigs building and
say the word and you will become the
g-ood Samaritan.
- A similar appeal for carriages and
cribs was sent out a little over a. year
ago and in response came a dozen
, of the former and belt that number
of the latter. These articles have
lasted until a week ago and so now
it is found necessary to repeat the
A carriage is necessary to the ba
t; by's welfare for plenty of fresh air
is one of the primary needs of an
infant; a crib is essential to baby's
welfare because he should necessarily
sleep alone.-
During the first six months of this
year the Catholic Charitahle bureau
helped three hundred poor families.
and a great many more orphan and
deserted children. At present the
bureau has about fifteen children in
C-1 supervised boarding homes. Young
sters are placed in these homes where
fee is paid for their keeping and in
this manner they are saved from be
ing sent to an orphan asylum.
An instance to illustrate a. situation
of this sort is in the case of an In
fant whose mother was deserted by
by the father about three months be
fore the birth of the child. When
the baby was about ten years old the
mother died and the Catholic Chari
table bure,au immediately placed the
t child in a boarding house where it
has remained ever since. 'rhe baby
is now fifteen months old but is
t strong and health3r.
7naVtiloentimsecifolt.hoe furneurnenpltoyrric eenntts slat;
the bureau., Por children of these
-families clothing is urgently needed
lt When new babies are expected or
have arrived there is usually n n
money with which to buy clothes and
0' the welfare workers come with aid
the form of new or vartly used
clothin g
Garments for older children and
v, men and wemen are also needed.
People having partly used or old clo
thing in their posessien, will simply
notify the Catholic Charitable bu
reau ,a-here they can be procured.
111.. The FOCial workers will promptly
take care of the Joh of getting them
to the needy famines.
1185 MAIN
zAJEL0113 - 95C
APZ3aLLENJ,MeS. litdr Watir NU. positton with ther etreus, ) Those present were: Miss Arins 1 Moskowita--. - I er she is," , Norman street. for a few weeks. -
W...7 Pi I I ors L., A. Z3 Sn 1 N .m-oa . a01.,t3 111 CV I nii.rri r-ontzt I vit mulama ILL at.rtu. oe a Lrcs-Fam.,. , , , ,c.a. 0 0 I
,O. MM. P., Nfidr now -4E, positton erlzrk ens. emend, , -.1.110150 present were: 2d es A.Ins 1 IdoekOwits. INI ormazt sareel. 'oar 8. tew weess- - - e----e- ---- --
. .
, .
.." ,, , - ,
I er elle te,-- ,
) ' - ,
' - - .
Washing Machine in Your Hope
(11'1,1 A Mconth
-4Ety For tit
,1:'.-,i.1.4-s, r - lir
''..1,4,-, s-.,,
... ..,11
i.--., res";:e., l'inlIr -'r, ' ' ''..; ':';"1...'''
2.1-it )4,1,,,.,,ik.t .."- - - a
, .0,,,,,,,,:e44... ' 4-,,,,,, ,---r,-E, , - --
-...;',7-:. ;VW? . q4,4-,,:',.:. ,..,..., ,
1-71-1.:---'-'77-:---;-'; --' .1.i -;--:::rwr-mrigloolS---- 7
1 ' -1'----,---,-,Tsfs-,-T-- - - t,,:ii,,.
T- --i4YM-t---1---4 I tt ''
-,--bay, ,--:-.-Z,---Tr; ,:-
, '714-;-.1--,----k:-., : r T .
:-,..,,..,,,,,-, -
-,i---.' -,;';,..tt --. 4 ' ... Whit
-- . , -,,,,....4, .---
-,,,-:,.---,----,..,!,-,-;t 7, stratl
-:P L , ,.
.is, , , - ,1-1; ,, r i. Al Om
.., ,.: ?,-.,, ,,...---,T,111.:
4 , r-',,,,-.-""- -...--1-.1 -:--P1152.1"..'
,ft t, x---, : 114. i
;.,,i, . ,.. ,---,-
.0 - , - -
This High Grade
- Finished
, or
Store That SavetsYottMol
Women's Swimmin
Association To
Meet Thursday
A large and important meeting of
the Bridgeport Women's Swimming
Association,- will take place at the
Seaside Bathing Pavilion on Thurs
day, July 2th. at 6:30 o'clock.
