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Saturday, ''August 6, 1921'
tion's Women Swimming Stars At Seaside
Worcester Comes
. - ; l .
Sunday For Game;
Locals Are Third
With the Brown Derbies winding up their sojourn today
in Springfield the McCann squad will return home to engage
: in battle with the Worcester Boosters at Newfield park tomor
i row afternoon. The game will be started t 3 o'clock and an-
other record breaking crowd is anticipated owing to the close
ness of the pennant race. The box office will open at 1 o'clock.
Derbies in Third Place
The Derbies won and lost yesterday, also dropped back to
third place as a result of Worcester's win over Waterbury. The
Derbies, however, are only two points in the rear of the Jack
macks, less than half a game. Worcester also made a slight
. gain on the leading Pittsfields as the Hillies were forced to di
vide a doubleheader from New Haven, but five points separating
the Jackmacks from the leadership, and Bridgeport seven
points distant.
It's still a hot race. Today Gene McCann is likely to send
LePard or Boehling in to. pitch.
Potties Win In Ninth.
(Special to The Times.)
Springfield, Aug. 6 A ninth inning
, j rally in the second game shattered
I Bridgeport's ambitions to walk away
' with a doubleheader from the Ironies
i yesterday. With the first game
tucked away by a 4 to 2 score, Spring
j Beld took the second game by a score
lot 3 to 2.
' A sizzling hit past Ray by Becker
in the windup session of the second
I ttlt. scored Duffy with the winning
tally after the latter reached first on
; his second hit in the game. Some
I stupid fielding by Ed Stauffer, who
j had' outpitched Williams, was partly
. I responsible for the blowup in the final
The Brown Derbies assumed the
: lead in the second inning by getting
' a pair of tallies across the plate.
Rodriguez reached third base on a
wild throw by Gonzales; Joe Smith
singled, and Kingdon also followed
i with a clout that scored the Cuban
! and advanced Smith to third base,
: Smith scoring on Stauiter's flyout to
; Clark, after Loftus flied out and Mc
: Idraghlin walked.
In the second Duffy doubled and
l advanced to third on Silva's out, scor
flng on Kingdon's wild heave of My
'era' grounder. The Ponies added
i another run to their string in the
i rtxt'i on Jack IFlynn's double. Duffy s
lout, followed by Siiva.'s safe clout.
Kingdon Makes Home Run.
The Derbies got off to a flying
j atart in the first game. by scoring two
runs in the first inning. Emmerich
was passed and went to second on
Rays sacrifice. After Martm filed
out Rodriguez banged out a hit, scor
ing Emmerich. A double by Smith
' sent the Cuban across the rubber.
In the fourth round .the Derbies
I added another pair of tallies, Kingdon
starting the fireworks by lifting the
ball over the fence for a cirsmt
i drive. An infield hit by Lottos, an
'error by McFlarland on McLaughlin 3
i bunt, Leasure's sacrifice and a free
! pass -to Emmerich. filled the hags,
Loftus scoring on Ray's out.
' Both Leasure and Stuffer twirled
good games for the visitors the last
: one being a hard one for the Fitts
! burgher to lcse.
Eastern League
Worcester at Bridgeport.
Pittsfield at New Haven.
'Springfield at Waterbury.
"j Hartford at Albany.
Games Today.
' Bridgeport at Springfield.
Waterbury at Pittsfield.
! Worcester at New Haven.
" Albany at Hartford.
' Scores Yesterday.
Bridgeport 4, Springfield 2 (first
jgame); Springfield 3, Bridgeport 2
i (second game). , v
Pittsfield 4, New Haven 3 (first
t game) ; New Haven 7, Pittsfield 5
' (second game). .
' Worcester 8, Waterbury 6 (10 inn
i lngs).
Albany 9. Hartford 1.
Stand ins OT i earns.
Won. Lost.
Pittsfield 57
j Bridgeport .
'New Haven
f Hartford . .
rspringfield .
; Waterbury .
