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Wednesday, August 3, 1921
'Page Ninfe
Washington, Aug. 2 The battle
ship will Btay.
This la the' consensus of expert
: opinion here today, as Army and
JN'avy officials digest the technical re
; ports on the recent bombing tests
'conducted hy the Navy Department.
It is true that the aerial bombers
(succeeded in sinking every type of
craft Irom the suDmarine on up to
fthe dreadnaughit Ostfriesland, but
1 these tests have not convinced naval
'experts that the battleship is obso
lete. "Don't give up the ship, is the cry
of all experts, after studying the
technical reports.
The immediate effect of the bomb
iing tests will be & great drive by the
Navy to Increase its aerial forces,
j Secretary of the Navy Denby, it is
. learned, is impressed with the fact
' that no battle fleet is ready for war
unless it has a full compliment of
auxiliary air fighters.
Within a short time ofHcial reeom
imendations will be made to Con-
gress for appropriations authorizing
!he construction of newer and larg
' er types of naval aeroplanes.
It is true that many of these Inves
tigations have proved to be worth
while, especially when they were fol
followed up by legislation designed
to correct or lessen the evils which
it was sought to uncover.
Dozen Probes Sow Oil.
A considerable number of Senators
I and Representatives have "surveyed
the situation, howver, and have come
to the conclusion that it might be
('well to put a damper on superfluous
investigations in order that the atten
tion of Congress might not be divert
. ed from the serious business of mak
;ing the country's laws.
Despite this growing fe Ing it is
regarded as unlikely that any reduc
tion in he number of Senatorial or
r Congressional probes can be expected
, in the near future, because it is
. nearly always possible to assemble
enough votes in either branch of Con
: gress to get an affirmative decision
on the question "to probe or not to
, probe?" when it comes "to a show
i down.
During the present session of Con
gress, called for the purpose of re
using the internal revenue laws and
(passing a new tariff bill, the Senate
tend House have investigated or are
.mow in the midst of inquiring into the
railroad problem, the agricultural
situation, the mine war in West Vir
ginia, the escape of Grover Cleveland
Bergdoll, the needs of ex-service
Imen and the bureaus organized for
ftheir relief, the Federal Reserve
(Board and a hqst of lesser subjects
lincident to routine legislation.
Appropriations also will be asked
(for at least six aeroplane carriers to
operate with the fleets. Naval archi
rtects are now working up plans for
-vessels of this type, which calls for
!the construction of gigantic ships
'Capable of carrying several squad
rons of aeroplanes and of maintain
Hng a speed equal to the maximum
pepeed of the battle fleet when in
'fighting formation.
In view of the disarmament pro
'posals which have been made by
President Harding, considerable Con
' jgressional opposition to further ap--.
propriations is expected, but it is the
contention of the naval experts that
th disarmament conference will not
Trovide for complete disarmament
and. .that, the United States is now
-considerably behind Great Britain in
the matter of naval air forces, par
ticularly in the matter of aeroplane
carriers, .
The sinking of the ex-German
ehips "has given new incentive to the
experimental work of the Navy. Ord
nance experts are at work endeavor
Jng to devise a gun that will be cap
able of offering adequate, defense
against the air forces, and at the
.Fame time they are at work on ar
mor experiments, devising new means
f armor construction to add to the
Invulnerability of the battle craft
igainst aerial bombers.
The aviation experts ae just as
tusy. They are working upon planes,
under radio . control, which can
launch radio-controlled torpedoes,
and they are working upon improved
jbombing sights to increase the per
centage of hits.
The sinking of the ex-German bat
tleship Ostfriesland has made more
tir in naval circles than any event
since the. first German U-boat began
raiding operations off the American
" Disarmament is a thing of the fu
ture, a. mattter of conjecture, the
naval men say. and their job is to
prepare for war now. They are at
"their job with feverish enthusiasm.
