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Saturday, August 20, 1921
Lou Bogash Wins Verdict Handily Over Johnny Tillman
Boehling Against
Hartfords Today
Derbies still on top, but they need a little dustin' off.
-O O
Sapped twice at Hartford yesterday is bad enough, but the
situation could be "still worser." Worcester was handed a
trimming by the tailend Albany team, but the Pittsfield Hillies
downed Waterbury twice, tieing Worcester for second place.
Phew! Should be a warm session tomorrow at New field
Park with the revived Hillies here for two games.
Arguments and alibis cease right here. The Derbies got
onlv nine safe cracks in the two games to Hartford's 19.
Up To Joe Boehling Today
But "Dixie55 Joe Boehling may daze the Senators today.
He will oppose Miles Thomas of "no-hit-no-run" fame, accord
ing to the Hartford dopsters.
Gene Martin carried the keenest batting optics yesterday.
One-third of the hits registered by the Derbies helped along his
battling average.
Johnny Thole is continuing at a steady clip batting .077,
drawing pay checks without a miss and warming up the pitch
ers. Never mind, Johnny, the water is still flowing under the
, i - i 1 1 t 4 1. TV.fi cci ccinni in S ! TlflPV
Dig DllUge 11J tlh JU.I13 Hit. 1,..... ...
Derbies Sot Cast Aown.
Hartford, Aug. 20 Eugene Mc
Cann and his leading Brown Derbies
-were nonplussed by their double de
.feat at the hands of the Senators
iyesterday. Failure to hit Penning
(ton and Head lost the games for the
-Bridgeport pennant chasers, while
iChet Thomas' combination exper
ienced no trouble dn solving the de
livery of Leasure in the first game
and Stauffer in the second fray. Scores
in both games were 6 to 1.
The Derbies scored their, tally In
the first game in the fourth round
on a single by Ray and another by
Martin and two infield outs. Thereaf
ter the Derbies were quite docile in
front of Ralph Head's pitching.
Double Steal by Derbies.
Bridgeport was the first to score
.In the second game. The incident
occurred in the second inning with
two down. Kingdon beat out a bunt
to Bantoro and advanced to third
when Lai was safe on a slow roller
to Neher. The double stea.1 was
pulled and Kingdon was safe when
Damm muffed Scheer's return peg.
Bridgeport was peaceful through
out before Pennington. In the eighth
with none down, McLaughlin doubled
but he stayed at second while the
next three men were easily retired.
In the ninth, "Kewpie" temporarily
lost control and walked the first two
men to face him. Smith, who has
busted up many a ball game for
Bridgeport, was inserted into the bat
tin order in Thole's place, but he un
graciously fanned. Kingdon was out,
Bantoro to Hesse, on a prety play and
the game ended when Lai filed to
Haines. ,
In the ninth inning of game Ao. 1,
Kane doublecrossed everyone when
Instead -of smashing one, he dumped
the pill into the iwield. The play
caught the Brown Derbies off their
balance and "Brick" easily beat the
throw to first.
Pittsfield at Bridgeport (2).
Springfield at Albany.
Worcester at New Haven.
Hartford at Waterbury.
Games Today.
Bridgeport at Hartford.
New Haven at Springfield.
Waterbury at Pittsfield.
Albany at Worceter.
Scores Yesterday.
Hartford 6, Bridgeport 1 (first
game; Hartford 6, Brdgeport 1 (sec
ond game.)
Pittsneld 8. Waterbury 2 (first
game) ; Pittsfield 1. Waterbury 0 (sec
ond game.)
New Haven 5, Sprngfield 2.
Albany 8, Worcester 7 (10 innings).
Standng of Teams.
Won Lost P.C.
. 64 43 .598
. 64 45 .5S7
. 64 45 .587
.. 57 51 .528
.. 56 53 .514
,. 49 62 .441
.. 45 60 .429
. 37 76 .327
Worcester ....
Hartford . .
New Haven -.