, Albany
. .45
4 4
Cobb Gains
On Heilman
Detroit, Aug. 6 Ty Cobb, manager
of the Detroit Tigers, today is creep
lng up on Harry Heilman. the hard
f hitting Detroit outfielder, in the race
' for batting honors of the American
(League with only 25 points separat
f ing them. Cobb gained nine points
i during the week for an average of
;j398, while Heilman suffered a loss
'of seven points, his average dropping
j to 423- Tris Speaker of Cleveland,
remains in third place "with .379.
The Alpine A. A. will stage a
i smoker at the Municipal gym a week
i from Tuesday. The club expects to
i bring Clat Gripman and Kid Lewis
toegther in the star bout. Several
i other bouts will be staged including
Pop Kayian and Ray Shea, and Long
i Monahan and Hunky White.
On Lenox Field tomorrow after-
noon at 3 o'clock the Shamrocks and
! St- James baseball tossers will meet
I in a game. The Shamrocks have a
' victory to. theiir credit over the
! Saints.
New Haven,
I-,, A A meeting of
jew ncu, - .
the xaio atnieviu wa.iu -
1 expected to be held next Week when,
1 unoiiE other things, the selection as
I baseball coach of Bernard A. Tom-
oners, a winning pitcher of that
"! ywar by the baseball committee, will
confirmed. He will succeed Will
l 1rm Lauder..
Bailor Johnny Darcey. who is to
i box Johmny "Red" Allen, and Lew
V Snyder, who will clash with Battling
i Harris ef Waterbury. in the Bridge
f port A. & A. show, Monday night, al
I the State street arena, will 'be pres
f ent at the Bridgeport-Worcester ball
I AmMmnar a "Mowfielii Park
and be accorded an introduction to
the assemblage, '
Ruth's Batting
Tip To Kingdon
Brings Results
The home run rapped ont In
Springfield yesterday by Short
stop "Wes" Kingdon recalls a
rainy day conversation with the
player on batting this week.
Kingdon owes his big improve
ment over last year in hitting
the ball by using a heavier bat,
Ve player said. In the Pacific
oast League last season King
don used a light stick and batted
less than .200. When ho went
South with the Yankees in the
spring Babe Rath advised: King
don to use a heavier stick. King
don followed the Mambino's ad
vice and today is reaping good
results, and is chasing on the
lieela of the .300 cloutcrs in the
Ever notice Kingdon swinging
three bats while a waiting his
turn at the bat, while the other
players use only two? Thai's
the way the players got accus
tomed to using heavier batting
50-50 Cut
' First Game.
aib r h ipo a e
Emmerich, of. ...3 1 1 2 0 0
Ray, 2b 4 0 0 2 3 0
Martin, rf. ...... 5 0 0 2 1 0
Rodriguez, lb... 5 1 2 8 0 1
Smith, c 5 0 3 5 0 0
Kingdon, ..... 4 1 1 1 2 0
Loft us, If .'i..... 4 1 2 2 0 0
McLaughlin, 3b . . 3 0 1 5 3 1
Leasure, p ......2 0 2 0 0 1
Totals .....35 4 10 27 9 3
ah r h po a e
Becker, rf ...... 4 1 1 l 0 0
Gonzales, ss ....4 0 1 2 2 0
Clark, cf .......4 0 2 1 0 0
Wilder, c. ...... 4 0 1 2 2 0
Flynn, lb ....... 4 0 0 15 0 0
Duffy, If. ....4 0 1 2 0 0
Silva, 2b 3 0 1 2 6 0
Myers, 3b . . . 3 0 .0 2 3 0
x Simpson .......1 0 0 0 0 0
McFarland, p.... 2 1 1 0 3 1
Totals 33 2 8 27 16 1
x Batted for Myers in 9th.
Bridgeport ...2 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 4
Springfield ...1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2
Two base hits. Smith, Wilder. Home
run. Kingdon. Stolen (bases, Becker,
Smith. Sacrifices, Ray, ILeasure 2,
McLaughlin. Double plays, Martin
to McLaughlin; McLaughlin to Ray
to Rodriguez; Ray to Rodriguez.
Left on bases, Bridgeport 11, Spring
field 6. Bases on balls, off Leasure
2, McFarland 3. Struck out, by
Leasure 5. McFarland 1. Umpires,
Brown and Kelly. Time, 146.