Cost of Productions Must
. Be Lowered to Set Enter
prises on Their Feet, Pro
ducers Say.
Los Angeles. Aug. 2 A new era is
dawning in the motion picture world.
According to leading producers the
days of extravagant salaries and in
efficient methods are gone forever.
"Cut the cost, but keep the quality
This is the order which has been
given in every one of the big studios
of Southern California, and for sev
eral weeks a general retrenchment
has been in progress.
"The motion picture industry has
passed from a period of abnormal
prosperity." said Jesse L. Lasky, first
vicepresident of the Famous Players
Lasky Corporation, in analyzing pres
ent conditions. "It behooves produc
er! to face present critics conditions
courageously s.nd to fight through the
period of readjustment to the perio.d
of normalcy.
"The motion picture producing or
ganization that does not realize the
seriousness of the situatoin and act
accordingly cannot survive ??????
be bsolute efficiency. Extravagance
must be replaced by economy. The
day of reckless expenditure, I feel
certain, has gone forever and economy
is to be the watchword of the new
"Officials of our nrpani t ion were
called upon each to do his share f"
puiung down the corporation on an
fiini':nL economical oasis.
"Solely in the interest of Econo
mical production, we closed our studio
on iiong Island, N. Y., aI1(j transferred
all productions to our studio in Holly
wood. We are striving to eliminate
all the old extravagances of produc
tion and aiming for the greatest econ
omy." Samuel Goldwyn. president of the
Goldwyn Picture Cororation, said:
"We are now making oietiires at a
lower cost than formerly. Many items
ox eiiieose wmcn tormerly were re
garded as necessary are being elim
mated. Salaries are also beinsr rednr.
ed and expenditures watched with a
careful eye. This is nerpssnrT in
order that motion pictures may re
main a popular priced amusement."
Irving G Th alb erg, general maaag-
Begins Today And
Will Continue Throughout The Month
Examples of August Sale Values in
Dining Room Furniture
Queen Anne Suite in Mahogany or Walnut
An elegant suite of the beautiful Queen Anne period. Comprises Ex
tension rable. Buffet and China Closet superbly constructed through
out and handsomely finished in your choice of Mahogany
Or American vvtLIUUl. ddo ujia DUiio " vu
room furniture it is a genuine bargain.
6TV &
BSBsal .tfffinflHXM
Wm. and Mary Suite in Three Finishes
A beautiful, exceptionally well made suite at a wonderfully low
price. Comprises Extension Table, Buffet and China
Closet finished in your choice of Mahogany, American
Walnut or Jacobean. If you like the William and
Mary Suite period
you will want this
.Wm. and Mary Suite in Jacobean Oak
For durability, beauty and satisfaction there is no period that sur
passes the William and Mary. This suite is a choice example of that
old time period and as much is a suite that will give you Ci m9
years of satisfaction. Consists of 54-inch Extension Table, g
China Cabinet and Buffet. Finislipd in Jacobean.
. Examples of August Sale Values in
Living Room Furniture
Luxurious 3 Piece Overstuffed Suite
Davenport, Chair and Rocker splendidly made in every detail with
view to tne utmost -comfort and service. Has removable CK'
spring cushions, spring backs and spring arms.. ..Covered 0 J
in your choice of Mulberry or ---- Velour. "
Beautiful Cane Suite in Mahogany
Three pieces Settee, Chair and High Back Chair (with valance) with
cane backs and sides and covered in, handsome mulberry, blue CCA V
velour or taupe velour. Each piece roomy and comfortable. Pfc
Large square pillow included. " "ojr
3 Pc. Divanette Suite in Mahogany or Oak
The convenience of this divanette suite makes it a necessity in every
home. It comprises Chair, Rocker and Divanette (which can be
quickly converted into a full size bed) and finished in ma- Kf
hogany. Golden or Fumed Oak. Has padded backs and spring clEl
seats covered with durable imitation leather..
