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Friday, July 29, 1921
!Page Thirteen"
"When J. H. Tregoe, 4executive sec
retary of the Xational Association of
Credit Men, sent recent -warnings to
32,000 memhers of -the association, a
. new form of swindle of a. wholesale
nature that has been operated success
fully in various parts of the United
States, .and which, unless checked by
' unusual care upon the part of credit
men in wholesale and manufacturing
houses bids fair to spread with loss
of millions of dollars to wholesalers.
Jobbers and manufacturers.
C. D. West, manager of the investigation-prosecution
department of the
association states that over $500,000
has been mulcted already from un
suspecting dealers The very bold
ness of the scheme has carried it to
success for trade crook3 making false
pretenses to credit.
The system ' is Just - this. The
swindlers do business with a. letter
head, appearing as near as possible
like that of a reputable local firm
with well-established credit of a high
gra&e in both Dunn's and Bradstreefs
books of credit rating. The letter
head tails to carry a street address
whereas most reputable firms use f
street address on all stationery, be
cause they are anxious for everybody
to know where they are.
A goodly bill of goods Is ordered,
cent to the name which is nearly like
the genuine, and if the credit man of
the firm to whom the order is sent
is not extremely wary, the deception
will not be noted, and with inward
corigrratulartions the order will be ship
ped. The crooks are on the watch
for the shipment, claim it upon, ar
rival, load it on a truck and are gone
many many miles before the bill ar
rives through the mail.
Getting no response to the first
ftatemen. a second, and some times a
third stateme.nt is sent before an in
vestigation discloses the startling fact
that the genuine concern had not or
dered the goods at all and did not
receive them. It is not until then
that the difference, in the names used
i3 noted, and in the meantime the
swindlers have had an opportunity to
place many miles between themselves
and the scene of their operations. It
is claimed that the band working the
game tackle everything from dry
poods to automobiles, but due caution
upon the part of credit men and sales
departments will trap the ganaswell
as detect the deception.
(liy International News Service)
Calico, Ark., July 29. Amos "Wyo
att. local City Marshal, combines the
ability of a steeplejack with his other
abilities for capturing elusive gam
blers. Recently he spied three young
men retreating to a cave on the banks
of White River. To approach the
mouth of the cave meant no arrests.
He scaled the surrounding cliffs and
"dropped in on the poker game." ar
rested the three men. They were
fined following conviction.
MaMen, Mass., July 29. A fouT-
lepgea cnicken has been hatched here.
All of the leers are perfectly formed.
The chicken appears to be healthy.
Copyright, 1921, by Harper & Eros. Published by special arrangement with
The McClure Newspaper Syndicate..
"You . may place considerable con
fidence in Mr. Holmes, sir," said the
police agent, loftily. '"He has his
own little methods, -which are, if he
won't mind my saying so, just a little
too theoretical and fantastic, ut he
has the makings of a detective in him.
It is not too much to say that once
or twice, as in that business of the
Sholto murder and the -Agra treasure,
he has been more nearly correct than
the official force."
"Oh, if you say so, Mr. Jones, it
Is all right," said the stranger with
deference. "Still, I confess ; that I
miss my rubber It is the first Sat
urday night for eeven-and-twenty
years that I have not bad my rub
ber." "I think you will find," said Sher
lock Holmes, "that you will play for
a higher stake tonight than you. have
ever done yet. and that the play will
be more exciting. For you, Mr. Mer
ryweather, the stake will be some
30,000; and for you, Jones, it will
be the man upon whom you wish to
lay your hands."
"John Clay, the murderer, thief.
smasher, and forger. He's a young
man, bilt. jvierryweather, but he is at
the head of his profession, and I
would rather have my bracelets on
him than on any criminal in London.
reraariarae man. Is young
""' viaj. jtlxs granaiatner was a
royal duke, and he himself has been
to Eton and- Oxford. His brain is as
cunning as his fingers, and though
we meet signs of him at every turn
we never know where to find the
man himself. He'll crack a crib in
Scotland one week, and be raising
money to build an orphange in Corn
wall the next. I've been on his track
for years, and have never set eyes
on him yet." .
"I hope that I may have the pleas
ure of introducing you tonight. I've
had one or two little turns also with
Mr John Clay, and I agree with you
that he ls at the head of his profes-SI"-
" ls Past ten, however, and
quite time that we started. If you
two will take the first hansom, Wat
son and I will follow in the second."