Second Game.
afo r b. po a e
Emmerich, cf...4 0 2 0 0 0
Ray, 2 b -.3 0 1 2 3 0
Martin, nf ..3 0 0 2 0 0
Rodriguez, lb.. .4 1 110 0 0
Smith, c ..4 1 1 6 2 0
Kingden, ss ..... 3 0 113 2
Loftus, If 3 0 1 4 0 0
McLaughlin, 3b. .2 0 0 0 2 1
Stauffer, p 3 0 0 0 2 1
Totals . 29 2 7xr23 12 4
x One out when winning run scored.
aib r h po a e
Becker, rf 4 0 2 2 0 0
Gonzales, ss 4 0 0 4 4 1
Clark, cf 0 0 4 1 1
Simpson, c ..... 4 0 0 0 3 0
FJynn. 1 4 1 2 9 0 0
Duffy, If 4 2 2 0 0 0
Silva, 2b 3 0 1 7 1 1
Myers, 3 b 4 0 1 4 1 3,0
Williams, p. .4 0 1 0 4 0
Totals 35 3 9 27 16 3
Bridgeport 02000000 0 2
Springfield 01010000 1 3
Two base .hits, Rodriguez, Duffy,
Flynn. Sacrifices. Ray, Silva. Double
plays, Clark to Myers to Silva; Gon
zales to Silva. Left on bases, Bridge
port 5. Springfield 9. Bases on balls,
oft Stauffer 1, Williams 4. Struck
out, by Stauffer 3. Umpires, Kelly
and Brown. Time, 1:31.
Devanney In
Legion Games
On Labor Day
Plans are being . made for the
American Legion big get-together
meet to be staged at Seaside Park
on Labor Day. There are 16 ath
letic events on the program and the
local post promises to bring Jack
O'Brien, Patty Ryan and Mike De
vanney of New York to contend in
the open events.
The program follows: Open A. A.
U. events, 100 yard dash. 200 yard
dash, 880 yard run, 880 yard novice
run, one mile- run. 56 pound hammer
throw, 16 pound hammer throw. 12
pound shot put, and a running- high
jump. The events closed to the
city: 10 mile motorcycle race, 100
yard novice dash, 880 yard novice
run, and 880 yard relay. The events
closed to the American Legion: 100
yard dash, 8'80 yard run and 880 yard
relay. m
CINCINNATI The dispute between
the New York Americans and Cincin
nati Reds over the ownership of
Pitcher Maxkle has been placed be
fore Judge Landis' for a "decision.
"Po'k Chops Am
Comin," He Says
r ' M'IIU.M-U.i.i.ii.liJ.ll.l.l.l.l.l.i.l!'Vl
This picture shows Leo Johnson,
local colored battler in lighting ac
tion. Johnson will stack up against
Young Luby in a ten round go at the
open-air arena show on Monday
night. Johnson Is telling bis friends
lie's going to win. "I can sure dem
po'k chops comin' my way, dey am
surely comin ais way.j ne aec tared
yesterday. -
All is in readiness for the big
splash at the mammoth aquatic
meet at Seaside Park tomorrow after
noon at 2 o'clock. For the first time
in the history of the Park City there
will be a national championship
event staged. Bridgeporters will
get a chance to get a glimpse at
Charlotte Boyle, who fared so well
in the Olympic meet, and Ethelda
Bliebtrey, who has been undefeated
since she won several races at Ant
werp. Miss Bliebtrey has been swim
ming on the California coast and the
Pacific islands and has vanquished
all comers. She has finished first in
the 220 yard national championship
event. Helen Wainwright, winner of
the fancy diving event in the Olympic
game and holder of the national
championship will also be present.
One of the biggest treats of the
afternoon will be Miss Gertrude
Ederle, a 17 year old miss who has
just equalled the world's record in
a recent 100 yard swim at Brighton
Program of Events.
Demonstration by playground chil
dren in life saving and swimming.
Life saving by midget U. S. V. L. S.
Three mile state championship,
(entries) Rube Kownatzky, , George
Russell. Walter Patterson, Harry
50 Yards city championship, men,
(entries) C. Fox, H. McDonald, Geo.
