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tions which may cause premature de
feneration and often do turn into
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One of the first warnings of slug
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Free Prett, among other things say at
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JacGueline of Go
Paul Hewlett, loitering at night
In Madison square, New York, Is
approached by an Eskimo dog. He
follows the dog to a gambling house
and meets the animal's mistress
coming out with a large amount of
money. She Is beautiful and in dis
tress and he follows' her. After
protecting her from two assailants
he takes her in charge, and puts
her in his own rooms for the rest
of the night. He returns a little
later tQ find a murdered man in his
rooms and Jacqueline dazed, with
her memory gone. He decides to
protect Jacqueline, gets rid of the
body and prepares to take her to
Quebec In a search for her home.
Simon Leroux, searching for Jac
queline for some unfriendly pur
pose, finds them, but Hewlett
evades him. Hewlett calls the girl
his sister. In Quebec he learns that
she is the daughter of a recluse in
the wilds, Charles Duchaine.
CHAPTER V Continued.
I could not but connect him with
our presence there. Leroux was due
to arrive at any moment. I realized
that great issues were at stake, that
the man would never cease in his at
tempts to get hold of Jacqueline. Only
when I had returned her to her fa
ther's house would I feel safe from
After dinner I had some conversa
tion with one of the hotel clerks. I
discovered that St. Boniface was
little known, the only occupants of
those parts being trappers and Indians.
"You could hire dogs and a' sleigh
at St. Boniface for wherever your final
destination is," he said, "because the
dog mail has been suspended owing to
the new government mail boats, and
their sleighs are Idle. I think Captain
Dubois would take you on his boat as
far as that point, and I believe he
makes his next trip in a couple of
He gave me the captain's address,
and I resolved to call on him early the
following day and make arrangements.
I took Jacqueline for a stroll on' the
terrace, and while we walked I pon
dered over the problem. Jacqueline
was very quiet, and I, wondered what
she remembered. T dreaded always
awakening her memory, lest, with that
of her home, came that other of the
dead man.
Our roomsj were on the side of the
Chateau facing the town, and as we
passed beneath the arch I saw two
men standing no great distance away
and watching us it seemed to me.
One wore the cassock ,of a priest,
and I could have sworn- that he was
Pere Antolne ; the other resembled the
suspicious stranger. As we drew near
they moved behind a pillar. Thus, in
exorably, the "chase drew near.
My suspicions received confirmation
a few minutes later, for we had hardly
reached our rooms, and I was, in fact.
standing at the door of Jacqueline's,
bidding her good night when a bellboy
came along the passage and announced
that the gentleman whom I was ex
pecting was coming up the 'stairs.
I said good night to Jacqueline and
went into my room and waited. I had
thought it would be the stranger but
It was the priest.
I Invited him to enter and he came
In and stood with his fur cap on his
head, looking direfully at me.
"Well, monsieur, what is the pur
pose of this visit?" I asked.
"To; tell you," he thundered, "that
you must give up the unhappy woman
who has accompanied you here."
"That is precisely what I intend to
do," I answered. ,
"To me." he .said. "Her husband"
X felt my brain whirling. I knew
now that I had always cherished a
hope, despite the ring what a fool I
had been !
"I married them," continued Pere
"Where is he?" I demanded.
He appeared disconcerted. I gath-
eredv from his stare that he had sup
posed I knew.
"This is a Catholic country," he
went on more quietly. "There is no
divorce; there can be none. Marriage
Is a sacrament. Sinning as she is "
I placed my hand on his shoulder.
"I aill not hear any more," I said.
"Go!" I pointed toward the door.
"1 am going to take her away with
roe, he said, and crossing the thresh
old into the corridor placed one hand
on the door of Jacqueline's room.
1 got there first. I thrust him vio
lently aside it was like pushing a
monument turned the key, which
happily was still outside, and put it in
my pocket.
"I am ready to deal with her hus
band," I said. ."I am not ready to
deal with you. T,eave at xonce or I
will have you arrested, priest or no
priest. How do I know she has a hus
band? How do I know you are not in
league with her persecutors? How do
I know you are a priest at all?"
He seemed amazed at the, violence
of my manner.
"This is the first time my priesthood
has been denied," he said quietly.
"Well, I have offered you your chance.
cannot use violence. If you refuse
you will bring your own punishment
upon your head, and hers on that of
the unhappy woman whom you have
Wed into sin."
"Go!" I shouted, pointlngi down the
He turned and went, his soutane
sweeping against the door of Jacque
line's room as he went by.