Southampton, X. Y., Aug. 20 Vin
it Richards, national junior tennis
impion and last year's winner of
j Meadowbrook Club's challenge
jp, defends his trophy this morning
in the final round of the invitation
singles against Willis E. Davis, the
hard hitting Californian, who two
years ago conquered Norman Brookee.
Cleveland, Aug. 20 Jock Hutchi
son. British open golf champion, will
captain a team of professional golf
ers representing the west in a twelve
man team match between eastern and
western stars here next Tuesday, pre
liminary to the western open golf
championship matches which open the
following day. Tommy Kerrigan or
Jim Barnes will captain the eastern
Lawyers And Doctors Primed
For Monday's Diamond Tilt
Diamond No. 1, Seaside Park, will
be the scene of a battle for blood on
next Monday at 5 p. m. when the sec
ond of a series of games between the
doctors and the lawyers will be play
ed. The first contest resulted in a tri
umph for the disciples of Blackstone,
the winning run coming in the last
inning through the aid of a timely
hit interposed by Mike, alias "Babe
Rnth," Flanagan. The doctors, led
by their chief rooter and manager.
Dr. McCarthy, are not satisfied and
threaten to annihilate the lawyers.
They have been devoting all their
spare time to bating and fielding
practice and Dr. Keane has oiled up
his throwing arm so that would be
base stealers -will find the "pill" wait
ing for them at the half-way station.
"Doc" Groark has entirely recovered
team-Jus attack. o Charley, -horse- acdi
I Omit Flowers
First Game.
ab r h po a e
. 4 0 0 3 0 0
. 4 0 2 2 0 0
. 4 0 1 8 0 0
. 3 0 0 2 2 1
. 2 0 0 7 3 0
. 3 0 0 0 0 0
. 3 0 0 0 5 0
30 1 5 24 13 2
ab r h po a e
. 3 0 1 3 0 0
. 4 1 1 12 0 0
. 4 2 1 2 4 0
. 4 0 1 3 0 0
. 4 0 0 0 2 0
. 3 1 ft 2 4 0
. 3 0 1 0 2 0
32 6 9 27 12 0
Ray, 2 b .
Martin, cf
Smith, c
Kingdon, as
Lai, rf
Leasure, p
Haines, cf .
Hesse, lb
Scheer, 2b ;
Kane. If
Bradshaw, c
Bailey, rf .
Santoro, 3b
Neher, ss
Head, p
Bridgeport ...00010000 0 1
Hartford 3 0 0 0 0 11 2 0 x 6
Two base hit, Scheer. Kane 2, Mar- i
tin. Stolen bases, Hesse. Bailey, Kane.
Double play, Santore, Scheer and
Hesse; Scheer, Neher and Hesse. Left
t.nt.a T3wArrr.cr A TI Q rt f Vlf1 4
Struck out, by Leasure 1, by Head 3.
Bases on balls, off Leasure 2, Head
2. Umpire, Ennis. Time, 1:45.
Second Game.
ab r h po a
.4 0 0 2 1
4 0 0 3 0
.3 0 0 10 0
3 0 0 3 1
3 0 110
3 0 116
.3 0 0 0 4
.1 0 0 0 0
31 1 4 24 12
Emmerich, If
Martin, cf
Rodriguez, lb
Thole, c
Kingdon. ss
Lai. rf
McLaughlin, 3b
t Stn n ffer. n . . . ,
x Smith 1
x Batted for Thole in 9th.
ab r h po a e
. 2 1 2 10 1 0
.31 1 2 0 0
.3 0 0 0 0 0
28 6 10 27 12 2
Haines, cf
Hesse, lb .
Scheer, 2b .
Kane. If . .
Damm, c .
Bailey, rf .
Sa-ntoro, 3b
Neher, ss .
. .0
1 0
2 1
0 0 0 0 0 0 1
1 0 1 0 1 x-
T. (.m h;ta Tfnno Rheer. Mc
Laughlin. Three base hit. Damm. Sac
rifices. Hesse. Bailey, Haines. Pen
nington. Stolen base. Pennington,
Haines. Hesse. Lefton bases, Bridge
port 6, Hartford 9. Double play,
Emmerich to Kingdon. Struck out,
hv Pennington 4, Stauffer 2. Bases
on balls; off Penington 2. Stauffer 6.