Shaiklin, J. 3?. O'Donnell, E. Lyon,
J. Betty, C. Lipshier. J. L. Oberly,
D. W. Osborne.
50 Yards city championship,
women, (entries) S. Danilowitz, H.
Danilowitz, Grace Kemple, Bertha
Brooks. M. Bloomer.
440 Yard handicap, (entries) Ludy
Langer, Honolulu; Gene Bolden,
Illinois A. C; Stubby Kruger, Hono
lulu; Sam Rosani, H. KPrytherach,
(Syracuse University, and Leo Aeiken,
of Bridgeport.
220 Yards National championship,
women, (entries) Ethelda Bleibtrey,
W. S. A., N. Y.; Charlotte Boyle,
W. S. A.. N. Y.; Helen Wainwright,
W. S. A., N. Y.; Aileen Riggin, W. g.
A., N. Y.; Gertrude Ederle. W. S. A.,
N. Y.. all of the Olympic team;
Elenor Uhl, Meadowbrook Club,
Philadelphia; Anna L. Baum, Grace
Kemple and Clo Anderson.
100 Yards Handicap, open, (en
tries) Ethelda Bleibtrey, Charlotte
Boyle, Helen Wainwright, Aileen Rig
gin, Alice Lord, Gertrude Ederle,
Maude McFarlane, Gertrude Morris,
Ethel Baker, Helen Meeney, Lillian
Stoddard, Florence Briscoe, Kathryn
Brown, of - the W. S. A. of N. Y.;
Elenor Uhl, Meadowbrook -club,
Anna L. Baum, Stasia Dasmilowitz,
Grace Kemple, Helen Danilo.witz,
Bertha Brooks, Marion Bloom, Dbris
O'Mara of Bridgeport.
Fancy diving, (entries) Helen
Meaney, ' Helen Wainwright, 'Aileen
Riggin, Alice Lord, Florence Bris
coe, Kathryn Brown.
100 Yards City 'championship, men,
(entries) H. McDonald, Geo. Sbjak
lin, J. E. O'Donnell, Clifford Tox,
Leo Aeiken, C. Lipshir, D. W. Os
borne. 100 Yards Handicap, open, men,
(entries) Stubby Kruger, II. McDon
ald, Geo. Shiaklin, J. E. O'Donnell,
Clifford Fox, Leo Aeiken, C. Lipshir,
H. Prytherach.
Canoe Tilting, J. Oberly and Earl
Lyons, A. Kubrike ' and C. Wholly.
M. Conroy and E. Malloy.
The officials "follow: Honorary
dhairmen. Mayor C. B. Wilson, George
E. Eames and Malcolm - Baxter;
chairman, John P. Fox, Lieut. U. S.
V. L. S. Corps; honorary referees.
Fred W. Rubien, president Metro
politan A. A. u.; Fred Hunt, vice
president Connecticut . A. A. U.;
referee, Irving Elson; reception com
mittee, Mrs. W. iH. Fleck, W. T.
liincKs, William E. Seeley; an-
announcer, Chris. Dalton. N. Y. A. C,
nouncer, Chris. Dalton, N. Y. A. C,
J. T. Farrell; clerks of course, Lieut.
J. J. Murphy, J. O'Kane; starter.
Captain Max A. Baum; judges, Tom
Tracy, Conn. A. A. U.; J. Sullivan, W.
Elwood and J. Summerville; judges
on the dive, P. V. Gahan, Chris. Dal
ton, N. Y. A. C.i and N. H. McPhee;
timers. F. Corbaly, P. V.. Gahan, Ir
ving Elson ; Corps record clerk, J. A.
Abbott; program commitee, J. P.
Fox, A. Iuddy, F. Damico, W. Senior,
W. Kownatzky.
Meriden Bouts
Next Friday
Meriden. Aug. 6 Kid Lewis, Cana
dian feather champion, whoso home
is in Waterbury, and Kid Kaplan,
Meriden featherweight, will be the
contenders in the star bout at the
show, here next Friday night. Kap
lan's stock recently received a big
boost by a decisive, win over Sammy
Waltz. The semi-final will bring to
gether Tracy Ferguson of Wallingford
and Soldier 'Gibson of Fair Haven,
and Young O'lNeil of Meriden and
Geqrge Proto ot New Haven will
clash in the preliminary. Frank
Glennon. Hartford referee, will be the
third man in the ring.
