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hen A Girl
, rens. Warren was leaning forward
- with unfeigned rapture. Poor child!,
she'd never known so much excite
- ment With a quick putting of my
' self in her place, I exclaimed:
'''Yes--YeS Go on, Tom. We'll dis
Pense with the rhetoric and the sus
pensive element and take the meat
'' of your story."
- - "It's this," said Tom. "Why can't
you two girls, with Miss Warren's
,,- uncle, and Phoebe and Neal, come up
, to Hidden Brook for a week-end holt
day?'" r "Could we?" asked Irma. Wa-ren,,
.shyly, turning rapturous. eyes to ma
- How, on the one hand, hated to
,: say "No"l How. on the other, I
-- I couldn't say ."Yes"!
- To go off fol a house-party with
! 'out Jmi wasn't a thing I'd consider.
f, Proper as it might be called, it had
1 an unchaperoned look. I couldn't
" tortrate. And there was another con
' sideration. It hadn't a right to weigh
me for a minuteit was the
'thought of Daisy Condon sneaking out
: of the shadowy corner of another
restaurant the night before; Daisy
speaking to Tom with an unexplained
t air of understandingdespit - beer
1 loneliness and lack of society and
3rotmg companions, Irma Warren,
sweet, dignified niece of Graham
, i Haldane, would - get, her chance in
life. But Daisy Condon -worried me,
haturted me, somehovr. She was, you
Inzight say, the last straw. And that
t last straw weighed dovrn the balance
overwhelmingly against any thought
of Tom's house party.
"I can't go," I 'said. impossi
, hie."
It that Jim might get back?'
asked Tom, sticking it out, as usual,
for the thing- that was denied him.
! "You know he could join usuniess
,, you vrant an undisturbed reunion."
- "Jim may get back, but I doubt
it," I replied. "No--I just can't make
i it. A lot of little reasons that
wsouldn't be understandable to -any,
t one but myself."
- "Perhaps you'd come, anyway ?"
suggested Tom, turning eagerly to
1 Miss .Warren. "Your uncle's a
chaperene, you knovr."
been thoughtless again," and,
saying that, Irrmt Warren shook her
head gravely. "I forgot uncle.
iThere his Sunday chess game. And
s he's so comfortable and happy at
home--so little inclined to enjoy
! -change. I can't leave him."
: - That ended It; and Nom, who set
dom brooks denial until he has tried
r wearing down al defences, accepted
Is the girl's simple vrord as final. It
I amazed rneit was so unlike the
headlong, self-seeking person I'd
s known. -
í All of this might have faded into
! the background and blended into the
general memory of a pleasant though
' unusual evening' if it hadn't been for
. ! the fact that Phoebe telephonedt me
ti next morning to suggest that she and
! Neal would like me to chaperone
I them for a week-ertd 'at a nearby
lake. To refuse them would be cruel.
! Yet, in a way, it had been cruel to
'deprive Irma Warren of a good time.
---1And to accept this erecond invitation.
I after refusing the first, were rude. So
1 I told. Phoebe et little about the sans
' ' "That's-eat rightt othecried. "Don't
you see, they'll think you hadte re
' ! fuse becaune of a previous invitation
! --that is, if they ever find out."
- (To be continued.)
-Efficient Housekeephig
' -
By BAUM A. 101:11.KMAN'.
I - Young Housekeeper: 'Why can't I
? completely seal my jars before the
I process of sterilization, in the Cold
,1, Pack Method at canning? Every
1 time I can fruit the sirup leaks out of
1 the jars Into the canner. but if I had
the side wire clamped down this could
1 :lot haPPetu"
! Answer: The Cover on a glass jar
t roust not be tight while processing be1-
cause the air will expand when heated
1 and if the cover is not 100513 enoug-h
f to allow the steam to escape the pres
1. sure may blow the rubber out or
's break the jar. Do not try it. If
l. you had such poor success with the
1 all-glass-top style of jar, try the Ma-:
son screw-top jar and partially seal it
: for sterilization in.-this wayeither
; screw it down with the entire right
L hand until it catches, then turn it a
quarter of a round back; or else screw
it down with the thumb and little
, finger. not using force, but stopping
when the cover esttchs. No doubt
the wire bails Mt your old jars have
become 'stretched and loosened.
, Bride: "VVIII -you please give me a
short list of good representative pre
I haave
cselosrveets? for wneoil-rdteoackwedhaptrrocrtrvuet
. , tip I can't afford many things." .
I Answer: Send stamped self-ad
I dressed envelope for my article - on
"Virhat Every Prc&erve Closet Should
nave: which I have had printed up
to send to readers who write for it.
This list contains a recipe for one
, I jelly, one jam, one fruit butter, one
"' I conserve (for guest meals), crne relish
, and one pickle.
Mrs. G. "My. cousin used to make
I an uncooked salad dressing with CCM..
densed milk, egg, -vinegar, and inns
, tard but I have lost the recipe. Can
you give it to me?
f Answer: Tbe following salad
I...dressing recipe was sent in to me bv
- ; a reader-friend, and it is a splendid
-: I one, and eviclemtly the one you refer
- : to: ,
' rneooked Salad Dressing: 1 egg.