Wild pitches. Pennington. Stauffer.
Umpire, Ennis. Time, 1:43.
The Bridgeport police nine' will not
play the Hartford cops this after
noon in Hartford as originally plann
ed due to the inability to secure a
diamond. The Bridgeport bulls are
also down In the books to hook up
with the Waterbury police next Sat
urday here at Newfield Park and
then play them again in Waterbury.
if both teams win one game, then
they will have to play another to
decide supremacy.
Lake Forest, 111.. Aug. 20 -Japan
furnished India a consolation chance
in the last two singles matches of the
Davis Cup semi-final round on the
Turf courts at Onwentsia Club this
Ichiya Kumage, captain of the
Japanese team and Zenso Shimidzn
took the courts against Dr. A. H.
Fyxee and Mahommcd Sleem of In
dia, respectively. Although the
matches were in the nature of an anti
climax as far as the matter of team
supremacy, was concerned, they drew
the greatest and most fashionable
crowd of three day series.
promises to last the full nine in
nings. He attributes the loss of the
first game to his inability to con
tinue in the box after the sixth in
ning, and his brother physicians have
helped to put him in proper physical
shape. To offset any possibility of a
recurrence of the attack the prescrip
tion propounders have arranged to
have an ambulance and a complete
supply of bandages, braces and
crutches on hand.
The lawyers are not saying much,
but they are wearing smiles. They
are confident that Tom La very, the
baby of the bar, will ltransform them
from would be base ball players to
club siwngers. Tommie has actually
promised to establish a new strike
out record, and "Home Run" Mike
Flanagan has purchased a new bat.
just like Babe Ruth's favorite, with
which he proposes to beat the Med
icos single handed.
Hillies Coming
Tomorrow For
Pair of Games
With Pittsfield here for a pair
of games tomorrow another ca
naeity throng is expected at New
field Park. The Hillies, after a
little slump have taken a brace
and are tied with Worcester for
second place In the league race.
The first game will start at 2
o'clock. In an effort to prevent
congestion at the ball park en
trance. Secretary Jimmy Kelly
will have the gates syung open at
1 o'clock for the accommodation
of early comers.
Jack Delaney will complete his
training today in the Columbia A. C.
gym for his bout with Joe Rivers in
the Fall River baseball park, Monday
night. Delaney, who has been swap
ping punches with Bud Palmer and
other local ring celebrities, yesterday
afternoon, said he is feeling fine and
is conrfident of winning. Delaney and
his manager, Al Jennings, will leave
for Fall River tomorrow.
'TBy the time I get back home I
hope to hear that Lou Bogash has
cosented to box me here in Bridge
port," said Jack. "Looey and I are
good friends and will always be, but
I think I can beat him in the ring."
Big interest la being manifested on
the acquatic carnvial to be staged at
Lordship Beach tomorrow afternoon.
All swimmers of local fame will be
entered. The program will start at
There win be eight events on the
program, four being listed for each,
sex. The men's events are one mile
swim in which the following will par
tcipate: George Russell of the Myrtle
Beach Life Saving Corps, Rube Kow
natzky, and Walter Paterson of Sea
side, In this event Russell is expect
ed to star. He won the state cham
pionship at Myrtle Beach a few weeks
John Fox and Hixghie McDonal will
battle for the hooom in the 50 and
100 yard swims for men, while Earl
Lyons is expected to cop the honors
in the fancy diving contest.
One of the features of the after
noon will be the 100 and 50 yard
dashes in which Anna Baum and
Grace Kemple will compete. Both are
members of the Senside Club.
Eastern League
Fan Chatter
Eastern League Fan Chatter.