Major Leagues
New York 7, Detroit 3.
Washington 4, Cleveland 1.
Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 2.
Boston 10, Chicago 1.
Standing of Teams.
New York .
I Cleveland . ..
St. Louis
Friends of Lou Dewey, well known
local bowler, will be glad to learn
he is on the road to improvement,
following his operation last Monday
in St. Vincent's hospital for appen
dicitis. Hopes are entertained that
Lou will be able to be about again
and up to top-notch forn in a week
or ten days.
The Lawyers and the Doctors will
clash on diamond No. 1 Seaside,
Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock. At
torney Goldstein "claims hat his boys
will vanquish the "medicos" by a big
score. Goldstein also wishes to in
form Captain Hurley, of the News
papermen's team that the "legalites"
will be ready to play them a week
from Monday.
The Y. M. H. A. Jrs., led by John
"McGraw" Postol, will . tackle the
Fairfield Cubs, tomorrow afternoon
on diamond No. 7, Seaside Park.
Tucker and Bernstein will be the
battery for the Juniors. The latter
team trimmed the Cubs in a 2 to 1
game early in the season.
Won. Lost. P.C.
.60 36 .625
,.62 39 .614
..58 48 .547
.49 54 .476
.47 52 .475
..45 55 .450
.44 66 .440
.37 62 .374
Games Today.
Chicago at Boston. -St.
Louis- at Philadelphia.
Detroit at New York.
Cleveland at Washington.
Games Yesterday.
New York 2, St. Louis 1.
Pittsburgh 8, Philadelphia
Brooklyn 6, Cincinnati 1.
Boston 6, Chicago 1.
Standing of Teams.
Pittsburgh 64
New York 62
Boston ........... .-66
Brooklyn ..........53
St. Louis - ... .50
Chicago 42
Cincinnati 42
Philadelphia 30
Lost. P.C.
35 .647
40 .608
40 .583
50 .515
49 .505
58 .420
59 .416
68 .306
Games Today.
New York at Chicago. ,
Philadelphia at Cincinnati.
Brooklyn at Pittsburgh.
Boston at St. Louis.
NEW YORK Mel Coogan, Brook
lyn lightweight, stopped Larry Han
sen in the fourth round of their -battle
at Coney Island.
Joe Bush twirled a brand of ball
that baffled the White Sox. The only
score posted against the Red Sox
pitcher was Sheeley's homer.
Frisch's three-bagger won a 2 to
1 game for the Giants over the Cards.
Amos Rusie Sees
First Big League
Game In 20 Yrs.
Boehm Setting
Batting Pace
With 470 P.C;
Boehm of the Holmes & Edwards
team is the "Babe" Ruth of the Park
City Factory League with a batting
average of .470 to date, with Brew
ster the runner up with a mark of
.457. The leading run getter is Mai
halek of Housatonic Brass, who has
crossed the home plate 19 times. The
fleetest man on the bases is Gatoor of
the General Electric, who has 10
steals to his credit. Zatany tops the
home run wallopers with three to his
credit, while the other long distance
hitting specialists. Bakes, of the Gen
eral Electric with a trio of three bag
gers, while Zatanay also had a pair
of double's on his batting string.
Records of the leading players fol
low: Leading Hitters.
Behm, Holmes & Edwards ..... .470
Brewster, General Electric .... .457
Devitt, East Main plant. Brass .4 25
Sumpee, Gen. Elec. 423
N. Cagianello, East Main plant .400
Lynch, East Main plant ....... .396
Somers, M., M. & M .395
Zatany, Housatonic plant. Brass .37 8
Pratt, East Main plant 375
Pollock,' Housatonic plant, Brass .367
Leading Ron Getters.
Mihalek, Housatonic plant, Brass 19
Lynch, East Main plant. Brass... 17
Pollock, Housatonic plant ...... 17
Somers, M., M. & M 14
Zatany, Houatonic plant ....... 14
Devitt, East Main plant ........ 14
Widergren, M., M. & M 13
Brewster, General Electric ...... 13
Boehm, Holmes & Edwards .... 13
Fiebich, East Main plant ........ 13
Leading Base Stealers.