Sherlock Holmes was not verv
communicative during the long drive
and lay . back in the cab humming
afternoon. We rattled thrn,
laLri0? fas-lit streets nn-
.thL1"? th,at. J am more dense
than my neighbors, but I was al-wavs
oppressed with a sense ofmy Twn
stupidity In my dealings with gher-
he had heard. T had sn what he had
evaden that he saw clearly not only
mrat hid happened, but what was
about to happen .while to me the
whole business was still confused and
grotesque. As I drove home to mv
house in Kensington I though over
l't all, from the extraordinary story
of the red-headed copier of the "En
cyclopaedia" down to the visit to
Saxe-Coburg Square, and tche omi
nous words with which he had parted
from me. What was this nocturnal
expedition, and why should I go
armed? Where were we going, and
what were we to do? I had the hinrt
from Holmes that this smooth-faced
pawnbroker's assistant was a for
midable man a man who mighit
play a deep game. I tried to puzzle
it out, b-ut gave it tin in desnair. and
set rne matter aside until night
should bring an explanaion.
It was a quarter past nine when I
started for home and made my way
across the Park, and so through Ox
ford Street to Baker Street. Two
hansoms were standing at the door,
and, as I entered the passage, I heard
the sound of voices from above. On
entering his room I found Holmes
in animated conversation with two
men, one of whom I recognized as
Peter Jones, the official police agent,
while the other was a long, thin, sad
faced man, with a very shiny hat and
opressively respectable frock-coat.
"Ha! our party, is complete," said
Holmes, buttoning up his pea-jacket,
and taking his heavy huntiiig crop
from the rack. "Watson, I ithink you
know Mr. J ones, of Scotland Tard?
Lot me introduce you to Mr. Merry
weather, .who is to be our companion
in tonight's adventure."
"We're hunting the couples again,
doctor, you see," said Jones, in his
consequential way. - "Oiir friend here
is a wonderful man for starting a
chase. ' All he wants is an old dog to
help him to do the running down."
"I hope a wild goose may not prove
to be the end of our chase,." observed
Mr. Merryweather, gloomily.
(To be Continued.)
Oakland Six Makes .
20.1 Miles Per Gal. in
48-Hr. Non-Stop Run
Covering 1709 miles in a 48-hour
non-stop run, and averaging 20.1 miles
per gallon of gasoline is the most re
cent achievement of an Oakland Six
stock car on the Pacific Coast.
The test was made on the famous
Sunnyvale-Los Altos highway south of
San Francisco, where both road and
traffic are typical of the average- Cali
fornia highway. .
Five drivers alternated at the. wheel,
starting at 6 p. m. on Wednesday ,May
25th. and continuing the grind until
6 v. m. Friday, May 27th. During
.i.. . . v ninr nf thn Oakland Six
.was not stopped" once, and no change
of tires was necessary.
The Oakland Six used in creating
thi3 Pacific Coast record was a stock
model, taken from the floor of the
Oakland- (Cal.) distributor. Only a
week previous to this economy test
the same car negotiated the famous
Duncan Street Hill, San Francisco, in
second speed. The famous climb is
- n - n Ta.fis motorists
laminar l j. a.-.. .
sincft Its 62 per cent, grade is used as
a test for cars ox piauuLan.
make known. By reason of the per-
niimhino- Tiinna.n Street
Hill in second speed, the Oakland Six
set a new recora xor im
over the fact that within a period of
one weeK tne uaAmuu . - -
demonstrated its remarkable power by
itq performance on jjuiih -but
in addition set a new mark for
11 nqanlinci whPTl it
miles per gauuu . e,""
completed the Sunnyvale-jLos Altos
-1 1 .i .i rr nf VII I
economy run wim a. "'" -miles
to the gallon. .
No word has been received as yet
from the Public Utilities Commis
sion in regard to the petition recent
ly sent to ask a rehearing on some
of the jitney routes, according to
Ralph T. Beers, of the mayors spe
cial jitney committee. lit is expect
ed however, that the commission
will set its hearing afcout the middle
of September .
A member of the lettuce family cul
tivated in Upper Egypt is a new
source of edible oil. It can be grown
with profit in the Sudan, the seeds
yielding under pressure from 37 to as
per cent oil. The oil is of a beautiful
light yellow color, odorless, and ..is
very suitable for the manufacture of
soap and similar products.