1 t Call conderrsed milk. 1 teaspoon salt.
, i 1 teaspoon dry mustard, 1 cup vine
, gar. Beat the egg, unseparated. with a.
dover beater. Add the milk and
,- ! beat until very light, then add the
' salt. Mix the mustard arid vinegar
- together and 'stir them into the first 1
', mixture. This recipe makes almost 1
I quart and keeps indefinitely if kept
In the refrigerator. It is excellent
Ifor cold slaw and all kinds of salads--
- : fruit, meat, or vegetable. .
. Daily Render. "Please print a re
- : cipe for peanut cookies,'
' : Answer: Peanut Cookies: Cream
,i together 1-2 cup of sugar and 4 table
t spoons of butter: stir in 2 well beaten
, i eggs, 4 tablespoons of sweet milk, 1
,., heaping. cup of bread flour which has
. been :nixed and sifted with 2 teaspoons
f of baking powder, 1 cup of finely
; chopped roasted peanuts, arid 1 i ea.-
. spoon of lemon juice (or use vanilla
' i extract if desired). Drop this mix
ture by teaspoonsful On buttered pa
. . per 3. inches apart, and place 2 half
,' peanuts on each cookie. Bake in a
; moderate oven for about 20 minutes.
All inquiries addressed to 3liss
Kirkman in 43a.rel of tbe eRflielent
Ilonsekeepirtg, department will be
answered in theme columns In their
turn. This requires ermsiderable time,
however, owing. to the great nunther
received- Pa if a personal or quicker
rePly is desired. a stamped and self
, addressed envelope angst be enclosed
1 with the grtestiontorN
Pon Review' - , FIER
-r------------i T
rileett Sheridan seemed to carry off
the V.:1p honors of a.rgood show at
Pairs yestertday, her novelty' and
character songs making an instantan
eous hit, and the audience was , not
a. bit stingy in. showing bow well she
was liked. All in all, the show wait
one of the best seen in weeks at this
house; and it is evident that during
the present depression, with thous
ands of theatres closed throughout the
country,nnly the best acts ars being
fortunate in securing bookings; ---
The Three Raymonds have a novel
ty act of the circus variety, 'that is
deserving of special mention, being
a combination of a wire act an CI iron
jaw. Two ladies and a geetleznan
from the trio, - one lady performing
on a slender wire, held in the teeth
of the two other perforraers.
Prince -and 'Bell, a gentleman with
a pleauing vaice and a lady at the
piano, pleased with a neat offering
along the usual lines.
"Trick Proposals" was the title of
a musical comedy act that gave the
dozen or more performers a chance
of doing plenty of stnging and dancing
with some light cemedy spread
throughout the:offering.
Aesop's rabies, a novelty moving
picture, taught the moral not to brag.
The show was opened by .the usual
Pathe weekly. , -
Mae Murray in "The Gilded Illy,"
proved a feature picture of much
more than ordinary interest. The
story gave epportunity for showing
man3r beautiful clothes. scenes , of
gaiety along the Great White Way, and
to bring to.mind the old saying that
"All that glittdrs is not gold. The
heroine is a cabaret singer, much
sought after by admirers of the wrong
gentry.. A small town lad, in the
city for excitement, gets plenty, and
falls in. love with- the "Gilded Lily"
and she with him. Later, when the
glamour of -the cabaret life is tem
porarily. removed, the small, town boy
discovers that it WEIS the professional
side o,f the. girl he -was in love with
and not bersoff. It is "some" pic
ture, as the slangist would say, and
well worth a-trip to Poll's, the coolest
place in town. -
An exact reproduction of one of
the best known cafes in Sart Francisco
furnishes the setting for a bizarre
jardin de danse scene for Metro's plc
turization of "rhe Greater Claim,"
starring magnetic Alice lake, which
is now showing at the Empire the
atra "It was a wild, wild party!" said
Alice Lake in discussing the scene
with. a group of friends at the studios
afterwards. "For this party. though
staged with reckless abandon. "was
different from any others the heroine
has succumber to the wiles of the
'bad mart of the story, but in this
picture she remains unscathed."
The supporting oast includes Jack
Dougherty, Edward Cecil, De Witt C.
Jennings, Florence Gilbert and Le
nore Eyrrard. Wesley Ruggles di
rected the production.
Jack Norworth told a new Irish
story back stage during his recent en
gagement here. An Irish stone ma
son was employed at building a
church edifice. The-minister was one
who never lost an opportunity to de
liver little religious messages to the
men on the job. One day after hav
ing argued with Caset, the stone ma
son, he concluded by saying: "My
dear man. you know there is good
In everything. There are even ser
mons in stones."
"You're right," returned Casey.
"There must ov been a sermen th'
sthone that hit me on th' top o' the
bean th' other day, By gorry, it put
me to shleep,!"
Currant Sherbet
Stem and wash one quart of red
currants, add two cupfuls of hot
vrater and boil gently until the fruit
is soft.