Gabor; General Electric ........ 10
Brewster, General Electric ..... 8
Widergren, M., M. & M - 8
Attensea, Housatonic plant, Brass 7
Mcllhoney, East Main plant .... 6
N. Cagianello, East Main lant.. 6
Killey, M.. M. & M 6
Somers, M.. M. & M. 6
Bakos, General Electric ........ 5
Sumpee, General Electric ...... 5
Palmer, M., M. & M 5
League Standing.
W. L. P.C.
Manning, Max. & Moore 8 4 .667
Housatonic Plant, Brass 7 4 .636
General Electric 7 .5 .583
East Main Plant 5 5 .500
Holmes & Edwards .... 4 . 6 .400
Acme Shear .2 9 .182
Meet Oct. 15
T. M C. A boy athletes throughout
Connecticut will be invited to com-.
pete in the Fairfield County Y. M. C.
A. meet in Fairfield, Saturday, Octo
ber 15. Three weight classes will be
arranged: Class 1, boys 90 pounds
and under; class 2. boys 91 pounds
to 115; class 3, boys 166 pounds and
up. The following events unless oth
erwise designated, will be run for
each of the three weight divisions:
100 yard dash (for class 2 and 3);
75 yard dash (for class 1); potatoe
race (6 potatoes 2 vards apart. the
first potato 8 yards; running high
jump; runing broad jump; baseball
throw; tug or war (2 men to a team,
each community permitted to enter
one team); relay race (4 men, shut
tle stvle. each man running xuu
vards. no weight classes, each com
munity to enter 1 ttam); three-legged
race (no weight classes, each com
munity to enter four pairs of con
testants) ; one-nair mile run.
Tr-tn-h mmmnnitT shall be entitled
to four entries in each event in each
of the weight classes, ercept as above
designated. Individual badge prizes
to contestants. Community trophy
to be held for the community for
one year by the community securing
the highest total nurnuer m p"1"1-1-First
place to count 10 points; sec
ond place 6; third place 4 and fourth
place 2 points.
No boys over eighteen years old
are eligible.
One of the best pitoliers that
ever curved a ball, a big, heavy
man with the tan of the outdoors
on his face, stood in a passage
way under the graud stand at
the Polo Grounds in New York
yesterday and watclicd the ball
game contemplatively.
Not morn than three pe-s ins
in the 15.000 there recognized
Amos Rusie, star boxman of the
Gsunts 25 years ago. Rusie ar
rived the night before to take
up tiis job as assistant to Artanxr
Bell as Polo Grounds superin
tendent, a position made lor itiru
by Jchn McGraw, vtlio never for
cts the old tiimre and ti.tlcs
by those he like.
'l-'irst big lenf-ne game f'vr
svoi in twenty years," Runie
told an acquaintance as he
watched the Yankees and e- .
troits. "I've been out in Oregon
most if the time since I left New
The old timer is stout, but no
more so t han when he was pitch
ing. - He pitched at 220 pounds
in his later years in the game
and says he is ten pounds lighter
- than tliat now
Secretary Charley Mahoney an
nounces the following schedule of
baseball games in the City League for
tomorrow follows:
Pleasure Beach Eko A A. vs.
Lone Stars, at 2:30.
Seaside Park, diamond No.' 1 Red
Sox vs. Waysides at 3:30.
Seaside Park, diamond -No. 5
Blessed Sacraments vs. White Eagles,
at 3:30.
The Crasho ball tossers will line Up
against the Irans Sunday afternoon
at 1:30 on diamond No. 1. The
Crashos are out to win the city title.
They will play the North Ends in the
near future. This willvbe the first
time the Crashos and Irans have met
this season and a large crowd is ex
pected to witness the game'.
New Oceans, Aug. 6 Pete Her
man, bantamweight champion of the
world, has been matched with Young
Montreal, of Providence, R. I., for a
ten round no decision bout here. La
bor Day, it was announced here to
day. Young Montrealgot two decis
ions over Herman in Tecent bouts in
and Harold Kruger are entered for
the . swimming championships h?re
Aug. 25.
nlJ -r- ... T..1r, -
i' jcaneue nuia.u yiuvea
'herself to be a consistent Grand Cir-
ctki winner by taRmg tnrsr. money in
the $3,000 Toledo Blade Stakes.