Soothinq &.nd HeaJinq
Household Ointment
Something New In Merchandising
Tomorrdw. Saturday Our
Astounding Offer Again
We Will sell our regular
Guinipe Dresses
One additional for lc
So many customers have asked us during the week for an "opportunity to pur
chase the wonderful offerings of last week We decided to repeat our remark
able offer again! With replenished New Stocks.
$1.50 and
To prevent dealers from buying those We -will limit Only 4 to a customer.
Blouses Skirts Aprons Kimonas
Underwear Children's Dresses
One Additional (Th
Dresses $95
2 FOR $696
A Lot
Regularly being sold now
A Lot of Waists & Dresses $ J95
Regularly being sold
- .!.-- -
2 FOR S- 96
I He Dale o
Redding-, July 29. For the second
time since early spring- Che Barnefot
farm of 300 acres In fhn Ivmatown
section has changed ownership, hav
ing jua: Deen soia by Emory P. San-
ford to a wealthy Greenwich resident
named Chamberlain. The laibter pur
chased it for his son, who graduaed
this year trom Storrs Aericultural
College. He was married in April.
Mr. Stanford bough tthe nroDerty from
a Brdigeport man who, afiter aw. own
ership of only a f-rf weeks, accep-ted
a loss of $800 or $10,000 on the trans
action because his wife refused to Jive
there although the house is spacious
and attractive and equipped with
modern conveniences. While Mr.
Sanford would not say what he paid
for the property, report placed the
figure at approximately $18,000. The
consideration in the Dresent ibransac
tion is reported to have been abouit
$25,000. Mr. Sanford's purchase -included
about 3.0 head of -pure bred
Aberdeen cattle, the ownership of
which he retains. Among' the prod'
uots of the. farm last year were sixty
tons of alfalfa hay and the yield this
year with the first cutting already
harvested promises to be equally
Miss Katherine , Barnett," who grad
uated from Wellesley College last
months, has been engaged as teacher
of the lower room of the Center School
for' the coming year. Her engage
ment to Cornelius Kruz of St. Louis,
was recently" announced. While a
theological jstudent Mr. Kruz supplied
the pulpit of the . Center Congrega
tional church here for about a year.
He is a. graduate of Illinois Univer
sity and took a post graduate course"
in preparation for a professorship.
For lM years he was engaged in re
construction work in France. Mrs.
Lemuel Sanford has been re-engaged
as principal of the Center School, Miss
Jennie McDonald will continue as
teacher of the Ridge school and Miss
Webb of New Milford, a newcomer,
will have charge of the Umpawaug
The road supervision committee, as
the outcome of a special meeting, de
cided to approve the bills of the three
road repair contractors which had
previously been held up. The chief
ground of contention was the refusal
of Contractor Banks to obey the com
mittee's order to cart gravel upon
part of the hill west of the Center.
Mr. Banks insisted that the other
material he purposed using was good
enough and told, the committee that
if the issue were taken to the courts
he was confident of winning. Five
or six members of the" committee at
tended the meeting and First Select
man Drlscoll, W. C Sanford and
Eugene Adams voted in favor of im
mediate payment. Dissenting votes
were cast by Selectman Bart Sanford
and Fred A. "Judd.
On Tuesday morning the Countess
Turezynowicz, accompanied by her
three children, an$ her nephew. Bad-
ford Hoddins, the latter actlng as
chauffeur, left the Ridge for a trans
continental trip having Lost Angeles,
Cal., for its objective. They took
.along complete camping outfit, in
tended to make them independent of
hotel or other housing accommoda
tions. The purpose of the expedi
tion is to arouse interest and secure
co-operation on the part of state and
municipal officials, colleges and. his
torical societies in the works under
taken 'by a new film corporation or
ganized by wealthy New Yorkers with
the aim of elevating the moving pic
ture industry to higher standards." For
the preliminary work the Countess
has been commissioned as chief pro
pagandist, a role for . which her re
markable executive ability and ac
complishments as a speaker and
writer make her eminently fitted.