Strain. add two cupfuls of sugar
and a. teaspoonful of gelatine soft
ened in two tablespoonfuls of cold
Stir -until the gelatine is dissolved.
freeze slowly, and when the mixture
begins 'to congeal add the btiffly whip
ped whites of two eggs.
' :Summer Recipes
Roo' and Komfortable
Admission (Gents) 40c
Including War Tax
McCormack & Barry, Mgrs.
TeL Bar. 7773.
-- nr --
The Little Clown
6 Acts 6
The Stratfield
Zit This TICIV and popular departure
we have- embodied all of the su
perior features of Stratficid service
at its best
In- the press-matter which the
Goldwyn publicity department so
Obligingly gives away. there are re
corded the facts that beatrice Joy is
an actress, 5' feet, 2 inches in height,
with black hair and brown eyes, and
that she was born in New Orleans,
La-, November 7t1a, 1897. But the
uninspired record submitted merely
proves anew the , old adage that
press-agents have no souls, for who
with one of, those would try to com
press the charm and the grace of
Leatrice Joy into cold statistical
t Miss Joy's role of Bunty in "Minty
Pulls the Strings," develops all the
humor and charm that bar multitudir
nous friends have soros to expect.
For, mfter all, that is the really at
tractive quality in the Sccrtch lass
who mended matters--charms, and it
was ror a. person vriththat talent that
Goldwyn looked te play the part, un
til the wear3r eyes of the catsting di
rector alighted at last on Leatrice,
and brightened. . -
She Is IDhartningl
- It Isn't strange. by the way, that
Miss Joy should possess that most
elusive attractive thing which in
"Bunt3r" allures the world. rlYr she
was born in a city where everybody
has charm,- an old-world inheritance,
Douglas Fairbanks is spending' a,
million dollars, and It will take onlyf
three months. He has cut the strings
of his purse, turned it upside down
and Is pouring a million dollars into
a film version of "The Three Mus
keteers." Edward Kncrblock has
aAlapted the story from Alexandre
Dumas's novel- Fred Nib lo, who di
rected "The Mark of Zorro" is also
directing "The Three Musketters."
"The pay roll is three times as
heavy for this picture as it has been
on any previous Fairbanks film," says
john Fairbanks, Doug's brother, and
business manager. "Our aim has been
to alit the best talent available, re
gardless of cost."
- 11 A. M. to
2:30 P. M.
- By
Announcing The
of the
Served from 4:30 to 8:30
Chicken Bouillon a la tittle
Consomme a la AsPerague
Choice of One
Roast -Young Vermont Turkey , -
with Almond DreesingCranberry Sauce
Sirloin Steak a la Minute
Lamb Chops en Casserole, London Style
Fried Spring Chicken a la Creole
Chicken Chop Suey with French Mushrooms;
Chickett Subgum Chow Mein witb, Almonds
Julienne Potatoes Sweet Peas
Pruit Salad. canton Style
ice Crea.m. and Cake
Tea or Coffee
Turkey Broth itleConsornme with Egg 100
Choice of one
Boast Milk red Chicken with Apple Dressing
-.Boiled Dinner a la American
Pried Chicken Halibut Steak Liberty Sauce
Boast Eastern Pork Apple Sauce
Boast Sirloin of Beef Au Jus
Crab Meat Salad with Mayonnaise Dressing
, Beef Chop Buoy with Green Peppers
Chicken Chow Mein -
Vegetables -
Ma Shed Potatoes Sweet Corn Sonthern Style
- Dessert
Coffee Je lio with Wbipped Cream
Tea or Coffee
After beirtg closed. for nearly 3 months to make necessary alterations
we desire to inform you. that on. the above date we will resume business and
we extend to you. art invitation. to come and enjoy the food the rausic--the
dancing at Bridgeport's finest Oriental and American. Restaurant. ,
Best -
POW'SVaudeville headliner, "Trick' Proposals," EL comic opera In minis--
ture. with pretty girls and capable ernes; feature picture, Mae Murray
in "The Gilded Lily," the story of O. girl who was frivolous outside, but
not In. Feature on at 3:30, 7:30, 10. Orchestra, directed by Samuel
EMPIREFeature, Alice Lake fa "The Greater Claim," s.-story that will stir
- your heartstrings. Feature on at 2:30, 4:15, 6:30, 8, 9:15. Orchestra
directed by Charles S. Ferrett
ELITEMain and Charles streets. Ecature, all-star cast In "Midsummer
Madness," the stery of a Cinderella. who found that all ber dreams came
true. Feature on at 7, 9. Organ music.
ANLERICANEast Main and Jane streets. Feature, Roscoe Arbuckle in
"Brewster's Millions," the story of a man who had so much money that
he didn't know wirat to do with it. Feature on at 7, 9. Organ music.
CAPITOLMilford. Feature, Dorothy Phillips In "Once to Ever'y Woman,"
thee story of a love affair that will make. you wish you had one, too!