I unlocked the door of Jacqueline's
room. I saw her standing at tne toot
of the bed. Her face was white. As
I entered she looked up plteously at
"Who was that?" she asked in a
frightened whisper.
An impudent fellow that Is all,
Copyright, W. O. Chapman
"I thought I knew his voice," she
answered slowly. "It made me
almost remember. And I do not want
to remember, Paul
She put her arms about my neck and
cried. I tried to comfort her, but it
was a long time before I succeeded,
I locked her door on the outside
and that night I slept with the key be
neath my pillow.
At the Foot of the Cliff.
The next afternoon I went to Paul
street and found M. Dubois at home.
When I explained that I wranted to
secure two passages to St. Boniface
his brows contracted.
"Dieu ! So you, too, are going to
the Chateau Duchaine I" he exclaimed.
"Is there not room for two more on
the boat of Captain Duhamel?"
"Why do you suppose that I am go
ing to the Chateau Duchaine?" I in
quired angrily.
He flared up too. "Diable !" he burst
out, "Do you suppose all Quebec does
not know what is in the wind? But
since you are so ignorant, monsieur, I
will enlighten you. Let us suppose
that the affairs of M. Charles Du
chaine have interested a gentleman of
business and politics whom we will
call M. Leroux just for the sake of
giving him a name, you understand,"
he resumed, looking at me maliciously.
"And this M, Leroux imagines that
there is more than spruce timber to be
found on the seigniory. Bien, but con
sider further that this M. Leroux is a
mole, as we 'call our politicians here.
It would not suit him to appear openly
in. such an enterprise?
Let us say, then, that he arranges
with a Captain Duhamel to convey his
party to St. Boniface, to which point
he will go secretly by another route,
and that he. will join them there and
in short, monsieur, take yourself and
your friend to the devil, for I won't
give you passage. Go back to him
for I know he sent you to me and tell
him he cannot hire Alfred Dubois for
all the money in Canada."
I am . glad to hear you say that," I
answered, "because Leroux is no
friend of mine. Now listen to me, Cap
tain Dubois. It is true that I am go
ing to the cha'teau, if I can get there,
"Who WasThat ?"
but I did not know that Leroux had
made his arrangements already. In
brief, he is in pursuit of me and I
have urgent reasons for avoiding him.
My companion is a lady "
"Eh !" he exclaimed, looking stupidly
at me.
"And I am anxious to take her to
the chateau, where we shall be safe
from the man "
"A lady!" exclaimed the captain.
A young one? Diable! Why didn't
you tell me so at first, monsieur? I'll
take you. I will do anything for an
enemy of Leroux.
"But a lady! I do not know your
business, monsieur, but I can guess,
perhaps "
"But you must not misunderstand
me," I Interposed. "She is not "
"Diable! It's all right!" said the
captain, slapping me upon the back.
No explanations ! Not a word, I as
sure you. I am the most discreet of
men. Madeleine !"
This last word was a deep-chested
bellow, and In response a little girl
came running in, staggering under the
weight of the captain's overcoat of
raccoon fur.
"That is my overcoat voice," he ex
plained, stroking the child's head. "My
niece, monsieur. By the tone in which
I call Madeleine knows whether it is
my overcoat or my pipe or slippers
that I want, or whether I am growing
I thought that the captain's hunger
voice must shake the rafters of the
old building.
"And now, monsieur," he continued
seriously, when we had left the house,
,lI am going to tell you as much as
T know concerning the plans of that
scoundrel. In brief, it is known that
a party of his friends has been quar
tered for some time at the chateau;
they come and go, in fact, and now he
is either taking more or the same ones
back ajrain, and God knows why he
takes them to so desolate a region,
unless, as the rumor is, he has, discov
ered coal fields upon the seigniory and
holds M. Duchaine in hfs power. Well,
monsieur, a party sails with Captain
Duhamel on tonight's tide, which will
carry me down the gulf also. Captain
Dulvamel's boat is berthed at the same
pier as mine upon the opposite side.
"We start together, then, but I shall
Idem R
expect to gain several hours during
the four days' Journey, for I know
the Claire well, and she cannot keep
pace with my Salnte-VIerge. You
must bring your lady aboard the
Sainte-VIerge by nine tonight.
"I shall telegraph to my friend Dan
ton at St. Boniface to have a sleigh
and dogs at your disposal when you
arrive, and a tent, food and sleeping
bags," continued Captain Dubois, "for
it must be a hundred and fifty miles
from St. Boniface to the Chateau Du
chalne. And so, with half a day's
start, you will have nothing to fear
from Leroux only remember that he
has no scruples. Still I do not think
he will catch you and Mile. Jacqueline
before you reach Chateau Duchaine,'
he ended, chuckling at his sagacity.