Pittsfield's superior hitting brought
a double win to the Hillies over
Waterbury- The Berkshire fence
breakers clouted the ball for 21 bits
to 1 2 by the Brasscos. There were five
doubles in the game Howie Baker
getting a pair. Long a pair and
McBride one.
Johnny Nagle. scrappy New Haven
catcher and Jack Flynn, Springfield
pilot were ousted from the game by
Umpire Si McDonald.
The Ponies spanked Woodward, the
New Haven pitching ace, for 11 safe
ties, but the Benderites won the game
with eight swats.
Hartnett, Worcester catcher, reg
istered a homer against Albany. Hart
nett and King were the leading stick
ers in the fray, each getting three
Albany is continuing to play fast
ball, Worcester was the victim of the
Lawmakers in an 8 to 7 battle that
went ten innings.
According to New Haven reports
Red McHugh has been released by
Chief Bender. .
A large throng of outdoor sport
enthusiasts were in attendance this
afternoon when the Connecticut State
A. A. U. meet got underay at 1:30
at Pleasure Beach. Bridgeport ath
letes, including representatives of
the Trade School and Swedish A. C,
were confident of copping their share
of the honors. Considerable interest
centered in the 100 and 220 yards
dashes in which Roy Welch, Bridge
port Trade School star, is a con
Folowing diamond permits for Sat
urday and Sunday were issued by the
Board of Recreation:
Saturday Bridgeport Fire Dept..
Park Citv League, Inter-Church
League, Berkshires. United Adv.
orp.. All Stars. Park City League.
Industrial League, Park City League,
' King Pins, Orioles, Ives Mfg. Co.
Sunday Colonials, Sr. City League,
Soundviews. Jr. Rec. League, Steuben
A. C. Triangles. Acme Midigets (hous
ing lot), American Legion, American
A. A Laurels, White Pines, Washing
ton Cubs.
The Bridgeport Postoffice team has
an invitation to play the Mutual Wel
fare League team of Sing Sing prison
which is likely to be accepted.
New London, Aug. 20 T. D. Ar
mour of the Lothianburn Club, Scot
land, won the Shennecossett golf
championship here by playing un
beatable golf dn defeating Harold R.
Leblond, of Cincinnati. 9 and 8. Ar
mour, formerly French and Scottish
amateur champion, was playing the
best golf that he has yet shown in
the United States and would have
been practically unbeatable any
Queensboro Sporting Club, Long
inland City Mike O'Dowd vs. Silent
Commonwealth Sporting Club -'ohnny
Lustig vs. Harry Lutz; Tony
'.yons vs. Eddie Kassett; Joe Werner
s Willie Phifer.
Ridgewood Grove Sporting Club,
Brooklyn Tommy Elm vs. Joe Kane,
Vrtie Down vs. Young Schuen.
The following snort niineh from
, . - j , . , - , , . 1 ...... i. ..nji inij,.!. iu ucuau UL
Mickey Walker is also aimed at Louis Bogash. Read it:
i?Iickey Walker being primed for his New York debut. Part
prlmJnK wU1 consist of a match on the same card on which
viison and Downey settle their middleweight wrangle Labor Day.
Jack Bulger has secured an agreement with Leo P. Flynn whereby
Walker will meet some good man Labor Day, In a match which will
serve as an introductory affair to the New York debut of Walker.
"talker will meet any man in the game today between 145 and
! sa'd Bulger last night. That goes for Mike Gibbons, Downey,
Wilson, Bogash, Krug and all that bunch. And GET THIS:
"Within six weelts Walker will get another crack at Britten.
Walker surely will be the first man to meet. Britton if Leonard does
ot come through. Harry Blanfus has a fine chance of patting that
Leoiiard-Brittou match on right in Newark. That is straight."
Rex Cox. Albany pitcher, is a candidate for the "Miracle Man" medal.
He has won 13 out of 2 2 games he has twirled for the Lawmakers. How did
he do it, they're all asking,
Veteran Eddie Zimmerman, switched from Waterbury to Spring
field, is getting a big hand from fans in the latter city on his brilliant
playing at tfeird base. Eddie, although , a veteran, is still a great
player and should be a valualifce asset to any club.