The members are urgently request
ed to attend as much business will be
discussed. It is probable that Cap
tain Max-Baum, one of the honorary
officials of the Association will give
definite information as to the secur
ing of a swimming pool for the mem
bers for us-e during the fall and win
ter. If this matter is settled it is
likely that a committee will be form
ed to secure a design for the regula
tion suit to be worn by the women.
Contestsants from the Women's Swim
ming Association will b selected for
the lare-e swimming meet to 14G held
at the park on August 22rd.
Yesterday in the Myrtle beach
swimming contest Miss Anna Baum,
one of the most active members of
the organization won the one hundred
yard dash for womn in on minute
and sixteen seconds.
Will Stage
Bathing Review
Warning-s- were sent out by the
Chamber of Commerce to its mem
bers and g-uests who are to attend the
outing under the , auspices of the
Chamber and allied organizations at
Pleasure Beach, tomorrow, to bring
their bathing suits. lt is understood
that an uncensored bathing review in
charge of Waliam Chew will be an
added Xeature of the outing. and the
committee desires everyone present
from Governor Lake down, to par
ticipate. Returns receitPed at noon today in
dicated that the limited number of
imitations to the outing printed had
all been gobbled up, and that the
only chance late comers would have
would be to securf tickets turned in
by others at headquarters.
Chairman Troxell is today resting
on his oars, having been assured by
the chairmen of the various sub-committees
that every possible arrang
ment had been completed for the
comfort and entertainment of the
guests and' members of the Chant
ber. The Chamber of Commerce is plan
ning to 'break one record at leastat
this outing, that every event on the
program will be run oft on schedule
time. - The first boat will leave Strii-tford
avenue far Pleasure Beach at
3:30 and there will be half-hourly
sailings thereafter.
Chairman Pierce IX Gallen of the
sports committee, announced today
that John Hincks, Yale university
swimming champion and participant
in the last Glytripic gurtes, would be
an- added attraction. to the aquatic
eports program.
Michael iBul liven, manager of the
Royal lunch on Fairfield avenue. was
one of the number of Bridgeport 'Peo
ple who einjoyed the excellent per
formance -of the Bparke circus in
Norwalk Friday evertIng, Sir.
Wt1G L. frorn eat an
intimate friend of William Green. also
of Willimantic, who hae execiltive
position with thee circus, -
The design of this
- 11415 machine is neat and
corapact and it is
bvilt to -give maxi
6,74 mum service. , Has
' ea v y galvanized
,iron body, wrought
irort legs and is fin
ished throughout in
White Enamel. Free demon
stration without obligation.
Our Very Special Price
Sah 7c Pay-able
17 $5 Dolvn
V:8 $5 Monihly
Self Wringing
4-s!c -j- '
6 ..
Cash or:Credit
Nuptials Today'
Pretty Affair
Rev. Edward Shaughness-3-, assist
ant pastor of Blessed Sacrament
church, officliated at a pertty wedding
which took place at the church this
morning at 7:45 when Miss Mina. C.
Probert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
William T. Probert of 482.
avenue, became the bride of Walter
-P. Casey, son of Mrs. Catherine E.
Casey of 473 Atlantic street Profes
srrr M. J. Gratton, organist at the
church, played the conventional wed
ding' IMISie.
Miss Probert was attired in a. hand
some frock of white crepe de chine
with a. wide sash of brocaded ribbirk
Her bat was trimmed with baby rib
bon of the same design and she car
ried a shower bouquet of bride's roses
and lilies of the valley. The brides
maid, her sister, Miss Angela E. Pro
bert, was gowned in pearl grep crepe
de chine with a. sash of Chinese blue
satin ribbon. She wore a grey hat to
match and carrie-d an arm bouquet of
pink rosebuds. Edward Casey acted
as groomsman for his brother
Immediately after the ceremony
tbe cotople left on a honeymoon to
New York city and Asbm-y Park. Af
ter August 15th they will be at home
to their friends at 3 Alfred Square,
Seaside Village.
Mrs. Casey Is very popular in this
city and for some time has been cash
ier in the face of the Aetna Life In
surance company. Mh. Casey holds
a responsible position in the produc
tion department of the Warner Bros.