WE say "Our Greatest Sale" because it-is just
that, s Present conditions demand it. It
presents. the Greatest Assortment of Quality
Furmture we have ever assembled (much of it being
recently purchased at the new low market-prices), and
offers opportunities for the Greatest Savings you have"
ever enjoyed.
The reductions we have continuously made on our
stock as market priees fell, bring the. figures in this
Sale down to the lowest possible point. The typical
values enumerated here are conclusive proof of this.
If you need furniture BUY IT NOW buy with com
plete confidence that the price you will pay is as low
as dependable furniture ean be bought.
Your Credit is Good at August
Sale Prices Without Extra Charge
Purchases Made During the Sale Will Be Held for
Future Delivery, If Desired, without Extra Charge.
Deliveries Free Anywhere in New England.
This 10 Pc. Kitchen
Set of Guaranteed
During the August
Sale with a Cash or
Credit Purchase
her $100
This 26 Pc Set Wm. A. Rogers' Guaranteed
Solid Nickel Silver Tableware,
During theBf
August Sale with
a Cash or Credit
Purchase ot iF'WtSH
SOU LO u)lUU -saicat
August Sale Values in Rugs
and Other Floor Coverings
9 x 12 Brussels Itug
A high grade seamless rug, the
product of the Bigelow-Hartford
Mills. Has- center medallion and
oriental figures on a mottled back
ground. Colors, peacock blue,
onn and Ilent green. extra
ordinary value at this
reen. J- li l-
Congoleum Floor Covering
A splendid assortment or Beauti
ful patterns suitable for the
kitchen, hall, bathroom or bed
room, sq. yd. ,
Genuine Printed Linoleum
Heavy quality with burlap backs. A large
range of attractive patterns
mattings, all - over, blue afffffZ
and white. Large and small
designs. sq. yd.
Genuine Inlaid Linoleum
A variety of handsome patterns and color
effects. The colors go through K4 "I Cg
Lll .... I.. "- - - - 1
eq. yd.
Serviceable Grass Rugs
A variety of attractive designs suitable for
any room. Will give excellent service and
kept clean.
Three Beautiful Pieces in Brown Fibre
Settee, Chair and Rocker of durable fibre construction and finished in
brown. Spring seats, removable cushions and comfortably JSP"!
paaaea DacKs. upnoisterea in attractive cretonne. A won- -derful
value at this price.
I I m I 1 1 m III
Examples of August Sale Values in
Bed Room Furniture
3 Pes. in Ivory,' Mahogany or Walnut'
An exceptionally fine bedroom suite at a remarkably low price. It is
beautifully designed, being a splendid reproduction of the graceful
Queen Anne, period, is superbly constructed throughout and. finished in
your choice of Mahogany, American Walnut or Ivory Enamel.
Comprises Bow End. Bed, Dresser and ChiffOiiette of dust-
proof construction. THREE PIECES.
Triplicate Mirro- rT-"'-t Table Tvxlrn.
Four Attractive Pieces, in American Walnut
A handsome, well-built suite of pleasing design at a very moderate
price. It comprises Full Size Bed, Dresser, Chiffonier and Trinlicate
Mirror Toilet '.Table attractively nnisnea in American Wal
nut. This suite will give many years excellent . service and
is an unusual value at this price.
si 37
A Charming Suite Finished in Ivory Enamel
Here is a suite that will impart an atmosphere of charm and bright
ness to your bedroom. It is of a very pleasing design, . is beautifully
finished in Ivory Enamel and splendidly constructed.
Comprises Bed. Dresser and Chiffonetfe. The Triplicate
Mirror Toilet Table is J 27.50 Extra. THREE PIECES.
Examples of August Sale Values in
Refrigerators and Hcmsefurnishings:
Apartiii:.. - Ly.o Doui
with white enamel'food white enamel food
compartment. Outside compartments. Outside
measurements, 50 in. measurements, 44 . in.
high, 22 in. wide, high, 31 in wide.