Eastern League
Fan Chatter
. xr: V nmor in RnrinST-
Field yesterday was the Bridgeport s
first circuit drive of iie seasan.
Chet Thomas is finding a diffi
cult task to pull Hartford out of the
rut. The Lawmakers, with Sullivan
in the box, trounced the Senators 9
to 1.
Another new player is in the Al
bany lineup. He's Conley, in right
C-ld Man" McCori-ys home run
clout won the first game for PiUs
field against New Haven.
1 ,-, frnnt aeain?
rThe Bridgeport, discard Patched the
7 to 5 ten-iiiiu'i"5
dians over the Hilhes.
Wally Hammond's four clouts yes
terdav consisted of a pair of dou
bles, a triple and a single.
Santoro, former Holy Cross player
continues' to play xtfor
shortstop for the Senators. The tor
mer collegian is shewing a vast im
provement in his hitting.
verJihey lefT ncTwSn
Svic was clinched
gggsged ygssr
Pilot Cubs
Los Angeles, Aug. 6 Frank Chance,
one time manager of the Cubs, but
now living on a ranch at Glendora,
near here, has been advanced by his
Chicago friends and certain baseball
fan organizations, ss a possible man
ager of the Chicago National League
team for the balance of this, year and
next, it became known hera today.
yi i . i j 1 I. p. ViaH nnrt rnufvi-d nn-
Vn.I"- sjt" .
word from Cub directors or President
Veeck, but xnat n -tire management
were offered to him he would be
"glad to get back in harness In Chi-
CaChance headed the. Chicago Na
tional record winning teams of 1906.
1907 and 1908. Messages to Chance
here came following the removal of
John Evers as manager, of the club
and the appointment of William Kil
lefer as successor. -
derson and Herbert L. Bowman Will
meet today in the Connecticut lawn i
tennis championship finals.
6 6
tittle With:
Red Allen vs Sailor Johnny Darcey lO.
Battling Harris vs. Lew Snyder, 10.
Young Luby vs. Leo Johnson, 10.
Kid Lewis vs. Harvey Kelly, 8.
This ds the de luxe boxing card
which will be presented to ring fans
Monday night at the open air show
to be conducted by the Bridgeport A.
s A at the State street Arena.
"Red Allen of the East Side, is one
Bridgeport boy local fans like to see
in action. - They'll be on their tip
toes Monday night for the local
lightweight is going to stack up
against one of the hardest opponents
of his career in Sailor Johnny Darcey,
the cyclone battler from New York.
Darcey has a wonderful record and
fight "bugs" . are asking themselves
the question, "Can Allen check him?"
The invariable answer is, "Yes, if he
ever gets his 'Mary Ann shooting
Allen Trained to Minute.
Allan appears to be in superb con
dition for the go. The writer watch
ed him Work out at the Columbia A.
C. yesterday afternoon and when he
finished his grind Allen declared op
timistically, "I am ready now. Never
felt better in my life. I'm sure I'll
lick this fellow Darcey, although he's
a --igh rated guy. Allen boxed six
fast rounds yesterday with "Snapper"
McManus, a clever up-state boy, who
has been meeting success in New
York bouts of late.
Buth Allen and Darcey have pow
erfulf left socks, and the one that
succeeds in landing his wallop in the
right place first will come close to
carrying off the palm of victory. Both
boxers are expected to weight in at
135 pounds, Monday afternoon.
, Harris Ready for Syndor.
Waterbury is going- to send - a big
delegation of sports who are going
to lend encouragament to the Brass
City fovorite who is down on the
card to meet Lew Snyder, the fast
Bayonoa (N. J.) boy. Harris, who
disposed of Joe Hall a few months
ago, is a battler from, the start of the
gong. Snyder is also rated as a
boxer of lightning caliber, but the
Jersey-man will have to travel at full
speed in a fight for the decision, if
reports from Harris training quar
ters are authentic Harris has been
working out two weeks without in
terruption, and is said to be in tip
top shape.