-Another Group
Is Visiting 4t
Camp Oronoque
Becanse of the delightful time en
joyed at Camp Oronoque in Orono
clue. during the latter part of June
by ten members of the Sunday school
classes of the Prist Methodist church,
another group will visit this popular
vacation place durimg this week
The girls - will be chaperoned bi
Miss Harriette Allen, one of the
church secretaries and will follow
the regular routine ot camp life laid
out tor the other visitors at the camp.
The group inckules: Miss Dorothy
Hirtchinson, Miss Catherine Weds
zer, Miss Viola, Kohlberg, Miss Mil
dred Allen, Miss Esther Brockurn.
Miss Agnes Grachezslry, Miss Mskrion
Platt and Miss Marion STIONV.
Delightful Party
At Atlasta Farm
Miss Anna Postal of North Main
street. entertained a number of -her
friends at a hike 8.nd barn dance at
her home, At lasta- Farm. in Trum
bull. The guests met at Read's cor
ner. yesterday morning and hiked to
the Postol surnerter home. During
the early afternoon games were PlaY
ed after which an elaborate dinner
was served.
In the evenine ft dance was held
in the barn which was attractively
decoreted for the OCCI151.021 with blue
and whits crepe paper streamers. A
huge bus conveyed the guests to
Bridgeport late -in t'he evening.
Those present were: Miss Anna
out ,
by '1
turning I ,..,
the :
' 1)
with -I:
. long , ,
handle ' , ,
woven . 4 ..--.
cotton -- t:,
mop. ' - .
IT .
, l
41? go ' ,7: ' i
6 ...
. L. ,,
Personals I ,
s s
Mr. and Mrs. Emmet S. Beardsley
of 61 Rows ley street are 'snending
several days in New Yerk city as the
guestm of Mr. and Mrs- E.T.T "FT Smith. -
Mrs. Beardsle3r will later visit several
of her 6,ormer classmates of National
Park seminary, Forest Glen, Mary
laud. Miss Beatrice Marsh, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Buckingham marsh of
800 Colorado avenue will leave on
Monday for Camp Dix, New Jersey, '
where she will be the member of a
house party given by one of her class
mates at Smith college.
Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Roberts of 172
Grave street 8.re spending a Week in
Hempstead. Long Island, where thel
are being extensively entertained by
Mrs. H. E. Batchelor of GS Nolan
street, Stratford -is entertaining her
aunt Mrs. T. H. Blake of Wood Ha
ven, New York.
Mr. and Mra Andrew Lyons of
Park avenue are enjoying a sail up
the Hudscm river. They will -visit
various points of interest en route to
Gerald S. Pratt of Brookview eve
nue, Bay Scout executive, spent the
week-end at the Bo3r Scout camp at
Still River, Cann.
JOhla HILITiel of Eagle street is en
joying a two weeks vacation sit Lake
MISS Julia and Miss Mae Brannick
of 14 Alpine street are spending a
few weeks at the Colonade at Wal
nut beach.
Ville Stcrwe Chapter, Wome. of the
World War. will hold a. beach party
at Pleasure Beach on Saturday af
noon, July 30th. Members and their
friends will meet at the Stratford ave
nue dock at 3 o'clock.
The members of the New England
Order of Protection will bold a pic
nic and carting at Pleasure Beach on
August -20th.
Charles Dawney. chief storekeeper
on the IL S. S. Murray, has retm-ned
to his station at Gloucester, Mass,
after spending a few days in :this city
LS the guest of friends.
The raany friends of G. W. Good
sell. who hEte been qtrite seriously ill
at his slimmer home in Woodmont,
will be pleased to hear that he is
slightly improved.
The 822111:1211 lawn fete given on the
ground of the parsonage b-y the !rat,-
ishinners of St. Thomas' parish in
Fairfield will take place on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday evenings of
this week.
Mies Clara. 11 lingworth of Meriden
its visiting her cousin. Mrs. E. P. Lud
low of 353 Windsor avenue, Strat
ford. Mies Ethel Critter of 2,243 East
Main street is visiting with friends On
Fisher's. Roland, Conn.
The many friends of Ntiefhael Bar
rett of Hanover stree,.' will be sorry to
hear that he ig serinsly with pneu
MOTtlb, at St, Vincent's h6spitel.