"Moose" Mller may a victim of a lot of razzing and much of it is of
the good natured sort, but Miller is one of the best umps in the league, in
our opinion. Miller stands very little nonsense from the players, and if some
of his tormentors who are protected by the wire barricades of grandstands
would have the courage of hurling some of their guff at Miller on the street
there would be less of it mingling in the air at ball games. "Moose" Miller
is a fair and honest umpireif he does hail from New Haven.
Bring on the Bogash and Delaney fight! The fans are clamoring
for a go between these local boys.
Tris Speaker, pilot of the Indians, is beimj hailed as the "original emer
gency manager." He is always there in a pinch. He is a manager who gets
100 per cent, out of every player on his team. He knows how to handle men.
Perhaps the Indians may be beaten to the wire by the Yankees.
They may lose out to a club that abounds with power. But they sure
ly will go down fighting like heroes and the team that finished ahead
of them will know it has been in a pennant race.
Josephus Smith, manager of Louis Bogash, although in Boston is still
loyal to Bridgeport. In postal greetings to Tad Jordan, Smith punched out
the following: "I have heard a lot of boosts for Boston beans and brown
bread, but the old spaghetti and rye for me."
Three Baseball Tilts And
Athletics For P. 0. Games
Pleasure Beach will be the mecca
for employes of Connecticut postof
flces tomorrow afternoon when the
annual field day sports of the state
organization will be staged. More
than 5,000 are expected to be in at
tendance and the sport program will
get into full swing at 11 a. m. with a
baseball game between Bridgeport
and New Haven postoSice teams.
There will also be a gam staged be
tween Hartford and New" Britain, and
the winners in both games will clash
at 3 o'clock for the state postoffice
Cham pibn ship.
Meyers and Duffes will be. the bat
tery for the locals. In the lineup
will also be Larry Shea, John Cal
lahan, Joe Shea, D. Deroucher, T.
Anderson, Frank Dunn, "Lucky"
Church and "Snapper" McKeon.
A set of athletic games will also be
run off between the ball games, the
program including a 100 yards dash,
Old Jim Mutrie
Is Heard From
New York, Aug. 20. Old Jim
Mutrie. who managed the Met
ropolitans back in 1883, '84 and
'85, was a visitor in the press
box at the Polo Grounds yester
day afternoon and was busy
making comparisons between the
players of today nid those cf
the era when Jim was in his hey
day. Mutrie did not hold that all
the great ones played in the by
gone era. '-We had some great
teams in our day. but there seems
to be some great ones now too."
declared Mutrie, who is 71 years
old and still very much inter
ested in the major league races.
"There is one thing to which I
object strongly," said Jim. "I do
not think that men should be
taken out for pinch hitters. In
our day it was a battle royal a
picked nine against a picked nine.
Why. one day in Buffalo, one of
my players could not continue
and I sked permission to send in
another man. That permission
was not given. But, that was go
ing the limit the other way."
City League teams will resume ac
tion tomorrow at Seaside Park after
two weeks of idleness, the schedule
as follows:
Ekos vs. Red Sox on diamond No.
1, 3:30: umpire. Scinto.
Waysides vs. White Eagles on dia
mond No. 5, 1:30; umpire, Kelly.
Blessed Sacraments vs. Lone Stars
on diamond No. 5, 3:30; umpire,
The Ekos have released Barron,
and the Eagles have signed Iassogna.
A mee'ir.g of the league directors
will bo held Monday night at the
elubrooms of tho White Eagles, 595
East Washington street.
The Venice Juniors will battle the
fast Pioneers for the Recreation
Junior City League trophy at dia
mond No. 7, Seaside park, Sunday.
It will be the last game to be played
in that league. The team that wins
will get the trophy and a chane to
take the championship of the citT by
playing the crack playground team.
The Venice Jrs. suffered only three
defeats out of 28 games played. That's
a record for a 13 to 15 year old team.