.Feature on at 2:30, 7:15, 9.- Special music, Mrs. Florence Legere-Hayes,
contralto, soloist; organist, Albert F. Brown. 1
STRATFORDMdin street, Stratford. Feature, Charles Ray In "Alarm
Clock Andy." the story of a boy who was afraid to take a chanbe, but
when be didoh, boy! Feature on at 7, 9. Orchestra directed by H. J.
WEST ENDState street and Clinton avenue. Feature, Mary Miles Minter
in "The Little Clown," an interesting romance of the "big top." Feature
n at 7, 9. Organ music.
B11,00KEAWN PAVILIONDancing tonight. ladies free.
PLEASURE BEACHDancing and amusements.
d Continuous 1:30 to 10:30
Today and Wednesday
Continuous 1:30 to 10:30 p
Today and Wednesday
(2 "The Greater Claim"
A drama of that ill life which
is more powerful than passionto
Irk and which is finer even than or
Main & Chita. Star Tel. N. 1092
7:00 TONIGHT 9:00.
William De Mille's
with Jack Holt, Lila Lee, Lois
Wilson, and Conrad Nagel
e asure n
Dancing B each Li allY
Ferries From Stratford Bridge
Dock 8 IL ML to 12 P. NL
145 Stratford AVMJust Over the
Genuine renames in the rough.
Direct from South America
made into your own style. -
Ladies and Men's Old Pananuts
Bleached Natural Process. No
Acids Used.
By -A Hatter
30t11 Year Begins Sept. 21st
July i24.13 -sept. 2. -
And She Was Bom m
, - the City Where Every
one Has Charm.
ne doubt--,New Orleans, faine.S1 for
its 'levee, its .wornen ,and fizzes.
the last, alas," now gone into. that
limbo which no Barleycorn ever re
turns. She was born in the far, fair
,city, on November 7,th, 1897, and is.
one of the tew actresses on any stage
who doesn't hesitate to tell the date
of her birth aloud. But atter all, the
others have reasons for their diffi
dence, perhe.ps.- , 1 -
..I.eatrice was educated in the Sa
cred Heart Acadey -in her own, na
rtve town. and it wasn't until ,1915.
just five years ago, that she entered
a movie Studio to work. A yeEtr later
she interrupted her labors on the si
lent screen to play with a stock com
pany in New Orleans, her roles being
those she took in the filmsingenues.
She has played with J. Warren ICer;.
rigan in "A Dollar Bid," in "Man
Hunter," with William Farnunt, and
In such productions as "The Miracle
Man," "Blind Youth." "The Right of
W ay," and more. Her first work for
Go'dwyn was in "Bunty Pulls the
Strings" and she was next seen in a
C,ouverneur Morris story written di
rectly for the screen, "A Tale of TWo
Worlds." Following that she was
immediately cast fEyrt two photoplays
to be released in the fall, "Ace of
Hearts" and "The Night Rose."
Variety In Life.
Incidentally; if you doubt that there
Is variety in the professional life of a
movie actress, lust consider that Miss
Joy took a wide jump from Scotland,
in "Bunty," 'to China, in the Morris
story, for in "A Tale of Two Worlds"
she Is to be seen as a Chinese maiden
that is,- as an America1 maiden
brntiht up as a Cliinees maiden,
which, as you admit, is quite a dif
ferent thing. But her role requires
her to walk patter-patter and wear
Oriental robes and consider the pro
prieties a.re expounded by Confucius.
Her boby is bringing coals to New
castle, for she has had installed in
hor home a. minniature moving-picture
camera and projecting machine,
so that when she is through working
in the studios she can return home
and watch the screen for her plesure.
She admits, also..that she has 8,-n am
bition, "to be starred." Certainly if
Natural Colors In -
- 2,
'The Gilded Lily
For the first tizne ln tbe history of
Paramounit picture-malting in the
East, scenes made by the Prisms pro
cess in natural C010113 have been IA
corporated into EL feature picture.
This is for "The Gilded Lily," featur
ing Mae Murray. which do being shown
at Po Ws.
Director Robert Z. Leonard.' in ex
plaining, the reason for combining
Prizma shots with the reg-ular motion
picture photog,raphy said that 'The
Gilded Illy" lent itself especially to
colored photography for the opening
of the picture and that by use of it
the main theme of the story could be
more convincingly and effectively in
A SuperSpecial
AbOLPH rrixon.
rp-Esxaccs A.
(' !THE
I 1..,Yr
. , ...,,,, :,
...-. .---,-Nza.,b.
girtyr d
She was New York's gayest
moat daring dancer. And two
men loved her.
But one loved the tinsel and
the glamourthe other loved the
real girl.
Their ennfilet makes a drama
of uneÆmalled power and beauty.
Scenically one Of the most gar
g.,e,ous pictures ever made. and
me 'S8 MUrner biggest triumph
..Ort with the Dsnee."
MiatiMurray is supported
ell Sherman. former Lyric Theater
leatling men.