Mr. and Mrs- M. J. Farrell and
daughters. Margaret and Cassie, of 34
Glendale avenue. left yestercbry for a
mcrtor trip to Pittsfield from where
they will go over the Mohawk Trail to
Miss May Sullivan, Miss Anna Boyle.
Miss Mary Carrig, Miss Estelle Don
ahey, Miss Clara Callahan, Mss Eva
DohaheY, Miss Alice Shea, and Miss
MarY Beaty, all of New Haven. who
have been guests at the Midget cot
tage at M3rrtie beach for the past two
weeks. have returned to their homes--
A secOnclantursclay swimming party
at Lordship park will be held this
week by a troup of members from the
Barnum Service center of the Y. W.
C. A. Miss Eleanor Emerson. secre
tary at the house. will act as chaper
one for the affair.
Mrs. J. A. Leverty of Washington
avenue, entertained a small group of
friendst at h-er home at a bridge party
on Saturday Those present were
Mrs. Lyman Hill. Miss Mary Stapleton
and Miss Mary Ward.
Cordon Beardsley of 144.6 Linden
avenue, Stratford, is spending a few
weeks in Atlanta, Ga., as the guest of
Miss Helen Keating of Park place
left the cit3r yesterday for Springfield
where she will be the bridesmaid at
the wedding of her cousin, Miss Ma
delyn Keating and Leonard Cain, both
of that city, which will 'take place to
morrow morning.
Harold Pox of Noble avenue, is
spending two weeks' vacation at the
Dinty Moore cottage at Myrtle Beach.
James cummings, who has been
employed in New York for some time
was the week-end guest of his parents
on Lafayette street.
Miss Mary Day of 41 Lewis street,
and Miss Helen Quinlivan of 394
Laurel avenue, are spending a few
weeks at Watch Hill, R.
Rev. John Sullivan of Sacred
Heart church, is visiting his parents
in Maine for several weeks.
Miss Lorraine Stapleton, of Sanford
avenue, spend the remainder of
the summer at "Walnut beach, as the
guest of friends. ' .
Miss Mary Sullivan of 1 Seeley
street.and Miss Celia Mortinker of
Denver avmme, are spending two
weeks' vacation at Asbury Park, N. J.
Miss Edith Norbeck of Atlantic
street, is spending two weeks at Camp
Ethadowbrook. at Cornwall Bridge,
Edward Creagh, who is irk the em
pliy of the American Chain Co. at
the Boston office, is spending a va
cation in this city as the guest of his
mother on Lewis street.
An attractive event will take place
at Seaside partk at 230 o'clock on
Friday when a boat and kite flying
contest will be ..held under the aus
pices of the Board of Recreation. All
children of the city are invited to par
ticipate. Thomas Keating of -New York citlr ,
was the week-end guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Bernard. Keating -of Park place.
Arthur Gronberg -of Atlantic street,
is enjoying two weeks va,cation srt the
River Pirates' cottage at Mrytle
Thomas Kiernan of NOrth Wash
ington avenue, has returned to his VD
sttion at the United Illtrminating Co.
after enjoying two weeks vacation
at various points of interest in the
Postol, Miss Helen Sackett, Miss nose
Weingarten, Miss Helen Lelpscher,
Miss Dor-123, I...singe...her, Miss Jennie
Vo lin, Miss Hilda Harris, Nat Wein
stein. Albert Zonn. John Posted, Ben
nie Bch lege, Lerviris Ostrowsky,, Abra
ham Postal, WiMam Slavin and Joe
Moskowitz. -
Dainty enough-- -
Stylish enakiph;
- Shapely ugh--;
for the most particular of wearersthe
American Woman of Fashion
( (
0) 11
' - ..,, )IPH':''LT'z:::''-''-'-''':iFO'i;"''ívK-- '. : : '
V.;11-1--- -
'rt'' ' -,,,Iir7..-11---; e -..litT '
. 4ft.--1.' -:-'''AT-::: -
. fe,:: P.:. 4 - '
lior.S e, 471,
- i,,,.,,-. ., , -
,,, .'W,, A, ;
v - , ,.
i .. ,
".,..--z, -
- .a.,,, . ,, - ., 7,1;f.;r:,
,.., -,
le , ,
.6 1o:4'. t ,' 4,, ,,,. s
7 -
V.I. 4',
4 4 - - sa ',i.,
' ,.ge?'''' 72... '''.