They have opened up a club room
on Hard avenue and any fellow that
is 1 4 years or more than join. The fee
is $1.0o and you can join any time.
The T. Eagles claim city cham
pionship of the r8-l'5 class, any team
disputing such a claim may have a
game with the Y's by answering in
this paper.
A report was in circulation last
night that a new player had joined
the Brown Derbies in Hartford.
Doyle, a brother of the famous Larry
Doyle, former Giants' star. Clark
Lane, president of the Bridgeport
Club, this morning was unable to ver
ify the rumor. He stated, however,
he was aware that Manager McCann
was looking around for a heavy liit
ting outfielder.
Advertise In The Times
With dan V Vrctrinr
tlio o 1 i i i if
440 yards dash, shot put, half mile
run, mile relay and a mile walk. A
meerschaum pipe donated by Post
master Charles F. Greene, is the pnize
for the winner. A traveling bag, do
nated by Sam Wiseman, will go to
the winner in the half mile run; cuff
links, given by Tiffany, will be award
ed the winner in the. 440 yards dash
while a clock given by B. Specter, is
also a prize among others. Follow
ing are the local entries:
100 yard dash L. Shea, Deroucher,
O'Connor, Lyons.
Shot put W. Ford, E. McAullfCe,
L. Shea, Lyons, Duffes.
440 yards L. Shea, OCor.nor, De
roucher, Lyons.
Broad Jump L. Shea, Duffes,
One Mile Relay L. Shea, Derouch
er, O'Connor, Lyons.
One Mile Walking Contest (open to
post office employes) D. Walsh, J
Kid Lewis, Canadian feather
weight champion, Is one of the fastest
and cleverest performers ever seen
in the state. In his 12 round battle
with Kid Kaplan of Hartford, in
Meriden. last night, the ex-Canadian
made the Meriden bearcat miss
aplenty throughout the fray. Lewis'
superb cleverness enabled him to cop
the first five rounds with the excep
tion of the second which went to
Kaplan by a wide margin. But Kap
lan came back and copped all of the
remaining rounds with the exception
of the ninth which was even.
The semi- final of eight rounds be
tween Soldier Gibson of New Haven
and Tracey Ferguson of Wallingford
was a corker. This soldier boy cer
tainly could take punishment, as Fer
guson hit him with everything in the
'book," the cover, and then some
more, but he could not bring him
down. In the two six-round prelim
inaries, Young Leonard was handed
the decision over Georgie Hesbor. and
Georgie Lynch was awarded the ver
dict over Young Proto of New Haven.
clinched the victory over India when
the team of Kumagae and Shimizu
vanquished Fyzee and L. S. Deane, of
India, in the doubles, 6 1, 1.
26, 6 0, stampeding the Indians
after the beginning of the game in
the first game of tho final set.
FAR ROCK AW AY Jimmy Duffy
knocked out Willie Burke in the
tenth round of their scheduled 12
round go.
CLEVELAND Johnny Walker, first
baseman of the Phila. Athletics, in
jured in Thursdays ball game, will be
able to leave the hospital the middle,
of next week.
Phils' outfielder, is seriously ill with
kidney trouble. His condition is
CAMBRIDGE Eddie Mahan, cap
tain of the 1915 Harvard football
eleven, has been named assistant
coach for the Crimson grid squad.
trotted the fastest heat for two-year
olds of the season in the. Grand Cir
cuit races. Her time vafi:12 1-2.
Omaha. Neb., Aug. 20 Fred
Hancy. third baseman for the Omaha
Western League club, has been sold
to the Detroit Americans to report
at the opening of the 1922 season.
BASEBALL At r.aNfle,d
Pittsneld (2 Games)
First Game 2 P. M.
yf r
isonnie Ljewis
Will Spring
Banana Bali
Connie Lewis has a new curve
has the spitball on the frazzle,
he says. It's the banana skin
shoot. As Connie was explaining
the new invention, he declared
there are no rules against pitch
ers moistening the ball with
banana skins, and all that is
necessary (or pitchers to do is to
carry a couple of empty bananas .
in their hip pockets during a
Connie has been practicing up on
the "banana peel special" on
moonlight nights in the Ixnig Hill
district. It will be tried on the
Bridgeport police team next Mon
day in a game at Seaside Park,
the contest to start at 5:30.