George Choos Oftere A Vaudevillised
Opera to One. Act
Words by Earl Mac Boyle
Music by- Edwin Ludig
Staged by Theodore Wilde
Produced by (le Orge Chbon
ILYITIED, G00170 Aurs
"Mr ..16"73-"FRIDAY. SATURDX",
B"PBRANOPP and his Russian Ballet
Bessue Hayakawa, Blaek Roses"
she continues to rise at the same rate
that she-has been iri the film firma
ment there doesn't, seem to be any
doubt but what she will win her
heart's desire. -
She I.dkes Emerson!
Hcwever, the best way to win one's
heart-desire is to keep in good men
tal and physical trim.- and Miss Joy
does both. She reads poetryEmer
son is a. great favorite with herand
short stories, and-she plays golf and
tennis, and she motors, being the
owner of a car which can be seen en
tering the gates of the studios early
In the morning and leaving late at
night Also, she has an Airdale which
is a great favorits not only of hers,
but of the entire populatiori of Culver
City. So that with her work, read
ing, playing, and more, her life is full
and busY. as a life should be.
But all this doesn't convey that
sp-,cial quality which the press-agent
so egregiously missedthe quality of
charm, which makes her as popular
off the screen as on and on as off.
And 'Ls there a better quality for a.
woman and an actress to possess?
Write it en the blackboard: "No!1'
troduced. The colored shots were
used only for the initroduction to the
picture itself.
"The Gilded Lady" is an original
story by Clara Reranger, and was
written especially for Miss Murray.
It tells the story of a dancer in a
New York club, and gives Miss Mur
phy unusual opportunities to display'
her histrionic ability and her skill as
a dancer. In a monster cabaret set of
rare beauty, Miss Murray executed
two difficult dances, one a variation
of the Spanish variety, th-e other a
bubble dance.
- The cast surrounding Miss Murray
is composed of Lowell Sherman, for
mer Lyric Stock company lead, Jason
Robards, Charles Gerald, 'Leonora Ot
tinger, and Mrs. Pauaine Dempsey.
Do,You Know That
Elaine Hammerstein's pletttre, in
which Niles Welch is her leading man.
is to be titled "When Youth Rebels"?
"Cla 3r Dollars," with Eugene
O'Brien the star, will ,Ruth Dvryer as
leading woman?
Owen Moore has beg-un work on
"The Forgetters," a' fa,rce-feature in
which Kathryn Ferry will play oppos
ite the Selznick star? ,
- - - -
- Ralph Ince has completed "A Man's
Home," played by an "ideal" east,
which will soon be issued as a Selz
nick special?
- -
Th e picture in which Conway
Tearle stars and Zena Keefe is lead
ing, woman is to be called "After Mid
night." Niles Welch and Claire Anderson
will soon act together on the screen
in "Who Am I?"
William Faversham shortly begins
acting, under direction of Italph Ince.
in John Galeworthy's "Justice"?
"Shadows of the Sea" will soon be
casting Conway Tear le's shadow on
the screens of the States and Canada.?
Elaine Hammerstein is unjustly
sentenced to confinement in a girl's
reformatory in "Handcuffs or
Kisses" ?
Eugene O'Brien, for the ftrst tlme
in a number of his pictures, marries
a poor, honest and attractive working
girl in "Is Life Worth Living"?
"Love's Masquerade" is the title of
one of the pictures Conway Tear le has
busied himself in producing in Fort
Lee, N. J.
An aeroplane elopement figures in
the story of "Borrowed Wings" 20011
to be screened by Elaine Hammerstein?
MEXICAN oncarcsritA -
The latest country to send one of
its leading orchestras to the United
States and to use music specifically
for the promotion of international
understanding is Mexico. Forty-five
musicians from ur Latin-Amerioan
neighbor crossed the boundary line
at Laredo, Tex., late in June and are
now preparing for an extended tour
of the country 'rhe g,roup is known
as the Prestdential Orchestra. and
was sent here by General Othregon,
Chief Executive of the Itepublic, to
help bring about closer acquaintance
of the two peoples
'The music the orchestra' will play
is typically Mexican Even ;their in
strument. with the execution of the
harp, are unfamiliar to most Ameri
cans Vocal artists will accompany
the organization and will sing the
well known operatic arias in Spanish.
It is said that Caruso, in a burst of
enthusiasm over the work of this
group. exclaimed to Professor Torre
blanco, the director, "The Presiden
tial Orchestra, is the most wonderful
in the world."
Beauty Chats
Any tinle of the year is a good tirml
to reduce if one is , much over
weight, but this particular period i4
perhaps the -very best of all Poi
a great number of the foods used
in any reduction menu are. the
fresh fruits and vegetables from-ithe
garden, artd these of course are dif
ficult and sometimes expensive - in
the winter. But about this time ot
the year, and from TICPW on for -Bev.
eral months, the gardens are pro.,
clueing fresh vegetables, and the mar.
kets show unusual variety and not
such hig-h prices - '
Rhubarb, either freshly stewed or
canned, is splendid not only as part
of a reduction diet but as-a blood-pu.
rifier, asparagus is good as vegetable
or meat substitute, green peas anti
beans are tempting and delicious,
tomatoes are valuable if one does not
overeat of them, and the most. deli.
lona desserts are the strawberries
and raspberries fresh from, the gar
dens 'rhe caloric value of these things is
never very great- For instance the
value of one stalk of asparagus is 5
calories. An avera,ge serving of string
beans is 15,- caggabe 10, carrots 20,
cauliflower 20, spinach or squash 25.
tomatoes 50, while an entire ear of
green corn is only 100, and it is this
high because of the sugar it contains.