-1,,,,,.,., .4. ly
:7 ,:. .4!. , $-
fp t
A': . ,,, -,-
-..,,,, ,-,
GOWILS triramed with lace and em
broidery, regrular-sizes, 36 to 4-4 inclusive,
At $2.50, $3.00, $3.50 and up
Extra Sizes, 46, 48 and 50 bust
measm-e. At $3.50 and $4.00
"La Greeque" Drawers,regular sizes.
Belt measures from 28 to 34 inelu
sive, SL25, $1.50 and $2.00
Extra Sizes, 36 and 38 belt measm-e,
- $1.69, $2.00 and up
Envelope Chemise,strap tops or built
up shoulders, all sizes,
S300 and $350
Extra Sizes with built-up shoulders
only. Bust measures 46, 48 and
50, $3.50, $4.00 and up
Corselettes for Bathing
Also for sports wear with or without a corset
Of pink batiste with combination bust supporter and. hose supporter,
In black sateen,
- Candy
Jumbo Nougat, '
Wrapped Caramels,
Peanut Smudge,
Stuffed Dates,
Coffee Snow Drifts, ,
Pecan Mocha,
Sour Lemon Drops,
Marshmallow Patties,
1VEnt Melange; 1 lb. $1.00,
LThe Catholic Daughters of America,
rmerly the- Daughters of Isabella.,
will hold an important business meet
ing this evening in the Council Cham
ber of the Knights of Columbus'
hcrrne on Washington avenue.
Elias Howe, Jr., Women's Relief
Corp will hold a beach party and
picnic on Thursdayy at the cottage raf
Mrs. Fred Mills at Silver Beach. The
members will meet at Read's corner
at 1-0 a- m. Those who will find
it impossible to meet at this hour
may take the car to pole 116 Silver
Beach. The guests are requested to
bring either sandwiches, cake, fruit
or pickles and Mrs. Mills will furnish
the clam chowder,
A few of the employes ot the Singer
Mantzfacturing Co. and their friends
enjoyed a delightful beach party on
Saturday evening -at the Marshton
ccrttage at Mrytle beach.
Mrs. Charles A. I,ePeter , and
daughters, Mi138 Mary and Miss Hel
en. of Waterbury, are the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes ot
Hudson street for a week.
Madison recreaticrn center will be
in chame of the da-nce to be held at
the Seaside Bathing pavilion tomor
row evening- Barnum School orches
tra. will play tor the dancing--
No open house meeting will be
held by the members of the Barnum
Service center until the return of the
secretary, Miss Eleanor Emerson,who
left on Saturcla-y evening to spend two
vreeks at her home in Buffalo, N Y.
Mexico City, July 25---Mexico and
Japan are sons of the same mother,
Prince Hirohito, heir apparent to the
throne of Japan, told the Paris cor
respondent of El Universal recently.
He added:
"Destiny has willed that the twcp
countries be separated and distant
from each other but the designs of
destiny are now clear. Japan and
Mexico fill a distinct mission in each
continent- They are the guardians
of a civilisation that is highly moral
the -sentinels of two races against
dthe forces of .barbarism.
"Mexico and Japan ought to draw
near -each other in. order to fulfill
the, aims of destiny that,axe marked
out.for them- I wish for Mexico that
she rns,y gain the Power of will tits
has transformed Japan into the'pow
er she is," ,
irio.:-Hril-''. ,b, 1"3?-'Aitil' t-6- - - i:.,-;--,--::::.:i
- 11. KC t'
tatal.TA c ,t15.57
u vs? ILIF LI 1 U V4 Wil
store closes daily at 5 o'clock
Saturdays 6 o'clock c
A Word About "La Grecqus e"
- To those who are acquainted with this brand of
underwear, there is no word of praise reqtñred. But
possibly there are some who are not farailiar with "La
Grecque." Me familiar phrase connected with it is,
"Tailored to fit," which means that "La Greeque"
Izarments fit better thart any other, where there is the
desire to eliminate fullness and s-uperfluous material.
The woman of large size 'will find in "La Grecque'
a perfect fit and grace of line, which will add greatly
to her appearance. Garme3ats are cut with ample
fullness and seams are stitched fiat.
"La Grecque" undermuslins are not plain,
as there is an erroneous fancy, but they are just as -
elegant, just as attractiye, with lace and erabroidery,
as can be iraagined.