19 in. Cetkt&SZrk 18 iu- " KPfeBel(f
. .yie vith
white enamel food
compartment. Outsider:
measurements, 39 in
high, 2 2 in. widVe,
15 in.
With High Shelf
A very popular two flue range of
good size and well proportioned.
Is an excellent baker and cooker.
Oven is 18x17x11. Smooth black
finish with nickel trimmings which
give it an attractive
appearance. A big
value at this special
Cool canitary and easily
4-6 $298 6x9 429 mJmmm
8x10 Sq89 3x12 v $1598 lft
feet 35 . feet . 0 r
Store Closes Daily at 5 Saturday at 6
Oak Kitchen Cabinet
Has sliding steel porcelain enamel
working top, roll front, drawers and
compartments for every kitchen need.
Well made of Oak in
rjnlrten finish 'A vslns mn
August V alues in Brass Beds
This beautiful Satin finished Brass
Bed, is an example of the fine values
to be obtained here now. Has Satin
Banded Stripes and guaranteed not
to tarnish. Two-inch main posts
and one and one- TyQ
half Inch filling roos. c
Full size.
"Boyal" Easy Chair
Frame of
10S7-1073 BEQAD STF.
I opposite; post office j
Fumed Oak,
or Golden
Oak covered
In Brown
Comfortable Fireside
, Rocker
A strong
roomy rocker
with wing ,
back covered
in guaranteed
er of the Universal Film Manufactur
ing Company, said:
"The man who says that the motion
picture industry is in a splendid fin
ancial condition is just as wrong as
the man who says it faces ruin,
"The present unrest Is the best
thing that could have happened to
the industry. No permanent peace
was ever achieved without revolution.
"When the stories that are now
being filmed at a reasonable cost
can be released to exhibitors et a cost
that will enable them to exhibit them
for what they are worth, make a rea
eonabe profit for themselves, return
a reasonable profit to the producer
and give the purchaser his money's
worth of entertainment the motion
picture industry will be properly on
its feet."
Expert Marksman Is
Acquitted on' Attempt
to Kill Charge
Prosoer, Wash., Aug. 2 Because
lie can kill JackrabbUs on. the run
with a six shooter Edward Behn was
freed on a charge of second degree
assault by Judge James Boyle, Behn
was accused of attempting to kill Ed
Gordon, but when the bullet he fired
at Gordon from a distance of two
paces missed its mark the judge de
cided the shot was only intended to
frighten the complainant.
Gordon had (bestowed attentions on
Bella's niece. Behn objected and fol
lowed the couple to their "love nest"
about H:30 p. ra drew his six shoot
er and told the young man to "beat
it while the beating wan good," ac
cording to one witness. Gordon da
murxed and Behn fired a shot which
started the youthfui. wooer on a record-breaking
sprint. He swore out
Information charging Behn tried to
kill him,
A number of witnesses testified
they had seen Behn pop over jack
rabbits on the run with his revolver
that Behn could toss nickels in the
air and plug them every shot, and
that he always Jed marksmen at
hooting matches or in quest of wild
geese. One witness swore ".he .-had
watched Behn while riding a running
'horse sink six successive shots in as
many femco poeta,
Trii Tiovle decided that a man
who was such a good marksman as
Behn was not guilty of attempting to
kill a man when he missed him at a
distance of two paces,
Sofia, July IT The government has
just presented to Parliament a bill
establishing a monopoly for all news
paper advertisements, Heneefarth
every advertisement, . announcement,
or puff will have to be published first
in the OfHcial Gazette at a very high
price, -
Then only its reproduction in other
papers will be allowed after paying
another tax for the reproduction,
The big political papers and thosS
for infortnation supported chiefly by
advertisements are in the hands 'of the '.
Intellectuals of the middle-classes
who are. not en good terms with the' ;
peasant government, sy tms metne
the government would be able to in
jure the organs of the political adver t
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