The local branch of the Lavmen's
Service League of the Episcopal
Church will give a dinner in the San
ford school gymnasium at 7 o'clock
on Thursday evening of this week. In
vitations have been extended to the
League branches of the six other
towns comprised in this district and
an attendance of about 100 .is ex
pected. . The speakers are to be Con
gressman Merritt of Stamford, and
ex-Senator Bowen of Danbury. Lieut.
Gov. Temple-ton has also (been in
The. Welcome Home committee are
arranging for a union service to be
held at Putnam Park on Aug. 14. It
is expected that ifche soldiers' memo
rial -tablet, in the new park building
win De rsaay tor unveiling at this
time and if so a program suitable- to
the occasion will be carried out.
About 50 women, mostly members
of the. recently organized Woman's
Civic League, met at the Mary Twain
Library Monday afternoon and lis
tened with interest to an address by
Attorney S. C. Shaw explanatory of
the methods obtaining at political
primaries. The affair was part of the
program for political education which
the League has undertaken.
- Miss May Burgess died at Orange,
N. J., on Saturday last, aged 75. Her
sister, Mrs. Edith Stimson of Redding
Center had assisted in caring for her
during her illness and was with her
at the end.
The John Weyser place below Pin
Tree Corner has been bought by a
Mr. Wiley of Bridgeport, brother-in-law
of John Huyber who lately bought
the Gilbert place in the same locality.
The Episcopal church is having an
electric lighting system installed this
week t)y the Tucker brothers.
Jesse Sanford. formerly with the
Bethel bank and lately, assisting his
father in farming, has taken tne- po-
Isitdon of assistant cashier in the City
.National bank or ssourn jNorwaiK.
H. S. "Barnes has taken a house in
White Plains, N. T., and with his,
family will remove there from the ;1
Ridge early in August. -
The machinery for a refrigerating
plant was installed this week- at A.
V. Frost's summer place near Five
Points. . " ;
Miss -Clara Burr, who was lately
operated upon for appendicitis at the
Bridgeport Hospital where she is fin
ishing her training as a nurse, is -convalescing
The shore ouiting of the Men's
club, scheduled for Tuesday, was a
second time postponed owing to the
atbsorption of the members with hay
ing work.
A thorough freight service from
principal inland railroad stations in
Italy to New York and Philadelphia
via the ports of Genen and Naples
was inaugurated by. the Navigazone.
Generale Italiana.
Guticura Soap
Will Help You
Clear Your Skin
Soon. Ointment. TaTcram. 25c ywbffe. SraopleB
ireatest of AH Augus
Begins Monday, August 1st.
Reductions- 20 to 50
On the Best Homefurnishings
in Bridgeport, means savings for yon, that you cant afford to miss.
Watch the papers for full particulars. Look now if you like, and prepare to
come again early next week while there is an unlimited assortment to choose .
from. '
1149 Main St., Cor. Elm St.'
Sales 1 J
il1 IIIiIe 1
The Bridgeport Evening Times
akes Following Offer To Live, Hustling Boys
Who Can Bring In New Yearly Readers To
The Times In The Next 30 Days.
Anotner iviontn ur v
For 4 yearly subscribers REACH $2.50 official league balls
For 4 yearly subscribers REACH $2.25 official junior league balls
For 12 yearly subscribers REACH $9.00 Catchers Mitts
For 6 yearly subscribers REACH $4.t)0 Body protectors
For 7. yearly subscribers REACH $5.00 Fielders finger gloves
For 7 yearly subscribers REACH $5.00 Catchers masks
For 7 yearly subscribers REACH $5i)0 First basemans mitts
For 3 yearly subscribers REACH $2.00 World's series bats
For 10 yearly subscribers REACHJ7.00 Uniform (Shirt, trousers, cap)
F or 9 yearly subscribers REACH $6.00 Tennis rackets
For 1 yearly subscriber REACH .60 Tennis balls
A Wonderful Opportunity for Junior League Teams to Equip Themselves.
This Special Offer Runs From August 1st
to September 1st only. Bring Your Entry Blank
to The Bridgeport Times Office, 179 Fairfield
Ave., Bridgeport, Conn., As None Will Be
Mailed to Entries. Now is the Time for Boys to
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Reach Goods Without Paying The Times One
Cent of Money. All Goods are Absolutely Free
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Plenty of Sporting Goods For All Contest
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Bridgeport Evening Times. Date . ... . . . .
Sporting Goods Contest Dept. "
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Name ...... .
- V.

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