Me following list
styles and sizes:
Sizes 32 to 42
1 lb. 40 cts
1 lb. 50 cts
1 lb. 50 cts
1 lb. 69 cts
1 lb. 70 cts -
1 lb. 80 cts
1 lb. 80 cts
1 lb 70 cts
IA lb. 55 cts
Main floor
Cht, D'D -Rs,,pd-CO
Pulp Oatnten Is
15c a Single Roll
20c & Single Roll
20c a, Single Roll
James IA. rawsett, Irish Republic
consul and Miss Mazy Donegan of
New York,National president of the
Irish White Cross, both prominent
speakers,,will address the gathering'
at the large open meeting of the
Bridgeport Chapter of the Irish White
Cross to be held tomorrow, evening,
Tuesday, at 1119 Broad street
Both Mr Fawsett and Miss Done
gan have been recent visitors In Ire
land 8.re capable of giving to the peo
ple of this country first hand infer
mation in a vivid manner. Mr. raw
sett expressed desire bo meet Mayor
,Clifford B. Wilson, having heard
many favoraNe comments regarding
the latter's attitude toward the Re
public of Ireland and also beca,use
Bridgeport was the firt city in the
state and among- the first in the na
tion to ofifcially go on record as fa,
voring the new Republic.
The public is invited to attend this
meeting.. There will be no admission
charged or. no collection.
Mrs Sarg Varden and sons,Thomas
and Joseph, of Albany, N.; Y., az-e the
guests of Mrs. James Bannon of 802
Norman street. far a few weeks
4, CO
. ,
- 1
give you an idea as to '
Chemi Pants, ions, these garments are -
semi-fitted drawer combinations.
In sizes 36 to 44 inclusive. Fancy
trimmed. At $2.00, $3.00 to $500
Chemi Pantalons, one style in sizes 36
and 38 only, $1.59
Princess Combinations made with -
either open drawer or skirt effect,
lace trhmned. Sizes 36 to 44 in
clusive. At $2.50,3.00, $4.00 and up
Extra Sizes, 46, 48 and 50 bust meas
ure, $2.50 and S300 -
"La Grecque" Short Skirts embroid
ery trimmed. Belt measures 28
to 36, - $2.00
Corset Covers, lace and erabroidery
combirtation trinmaing,-Sizes 36 to
48. At $200, $2.50 and up
Second floor
$1.50 ,
Second floor
"Lavender's for Ladies''
And here is some Sweet English
Lavender from old gardens the other
side of the world.
Toilet Waters, deliciously aronatio
and fragrant,75 cts,$1.00 and $1.50
Bath Salts, $1.50 a box
Box of Bath Tablets, one dozen, $1.50
Soap, 50 cts
Main 11104
ro Ceiling Papers
5e a Single Ro 111
Kitchen Papers
5e a Single RoU
Rex Paste
230 53ATE fliT. 15c a Pound
BEEN REDUCka, to 20c.
Gas Company -
Employees Have - -
, Beach Party
The, employees of the Bridgeport ,
Gas Light company and- their friends
held a delightful beach party and dog
roast on Saturday afternoon and ev-
ening at Pairfteld beach. During the
afternoon bathing and games took -
place. After the roast the partY
wentto the beach pavilion where
dancirrg was enjoyed.
Those present were: Miss Minnie '
Anderson, MissMary Jones, Miss Ceil
Baron, Miss Doris Holmes, Miss Meta
Borg-man, Miss Ella Russell, Miss
G-ertrude Walsh.- Miss,. Mae Rogers.
Evelyn HeAlburg, - Miss Elsie '
Wright, Miss Irene McDermott, James ,
Hurley, William Hulton, John Cull, ,
William McNiff, George Leaser, Geo.
Wal2h, Henry Lamerous, Robert Cal--
'wham Gilbert Anderson, Harold Jen
nings, Edmund Borgman, Clifford.
Appleton, Arthur Anderson, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Plannagan, Mr. and Mrs:
Earl Goldsmith. Mr. and Mrs. A. '
Levris, Mx. and Mrs.- Charles Allen
-and Mr. and Mrs. W. Neil
FRiS,NKELå'S - -
Don't Miss These Bargains. ,
11.8 MAIN -
- J
,; , 1

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