"Ah, well, monsieur, who else could
your lady be?" he asked, smiling at my
surprise. "I knew well that some day
she must leave those wilds. Besides
did I not convey her here from St.
Boniface on my return, less than a
week ago, when she pleaded for se
crecy? I suspected something agitat
ed her then. So it was to find a hus
bant? that she departed thus?"
So Jacqueline had left her home not
more than a week before! And the
captain had no suspicion that she was
married then I Yet Pere Antolne
claimed to have performed the cere
To whom? And where was the man
who should have stood "in my place
and shielded her against Leroux?
I made Dubois understand, not with
out difficulty, that we were still un
married. His face fell( when he re
alized that I was in earnest, but after
a little he made the best of the situ
ation, though it was evident that some
of the glamour was scratched from
the romance, in his opinion.
By now we had arrived at the wharf.
Wedged in among 'the floes lay the
Claire and the 'Sainte-Vierge respee
tively. The latter vessel lay upon our
right as we approached the end of the
There was a small cabin for Jacque
line and another for myself adjoining.
I was very well satisfied and Inquired
the . terms.
"Diable ! If it were not for the chil
dren there should be no terms 1" ex
claimed the captain. "But it is hard.
monsieur, with prices rising and the
hungry mouths always open, like little
He was overjoyed at the sight of
the fifty dollars which I tendered him.
"By the way," I said, "do you know
a priest named Pere Antolne?" ,
"An old man? A strong old man?
Why, assuredly, monsieur," answered
the captain. "Everybody knows him
He has the parish of the Riviere d'Or
district, and the largest in Quebec. A
saint, monsieur! You will do well to
make his acquaintance."
The captain parted from me on the
wharf on his way to the telegraph
office, repeating his instructions to the
effect that we were to be aboard the
boat by nine.
It had grown dark long before and
looking at my watch, I was surprised
to see that it was already past six
o'clock. I had no time to lose in re
turning to the Chateau.
But though I could see It outlined
upon the cliff I soon found myself lost
among the maze of narrow streets in
which I was "wandering. A man was
coming up the street behind me, and
I turned to question him, but as I de
creased my pace he diminished his
also, and when I quickened mine he
went faster as well. I began to have
an uneasy sense that he might be fol
lowing me, and accordingly hastened
onward until, I came to a road which
seemed to lead up the hill toward the
Hewlett is waylaid and
knocked out, but escapes to
rejoin Jacqueline.
Sad Fate of Chinese Widows,
Very few Chinese widows ever re
marry. As a rule, customs of society
do not go further, but in some parts of
Fukien the self-destruction of widows
in their devotion to their dead hus
bands has assumed almost barbarous
forms. For example, when a man dies
his wife will generally declare her In
tention to kill herself to demonstrate
her faithfulness toward him. Then
the elders of the family will cause a
high stage to be erected and Invite
their relatives, friends and acquaint
ances to witness the heroic deed.
When the appointed hour has come
and the spectators have assembled,
the lady will ascend the stage to haDg
herself amid the admiration and ap
probation of the spectators. Then a
stone arch will be erected to her mem
ory, and the family will be regarded
as illustrious for possessing such a de
voted wife.
Origin of Number Symbols.
The origin of our common number
symbols has never been clearly es
tablished, but until recently all writers
agree that these symbols were trans
mitted to Europe -by the Arabs, who
had obtained them from India. It is
very interesting to note that available
data relating to the origin of our com
mon number symbols have been care
fully re-examined by Carra de Vaux.
Among the most surprising results are
the following: Our common number
symbols originated in Europe and from
there were transmitted to the Persians.
Both India and Arabia received them
from Persia, so that the common term
Hindu-Arabic numerals is decidedly
misleading. The common numerals did
not come from letters of the alphabet,
but were formed directly for the pur
pose of representing numbers.
Physician, on Errand of Mercy,
Is Beaten by Angry Italian
Beats Doctor Who Is Trying to Give
Sick Lad Pills Neighbors Take
Hand in the Proceedings
Rescued by Autoist.
Chicago While on an errand of
mercy in the Italian district, Dr. James
E. Smedley, a well-known north side
physician and volunteer Red! Cross
worker, was clubbed into unconscious
ness by a crowd of excited women, who
believed he was -mistreating his pa
tient, a little boy.
The physician Is recovering from
scalp wounds at his residence, under
the care of his wife, a graduate nurse.