These values are given- for these
foods raw or cookel plain If, you
add- sugar in cooking the tomatoes.
that increases the caloric value If
you eat strawberries with cream the
strawberries will not be - fattening
but the cream will be very much so
In eating- any ' dessert beWare of a
tablespoonful of sugar any-vvhere
from 30 to 50, depending on, its-size.
Powder.--lecipodium is a -;soft,
satiny powder, which- has this quality
that you want. It is- sold in any
quantity as it- is not a- patented ar
ticle. It is made from Egyptian lilies,
without any other ing-redient being
added to it,
G-. V. R..--Dark circles around the
eyes - and the mouth show 'there
is internal derang-ement.- A - very
sluggish liver might -cause this, but
you had better consult your doctor
about it. If you send-an addressed
stamped envelope full directions for
cultivating the hair Will be- mailed
to you.
Bright Eyes.--Yon 'are 15 'porinds
overweight. Avoid starchy food,which
will include white bread; ' &ISO rich
pastry, fat meats and all sweets. A
list of foods on reductimi would be
too long to be printed, but you may
ha-ve it by sending an addressed
staraped envelope. -
Alias M. 11.--The cream is made by
melting one ounce of white wax, one
ounce of spermaceti and four ounces
of almond oil- This should be done
hi a. double boiler- Pour ounces ov.
rose water and one drachm of ben
zoin should be heated to luke arm.,
in a. separate receptacle.
Beat the two mixtures together
very slcrwly. as the rose water should
be added to the oils in small- quan
tities, until the whole mixture has
become a. soft fluffy -cream
i AOW OF A. Neo.
Eeet Chop Buoy wtth Green Peppers ill:gilt" d "
Chicken Chew Mein
Words by Earl MacBoyle
Music by Edwin Ludig
THE UNIVERSITY Staged by Theodore Wilde Vegetables
Mashed Potatoes Sweet Corn Sou,ther-n Style 11 A. M. to
Produced by George Chhos
SCHOOL A BIG CAB'r AND A BROADWAY Coffee Jello with Whipped Cream 2:30 P. ,
ir 94,
3oul year Begins Sept. 21st
BRAT irrY CHORIT 121:3t pM..m.t0
Tea or Coffee
.rnr1,7757,, Ft-YrTER RGIDOOAI:. AsETATSuR- DA,10
STE,PSNOPP and his RusEaan Ballet Open Ever, Day From 11:30 A. M. to 1400 A-11.
t- 4 PA 111141 ts- , SPITLIVIAIETER WESFOSRIC)ItN. - Sessile Ilayakawo, nEthick Roses"
JULY i2-to --.Sopt. 2. looloppoppoimigoolomporno'llb'
, -
, ,
the main tiverne of the story could be
more convincingly and effectively in- t.
1 itriill
( b. 1 gr
, oaum.m, ...r ..,,...1,...........,
. 1 .' ....'" '''''... ' I I .,,..,;....S....
; I) ,
,, -
'1'111 I I, --' 1 I 11J'A 4 )1111 . -a1.
v Ed ,,.,,,..,, y.-, E I --. 4.
' - - ti '114441 p. : - ix.1",
- ) I ,o, i
1171 t
X f! -', 1 - - -
FEATURE It 'it tfitr gi ! - - -.1 ' 1 -; It ' .. 1 Ilia Ilt ..
proposars, a comic opera In minim- .. ,,,, -I.' 1 , , .,", . ,, ,. ,- ,; , -------11- ii 1. , ' - - '-
,,.. , 1'
e ernes; feature picture, Mae Murray 'S1,,,'18,,,1' I i - - ' ' .6y , . b - -
a girl who was frivolous outside, but .-.t ',11( i ----- ii 1 i ! i , ' I, i - ,..,-- ' -, .
, 10. Orchestra, directed by Samuel -
. t l',3A , t) 14A I 4; i ,, it 1 , CO" ' ,íz S'-,:' - ,s ..,', ,,-
Greater Claim," 8.-story that will stir i ,
2:30, 4:15, 6:30, 8, 9:15. Orchestra ,,r, --.1,. ,, V, 14' 1 , 1... '
, ittrz'A , 1. .1( t.
' '' '
,cature, all-star cast in "Midsummer '1 p.e, .,-, -,
114'..;5A.11. . " 154-14404z.,14.408141 ---'',N, 1vvriti G,1 ; 7',4-
la , ite ' 49 ., p::, , f;,.