Edward O. Gourdin, Harvard's ne
gro athlete, who set a new world's
broad jump record of 25 feet 3 inches
recently, has closed his college ath
letic career with an all around record
of track and fkld proficiency sur
passing that of any man who ever
wore the crimson. His ability in
events, which he first tried as a fresh
man, is shown in the list of marks
he has made in actual competition.
They follow:
100-yard dash, 9 4-5 seconds.
220-yard dash. 22 1-5 seconds.
4 40-yard run, 52 1 -fi seconds.
Broad jump, 25 feet 3 inches.
High jump, 5 feet 9 inches.
Running hop, skip and jump, 45
feet 3 inches.
Javelin throw, 140 fee.
Discus throw, 110 feet-
Big League Dust
Pitcher Donahue of the Reds got
a homer, but the Giants won 8 to 3
in a batting hurricane which swept
the Polo Grounds in the sixth.
The Yankees lost the American
League leadership by their defeat at
the hands of the White Sox, while
Cleveland was Idle.
The Detroit Tigers piled up 34 hits
to 19 bihgles by the Red Sox, but
honors were even in the double bill.
In the first game triples were made by
Menosky, Veach, Heilman, Leibold
(2), Bush, Mclnees and doubles by
Cobb, Blue and Dauss.
Two home runs were made by Rob
ertson, Pirates' outfielder, in the first
game against the Phils. J. Smith, of
the Quakers, also hit for the cir
cuit. Rogers Hornsby banged out four
hits in five chances in the Cards' win
over the Dodgers.
Shanks, of the Senators, put on a
home run act in Washington's vic
tory over the Browns.
Powell's home run spelled victory
for the Braves over the Cubs.
John McGraw aain denies the yarn
that the Giants have purchased Bent
ley, Lawrey and Ogden, Baltimore
Major Leagues
Chicago 13, New York 9.
Washington 6, St. Louis 2.
Boston 12, Detroit S (first game);
Detroit 10, Boston 0 (second game).
standing of Teams. '
Won. Lost. P.C.
Cleveland 70 43 .619
New York 67 4 2 .615
Washington 62 54 .534
St. Louis 56 57 .496
Boston 53 5S .469
Detroit 53 62 .461
Chicago 49 64 .4 34
Philadelphia 42 70 .3 7j
Today's Games.
Boston at Cleveland.
New York at St. Louis.
Philadelphia at Detroit.
Washington at Chicago.
Yesterday s Games.
New York S, Cincinnati 3.
St. Louis 9, Brooklyn 4.
Pittsburgh 14. Philadelphia 3 (first
game); Philadelphia 4, Pittsburgh 1
(second game).
Boston 3, Chicago 2.
Standing of Teams.
Won. Lost. P.C.
Pittsburgh "4 40 .649
New York 69 47 .595
Boston 64 47 .576
Brooklyn 61 55 .526
St. Louis 56 66 .500
Cincinnati 50 64 . .447
Chicago 46 68 .404
Philadelphia 36 79 .2S7
Today's Games.
St. Louis at New York.
Chicago at Philadelphia.
Cincinnati at Brooklyn.
Pittsburgh at Boston.
Philadelphia, Aug. 20 The S80
yard middle Atlantic championship
was one of the feature events on to
day's program of swimming races
scheduled at the Philadelphia Swim
ming Club. '
Louise Bogash ma.de a big lilt be
fore Ueston fight fans last night by
his decisive win over Johnny Tillmaii.
the Minneapolis welterweight. .0
gash was trained to the minute anA
had no trouble in disposing of th.oi
boxer from the Northwest.