He is 60 years old, but of powerful
After being rejected for the army
Dr. Smedley offered his services to
the local Red Cross organization. For
months he has given his time to char
ity cases, often being called from his
bed late at night.
Gets Emergency Call.
One day recently he received an
emergency call to 1212 Vine street,
Where Tony, the little son of Mrs.
Mary Caninino, was ill. It looked like
The doctor toOk the boy on his knee
and pinched his cheek. Then he tried
to slip some pills into the lad's mouth,
but bis patient became rebellious.
"Come, now, be a good boy," urged
the doctor. "They'll make you feel
Tony still refused.
Then the physician resorted to the
customary expedient of holding the
boy's nose, thus forcing him to open
his mouth and swallow the pellets.
Mother Clubs Doctor.
The mother, who had been friendly.
suddenly became infuriated. She
Struck Doctor Smedley on the Head.
screamed, seized a club and struck Dr.
Smedley on the head. He fell to the
floor stunned.
Again 'and again the heavy club de
scended. Her screams brought sev
eral women to the house. They took
a hand 'at the clubbing. Then they
locked him in the house and left, pre
sumably to seek some of the male
neighbors to wreak further vengeance.
The physician, bleeding profusely
from the nose and from deep scalp
lacerations, finally broke a window
and hailed a passing autoist, who
helped him out and took him home.
"The woman simply didn't under
stand, that was all," said Dr. Smed
ley. "She thought I was trying to
hurt the boy."
Police Hounds Are to Be Used on Sing
Sing Farm to Run Down, Es
caping Prisoners.
New York. For the purpose of chas
ing convicts who escape froni Sing
Sing's" farm at Wingdale, Capt. J. A.
Warner of the state constabulary has
Installed two mammoth police dogs in
the Brewster mobilization station.
Sergt. Charles Broadeld, in charge of
the state troopers there, believes the
dogs will be able to scent the trail of
escaping prisoners who flee from the
farm, overtake and capture them.
Warden Moyer has lost seven prisoners
from Wingdale in the last two years.
William Thomas, one of the fugitives,
was trailed as far as Brooklyn several
weeks ago and Is still hiding there.
The police dogs were given to the
constabulary by Mrs. L.' F. Warner,
who had them on her 'aj'.intry place
near Hempstead, L.. I. Vn one occa
sion when two convicts fled the farm
they stole the prisoner's watchdog by
bribing it with meat and also stole a
horse and rig.
Court Relieves Him.
Boston. Arthur M. Loonle nearly
went crazy because his friends rubbed
n the fact that he was "loonie." The
courts decided he may use the name
Loomis. I
Steals Saloon by Piece.
Kansas City, Mo. James Montgom
ery Irvine systematically removed a
saloon to his home, bottle by bottle.
Police found beer, gin, whisky and
wine secreted in flooring and furni
ture. He was the porter.
Made Him Nervous.
Philadelphia. Charles Benton heard
his wife's voice just as he pressed the
trigger of the revolver held against his
side. Charley became nervous, the
shot went wild, and he's now charged
with disorderly conduct.
. Ulkhlk
- 1 mkm -:H
t.-r r Iff. Ill 1
Weak From Pain
Mrs. Gibbert Was in Misery,
But Doan's Brought Her
Splendid Health.
"About 15 years ago my kidneys were
in bad condition," says Mrs. Lucy Gib
bert, 15310 Columbia Ave., Harvey, 111.
"There was a constant, dull, bearing
down pain in the small of my back. 1
couldn t turn over in bed without such
?ain I could hardly breathe. Mornings
was stiff, sore and lame all over:
my Dae was mte a rusty
"Inflammation of the
bladder nearly drove me
wild. The kidney secre
tions passed every little
while, day and night, a
little at a.- time, and
burned like fire. Great
sacs of water formed un-
"I was in such misery
I would become weak and so nervous I
would scream. I had nerve-racking
headaches and the back of my neck
Sained me. I was so dizzy 1 didn't dare
end over for fear of falling on my
face. My sight became blurred. I was
sick all over.
"Five boxes of Doan't Sidney PilU
cured me of kidney trouble. Since then
I have enjoyed splendid health and I
owe it all te Doan's.
Sworn to before me,
Notary Public.
Get Doan's at Aar Store, 60c a Box
Dollars in Raising Hares
Inexpensive to raise. We pay
17 to $9. SO a pair and express
charges on all you raise. We
furnish stock and buy all yon
breed. , 'Any back yard or
barnyard Is large enough. We
protect you with contract.
Catalog free.