Look Oat- for Fireworks!
Tips have been going the rounds Field.
Keen Rivalry Here.
Another setto with a local -flavoi
calls for an eight-round session be
tween Kid Lewis- (Jim Bones) and
Harvey Kelly, the Lake Torpedo
athleta. Lewis, who recently made
a fine showing against Young Proto,
of New Haven, in Danbury, who it
training at Stratford, is confident
he'll beat Kelly whose fighrrng- abil
ities are liked by locan fans. KellJ
Wis a strong boy and clever which.
coupled with a longer ring experi
ence than Lewift makes him a dan
gerous foeman for Lewis.
that the setto between Young', tLubj
and Leo Johnson will be the warm,
est tilt of the evening and consider'
able betting is being posted on th
result. Johnson is out for i business
and realizes that a win over Lubj
will put him in line for othei
matches in the Nutmeg domain
Johnson has been training in tht
country under the eagle eye of Ban
ager Bill Jordan, who declares hii
entry to be in full f ettle. Young Lubj
has a large following of admirer!
who are going to back him to th
limit. He is a fighter always in ac
tion, nis past exhibitions winning fa
vor with the fans.
North Ends
vs. Legion
The North Ends an? American
Legion nines will clash on diamond
No. 6, Seaside park, tomorrow after
noon. The North Ends are travel
ing at a fast gait and are out to win
their twelfth straight game.
If the Crashos are anxious to play
the North Ends all that is necessary,
according to Manager Rowe of the
latter team, is for Manager Jack Red
mond of the former team is to make
arrangements to post the $100 side
bet suggested. The North Ends are
ready to cover the money and have
August 14 open for the (time.
NEW YORK Mike McCabe knock
ed out Joe Moran in the third round
of their bout at Rockaway.
BROOKLYN The Dodgers and
Detroit Tigers will engage in an exhi
bition game tomorrow on Ebbets'
With Geo. E. Firsibrook
Springfield Republican prints a head recalling blizzard times "Snow in
Worcester Semi-finals Today" On a hot day, however, there's some comfort
in having a fellow named Snow playing tennis with you.
Yale Is looking to Malcom Douglass to fill the shoes left vacant
by Johnny Overton. The victory of the Eli freshman over Mclnnes
of Oxford and Seagrove of Cambridge, in the international colleg
iate meet, has placed him ace-high in the estimation of his fellow
students. ' N
The success of Bill Shay, Bridgeport boy playing with Chatta
nooga, is a source of gratification to his many friends here. While
playing on local teams Siiay displayed the qualities that make a
successful ball player and there's no reason why he shouldn't attract
the attention of major league scouts, which will merit him a tryout
with some big league team in Dixie next spring.
. ""l"-"" o ijiuuis.. xl oir nomas elects to come
over the pond next year in another effort to "lift the cup" he will again taste
af American hospitality, which he declared on his last visit to be eauallv as
good as tie taste of Lipton's tea.
No, the ball fan who insists upon umpiring the game from the
game from the bleachers is not to be declared insane he's Just
an ordinary Yankee mortal.
Future Diamond Done Tv Cobb "nlavTTlp- with "MTir T7nnA a ,
Ball covering second base for Meigs' Rounders.
Chet Thomas, as Hartford pilot, has another opportunity to make
a reputation for himself.
The Yankees must have nlaved unriei- a r.ifi . ...
the pennant percentages like this: Yankees .621053; Cleveland .620000.
Tomorrow the season will be on at Seaside Park for champion
Open Air B
e State St. Arena
Monday Eve., Aug. 8
Johnny "Red" Allen vs. Sailor Johnny Darcy
Of Crasho A. C. of N. Y-
Battling Harris vs. Lew Snyder
Of Waterbury Of Bayonne, N. J.
Young Luby vs. Leo Johnson
Of West End Of Acorn A. C.
j ; N
Kid Lewis vs. Harvey Kelly
Of Bridgeport Of Lake Torpedo Boat Co.
Referee Terry Lee. Announcer .Tack McGee,
Tlmekeepeer M. F. O'Connor.
TICKETS $1.10 $2.20
On Sale at All Leading Cafes, Hotels & Cigar Stores.

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