,,,r,..., ,:z ,,-:p .7,4,4,gar . 1
I. who found that all her dreams came - -:'',$1- 61 . Obit ..) , it , .,1 ,ii,,,-, fr, ,, .
, '
music. . , -- A-, .Tr------r-- -- I t..4,.,-,,,, -fipk,. , , -4
2 .0 -r- .,,.-, ,,-11C,,, s---;;;I .-' . ""Nii i
reets. Feature, Roscoe Arbuckle in ' . A,,
k -- - --., i --- 1 ,. ,:.11,,z, .e.IN414., ,,'
a man who had so much money that -, ' , 7,,,,,-
Feature on at 7, 9. Organ music. ' 4 l 1 - , ,ot,-t,..i ' '. - -.L---, , - ,irktf.1 ' 0 T' 1
Phillips in "Once to EverY Woman," ,,- 11, d il 'tu
t' 11. -i,1 :"-...- .
...--- -:---,.. ,.,. , i, i. 4,1,... .
ki A ' b "1.
11 make you wish you had one, too! -,,,,
. ----.,...' '- 'I t) 7 "" ;..
11 music, Mrs. Florence Legere-Hayes, . s 1 i - . 1
F. Brown. 1 ' .1- k ----'---"'"--------------..rrrrrrfirr ,, ,,, ..,C.
---- r - . J
Feature, Charles Ray in ?Alarm ,.." ,
' 1 -,............. 1 1 vme, ------.,,
rho was afraid to take a chance, but ' ' I 1
i at 7, 9. Orchestra directed by H. J. . A - ( l . , libt .--'-'..-.--',,
- .. -
-.0,P .
avenue. Feature, Mary Miles Minter , - 1
ig romance of the "big top." Feature ' Anrtouncing The ,
, I;
might, ladies free.
ausements. - ' GRIAIND OPENING
icing tonight . ''.
;' 1
of the
- ; . , - 1
, .,, ,-,,,,,,, -4 ,.. -;,-,.- -
, . ,
1 e -,- -,..
, , k I . , ' V -', i
- t ( ..... -7
- - , p- -
I . It,
r -4 11
-- -i;
......-... . .
: -- - - -
,. 4. -'& , ,,
N 0 w rhAyiwo f '
A SuperSpccial
-4 , - s
-4 '
1 '' R A N-T ,,
--- I
; E S 4 .. ..
.1, l-
AbOLPH zur.on. ,-
4 to ,1Tk a
T 4114 1 111 1 A Y at 4'03 lir: ,.. ...
- , THE . ,
, , illflo
' GILDED 1 , 9
-- After beirtg closed. for nearly 3 months to make necessary alterations -
-, -t, i
.N I-e I I.,Y1 - we desire to inform you that on the above date we will resume busirtess and '
. we extend to you. art irtvitation to come and enjoy the food. the rausicthe -'''''' l
dancing at Bridgeport's finest Orierttal and American Restaurant.
., 2,,, '
,---- .
., --...,... 1 -7 '''s OPENING MENU ' e,
' 4,-,41..K;;.,,,---1.- ,,
15 7--- , h
ri t '.I5NA:P k::. New
I Served from 4:30 to 8:30 ,,
t ,,
1. T...1..:,1 1,1-64 "12- s,. 1" ..-.. i 11 . ..... 1. cpvt...
,,AA a A.,.. a A , AAA A aAla a. ZVI, ,AA,A LAAA, AA U Vir
I:4 JILLIcuu
Booths F,
. Consomme a la AsParague
Choice of One -; ,
1-74&" Dance ,
Roast Young Vermont Turkey v,
with Almond DressingCranberry Sauce ,
. trsi Floor . Sirloin Steak a la Minute -1, ,r ,,
, ,
Lamb Chops en Casserole, London Style
Fried Spring Chicken a la Creole
- CHINESE DISHES Best - -'7--
..... Chicken Chop Suey with French Mushroome
4 Chicken Subgum Chow Mein with, Almonds
II -- , . MUSie Julienne PotaVEtoe
Sweet Bean Food
i :4;1'1 ,
.., , S'ILAD
?I S
By Irrult Salad. Canton Style o ....
i- ice Cream and Cake
New York's gayest
ig dancer. And two :- Canton Tea or Coffee Excellent
her. .,
loved the tinsel ano ,
e-the other loved the Orchestra
55 e ,
Inlet makes a drama
:: ,
ed power a-nd beauty. ,, ,
one of the most gar- .
urea ever made. and ,, , , T,'''''
ar e biggest triuraph Tomorrow's - Soup ,
$ ; ,s.,
Tomorrow a 4" ,
vith the P,anee."
. Turkey Broth leeConsomme with Egg 100 -
y is supported - Choice of one -
former Lyric Theater , Noon-Day Roast Milk Fed Chicken with Apple Dressing Noon-Day -
- f
, - Bolled Dinner a la American A ii,
LE VAUDEVILLE T:11Tieth Fried Chicken Halibnt Rtasi, T fl,.s-,, Cia .. , T t. ,
a la-r 1 I
- - - - - J-1 LA-111;11 I IC 72 W'
eirrpal vtumeltunzetz NIA A 1 m.,aztern. f-rtrie A1911,1. Qn21.,eaL., 4,6
1 r 1
A A. 1 NI I
oiraoirt or "Jeer Jus
Crab Meat Salad with Mavonnuðso Drossinct
1 'A 'Fizin-Tr- AT-2 13 1' 1 irà I
, m ------
- N
, -
- -
,., s
. ,,
, 1 t ..