TION. Hare XX-pt.. 309 Broadway, N. Y. City
An indispensable toilet requirement for
erery discriminating woman. Neutral
lzer for aU body odors and personal uses.
Demand them from your dealer or sent
prepaid for 25 cents.
Deodoral Company, Hasbroock Heights, N.J.
W. N. U NEW YORK, NO. 23-1919.
ilk. 4P
Jotxl of Plexrfcir
Many farms
cattle, sheep
Good Advice.
"I am to make my first public
speech tomorrow night. What would
you advise me to do?" asked the
young man. of an old-time after-dinner
"Are you fond of your wife and
children?" asked the old-timer. ,-.
"Yes, very." 1
"Like your home?"
"Very much."
"Do you enjoy having an occasional
evening at home with your wife and
"I certainly do."
"Well then take my advice. Make
that speech of your's tomorrow as
bad as you possibly can. Make it so
bad that they'll never ask you to
speak in public again, and live In
peace and contentment the remainder
of your life."
. Protest From the Target
The Managei? There'll be a big
crowd today. The soldiers and sailors
are to be admitted free.
The Umpire Aw, nix, nix! Have a
heart. Let in the gobs, but keep out
the doughboys. Those guys are the
champion grenade throwers of the
army, and every one'U have a pop bot
tle. Some men manage to talk a great
deal without saying anything.
It's a poor gunboat that can't shoot
the rapids.
3 ftBg9SHBgranji
Why Complain of Poor Coffee
Or The High Price of Coffee f
when you can have a superior
beverage of rich flavor and
health value by drinking the
. original
It's an American drink whose
I liigh quality never varies. Its
price doesn't change and it's
I economical.
I Two sizes, usually sold at 15c and 25c
Everywhere at Grocers.
X ,
Apply a few drops of
"Freezone" No pain!
Don't suffer I A tiny bottle of'
Freezone costs but a few cents at any
drug store. Apply a few drops on the
corns, calluses and "hard skin" on bot
tom of feet, then lift them off.
When Freezone removes corns from ,
the toes or calluses from the bottom of
feet, the skin beneath is left pink and
healthy and never sore, tender or
Baseball should be played on the
square as well as on the diamond.
Pimples JZa
rashes, hives, red- I vj
-t: mm I ' w
ness and skin blemishes can
be quickly removed with
Delightful in a. warm bath
before retiring soothes the
nerves and induces refresh
d induces refresh- I a
ep. Druggists. V I I
r sad Whisker Dye, jMTNJ
e or Brown. 50c lf-3a-
in g sleep.
Hill's Hair
Slack 1
Western Canada for
Years has heloed to feed
the world the same resoonav
mm bflity of production still rests traon her.
tilcrti Drir.ea for Grain. Cattle and Sheeo
m a. mm .
are sure to remain, price of land is much below its value.
Land capable of yielding 20 to AS bust
ela off wheat to the aero can bo had on
terms at from $1S to S30 per
eood erazlns land at much leas.
paid for from a sincle year's crop. Raising I
and hoes brings equal success. The Government t
tannins' and stock raising. Railway and I
era. Farms may be stocked by loans at moderate sutereac.
Western Canada offer low taxation, good markets and aup
ping; free school, churchea and healthful rlunat. s
For particulars as to radoeed railway ratss. locatkia of land, flos
teatsd steratora. eta apply to Sopt. of immig.. Ottawa. Caa r
RUTLEDGE, 201 E. Gestae! St, ST1ACC5E, ft. T.
Canadian Government Agent
The New Modesty.
"The new modesty," said Clarence
Underwood, the magazine illustrator,
"has a frank quality. : It is born of
athletic beauty. The old modesty was
merely a desire to conceal ugliness.!.
"A beautiful girl in a white bathing
dress came out of ( the water .t
Palm Beach the other day and ad
vanced over the sand to her mother.
"'Dear me! the mother whispered.
You shouldn't have got white, dar-'
ling. That suit Is almost transpar
ent.' "The girl smiled calmly.
" 'Don't worry, she said, Tm not de
formed." Detroit Free Press.
Knocking the Judge.
A "discouraged counsellor remarked
o the court, "My poor client Is little
likely to get Justice done her until
the Judgment day."
"Well, counsellor," said the judge,
"if I have an opportunity 111 plead for
the poor woman myself on that day."
"Your honor,"' replied the other,
"will have troubles of your own upon
that day.".
"He went all to pieces."
"What made him do that?"
"He was broke."
Mean Intimation.
"Mr. Jones says he would die for
"How can he when he's bald?"
yiBMMBassiaaagJ5B 1 . i - 1

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