Tillman made his best showing in
the early stages of the fight, but the
last five rounds were Bogash's all
the way. Local figh fans who have
been doubting that Bogash could not
reach the welter limit were taken by
surprise when the cws reached here
yesterday that the Bridgeport boxer
ti-pped the scales at 147 pounds,
while Tillman's weight half a pound
Bogash started oft at a hurricane
clip, getting in some heavy body
clouts on his opponent which had
Tillman guessing. Bogash continued
to sock in vicious rights to the body
of his adversary, and at the close
of the second round the latter dis
played signs of weakening.
Tillman Was Game.
Tillman displayed a- game spirit in
the third, fourth and fifth sessions
when he attempted to carry the bat
tle to Bogash. but the local hoy got
out of the way of his rushes and
sent home some damaging punches
that took the steam out of Tillman.
In the fifth 1.. Bogash landed a
left hand punch over Tillman's left
optic that brought the claret.
During the remainder of the fight
Bogash outfought his foe to a stand
still, the latter taking a lot of pun
ishment. Fans expected to see Bo
gash land a kayo, but the local bat
tler failed to exert himself to tho
limit and the fans got a long run for
their money.
Patsy Bogash Also Wins.
Joe Giggs, a big Boston favorite,
took a hard pummelling from Patsy
Bogash. The latter fought one of
the best fights of his ring career and
won the applause of the Hub fans
for his fast work.
Patsy was outweighed, but the ex
cess avordupois of Gibbs. was offset
by Patsy s cleverness, who hit the
Woonsocket pug at will. In the ninth,
and tenth rounds Gibbs made a des
perate effort to pull himself together
and dispatched Patsy through the,
ropes, but Patsy had a big reserve,
of strength and administered a se
vere beating to Gibbs.
Sailor Darden, the highly tooted
colored boxer, received the verdict
over Paddy Flynn in a rough and
tumble bout.
The Bogash party arrived home
early this morning.
Do You Know
Local semi-iro ball fans are
clamoring for a three cornered
contest between the Crashos,
Trans and North Ends for the
City amateur championship.
Manager George Row of the
North Ends is willing, but the
Irans and Crashos are a bit shy
on the proposition.
One German that carries a
K. O. is Hans Breitenstein,
heavyweight boxing champion
ship of Germany, who hayoed
Harold Rolph, heavyweight
champion of the Canadian Army,
in the 10th round, in Berlin.
Oy Morgan, who pitched for
Springfield last season, was the
box sensation of the Eastern
League last season and great
things were predicted for Ins fu
ture when he got in under the
big tent. He led the O'Neil cir
cuit pitehers in wins last season
and joined the Braves, but he is
in seclusion, being used only as
an emergency boxman.
President John Heydler of the
National League, says the out
field play this year is the best he
has seen in many a season. He
thinks the lively ball has helped
to make it more spectacular, the
gardeners being driven to the
limit, to make catches of hard hit
drives. Now and then one does
go over the fence, that is true,
but for every one that goes over
outfielders race to the corners
and drag down a dozen.
Jake Daubert says the trouble
with baseball is that it has be
come too mechanical too set,,
He thinks the fans want something
surprising and upsetting in the
way of play now and then. May
be Jake is right. About the only
unexpected r.tuff we get nowa
days is when some runner steals
third with a man already on the
Tomorrow the Xorth Ends will
journey to Fairfield to play the to.wn
team. The Xorth Ends have had
four previous bookings with the Fair
fields but have never been able to
meet, rain preventing", so an inter
esting" battle will take pla.ee as the
Xorth Ends are anxious to make it
13 straight. Stafford or Hayes will
pitch while Meerbich will be on tho
receiving end. All Xorth End play
ers ftie reouested to report at tho
elub at 1:30 as buses will leave at
that time.
On aecount of the observance of"
Iabor Day, the Xrw York, Xew Ha
ven and Hartford Railroad, following
U3 usual custom, will omit a number
of local trains into and out of Xew
Tork September 5th.
Xotices have been posted inform
ing the public of special stops that
will bo made by regulaT trains into
and out of the city to cover the ser
vice dispensed with on this holiday.
Ml .

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