, ,
, , . ,
, ,
- rag --Ilsoar - - riMIEIEZEZI
MUc"EMENT- - PAGE 2'ammummi Paesda'y, .1-Tay 26 1921 -' '' '
tio...0 ., I
, - -
- '
N 6
- - HER NAME -- IS .- -.:Tny: - : - ..
. .
u7.. A G Do You Know That--- 6
en . .
, tri Poll , Review' - - - - - - Beau y
EIEL1Tte Hammerstein's picture, in
" 111, . . , 1
, which Niles Welch is her leading man. i
, .
, ,
1 -, k And She Was Bom m is to be titled "When Youth Rebels"? By EDNA BENT FORBES. ,
t Chats
arries Hiloen Sheridan seemed to carry off -- ' :the City- Where Every- .
"Cts,3r Dollars," with Eugene y
. the tclp honors of a'good show at O'Brien the star, will ,Ruth Dvryer as ,
. -, TEMM TO REDUCE ' el
Polrs yesterday, her novelty , and
no doubtNew Orleans, famed tor
one Has Charm. - leading woman?
BY Allit la-SLE 1 character songs making an instanta,n- Any tinfle of the year is a good thno
. to reduce if one is , much oyez
' 1., . .1 eous hit, and the audience was not
,. . 1,i ...I....yr 4 1,,,-,,m4.,.. I.e..... ....II min a .00... ,
- . Owen Moore has beg-ttn work on weight, but this particular period i4
thitse; keivastee,, aitisas, wonznowen kaorinde
Itantoli thats.
(Continued) ' was liked. All In all, the show was
one of the best seen in weeks at this In, 0 W C no Barleycorn ever ,re
rms. Warren was leaning forward ,.ouse, artd, is ev!dent tha,t during
turns. She was born in the far fair
- with tuafei ed ratrture. Poor child! -,
- ,..4. I ILAC , 64.1. a Lel EV. On IN 017Prn 'hr.. 'TA,. z
OLP A.K.LLAUVL , , s S 4.1.04 1. I
I CULL... V OCLI. JUL'S ....FLA 1. "rt. I E NANOP'"' 10110 Or 'MA .I.P110 ,. I 1
o.zzy I 1 , A-4
4 7:17.3, I - !who doesa't hesitate to tell the date
výata a tl"'"". Pw."-u6 '-'""-Y-lcountry,:only the best acts ara being
self in her place, I exclaimed: .,1 ,tri. 1 E
. "Yesyee Go ort, Tom. We'll 1 I d-"Ma ktut khrter all, the' f Y-74C , -.3
1 v rizen.nlv. 1,11. A; 4,n I 77
- - 11A-1A-1.1.
- . -
. . 1 es lohr v.re-11 dm -K. ct.11 1 Vs.
c. ia,LAZiLpZi. I
, I,eatilee was educated in the Sa
1 pensive element and take the meat h'es;;v-..13sg'.
s-pse'c-ral .m.-en--t-1:131;,71)!,132-4 - ,
'of your mitorv"
erect xleart Aoadey, -in her own, nal
OVirrit and it wasn't until 1915.
7It's this,;;- said Toro. can.t la comoination or a wire act ano iron t
t I
'You two airls with Miss Warren's jaw. Two .3adies and a ge Atlam an
1 Irorn Lee trio, one may periornaing I st , JUNL Live years aen that .h. rmck.v,...;
"""'", """ "-'"'" on a slender wire, held In the teeth 1 4 4 -,' ,; -1 I a movie tudie to-work A vear 1 r t
- , MLS.L. .1.1.1r a. VP' OWZI....1.1,1. . ,111 1, ,,,,,,,
itrn,,en sz: 1
,j f- - I fe-nrt- -sc---r-e-e-rt-':t;;111Z;rwliat
, - - : day?'" r-P;1";cFe---art-d-:Bell'.-1.--Raentlern- an ;with 1 t:tt ;, I
I 4:0"
I any in New Orleans her roles be
'these she took in the'filmsingenues71 I
wer-- asicea Irma. warren- I a pleasing 'voice and -a lady at the 1
: shyly. turning rapturous eyes to Me. piano, pleased with a neat offering -
"'" .f..r --: I along the usual lines. LEATRICE WMEE HAT. Fsne nas played with J. Warren Ker- I
rigart 'in "A Dollar Bid," in 'Wan I twir.hu....2.0011.6.1-ikgL....
mow. Oil 1410 ()tater, a 1 'Trick Frei:num8" waa the title or
couldn't say ."Yea"! I a mtmicall comedy AC that rave the 1 I Minter," with Will n-t r-r2 11 rn vlirl
: , , .. , ,,,-. .
., - ..
r .
, ,

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